Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 29, 1912 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 29, 1912
Page 6
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\ THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, MONDAY EVENING, JA NUARY 29, 1912. iY WHEAT CLOSE TO $1.04 Ln 'ERPOOL snonxs SEXT THE IIAKKETS ITWAliD. Cu(Uc and Hogs Start the Vfeek a LItfIc Lowcr-.-Bnttcr and Eggs Firm. FBUSSIC ACm DT CANE. Poison TrUch "KOlei Stock Found hj a Chemist Manhattan, Kas. Jan. 29.—An ex-; perimcnt just completed at the Agrl- ; cultural College proves cpnchtslTely • that the poison in the fodder which kills livestock is phisslc acid. A sur- '• prising amount of this poison was; found in samples of fodder sent in by \ a man whose herd was poisoned by; eating it The fodder was kafflr cane and it is now proiM >sed to discover whether the poison was developed by the cane being frosted or cut when immature. This known, it is believed the solution of the poison trouble Is at hand. KANSAS TO LOSE FOBTS? niy the As-soclatea Press) Chicago, .Ian. 29.— A fresh advance in wheat today followed news that shorts at Liveniool had become nervous and boui-'iit due to Stocks decreasing and the llRhtness of world's shipments. The opening was % lower to 14 higher. -Alay started at $1.02% to $1.03, a loss of to a like advance, anil rose to $1 .03',^. Close—May fl.- OSvssO'i; July 9G%; Sept. 95. 0OK.\— -May 67-!i@%; July 67V4; , Sejtt. r.T%; Jan. 04%. 1 Tho dispatches this morning state OATS-^May 57^.; July 4CVJ; Sept. ! that Secretary of War Stimson, acting 411,;;. " 1 on a report of the general stafT, will PORK—Jan. ?15.7r); May $16.30; Ju- j recommend that the number of array ly $]Cr )0. i posts in this coiintry be greatly re' 1.AUU—Jan. $9.17'^.((r9.20: May $9.- I ducod. There are now forty-nine, but ecial Suit Sale for 4 Days Learenworfh and KHer May go Into the General Discard. $:i.'j.'.. July $9.52M:&y.5ii; Sept. he thinks that eight will do and that millions-of dollars can bo saved annually by reducing tho number. Among the forts listed as not necessary are Forts Riley and Leavenworth ^ both in Kansas. Stimson would retain i (! to v:."hYu-lior- N 7) 2 liarU, $1 .04V'^^ coast posts, a few scattered ones .No 3 $1 (:2'-'.(fn .n9; .\o. 2 red 1 throughout the country and do away Kansas tHy drain. Kansas Ciiy Jan. 2".).—\VHE.\T, re- ciiiis 120 cai j. Ciish wheat unchang- ?] (hi; .\n. ;i7V-(>i;t'.'. Close—May ¥1.02^;; July 9tTiiSiy.'. bl<I. COK.V—L'nphanBt'd. ..No. 2 nil.vcd; rTi -i ^f /CSU; .No. 3 (If.'i; NoT. 2 white, i csiyivf<;;); .No. 3.-t;7'.:.Ji«si.{.. close—' May (isr^ 1,1,1; .Inly (•,71 /1'''% bid. OATS—Unchanged. No. 2 white, r .l'...fii.".2 >.l.: .No. 2 iiiir;o(i, .^ori.M. ItYIC—;il^;;i"c i)i-r liu.'^liol. with the rr-st. Concentration of the nrniy In eight posts is expected to save $5,000,000 a year in maintenance. A JAIL BIRO "FLEW" AWAY ChicJico I,i>esiork. (•1,:<: IJ:O. Jan. 2'J.—C.\TTJ-K. receipts ;;r ,.i.iMi: ii:aik(>t .'-tcady- to a shade low(>i. lleovos $4.7<i''/S.40; .stockor.s and Sent for a llnckot of Coal f;i«orgc Young Fulled to lii'turn. i We have sorted up 121 Suits and will put them on sale at the following prices: 22 Suits at 36 Suits at 63 Suits at $5.65 $7.35 $9.85 iSizes 34 to 44—all colors These are the biggest suit values ever offered in Allen county. The $5.65 suits are regular $10 and $11 suits. The $7.35 Suits are regular $12.50 suits. The $9.85 Suits are regular $ 15 and $18 suits. The Sale is Now in Full Progress— Coma! BARCLAY-SHIELDS CLO. CO. The House of Quality Roorsn Young, colored, lute mem- , her of tho linn.of Smith & Young, ^c^,.r._S^Gi'\,:..W<; CVS and heifers ninoiTs ^^iih a shop onTout'hleff^^^^^^ PAlfS FOR MSE OF BEER . ,1 avenue, escaped from the county jail i ljOGS-n"rr.,.ts__r ..r.oo: niarke^^^^^ Mr. Young will i lowpf. Lights t^l:.; mixed $;..- recalled by the colored folks as „ , , ^ • . M.;,,.:{0: heavy 'J (l..>_>'.j; rough the gentlemanly suit presscr who sold . Iosts in Lrderer Case Mere Selflod $:,.!-oiM;,n.,; $4.1..'ii ...40. _^ nu,„i,pr of pairs of trousers be-| 1" Today. longing to his customers and fled to WILL >0T OI'rOSE PAROLE. Kan>as Cilj Livo^lnrk. K -ansaF Ciiy. .Ian. 20.—CATTLE re- Wldow of YUlIm Moved to Jlercy hy Interview. Guthrie, Okla., .fan. 28.— The fact became known today that Mrs. Alvin Bateman, widow of the man murdered , at Red Hock, Okla., eleven years ago Olathe where he was arrested by Con- i The City of lola to one case of beer j bv I?en Cravens and Bert Welty will I BUSIISS WAITS ON POLITICS THE T.VRIF.F AXD ELECTIOX WILL DO.ML>ATE FOB A WHILE. stable T. S. Ball. : $4.10. I not oppose a i)aro!e for Welty the life ' Bond Issues nt Hl(rbpr Rate May roints 11,0(111; markPt ftoady to a shade There arc about a dozen prisoners, This expense item may appear in : termer brought here from the Leaven-i rrnve Emliarras.sin«!r Unles.s lower. Native stoprs $'..r,ofiS.OO; cows ^^re of the jailor .jt the pros- the n unicipal accounts soon. In the i worth federal prison to identify his Kusiness Advances Soon, .•ind hr-ifers $:>.i'iH> i;.2..; ..;tockers and ^^j. supper hour, Mr. district ccnrt this morning, Guy Pees, i former comrade, Ben Cravens. j , ..f.r.^.^c-. ....r,_ .o-^. jjQr ,.,5 ,QQ ^.^g ygry busy tryins to got Assistant City Attorney, settled the. During the recent trial of Cravens, j the evening meal passed around to • costs in the case of tlm city of lola ; rcsuUing in conviction. Mrs. TJateman | v v b- T O? inorfio nn tho oa(h of the inmates. It was growing vs Ted Le.ierer whit h tho ci-.y lost on ; was a constant attendant. After Wei- • "'l^I,, 1 '.r,^,.r.Unn late .ind many chores remained for ; appeal to the supreme court. ; ty had testified Mrs. Bateman request- i L.vchange con inues unuroK^^^^^^ attention. Young had been showing When Lederer was arrested on a ; od Deputy Warden Mackey of Leaven- i ^^the one hand security holders ^^^^ a disposition to do the right thing charge of violating the prohibitory ; worth prison to permit her to call on , """^"'^''"^f "in^^^ and as he was a short termer, the law. the oflicers seized the case of nert Welty in his coll in the city jail.times ahead when current poiiti- jailor detailed him with another beer. I^dercr was tried in the city i here. Warden Mackey went with her ! "n^'^'''""''*^^' trusty, to bring in some coal and court, found guilty and sentenced to and she told Woltv that she would 1''*^" ^"^ nanu . feodeis $4 .00^ 6.2.'.; bulls $3.75'!:i .'i..'.": calves $:?..".n<;!T..".o. HOGS—Receipts ]2 ,nno; market .•^tf-adv. Heavy St;.20^i fi.2T'-j; packers an't Uutc'htr.'-- $C.0fr;.t;.2.'; lights $5.G0 <5 t:.V!. The O^r Way Hestai ^rant Allen county people will be g'.-.ul to know that this widely known restaurant will be continued. Tiioroughly cleaned, re-.sto-.kei!. in charge of eonipetent, e.xperi- enced hands. I confidently hope to win your patronage by good service, good cooking and courteous treatment. Regular nioals .served and ihoit orders our specialty. W. F. WILLIAMS, Proprietor IOC .South WashlnKlon .\ve. lola, St. leuix Livestock. St. T.niiis, .Ian. 29.—CATTLE, re- rii|ii.<; 4 .0MH: ninrket .steady. .Vative j-indfine ^oung rnd his slf.-'r.'= S4..".0'(; S ."0; eow.s and heifers pay a fine of $100 and serve CO days ,i„ nothing to prevent him'getting a buyers arc holding aloof for better j companion with in jail. The defendant appealed to r ._<tn^7..'0; stoekers and feeders $3.30 bup^pis went tothc'coal pile at the the supreme court claiming that he IIOCS—Reerijit.'; pnon; market stcn- Cy. Pi::? and lifihts $4.7 .'.'7: C.-^O; mixed $t;.1i.";; on:.; h<nivy $C .2.">'a c.r,.">. Kansas Cily rriiilHce. Kansas City, .Ian. 2:t.—Bl'TTKR— ('naniery "Te; firsts 3r.; seconds 33; jijieking stock 24V£. KCGS—l:;x(ras oSr; Uv^is 36; sec- out tc look for him tm.!-: 22'i. 1I..\Y—IJnclian^ied. Choice timothy ^l"i''i22: choice prairie JllfiH.'pO. BROOM COR.V—$7i>Ti 14<J per ton. rear of the jail. had simjlly sent in the money"icon- ••C.o ahead I'll l)e in in a minute," Iributed by a party of friends with Yoing said to his companion," who i which to buy bwr and that he had iiail filled his bucket. "I've got to chop ' not sold any of it, merely being a mem u |i a Utile kindling." ber of the, social crowd that had as- pardon. Welty's first application for returns which pending new issue^ are a par<!on was turned down by Presi- P^pected to offer. This stand-off be- | dent Tait. Another application is^ween buyers and sellers has been , pen.iing. It ha.- been indor.=ed by Con further illustrated by the attitude of \ t;ressinan Bird S. McGuiro. who prose ' 'arge corporations in need of funds. ; .ate.l Welty and also by .Judge .lohn " H-"°,T." banking houses have | H. Burford of Guthrie who presided ''cen holding back such offers for Til - '.oinjianion returned to the jail, sembled to drink the beer. The su- during the W. Ity trial and sentenced ^"me time past, awaiting more favor- ; Lead.and Speller. •St. l/>uis Jan. 2Ci.—I-ead. steady, »1 :;."•'?/4.:!7ii.; .spelter, un.-eltled $G.4'J Wl:< :> Young fall'd lo return with preme court found for I,edorer and hi.s eoir'pani 'in ."i :.ilcr Morrison went ordered him discharged from penalty Young had dis- : imposed, apii.-arcd | Meanwhile, the case of beer had All ofTiccrs were iintifiod of the rs-, heen destroyed. When Lederer won cai).> rn<' a search w.-.s made for the the properly could not be reslor'-d fugitive without av:'!! Toiing was and tho cost was taxed against the serving ov.* n fine of $23 imposed tor c-lty. pi'lty larceny. Recently, however, the officers seized a ease of beer similar to th:' « fr< 'I 'll I 't? frit L* i*i.w*l1 r 1 , • , If.iiwi,-. v/u I Ml- %^i(iica.*> Mtillll 111 llie r.Ur lALhS 0> THE KKt.VLL. „ne that was destroyed and U may mivens case both Mrs. Welty and son l.nral Markets. (Produce (luotatlons furnlsiicd daily by Ceshill Ctnninlssion Coinpany): KGGH— 2."> cents jier dozen. PCTTKR—22c per pound. I 'ori .TRY—liens SU; .'springs S; old cr.cks 4; younu coeks fi; ducks S'^ i 'nsldent Yer.v Kurnest In Conilemn* In^r the I'rnpnsul. be turned in in liuu of tho one il:at was smashed. lIOIIItLE UI'KT ItlSINESS. tlm to Leavenworth for life. Burford ' "^le conditions, this situation being was the l.:st to consent to an indorse-i 'argely responsible for the compara- [ meat. It is said that a letter from M- '''activity of the Investment mar- vin Bafenian's aged mother has also There Is no serious lack of pur- reconimended that Welty be paroled '••'"slng power, ft may be that among Thus (he mother and wldotf of the ""^ smaller class of investors there is murdered man and the mother of the money than usual for salting man who coniniirted the murder have ''^wn imrposes, but tliere Is sufflcient united In a common c»use to secure a buying capacity among large indivld- parole. 'ftn the wltnes.s stand In the corporation Investors to take care of a reasonable amount of desirable offerings. There has been one other rather important obstaclo to good investment buying, and that is (ho Insistence of purchasers upon bettor returns. Capital now demands larger proflts on new ventures, an at- tttude which at first sight seems in- Highest JVierket Prices For H!DES and ¥URS -at- L. KRUPP'S JUNK YARD Phone.314 — lest if led that they had been extended no hope of reward or benefit to them ;)ec.-nise of Welty's appearing as a witness a;;alnst Cravens. RRIXfiS .SIIT FOR l).\.M.i«ES. New York, .Tan. 27.—On the eve his three dav visit to Ohio, his home Wiry Hoods Men see Hotter Times state. President Taft spoke tonight Skirls lo he Flnwlnir. at the Waldorf Astoria to the Ohio Chicago. Jan. 29.— Tho oblivion at Rpadlrker & Wriirlev Wonid rolled consistent with the glutted condition society of New York, delivering prob.- hand for the hobble skirt, say Chica- "•^""'-•^-"rr-*- V.""" -Y ."O"'" « o"oct „„„_ HI t:-o C; turkey hens and young gob- :;bly the most impassioned speech he go merchants, will boom the sale of blirs 10; old toins fl, guineas 1.'.. has made in many months, directed i f'ress goods, double and treljble the „..s„.. i„.nii,-i„ ,.i - illOKS—S to ;t. against tho "nostrum of reform" and ! sales of recent months when scant drilling business, brought suit la^*""™" °' investment; requires and $2 ,i ;r>.8(( From Baker ct al. of tho money market. Money, how- 1 ever, may be cheap for temporary Readlcker & Wrigley. partners in : Purposes, but when passing Into fixed (Grain nuotations furnished dally by particularly aimed at the recall of I skirts slashed them and brought able to secure better returns.. S. n. Rayr: judges. i about a dullness felt by the most en- noon thro ^grthelr atto^^^^^^^ ^ Capital also wants larger profits, be- In the efforts that the President , terprlsing manufacturers. For the Q^rfl & card to collect damages in the' ' •'""^e thoso with fixed Incomes are said have been made to reform legis- tube skirt is to give way to a garment sun^f jo 175 og from G W Baker ' compelled to secure higher rates of in latlon in this country, he saw much of flowing and Grecian cut. "This ; j,| ' ' terest or dividends in order to meet that was good. He saw the faults of news," said the head of a big dry ; q -i," piaintifrs nlleire that the ile- the increased cost of living. This government in the i:nited States to- , goods bouse, "should be well received fendants wrongfully withheld from ^'''^'^ several new bond issues of fm- day and admitted that in trying to hy textile manufacturers and dealers ^^ ^ drilline outfit val- I P°'"*'''**=® J"^^® ^^^^ made at r^tes eradicate them much -- «v.o «r.„n »r <r «.<,no..nii,. Af . . s < Rayl 0.\TS— 4r .c per bushel. H.\Y—$10 per ton. ICATFIR C0R.\—:..'ic per bushel. CORN—GO cents. JOIPED 123 FEET OX SKIS. NOTICE! The present sliii:;p in local poultry pric-es Is due mainly to the fact that during the recent b.;d weather, the lallroad companies found it dlfnciilt to move their cars. They moved tl.<! poultry east, but did not return empty cars—consequently nil nvailubli- poultry cars arc still In the Kasl. We hope to sen the situation dear up In a few days, when we will proliahly be able to pay you more nioney for poultry. THE COGHILL COMMISSION CO., Phone 376 West of Sanlu Fe Tracks loin, Kansas (lowing in this dircctlcn to find at least temporary employment, the re- suit being exceedingly low rates for call money. Indications now point to gold exports at an early date either to AFTER GRIP. ^ . ^ _ „ which prove such assertions, \\iiere Lars Ilamron Won First Place In the compllshed by reformers. But in the present time it requires only about 40 wrongful'detention" the"n"ronerly"~de"^ 4^ Per cent used to ho acceptable re- Professlonal CI .1SS. effort to make the judiciary respon- per cent material to make the average erased in value and costs we^ in- «>" high class bonds. 5 per cent v^Y.-'- S'''^ '° /'"^•"^ °^ people. ?own as compared with the gown of burred to the amoun of J2 175 36 often now demanded. Desirable Is- the North Star Ski Club of Chippewa he saw destruction. He declared that a few years ago. This means that re- ; p^^^^ { , """^^^ Rc.^dicker & I sues have been made recently at Falls. Wis., and brother of Anders the conservative element of the na- allers must sell two and one-half , wrigley for damages in the dlstrl^ about a .5 per cent basis. It is worthy Haucen formerly the champion pro- tion must eventually get together, to times the number of peophe to do the ^ ^ , and lost again on an that in all the new issues thus fessional sk. runner of America, won prevent a movement-that would make ; same volume of business. The present ^ ^^ supreme court fa'' offered little or no stoek has been tae professioncl championship of the the courts the creatures of popular severe lines also have made a mark- " ' offered This contlnued/preponder- Nalional Ski Tournament at the clos- will and might make the decisitm in • ed reduction in the sales of dress p^. O L Co'c and son LeGrande ance of bonds In new Issues is sig- in= day cf the meet here today. He every case not accord with the law. : trimmings Jinj °BS _anf.JnterUni^ngs. ^ctur^ yesterday from a short vi8U^ "iApan^^ Whether it is a m.ark of gen made two lumps of 121 and 123 feet but accord with what a majority of insertions and such like, many of jj, Kansas Citv' and scored 2C2 points on form. the people thought the law should be. which are so dear to the fema.le heart "They are having a constitutional and lend to individuality not possible fiarnett Gas Troubles. convention in Ohio" said the president: with tailor-made or straight lined , Garnett," Jan. 27.—Garnett shivered "and I am told that one of the propo- \ gowns." alV^ay today and spent the night in , sitions is to propose the judicial re- coraparjjtive darkness. The canse is call. Orators and" statesmen are go- > a broken feed pipe of the Garnett ing up and down the country denounc ; Light and Fuel company which leads ing courts, pointing out their corrupt j from the gas fields to the city. nature. EXPORTING JIORE APTOS. _. „ . Washington, Jan. 23.—Over 20 mll- The time is coming. In my Hon dollars worth. of automobiles judgment, when the conservative peo- > were exported from the United States The "limerick" reporter on the Sen- pie of this country who are in faxor of in the calendar year 1911, or 20 twen- fca Tribune dashes off the following: the eternal principles of justice and ty times as much as a decade ago. "There was a young girl named Lou- their administration so as to make The exports to foreign countries last ' icft- who sat on her best fellow's them prevail, should rise to meet this year including tires and other parts knees. Tho man. for a joke, let her misguided support of an utterly in- were valued at J21,63C,661 and the fall, and she broke—the engagement defensible theory and end the agita-, shipments to our own noncontiguous Thafs all. if you please." tion against the courts." ; territories Hawaii, Porto Rico and [ j Alaska, $1,843,1C.'>. Ten years ago \ ! (he exports to foreign countries were i I but $1,069,782 in value: by 1906 thev ' had grown to $4,409,186; by 1910 j to $14,030,226 and in tho calendar ' year just ended had risen to $21,636.661, this increase of 20 million dollars in one decade In exports of :Rh<^matismismn^ityaninten:,dinflammaU^^^ noTaZt 'hlevem::!."^ fte Wood cells which supply the nourishment and strength nc-cess:.ry to sus- ; commerce in recent tun our bodies. Unc acid, an imlatuig, intlainmatory occuniulution, ecu year,, the circulation txicause of physical irrcpularitJcs, and then instead of ; J^JCQ s.s.a DRIVES OUT RHEUMATISM inlol Meantime Imports of nntomoblles Combination Range, j Burns coal and gas without nourishing and indporating the body, tlie blood irritates and inflames tlic into tJio'TInited States shows a d diffe^-nt nerves, tissues, niuscJcfl and joints, because o( its impure, acrid j creasing tendency. condition. The paius and aches and other disagreeable and dangerous symp- ; toms of Rheumatism can never be pcrmanenUy cured until every particle of i Lewis Loses Soil. . i Bums COl the cause is driven from Uie blciod. & S. S. does this because it is a perfect Hcrrman, Mo., .Inn. 27.—X jury In ' . blood purifier. It goes down to the very bottom of the trouble, purifies and Jh® case of E. 0. U'wla of TnlversKy ; CnangC. deanses the circulation, invigorates the blood, and completely tovesRheu- J^">> gaS burner lids and maUsm from tbe system. PlHstera, liniments^ soothing loUSns, etc, may ; '"8 ^T^t""^ ^L,^'- .""""^'J —" be used for the temporary »«Uef and comfort they brini, but a cure cannot T verdtet fn tTJ ^ ^^th^^^^lT'^ beefiectedimtilS .^a ^h^«mo^^^^ ^uS^'o? jmpnnty and makes It a nch, health sustaining fluid, to bring permanent; J750.000, alleging that he had been ydief and comfort to those who suffer with Rhenmatism Boole on Rheuma-i damaged by the publication of tism and any medical ft^v'ce free to all who write;_ jpostotnce Inspectors' report on THE SWIFT SPECIFIC CO.»'ATLAHTA«, OA.! ^^•''^'B United states bank wh ' " —»/ : ij^^gp closed by a fraud order. oven. the the i which I Broiling burners. Good heavy coal box. lola Fomitore Store eral distrust or not it means a piling up of fixed obligations which could not be regarded without concern in event of a widespread business depression. The stock market was furiher unsettled by the expected reduction in St. Paul dividend. For years this stock has been upon a seven per cent basis, but it was known that last year's net results did not warrant a continuance of this rate. I'nion Pacific has also been weak owing to less favorable reports of earnings, the operation of tho road having been Materially disturbed bj^abor difficulties. Developmerits concerning the New York New Haven & Hartford have also exerted an unsatisfactory inffu- ence. This propsrty, for many years considered one of the strongest in the country, has been brought to the verge of dlfllculty by the attempt to establish a practical monopoly of , trnnsportntlon through New Kngland, j paying oxtrnvagant prices for competing properties and finding Itsolf saddled with run-down propcrdes having IndifTerent earning capacity. Tho 8te<<| securities were also affected adversely by Investigations nt Washington, which tended to show (hat tho company had been making' excesslvn profits. Little concern is shown about tho tariff, the componv being practically Independent of the protection. The House may favor the new bill but the action of the Senate and the President is uncertain. The reports of a slackening demand for iron and steel products also tended to weaken values. Altogether the stock market wore a somewhat uncertain appearance. How Slrensrth .^ay Be Recorered. So many people are asking how to ^ recover their strength after the grip South America on foreign account or that we are publishing this Informa- to London direct. More or less un- tion for their benefit, easiness exists in Europe over the in- After grip pleurisy, pneumonia or ternational situation which is now any exhausting illness what you need threatened by Italy's aggressive at- is new strength and better blood, titude, so that money rates are rela- xhe most certain way to get this tively firmer there than in New York. Bankers here would welcome a gold efflux at-this time as tending to steady the money market. General business continues very quiet. Conditions are sound, but conservatism and retrenchment prevail in nearly every direction. It seems (o be generally accepted that there wilV be no fresh forward movement until the outcome of the tariff and the next presidency can be foreseen. There is perhaps less apprehension regarding political conditions at home than was the case a month ago, but big business is still much disturbed by a continuance of the investigation mania is by Using our delicious cod liver and iron preparation without oil called Vinol. It positively does create strength, make the blood rich, sharpen the appetite and increase vitality. Jlrs. llattie Elms of Queensbury, N. v.. says: "l.ast sprfng I bad a hard case of la grippe and was very also a-bcut getting over it. I was almost discouraged. Vinol waa recommended to me and I began using It. Now It iias done me to much good mat' 1 must tell you -about it, for I have regained my strength and appetite and feel well again." Try Vinol with the.certainty that if it does not benefit you we will give hack your money. S. R. Burrell, ReelKter Warl Arts Ret thA BI». at Washington, which naturally encourages a strong undertone of hesi- .Dnijjirist, lola. Kansas, tancy. Mercantile conditions in the interior are fairly satisfactory. The severe weather has somewhat interrupted railroad operations, and December and January railroad returns are likely to be more or less unfavorable in consequence. HENRY CLEWS. Dermatologist fJIvc.* fomplexlon Secret "The great sectet of keeping the face young is to keep off the dead cuticle" said Dr. J. .Mortimer Mitchell, the noted English dermatologist, now visiting this country. "It H well known (hat the .surface skin Is ron- <tantly dying fulling off 1ft liniiiTc -i 'p- ilble iinrtlch 'H. except In souii! dl .-'eased '•onditlon.i, uhoii (he same n|>pi'ar like •Iniidruff. llMt the particles do not droji off IniiiiPillntc 'y tln>y die, being 'if 'M for auhlle Ity the live skin. "To h»ve (lie d 'TmatoIoglcal jilir- ireon neel off the entire cuticle at ipne time Is a imlnful and expensive operation. The same result Is obtained by ' applying ordinary mercollzed wax, as you would cold cream. One ounce Is •sufficient. The process Is both painless and inexpensive. The wax, procurable at your drug stores, hastens It grad the natural shedding process. It grad \ Money continues remarkably easy; \ ually absorbs the dead and half-dead are 1 skin revealing the new, healthy, youth ; • J in fact our principal markets —_ glutted with Idle funds. Currency is j fnl-looking skin beneath I havt ^ shipped in a car load of liorKos, mares and mules from Helolt, Kansas. They will weigh from 1000 to l.-.OO lbs.— lliii; good farm Btock. Two (••0(11.1 of mares, will weigh Z.'iOO a l>alr. .Some other mares will wtigh from 1IIK) to l.">00. Several are l -i -avy with foal. I have til lee black mare mules, coming one year old, and one new for .sale. Anyone wishing to buy. sell or exchange, can see me at once at the lola Horse & Mule Market. 1 block west of the Santa Fe depot. J. C. BUTCHER Phone 88ft. (

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