Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 30, 1912 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 30, 1912
Page 2
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THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, TUESDAY EVENING, JANUARY 30,1912. UEMKMnER THAT REXALL CHERRY BARK COUGH SYRUP WILL STOP YOUR COrCH If you are not satlFdwtl we give joii hack your money. ir ,c, .>Ur, fl a Iiottk>. BURRELl'S??^ Tbe Sexall store West Side of the Scjtiare The ladies of the Trinity church Aid Th^ annual meeting of the Young i Woman's Christian ABSoclatlon was | held in 4heir rooms last night and a number of guests in addition to the > members were chosen to work with the- dUcusston of business Reverend j G. W. Sbep^rd conducted a brief dc-: votional service. The reiwrt of tn? . secretary and treasurer for the past: year were read. Mrs. A. H. Campbell, Mtas Mary Remsbcrg and Mrs. J. W. i Bolton, who have served as members of the board were elected to succeed themselves and the following new members we rechosen to work with them: Miss Kate Coutant, Miss Lieu- : ranee, l^lrs. E. C. Remsbcrg and Mrs. • Dwlght McCarty. ; After the business meeting the com- ; pany went to the gymnasium to sec j an exbimitipn of work which Junior] class. Is doing. The board members! seHi'ed refreshments. j • + + + ! Mrs. Frank Robinson and children i of Quenemo are guests of Mrs. Grant ,' Billbe. I 1 ^ Miss Gobin reports that the Carlvle ' society are preparing an entertaln- Y. W. C. A, club's "poverty social," '• ment to be given early in February brought in $11.50. The attendance : ^V>"'''' promises to be intcrestin?. V reached 150. The voung people pro- w*'! he the closing session of the Sur vided several novel diversions and "V J?'''" school, and will have man> coffee and doughnuts were refresh- ""'l pl'^asing features in the wa; ments. The proceeds of the social ' of recitations, music and a school pa- •wlU be used to purchase equipment The admission to this unl .|U' for the club. : entprtalnnient will be only ten cents ^ J}, ^ Everybody should get ready to atten(' Mrs. C. L. "Washburn. 415 South -^nd have a hearty laugh and a re- Buckeye street will entertain the A. mlnrtpr of the good old day.-? in th Y. L. I. club tomorrow afternoon. district school. « * • •» • * Members of the Y. W. C. A. Bibl • —WR. 0. L. COX, Oculist class •will assemble at six o'clock to- -J- * night for a supper. The usual bible At the dinners which are given ii lesson will be studied subsequentlv. G. A. R hnl! by the Relief Corp; The tables will be arranged in iho there are ihvays such quantities o gymnasium. The class has not had a good things to eat that the five table: meeting for some time and is looking are loaded with heaping dishes an' forward to the occasion with pleasure-, there is still a bountiful supply I; A ^ ,% the kitchen. Yesterday there wer- The At Home club will have a meet on.» hundred pies, half rs many cake ing Thursday afternoon at iho homo several dozen dishes of salad of Mrs. Allyn Boughton. S.31 North One hundred and forty people wen street. served. A ^ I * + + Teachers In the Christian Sunday , —Dr. ^frt, OMeopnlh, Tel 487, «8> school had their monthly confcr-^nc" .- • * and business meeting last night at the ' Loyal Women of the Chrlstlai ;€hurch. Tbe upper room of the build church will have o business me^tin; ing is to be conveniently arranged Friday nfiernoon at half past tw( for a primary room and equipment i o'clock at the home of Mrs. F. S. Ca Maker of Phofos that Please 110 Wasblnstoii. lOililFOR 4 $10 A WEfX i -FOUR PEBSOXS CAX HATE AT- TBACTIVE MEXUS FOB THIS. Boy Beef Roast* Largo Enough for Several—.Meals Parciiase Shelf Supplier in Large QnanUtle.s. Mll-HM IMBSOGLiO (Continued From Page One.) purchased for more efficient work Ir that department of the school. • * * Arthur Curtis, who spent Sunday , with his family here has returneil tr i •his work in Bartlesville. natsey, 708 East Madison avenue. * • + . • —Dr. Lucy X. Hull, Osteopatl' Celephone ISO and Wl.i + * • The ladlr.-! who are considering i + •* * leap year party at the CilnUer Clul Mrs. E. B. Cannon, 209 North Urck- (rooms, with the members as guestv eyn street, had a group of frlond.s a- decided to abandon the idfa o' guests at a delightful party K I ^U , ' valentine j.arty. The idea of m her home Sunday evening. A dainty ortiJning In the club room appeal' supper was served to the foUowi'ig 'o ""'m but there are no deflnlt Mrs. Laura Ressler. Misses Norraf ; i'lann for the party in the near future and Lizzie RessleK Katherine Smith ; * * + Agnes Cannon. Mr. and Mrs. ROPCO * " —J*r. WeMlIlen. Phnnes 12 and 2S2 •:• The Aliiir society of St. John'.' ' will iiav( Criticises Sneering. "To confuse and mtbiead the public i )0 boa latterly, adoiitod a policy oi alternate silence und sneering. Giving the He direct to my statement Mat 1 was asked to help tbe flnan- ;ml end of his campaign and dccliur ng my offer to Hubuiit the proof o. ts truth to a body of gentlemen ana Democrats equally cooicerned wit:, ourselves foi; tJie well being of lln iiarty, he thinks to cloud the issue anu dscape Its menace by ' turning upo;. .ne the Irresponsible chatter of a lit orary bureau which claims to live ofi .he Immaculate contributions of sub- xribers having wings, harps, and ha- os, and which has been for weeki flooding the country witlj every man- aer of falsification. The very exist- •nce of tills, to say nothing oi: tht ources of its being, should set hon- .st people to thiukiug. "The Ryan story, which has mad; iuch an impression upon the unknow ag and unreflecting, was. as far a. .t related to Colonel Harvey, a lie ou J I whole cloth. Though Govcrno vVUson knows this, he has allowed i .0 circulate without a word of con .radiction. The attempt which loi owed Its exposure by me, to make i Uipear that I have intimated tha. ipplicatioa was made to Mr. Ryan, i: :ut off the-iiaiue cloth, and is charac eristic of the duplicity which attach •s itself to the entire proceedings oi he governor and his publicity agents "The suggestion of Mr. Ryan wa: eagerly caught up by those ngentt •"ancy a political promoter rofusint sioney from anywhere or anybody, tut when I spoke to Governor Wllsoi .bout it he said some uncivil thing ,f Mr. Ryan expressing a fear tha i the knowledge of such a contriliu ion got abroad it might do mon larm than opinion In wMcl 'olonel Harvey promptly concurred— md the matter went no further. Wilson InroDsNtent. "l might have asked Governor WU son how he could reconcile his ob ection to Ryan money, which had uoi ret been offered him, with his do aand for Carnegie pension money vhich had been denied him. The et ort of the Wilson promoters to re Ive it and bring it to the front 1: imply an unprincipalcd attejiipt U livert tlic public attention from thi act that Governor Wilson has beei attling around as a hero because oi liH Indlgn/int rejection of Ryan, th. rutli being that Ryan was ncvei ire .sKed upon' him at all. •"Ills courageous reimdiatlon oi larvey, which has put such a feathci ;i lis cap, was of a piece with this- A'liilst Governor Wilson was rcceiv- (This article was written for the 'Agricultural College paper by a young woman in the domestic science course. It gives the itemized cost of the food for a family of four, for one week. The rest of the article will be published next week.) You can buy wholesome, attractive food for a family of four for |10 a week. Careful planning in the use of left- jvers is necessary, and fruits and cgetabies* cannot Ije bought out of •.eason. The most expensive cuts of neat are out of the queBtlon, also. It ' K better economy to buy a roast large .mough to last, for three or four ineals, ban to buy meat for every meal separately. Eggs must be uticd sparingly, ex- :ept In summer when prices are lov/. astead of white cakes, requiring live " eight egg whites, make gingev- jrcad, cookies, or spice cakes whicli equire only two or three eggs, since olVs as well as whites are used .'orn starch will .supply the place of ggs In pumpkin pies. One also must economy in he use of milk and butter. Caker nd Biscuit niat'e with water arc equa' o tho.<-e made with milk. Vegetablef must be bought in quantities l.-irgr enough to last for .several davH. On« often niay save oii t-anned goods U 'he cans are Imnght in caKos. The quantities given in the foilow- 'rg menu.'s are calculated for a laniiiy -onslFting of fallirr. mother, and tw< •hildren in their "teens. The week i n midwinter wlien prices are high 'vat. as no ice need be bought. th< i:<pen.'--es are about the same as fo' a week in snmnier. . There are certain staples or shell I '.'Pplies needed every week, and nia- 'lo counted apart from the roiuainde' if the menus. One ir.vst buy them ir 'arger quantitie.«. 1:o\v.-»vrr. than th' \mounts required fiT one week. Fn Instance, aboii^twoniy ce!i}.=? vorlii o; 'lour will be needed lo:- the week, bu: flour must bo bought by the lift.v Dound* sack. Thi.s may make om '.Vf -ek's supplies .seem to rost more 'jut the average is the same. A loaf of 1 bread will b" needec Jully wi h one extra for w !iiil iiirount.s to forty tents; and a quar' -•f milk daily will be /ifty-ninc; cents Tliree pounds of 1. titter slinuld li< nn.ple for the wt -el:. and will oos; »l.i»,">. Oiie-fnui-th jiound of tea a: ilfty ttfnt.s will !;(< thirti-en cents, am' 'laif a iiouml of tlilrty cent coffee wil- ije nfieen cents. Fifty cents' wortlt -)f sugar and twenty cents' worth o; a'd. with ;ji,fcr;;. sail, pepper anc' .liicgar. co.-ling perhnjis tea cents will CDn .iiIft" ilie list. The tola mount for s-lieK .^upidies Is .Materials for wliitu sauce, shortening and all Ingrcdicnt.s for hot brcadt NO DYSPEPSIA OK HEABTBUBX. Settles Onf-^f-Order Sfomi^hs Eodlng | . ladigcgtlon In Fire Hlnutes. ~—' ^ • i You can eat anything your stomach', craves without fear of indigestion or dybpepsia, or that your food will ferment or sour on your stomach, if yon \ will take a little Diapepsin occasionally. Your meals will taste good, and anything'you eat will be digested; nothing can ferment or turn into acid ! or poison or stomach gaa, which cans- ' es belching, dizziness, a feeling of full nss after eating, nausea, indigestion (like a lump of lead in stomach), biliousness heartburn, water brash, pain in stomach and Intestines' or other symptoms. Headaches from the itomach are ab-'l sdlutely unknown where this effective | remedy is used. Diapepsin really does i all the work o( a Wealthy stomach. It digciits your meala when your stomach can't. A single dose will digest j all the food you eat and leave nothing { to ferment or sour and upset the stomach. Get a large 50-cent case of Pape's Diapejysin from yqur druggist and start taking now, and in a little while you will actually brag about your Jienlthy, strong stomach, for you then can eat anything and everything you want without the slightest discomfort or misery, aad every particle of Impurity and gas that Is In your stom- nch and Intestines is going to be carried away without the use of laxatives or any, other assistance. Shou?d you at this moment be suffering from Indigestion or any stomach disorder you can surely get relief within five minute^ MR. WATSOX HAS RESIGXED. Ills Action T>nc to Friction Growing out of Aetna It. & L. Troubles. A .big shipment of fine Imported Zephyr Ginghams, 32 inches wide, in checks, plaids, stripes and plain colors. This is the finest lot of Dress Ginghams we have ever shown. Specially priced at 35 cents a yard THERMATIC FIRELESS COOKER This morning's Topeka Capital reports that Mr. W. T. Watson, of lola, ! assistant Bank Examiner, has resigned that office, the statement being as foliows: j W. T. Watson resigned last night as assistant state bank commissioner. The resignation came as one outgrowth of tbe Aetna Building and I.oan Association troubles, but Mr Watson refused to discuss It in any manner. "1 have simply resigned," he said, "and do not care to say anything further about it." "Was the resignation due to any- ihing connected with the Aetna?" he was asked. "You are asking too many questions " was his reply. "Have you placed your resignation in the hands of Mr. Dolley?" was asked. "I have not but he will have it in the morning," said Mr. Watson. State Bank Commissioner J. N. Dolley expressed surprise last night when asked for a reason for Mr. W.-it- son's resignation. "I did not know he had resigned." he said. "The only thing I can think of that might cause him to resign l.s the fact that 1 declined to contlnu'- him a member of the board of directors of the Aetna Building and l/onn Association. Mr._ Watson was fooks while you attend to other work. Oon't have fo be watched. Tlie food cannot harn. All the juices remain in tiie food. THE TOLA FURNITURE STORE these (-iielf suiiplies. S'lnrt the week with Sunday brenk- •.'aBt and have oranges, four costing en cents; rrroal. llui-e cents; waf- 'lea. for wlilcli is needed one egg a' 'hree cents, with .''yrup made fron- 'irown sugar costing three rents; nnr jofiee. The cream for coifeo and cer- •al must be taken from the quart ol TIME FOR SPRING MTBEOS Richardson. Archie Cannon. OvW Richardson, HSTry Haymaker and ; Foster Goss. .church'will iiave a business mectin I Thursday afternoon at the i)arisl One of the crazes of the hoar with' i Officers for the ensuing year will h- the girls Is the belt plaited with pep- . elected, lum. -I ••• V •> The belt Is usually a short waisted . The following rules have beer aifair. .adopted by the "Heart Breakers" clul Some of the medium priced walstt • ;n Lawrence according to the Law are made in this fashion. rente .lournal-World: And BO much does the buyer of ruch i 1. Thou shalt not sing the "Rosary" ings think of it that she has provided in ord» r fo make a girl sentimental, folded B 'atin girdles with plaited frills'! 2. Then shalt not put thy an- by the yard in all .colors. ' | around a girl lo keep her warm. A floppy rever.and suoh a girdlf • 3. Tliou shalt not tell th- girl's for added to a nassc ifrock will refurnish lune to hold her hand. It wonderfully. 4 Theu-shalt not toll any girl aboti If the rever Is edged with fringe th- any beauiy that looks like her. up-to-date effect is completed. j 5. Thou shalt not nso baby talk ii •> .> ^ 'cases wliore the lady is proven to br The people who dance and who havr \ Jess thannO, and nny member able ti for several years enjoyed the hospi- pravo any lady more than 30 will b taiity of Company M on February awarded th» club's medal for braverj twenty-second will regret to heiir that C. Thou shalt not call a girl by <in there will in all probability be no 1 otli<r girl's name, dance this year on Washington's birth 7 Thou shalt not kiss a girl who i.- day. The officers are not in favor of asle^'p the entertainment for various reasons j 8. Thou shalt not tell a girl she i: and very little interest is being evi- ; the only sirl you evrr loved, denced amoiig the men so that no : 9. Thon sKait not tell a girl what plans have been made for the function ' a heart br<»aker you are; don't t'.'l An officer says that the only sentl- her—show her. meat which has been expressed con- ! lo. Thou shall not t'll n girl hov cerning the dance is negative. inanv jjirls thou hast kissed; remem * * * ber it is quality not quantity th:.' Mrs. G. H. Rankin has refumrd counts, from a visit with Mr. and Mrs. Everett- • %• • ! Rankin, of Hannali. Okl :thoPia. —TWO DRAY LOADS nA.NANAS j t * t ... , ^, The finrt,t you .-ver saw at 10c per | Mrs George Trombold of rhanute ,jy;,,.n._ELL10TTS. Is ept'nding a few days with her sister. Mrs. F. C. Wirt. ^, the r.iiular practice of ,the lola :ig popular apj)lause because of hi.- i "ilk. wiilch it is better to buy at ! acrlllce of private friendship to pub- i "."Rht than In the morntng. Sunday ic duly, he was grovelling at liar i iinner will consist of veal loaf, four ..;y "H feet alter pardon for the shai;:e i tounds'for fifty cents; brown gravy; ess and heartless treatment he ad j naahnd i )otatoe3 at live cents; cream- nitted having bestowed upon Harvey [ >d peas ( a ten cent can), and a (en placed on the directorate temporar- 111^ uiiu Hii iiif^M-uii-iif.-i luj iiui uri.:uur i ti.. »...iti i... TT„ jij nnd ckcs. except eggs, come out ol • ''f, - capacity and it saved an expense of $15 a day for an auditor. But I had intended all along thai his services should be temporary. 1 j intended that It should end at the time of the annual meeting February ZZ .Mr Watson wanted to continue on I lie board and we disagreed about that. However, there has not been a word between us and I am surprised to learn that he has resigned." It the Manhattan Club. If he possess •li a spark of honorable sensibility, e will at once demand and requir< he publication c-e;:t bunch of celery. , De.ssert wilj be fruit gelatine, costing twenty-fivt Mr. Watson came down from Topeka this afternoon and when seen by a Register reporter confirmed the report, but declined to make any statement In coiuiectlon with it. He said , , he had no definite plans as to his im- ! feet long, as desired. Hov.- to Prepare for K.irly Ve-relablcs for the Table. Radisiies and lettiicc: Sound.s like spring, doesul it? Well, if you are going to get tlieiii early out i >f your ov.n garden, it's time to-t!ii!!k about construeliug a liotijcd. A giiod method, of whidi liiu is .siiiall. Is as follow.-;: Dig a hole two feet deej). a little larger tliaii the size of ilie hothed frame. If tlie hotbed Is fo he permanent, the walls of this pit should be lined Willi brick stone or cement. When possibl(^ have a she<I or board fence on the north side of the bed; It will take less manure to heat the soil. Put two feet of well mixed fresh liorfe manure in the hole, wet thoroughly and tamp. Two-inch materi. ! u better and stronger frame an<i will last eon- .siilerably Itmger. The front of the frame should be six Indies high, the I back eigliteen inches. Put five inclie.s of dirt on the manure, preferalily the richest soil you can got. Fill in around the frame with manure and earth and put the cover on the frame. G!a.=s sashes are best for covers, but elotli may be used late in the season. The si-/.o of a .s:ish is three by ."^ix feet. The bed, then, should be six feet wide and as many times three TonigKt —at— HoIlingsworOi Twins stock Company "SILVIA'S WEDDING" Change of Program Nightly -;ents for one package of gelatine, and i mediate future, althcugh he will con- The temperature of the !:o!Iied will r 14--Peoplc--14 Prices . . lOc and 20c Matinee Saturday 10c 1 of the abject letter.- | wo bananas, two oranges, and a few ! tinuo his work upon the board of di- ' be high at first. Use a iheniionieter _ larvey when he wa;-j «Cake will be eight cents. The; rectors of the Aetna for a time at j-nl when the heat- has fallen to .S.l nade to understand and r.ealize that I veal loaf will be sliced cold for sup-1 |past. lie will go lo Oklahoma tonight I ^legrees. the seed may lie jdanted. le must square the account of in- j per. and the potatoes h>ft from din- rratitude. or take the consequences. > ner w-ill be made into salad with flu •Meanwhile, let me say. that whilsrj nddition of the left-over celery ami lie governor's tardy repentance may '; '.wo jiiekles costing two cents. Boiled ilaeate the forgiving Colonel llari'ey I salad dre.ssing will require one egc -wliilst it may even satisfy the sus- at tiireo cents, but will last for sev- •eplible Mr. Bryan—1 refuse longer eral meals. There will be enougi' o follow a whose nomination i cel.-itine left from dinner for dessert vould, in my judgment, be a disastei \ and cake again costs eight cents. Th< on businr'.ss for the As.^.ociatioi. i: i: Karn v. If fT .fi" yviHi . V. "e- ':>!;:• tlje :-^!si:irr ef Missouri Pa -'ri". , fj t<-t-d-,»y ?r. H.Trn will • for llie md whose election a calamity. H< A -lio could • show hiniself so disloyal o private friendship cannot be triisl- •d to he loyal to anything. t.'hanzes Too >Iurh. "Witiiln a single year Governoi .Vilson's radical change of base, lilt day's are Monday's breakfast will begin witl; j cereal at three cents. Creamed dried beef will be eight cents, and will be ' serve.d on toast. Coffee is served at | every breakfast, and tea at every ; 'unclieon, throiigliouf the week. Th« I .Mi < .''e Jiauu.'.''!-y. 'if Toiiekri. : w!'0 'I '.p.-J Iiopn III re for .i •.•.i v.ith her ; •istcr. .\iv. ]'.. K. l:.-.rn ri >-e>:terday ' f(ir \\ri- h!;i;ie. .^I'M'UI.SKIf DOCTOl?. Kee;) the bed well watered, but do •lot soak. Too much water rot's t.'i" lea-'ire too r.ipidly. Be sure the bed is well ventilated. V.'iien sashes are ii.sed. they must l)o raised fo let in the fresh air in mihf weather. Extra cnvt-rs should I>e provided for cold days ami nights. IIotbedB for gro.viug early gar.l"n (nick for transplanting sliould lie ii-ade the second or tJiird week in February. If early vegetables for t!ie 'able lire desired, make the bed the last of January. •eallgnments and readjustments.' per-iV."" '"''^ f'"'" Monday ii; •onal and political, bis offenses t,. made info a casserole of r ce and ... ' • ,^ . • ment for Mondav a luncheon, the rice some and aiiologies to others have >een exactly concurrent with his sel- Ish aims. There seems no abasement nto wliich he Is unalile to descend vith equal facility and grace. May •Jod protect Democracy from such a 'eader and such leadership. Two substitutes will have to be used by the local basket ball team In , gp^.p^ meat for Monday's luncheon, the rice and seasonings costing four cents. There will be stewed figs at ten cents and cake at eight cents, for de6 .--ort Meat for dinner will be two pounds of round steak, costing thirty-five cents. The rest of flic menu will consist of French fried potatoes, four | the v .nrica- klrd .i irFs -r;;,':; by the cents; creamed tumiiis, five cents,'doctor prodr -p-l mo.'! a-u;.> naln. iru'Jritf!:!: tl:e ri 'fcrl ol r<i''d. 1 The pu'-'j :;'.liiH;v of '!ra|!f-\!i:' '"•(>(! 'o .- 'in .'i.:.':s •-o dis-, Drderec^ t>- •*:(y wiM rrji'tt every-' thing el;.e. •> iHu-'.rn.ed by t'.:e ca.»-e •jf a wojur.n in L'-ieine. V-'I? "Two yrf.-.- niin" -i.:; iayo. "I was: attacked by a ;.;onaeIi troiibie s-o s-er- 'oiis th:i! f.i: -i Intr-r ''.m-- I "ould not take ni'.ich of an' .-i >:t if f ...i )d. Even „ , , ^ * *,* J . Booster basket ball team C. A. Swig- \alentine day reminders are mak- ...,..( was chosen captain. The regular Ing their appearance in tlie siores jj^^^ definitely decided I about town and the usual array of „,,o„ u,„ij .,^{u,r the double header) lace and paper novelties, liooks and j.^r„j„^ „lc|,t with Lallarpe and the | confectionary is included. Hearts and pjorence Outlaws. 'i arrows for decoration may be pur- i chased and score cards and other- . . . . i novelties are unusually attractive this , Dr. F. .S. Beattie will leaje In the morning for Kansas City to attend the annual riieeting of the Missouri Valley I j Veterinary Association, which opened . i today to continue until Friday. Over I two hundred veterinary surgeons arc ; attending the meeting. Hs Dudley Is just recovering from an ! attack of pneumonia and Lawrence | Xeleon regarded as 'Ole Reliable' is \ down with i.n attack of the grippe. Mrf. Frances Young of 217 East Madi «eii avenue, is reported to be seriously 111. JlK" I and ginger bread pudding, with sauce cent.;. The fatal for the day l.s 8.'; cents. TO CrOE A COLD IX ONE DAT —T.ike T.axaflve Tahlet.s. Druggists it falls to cure. E Mire IF on each box. "We then -..nme Crape-Nuts food. •;nd yon (-;i:t iiiriulr.e iry sur;.rive and ilellclit when I frimd ihrt 1 could eat it with p rrlls'a an.l v.ithoul tl:c slightest dl.-itrcss. i.: '.IS'NTY. \ --^ FiiA.vK J. 1 i.»;-.rr m-.l.t.'i nr.:h tt-.t n uptiJn art-;iT of th'- li-m ni i\ J. fitrvi:! .V t't».. doui4 ni .-ln-s i.-i th* ^ -f 'I..1.''oiin:-,- and start .furr:i.iiil. itn! tint I U:vi n.-v the Rum ui -.VK Ill'.NliUKIi ,•/.>!.;.*)<- l.-.r an-: i v.ry Tsp i .f CAr .*KMii :Urt* ninuot L-.- I- I .-L.; i.>- t'-? o» lALL'a CV.T.»B : ;i c:i-:;'-. rn.AMv J. cii !:.v ::v. S«-om tn brton- m*- n-n! cL' i i'-. my p-t «ciJ.-«, h-H 6th Ciy oX iJ "'vutK—. ^i- [».. j.-i. . —'"T' I A. v.-. GLK-XSOV. IlriM-d Catarrh Oirn t .-.':rn .••itcniallv ft''.'t ar-. ilr-tt.y iip<ui tn.- ii.. • 1 Mtir-iHW MU.'icvH or It ":sx<-iTi. fir I. ti • •iTii". r. I. ( ii'-;.".::v i C(>. -lotcti. / Sow by all XJru:;!.'^;.-- Xuk..- 11 LU '3 I'a::.* • "-l Inr rf— .Mrs. I-:. W. .Myler. county siiiierin- fi is j-^ri c/ ir.y professional tiiC^ rrsctly uiecv their cc/^^ris .Let me -.ijloct a»d fit, in the c'usior. of your hon?c, ttct on.-ntorl- al'ic, classy, perfect jjiii-nieal— \ Spjrella Ct>rset N'o other 13 SO ^f.v.xi !Jle. yet prr- •x:,\ncn'.\y she;.e- reuiiraiig m Spirclla Boning Light, cool, fi \n;- --.fy .cc .-afvrf! .ble. Guar?--.!--...! tor 0-1C y:*.'ir ar :n3t *att OI l.'ri..i -:i;,-.-. i^iy pL -rr.oiial ~.^fj\-, s .ir.; .'r .r-;. ! -tua; r. •— cpf -i- ;V-.-t );is. I i <,d:!!i SpircHa CoTJCt. i\:t .i;.,. i:.r..-i.-. A ith r ,-J 13 t'^;l .r--'e...-.-. o-" r.uM-.'<j 'uJ s s >*.:.tmorc fhouc ,l..r. ^ -\, l.'...* »«*I V M S I M.., nut to his suriirise, (and that of ' everybody else), 1 did not tire of Grape j Sutg, and became btjtter day by day, ' Ten Bewlfrhlnirly Koautlfiil DeslffUM. | till after some weeks my stomach n- KASTER PO.ST TARDS FREE. season. GRADUATE OPTICIAN! Glasses Fitted $1.00 Up. I So far five entries have been made ' t for the debating preliminaries, which ' are to be held Friday morning at the ; high school during the chapel hour.! All those entering ore boys. Of tbe' ; five entries, two will be chosen to i i represent lola In the annual Interscho " : lastlc contest with the Ft Scott high I school, which will occur here in March ^ i Tie preliminaries for the oration es -j -.^ V- «. fr , s^-and declamation will be held in : * ^* two weeks.- J. Boys' Aviation Caps Combination colors—50c —All >'ew This Year. I want to send to every reader of: i the Register fen assorted, embossed j weakened that 1 feared I would he- colored, Easter post cards, as hand-, '•ome insane, were also restored by the ; i some cards as ever you laid eyes up-j Grape-Kut« ./ood In connection with! HORLICK'S >E\V MAP OF THE WOULD. All rounlries Will be Drawn on tbe .Same Scale. it Means Original Md etauine Painting cards say so when you write, and'shall be glad to answer any let' All I ask is that you send me 4 cents fers Ihquli^ng as to my experience." • In stamps to cover malTIng and prom- Name given by Postum Co. Battle I Ise to shov these high grade cards to i Creek, Mich. a few friends. Address E. T. Johns-' Read the little book. "Tbe Road to, tone. Pres.. Dept. E 35, Rochester, N. j Wel'vlIIe," In pkgs. "There's a rea- y. Miss May Stanton left today for St. Txiuis where she has secured a position. ( tireiy recovered and 1 was able fo eat; anything my appetite craved. "My nerves, which had become .so! _ _ ^ _ ^ . "" ' ' ' •Washington, .Tan. 30.—Tourists automobilists, cartographers, geographers, and scientists generally have . learned with considerable enthusiasm by the Survey that nearing I conipletion. Work on the American sec-ion in which there is much Intei:- est in this country, is progressing rap ; idly, eleven sheets of the fifty-two having already been completed. The scale of the map, 1 to 1,000,000, gives ann •' k —i-U I_—L ' -'•: t • _ . it Its name, the international one-mll- rMil th. alMTo lefferl \ new Vttltma m a BUlHlte. ,i map. Every country Is drawn on! appSS SL toe to *u2e. They 'Take BOSllI »lit«te.A^ on the same scale so that the relative ^Ine. tn^ and fnll of hBman | 0^ animftatiSwu "'"^ " More healthful than Tea or Coffee. Agrees %ntK the weakest dige^ioa. Delicious, invigorating and nutritious. Richmak, malted grain, powdei form. ' size and characteristics of; each may « ibe shown with accuracy.

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