Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 29, 1912 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 29, 1912
Page 5
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THE lOIA DAILY REGISTER, MONDAY EVENIKG, JANUARY 29. 1912. "IF A MAN HAS A KICK COMING, LET HIM REGISTER IT HIMSELF,** SAY S FELIX TO FINK. Pi^PS^lt DEB^fetTORT e .B 9 s 9 « « 9 9 « MOXET TO LOA.\. 9 9 Wjll lend 'ori fcous^old roods. 9 9' pianos, dhrfiint, sewing ma- 9 9 chines, diamoniis nnrf Jewelry. 9 9 J. Vr. COFFEY 9 9 110 5oHli SfrecL 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 v-rE » 9 3= a 9 WANTS—ALL KINDS. 1 WANTS—ALL KINDS. WANTED—GOOD LAND. WELL Improved lying near lola. Will buy haJI section or more if worth the money asked. Give price and full particulars for reply. Owners only. Me^ew & Company. Tnlsa, Oklal WitfJTED—WOOD TO SAW WITH buzz saw. Phone 461. LOC.'VL REPUESE.\"T.\TIVE W.\N- ted. No canvas.eing or soliciting required. Good income assured. .\d- drees National Co-Operative Koaltv Co.. V1423 Marden Building. Washington D. C. WANTED—TO REPAIR niCYCLKS and shoes. Some bicycles for s::lii cheap. Jess Howard. K'5. S. Kon- tncky street. Phone 1145. WANTEH—.\ GENT IN EVERY state to take the state apency to sell metal concrete sidewalk form?; nion<>y maker. Metal Sidewalk Form Co, lola, Kas. I WANTED-wnilTE WOM.VN TO ' wash and iron; 30ii W. Madison. : WANTED—ICVFFIR CORN IN CAR ; load.lots. B. B. Brannum, Piqua, Kas. : ANTED:-TWO GOOD WORK horses 1250 to 1350 pounds weight, i lola Brick Company. i WANTED—MEN TO LEARN THE barber trad*?. Here is an offer that includes tools with tnition. A method ' th.1t saves year.s of anprenticeship. Positions waiting in city or country shops. Write Mohler Barber College Kansas City, Mo. W.VNTED — ENPERIENCED DIN- inp room girl. Pennsylvania Hotel. FOR SALE—FOR SALE. FOR SALE—30 BARRED ROCK cockerels; 10 S. C. Rhode Island Reds. Herbert Johnson, IZU N. Jefferson. Phone 979-4. FOR SALE—WHITE PLTMOLTH Rock cockerels. Eggs bought last spring of U. R. Fishel, Hope, Ind. 305 North Second. WANTED—EXPERIENCED SALES lady in dry goods, at Frishman's. WOMEN — SELL Gl'ARANTEED hose; TO per cent profit; make $10 dai'iv; full or part time; beginners In- vesticate STRONG KNIT. Box 4029. West Philadelphia, P.i. WANTED—SITrATION IN COrV- fry to do housework. Address I'-ox 33. lola. '\ i PILES CURED rS SIX TO 14 DATS. —Your druggist will refund money If PAZO OINTMENT falls to cure any case of Itching. Blind. Fleedlng or Protruding Piles In 6 to 14 daya BOc FOR SAI.E—MY COUNTRY HOME west of Hospital. 17% acres ground, 6 room bouse, the finest bam In Allen county, good cistern, good cellar all bricked up good, an Ideal place to live. Reason for selling, am located in the West where 1 have business InteresU. This place will make a nice chicken ranch or dairy farm. Call or write, A. M. Kooken, Colorado Springs Colo. FOR SALE—ABOUT 3 TONS GOOD clover and timothy hay baled; also few tons clover and crabgrass loose.— H. Ilobart. Phone 782. FOR SALE—SEASON-ED STOVE wood. Earl C. Monfort. Phone 997-23. FOR S.ALE CHEAP—H.\LF INTER- cst In a Mullen's pressed steel motor boat. Inquire of Sparks at Globe or K. C. Plumbing Co. FOR SALE—FOR SALE. FOR S.XLK CHEAP-PO.VT TRAP; new. For description and price write E. R. Metcalf, Colony, Kansas. FOR SALG—ONE HALF LOT IN old lola Cemetery. Inquire at Coffield Marble Shop. FOR SALE—FIVE WHITE OR- plngton pullets and one cockerll. Dr. Ncusome. Phone 824. FOR SALE—AT A BARGAIN. MY two story modern Vesldence. 219 N. Cottonwood. Reasons for selling, leaving' c't.v. Terms or cash. A. E. Balltet. FOR SALE—FIN-B BLACK JACK with white points. He Is a fine one and will sell cheap If sold soon. B. B. Brannum. PIqua, Kans. FOR EXCHANGE FOR TRADE—TWO NICE MOD- ern homes In Houston Texas to trade for 160 acre farm near lola. Will pay cash difference. Addreas Box 52, lola, Kans. FOR SALE—FOR SALE. FOR SALE —THOROUGHBRED Barred Plymouth Rock cooker.-ls. Emma Mueller. Phone 994-22. —80 A. 10 mis. from Parsons. Labette count.v, Kansas. Smooth land, good black soil, all Ullable. 60 A. broke. Price |60 per acre, mortgage 11.100, 6 per cent. Want good lola property for equity. lola Land Company lola, Kansas. FOR SALE—FIRST CLASS CAFE. The best location in the city, doing a good business, good reason for selling Inquire at Register. FOR SALE—ONE PAIR OF BIG mare mules; will sell or trade for cows and young cattle; could take a good mare ns part pay. Seven miles northwest of lola, Kas. E. E. Wheeler, R. R. No. 3. FOR SALE—CHEAP IF T.\KEN soon; house and lot Address 8 S. Ohio street GOOD 8 -ROOM MODERN HOUSE In one block of car line, to trade for 4 or 5 -room house . Plione 1330. FOR SALE—400 BUSHEL GOOD seed oats; also some good white seed corn. Huss Bros., La: Harpe. Kas., R. F. D. No. 1. FOR SALE—S ACRES niPRO \'ED farm, by owner. J. Stevens, Humboldt, Kans. I ^ STR-\W—12V<.C PER BALE AT farm. One mile southwest cf lola R. A. Bwlng. FOR SALE—EXTRA FINE DRIV- Ing horse, well broke and gentle. Phone 622. 706 S. Cottonwood. FOR RENT—FIVE ROOM MOD- ern house, 4 closets and garrage; 826 East Madison. Phone 97.".F22. C. J. McClelland. FOR SALE—ONE COW; 316 .V. Fourth street FRESH. FOR SALE—ROSE COMB RHODE Island Red Cockerels. Also eggs for setting. Louis Wheeler. Phone 310. FOR SALE—NEW STOCK CUTTER riding plow cultivator. Inquire L. W. HIgglns. Moran. Route 1. We have 597 acres of timber land 12 miles west of Stanley, Oklahoma, on the Frisco R. R. The pine and oak on this tract will more than pay for the land. Ranch and fruit lands. Price $3.00 per acre: no trades. $1000 cash balance time 6 per cent. AVHIT.\KER & DONNELL lola. Kaqsas. UflltlIPE SENT OUT CARDS OBSERTED STATE'S BIRTHDAY— .1I.l>Y UI>ED I> lOLA. Personal* About La Harpe Folk. Their Joys and Sorrows. C'om- ' • . Ing<i and l<oings. IRA B. /ssG^ FRANTZ; •^fff* «^!^^>^ BEGISTERED OPTOSrETKIST Humboldt Kas. Moran. afternoon of February Cth and all the day 7th. 1-1 Harpe, February Sth and 9th. LA HARPE, Jan. 2fv—Today marks the fifty-first anniversary of the admission of our state to the union. P.'?: card dealers are havin? an increase.! business, but with that excei.iiijn there Is very little unusual poin? oii. The Relief Corps and the G. A. R. of lola gave a big dinner today and a large number of the La Hari>e old soldiers and wives were guests. —All muslins and sheetings on sak- at Jl R. Smith's. Owing to lodge meetings the committee to nominate officers for the a )cial Purity Organization did not meet. They will meet with the chair m*H Professor Shearer, one evening this week. M^ss Anna Jones has returned to Elsmore. • —All leather hand-lacs on sale. The $3.50 ones for $2.50 at J. R. Smith's. Mr. Mlnton Barchley of Junction ' City, wa.t the gue?i of Mr. and Mrs. ' Perry Zentz Saturday, i W. Probosco, who suff<'red a s'.r-'Ue o fapoplexy some time aco. is d-^ciil-, edly improved. He was able to carry on a short conversation Saturday. The Iji Harpe first team was defeated Saturday night by the Savou- burg basket ball team. —Ten cent straw ticklnsr for So ! in J. R. Smith's Clearance Sale. While threshing flax last Friday. C. S. Parker on his farm'south of town accidentally ran a prong of a pitch fork in Mr. Bowen's right hand. The wound is not serious but painful and will cause Mr. Bowen to be idle for a number of weeks. Six candidates were received by the Eastern Star last Friday night, .\fter the initiation dainty refreshments were served and a pleasant lime re- porteil. -A. few ladies from lola attended. m CITY AWIIITSiiDEGiSieii JUDGE FOrST WILL RULE I.\ THE .VETER CASE THURSDAY. Lester Lewmnn Detained hj STorc Sickness—Uhltiinr} of the Late Doctor Rennlck. DRIVES COLD FRO.H SYSTE.V. John Penninpton has sold hi= property in Ohlfest addition to an lola; man. He will visit relatives in Missouri and Oklahoma during the winter before deciding what to do. Mrs. H'. P. Doty spent Saturday and ! Sundav with her mother In Moran. i Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Hurlock re-j turned to Fort Scott last nlcht. i Mrs. Tom Wark left last week for . Sheldon. Mo., for an extended visit | wltli her father. Mr. Menners. Milo Hawkins and Mike Roarhe of Belpre, Kansas, were In town Saturday on business connected with prop; erty here. The two-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Holt, is reported on the sick list B. O. Sheldon after a pleasant visit with Mr. and Mrs. Ira Fowler return ed'Saturday to his homo In Quincy.! 111.- I —Feed Dr. Hc-ss"s Stock Food and ; diminish your feed bill. Sold by Waters & Danforth. Drucs and Jewelry. Harry "ftTjite spent yesterday with ! friends In CofleyriUe and also visited the big rolling mill located near there. Mrs. Nettie S. Cowden visited Mrs. George" Ford at the hospital yesterday. She reports Mrs. Ford gradually improving. .Miss .Anna Cook has ret-imed to .Parker, after a pleasant visit with the 1 George and W. S. Ford families. j Breaks the Worst Cold and Ends (irippe .Misery in a Few IIoon«. The most effective and harmless way to cure the Gripi)e or break a severe cold, either in the head chest, !.ack. stomach or limbs is a dose of Pape's Cold Compound every two I'.ours until three consecutive doses are taken. You will di.^tinctly feel the cold '.T'-akic;; and all grippe symptoms go- ins after the very first dose. It I'romptl.v relieves the most miserable headache, dullness, head and nose -tuffed up feverlshness, sneezing sore throat running of the nose, soreness stiffness and rheumatic aching. Take this harmless Compound as direct. <1 with the knowledge that there is no other medicine made anywhere else tn the world, which will cure your .old or end Gripe misery as promptly and without any other assistance or bad aft^r-effectA as a 25-cent package of Pape's Cold Compound, which any druggist in the world can supply. .After three years' research we have conclusively demonstrated that quinine Is not effective la the treatment of cold* or grippe. Mr. P-'immer. the fiorist. sent the Register a box of choice flowers on Saturday, which were greatly appreciated by the recipients. Handsome pink and white carnations and white narcissi made op the box. The flowers were grown in the LincolE street greenhouse. OLD TIME CRrELXr. One Time When Snrgery Is Often \eedless Tortwre. Many operations for piles are simply needless torture for when it's all over the piles come back. The One fine way to be rid of piles for good Is to use Dr. Leonhardi's HEM-ROID. It cures piles by doing away with the cause—poor circulation. $1 for 24 days' treatment at C. B. Spencer & Co's. and all druggists. Satisfaction guaranteed . Dr. Leonhardt Co.. Station B. Buffalo, N. Y., Prop. Write for free booklet GAS CITY. .Tan. 29.—The arguments In tite injunction case of the City of Gas versus the Natural Gas Company were finished Saturday morning, and Judge Foust has taken the case under advisement. He will not render a decision until Thursday morning at 9 o'clock. Today is our state's birthday, and ! if you neglected to send a post card to a friend In another state, you did ; not do your duty. It Is also View Day and it has become a custom to send Kansas cards to foreign countries to advertise the Sunflower state. The usual routine of business was transacted here today regardless of the anniversary. Mrs. R. H. Stewart spent Saturday and Sunday with her parents near lironson. Lester Newman, who wa.s called to Rich Hill Friday on account of the death of bis uncle. John Lewman, was expected home today, but owing to the serious illness of his grandmother at that i>lace. he can not say when he will return. Mrs. F. Forrester of West Gas Is reported quite III. .Mrs. Lillian Taylor and family are preparing to move to a farm near Bronson. .Mrs. C. Osborn and son. Jesse, who purchased the Stanton property In West Gas are moving Into It today. , Mrs. Richard Mcllhaney and daughter, .Mary, of lola, were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. William Livingston yesterday. .Mrs. R. H. Stewart will entertain the Sewing Club this evening at her home on North Wall Street Mr. and 'Mrs. Tom Hackett of Fort Scott are risltlng Mr. and Mrs. Sam Snyder of South Gas. The Hollensworth Twins Stock Co. which plays at the Grand this week was over yesterday and enjoyed the day with Mr. and Mrs. .A.. C. Sinclair formerly players In the company. Special contribution by Mrs. E. Deneen of this city: -Life's duty done, as sinks the day." Dr. C. W. Ren­ nlck. age 42. died at his country home near Wellington. Kansas, January 25, 1912. at 9 p. m. He leaves a mother, three sisters, one brother, who were at bis bedside, and a host of friends, which his death saddened. He graduated as a p^^siclan from the medical college of Kansas City. He was at one time the president of the Medical Society of lola; also the first dean of St John's hospital, in which he chose and dedicated one room for the Gas Ctty patients.' Ue practice^ here fire years, th<f last 5 years neiar Wellington. He made many sacrifices in order to be prompt in bis atten- Buy Tone's Old Golden Coffee -At- Carl & Bunter's tlon to the sick, and the long cold drives of this winter hastened his death. Many beautiful flowers decorated his casket Interment at Cherryvale. He was a member of the^Masonic Order, the I. O. O. F., the K. of P., Woodmen and Protective Home Circle. "Dear is the spot where Christians sleep; And sweet the strain that angels pour. Oh. why should we inangulsh weep? He Is not lost, but gone before. Gone.before us, O our brother. To the spirit land. Vainly look we for another. In thy'place to stand." FAR* LOANS! CHEAP MOXET! We represent one of the best Farm Loan Companies doing business in the State of Kansas. We can loan on farms anywhere in Eastern or Central Kansas. Our rates are the lowest and our terms are the best Call or write us when in need of a farm loan. Phone 97. THE PETERSOX LAXD COIIPAXY Old Conrt Honse BIdg. TWO MORE lOLA VICTORIES. Second Team BentM Hnmboldt 44 to i' and Athletics Win M to 9. Two more victories were marked up to the credit of lola basket ball teams Saturday night when the local second high school team, and the Y. M. C. A. Athletics went to Humboldt and defeated, respectively, the first and second Humboldt high school teams. Both victories were easily won, especially that of the Athletics, who overwhelmed their opponents, and there never was an Instant when either lola team was in danger of defeat The second local team won by the score of 44 to 2". and the Athletics scored 30 points to their opponents' 9. Farm and Ciiy Loans KANSAS AlfD OKLAno:»\ Low Bate; Annual or Seml-Annnal Interest—PrivUege t« Fay In Full Bednce4 Bates on Fire iBsnnnee! R:M,Cunnins:hani Old Cnrt House Bldg^ Tela. Kast. FOR RENT—FOR RENT FOR RENT—SIX ROOM HOUSE two blocks from square; city water. Phone 9S1-1-?. FOR RE.\T—GOOD SEVEN BOOM house, small barn, plenty of gas. $6 per month. Phone 10S6. LOST AND FOUND. LOST—PAIR OF EYE GUASSfeS. Please return to Register office and receive reward. R. Walls. ,9 S *ral 'Typewrfter Agmey » 9 Controls BnldalVe Sale <>r th« » 9 B»TA Staaittrd TypcwHter « 9 In Alleii County m 9 E. H.. Bussing, Ag <nt < * No'thrnp Building lola. Kans. • 9 Typewriter Bepalra and SeplilM 41 ^ e 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9> 9 iJ 9e99«99»»*9 9 9'P«J'a»'* 9 Dr. a M. Rusk «^ 9 DfiFHST * 9 Boom 50. 1, - !«J^tlsrt^ Uldf. « 9 "'Exlractlon without palh by thti' • 9 liSe of NltronS Oxide Gas 9 Phbn*—Office 653; Res. 851.' • 9999 -C '9 999agi9 999a9« 99»99 9e»^^ac «a »itf« WET sort Have Tear Piano Tnned 67 aa Experienced Tuner^— Ono UT- Ing in'your bbmo iomt- T. O. C \^ATSET Planu Tnner and Kspa 'frff Roberts ^luslc Co Phoo* 411 999999«99999«««9«« i>99«9999<ftC99«0«*»« 9 P. L. U. LEAVELL, M. », , • tpecialUed— 9 •i Diseases of the Cbasi S » DUeaaes ul Ciilldre*. ' % * FkoDe*—Ulflce I4<) Bn. 14). • 9 lOLA STATS BANK BLDQ.^ «• * - • 49«9«99«« tkax EtUto ni LhMtNk t Satisfaction' fdaraafie«d.irtr« OT lafetCeater Over Cos. PHILLIP. HEI6EL1 UO)i Sontb SL •ABHESS ASV SADIOLBl X fieaenil Bepalfing, All fibiii X i^H..t..i.^,.|.»^.|..|.,|,|..i, Hoi Spring*, Ark. Ronnd Trip Tickets, lola to Hot Springs, Ark., with retcn> limit of three months from date of saw, with stop-over privlleget- going and return on s^e eriary day in the year, for S18.60 The one way fare is |12.6>. E. E. MUNGER. Fkone 1«0. Mo. Pack Ageai TO LOAN—FROM $1,000 TO $5,000 private money on good real estate at 6 per cent Apply to Ewing, Gard & Gard. Sacremento Talley, Calif., Lands. As an investment and a pleasant home, no place on earth equals the Sacramento Valley Lands at reasonable prices and easy terras. Excursions to Sacramento February l.=jth. Boimd trip free to buyers. For literature and further information call on Charles St Potter. SAVO.VBCRG'S GAS COMROVERSY BRIDE IS 85 YEARS OLD. The Allen County Realty Co. Make a specialty of •OIUHK Allen County Farms. We also •write Insurance of all kinds, collect renU, iMy Us- ea for non-residents, and do a general real estate biulnesa. We represent three of thft best loan companies dolna business in Kansas, and solicit • share of the loan business, and guarantee as cheap rates and quick service as can be bad any- whera. The AUcn County Realty Co. R. L Thenpsoa, Mgr. OFFICES KVA;J3 BLDO lOLA Gnrnett News: Dan Cupid Is A funny old aoul. He never knows where to stop, and Is always ready to spring a surprise. He has no age hmit. and Is as apt to pierce the heart of the aged as the young, and is constantly busy, according' to the philosophy of Probate Judge Webber, who preside.^ over Cupid's resort. The latest acquisition of Cupid Is the banding together of two aged Anderson county farmers, living in Monroe township. They are Mrs;' EHiza McElroy, a widow S3 years old. and William E. Turner, a widower 56 years old.. The groom, aged and bent, yesterday afternoon appeared at the probate judge's oflBce and obtained the license ,tp marry. He was not accompanied by thie bride who Is 27 years his senior. A Diilicnlty Similar to That In Gas City Is On. Savonburg inay understand now just what trouble Gas Clfy is having In its rfforf to settle a gns controversy. Mr. Nyr>an. owrer of the gas plant and halJercf il-e fmnchlse has notified tl'.o coniur.ier.^ that he-can no longer ifford to fiirnl »'i gas at the prevailing rate and that unles.s he Is granted th" privilege of Installing meters nrd charging for gas at the rate of 2' ce-ts per thousand, he will be ohligcfl to shut off the gas and go out of business. At a mass meeting called by Mayor Nelson, the consumers voted unanimously to refuse an increase in rates and It Is expected that Mr. Nyman •will shut down hia plant after having served legal and reasonable notice. Weak, Slfkly, Allln? Women have little ambition, their own troubles occupy their thoughts. They are nervous, despondent, poor home makers and most •wretched companions. Such women should try Lydia E. Pnkham's Vegetable Compound. For nearly, forty years' it has been the vStandby of American womanhood over coming nervohsness ',backache and "the blues " w;hlch are all symptoms of one" caase. It strengthens the proper nerves atid muscjes and thus corrects displacements. How Many Women Eeep Tonnfr. 1 ".\ woman may be old at 19 and young, at 80," says Mrs. Margaret Holmes Bates, prominent Chicago f club woman. "Tears don't matter. Didn't Ninon de L'Enclos have a proposal at 90r' The youth of our women Is more lasting than it was a generation ago. because we are becoming acquainted with simple physiological laws. When the first aging marks appear—wrinkles, baggy cheeks, neck and chin— we realize that the cause Is a loosen- Ine of thp .«klD and softenIi»c of the tissue underneath. We know the cause must be removed. Instead of laying on pastes we send to the drhg store for an ounce of saxbllte and a half Dint of witch hazel, mix them and bathe face, neck and bands in the so-; lutlon. We know this tightens the skin solldines the tissae. induces a: healthy clrenlatlon. We treat canses rather than effects. We nse reason-r and stay Totug. _ .- • * « •> MOXEJ TO LOAX • * on all ^ds of household good* 4 ^ or Jewelry—anything €i valne 4 > BIgua Pawn Shop. East Bide 4 * Square. Office in Fruit Store • •9> All transactions strictly conA- 4 * dentiaL • « 99'9 '99S9SSSSe9»«a« 9 Ofltce. Befc « 9PhoBel8C, ; Phono 18fi-X.« 9 DB. J. & WALKEB. • 9 Erefl8BId9i • 9 Successor to Dr. 8. A. Cottmaa > 9 Special attention to Ol>stetri« • 9 and Disease of ChUdren. v * 9 9 9 9 99 9 9'9 9« a a • #« • lOLA R. R.TIMRTAB£^S i. T. * B. F. BAILWAI South Bound. No. 291—Dany Paasensfr ..liW^p^a^ NO. 20»— Daily PaaamsOT. t:«aim 207—Daily (exo^A Sooday) PsaMn- No. fl&^Daby *' (iicept 'Sunday). TiS^ Frelsht Azrire 12:61 p. m. Depart v. l :WSu » North Bounds .^-v - • Man>— DaQy Paasenger 1:11 p. n No. 2fl«^I>ally FUMnKer 2:2ea.-m No. 2«|-DBUy (exceyt Sonday) PMMW. ^lo. fl »-^i >tnT *'(«cepV8nnda^ "^T^ VYdsht Arrive 11:15 a. tm • Vmr p«t 12:01 Vt Mlsiwarl Paelfle B. B. Prelght»-W*et Bewnd. 4fl—Local (daily ex. dun )aT .-...|:4» p. as. Prelatits—East Bound.« , . 4S«—Ball (d»ny> ar. .^ilta.Ht. <»i—Local Ctarir ex^ Sun) •r.....ljM^ Ps»»«npe<"»—West Bound- ~ . «0T—Kansxi* rttv-Vate* Center MaH antf nxprw* («l!«II»> I v.. i:t7ffm. «0»—8t. I.4Hfi<-Wirtitta Ma'l and fteprca* (dailyJ IV.... •:«» «- m. P»»l«natr» Eatt BoundL 4I0 _St. I.niiN Kunwii City Mall and B«- prMHt f<1itll.vt «r. ,7:1T v^aar I0»—r .nitu "Cnw City Man and.Bx- -TB «a fdnllr* nr. tM a. as. M. K. a T. RAIL WAT South Sound. njo. BTI— Way Frtrlgllt. (daJlr tteeft Sundav^ 4.-So«ii«. No. 7%—RTiT»«» fdnny> «:«$ p. m. .Vrt .'TS— wne«^ 'fdaOy) 12:ia v^m. So. 25—Flyer '"lally) B :SO a. n . North Bound. - ^ No. 2«— Paawncer fdally) Ko. 7<^— V »T «1 (daOy) ............2:l»pj9. •Xo S7?— Way jirelKht. (dallr excel* - Snnda '-i 12:ltV>i'W> •ST1 «n <l KTt win carry maaenaeta.' MOJTEJ.TO lOAJr 03r FIBMIW' If yon are wanting a Farm Loaa let me tell yoti about niy tettiKBaar^ rates. I tiandle private and BastBrs'. money.' C. 0. BoixcroEB Wffl pay 8 eats m pmi.' Begirtar-

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