Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 29, 1912 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 29, 1912
Page 2
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I - THE LMONDAY EyENING.>JAKUARY.29, 1912. -At-the Horn Show. "I Just love horses don't you my d«vir? Oh look at that-sealskin wrap! i "What DO you suppose It could have; • cost? . ; Why, hear the people clap. I "Oh, isn't that little brown horse cute? Well I wish yon'd look at that hat! ! She trimmed it herself I'll bet a dime I'd not Wear a thing like that. "Oh here come the tandems—I think ^ they're grand! i Who's that with Mrs. Rocks? I The one with the ermine scarf and i muff . . 1 In the very front of the box? j I "I think the judge was awfully mean • To give that man the prize! I liked the other one's trousers best, Aai he had such lovely eyes! THEY PRESERVE HANI) BEAUTY AND COMFORT Kiibbor Gloves are valuable any time but are especially es- scnliai in cool weather. They make it possible to keep the hands soft and white iir spile of dishwashing, scrubbing or other work that otherwise would chap and permanently redden and rought^ them. We want to show them to you and quote you prices. BURREll'S West Side io^ibeS^daire r..^ . • r, ^ ra With the ofRauizatlon of Sedgwick I county there are now 48 counties In the movement covering about one- half of the state in territory and more llian ono-l)alf in population. Kj/isas Cliy. Ka«., and Wichita, tho two Inrg- cKi rlMi '8 In the t.t.i(e an> organizi'd for I rrcitlvi' work.—Toix'ka Capllal. + * * * • • Tlio annual business meeting of the "Here come the teams—my dear just look At that stunning purple gown! That woman's certainly got more cIothM Than anyone else In town. "Who got first prize? Somehow my dear, I forgot to watch the. ring! For everyone in the boxes wore The very latest thing!" The things you hear as round you go Why don't they call it a Clothes-Horso ; V. W. C. A., of which all the members Show? —Ex. ihave been oinclally notlfled, will bf • held tonight at the association rooms. Mr. and Mrs. Claude Stewart * + + brought together a company of con-' Reverend and Mrs. Nnu are In Em- genial friends last Saturday night and poria where they arc attending con- entertained them very pleasantly in vocation ceremonies at the Episcopal honor of Mrs. Newman, of California,; church. They went to Yates Center who is a guest of friends in lola and , to conduct Sunday services and went vicinity. Many original ideas in en- | to Emporia from that place, tertainment were introduced and the [ * * * hostess ser\-^d a two course supper., The P. E. O. Chapter will meet to- The following friends were present: | morrow, afternoon at the home of Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Curfman. Mr. and j Mrs. P. E. Waugh and sew. All mem- Mrs. Charles Punk. Mr. and Mrs. M.. bers are requested to be present L. Seymour, Mrs. Randolph. Mrs. Uoy- j promptly at half past two o'clock sr er and Misses Hazel and Bernlece i that much work can be done. Boyer; Mrs. Kelso and Miss l.ola Kelso of Parsons; Mrs. Newmaa, of * + • This promises to be a busy week California; Mr. and Mrs. C. O. Boiling | for the churches and their social aux- er and son Merle, Mr. and Mrs. J. R. \ Iliaries and there will be numerous Stefwan,Mjf. and Mrs. Walter Crook. J meetings for business or pleasure Mr. and Mrs. Henr>' Crook, Miss Grac" Andrews and Miss Nellie Hogan of Humboldt; Miss Jessie Randolph. Miss Jeannette Seymour, Miss Ktta AdnniB. Miss Clara Stewart and Miss Until Stewart * * • The Golden Link club has had exceptionally broad programs over since It was organiiied but has given Kansas history the preference ovei other things. Th* observance of Kan sag -Day has been looked forward to with'ilnterest for some weeks Attc those of the members who were asked 'to-prepare the program have arranged several papers. The club will meet tomorrow at the home of Mrs. D.<E.*;Peck. The program will be: Roll Call Responses—Quotations- from Kansas writers. Paper—^"Women of Kansas," Mrs E. Dpwney. •I'aper—"Kansas Wild Flowers," Mrs. Snodgrass. RKading^Mrs. Smith Jackson. Bound Table—Who are the real leaden-in eBtablisbing Ideals, men or vdnen? • • « * 4. The Royal Neighbors of Piqua will have tf'pie supper Wednesday evening, January thlrty-flrst at the C. M. B. A. hall. Each lady Is requested tn bring two pies. * <• * Mrs. Carl Roth, of Chanute, has returned home after a few days visit with relatives here. * * * Dr. W. S. Hendricks and Miss Alice Hendricks have moved Into their new home on South Colbom street and ex- The calendar for the week Is as follow?: Teachers in the Christian Sunday school will have a business meeting and study hour at the church tonight. Tomorrow night Reverend and Mrs. G. W. Shepard will entertain the Brotherhood of the Baptist church at the parsonage. There will be a pro- sp-am of interest and supper will be served afterward. All men of thi- church whether members of thf BroMierhood or not. are invited. The Home Missionary society of thr Methodist church will meet Wednesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. H. C. Ford, 702 East street Tlie Missionary Circle of the Reformed church will meet Thursday afternoon at half past two o'clock at the home of Mrs. Stewart on Scott street. A tea win be served Thursday afternoon at the United Brethren society to the Missionary society and (heir friends. The hosteapes will be young ladles of thee hurch. Mrs. Ell? Jacobs will prepare the program. Young people of the Baptist church win have a "good time" social Thursday evening at the home of Reverend :ind Mrs. Shepard. Tlie Baptist Aid society will mee' at half past two o'clock Thursday afternoon with Mrs. Amelia Anderson. ,•522 South street. The young people of the Christian church are going to LaHarpe Thursday night to attend a revival at th^ church at that place. They will assemble at the church at seven o'cloc'^^ and have a trolley party to I.rfiHarnr Ixjyal Women of the Christian church will be entertained Friday tiisht at the home of Mrs. P, S. Ca- ! fh thfe Mblii. life <St Uie ctittrob In the future. Tbey will meet once a month the finit neetlns to be^held at th«] bAme of Mlu Adams.on the lecond Friday- In f Pbruary.- Offlcera of the cluh are: J'resl^fnt, Roy Pry; vlce- presMentrMae Chatfleld; secretary, Hedter AJger; tressurer, Lola Bennett * * * The Mothers' club-will have the following Kansas Day program at Build en'Chapel Wednesday Afternoon: Roll Call-iRemlnlscences of Kansas. • ' . : Scripture Lesson—Mrs. Wool Poem—Miss Clark's "Call of Kansas."-Mrs. Enfield. I'aper—"Kansas Folks," Mrs. Coe'. Kansas song hy the- club. * * Miss Mary-Farqiihar will give a party Thursday night for the H. T. M. club. * • • The Clinker Club men will have :their fortnightly dancing party Prl- .day night at the rooms in the Masonic building. I . The Montezuma club and a compa- •ny of guests will dance in Masonic hall Wednesday night * <"> A delightful surprise was given at the home of Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Ter- rlll west of town-Saturday evening for their daughter. Mlaa Lillian Ter- flll. A majority of the guests were members of Mrs. C. P; Dayla class Ir the Methodist Sunday school, to whjf h the ho<<tess belongs.^ Huiio-.was furnished by Misses Maude BicA, syhia Urlch, H.izel Butcher and Eva Hail Mrs. TerriU • served supper to' the •young people, the following being .present: , , r Sylvia Uikh, Caryl Dingman, Hazel Butcher. Mable Christy, Maude Rice, Ooldie Rice Bra Hall, Jessie Parks, Abbie Marsh, Mabel - T.«wi». Bell Reed; Morrill Powell, W4yneUc- tk>nnell. James Parks, Frank Parks, Cleveland Gross, Mr. and Mra. C. P Day. Mr. and Mrs.-H.-^A. TerrJIl; Mhsc Lillian Tmin. Misses Abble Marsh, Jessie Parks, Belle Reed and Muble Ixswls assisted in serving refreshments. + * * The Y. W. 0, A. Bible class will have u supper at 6:15 tomorrow night in the gymnasium. * * • The Y. W. C. A. Bowling club will meet at 7:30 Wednesday night instead of Thursday night as Is the custom + *• + The lecture to be delivered by Dr. George Bancroft under the auspices of the Y. W. C. A. and the Y. M. C. A will occur Thursday night in thr Presbyterian church. * • • The N. T. T. Embroidery club wil' be entertained at the home of Mrs. T. A. Joyce on Thursday afternoon * + + The Art club -will meet Wednesday afternoon In the Y. W. C. A. parlor The roll call will be answered by current events on art; Mrs. C. J. Halm will read a magazine article and MISF Florene Wheeler will read a paper about an American artist The club will enter into an informal discussion on the Mona Lisa. * * * At the Y. W. C. A. business meeting tonight the juniors will give an exhibition of their gymnasium work. * * + Mrs. J. G. Mlttlebach will entertair the Thursday afternoon whist club with a party Thursday afternoon + * + At one o 'clock today Miss Angellnc Cooper and Edgar B. Benjamin Tverr united in marriage at the home of Reverend J. H. Price. They left on an afternoon 'train for Rocky Ford, Colorado, where they will make their home. roTa L«d«re Will 'Take a CfaiM (0 Fltb- imrgYor-ObllgsUoir To receive their obligation upon the identical Book of Law, (Bible) npon which J. H. Rathbone, founder of the lOilgbts of Pythias, was obligated when the first lodge was instituted In Washlngtbn, D. C, February 9, 1964, will be the usual privilege enjoyed by a thousand or more candidates for the Page rank In Kansaa during February. Arrangements have been made by Grand Chancellor W. W. Bowers to have this priceless Telle of "Pythla'aisnf exhibited in lodges according to^ the following .achedule which make* it possible lor Pythlans in all parts.of the estate to easily attend one of < the ij^eetjngs. WicWto. Kaa. Monday, Feb. 19. Plttsbnrg,'Kaa., Tuesday, Feb. 20. SaUna, Kasi. Wednesday Feb. 21.\ Kansas City. Kas.; Friday, Feb. 23. x Never before has this cherished volume left Washington and It wilfbe brought to: Kansas by Hon. Fred E. Wheaton of ^InoeapoUs, MInn.r!Su- nrenie - Keeper of Records and''Seals, to vwhorn Is entrusted Its care and cus tody. EJvery precaution will be taken to guard the book against Injury of any sort .The meetings will-also be nterided by Suirrem^ Chancellor! Hon George H. Hanson, Calais, Maln&, and Grand Chancellpr Bowers, Columbus, Kas, Preparations are being made to assemble classes of at least 30O candl- date& for the Page rank at each meet ing. These will be made up of candidates approved by lodge in the surrounding territo/y as well as those In tbfe cities In which the meetings are held. The Tola lodge Is making arrangements to take a class of candidates to Pittsburg for obligation as this Is the nearest-point to lota that the Rath 'tone Bible will be Rent 'DITORCOXS" THE BIlL TOMOHT. pect to be comfortably established ir . natsey, on East .Madison street, a few days. . The Working society of the Presby• • * terian church will meet Friday after- Mrs. "W. A. Johnson president of the ! noon and elect officers for the ensu- Kansas Equal Suffrage Association^ returned yesterday' from 'Wfchita. ing year. Daughters of the King of St. Tlmo- wbere'Bhe> helpel to organize the ; thy's church will meet in the vestn Eighth -District for women's suffrage..! Fridav afternoon. . - ' - • • i '*• + * I Everybody who knows much about ' Guilders' Sunday school knows tha' iUie-cIasses are made up of energetic V Farce Comedy the Offering by Hoi- Ilngiiworfh Twins. The Hollingsworth Twins and their excellent company of twelve acting people will open their engagement tonight in the successful farce comedy "Dlvorcons." The play Is a riot of 'aughter from the- rlse^ to the fall of •he curtain. It gives ample opportunity to the entire company to show their iblllty and is considered the best bill n their repertolr. "The Twins" both 'iBve great parts and some handsome ?owns will be worn by the ladles of the company as It Is a very dressy bill. Specialties will be Introduced by lifferent members of the company and he ladles orchestra will render a -hort musical program before the ilse )f the curtain. Prices—Lower floor, 20c; balcony, 10c. All seats reserved now on sale. E.\STER POST CARDS FREE. (We Win-.Gladly Do Either «t : These Three Things Free of Charge 1 1. Examine your watch and ive you our honest opinion as 0 its true condition. 2. Examine the settings of jlngs. brooches or ear-rings, to see if stones are secure in settings. Z 3. Measure and record your irame and lense measurements, 80 that should you lose or break jlrpur glasses we can duplicate tbem. JTo. Fii Ivoung people who have more real en- i joyment and do more for themselvef : odncationally than many of their friends realize. There are numerous clubs under the ausiplces of the Sun' da> school and everyone of them includes some beneficial work or stud>in their mpefin^s. i A class of ten boys who are taught I by Mrs. E. X. Jones have a club housf (at S2S Knrth street they hav* 1 some dclishtful times together. One 1 room Is fitted up as a ^mnasium. ,' there is a comfortable appearing liv- j ing room and a library with a well i filled book shelf containing favoiltes I of the members. The boys pay the 1 rent and have bought the furniture in i their house. They have rules of or,der and officers to see that they are observed and Mr. and Mrs. "E. N. Jones are consulted about every de'. tail of club aflTairs. Tomorro^v night Mr. and Mrs. E. N. ^ Jones wlU be chaperones at a masquerade party which the club will .• . give for some of their friends. « « Miss Lillle Adams' class of boys . • and Miss Hazel Kelm's class of girls X..K. A T. of the V. B. Sunday school have or- f ganlzed a cliib which will be a factor Ten Bewitchlngly Beantlfol Designs— .411 >ew This Tear, I want to send to every reader of 'he Register ten assorted, embossed "olored, Easter post cards as hand- 'ome cards as you ever laid eyes up- in. and without any advertisement upon them. If you prefer beautiful Friendship, Floral, Affection or World's Famous Painting cards say so when you write. \11 I ask is that you send me 4 cents in stamps to cover mailing and promise to show these high grade cards to a Few friends. Address C. T. Johnstone, Pres., Dept E 35. Rochester, N. Y. NEOSHO V.ILLEY. January 2 .*i. —The flmj weather tlin prevailed the Hr^ part of tlie Weeli seemed to open up the avenu6.s o •toclablllty as many arc engaKOil Ir making friendship exchanges. Miss Rcebcoa Pearson came ou' from town a few days ago, and Is a' present circulating .imong her .Veo.shr Valley friends. K. U. Butler went to llan.^as City with a car load of cattle Monday night These are a i)art of the cattle he ship' ped down from Kansas City in th( fail to place on his wheat fields, bu*. :he tops of wheat winter killed early 30 it is doubtful if there was an} profit in thi.s move. The prevalence of scarlet fever ii Union district, made it necessary tt close the school this week. It is very unfortunate to have to close when thJ weather Is good for going to school and other conditions are not so gooc use can be made of the boys on th( farm. There will be a pie supper at Neoshc Valley school house on Saturday even' ing of this week. Ira Butler is renewing his acquaintance with former friends here. Hf ihs disposed of his piece of land neai Deo's Summit. Mo. so may remain here. •Mrs. Fair's father and mother were out from town Sunday. Mrs. Butler spent the day at the lome of Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Doling Jr., Tuesday. Josh Valentine and family were at a. T. Baxley's Sunday. Mrs. Uzzie Lutz still has poor health. The meetings that had been In prog .-ess at the church for three or four A-eeks, closed Sunday evening. One of the Coffey boys came up ;'rom Montgomery county Wednesday to spend a month or two with his father who lives near the river bridge. A. H. Pecklers who accompanied thr remains of his mother to New York :ast week for burial, left his green house In charge of C. Fontlne. Although Mr. Fontlne has had some experience in regulating the temperature and otheVwIse In a general way. caring for a green house, he finds hf is short In knowledge, when It come.' to determining the time and manner ol transplanting flowers and other plants. A fairly good gas well was finished on the Butler farm Tuesday and on Wednesday the rig was moved to another location, where work will soon be begun on another well. Mr. Woods, of Nebraska, who bought the Maxwell place about two weekF ago Is arranging to move onto It about the first of March, or as soon as John Sherrlll moves out John Harris* children who have been having scarlet fever In rather a severe form are some better at pres- snt. As there has been no new cases reported and the school house has l>een fumigated It Is likely that school will not be delayed longer than this week, Glenroy Flake is now arranging to move to town in the near future. Quite a number whose butchering business was delayed by the cold weather, are now performing that actt W. B. Bolln and wife came out from town Saturday and remained In the neighborhood until Monday. Change of Program Nightly 14--Pcoplc--14 I Prices . . 10c and 20c Matinee Saturday lOc A big shipment of fine Imported Zephyr Ginghams, 32. inches wide, in checks, plaids, stripes and 'plain colors. This is the finest lot of Dress Ging-;^'hams we have ever shown. Specially priced at 35 cents a yard INEI FOB PORTEB'S ROAD ('. 0. & li. It. R. Financed at Lust, I'urisliin DeclurcM. The morning Kansas City papers report that the money for the construction of the Cherryvaie, Okiulio- iia and Gtilf Hallway Is ready. It announced once before that the lutails oi' llnancing this road hud l)cen ;onii)U !led but tlier« came Home Kort »f interference and the money was A'lthlield. Now, however, it appears iiat some perfectly good change Is j •eady for disbursement The Item is nteresting locally from tlie fact that t shows that money Is again reauy or investment In American enter- nite.s of unquestioned merit The Kantas City Times says: French capital to the amount of ;0 million dollars will finance the •roiiosed Cherryvaie, Oklahoma & 'e.xas Kailway whicli Is i>lanned to •onnect Kansas City and Ei Paso. I'cx. Announcement to this effect vas made yesterday by George Sl- nons of Paris, France, who spent he day In the city and left list night .vlth J. S. Worley of Worley & Black, engineers, in the Reliance Building, or a trip over the proposed right )f way. Mr. Simons represents Gubboy ^Zo., l )ankcrs in Paris. He Is an engineer and is here to inspect the vork already being done on the road. V stretch of sixty-five miles of track s now being built connecting Caney. Xas., and Vinlta. Okla. Other parts if the line will be pushed with the )roak of winter. Worley & Black are ihe chief engineers in charge of construction. The Cherryvaie, Oklahoma & Texas road was promoted by ex-State Senator S. M. Porter of Caney, Kas Mr. Porter obtained the French capital In Paris In 1909 and It was announced at that time that this was the first instance in our international financial relations that an American road was to be built by French investors with French money. The original plan called for a board of lirectore of thirteen members, eight )f whom were to be French. does not satisfy us—we provide the best skates, the b^st music and the best facilities possible for our patrons. Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday nights, with Saturday matinee, the Rink i.s open and you are missing some mighty wholesome enjoyment if you do not attend. Tomorrow night at 7 o'clock; admission 10 cents, skates 15c. AUDITORIUM SKATING RINK .Baked each morning under sanitary' •conditions goes far to help solve your 'housekeeping problems. For variety try our cakes, jelly rolls and hot rolls—fresh daily. Venn's Bakery — 108 S. Washington SrXDAT 'S SOX ELOPES. Nineteen Year iiM llov Sfarrlcs fiirl of the Same Ago, Canton, Ohio, .Tan. 29.—George Sun- lay, eldi !8t son of th" Kev. Hilly Sun- lay cloned to Indi .-ti.-irciil:-; Afonday vlth Miss Harriett MflSin of Water- 00, Iowa, and thfv mr :rr !3d I hero, iccording to an i:nnonnren:( nt made! STUBBS SAYS T. R. WILL RON Kansas Governor Claims to Smoked Him Out. Hare; New York Jan. 27.—Theodore Roos ' .^^„ ^ .„ _ evelt Is not a candidate for the presl- by threvniit'-iVptnV." iprtii/ii^ but. nevertheless will be nomi-i •lome of Mrs. ElIziilHth H.nrtpr. .North "nd elected, according to a state | Market street. ment Issued tonight by Walter R. Young Sundav met his br!;in. the ' Stubbs, governor of Kansas, who ; evangelist says, in Waterloo during .•: lunched with the former president to- < series of meetiniTB there ov>r n vrar day at Oyster Bay. Governor Stubbs; ago. and they nng.isrd shortly !the second governor within twenty- after the close of the revivni. Sun- 1 foi"" hours to say that he is going day and his wife s.incfion'>d the en- • back home to work for Roosevelt. gagement, it Is said, but desired to "There Is no doubt whatever but i vait for a few v^ar.- before the mar- that Colonel Theodore Roosevelt will -iage on nccomit of ih^ir voath. as i be nominated by the Republican con- ; they are each not vet 20 vears of' mention in Chicago and elected the; age " i next President of the United States," ' 1 _J : j reads Governor Stubbs's statement W. T. Fteele wro n^^ been at j "I say this knowing from his personal Klrksvllle, Mo., at the bedside of his I statements to me, that he is not a can I son, Fred, who underv.-en* an opera^ 1 d^ate and will not be a candidate for ! BASKET BALLS GYMNASIUM SHOES AND SUITS ROLLER SKATES ICE SKATES See US to day for all kinds of Sporting Goods tlon in a hospital there Th-irsday for ippendic!tl<< •.otinxt'd '-oi-.e yestev- FIRST WOM.VN BAR FAILS. HOUSEHOLD RECIPES If you have on old recipe for a Liniment, Hair Tonic, or anything .whatever, bring it to us and have it filled right with the Purest, Freshest Drugs Our prices the kind that make you our friend. C. B. SPENCER & CO. nmgK, Perfumes, Wall Paper A New York Hotel's Innovation TVasnt Supported. New York, Jan. 28.—^The first wom- |.jan's bar at the new Venderbllt Hotel Xhas been closed. Men now sit before • the buffet which was once dedicated to the feminine, and cigar smoke ling- | ers among the rare old Chinese paint- | jngs on the wall. The English butler ^ who was won't to serve dainty drinks; of creme violette and curacoa in thin I stemmed glasses now is content to, purvey the Scotch highball of com- J i mercoi^ 1 i It was decided several days ago by i j the management to abolish the bar tfor women, because the Idea did not t find especial favor In their eyes. It i was only an experiment I The teapot still sings for women up- • on the hob at the Vanderbllt. But the | Oriental room and Its buffet. Its shin- i ing bottles and the E^ngllsh butler have been dedicated to another employ- 1 ment the nomination. I am fully convinced i is for their interests as a whole and ^ that he means exactly what he says t believe in him." lay. He r <>"0'-'R thni hi;-, ponis do-i and that he honestly and sincerely! ing vevv wei' rnd tVnt oUbo-.iah his i feels that he personally has nothing'. GOLD BKICIi SALESMAN HEBE? -ondit.on i*; serioi-^ fl-o chances are i to g.iln by another term as president' much in fn'-or of 'ii? rc-ovrv. The "But Colonel Roosevelt never has operation rit.'^c'op.-'d the fact that the said to me nor to any other living hu- lisease had nrncresscd to a point naan being to my knowledge, that he vhich. if relief had not come just .would refuse the nomination if It rhen it did. would have made recov- came to him as the result of a genu- •rv almost Impossible. 'ne demand on the part of the Ameri• can people. "There is such a demand at this time. All the information 1 have been able to gather from all parts of the (country Indicates that the demand I "will persist and grow and force the Eaton, Crane and Pike Make the finest writing paper made In America. We show the choice of their line—some real new creations. See the window for these goqds. You get tlie best in visiting cards Invitations, Initial paper, •as cheap as very ordinary stock. Evans Brosr The Stationery Store. A Con Man of the Old .School Got Away With 125,000. There's still one good old con man in the country and Con Caddlgan la his name. Cun Caddlgan has not forsaken the time honored trick of selling gold bricks and despite the fact thai the public is supposed to have been wised up to this brick proposition long ago. Col. Caddlgan nails an occasional sucker. Up in Minnesota I convention to olfer him the nomma-^ ^ f e ffo 'he colonel Induced tion. His patriotic spirit, his courage j ^ citizen of the country to land his ke^n sense of the duties and i J'^rt H, $-'...000 real money in ex- forbid 1 change for a culie of metal represent- •I obligations of a citizen will him to set his. back against a task which the people demand he perform. < "There is a vast difference between a man stating that he is not a candidate for and does not want office, and a statement that he would refuse to accept that office when the public welfare was at stake and there was fl widespread general demand for him to serve his country. ' "Colonel Roosevelt was seven years Ih-esldent of the United States. During that time reforms of vital Importance to the people were inaugurated. There was general prosperity through out the country. The people reall::e ed to be gold, according to the W. J. : Burns Detective Agency. Upon dla: covery of the fraud. Caddlgan was arrested but promptly gave bond * in the sum of $.^.000 and disappeared. Col. Caddlgan is a miner, about 6S years of age and wears whiskers la whatever style Is most likely to fool the detectives. The lola police have been askcti to keep watch for him. FOR SALE—I WILL SELL, PRJ- vately, all my farm tools com binder, new last fall; also 7-h.p. gasoline en-^ gine. four and two-hole sheller, team: harness buggy etc. All to be sold br what they owe'to him, know that he ^February 15. E. O. Whitney, Moran.

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