Titonka Topic from Titonka, Iowa on July 10, 1975 · Page 11
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Titonka Topic from Titonka, Iowa · Page 11

Titonka, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 10, 1975
Page 11
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Portland News *r Mr*. Vktav ffttoh Written Monday, July 7. . . Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Mcistcr and Mr. and Mrs, Eugene Mci- ster, Bradley and Robert, attended the fireworks at Wesley and called on Mrs. Eugene Mcistcr's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Philip Goet", later in the evening. Mr. and Mrs. Victor Fitch accompanied Mr. and Mrs. Gerd Menken of Crystal Lake to Sioux City for tlic horse and dog races. They left Friday morning and returned 'ionic Sunday afternoon, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Woods of Sheffield were Wednesday visitors in the W.illy \\oods home. Dennis V.'cvJs returned home with thc:n to visit a few days. They broujht lii'.n home Sund.iy .uid were supper and overnight 51105 is in the Wally Woods ho:;ie, le.ivin:; Monday morning for South Dakota on a vacation trip. I'hey v.'ill visit her sister, Mr. and Mrs. Bud Kelson, near Mitchell, while there. Mr. and V.rs. Robert Weber attended her 10 year class reunion S.ituixiay evenin.; it the North Kossutii Golf Club at Bancroft. This .v y the Class of '65. St. John'? School, B;uicroft. Sunday afternoon so;:ie .M the clissr.iatei .v.iii faiv.ilio* had .1 picnic in the Bancroft park. To celebrate the 4th of July, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Weber and family attended a family ^et- together and pjt luck picnic at the parental Fra:i>; Meyer iio::ie in Fenton. in the evening they attended the fiicv, orks at Lone Rock and called at the Dave V. eber .io:ne. rs. R.obert V.'ooci :i:::ily reunion Sunday at 'Jie K.C, Hal! i:: .'-.icons. \roun.i "3 relative* w^re in attendance. Mer.vyn Cunniriihar.i, Jr. .: 'i'.'ichita, Ka::. is visiting here :';: i. i'cv. diys and called .it the ?.::.-.i:d Tru:irj;ii! ho::io the ever, is; of the 4th of July. ?:urth of July quests in '.he r.:;~.ird Trup.-jiil! ho::ie \vere '•I:, ind N'.re. Haniord Brock of I::::, Mr. ind MK. Lov.ell By.-^----. of Minnesota, Tom Trunk•_- r: Forest City, Mrs. Joyce r -tcrr.T- ^nd fiiv.ily of Wiiitte- ~::~, Mr. a::d Mrs. M.J. Cun^-C;M", Mart in and Robert V.i ;---:, ?.'.:. ar.d Mrs. Jack T.-_r_--.-ii: and family, and Mr. ^:- .-'.r.. Mor.net Tninkliill, all :•:_-., .Mr. and Mrs. Charles Tr-^-.-.ii: and family of Algona, i-i-: ?.:;er Sydnes of Ames. All .- ; ;d ?. pot luck dinner and r. and hill and family, Merwyn Cunningham, Joe Cunningham, Robert Voight, Martin Voight, and Roger Sydnes were Sunday supper guests in the M.J. Trunk- hill home in Burt. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Becker of Swe.i City were Sunday dinner guests in the home of Mrs. Grace Trenary and Kenneth. In the afternoon, Mrs. Trenary and Mrs. Marold Becker attended the 50th wedding anniversary celebration for Mr. and Mrs. Lim Shipler at the Good Hope Methodist Church. Mr. and Mrs. Mcnnet Trunk- hill were Sunday dinner guests in the Donald Peterson home at Luvcrnc. Tom Trunkhill was a weekend guest in the Mcnnet Trunkhill home, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Carlsen of Riverside, Calif, arrived Saturday afternoon at the Victor Fitch home. They will visit relatives and friends in Iowa for a few days. Mr. and Mrs. Victor Fitch, R.mily Crasser and Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Carlson visited in the Timer Harms home in Titonka Sunday evening, Mr. and MR. P.W. M.irlow .uid Lisa intended the fireworks in Lone Rock the night of the fourth. Mrs. Rock Lindsay and family of Mcnomonic, Wis. are spending a week in the parental J. R. Thompson home. Mrs. Henry Smith and Ra- niona were among those from Portland attending the pot luck dinner at the Bun Presbyterian Church on Sunday. Rev. Zeth of Tain a gave the sermon Sunday morning and he also showed bead work, paintings, sketches and leather craft and pictures of the Mcsquaquie Indian Ceremonial dances. Mr. .and Mis. Philip Veerman and Jcri of Algona were supper guests in the Mcnry Smith home on July 4. They also enjoyed some fireworks at home. Mrs. Rose Ringsdorf of Laton, Calif, and Mr., and Mrs. Frank Stork of Bancroft visited Sunday evening in the Henry Smith home. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Bates of California arc also visiting relatives and friends here. They will all return home together. Mr. and Mrs. William Giddings of Burt called at the Mennet Trunkhill home Sunday. I do not know what the future holds, but I know who holds it in His hands. Food Poisoning Can Spoil Summer Outings Picnics, barbeques, and outdoor fun arc all summertime institutions. Unfortunately,' along with all the "fun in the sun" comes an increase in cases of food poisoning. Norman L. Pawlcwski, commissioner of public health, suggests that a few precautions in preparation and storing of foods now can save picnickers from some un- pleasantness later. The term "food poisoning" is usually applied to acute vomiting and abdominal cramps with diarrhea, resulting from eating food contaminated by certain bacteria. According to Pavvlew- ski, people preparing foods are a common source of contamination. Other sources include raw meats and poultry, eggs and un- pasteurized milk. The bacteria which have contaminated food grow rapidly at temperatures above 45 degrees and below 140 degrees. The longer the bacteria are allowed to grow and multiply, the more dangerous the food becomes. "That potato salad left sitting on the picnic table for a couple of hours can make a lot of people feel very sick," said the health commissioner. "If the food had been refrigerated immediately after its preparation and until serving, it would probably have been safe to eat." Some tips on preventing food poisonings were offered by Mr. Pawlewski. The first preventa- tivc measure is to keep bacteria out of the food being prepared. "Keep hands and nails clean by washing often with soap and avoid handling foods with cuts, rash and boils present on the hands, " said Pawlcwski. It is important to clean all utensils and surfaces that have been in contact with raw meat, raw poultry and eggs. Despite the best efforts, some bacteria can still get into foods. THE TITONKA TOPIC July 10, 1975 — Page G — Thus, the second defense, according to Pawlcwski, is to prevent the bacteria from growing and multiplying . This can be done by keeping cold foods cold and hot foods hot. One should try to prepare foods as close to serving time as possible. "The thing to remember," said Paw- lewski, "is not to allow food items to remain between 45 degrees and 140 degrees for more than four hours total time, preferably not more than two hours during the entire preparation and serving time — including the time the food is exposed as a leftover." Assurance DIGNITY You will appreciate the dignity and understanding that keynotes our service. It will remain a cherished memory. Our aim is to bring you comfort in time of need Winter Funeral Home Please Call Collect: 562-2868 or 562-2731 Buffalo Center. Iowa RED TAG SUMMER CLEARANCE SALE. KENNEDY'S - BANCROFT, IOWA, PORTWE -PP&T FEW VEM?£> WE -HAVE 6EEN WDKKIN6 W iTrV AN lNV£Nfflf?y TWAT 6 MUCH 10 £16 flK OUR SIDR& BUILDING. WE HAVE TALK6P ABOUT DEDUCING \T, W T-HAT \S> M&T WHAT If +JA£ AMOUNTED TO, *TALK*. WE AK6 NOW PAST We TALKING 6TA&E AND ^AVE ACTIVELY ftEGUN ID COTTWI& 6XPEM&IV6 5fOCKOOWN 10 MANA6EA0L£ £K£ THISDOE& NOT MEAN too WILL HAA/E U65STD fICK AND CHOOSE FROM, OK THE CONTRARY, WE RAN THAT YOU WULf|/WE EVENMORg, WILU NOTBE SO M(X# SuPUCAT?OAL 60 COME ON IN "DURIN6TWe&e SPECIAL^PBC/AL JWfe, OUR PA6T ttlfi-TORY 5MOULP Tat, YOO THAT WHEN WE ^AVe &5ALE, THAT IT A KEAL 5AL6, WE II^END ID BREAKAlLlzgCORP& T«IS JULY, HELP VftoRSELF AND ON IN! PLEASE CONSULT YOUR MAIL CIRCULAR V-j. and Mrs. Richard Trunk- THREE BIG DAYS 1 72 HOUR TIRE SALE! JULY 10-11-12 J Fed. 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Gtftaiie, M';r;t*'«| ',ry, Catslinj >. r.t'.f. t *: c jilJ'e k.t'Vi. t*t*.pMt. c^id/it '^'.r-ttft/. oiai, P T ,fitta f . t, M'ltfi Bu.'.k. Cni;ilef, Dolge, fcid OMi, J*r,otrac Buiek.Ciir/'.lt), forl, Ittl'.'Jlj. 0(1)1. PlJITiQuth Buick-. CalHia*:, Ctitvtoltl, Pl/moutri, Puntiac i3 48 F.E.T . depending on sizi Reiulir Price $49.10 $52.60 $54.70 $55.65 $60.15 $62.70 $67.55 $64.40 $69.15 $66.40 $68.85 $71.95 >, and old ti SALE PRICE $39.00 $42.05 $43.75 $44.50 $48.10 $50.15 $54.00 $51.50 $55.30 $53.10 $55.05 $57.55 Polyglas Radial This ninv 1'ulynliis lire; imikns it uasy lo join Iho switch to riidiiils — uspuciully during this sale period, Hulh the 70-surius wide tread and the 78-series sixes jirovidu radial handling and performance, \villi all (hr; built-in advantages oj fiberglass cord brlts and polyester cord bodies. On dry, pnvemenl, the «rip-hlock lrc;ad is dusignod In (jivii ri'al corncriny assuranci;. 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