Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 29, 1912 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 29, 1912
Page 4
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THE lOtADAILY REGISTER, MONDAl^BVENma JANUARY 2^, 1912. f a al^js use- ct'Baking >ecause |t al. v;ays gives best results, with any kind of flour. Tbabakiag can be made with aicro certainty cf good results; it will be more uniformly raised—it uiU be li.iiier—it v/ill bo tastier—it will be more wliolesomc, bcctue the materials in Calumet s.Te .so perfectly adapted t.: a.i baking requirements and then so carefully proportioned ih A f JIures are iili:aost impossible. T*»<M »i it !a more e-^r/^-^M \\\xa t''«? i -ti- i> •• • ...... f -.j 5!i(»eir>r l«> the c^i^.nri .••nt* i-i.*-f.t i !.i:jw> t ^ai:«.>e be rj».!c. You can lalts U.:ii.r v. ..1; One res will pro '-3 i;—Try and Sec. /^k ••nut gruccr. H-.- h;.':. it or r s :': fur vou. K^ra.* a kub •.iiuso. R.v-civoJ. !> /^v-»H V>'» Wc IVm; Fcotl Cjipo>iti>::v lOLA DAILY REGISTER rticction, .vouia iikc to b< Th» lola Dally n«coPd and fhe lola Dally, bound by Jiisf what hv says. Consider, for examiile, his vi-ry first Index. THE BEUISTEB PUBLISHING GO. Bntcrml^at '•'•.^J Postofnce a« Second- AdvertlBtng Rates Made Known on Appll- catisn. SUBSCRIPTION RATES.. Biy Carrier In lola, Gas City, Lanyon- vllle, Concrete, LaHarpe and BasMtt: 8i;:5J^^l^::::::::::::::::::::::-i^ One Tear BYMAiLV One Tear. Inside county 12.00 One Tear, outside county •S-"" TELEPHONES: Business Office Society Reporter Job and Bindery Dept . 18 . 18 .141 Official Paper of City of lola. Official Paper City of Bassett. Official Paper of Allen County. CONCERMNG X CfU'MY FAKMElt . Moran, Kas., Jan. 22, 1912. Editor Daily Register:— I saw in a recent Issue of your paper a suggestion as to whether we need a County Farmer or not. I don't believe you can tell a man how to farm any easier than you can tell him how to trade horses or gamble on the Board of Trade. If we could get a man hero who could tell us whnt kind of a season we would have and bow many chinch bugs, we could make farming a howling success. In regard to kno\ylng how to farm, «rter farming here 20 to 30 yiura as many of us ha\e, trying every kind of seed, and by every metliod known and unknown, if we haven't learned how to farm yet we evidently haven't sense enough to karn now. A few years ago our Agricultural College told us they would wipe out; on- of them. Wc could produce r <the chinch bugs, but the bugs continue . or ,>3 showing whole counties In the to wipe out the corn. They also told | Sojth where the average yield of corn us they would Improve a variety of Is ihree times greater now than it slatomtni: "I don't believe you can tell a man how to farm any easier tlian you ran tell him how to gamble on the board of trade. If we could i'.rt a wan to It'll us what kind of a £:(nson we would have ;tnd how ms- ny chinch bugs, we could make farming a howling success." That is enulvalcnt to saying that if the uncertainties attending the growing of croiis, due to climate and insect pests; could be eliminated, every farmer could make a success of the business, and none would need any teaching. And yet Mr. Perkins could hardly have meant to say that. So far as v,-cather and chinch bugs are cour cerned, all farmers stand on an enuality now. \o one of them knows :iiiy more than his neighbor does when it is going to rain, or in what niirabsrs the bugs will appe-ir. And yet some farmers got rich and others f::il. Can Uiere be an.v reason than that some know their business better than others? We have in mind a farmer in this county who had read in his bulletins from the Agricultural College that in very dry weather corn ouffht to be plowed continually so as to keep a dust mulch on top of the ground. And so when the dry spell came last .Tune he plowed his corn all the time just stirring the top of the srround. His neighbors laughed at him. They were going to wait "till It rained" before they cultivated tnrlr corn. Well, this man raised a good bi;; crop of corn and his neighbors did not have any to speak of. We ki'ow of a man who had an orchard he was thinking of cutting down because ih<' apples were so few and wormy. Out a mnn from the Agricultural Col- !cf!e came down and showed him how to apray It; and he got a thousand bushels of apples without a worm in com that would double the yield, and make two blades of grass grow where one i grew before. I haven't seen any double yield of corn or two bladed grass around here and the market price of hay and corn does not indicate that it grew anywhere else. Some of my neighbors Iwught some ol this improved seed com up at Manhattan about three years ago. I did V not get any myself. Just previous to that time I invested thirty-odd dollars In hog semm for my bogs about all of which died soon after so I did not invest in any seed corn. One of my neighbors planted part of a field of this celebrated corn and part out of bis own crib; planted at the same time on the same kind of land, farmed alike, shucked it out and found it fell short ten bushels to the acre. Another man here planted it for three years and he told me tlie other day he had mn out of seed. It got so it would not even tassel out. The trouble is we have had a series of bad years, the. one just closed bi-ing profitable for humCugs, chinch bugs and dry weather. One thing we nood Is less agitators and humbugs and more tnen to farm with their coats off; and I biMievc our country needs a good long rest from further legislation, agitation and additional taxation. W. A. PERKI.NS. The forogolPK frank communication no doubt n .:)r.'S''i !ts (lie view of a great many farwrrs .^n•! y-t we cannot believe ih;!i a majority of the farnJersof Albn county would accept the conclusions it expresses. Indeed, we Question whether even the writer was five years ago, for no other reason than that the County Farmer has be! n there teaching the people how to raiisp corn. We could produce other rrtords showing nearly an equal in- cr..-ase In the cotton crop by the use of scientific methods. Those farmers had been growing cotton all their lives and they would doubtless have said with Mr. Perkins that "if they hadn't learned how they evidently didn't have sense enough to learn." And yet the figures show that they had not lenrncd how, and they did have sense enough to learn. Mr. Perkins is not quite accurate In saying that the Agricultural College promised to wipe out the chinch bu?s. The late Prof. Snow, of the State University, did discover that c'linch bugs were sometimes swept away in great quantities by a certain course, the Btatcments of our correspondent; and yet we are sure that Innumerable other men could testifr that ttaejr had obtained better yields from seed supplied them by the college, and innuiferable others could testify tpat the semm bad saved their hogs. There is part of Mr. Perkins' letter with which this paper most potently and powerfully agreevt And that is the declaration that what this country needs Is a good long rest from agitation, legislation . and additional taxation. That declaration In Itself Is evidence enough that Mr. Perkins has a mighty level head, and we feel sure that he does himself great Injustice when he intimates' that be "hasn't got sense enough" to learn anything from a County Farmer. HIGHER PRICES FOR SIIOE.S. Des Moines Capital: The report comes from Massachusetts that shoos win cost more during the year 1912 and that the average Incvo.ise will be fO cents I^ei pair ami porhaps one dollar. Our authority is the Tariff- ripping Chicago Record-Herald which published a front page story to that efiect Saturday. Glory hr.llelujah! The Tariff rippers kept howling until they got hydcs on the free list and the duty nn finished leather reduced from 20 to 5 per cent undei which 1;- Iiinilnating process the wicked ti ist w.\g to be smashed and shoes greatly reduced In price to the consumer. The now low tariff schedule on shoos bad not been in effect forty- eight hours when 'the Massachusetts shoe manufacturers, who have pUnty of !>rotectlon under their long-time iiatont rights. Immediately raised the prlte of shoes one dollar per pair .Most of the American tanning and leather establishments closed tliolr doors because they could not maintain the American wage scale' and compet^ with European tanners. European tanners at oiice began to take our American hydes and send back the finished product to tliis country. And the price of shoes is to be raised still higher. However the voters seem to bo hankering for that sort of thing just now, and it is barely possible they would find pleasure In paying $10 per pair for shoos If sft the same time assured that the Tariff-ripping crusade >vouid be continued for an indefinit" pe» od. REUTY SALES. OF« W[EK SOTS GIVEX L\ TRAXSFER AGGREGATE 0.\LY $S7,]87J(6. Diifly Avcnipp Uttle On-r *l,«M)0, a LIpht Record Compared wlili - I'recpdln? Reports. REFLECTI<»>S OF A BACHELOK From the Xew York Press. Real brains never slop to tell you they are. , A man who can have the bath room ipos freeze without swearing is as good as In heaven. When a man falls overboard he has a chance to get fished out, but when he gets ijrtirried there he is. When any body in the family Is afraid to say' Row old some aunt Is, Its' a sign she has plenty of money. A man Is just as sure ns sure can he that wearing his hair like some famous person is a great credit to him. I'OIXTEll I'AUAGKAIMIS. From tho Chicago News. The way of the transgi;es8or Is hard <!ven when paved with easy >money. All's fair In love, In war andMn trying to dispose of last year's automobile. A woman never thinks^she Is having a good time unless she can sry about It. It's dlfllcult for a man to get a suit of clothes to fit him—If he doesn't have the price. There may be something in the theory that the angels are back of tho stars—especially in the theatrical business. \ There wore no realty deals of Importance recorded during the past week. The suuis given In the report of transfers aggregate only |27,i87.36. a daily average of $4,531.22. The sales reported, l.owever, show that vailues are steady. r'oIlo.»lng is the report for the week luinished by the lola Abstract Company, lola State Bank Building: J:i!ii:iirj 20, iai2. T. A. Selbert aua w.fe to S. E: Webb, !ot i2, J'ark f:aco $«50.00 71oyd E. Johnson to Alary C. Hamilton, lot 1. biock 1, of Ohlfest 2nd Add to Lallarpe $100.00 C. M. Alexander and wife to J. H. Tenipy, Quit Claim Deed to tract 31Uxb-J3 l2ct adjoining LaHarpe on ll!e Koufhweit $1.00 J. H. 'ictnpy and wife to C. .M. Alexander, Ciuit (.lain! Deed to same as li!M above $1.00 .-' Order of Eiiglea, Ida, No. 22t:. to -Minnie Iv. IJrosbach, two- story hilck building .\o. •> South Jeffers^on Ave., lola ^SOOO.OO .liiuuary i£, A. tlratit Ilainline and wife to Fied- lick V.'. I'alkm and wife, residence piopeiiy SW corner Main and .Vintli fct., Lallarpu ..-$3U0.OO Krodriok W. 'lalkln and wife to J. .M. Sheridan and wllo. wnnie ns last i'.bovo _ $:!()0.00 H. A. Iv'eoluii nnd wife lo V,'. .1. iyoldy, lesldiiice |(C> .North Ohio St., loin. consideration $«.">i).00 Armor .McCoy and wife to Jane McCoy, lot on Park St.. Moran..$1.00 W. T. Cimpboll. Adni. (o O. liooher, iiiprcanllle biiihiljig on Second St., E 'EiiKiie $1.",0.00 .lantiiiry ill, l!Hi». I). W. Whitmei- and wife to J. H. lIen!l (Tson, residence on .Mr.nloy St. lola, Q. C. Hood _.:.?2r..OO I.ei;ter IJuttc; l):ii:gh and \'.U<i to D. W. Whitinor, Q. (". IJeed lo same as Irsl above . ^ $1.00 ;i. II. .McCall pt P .I to E. H. .Matlock' , and v.ifc. 8(t acres .".'i miles SK of HuiiiliolUt - $30UU.0(i Jiiniiiirj 2h l!tlL>. O. W. .\fooie and wife to T. J. Essix, residence property 100 Taylor Ave., Gas City $500.00 Aetna B. 1.. .\:-::~n to Hattie Grady, residency 217 S. Tennessee Street, lola $2.'i0.on lioso to John P .ose. 80 acres 2V= miles west of Savonburg $1.00 Iliiny C. .Mooie to T. J. Essix. r<?sl- doiH -e property IOC Taylor Ave., Gas City $500.00 Iia Honnott and wife to Rivers Gordon and Washington Martin, .small residence proiterty on .\orth State Street !.'. $150.00 C. Kdd i ,p !;man and wife to W. M. Lane, re.sidence property 614 \orth Chestnut St.. lola . $800.00 Mt. Hope Cemetery A?;-ii. to Frank H. McFarren. coiiieterv <loed $1.5.00 Jiiniinry S.'i, 1912. n. n. Boman ot al to Geo. W. Welch, tract 100x105 feet adjoining Moran on the east $1.10.00 I.i:!;:ie M. Bartlttt to John n. Tolle, rosldeneo nnd 2 lot.s NW corner Main and X. 7',iii Sts.. I.nllarpe $1.00 Allen County to C. W. T)nnnway, lotf 10 and 11, block .!. In HI Add to r.ifl O^ty $.5.3(: \V, S. Wilson nnd wlfo tn K. O. Per kins. 0. C'. Dei'd to lot IC. block S Tflylor '3 1st Add.; lot n. block .<! (ivnistroot add.; and lot 13. block 5 KaGrange Add to Gas riiy..$i;5.5.0t ,Iiiiiiiary mi. Ilnrvrv I., ("olib and wife to Petei II. riardy. IGO acres IVi miles eas of Geneva ^_,$9«)0.0(' Wm. H. Filo.sel and wife to Johr Werkmelster. part of block 1, Trn vis Add. to Gas City $l00.0f Aiithliiins Kclley and wife to David 1. Kelley. lots U and r_'. block 17 Concrelo $400.0r Kupene W. Thniii."..^ and J. C 'fbomas, residence 410 South Buck- eve St., Ida $2000.01 J. M. .\owell and wife to Ben E Brown, residence 418 North Jefferson Ave. lola $1.0' To'al - $27,187..'',f Dally average $4,531.2' .4 Both Glean Neither Harmed Persil cleans Delicate Lace and Greasy Overalls ' without rubbing and without harm PERSIL will wash ANY and All clothes Without/Rubbing aud Without Harm to CLOTHES, to COLORS or the HANDS You simply soak your clothes over night in cold water with two tablespoonfuls of PERSIL added, and boil them fifteen minutes next morning in another similar solution. Clothes washed with PERSIL smell sweet, the colors of colored goods seem brighter, while white goods fairly shimmer with soft, snowy whiteness. PERSIL saves time, trouble, labor, and makes your clothes last four or five times as long. Buy one package of PERSIL, try it, and learn how to get a dollars' worth for one dime. 10 Gents^Af kll Grocers I] rOXYGEN • 41 IPii iersi 5 iiiiilii iiiillll" 10 — MODERN pEALWASHtR 0\E Jim.LiOX DOLLARS GOOD STO.HACH. FOR This OiYcr Should Be a M'arnlnfr fo Every .Man nnd Wtmtan. SrSI 'ECTS WERE RELEASED. Only "Clew" to Humlmldt Baudlb Proved to Be Falite .\Iurm. A Simple Remedy Gives Color, l':^-^^ Sgfu^g't^o .Strength and Beauty lotheHain/ Ottawa Herald: Emmett Gregg sptcial agent of the Santa Fe. wa: i;ere yesterday afternoon to bold at investigation m the matter of t!ie ur rest of two men here Friday morning suspected of having been connectec with the bold-up of L. W. Wells Santa le operator at Humboldt. Twi men wei^t lo the depot about 3 o'cloc* and covered Wells with four revolv aiuouni Santa Ft weie taken. About noon yesterday Chief ot Po • ice Lrldwell arrested two young met who gave their names as Harvey L Evans and Jona Fray and both claim very contagious disease and he ar- _ , ,.. . , v , t,vans ana Jona tray anu Doth cialii: gu.'d that by introducing that disease'Jf ^ i„ j„ ^^^^^ j^om Omaha. Mr. Greg; urtiflclally it might be possible to i^old^ri^t£tiv\rif?^^S^ and .Mr. Wells catue here at 4 o'cloc. help nature to get rid of them. He is gray or fS ^Tyoa cmi SgTit J-vest.gation was he-d abou tried a great inany experiments ma- .f^eltrlL ^'^o^d^'suteC^ HSI " Kvi^rdalmcd to have been a lo ny of which were successful, but the R^edy. Apply a little tonirfit, and in con'ot'^e fireman at one lime, but hat legislature did not think the good ac- ' tte morning you will be a^re^ly BUT- ^^^^ '^^^ " compllshed was sufficient to warrant prised at the results from a single F'-»y said he. was a commo. ..... 1 _ aopUcation. The trrav hairs will be less laborer when he was fortunat. the expense, and so the work was jJgP^^ Jifd aft^r a few tnoS enough to get wo,k of any kind. The dropped. But right along the same 'upUcationa will be restored to natural ^onfes^ed to having iitudu a tour ( line come the discoveries of sclent- 'ooior. J and Oklahoma and to ha\ Isis which have resulted In destroy- Ij ^Wyeth's Sap and Sulphur also qnlck:^ buninied' their passage part of tl »„»...„in„o. .h.f ,^ iwnoves dandmft, leaves the scalp way. Both said ihcy had been ni ing insecU, or controlling them, that bealthv, and promote* UM rested r,e%eral tinea and for the mo> otherwise would render It wholly Im- growth of the hiJr. It is a dean luiit for being l:iio.\l<.ai.'d. They nis possible to grow certain crops In cer- i^K>'e««na drcEsIn.? which may be used told of haxiag heea arrested fo tain parts of the country. The simp- [J^jIf/.fe'li'i'.r^H^^^ * ^ """'^8 " ? I'osiofllce tn Ok , ' , . • Ctet a fifty centbottlo from yonrdnig- Irhotua. but that they had been d.t lest example of this is the spraying of 'gi,t today, and see how tjuicily it will '^ha.r.ed w!ien they proved an alibi, apple and other fruits. It was the rsrtore tiw yotJtl.Cv.. <:olar and beau^ of After the examination Wells sal- scientists who discovered that trou- 'JSSJ^i,^'' M?®.''*?*^ '''"t "either of the men held here wc t>le and the remedy, not the far™""'• • • As to bis exiierlence with seed and hog serum, we do not question, of |tf JTM farmer.-|v!Sr»'n^^-' 'i^''-' "^f '^f '*'"°fif '"'e wl'lt^^'' '"^'1 l''" " P ,i r«™ S!^ .u I ' • ' -r i'"^^^^ Kreeodlng night. The lold-u !f ^ JS?^^* ' ''^^'"2!^ "-en wire not as tall and did no itlon, of Iff yoo are not ..:.„;.:^u altc:- fair trial, look like Fray and Evans. TIK ' rr-w.spaiu'is and medical Josif.-a!s rei'OJKly havi- had i:n'.c\\ lo say relative to fun'.ons niillii>naire's of- !jr of a million dollars for a new toiiiac!). This great mtilt'-millionaire was ton iisy t» wiiri-y jil^aiit the condition of .!!•'! .-loniacli. He aTowed his dysp<i'-ijn ia 1" n.n froi;; to" v,-ors<' until i-jjj !'.e cad it lu'vai/.o li ;i -.iral)'.".'. His iiil.-.f<ii tiiii'' i;e:ve;-i as a warn- 'ig lo (ItblMS. Kvery (•:i<' wlio sriffcis with dys- I'psln for a few yf ;!fs will Kive ev- lytlilng he (iwns for a new stoiiincb. Kyspciisia Is commonly caused by •n abnornjal state of tlie ga.stric ilces. or by lark of tone In the wall-^ f tl;c stomach. Tho result Is that the stomach^ its power to digest food. / *i V.'e are now able to supply certain j ii.".'!lnK e!eiiienti;—to help to restore i > the gr.?tric juices t'.ieir digestive : •ower, and to aid in making the sto- ^ich strong and well. We know that Itcxall Dyspepsia "ablets are a ntost dependable rem- ! dy for dlsord'-red stomachs, indi- esjlon and dyspepsia. i We want you to try them and will i "tsirn your money if you nre not j •ore than satisfied with the result. ] Three sizes, 2')C. .">0c and $1.00. Ue- •leiiiber yoTi can obtain Rexall Rem- lies In this community only at our lore—The Uexall Store. S. R. Burell. Druggist, West Side Srinare. PLAYED RIXGS AROUND 'EM. awrence 11. S. AdiuHs Team Ont- rlassed Ity lola. Lawrence Gazette: Lawrence high ihool lost Its ba.sket ball game to o!a last uight by a score ot .".o to S.'t. j he team had the satisfaction . of' :nowing. however, that it wa-: th.' ! dggest attraction the lola high stbool, ;as had recently. The tickets imr-1 based amounted to IIS.""' last night— vhich is more ttian all tho lyceum •ttrnctions supported by the Tola igh school has ever earned in n .sln- ;!e year. . , fjiwrencc lost the game because of j le better team work of the ftnelter \ own lads. lola high j has playi-.l j Ighteen games alreadysHils sea.-o !i.| /bile thi? tangle last night was t)iily j he Kccond with ano'her high sclioo! j or the locals, loin p'aye^ riiigi'. j .-oiind t!ie fnlversity lads exhlbUi:!):! niViy fool work which, cotiplcd witli •(••ir;:iy In basket tossing gave them e lead «-irly In the conte;;t. Kennedy W.TS the stellar, iilayer fur ••e local:;, making eight baskets i;n- "r tho most viisliant guarding, i-nv t his Koals wt 're front aensa'Ioti'l agles biilf acro3 .-i the court. " Tb' nwrence pl;iyers in tho line wc:-o: 'nnnedy nnd Ilussell, forwHnls; COIP. ( >nter; Ho-klnion f ^i'ed and Keith.« • lards. The next high game Is with iipeka I.erf. THE NORTHRUP NATIONAL BANK lOL.l, n .iXSAS OYER FOKTY TEARS OF CONSK.iYATIYE BANKING IN .lOLA Depository ior Ihe United States of Kansas, and Allen County OFFiCKi :S: L. L. NORTHRUP. President D. P. NORTiini'P. 2nd V-Pres. P. A. NORTIIULP, Vice-President .MKLVI.V FitOXiC, Cashier. K. J. COFKliY, Ass:.-;:aut Cashier CAPITAL $50,000.00 SURPLUS $20,000,00 Interest Pnld on Time Drposits Safely Deposit Boxes for Bent YOUR BLSINE.^.S SOLICITKD. You'll join the gzj tiroDGS that promenade the ^"^^^ five-mile, sca-v .'rJl ^g?^^ esplanade—you'll '^"•^ bathe in the coothin j turf and laugh at whattp.a Ci :lc:zdcr t-.!]-. you —you'llmotor over ti :e 32 i ;::-o3 o2 .smoothest sea-side drivesd :roi --h the lofrcGliinw, salt-laden nir... J:i'r3 rt \.'::-.tcr i:::-ic, a!i siinimer's {vG^dcsL ii ciitdvor vlcii^vre is yours. Come tj Cr .!','03ton <'.',.y winter—magni- -xonC J:CZJ hot;! iiov' r:::-.dy. 1 sboidd- IHL- ' -i : ;• r-lfrilul nnv •^Vtrr^ »,<Ajks alKuit !. V .;i;e v^J..-,. j^'} r.- V.'. i ;t. CEOHCE. •C^y^;^ jZj Gen««I !•«<....,ir A.:,.r.>. Si. Loui.. M™. 'tir '.1 «. L .-rlli-., tnd other ljav;l mialio .T t c M »tcit KatyAa^o; Ho.\ I'ie StiH'ier. ••niiii-i -.Meiit <if till" f'Veiilng. Please 1,. ii.r- ri.iiif.; ;.: :l music. William I .'iliiam has gop-^ to points n Ihf wcstirn. p.irt of the state to combine business with pleasure. Tl.-j-p will 'j" a !>o:{ pi.- .<i ;i>i'rr on Wei'iK .»d;!v (•irnli:g .lanii.r.y :!l, II'l:; at Pitii'!! K-T n.- at •: • M. it. .^. Hull gh.-' Ill' ler t!!.' a:i:-l'ic"s of tlie li. S. of A. Kveiyonc lorda'.iy invited to attend and bring iiies. Mu- T: ,• I.';!..- 'ri ^^itie lias received a :. .. ici a .ul white .lectric flashing ^.i .:,'rI wlsic-:. wa-: iiun;; in iront of the sic. singing and games will be the | theater today.

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