Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 29, 1912 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 29, 1912
Page 3
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THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, MONDAY EVENING, JANuiR^ 29, 10^^' " • " ' NOTIONS. Just a few. We've many more equally as good. Look for the 9 cent price card. 15c Shawl Straps 9e 15c Tooth Brushes —9* 15c Combs 9c •^8 Boxes Mourning Pins _„9c Hair Pin Cabinets, 2 for 9c 'ISc Rubber Hair Pins, 3 on a card -.a . 9c 2 Cards b^st Hooks and Eyes 9c Wire Hair Pin.s 10 doz. „..9c 4 B&lls Darning Cotton 9c 2 Papers IVi^t Pins 9c 3 Cards .")r Ht>arl Buttons 9c cards Iffl i=afety H!ns_,.. »c 2 10c H.iir .V<:s 9f ir,c and rJc Ltarretts 9c ir )C Deads 9c lOc Kid I'urlt^rs. 2 bur.clies -9c Bone Collar Buttons. 2 doz.. J.9c 1 lot Wash Belts, values up to 2r,e 9c 2r.c Erooche.-; L -9 C 2 Card.-; Gold Head.'d Pins 9c 2 Balls Slikatten 9c 15c Ladies' Linen Coi'.a:^ .-"c Three .ic Wash Rags 9e 25c and .')0c Hair Rolls 9c \ I.arge Ass't Box Hair I Fancy Turn-Overs, values i:p to 2oc 9c Fancy Collars, slightly mussed, values up to $l.o0._9c TOWELS. 10 Doz. Turkish Towels, l-'c values 9c 10 Doz. Linen finish Towels, l.'c values 9c 25c Heavy Turkish Towels, ev- f ery fourth tovrel 9c ': 5 Doz. Barber Towels, pair ..9c 50c Towels, every 4th Towel 9c WASH GOODS. 15c Dimities. Checks and Stripes 9c 12 Vic Indian Unon 9c 1 bunch Splendid Lawns, values up to 20c 9c 15c Long Cloth 9e I5c Dotted Swiss 9c Curtain Draperies, values up to 20c 9c Knibrolderles, values up to ..9c DRAPERIES. Whitn Sheer Curtain Swlsse;?. 3C inches wide, worth 12Ht and l.'.c jard 9e Curtain Uraperip.s worth up to 2nc yard 9c 3G-iach Fancy Ecru Curtain Svnm 7Vic values at 2 yards tor 9c Ten Patterns Fancy Cretones 9c Best Quality Silkolines. values up to l.jc 9c MUSLINS. Bleaced Muslin, 2 yards 9c Unbleached Muslin, 2 yards„-9c Fruit of th eLoom Muslin 9c Lonsdale Muslin 9c liVic Cambric 9e S'tic Heavy quality L. L. MusH'n. l'~ yard.-; for 9c -Ml of our best quality Mu.slin 9c Every 4tb yard of the best Sheating 9c Every 4th yard of the best Tubing 9c .\ Big Money Saving Opportunity. HOSE SUPPORTERS. Children's Hose Supporters, black and white 9c 4: Ladies' 25c Hos eSupporters, every fourth pair 9c Our Table Linens are in a large varietj% ranging from the 2oc domestic goods tip to the Imported Irish Linens at $2.00 per yard. The entire stock will be included in this sale. Buy all you^want. Regardless of price, every fourth yard QA will be, only .... A Grand Collection of Towels, fringed and hemmed ends, plain white and colored borders^ Without reserve, your choice QA regular values at lOc, 12i^.c 15c, and 20c; •'^ All of our Fine Dress Goods and Silks that we sell at $1,50, $1.00, 50c and 2.5c per yard will be put on the Nine-Cent altar of sacrifice. Pick any Dress Pattern you like; the price of QA the fourth yard will* be, only We are going to close out every Ladies' Tailormade Suit, every Ladies' Coat, every Ladies' Skirt, every Ladies' Jacket in stock during this sale. Get your neighbor to club with you and come, for every fourth garment will be A A only vf^ DOMESTIC DEl^ART- MBNT. Choice of our best grade Prints In this 9c sale at 2 yds for 9e All colors Chambray Bonnet and ' Dress Ginghams at a yd 9e Yard wide Percale, splendid quality ^-.»e 12V &C Fancy Striped Ticklng..9e I5c best quality Cheviots, fast colors >—9e 1 lot of Ginghams, values up to 15c 9c 19c Dress Suitings, splendid values 9c 7^0 Apron Ginghams, 2 yards for 9c 6c OuUng. tight and dark, two yards »e 12 Vic Outing, splendid hea%7 quality 9c Ladles 25c Hosiery, every 4th pair 9c ladles' nOc Hosiery, every 4th pair 9c Ladies' tan. blue and white Hosiery, every 4th pair 9c Children's Hosiery In black and tan and all colors, every 4th pair 9c Men's Hosiery, all go in this sale every 4th pair 9c MEN'S FURNISHINGS. Handkerchifs. values up to 15 cents 9c Heavy Rockford Sox 9e Heavy Canton Flannel Gloves 9c Heavy Canton Flannel Mitts 9c Sleeve Holders. 2 pair 9c Boys' Windsor Ties 9c Boys' Lineii Collars 9c .Men's Bandana Hkfs. 2 for „9c Men's Blue Hkfs. 2 for 9c STAND COVERS. 100 Fine All-Llnen Center Pieces every 4th one 1 9c One lot Handsome Lithographed Pillow Tops, different scenes 9e Smalt Doilies, values up to 25 cents 9c Jewelry Assortment 2.^c Brooches. Stick Pins, Collar Sets, Cuff Buttons 9c Handsome gold plated Lockets and Chains ..9c Beauty Pins up to 2ric. choice 9c Belt Pins, values up to ."i0c_-9c MILLINERY. This splendid line of Millinery that wfl have been selUng at half the mark ed price. Cliib with three of your friends and buy a hat. During this sale every fourth hat will be, only 9e One lot of Children's White Wash Hats _ — 9e One lot of Children's Caps, 25 and 50c values 9e RIBBONS. One lot of Ribbons, values up to 10c yard. In this sale 2 yards for 9c One lot of Ribbons, values up to 25c yard _. 9c Another lot of New Satin Ribbons, in • all colors, values up to 15c _ 9e r HANDKERCHIEFS. Men's White Cambric Handkerchiefs, narrow and wide hemstitched, two Men's 15c fine White Handkerchief 9« Printed Pillow Top Hkfs, floral designs in fast colors 9e Men's 15c Pure Linen Hkfs. 9c Ladies' Pure Linen double hemstitched and embroidery corner designs, worth 15c at least '. 9e Ladies' 15c fine Embroidered Hkfs 9c Ladies' fine White Handkerchiefs, don ble hemstitched, 2 for 8c CHILDREN'S CAPS. One lot of Children's Lace and Embroidered Caps to he closed at_-___ 9e KNIT UNDERWEAR. 50 Dozen Ladies' White Swiss ribbed Vests, taped neck and armlets and comes in large sizes 5, 6. 7, 8, 9, 15c values •~-9e 15c Children's Vests with and without sleeves, splendid values 9c 25c Hea^T Winter Underwear, every fourth garment 9e aOc Heavy Fleeced Underwear, every fourth garment 9c $1.00 best Union Suits, every fourth'' garment 9e PILLOW CASES. 15c values, splendid values 9« 20c values, every 4th Pillow Case__9e 25c values, every 4th Pillow Case.-Se 50c Sheets, every 4th Sheet 9c 75c Sheets, every; 4th sheet »e 00c Sheets hemstitched, best quality, every fourth Sheet —9c :SALE Wni CONTHVUE UNTIL TUESDAY NIGHT, FEBRUARY 6: We Pay Car Fare RICHARDSON'S 113 East Madison ROYAL WORCESTER CORSET for .9c We have 50c Corsets, 75c Corsets, $1.00 Corsets, $1.50 Corsets, $2.00 Corsets and $3.00 Corsets; all the leading makes with which you are familiar. Club with three of your friends and buy a Corset. During this sale every fourth Corset will be, only *v We are' going to qlose out this entire stock of White Goods to make room for a brand new spring line. The regular selling prices range from 25c to $1.00 per yard. Buy as you will every fouri;h yard will be 42c. 85c. $1.00 $1.25. $1.50. and $2.00 Blankets, every fourth, blanket will be 9C Apgrentice Girls Wanted ioMflliDeiyJest PERSONAiS Clyde Settle returned yesterday from Kansas City, he has been on a businss visit. —6% Money. R. M. Cunnir.gham. Mrs. C. Piielps who has be<^ii iiere for a visit with her son, T^loula^s Phelps and wife, returned to her bome in Yates Center this morning. —It will be to your interest to buy your Flour and Feed of H. Klaumann, 206 S. Jefferson. Phone 259. C. J. Peterson returned ye.-terday from Kaniuj City, where he has been ' on buiiness. —Dr. Wirt, Osteopath, Tel 4S7, ISa AttofLey S .\'l returmd last ni*rht trum Kanr^us City where he lias been fur a busim-s^i vl.-!t. —Dr. Lacy M. HnU, OsUepath. Telephone ISO and ML Justice J P Duncan, who has been confined to hi.s houie with pneiimonta for nearly two w.-,-l»s. was alil^ to be at his office this morning. —Dr. XcXnieB. Pkones t2 and SSS. : D. P .Xorthrup returned Saturday night from Kansas City, where he has been to attend the Lumberman's convention. Fronk Wood left yesteniay for Kan : sas City to atteiid to some business in connection with the State Abstractors' Ajisociaiion. returned yesterday from Girard where they have been for a visit with Dr. Hewett and family. F. C. Nicholson is in Altoona today on business. Howard Morrison left Saturday for Chanute. where he has secured a ]io- sition as violinist in the orchestra at the Helrick Theater. FLORID.l L.\>DS Near good cities and transporfatio.';— best of soil—no marsh or swaiuii land—Price per acre $2.j to |3i'. iCu-y terms. Excursion February ItJth for further information call on Charles & PoUer. iMi5s Ituth Price, one of the teachf-rs 3.11 the hixil school, is confined to her Ho:»ie today with illness. Kn. W. H Owc-n who has been con- finfd to hl> home since last Thur.-iday with a seore attack of grippe, Is ^ilU anahle to be out. John .\'-i;<hbar>:er, of Mount Vernon. Wa.-uinpon who has been here .<lnce i the funeral of his father. <• W. .\elj,'h- t biiriier. left Saturday for Guthrie. Ok., for a \ii-it with relative.-;, ile will visit her again before returning to his iiome. —The W. C. Teats Realty Co.. Kret BIdg. Office rooms 22 to 24. W. E Starks, who has been visiting ivjints In Oklahoma on business, re- ' turned home yesterday. Captain A. J. Servey who ha.- been ill for a week is slishtly Improved today but was unable to attend the Kansas Day party at G. A. R. hall. —FnA B«w4eB, PnM DecormUw., Phone TM. Quick is rei>orted to be much improved. —B. 3f. AntroDi, Painting and Pap- crini;. Phone 6&L Saturday evening' il. D'^rning solii hi.= stork of ;;rr .ier :es ar HIT East stref't, in the old Joan Seitz store, to H. K. Nea'.. of Oklahoma City. .Mr Si'al will remove to thi.s city and take pos >e3 .=ion within thirty day.-. Mr. D'-nnin? will remain in loia for the present. —DK. 0. L. COX, OeolIsL E. E. B'.nn'-Tt of New- York has purchased th- tracr of land south of lola known as th': "Groomer forty," from .Vols Cuthbrrt and will move here In the n-ar fuiurn. Mr. BeUnett decided to Io<:>te in Albn county after he had looked ov.-r the claims of the several g.irden'spots In the middle west. He bi^lieves Allen county Is the best Mr. K. N. Horwitz, of St. Louis, .irrived here Sunday and will sp'-nd ^ tiR:c here in (.unnertion with the .New Vork Store, of wliic:: li-.- is one of the owners. Mr. Fri.-^hman. the well known ilry ,''>ods merch;iat. i.- in St. Louis oi: nisine .«3 and will be out of town for .-•-•veral days. Travis Morse this morning h id his first experience with the f '.deriil tax collectors. He received a shipirent of books from I-Jugland and ili-' posl- ' man delivered them after -Mr. .Morse had paid the proper duty and attended to other formalltie.s. C.VKLYLE. ; birthday. Every one had an enjoy- January 2.-,.—Mrs. Martin Bulger able tlme^ .md son Russell returned from a visit ——- . wirh relatives in Cherryvale last- L- F. ^\llson, of 323 Week. South Oak . street, who was taken suddenly and THE «TWDfS» HEBX^TrOlTKilCf. A We«k of Conedy Druaa al- ft« Grand Theatre.' The HoUingsworth Twins Diamat- dangerously ill with heart trouble ic Company opens a week's engage* Friday night, is reported to l>e much better today. FOR SALE—oO-EGG INCUBATOR, new: also one bicycle, cheap. Arthur Curtis. ment at the Grand theatre tonight The company comes to Tola from-Ottawa where it pleased large andtaMcs at each performance. The Twina are supported by a well balanced cast of artists and the plays are said to i>e new and well staged. C. W. Land returned yesterday from Texas county Missouri, where he has been for the past several days on business. Ed Quick, of Redfield Kan., Is here on acount of the serious illness with i pneumonia of his brother J. E. Quick. James Quick, of Redfield, who has i — be*n at his brothr's bedside, returned £j M. Cummings and son, Walter, t home Saturday. Th« condition of Mr. I THE BRAIN is the force that keeps the nerves well poised and controls firm, strong muscles. Me« and women who do the world's wodc can avoid Brain-fag and guard their health by feed- ,ing -brain and body vnth Scott's Emuision Born to Mr. and Mrs. Earl Deleplain Monday. January 22, a boy. .Mrs. Lena Wilmact and children visited her daughter, Mrs. Cary Christian, a couple of days last weelc .Mr. and Mrs. McClure are the parent; of a girl; born Tuesday, January - ^———— R.v. and Mrs. O.E. Ticknor visited Rev and .Mrs. \Vm. Cady in Colony ; T »e .-dav of last week. I -VV," .M. \V. A. and Royal Neighbors 'odges installed their new officera' at the Woodman hall, Friday night Winfield J..:-...=. who h.-is bee;, con-! "M'sVleMle Caldwell is assisting nned to his bed for the i.a .st .everal! Mcf^hlre with her house work weeks as the re.ult of bein>{ yory se-! , h-'v-ral from here attended the verely burned by electricity in Cher-: ll'n'^' "'^s Alice Johnson at lola. ryvale. underwent an oiieratioii y..s- "'''/'"'J- „. , • „ ,„ ferdav mornin.a de.slRned to l.:.sten „ i«>-. .latnes \\ or.ster and Mr. Wm., his recovery ..\lthon«h n.„,.h im- "'1^'' ''^''^^ ^.T" '^'''1".* "S^^ . . .u . . ^ . .v.., proved, he will probably b*" un^^ble to "'''eplain run his threshing machine | Beginning at 10 o clock a. m., the following described property: • / be up and around for several weeks.; ^l''* T .^'^^'r. , , j ». . .• ' —• Hoyt Faekler and Mrs. Alien . „ „ Kn-i.iui-r of Pleasant Valley neigh-! SIX HEAD OF HOB.SES—Consisting of one mare 11 years old, weight iKirhood called on, .Mrs. Lena Wll- i000 iwunds, in foal; one mare 5 years old.'weight 1000 pounds: one horsa'10 iiiorte Tuesday afternoon. years old; one horae-12 yeara old; two colts coming yearlings. marecoUs. The V. \V. C. A. club will give Bi TWO HEAD OP CATTLE—One coming 3-year-o!d heifer; one mUeli iiov.-rty !:(wlal at the Woodman hall cow, giving mlllt. Kri.lay iil.v'ht. TWE.\TY-TWO HEAD OF HOGS—Consisting of four brood sows, two owr llfty of Mr^ Geo. Bates' friends I „rlth pigs by their side, two to have pigs soon; eighteen head of sboats 'I will sell at I^ili^ Auction, o mllea'ftouth of Tola,'on JCen^ky Sftnet Road. 2 nriles north and 2 miles east tA Humboldt, mile south ot Cherry Grove School House, oil ^ . Wednesday, Jan, 31, 19^12 Trinity I.yrrnm Cour-r. The tliird nuiuber of the Trinl:y i.y- ' ceum Course will be Riven at Trinity I church foniorr..',v. Tue.«day, nic!:!., ' a substitute for the quartet t;ie .n- gaReraent of which It became necessary to cancel Rev. C. F. John^m will «t1ve his lecture on the Passion Play of \ Ober-Ammerpatt, which will be lUu.-- trated by sixty stereopflcon pi<-ture.<:. i :ook w.Il ftlled baskm and went In, ^.eighJng from 40 to 100 pounds. suri>ri.scd him Saturday, it being his FARM IMPLEMENT^ ETC.—One top buggy, good as new; 1 cton platter, new; 1 lumber wagon. 1 harrow, 2 cultivators. 1 riding, 1 wa]klng;'>2 -Inch rlding^ plow;.'l 20 feet long; 1 set doiride several bushels cane "The Holy City," which will be iUus- ' trated by twelve pictures. In all eisli- ty-three slides will he projected on l!ie .screen. The sto.'v of the Passion Play • is a most fascinating one. Sin.irle ad- ^ mission tickets will be sold at ten cents for undpr twelve year.^ of aw: ' all others fIfteep cents. The entertainment will begin at eight o'clock. promptly. rosse.«;sor of a beautiful voice-. a« well as niiusical gifts. That Fhe is not larking in tnterpra-" tative Insight was proven by, * the Interesting and skillful 4 performance, of Loewe's "Nler-• mand hat's gesehen," which- • won for her partlcalarly * friendly api^ause. .• ^ bed. dining table, and other articles tdb numerous to mention. TEBXS OF S.4LB—AU sums of 110.00 and under, cash in hand.' All sadis ever 910.00. a credit of 9 months will be given, purchaser giving note with approved security, tiearing 6 per cent interest from date if paid when doe. If not paid when due to draw 10 per cent from date of sale. Five per cent discount for cash on credit sales. No property to be removed until settled for. Bankable note required. Coi. C. S. Bishop. Auctioneer. 'WP' Y W. A. Bybrlr, Clerk. f • J • 1 r\lSX6r LUNCH ON GROUNDS.

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