Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on June 23, 1943 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 23, 1943
Page 3
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Wednesday, June 23, 1943 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS PAGE THRU Social ana P ersona i Daisy Dorothy Heard, Editor Phone 768 Between 8 «. m. and 4 p. m. Social Calendar ..Wednesday, June 23rd The Board of Education oC the .First Methodist Church will meet ( .at the church, 7:45 p. m. A full attendance is urged. Mrs. Frank Mason and Mrs. Roy Allison will be hostesses at n shower honoring Mrs. Hamilton Hanogan, recent bride, 3 o'clock. Thursday, June 24th A meeting of the American Legion Auxiliary will be held at the home of Mrs. J. A. Henry with Mrs. E. O. Wingficlcl, Mrs. Roy >'Thrash and Mrs. C. M. Agcc, asso- ' ciale hostesses, 3 o'clock. All members arc urged to be present for this meeting, which will be attended by the state president, Miss Claudia Key. Miss Helen McRac, Mr. and Mrs. Hancgan Feted at Al Fresco Party Mr. and Mrs. Dorscy Me Hue, Sr., were hosts at an al fresco parly in the back garden of their homo on East Third street Tuesday evening complimenting Miss Helen McRac of Washington, D. C., and Mr. anc Mrs. Hamilton Hancgan. The serving tables were attractive with gay appointments. Among those present were Miss McRac, Mr. and Mrs. Hancgan, Mr. and Mrs. K. G. McRac, Sr., Mrs. Jack Meek of Bradley, Mrs. Billy Ducketl and son. William. Mr. ilrid Mrs. Dorscy McRac, Jr., and son, "Mack." and Mr. and Mvs. Dorscy McRac, Sr. red roses was placed on a mirror jlaquc to form the effective ccn- icrpicco. A corsage of sweetheart roses marked the place of the lion- orcc and smaller corsages were arranged at each place. Enjoying the event with the hon- orcc and hostess were: Mrs. Jack Meek of Bradley, Miss Helen Mc- Uac of Washington, D. C., Miss Louise H a n o g a n, Mrs. Billy Duckell, Mrs. Brooks Sluills of Fulton, Mrs. Hoy Allison, Miss Bertha Sparks, and Mrs. Hoy Stcphcnson. The hostess' gift to the honorcc was in her chosen crystal pattern. Births Captain and Mrs. Carl T. Schoolcy arc the parents of a son, Carl T. Schoolcy, Jr., born June 20 in Nicholson, Pa. Captain Schooley is now stationed at Camp Claibourne, La. Cpl. and Mrs. Scward Silvcrtoolh announce the arrival of a daughter, Princess Carrol, on June 22, at the Julia Chester. Mrs. Calvin Allen Is Named Honoree by Miss Lulie Allen Complimenting her house guest, Mrs. Calvin Alien of San Marcos, Texas, Miss Lulic Allen was hostess at a pretty luncheon at the Barlow Tuesday at 1 o'clock. A lovely arrangement of red roses iti a crystal bowl centered the table where covers were laid for close friends of the honorcc. Communiques Beachwear Bulletin for Late Vacationers Miss Joy Gamble just returned from Shrcveport, where she attended a formal dinner given in honor of her cousin, Mrs. Will Woodson, on her first anniversary at the homo of Miss Vcra Mac Morris on 1!M1 Harvard Street. Mrs. Woodson is here on an extended visit with Mrs. T. C. Gamble and family. Mrs. William McGill Compliments Recent Bride at Luncheon Wj .Honoring Mrs. Hamilton Ilanc- •gan, who was Miss Ruth Taylor before her recent inarriaue, Mrs. .William McGill was hostess to close ,'friends of Ihc honorcc at a delightful luncheon yesterday at 1 o'clock at the Barlow. • 'A while pottery bowl containing 'RELIEVE . For slings or Helios, thoso UflOfllllTfl m ° 8c iu>lo lormentsihntso lnUS(|UIIU often spoil Bummer fun, _____ pot Moxstinn, formerly BITES- Mexican Heat Powder. RIALTO Now You've gota Date With DANGER! Mill Gtorgt SANDERS Coil PATRICK QUIET, PURSE and Richard Travis in Truck B u s t e r s' Additional Guests at Tuesday Contract Club Party Two tables were arranged for the players at the home of Mrs. W. R. llcrndon, who entertained members of the Tuesday Contract club and three guests Tuesday afternoon. Zinnias and daisies in artistic containers added to the beauty ol the entertaining rooms. Following the spirited g-.imcs high score gifts were awarded Mrs. Lyln Moore for the guests and Mrs. Kelly Bryant for the club. Mrs. Robert l.aGrone and Mrs. Charles Dana Gibson were also guests. A delectable salad course w;is served with Russian tea. Marlar-Cheney Announcement is made today of the ni a r r i a g c of Miss Waivia Cheney, daughter of Mrs. C. T. Cheney and the late Mr. Cheney of Prescott, and Pvt. '-.uthcr Lilo Marlar, son of Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Marlar of Hope. The wedding look place at 8:V) Friday evening, March "i, in Pres- cotl at the home of the officiating minister, the Rev. E. P. O. Gan-eH. Pvt. Marlar is stationed at Robins Field, Macon, Georgia, with the Medical Detachment of Ihc Army Air Corps. Women of Christian Church Have Annual Picnic Meeting Members of Circle No. 1 of the Women's Council of the Firsl Christian Church, Mrs. Ted Jones, leader, were hostesses to Mrs. Oliver Adams' Circle No. 2 Monday afternoon. The parly was in the form of a picnic supper at the Fair Park. About 15 members attended. Officers for the new year were installed by the Rev. Baggctl in an impressive ceremony. Coming and Going Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Simpson, who were cnroutc lo their home in Borryvillc after a stay of six months in New Orleans, spent Monday with Mr. Simpson's sister, Mrs. Oliver Adams, and Mr. Adams. Hollywood By ROBBIN COONS Hollywood — Julicn Duvivicr is the man who makes four or five movies in one. It is a very tiring business, he says, and he is going to take a rest from It. His next movie will be just one movie. Duvivicr is a brightcycd, neat little Frenchman who drapes his words with gestures. He has thai old Gallic charm you read about, thai lively interest in things and people and good food and wines. He began his multiple - movie career with "Un Garnet de Bal" back in France. That told many stories, each stemming from a name on a young lady's dance program. When Hollywood got him, he was the first thought for the many- lalcd "Tales of Manhattan," and from there he wont on to the four- storied "For All We Know." This used to be called "Flesh and Fantasy," and its making sprang from Duvivior's association with Charles Boycr as a star of "Talcs." Boycr was eager to gel slarlcd as a producer, and Ihis was Iheir firsl choice. "For All We Know's "four laics all suggest more or less super-natural inflcunccs, dealing with "forces" that rule human lives. Duvivcr will tell you thai he is not superstitious—"Oh, not at all," —but he will also tell you, with gesture, "what I myself know in my own experience." He will tell you that he draws no conclusions, her merely wonders. Afterward, in is easy to understand why he would turn his camera to a story of mysterious forces: It began 10 years ago (he says) when an old friend of his, a charming, aged French actor named Camille Beuve, offered to cast Duvivier's horoscope. He returned with a sheet of paper detailing various events which would mark the director's coming year. "You put it in a drawer, and at year's end look at it again," said Bcuvc. Which Duvivier did. At year's ncl, he says, he was surprised to iscover thai its predictions had latcrializcd. Year after year, Camille Bcuve 'rote oul a Duvivicr forecast, and car after year the director hocked with increasing intcresl. 'here was one year when the old ctor predicted a "big sum of noncy" — it turned into a windfall f a million francs, from some for- ;ottcn stock. Master George Peck, Jr., is the gucsl of his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. P. D. Burton, Sr., in Lcwis- ville. J. W. Peck of Arkadolphia has arrived for a visit with his son, George Peck, and Mrs. Peck. Fred Cook, Jr., and Richard Rion Cook, sons of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Cook, arc visiting in Dallas, Texas. leui fAENGIR Wednesday - Thursday FOR ANY GIRL TO FOOL WITH,.. or any mob to break! starring ALAN LAPP XTRA ... EXTRA ... March of Time Invasion' Shults Well Reaches Depth of 3,160 Feet Completion of Barnsdall's wildcat oil well, Brooks Shults No. 1, on Red Lake, is expected within he next three weeks. Operators were drilling at 3,160 feet early lo- day. The well svas spudded in last vcek. By ROSEULEN CALLAHAN NEA Staff Writer New York.—You who plan late vacations may be looking over your summer wardrobes to see what clothes you'll be wanting lo lake along, and finding lhal by now last year's swim suit is just a litllc loo faded and oul of shape for such "special" wear as vacation. If so, you're just in time lo sclecl a suil from the latest styles delivered to the shops. And here are a few pointers which may help you to choose the right one. For those who have Ihc figure for it, there's nothing more flaller- ing lhan Ihe scanly-panly and draped bra duos, which fit like skin. One especially affective model uses yellow satin laslex for Ihe back and flower-sprinkled red calico for Ihe artfully shirred front of the panty and for Ihe beaulifully figure-forming bra. Girls with "spare tires" please ignore. Other attractive models of this scanty style utilize rayon sharkskin of floral print on back ground, trimmed with crystal buttons Rayon satin of plain colors is also mosl effeclive in this pattern, and shorts button cither down the side, or in back—Ihe lalter eliminates the hip bulge. But if you're figure isn't quite as perfect as you'd like, then con sidcr one of Ihc swirly-skirlcd, haller-nccked swim and sun suils of flowered calico with elasticized midriffs and low cut sun-back, or of crackling chintzes in multi- flowered pastel prints, which have a way of making you look positively sylphlike. Those who wear sizes larger lhan 38 will find that the clever styling of this year's dressmaker model.' hides a multitude of figure faulls. Take, for instance, the black-as ink pique dressmaker suit will row upon row of narrow, crisf white pique ruffles trimming 'ho slightly flared skirt. This ':; (r i jusl long enough lo cover 1oo-lhicl thighs, and is topped by ;i softly Mulheim Given Pounding by RAF Bombers London, June 23 — (yp) — Heavy RAF bombers blasted the German sleel and communications center of Mulheim in the Ruhr last night in a continuation of a mighty round-the-clock Allied aerial offensive, the British announced today. An air ministry communique said preliminary reports indicated the bombing was "well concentrated" and declared returning crews reported they had seen great fires still burning in Krefcld, main objective of a smashing RAF assault on the Rhineland the previous night, and at Huls, which was hit by U. S. Flying Fortresses in daylight yesterday. . RAF fighter planes simMltan- cously carried out intruder patrols over Holland and France, shooting down two enemy aircraft in the course of the operations, the bulletin haid. It reported 35 British bombers and one fighter had failed to return. ' Forty-four bombers were lost in the Monday night raid on Krefcld. Mulheim, one of the smaller towns in the Ruhr, was described as a satellite of the great industrial center of Duisburg, which is situated at the junction of the Rhine and the Ruhr. It is an important center of the German sleel industry as well as the site of large railway car and locomotive repair shops. It also is one of the principal outlets from the Ruhr to Southern Germany by rail. Mulheim has a normal peace time population of about 136,000. It was raided twice in 1940 but has not been attacked shice. A DNB report broadcast by Berlin and recorded by the Associated Press said Oberhausen had been hit as well as Mulheim. Oberhausen, located only a few miles from Mulheim, was attacked by the RAF the night of June 14. The German report said 24 of the raiding bombers were destroyed. As usual, the broadcast described the attack as "a terror raid," and acknowledged "heavy damage." The German communique said the populations of Oberhausen and Mulheim suffered "major casualties." The Canadian bomber command took part in the night's assault. The continuing offensive has carried explosives to German Europe in conveyer-belt fashion, the Mulheim raid marking the fourth night in a row the RAF has been over the continent, starting with Le Creusot, France, on Saturday night, following up with a 1,000- mile trip to the southern German Queens Kiss than = those now employed by the Allies. London had a brief alert during the night, Its 50th of the year. A few bombs destroyed 20 empty houses, which had been badly dam* aged in a raid last year and on which repairs had been completed only yesterday. The air ministry reported "slight" enemy activity also over parts of Southeast England where some damage and casualties resulted. The German high command said in a broadcast that a German Con* voy off Scheveningen, Holland, had repulsed a mass attack Tuesday ftcrnoon by a "strong" British air orce unit of bombers and torpedo ilancis, knocking down seven of the tlackcrs. This apparently was the same ction previously reported by the British. With handshake and kiss, Queen Elizabeth of England, left, greets Queen Marie of Yugoslavia at Red Cross garden feta in London. An atom of uranium is 238 times icavicr than one of hydrogen. It is less than 22 hours from Washington to Tokyo by air. FLIT MOWS 'EM DOWN! FROM THE WAR-FRONT TO THE HOME-FRONT The well-balanced lass above also wears flower-sprinkled calico in a swim and sun suit whose yellow elasticized midriff produces a smooth waistline. Below, the timid toe-dunker s.hows off a dressmaker bathink suit of black pique, trimmed with ruffles of crisp white, gathered bodice, which allows the maximum of simian without being too revealing. And for the speed swimmer who WOMEN WON'T TALK BY RENE RYERSON MART COPYRIGHT, 1943. NEA SERVICE, INC. THE CATCH CHAPTER XIX AFTER lunch tho four of us, ZA - Connie, Walter, Kathy and I, went out on the oast terrace. Wo were all jittery from nervous strain and it was with relief that wo saw long-legged Clint Mallison striding up from the woods. Kathy hailed him and he came up on the terrace grinning his attractive grin, Mattison remarked about the weather, said it was grand or something equally inane, and Kathy agreed with him with so much vivacity that I sat up and look notice. I watched her and Matlison and began lo conjeclure like a sentimental old busy-body. Matlison maneuvered the conversation around to fishing and reminded Kathy of her unfulfilled promise to go with him. He wanted to know if the following morning would be all right. Kathy said she couldn't, that we had a guest coining and she'd be tied up for a few days. I noticed that she didn't tell Mattison who it was. Lillle Judy came bouncing out on the terrace through the study door and ran up to Connie and hugged her tightly. Connie kissed her and asked her where Jack was. The cherub looked mysterious, and a worried frown cleaved Connie's white forehead. But Kathy laughed. She had glimpsed Jack and pointed him out to the rest of us. He had somehow escaped from Imogene Lake's vigilant eye and had had another try at Clint Mattison's fishing gear in the hall. Now dragging a rod behind him he was slipping stealthily from the back hall door toward the lily pool a1 the far end of the east lawn Kathy starled lo call out to hinv but Mattison stopped her. "Let him alone. He won't hurl the rod. Let's see what he does." From beginning to end of that affair Clint Mattison was ray jinx. J ACK know what to do all right. He perched himself on the edge of the pool, got Ihc slick back over lis shoulder as he had seen Wal- cr do, and then tried to fling it lorward over the water. Of course the line unreeled as the stick went forward, and Jack •hrew down the rod and began to pull Ihe line in by hand. Connie murmured worriedly something about the hook and catching it in lis fingers. Matlison aboul that. said he'd forgotten He started down the •itcps and across the lawn toward the pool. By the time he reached him Jack was pulling hard on the line. It must have been caught on something. Mattison picked up the rod from the ground, reeled in the line until it was laut, and with weaving motions untangled the hook from whatever was holding it. He started reeling in again and at last stooped over and picked something up from the shallow edge of the pool. Dropping the fishing stick he turned and came back to the ler- race. On Ihe flat of his palm he carried a gun. There was red rust at the end of its short blunt barrel and or the handle, and a shred of black clolh was caught between the hammer and the barrel. I stared at it and wondered if it was the one missing from mj desk in the turquoise room. I looked like it. But then all guns, look alike to me. Mattison said something abou the water and the rust having removed any possible fingerprints Gingerly he thumbed the catcl and swung Ihc cylinder out to one side, and slowly turned it around looking into the bullet chambers One bullet was missing. Kath was slanding beside me. I felt hei shiver. "We'll have to turn it over to the police," Mattison said slowly "It's probably the gun that killed Derek Grady," I" LIFTED my eyes from the gun •^ and looked back at the sun splashed pool whore Jack and Vlattison had found it. It's an artificial pool, part of the landscaping of shrubs and evergreens hat form a backdrop to the side awn and reach from the circle if tho driveway to the ravine some distance back of the spot where Derek's body was found. If the person who had shot Derek wanted to return to the louse without being seen, the most latural thing in the world would lave been to follow the ravine back to this line of shrubbery, and hen approach the back hall door using it for concealment just as Jack had done when he had been .rying to reach the pool without 3eing seen with the fishing stick. tt was as clear in my mind as if I were seeing it actually hap- ?cn. Tho murderer stealing back :o Ihe house—our house, passing within a few feet of the pool, .vhich is deep at the far end and filled with lily pads, and on the impulse of a moment throwing the gun into the water hoping that it would never be found. I made my decision. "There is one thing I think you ought to know before you hand that gun over to the police," I said, and my voice sounded hollow. "It is probably mine." I watched their faces. All I saw was incredulity and horror and sick shock. Mattison's head jerked up and he looked at me and I tried lo outstare Ihe probing suspicion in his eyes. "I had one," 1 explained carefully, "in my desk upstairs. And it's gone." Kathy was the first to recover the power of speech. Her hand was shaking as she took hold of my arm. "Gram—you don't know what you're saying. Who would! have taken your gun?" Against my will I found myself remembering how convincingly Kathy had lied to Shaw about not knowing Derek. (To Be Continued) wants to lop a few seconds more off her record, yet look as pretty as the bathing beauly who does nolhing more than dampen her toes, there are sung filling wool suits dressed up with garlands of bright embroidered flowers about the neck, and superbly styled sea gull printed failles thai pack plenty of glamor into their abbreviated styling. The one-piece maillot which gives the "poured-in" look to trim figures, are still Ihe mosl popular of Ihe elasticized models. Halt-Mrirt gives the one-piece look aft and two-piece effect in front. Adjustable' straps may be switched for even tanning. Some of the new sunsuits take prizes, too, for combined allrac- liveness and comfort. Two-piece striped seersucker models boast very abbreviated divided skirts, instead of full skirts. Large patch pockets with tri mmatching thai on bra lend a dashing louch. And of course there is always the handy three-piece sunsuit and matching skirl, equally al home on Ihc beach or lennis court. The wrap-around skirt buttons up the front and quickly transforms the outfit into one suitable for town wear. city of Frcdrichshafen on Sunday night, and the Krefeld atlack Monday nighl. During daylight yesler- day, Ihe Americans wenl inlo Ihc Ruhr for the first time, kindling a square mile of fires in Ihe Ger man synlhelic rubber center ol Huls. A DNB braodcast recorded by the Associated Press asserted the Allies had suffered Iheir "greal- esl defeat" so far over Western Europe by losing 135 planes in a period of slightly more lhan 2< hours from early Tuesday unli early loday. Official British'and American reports, however, listed 99 bombers as lost in the raids on Krefeld, Huls and Mulhein in that period In addition one fighler was losl on Ihe Krefeld operalions, three British planes were downed in a convoy fight off the Dutch coast yesterday, and four fighters are missing from yesterday's daylight bailies, making a grand lotal of 107. Records did not show immediately whether this was the heaviest loss in any similar period during the Allied bombing offensive. How Allied bombing offensive. However, German losses reached then- peak at 185 on one day during the battle of Britain when Ihe Nazis were using smaller bomber forces TAME Give il that wel1 Broomed look. Add lustre. Keep your UNRULY hair lying Hat. Always use •j M m Morollne Hair Tonic. Large HAIK bottle 25c. Sold everywhere. • When you realize that FLIT and our other insecticides kill many of the vicious insects that wage a "war of nerves" on our soldiers on many buttle fronts- 1 —it's easy to see what FLIT will do to common household pests! One deep whiff and they're stiff! FLIT has the AA. Rating . ., the highest established for household insecticides hy the National Bureau of Standards. Ask for FLIT... the knock-out killer •—today! HIT NOTICE The City of Hope has agreed to pay half the cost of oiling streets. For information call Charles Reynerson, City Hall, Phone 326. City of Hope Remnant Sale A Large Assortment of Short Lengths From Our Spring and Summer Piece Goods at Price On Sale Thursday Morning At 9 o'Clock TALBOT'S 'We Outfit the Family" :*\*i^u£stAv-> ,

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