Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 30, 1912 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 30, 1912
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THE lOLA DAILY REGaSTER. VOLUME XV. NO. 83. SueccMcr to the lola Daily Register, the loU Daily Record and the lola Dally Index lOLA, KAS., JAN. 30, 1912—TUESDAY EVENING. Dally Register. Established 1897. Weekly Register, EsUbllshed 1887. SIX PAGES EmERE By ACTIONS OF FlUSn ItlFtNEK. VOlMi FARMER, FURMSII ( LIK. GHT AnEB A LONG CHASEh:". THE II'EATHER. ForprnMt for KMIMN : Fuir tonlpht and Wedaradii}'; woraer In north por> tlon tonli^ht Data recorded at U. S. Weather Bureau of flee: Tompsrature: Highest yesterday at 1:3" ji. in. 3S; lowest this morning at S a. m. l .'i; excess In temperature yes- tprday J r'.igrte?; excess since Janu- nry Ui. 'JID deprees. Prtcii>l:ation for 24 hours ending V a. m. tod.iy traco: deficiency In pre(•:; itati:m since January im ..\S InctH Ivciativc inimidiiy 7 a. m. today S3 cent; barcmetcr reduced to sea '12S inch«j. j s^unrise today 7:2S a. m.; sunEet .j:-io r. ni. FIRST SEKN IX (AKK fALI.lXJ FOB HE CREAM (l»ES. liciipfod «o lip the .Miin \Shts Fdrred Kntninre In Hoini- vi M. A. Schlick, but Flei! i'.i Time. MOSTLY STOBBS AND DAWSON THEIR AFFECTIONATE CORRES- fO>DE.>CE STILL THE TALK. mm TO TELt THE- MH MORE HELP NOW THAX WHEN HE «E(;A> TO WRITE LETTERS. in\>>;(i;;ai:o:i. Hiwover. as no harm !'nd o'jisi ili,:;o l;y l-.iiu EG far as the "tficer kn>.\v a::: as he aiii)eared to iie it; a condition to ta 'Kv fair care ; „ of h.mseif at t.air. time, t'le officer I Foom ShoWj. .Sisns «i | THE MIRAGE. Casca reported to .'.i i>o!ii -t' after Fred Hibner. of K,i:;tfas City. Mo., •was allowed to lf \iN • lovvn at 2:30 this mornin?. load ;..e police to believe that Hibror is ;i;e man who entered the home of M -\. Schliek. 224 i^XoTth Cottonwood, at nine o'clock last night and who aiteinpted to enter the home of .Mr.-. Minnie Kani- vor, lOS West Bruner, a short time later in the evening. Hibner was found by Olf .i er Mcl'lurson about 2 o'clock this uiorr.i:ig wa^idering around town liarehoaded and evidently demented. At the t^outii street restaurant. Hil)n»r entered and called ror ice cream cones. "What do you w::iit wiih an ice creaisi eoi.e ;his kind oi leather?" ayked t!ie astonlslied wui'f.-. "Oil. I f-'iiess thf> ,1 kivp a man f.'oni starving," HIbiiiT n idled nonchalantly Afti-r !)(lug told tli-ru were no cones on ^ale, Hibi.rr left t!u; r 's- thonght it w!.«-.- to a'low the s;rai ).i :er to "wake it on " to eovio other town and avoid the ex'.o-uc of caring for him hercr. STILL SEARCH FOR GBIFFITH >o Tnire of Old Soldier Who lYan- dered Anajr Yr.>.frrdiiy. No trace of Ncan H. Griffith age 77 who wandered away from his homo ir. North State street, yesterday morning, ha."! been found and Chief of Police Coffield tills afternoon mailed cards containing the veteran's de?crlp ' tion to the police of many surrounding fitie.':. It Is believed that In this way. unless some harm shali happen to iiim. Mr. Crlfflth will soon be found. Mr. Griffith is .''i feet in height, v.iiuhs pounds, has bald head .-.rd w. .-»rs fui: tray heard. He wears 1 Crrind AntiV huMon and was clothed in a bl'ii' cr:.y trousers. hi:uk iioat ;intl derl'V !iat wlien li,! left hon 'e T!'e index and. second finger of the lef; !:auii are off at the first Joint. At I";:'" o'floik yesJerday morning, Mr. {Iriffi;:-. toM liis wife tliat h" wa-s S3 ^,;!n!r for Lack of Snpport Mr. Ho«sr Thiuka. I I Topeka, Jan. 27.—Most of the political talk of ttie week centers around the Stubbs-Dawson row. It is "old stuff" of course, but both the Governor and Attorney General keep pilin.g fagots on the embers and it blazes up about once a week. To the writer the most amusing feature of the episode is the general comment of the Kansas editors to the effect that the row is undignitied. There is no dftubt about that. But just what did the editors expect when they el'"'cted a politician of the Stubbs type Governor of Kunsas? Stubbs's ctudlties. his reversion to the elementary emotiona. have been ills strength in politics. Had hf been a quiet, modest, courteous, polished gentleman he never would have been elected governor of Kansas. The people of Kansas wnnt- I'/l a governor of the "b'goHh" tyiie. elsr> they would not have <»l'ct "il Stubbs. And It Illy becoin's the editorial grntlrnien who assisted In tin taurant and started riinning liow^ijrfj to lini.= h his Ehoe.=. Madison a\.>nue. U.!;wr .M <!'ljiTson. j ".\, v.-r mind tliat." i;e ?aid. "I'll he standing on the corr .-T. saw thi' rif-j'irirk in p few minutes." l!ut he did . I function to say that the bra'vl In i;.-:n-,'d< ur.Mwn for a nn.k. She ttart | ,,„ ^.j, encaged is undipnili • I. Till- wri'^r has several times in i': s<' BULK OF mm TO DARROW TRISKETT ( ASE (iOES TO .11 KV. Final Araiinients In Celebrated .Murder Trltl This Aitcrnoon. WOUNDED IN BAYONET CHARGE M.MILY AM. OF :ilc>AMARA FUND SKNT TO THE ATTORNEY., ing man and gave eli ;is"'. He overtook him at the o-. rrali nictory and took hiiii to the Santa Kf i'asSi-::gor station for < \nuiination. .\ letter wasj found in a eocket addressiii to Kic<J i Hibner. Kuial Koule 1. Kansas City. Mo., and it is assumed that Hibner is the young man's name. Other IKX k- ets btilged with BevvspH])ers, telephone directories and SHiall i>:>oks. Hilintr had lost his Ual aiiii. .ibtaining a not return. Officers, searching for l.iin since, liave not discovered a sln- f;ie eiew THOIU'S AKHIYEI) TOO I ATE. )et;:'rs traced the Stubbs-Dawscn row to its source. Hri'-fly, it was pr.ciid- •ated by the. disinclination pf :h- A-- torney General to run the witfr" of his office throuch the Gofcrnor's mil! i I'awson wanted personal cr»'riit for ' I lie work us Attorney General. Stubh? Trrii^urcr Wiil Tc!l the (inuid Jury Mbat Hecanie oi llie Kot cf iU Vi 'ashington. .Ian. :,i,'.— Frank .Morri- (.'eenrh Meb Sternud n .lull anJ Hanp»d a Net'rn KnpKU iHj t'.:- .\--' 1 I'pss' Cordele. GT.. Jan. .'M.—A nnb of I , _ <iv.-. huudrrri r ,vn r,.',-. .-.formed the ' ^et out to "get Pawscn. wantr -i TO li.'!! the work of thf Atler-| ^ciietary oj ihe American Fed- nev Gem ral's odice as an asset to hi-, f i „i „..,i i:.,,,,.,. n w-,) -natorial boom. He .uave orders to |' •"•'•'^ "' ;h;;t effect which Ilawson disobeyed. t'.'.er. cashier of the Ili^'ss .National I Ity thr' .\ssiic.:itiil rr.'.-<-<i Independence, Ka:i., Jan. 3M.—.Argu­ ments In the trial of .\. A. Trnsketi. charged with the munler of .1. f). b. Neeley. a wealt'.iy Llnw. Ohio, oil pro­ mo'.r. v.f-e made today, when tli'> I'.earing was resumed. It i.s expected tint the fate of Tniskett will he In till- hanils of t!ic jury this afternoon. County Attorn^^y Clark and Special .-^late"- Attf rney.T Ciaton and K. H. Stanford luade the arguments for the ir 'i .^eciition. dii:eitinK their efforts tow.-'d bp'sking ilown the insanity theory, advanced by the defense. J. 1. MIMTIA WERE OIH.HiEU ro ISE FORI E TO lUSl'ERSE .STUIKEIfS. liut Tlierc Was no Repetition of Ye-- terdaCs Riotini; In .Mas^'uchu- .^^ettx. shawl' somewhere, ^al stiti:;ed it fortiail. took .Mbrrt Hainiiton. the negro of-' i d. were s;. v.-,.. :::ieil to aiipear on pV-as his headgear. | assa.l„nt of a xvh.ite girl, and hanged ; f Kan^r« %"n-s .i littla'mer- ' .'. ..raary 1st h.iure the F. dcr;.l grand Banit; Hibner appeared to be about 20 ^.lD-. to a tree. ' troops arrived tco ! f^rull^lsav a ^^^^^^.^^ Indie.n.f.Mi... which is inves-; •,anl--. dcposftorv rt: the Frderation's Shepuard. of '^ort Scott, and Charles and ci t.;.; .McNamara defense .'I.ieiier. of CoTeyville, made stror for Trgskett and advanced iii- y as a cailse for the deed. (F:V til.' .\s.-'><;nt.<I [•••••.'i .'si Lawrence .Mas.-?., Jar.. 30—In a clas'n h'-twoen two hundred strikers and a squad of militia here today, John Kamy, a Syrian, was stabbed in the '.hesi by a bayonet, and perhaps fata!- *y wounded. The Syrians had assembled with t' c intention, it is understood of parail- WILSONIARVEY 0 GOVERNOR MAKES MOST UOIBLE APOLOGY TO THE COLONEL. BE6S FOR HIS FRIENDSHIP DID NOT DESIRE THAT HARPER'S .Sll'PORT SHOULD CEASE. He lltts Notbtn^r to Say In Reply to Watterson's Latest Public State ment. a.e. , he teplied: . years of a .ce. but w i'.i n Officer Mc-, Phorson asked hi -Forty." "Did tliey ever hjv' lt:ni at Parsons?" i ii;nn. "I don't kr. -w wl.f there or net." .irav." •, i , ... , Hibner grew n^or- -.v;n,.:.i ^^s ?i, ,e : f^^^'i-rlo. Ga. where u is rcvoned a passed and wh, a il ;e s.r-rM.-.nd i.^s-l^io^' storicnis the jail to g- Vll-rt senger train arr.ved. O:!;. H=>™'"""- ^''^ a.t :..Mu a s"n permini :i h:\y a ti.'rt-M <l!y the .\ssociated Press) New York. Jan. 30.—The Evening Post today publishes the correspondence between Woodrow Wilson and Col. Harvey of Harper's, wrhich withdrew its' support from Wilson after his statement to the editor th'af it hurt his candidacy. In the first letter Wilson apologizes for the abrupt manner in which he fold Harvey that Harper's support had injured him but asks hi mto continue his friendly attitude. Harvey replied that he was still a sincere friend of Vllson and that Wilson's name had been taken from the head of Harper's editorial column In fairness to Wilson. Vv'llson wrote again saying he felt badly on account of having hurt Har- v.y's feelings with his tactless manner, but explains that he didn't mean that he wished Harper's to withdraw if? support, which he says put the weekly In a false light. He «aya hn tried to see Harvey personally and explain his appreciation for the support of former years as well as now. Harvey replies that he feels no personal resentment but was forced to explain to his readers how the mistake was made. AVilsonN Letter In FnlL Wil.son's second letter, dated January 11, follows: ".My Dear Col. Harvey: ^Generpus and cordial as was your letter written in reply to my note it left me uneasy, because, in its perfect franttiess,' it shows I Did Hurt You By Wlat ISo THcitly said. I am very much ashamed of myself. I wanted to see yoti in ir.g and the militiamen attempted "o dlsi^erse them. The Syrians re>i = te.! I Washington but was captured by call- .-.nd the soldiers found it necessary ,ii i ers evcr.v minute. ::-surc'rts it was ;irinfed. If it was- j The records v.hi,-h the grand jury r.'t S'ar suppress-d it. Con'li-; ;• its till two trutks. The subpoena; •;or;s are somewhat btttrr now. The : .ti-eit;- .'•'onlson to jiroduee cancell-| down off 1 >•«' eiiecks and records of all th>' re- i laarge them with bayonet?. Ti:a crov>d was finally dispersed. No repetition of yesterday's riotin:; -.ccurrcd today when the various textile mills opene dtheir gates. The vvhole city is under control of ti;e r.'.iiitia. •"•at.. Journal h .is gotten board the trai;i for Cl-.aini' Later. Ofieers Christy ,-.r.,l M. Pherson were call. 1 to 1MS \V .-t Hnmer street. >i'-s. .\tinnie Kani.-.-y told :"'.e oilicers that v.hen s!;e iiad stepped ou on her lo'ck por<h farly in the ri=ht she heard soii'..<me iir.d>>r it. WAISH WILL KIFISED PKn'SATK liu fiance and a good many of tl -.e i i fiiit= and disbiirse:nents trade by, !Oi :ntry daili's are using correspond-• the Feileratiim betwfen .April 23. 1011^ ludirted li.v the (inind Jury for 'A(tcniplinu: <.u -K'.x*' the Jury in the Case. rroliale Judec Holds it vu< Male by Hanker When rnluilanc d. Coicic). Jan. .">••.—The will of Jclin R. Walsh, 'he fornwr banker was re- • nee and telcsrnph service from To- eeka in 'which a good deal of actual ar.d January 2t) It'll'. .Morrison said | t:;at out of approximately $22.'^.<iii0 ' TlIYI>f; TO -(.ET~ LOKIMER- The p.'rson. v .hne—r it was. hegan | .„;.„;,..,j.,.^ ,o probate today by talking incoherently. Mrs. Kanivey : j^j,., -w. Uaiti'-y. nssi?'ant to th" Pro- thought perh3j ..-;,her son. Henry, was i .Tjiisn "The osiate goes to the playi'-e a trick on her. "Come out •( thep^. li-rry." s'.:e dcnande-I. "and n':it your fooling." It happened tiiat Henry had been ri ;t late and j':st as hi- mother spoke the.-e words. !• > appear' 1 arotmd the riirner of ].oi:>.\ Tliern was a seran tiling a: MiT ;d r .ii .i'r t'l'' i)orch and in the daiknes.;; of the night, th" form of a : ia ;i di.iapiiear-d r:ipld'.y in the directio.; of th" Santa Fe station. Mrs. K -liv.y dill not <all tli" ].i:lirc f 'lr • .!• •• ti:: :.ftfr"ard r.;;d wlien th-y ariiv.d ihi''.- v.a- lio cli'- to follow This morrln-. it vi .-!s I'-arii. d t'-.ttj tln' homp iif y. A <: 'AiCA. pr "i:i: tor of tl;e .'-•(i ::t;: ;-'::.t Oaraui-. b .'i -n entt.';--(j. .\t nine o'<'. famil.v wer<- at tiieir home Portiers hang between the i Schlick notice reared to nu quentl.v. "I wonder what those portier.-' ,to investigat» In the hallwe- ng feet and with X crasli form of a :r i lost from viev. vi!»\ Th-^ testimony ot Wm. T. .\bbot. •o 'he s'!:ninc of the will was that he beli.'%.>d Walsh subject to h.-.llucina- iruih i.« printed. But a good deal of|:> in for the Mc.Namaia defon-e j I.os Angeles. Jan. 3'>.—Two months ficns when meat. h. TSUUJl-^ I tl...iii. I 1 executed the docu- ; the news still is bottled up. The Daw-I Httlc more than $."..'"".) rftnains. H ; of iincerlain'y and suspense end"d .=cn-Stubh3 outbreak last we^k was a |'.•as hen statetl by Ijhor leaders that ' .'esterday icr t i ?.renee S. Darrow, rase in point. I'p to last we'k about ; bulk of ih<> iiiont-y was ti:ri:edl union labor attorney, when tlie coiinrr :i!l of the newspapers had been print-; over to Clar-tie iiarrow, t!ie attor-i grand juiy. which for week? ha.-: •ng the corrospondeiic between the 'WO men as it came from their ready' •;ens. AW of the newspap-'rs printed Stulibs's hitfr-r personal a'tack of 1 Dawson W'^nesday. the one In which The Seii;il '.ir Tcll.s of the Malirrous Af- liludc of the Cliicairo Tribusp. 'II\' the A~-reette*l l*rf"^^t Washinsrton. Jan. 30.—Senator Lcri- :cer today told of-several' Incident; which he construed as evidence of hos- For 1 owe it to you and my own thought .and feeling to tell you how grateful I am for your generous prais'- and support of me, how I admire you for your independence and the unhesitating courage and individuality of your course, and 'how far I am from desirin.:? yo'i • should cease your support cf me in the Weekly. You will think me very stupid but I did not think of thrt as a result of my blurt answer (o your question.r And now T have unintentionally put .vou in a false and embarrassing position. All I c.-n say Is that you have proved yourself very big and I wish to have an early opportunity to tell •i'ity toward him on the part of the ... Chiiaw Tribune and the McCormick j you how I really feel ahout it all. family. In 1895. he said, after having : With warm regard, cordially ' and niI >ESE FOLK E KIN A .MITK. TI'ci Male Pc^olulion iiii Excuse for • Wiinloii -Murdpr, and Rapine, i tltv fh»* .\:-"*'»*iat*'I i'r .'H.i ! Pek'nc. C'.ina Jan. .'!'''—Thj* IK.IICP ef Makdtn fre systematically rniUing Jion.i - i r prominent n-n susjieet- "•t of being in sympatliy witii the Rev... 'ii ::-i,.f.a;y jiarty, assassinating tl;ein e-! and : nri ying off ti;' :r wives and dauga i .le nrcused Dawson of malfeasance in ! office and mad-* the assertion th:>t the .\;torney General sliould be di'diarred. 'i'lt only about lialf cf [irlnti d Dav.Eon's red hot rejily. Frank .Morr !-i "i and Ileury II. Flather a "C '>rdi';:r te a lettt^r from a M!-Consular As a.tnalt'^r of fact, Dawson ripiv d ;ii" hi'!'' off th'- Governor and hung | i* on the barn door to dry. His r'^- i ply cayenne peimer in it and itr- i nini-'ed the Governor riitiit wli 'Te he | lives. Dawson ticcuited Sttibbs of pro- j ••'cting th" bridge trust sai'lh" had rroteci-'d jeintlsts In varlo'is eo':n- •lev. rh.-'rg-'d I'iin. with loafing an'l !'ad been suhixienaeil to te=tify b'^fore ; row wi''> I\M iiribery and att t'le F'.<>ral grand jurv at Indianapo- ' d of Rolierl' Ha-n, Ms. Mr. Gomper- 'aid he had nf> .tale Mi'-' i'tror sworn to try Janies 15. .Mc- n' I'l uielte r. E :'.r.:'r.-.c tiie indie'-' ^':^!'ara. ihe cnnfesced dynamiter and Tlieie are four counts in the two, liM's eandldafes for drainage trustee bills. Two of the "(;!;ats charge Dar- 1 '>•; understood .Mr. Medlll had threat- tempt- jnf -d to take vengeance on him. On 111-. |")e trii> down the Mississippi in inoo ;e said if was general gossip that Me<!i!i McCormick was telling "What 'ti- of Clare::-- .Vrgi^Ies. Dariow at l.u.: v.ird-rcr now serving a life term In |.-an Qarniin prison. The remaining k. Mr. Scl;:ii-k :ind ".li.^ I'e.i in the front i-coii; l"4 Nirth fottonwoexl. • 1 th'' double doorway •II and thi- roo-m. ?lr. 1 ih-it f;:e portiers ai>- •• sirring dy and fre- -ioaary -rrod h( re today, i onsuiar ; jKjlitlcs in'the matter of t!-.e ',-(.n irtn tlie accounts cf scores j ronstruction of certain slate buildings ers n;::i;tiy. j -.^j insisted that h" habitually n"^- n potts r..v.r PRYAN'S PETITION WITHDRAWN In Cimitliiirr.-' wilh UU Dc»Irr and Jud««n Harmon'x Suhxlltnlcd. can be. twisTinzi Liii-oir. Neb. Jan. 3''.—Tl-^ name, ' l ;p said as he arose 1''f .li:<^sou Harmon, of Oliio. was filed . Th. re'wa< a s:-wff 'ir.-.; j ^' '•'^ pr. sidentia! eandidate and | " ihai of Hryan withdrawn. A A. Arx' er. wh" liii "1 tli<' lir .van p -jTion. wi 'h- j drew it savins he inri Lamed that Ptv'.n did not V. :sii his narS" t'j ap- } pear on the ballot. "I can't und'^'-s'ar.d \\!y a real good thief should af :r.;'t to come iii while T!-.^ sound rf patter- fi-iml d"f." was sh;: In ii:'^ darkress. th" sp'-'! away rnd was :eetrcl the eommon du""s of the Governor 's office. Rut Dawson's lot'er rtid not set anything like the circulation with the reading public that had bf-en .-ie .-orded the attack upon him. Of course it may have been svp- Dresse-d because the row was becoir- I'nltin 'J Will <;,'.« Reports. "A'n-;:il::-.t''n. .!;'n 3<».—A eomiilete r ^i -rirt cf 'i-.i- .\I. .Naniara d;?f "n -e fund -• "-ipts ani! e\;,endltures will IM- s-nt every untun v.'iieii C ':ntrlbilted. .\ir. :i;i )r: \-vii said tiiday. endoraetcn's li'.re and. th" r"-. j will pet more v.itiiin the i<'\t thrie ••.r roar v .-i -.-kn ami. if "oy that Mme. the I Cnlonfl is not •• . aetivo ast.-irant ff r th% on -ee the wit.d v.ill go out of his boom. As it start's today tlie Roosevelt boom is purely a neirfiv" proposition. .A.nd jou can't harnesi :nuch spontaneity to negatioc. ;ne undicnified and not because of any reiuctanre to print Dawson's side j So far .^s is known the only Ka.n- the family si^' -iround the fireside and everybody aw- ke and ready to resist any intruder " said Mr Schlick Ihi.s afternoon, "."'iust have I-een a crazy burglar w^o •/ vjld try it It was to early in the e" ening that I didn't even have a v.-- non hnnd.v else there might have ten a different story' to tell." When the-" two case? were reported to the p "-'ce t 'ley were Instantly connected xvirti voting Hibner. It is believed that he wand'.n-d aimlessly aroUnd the re.^idence district, peering In homes and entering houses wherever he foun;l a door unlocked. Apparently, he noon lost interest In this divertlsement and came to town after ice cream cones. No one krows when or how Hibner found his way to lola. He suddenly appeared downtown and his actions at once attracted the attention of night •"workers in cab and restaurant businesses. Had Officer McPherson known of the cases reported today, he would KlNt; AND QFEEV COMING H03IE. of it. As to the more serious of the I>awson charges, the writer knows rothire. But It has always been com n'on talk in Topeka that Stubbs ha- litualiy neglects the routine duties cf th" Governor's office and can hard- Iv be induced to perform them. Prob ' lift—should not be expected to perT form the common, routine duties of a Governor's office. Tliclr British Miiie«»ies ,it GIlirtiKar' •''blJ' that is all right. Tar be it from ou Thetr '.Vay Hack from India. i '^'^ '^-riter to criticise the Governor, (l:-.- tiv- .issfK'iati-d J'r .^s3) j It may be that one with'the weal of Giiiraltar, Jan. 3'j. — King George I the people so near his heart—one Who and Queen Mary arrived h-re today | devotes his entire time to their upon Their way back to England from India, wliere they wore crov.ued Em- P'iror and ICmprer-s. Cravens Regins His Sentence. Leavenworth. Kas.. Jan. 30.—Ben Cravens, conricted at Guthrie Okla., last week, for the murder of eleven- years ago of AMa Bateman. at Red Reck. Ok'a. was brought to the Federal prison here today to begin serving a life sentence for his crime. is possible that arrangements may liade for the high school basket It !s b.' ni ball team to go to Buffalo Saturday nigiit for another game with the team of that city, which twice before this season the locals have defeated. If the team goes! it is probable that the firls' tesm will also go for a game doubtless har« detiUned Hibner ror| vltb the ^rls' team of that city. The Roosevelt boom is making a lot of noise. But Is it getting any- wh<;re7 The question is much dis- cu.'3ed and there are varying opinions. To the writer the Roosevelt i)oom looked bigger ten days ago than It looks now. For ihe reason that If hr- fothlng to keen It In the air It air....r3 to be sagging a bit. Roosevelt has declined to announce his candidacy or to permit the use of his name in that connection and there la nothing for his boom to feed upon. It "appears to everyone who studies the situation tmpartialLr that nothine but a spontaneous upricinc: !• going n> brins Rno8<»relt out of the hole. Meanrwblle. Taft ia Koiog.along piek- la$;^f a few delesatc*. fad =as n-v.-spap. r stampeded by the Roos-velt noise is the I.,-i-,vrence Jour- nai-World. Ktlitor llrady, aitlio'igh 'dentified with f-i" insurg.'nt faction in Kansas i:;i to the time (he insurgents refused to I 't him nin for Congress la^^t s'tmttier. h-.s stood for Taft until fn days ago. Then he s.witched to Rooscveit. Brady is going to ran for Congress in the Second district this year.and wanted to land on his feet. The corp of Congressional aspirants in the Second is alread.v' beginning to put out leaves. John C. Crider of Ft. Scott Is in. Brady has not yet announced his candidacy, but it is known 'that he Is going to run. Wyandotte alread.v has three candidates, the late and unlamented Mr. Gu.ver, the perenttial Mr. Enrlght and an unknown. "The other six counties In the district have not been heard from directly. Another rf the amusing incidents of the past week was the refusal cf the Kansas City Star to prmt Governor Siubbi's telegrams to Roosevelt. It j-eoms that Col. Bill Nelson also sent a telegram and Col. Bill frowns uooa competition. JAY E. HOUSE- J. n. Kirk returned tbU afternoon from a short businesa rlait In Inde-, I'iitn's all-'L-'Ml the hri'.-ory and ccr- '"ap'i'):i of Georgi' N Loi-kwood. a venlri'tiian siiiiiiaor d in the .\;c.\a- mara ca"-'-. A';''o'i)i;i a!-ting wl;'! nil eeherity, the .•ro-e-'iti m In ti 'C ease t:t .Mr. Darrow (''1-^ roi rxi'erjt to hrinr: the noted law yer to tr'pl on the two indictments agn'nst him for a lonq 'itne. Mean-.v-iile the coun;y grand jury V'•':•!• reported the 'aills against .Dar•'.>->v wi'! eontlnue Its probe i-ad W. .lose'.ih Fotd the deputy district attorney, said that s'-art!in.g develop- mi nt? w';ol!y apart front Darrow and eoncerning only the conspiracy phase )f the pl'eeed national dynamiting op•••ration; of John J. .McNamara and his •ivreeking crew migl't be expected at sny time. •'- UT.ilf} e:;tcnding to Darrow every prrsrnil courtesy, the prosectitors are bent on prcuricg Darrrt-v".- conviction on charge - that he bribed Robert Bain, a sworn juror and Ceerge .N. Lock- v.ood. a venireman altiiough the ac-^, tual pa.-slng.of money, it is alleged, was entrusted to Detective Bert Franklin. Quoting District. .Attorney Fredericks, his assistants say the evidence again.=t Darrow is conclusive and they feel conviction is certain. :ie going, to do to l^rlmer." .STILL I'OCNDING ON ROOSEYEI.T. THE PRESIDENT HAS A COLD. But in spite of it Ae r.« Booked for Four Speeches in Ohio Today. (Hy the A .-<«fei:it.-.t Pre^s) Columbus O., Jan. 30.—President Taft arrived from Cleveland . this raomfitl!* He is remain until tomorrow afternoon, will make four speeches 'and attend the dedication of the new postoffice. A rumor that the President is threatened with Pneumonia was denied by his physician who said the president has a bad cold which bothers him but Is not serious. Editor Abbott of the r. K. Wonld Not Decline. 1 r:> th- .\j<3n<-f.itel Pre Trenton, .N. J., J.-tn. 30.—That Roo.^ eveit would no more decline to t.-?k" the nomination for. the presidency than he would decline to-enlist, if needed, in war, is the opinion of Lawrence F. Abbott, one of the editors of the Outlook, contained in a let'er re(rived today by Kdward C. Stokes, former Governor of New .Jersey. Stui>hs .\?ain Heard From. • .\e-,v York, 30.—"I'm convinced 'hat Roosevelt, w-ill be the next President of th-e United States. I hf Id that vie weven while he was in .Africa and since th'^n sentiment for him has teen immeasurably in'-roased" My Dear Governor Wilson: Thank .vou sincerely for your most handsome letter. 1 can only repeat what I said before—that there is no particle of personal resentment left in me. And I beg you to believe I have not said one word to anybody In crlt- , icism of you. I "I have to print a word of explana- j tlon to the Weekly readers, but it will Outlook Hays ^'^ briefest possible. Ycry truly - - ' yotirs, "GEORGE HARVEY." Nothing lo SaT to Walterson. Trenton. N. J., Jan. 30.—"The state ment of Col Watterson admits of no comment from me." said Governor Woodrow Wilson today when newspaper men asked him if he had any reply to make to the Kentucky editor's statement. When asked for his reasons for making no comment the governor said: "I had hoped they were self-evident." The Governor then add ed- "I am only sorry to have to re- eret the friendship, which while it lasted, I found interesting and enjoyable." Asked if he did not mean to say the loss of the friendship, th* that .=!ta:ement today as he office of Colonel Rooseve|. left the / RAILROADS YIELD AGAIN. This lime it Is In The Matter of Binder Twine. fBy the .\<isoclat«>ii Pri-.= -!-) Chicago, Jan. 30.—The railroad conl missioners of nine western states. Governor Stubbs, of Kansas, made • Governor r-pliod that he preferred to have the statement stand as he had dictated it." ' CoL Walterson's StatemenL The statement of Col. Watterson, to whictf reference is made above,-was given to the press last night in the form of a long communication in v.-hich the Co .onel review-s all his relations with Governor Wilson. The important paragraphs of the statement are the following: "The fortnight immediately preced- and the shippers fighting the nrouose<I scheduled increased freight rates, due to take effect February fifteenth, sec- , ing the interview at the Manhattan ceeded today in getting binder twine i removed from the new list. The rate remains unchanged- Binder twine has been a subject of much agitation. The effect of the concession will be a saving cf one hundred per cent in rates. Shippers also will be allowed to ship binder twine in cars with agric-jltural implements- The niling in the new classification was that binder twiti" could not be shipped in less than car load lots. Mrs. A.'"E. Johnson will return tomorrow mominK from Ottawa. wher» she has been Tisltt&g with relative^ Miss Hazel Bairon. who ha& been attending iiigh school here during the September term,; has returned to her 1 hpme Bear Moran, and will probably Club, of which I have been at pains to say as litrle as was needful to justice between man and man, and men and men. 1 had done what I could in the interest •:' his campaign. I was met on my arrival In New York by a n:ost urgent appeal for money from a gentleman -of distinction, very clofe'y associated with. If not actually directing the Wilbon organisation, and In answer to this I was able at onco to secure a considerable anm of money. The meeting at the Uan- hnttnn Club waa designed atill further to push forward and perfect tbe work of organization. Elaa w^. and for what was; tbe goremor there?

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