Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on June 23, 1943 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 23, 1943
Page 4
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POUR HOP! STAR, HOP!, ARKANSAS Hope Star Star tit Pt«n 1937, 18, 1929. att«rrto<$« bt . Staf Pu6ll4Mlng Co. the. (C E. Palmer and Atox. H. Wrahburh) Ut th* Star bulldlna. 212-214 South Walnut ! street; H6po Ark. ,_ i €. E. f AIMER 11 Attif. ti. WMHBURN, f AIMER, Pmlinrnt TWO FURNISHED ROOMS FOR rent. Applv 804 South Orady. 21-3tpd. Entered as second class matter at the Postoffke at Hope, Arkansas, under trxi Att o« Merch 3, 1897. TWO STORY BRICK RESIDENCE near high'school. Immediate possession. Phbne 568-J. 22-3tpd. Associated Press eans Newspaper Enterprise Ass'n. Sabicrlption R'oU (Always Payable in Xavamre); By city carrier, per week iSc; HSmp'stead, Nevada, Howard, Miller and Latoyette counties, S3.50 per year; elsewhere 5650. Memb«* of The Associated Pr««i! The Associated Press is exclusively entitled to the use for republication of all news dispatches credited to n or not otherwise credited in this paper and also the local news published herein. Motional Advertising R»pre»entaHv«— s 1 Arkahta*' D*ltt«, Inc.; Memphis, Tenn . Steriek Building: Chicago, 400 North Mich% kjon Avenue; New York City, 292 Madison f Ave • Detroit, Mich., 2842 W. Grand Blvd.; K OkMhomo Cltv. 4U Terminal IBdg.; New fi! Orleans; 722 Union St.. Charges on Tributes, Etc.: Chorges will be mode for .oil tributes, cords of thanks, resolutions, or memorials, concerning the departed. Commercial newspapers hold to this DollcV in the news columns to protect their readers from a deluge of space-taking memorials. The Star disclaims responsibility for Ihe safe-keeping or (eturn of any unsolicited manscripts. Classified Ad&must be in office day before publication. A!l Wont Ads cash in advance. Not taken over the Phone. One time—2c word, minimum 30e Six times—Be word, minimum 75c Three times—3'/iC word, minimum SOe One month—18c word, minmium 52.70 Rates are for continuous insertions only "THE MORE YOU TELL THE QUICKER YOU SELL." For Safe Rertt <JICE FOUEUSOOM DUPLEX furnished apartment, hardwood floors, two bedrooms. Mrs. P. E. Cook, 908 West Avenue B. 18-6tpd. ByGalbraith Washington By JACK STINNETT Washington — When the Connaly-Smith anti-strike legislation was aid on the President's desk. Mr. Roosevelt was "on the spot" as he has been few times before in he 10 years he has been in the iVhite House. There were only three possibili- :ies: (U to veto the measure: (21 :o sign it; and (3) to allow it to become law after ten days, without signature. For all practical and political purposes, the last two could be grouped together, ivith the split-hair exception that in the latter case the President would be dodging the issue by allowing to become a law a bill of which he had no enthusiasm. The President and his advisers must have seen that signing the bill would alienate labor. The 'A.F.L. through William Green and the C.I.O. through Philip Murray protested it and appealed for a veto. A number of other independent unions joined in the parade. To antagonize i this great bloc of voters meant to jeopardize the fourth term or at least control of the 1944 ballots to such an extent that all the President's plans for prosecution of the war of promulgation of the Four Freedoms peace might be sidetracked in a new and hostile administration. MOTHERS LOOK: SAND BOXE On the other hand. Veto of the for the children, delivered com- ill meant that it would be imme- £-1* "She says she can get a girl for you, too, Bill, a wonderful personality and " brilliant conversationalist—sounds pretty bad, huh?" FUNNY BUSINESS plete with clean washed sand. Hempstead County Lbr. Co.. Phone 89. 3« RED CHOW AND COCKER Spaniel puppies. Dogs boarded by day, week or month. Padgitts Kennels. 20-lmpd PIANO — COME AND SEE IT. Priced at $125. See Tom Ellis, 904 West Fourth. 14-2wks pd. SLIGHTLY USED H A Y N E S Whirlwind ceiling fan, No. 437, Model G. Guaranteed in good shape. McRae's Hardware or phone 921-J. 21-6tpd. WHIPPQORWILL PEAS, 2.50 PER bushel. F.O.B. Washington. A'. N. St'roud, Washington, Ark. 22-6tch MARE, 5 YEAR OLD, WEIGHT 1,050. Work good or ride. A. G Zimmerly, Phone 26-J-3. 22-3tpd Wanted to Buy 2u OR 40 ACRE FARM; GOOD house and pasture; close in. Ca: 768. 15-tf BROWN BEER BOTTLES. WILL not buy on Saturdays. Bully' Bar, 21-6tpd lately interpreted politically as a Urth term bid. Commentators rould figure that the President as afraid of labor. To veto the measure meant sev- ral things more. It meant aliena- ;on of the votes in the purely ag- icultural states (many of them in he South and Southwest, where olitical wounds are just now be- ng healed); and going against the =>xpressed opinions of many young- ters in the services. Some of the joys in uniform have publicly ex- ares'sed dissatisfaction with the attitude of labor. They think that something must be done to curb strikes that interfere with the flow of vital war materials. BABY BUGGY. MRS. ROBER 1 McCreary, Phone 1000 Extension 21. 22-3tpd. GOOD USED W A S H ING MA- chine. Dewey 438-W or 801. Baber, Phone 22-3tpd. Furthermore, to veto, a bill or sign it meant to play right into ihe hands of some of the more politically - minded members of Congress. If they had any sense of humor left about the very unfunny spot"they were placed in, the President and his advisers must have gotten a chuckle out of scanning the names of 100 Democrats and 131 Republicans who voted for the bill In the House and the 93 Senators who cast their "yeas." Here were friends and foes alike and among the foes a good many who must have had a wicked glint in their eyes and a "How are you going to wriggle out of this, Mr. President," on their tongues. Whether you are Republican or Democrat, pro or anti-New Deal, you might well give a moment to pitying the poor President in a spot like that. Lost SUNDAY — TWO-MONTH OLD English setter puppy—V Marking on head. Call No. 9. Reward. 21-3tch. Services Offered I AM FREE TO NURSE INVALIDS or to be a companion to an elderly person. Will go outside city limits if necessary. See Mrs. Mary Dougherty, 815 S. Main St., Phone 404-W. 23-3tpd. The province of Quebec, Canada, produced wheat valued at $512,000 in 1939. Hold Everything Notice SEWING MACHINES. BOUGHT, sold, rented, repaired. Parts and accessories. Adding machine. See James Allen, 621 South Fulton Street. Phone 322-J. 11-lmpd. TIRE AND TUBE VULCANIZING, ' passenger and truck. All work guaranteed. Experience counts. Ted's Tire Shop, 300 East Third Street. 22-2wkpd. FOR ALL KINDS OF REPAIR work, lawn mowers and gas stoves. Call T. B. F e n w i c k (Oscar), Phone 180-J. 23-6tpd. • »v ttt* seAvict. me. T. M. ore, u. s. PAT. OFF. 'Remember way back when we ".ouldn't cross the road?" OUT OUR WAY ByJ.R. Williams Wash Tubbl The Tables Turned By Ray Crone t &Q OUTSIPE AND WATCH FOR THE PATROL I'LL FINISH TYlMd HIM you WILL RE6RET THIS'. r I'LL TAKE THAT (SUM, FELLA *•.*••*> • ,sr\x]^Hr -Z't , "t*— * A .W' ( TT«k Popeye __ AIN'T GO'MER "MARRV ME SWEETIE! J GOOD DAS', -SIR MO MORE DIFFICULTY "The Cornerstone of Marriage" Thimble Theater |POORPOPE L /S1 HE IS UMDER THE DELUSION LOVE MISSOVU S1MCERELH— — , HSRSELFALOME —-.THE MOT COMB f BETUJEE US AMD HAPPINES TO HER. CHARM- SHE IS LOVELY CAPITAL 1,000.000, ASSETS 9,999,% n IV Klof fril^m Sin-lioif. Tty. W»<1J flfi1.li tftmf. Donald Duck =71 Free Wheeling ' "He heard that an occasional tornado goes throuah this parl of the country!" THIS CURIOUS WORLD By William Ferguson ADOLF ONLY A FEW SHORT YEARS AGO, IN CONTEMPT FOR HIS DEMOCRATIC OPPONENTS, UTTERED A PRAYER THAT FATE WOULD AFFORD HIM Ar^&Asr OAA£ ADVERSARV COPR. 1943 BY NEA SERVICE. INC. T. M. REG. U. S. PAT. OFF. ^ DESTROYER DOES THE BATTLING, WHILE A BATTLESHIP DOES THE DESTROYING," MARTIN KRIZAN, KAVB5 YOU'LL APPRECIATE, NOW WHAT I HAVE TO GO THROUGH EVERY TIME 1 GET A NAEAJ-.' DOM'T SPILL. THE SLIPS AND PIMCHES NAY LEGS EVER.-/ TIME I TURM THE BORM THIRTY YEARS TOO 3SQONE KIDS EVEI? PDT AWAY. 1 6-23 Blondie A Steer From the Bumstead Ranch! By Chic Young HURRY DA6WOOC! OR YOU'LL BE LATE FOR, YOUR BUS BYE-BYE, 7 PEAR / ( WHY DO THEY") > STARE AT \ S ME LIKE S I THAT? ) -A > ^ -' WOULD YOU PLEASE TELL US Y -., ' WHAT BRASJP OF ) ITS VERY 4 r, LIPSTICK YOUR \ATTRACTlvE 'IFE USES ?, Boots and Her Buddies cr~ The Knot's Tied By Edgar Martin «' MAX AND MINNIE 6REENBAUAA, FLORISTS OF GREENFIELD AVE., 6REENDALE, WIS., RAISE C3//VW £> £>WA&/? CHRYSAMTHEMUMS... AND THF LARGE ONES ARE CALLED MAxy /v\ts/us; THE SMALL ONES, NEXT: Going up! OUR BOARDING HOUSE with Major Hoople MANBE W COM.B O& EGAD/ U&NJE 1 'DISCOVERED SOME RARE. £PEC\ES WEH int^u- ,-u..RO CREATURES . ARE LOWS-BILLED CUP.L.E\rt<=>/ i,NOL> 6O BN3 1 D\ONVT "FETCH n BUMP MV BIRD t^HT—— T- COULD TAV<& VOU TO A ZOO THE- LEMEL. TV-US TREE LI NAB Red Rider Playing a Tough Role By Fred Harmon Alley Oop All Fed Up By V. T. Hamlin ro HECK WITH "THI6f MY MITCH 15 IIPTOMORCOW...AND I WANTA, GO HOME ALL IN ONE PIECE.' ME TOO Freckles and His Friends In the Hands of the Law WASTM6 COMVERSATIOM FOLLOWED YEAH---BUT YOU CAN'T PIN ANYWIN& ON ME.'— AND WHEN 1 GETOUTTA THIS, I'M GONNA KICK THOSE KIDS RIGHT IN THE PAMTS! By Merrill Blp»er MOW CAM WE DESCRIBE- DIMPLY SAY HE THE GUILT/ MAN IN „ IS "TALL, DA?K NEWS STORY, LARD? J AMD HANDCUFFED •'

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