Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 27, 1912 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 27, 1912
Page 6
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I 6 THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER. SATURDAY EVENING, JANUARY 27,1912. lOLA WINS TWO views lOLA :.0, LAWKKXCK 33; lOLA 41, SAVOMlllMJ SO. Flrsl Ti«ani TnkoH I- BM( Yvur'n fbam. liloiiN Hown in Drfont—Second Tfiim (>utfla»t»>fN Savonliunf. lola b';:'.t I iiwrrnco last night by - llin scpr'! (u' ."0 to Z3. uri] in a preliminary g^ririi' the tola second team beat the fast SavonburK boys by tho score of •« to 20. Doili games were el«<!; and fr?t ard bolli were won by the lola boys fairly and decisively. The first team i<roved that its slump • diirlii^ tlie Ualdrin qiime was only ipmimrary. and the second team proved that it was just as fast as it ever was. even if the fast first team j will did walk over it several days ago. Tlie lola first team showed that it could come l.TSt night, and pla.yed its old time irresistible game. l.a\vrpncc lias a fast l^am. and they foi.'trhT Willi all ilie ginger and ability iliey could •'!Hist''r. but they were out- da.-srd. AfJer lola had once foiged 1r ;o ihc i ?a1 after a few minutes of pl ;;y. fo-v fans had little anxiety as to tho f>nn! result. Kxcrpt for n few mcinriiiary siimrts. I^av.rence was out (•'::=.s(>c] in every instant of play. Their t<>;i:n work would no .sobner pet to go- ii!s than lola would break it up; no soonT would a pass to tho vicinity of tlie basket be made successfull.v, than r.n l^ln t;;ard would block the throw for ll:e liaskr-l: and. on the other hand, no sooner did lol.t tlie ball, than it was passed swiftly, accurately :ii:d ninny times successfully to ihf>ir end for a field goal. They foiled thi- I-awr-nie guards and their quick, Fv.ift rassir.;: of ll'" bTll rpndnred Mockin;; next to an impossibility, l.awmu seeing tliat defeat was im- iniiit'iii. ( !r;ni ;i 'd tactics in llie last I'loTucntor two of the first half wifb su< h siK-rfs Mial ilicy made tliror lask. I.-- Ui ipii'.k succession. The re- son rci fill l!)'r -M.-; during the intermission must li .ive (ifvi.s'-d :i syst-'m tr eninl);it tactics, for It was not- Iccrl that thereafter !t was never car- ri>'.| out r'U'cessfully. The first half <!(!•(! wi ;h ilie score 2!* to 17 in favor of lola. Alilioiich till" score for the second li .i !f v,;is more close, it seeiiied in this p> !-!0(! Iliai tlio fiiperlorlly of l-l: v\:ii' |..(iic (•''•••u'ly demonstrated. The - fame w.'ia f.-isler and roimher In thi h.iir, and ilie snp'-rb guarding and •^'.iii pasrliig of lola came Into clear I r I viil' rce. lola's blocking, and olh <r •ii"tlu"ls of rccovcrinfi the ball ' V ;„ many instances spectacular several swift i!asr >e8\ down 111 rtrr .rt an<l the basket were exeeut <(l 'o deftly that Lawrence could do llli'e rncre to stop them than coult' 111.' spectators -A 111" court shl". Th( " score for the second half was 21 tc" !•', in favor of lola, making the tola score lola i'O. I,n-.vrence 33. The Lawrence boys are a fine, man ly bunch, and a cleaner aggregation of j.Ia.vers has not b ?en seen on thf local court this season. The Preliminary (Inme. It is remarkable how similar ar' the styles of play of the first and sec nnd lola teams. Similar coaching haf developed a similar swift deftnesf which opposing teams find it ,".ln .0E' iir.oossibi? to combat. Savonburg has a f:>st team but the lola team is sf mjch faster that they more than dor bi.'d the score of their opponents ir the gam.c lact night, which ended with a score of 41 to 20 in favor of lola The Savonburg boys showed up vor> strong in the first half, which ender" with the score 14 to 12 in favor of lo'.'. T!ie first moments of the second half showed that the lola boys h:;d pulled the throttle open to'the limit, and there could be no clenvinr them victory. In this half their speed eonirared well with that of the first jeam, and they literally "played rings arotind" Savonburg, their Swift and accurate passing and brilliant team woric making for them In the second half 27 points, While Savonburg got but 8. BaxkPl Ball "Soten, The attendance record fo» this sen- eon was brolccn at last night's double iiendnr, there having been 000 or more persons present. Every nvallable point In the audltoriu^i from which the gtime could • be witnessed was filled, and many wl/ came late found it Impossible lo enter Ihc building, and were forced to mlis the games. • * * * The high school second team left this afternoon for Humboldt where they play the first high school team of that dty tonight. Although the Hum boldt team Is by no means weak It hps acquired no e^ecial reputation and the locals are confident of winning-. The I O'N Y. M. C. A. athletics another basket ball team, accompanied the second high school tea.m, and engage in a i^eliminary game with the second high school team of Humboldt. The Athletics are but slighi'iy inferior to the second high sciiool team of lola. FACTORY GIRL GIVES UP Too Sick to Work—Doctor Advised Operation. Re- storecl to Healih by Lydia E. Pinkham'o Compound. :—'.; r -vi.-" . 'C. y.—•• I njn a scw- .:,;c :.i::f in a Lrj ^c factory and got irr—Tj all run down. 1 had to •<jjjlC^^:': jpvc up work for I could y^v^^^ • i ^-ot stand the po ins in my s ^J ^^tti; back. The doctor said I SKlV)^^. needed an operation for l ^i ^^MM female trouble but Lydia - i^iaa E. Pinkham's Vegetablo Compound helped me more than the'doctors did. I hope that every one v:ho is suffering wiU get the Compound. Hy pains, nervousness and ^^^^^^ backache are gone and I W^^^^^M have gained five pounds. :^^B^^H I owe my thanks to your :^^BHHH medicine for it is the working girls friend, and all women who Ejfl 'er should write to you for special _ advice."— Miss T ILUE . P LENZIG,- 3 Jay St, Poughkeepsie, N. Y. Vi'hen a remedy has lived for over thirty years, steadily growing in popularity and influence, and tbous^ds upon t-iooSands of women declare they owe V. their very lives to it, is it not reasonable to believe that it is an article of great ncrit? YVa chnllenge anyone to show any ccher one remedy for a special class of tisease vr^di has attained such an enor- rsous demand and maintained it for so --jnany j'ears as has Lydia £. Pinkham 's Vegetable Compound, If Tcn want 8i>edal adrlce write to LjiU E. PiBkbara Medidae Co. (oonfi; "dentlal) L JTBH , Hass. ¥onr letter wUI be otkoM, read aod aoswered fey A Durinp the intermission between the halves of the Lawrence-lola game R. S. Asplnall appeared upon the floor wearing a Jersey of red and white, the high school colors, and a red hat. In one hand he held a large chain at the other end of which was a large tov bull-d.og, clad in a white coat bearing in red letters' "L H. S." In the other hand Mr. Asplnall carried a staff, and when he reached the middle of the fioor he unrolled a cloth which had been wrapped around the staff; and which bore In ISrge red let- tors a list of lola's victories, and in black letters her one defeat by Baldwin. Mr. Asplnall was vociferously applauded by the spectators, and the original and unexpected stunt had much to do toward stimulating the enthusiasm which prevailed among lola rooters throughout the cevning. A Cirl 's nild Midnight Ride —To warn people of a fearful forest ire In the Catskills a young girl rode 'lorseback at midnight and saved many Her deed was glorious but ives are often saved by Dr. Klng'f \'ew niscovery in curing lung trou- de, coughs, and colds, which might ' ended in consumption or pneu i.oiiia. "It cured me of a dreadful ongh nnd lung disease," writes W {. raftercon, Wellington, Texas, "af- •<r four In our family had died with 'onsuiiiiition. and I gained S7 pounds.' \'(itliinK so sure nnd safe for nil hroal and lung troubles. Price Mr ind $1 .00. Trial bottle free. Guar mteed by all druggists. TRACE WITH CUBA DOUBLE ; |- WIXXIXO TRADE lUiS L'OU.NTBY. Wc Sold the Ixbind «2 Million Dollars Worth Last Yraf^Europo I M Losiing Out KAI.IMI HALL (JKTTi\tvO.\. <ou of loin .Man Winnins Many Klndx (if Surress. T'.e Kincald Dlsiiatch of recent date loted the fact that, Ralph R. Hall, vho by the way Is a''son of C. B. Hall, :f Sll North Washington avenue, this •ity, is not only a mighty busy, but a •ic:e.=.sful citizen. Young Mr. Hall is a railway mail'clerk which is housand dollars has come to the Ag- ,ook up the study of law as a side line and a short time ago took the Uate examination at Topeka. in which wenty-five per cent of the applicants ailed, and was admitted to the bar. tie has been offered a position with he law firm in Wichita with which le studied one of the best in the city, ncldentally. he owns a ranch in Ok- .ahoma on which he raised a fine crop f wheat last year and has a fine, .arse acreage this fall. —Here is a remedy that will cure .^ur cold. Why waste time and mon- ty experimenting when you can get a .^reparation that has won a worldwide reputation by its cures of this ;isease and can always be depended jpon? It is known everywhere as Jbamberlaln's Cough Remedy, and is 1 medicine of real merit. For sale by all dealers. Alift'ILS ARE HKIHS rO ^:!0,U00. .\ca( Sum Left by Will to the KanMax College. Manhattan. Kas., Jan. 27.—Twenty 'housand dollars has come to the agricultural (College from the most un- xpected source. President Waters was notified yesterday by the Old Colony Tru«l {'ompany of Boston (hat this amount had been willed the col- ege by .Mrs. Mehltable C. Wilson. The money is to be for a building to !M> erected under tho direction of the regents, to ho known as Wilson Hall. Or it may lie added to the present cn- •ownient fund of the college as the regents may desire. It is more than ikeJy that a dormitory for j;lrls will be suggested by the' regents, although the will makes it possible to use the tmrney for any building called Wilson Hall. Mrs. Wilson died only recently. She was the widow of Davis Wilson, large owner of the original site- of Manhattan. The family lived In this city many years ago. MO.NDAY IS KA.NSAS DAT. Washington ,Jan. 27.—Trade of the United States with Cuba In the year Just ended aggregated 16ti million dot lars, having more than doublet^ during the reciprocity period. The export; to the island, according to the figures of the Bureau of Statistics, De partment of Commerce and Labor, were aboiit 62 million dollars In value having trebled under reciprocity, and Imports from the island are 160, mil lion dollars in value, having doubled during the reciprocity period. The reoipro.clty agreement with Cuba went Into effect December 27, 1903 the ex ports from the United States to that island in that year having been 23 V& million dollars, against 62 million In 1911. and the Imports there from 57% million dollars, against 106 million In 1911. The Increase In import^ from Cuba during the decade has occurred chiefly in sugar and leaf tobacco though in the case of sugar a shortage In the crop of last year caused a material decline in the Imports when compared with the Immediately preceding year On the export side, our trade with Cuba covers a much larger range of articles, chiefly manufactures and var lous food products, such as flour a,nd other breadstuffs, meats, lard and lard compounds eggs and coffee. Iron md steel manufactures head the list aavlng grown from 2Vi mllUon dollars in 1903 to 8 million In 1907 and approximately 12 million In the year just ended. Under this head are Included 'ocomotlves and other machinery, wire pipes and fittings, steel rails, builders hardware, and numerous other ar- Iclcs. Boots and shoes have sextupled 'n value of exports since 1903, having risen from one-half million dollars value In that year to 3 ^4mIlllon in 1911. Of paHsenger nnd freight cars the exports are also Inereaslng, hav- ng practically diiiibled in five years In 1903 our exports of cotton cloths to Cuba were but little more than a quar !cr million dollars, while last yeni hey were valued at 1% million. Of lard the ex|inrts to (Uibn have In :-reased from I'i to 4 million dollars n the jieHod lyo;!-!')!!; of flour, from 2 to 4 million dollars; of corn, from •fi million to Vi. million dollars; of ••egetablcs, from n half million to 1V6 nllllon dollars; pickle or salted pork from one-quarter to three-quarter million dollars; and bituminous coal 'rom 1>/, to Z'ii million dollars. Not only Is the United Staes Increasing its trade with CuUa. hut It If supplying a larger share of the commerce of that i.<:land than ever before In the calendar year 1910 according to the official figures of that Island he United States supplied 52.5 pei rent of the imports, compared with 13.8 per cent In 1900, and 41.4 per cent •n 1903, the year immediately preced- ng reciprocity; and of the exports from Cnba'In 1910 8 .7 per cent were ?ent to the United States, as agalns: !8 per cent in 1900 and 77.9 per cent In 1903. Meantime both Spain and the Jnited Kingdom have lost in the share which the ysupply of the Imports Intc Cuba and are also taking a smaller ^hare of the exports from that Island SUPERCEDES MASSAtJE AS WRIXKLE REMOVER (The Woman BeauUful) Many women regularly visit the icar.ty specialist to have their wrin des ironed out with the help of ho- tppllcations, cold creams and mas- mge. Most of lis realize that therr comes a time when no amount of persuasion of this sort will avail. Thi; nocess of "wrinkle removing" h vrong in principle. Both the hot wa er and the massaging tend to expand 'nd loosen the skin, besides softening he muscular foundation. The very opposite result should be limed at. The tissue should bi ^»rengt!lencd, the skin tightened, HO liere 'll he no room for wrinkles. The lest known preparation for the piir- lOHi' can be made at home by dls- olvlng 1 1)7.. Htixollie In V j pint witch lazel. Use as a wash lotion. The ••ffect I K really marvelous. Tell the druggist you want the powdered saxo- lle, which dissolves Inimtdiately. One Million Post Cards Go Out to AdTcrllMe the State. Monday will mark the fifty-first anniversary of the admission of the state of Kansas to the -union and the occasion will be availed by Kansas boosters for the purpose of scattering broad cast the fame of the commonwealth. Citizens throu^out the state will send out post cards to friends all through the United States and .In foreign countries and it Is estimated that at least one million cards will be mailed out Monday. The official post card, &uch as Is on sale at the newstands in lola, bears a picture of a woman sitting on a throne with her left arm encircling a bunch of sunflowers. The right hand holds a mirror face downward. On either side are pictured fields and grains and industries which predominate In Kansas. Foley's Boney aad Tar ComvnL —is a reliable family medicine. Give it to your children, and take It yourself when you feel a cold coming on. It checks and earn coughs and colds and croup and presents bron- otdHu ud pneuiaost». J. p. MuDdia Co. JOPLIX FEARS FBEE ORE. Ucr Congresfli ^aiL Bolted democratic Cnbcns. Congressman Daugberty, who repre-r sents the Jojilln district in Congress, a Democrat^ was one of the men who bolted the party caucus on the Iron and ore tariff question. He staled frankly that he ousted a Republican from office by promising to retain the'tariff on zinc ore. and he now finds bis party pres!>lng a bill for free zinc ore. In this connection, the Jop- 'in papers urge the voters there to calm rnd take no definite action abou the presidency for thci reaEon that they will i)rohably unite In a petition to President Tar*to veto a free zinc ore Echcdul'ii If adopted. UNIQUE .NAME. Uany People Cannot Prtiaounre Name of World's Most FigiiooH Catarrh Remedy. HIgb-o-me—that's the proper way to pi-onounce HYOMEI. the old reliable remedy, that has rid tens of thons- inds of people of that vile and dis gusting disease.' HYOMEI Is'made of purest Aus 'rallan eucalyptus combined with hymol and other effective antiseptics -ind is guaranteed to be free from ;ocainc or any harmful drug. HYOMKI Is guaranteed to end the •nisery of catarrh, asthma, croup, ca arrlial deafness, bronchitis, eough: ir colds, or money back. Breathe It. that's all, no dosing the Uomach. Complete outfit, - Including ndestructible inhaler. $1.00. Extra lottles of HYOMEI, if needed, .'iOc at ^ B. Spencer & Co.'s and druggists ^verywherq*. Second Baptist Church. You are cordially invited to attend he following services at our church Sunday School 10 a. m. Preaching at 11 a.'m. B. Y. P. U. at 6:30 p. m. Preaching 8:10 p. m. Beginning the first Sunday night Ir •February our revival meeting wll' ;ommence. We want every Chrlstlar o go earnestly In iirayer for the sue •ess of the meeting, nnd tho victory vlll be ours. J. W. aORDON. Pastor. The Man That Does Thinofc •It Is not the critic who count*— not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who Is actually In the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood, who strives valiantly; who errs and comes short again and again because there Is no effort without error and shortcoming, but who does actu ally strive to do the deeds; who knows the great enthusiasm, the great devotions; who spends himself In worth'.cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement and who at the worst If he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know nelthesMctory nor defeat' —Roosevelt A Hero In a Lightliooiie. —For years J. S. Donahue,, So. Hav•n Mich., a civil war captain, as ighthou£c keeper, averted awful .vrecks, but a queer fact is, he mlgh lavc been a wreck, himseflt. 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WtM or OHIO cii r or "rotzso. t lA'CAs CJocvnr. f **- FiARK J. Cucxrr rnxkei oath Uuit ha k intott of the linn ol F. J. C HENEY A Co.. dolat ''urioeM In tbc Otr ot Toleda, Coiiatr and auu ilonaaid. aiid tlut uld flnn wUI pay tte uo oi .'3 .VE HCKDRCO DOLLAB3 bir each and tvtry •an of CATiHKH that caDsot oa cnnd Uy tba uie a 'UU.1 CaunH CVBZ. FRAVK J. CHENEY. Swora to before m« and aabacnlied la mr imiiiuii tut «Ur day of O '^I WT . A. D.. itS4. , A.W.OtEAaOM. ) I »oi*«T PraiK RiVt Otlanli Can n'Ukpa IctanaDT and'acH tlnrtlr agn llw blood and nnroui nirfaeaa of U* »lttem. I (or tiMfaiKialaii. free. F.M. CHCNKV A CO. ToMo. i M4brtBDnHBl»M.TMr WIIT50N OUT FOR T1IEIISURE8 DEPUTY BAXK KXAMIXER HOfES TO MOVE UPWARD. / • (Jo -vslp of Possible Mixnp In Sinking Ip ICeitublltan Ticket Tlilt. Full. Tcpcka, Kas., Jan. 26.—If any more camuclatcs gel. into the Kepublican gubernatorial :ace in all probability t.^ey v.-lU get in by Kansas day Monday. .\rthur Capper, the Topeka pub Usher, and Frank J .Iiyan of I.oaven v.orth, a member oT the public utilities commission, already have announce* Senator C. S. Huffman of Cciumbus was put into the race the other day by Ills fellow townsmen. Huffman himself has at yet not said whether he will make the fight, but probably will j by Kansas day. It is thought that he win run. Another rumor has been running about in political cirels for several days that Henry J. Allen, the V.'ichita publisher, may run for the RepublicKU nomination. Not a word, however, yet been uttered by Mr. Allen. The rumor is persistent and is given con-j siderable credence by several well ' known politicians. For a time It looked as if tliere would be a lively tussle for stat treasurer. Walter Payne, present as iislant state treasurer and secretary of the Kansas Day club; was the first to announce for that office.- \V. Watson, assistant state bank commis jloner, and j; H. Mercer state sanl tary livestock commissioner, both m Heated that they would run. Mercer :ias since said that he will not make the' race. Watscon says he will stay to "he finish. Others mentioned are H W. Grass of l.aCro3se and W. Webb, of Wichita, but neither has yet said that le win run. From the jirescnt outlook the only offices for which new candidates may appear on Kansas day are governor and treasurer. There is nothing dcf Inite, yet, however, that there will be new entries Into those contests then and It Is hardly likely that there will lie any new developments In the way if candidates after that time. The ^Inns win gather again at both the state committee meeting and (he stntf •onventlon, litii both will iirobably be rather late this year, due to the un .•crtulnty about what Kooseveit wil lo, and candidates who are plannln.g to run will-more limn likely want to start off the ballle earlier than thosf lates . $I(>0 Per Plate —w^s paid at a banquet (o lleiiiy :;iay, in New York, in ISl":. .Mighty •ostly for tliose w.tii stomach trouble ir Indigestion. Today people everywhere use Dr. King's New Life Pills for these troubles as well as liver kidney and bowel disorders. Easy safe, sure. Only 2.*icat all druggists The Machine the American Business Man has been Waiting For Becauitc of its piarantccd high- grade construction, its embodiment of every practical improvement and feature found in any other marliine, combined wjtli low price, tlie New R0J1I No. S is truly the machine the American business man has been waiting for. Here it is, tnc king amonir typewriters, challenging the world to show a machine that can do better work, easier work, or more work, no matter what its price! New Model 5 TYPEWRITER • "Has Two-Color Ribbon, Back Spacer, Tabulator, Tilting Paper Table, Hinged Paper Fin.icrs and many other valusbie new features.i Let us show the Ro>-al in your own office,pn your own work—eiiher alone or alonj^side any other machine. The Koj/alshines by comparison. Model 5, $75 Same as (or Model 1 with Tabulator. No Eitras. Everr Royal has back rf it the ttaaranlee aliowtt bekm. Back o( ihc anacbinc and the lnaraaiee are the re»ourcc* and np«- rieoea d ooe of the lar(e«t ortaaizatiotu in the typcnrUer biuiocsa. THE AUTO FARM MOTOR This is the cn'y machine ccn=;ruc!ed on scientific i>ricciples for securing the ii:a.\inni'ii of with a luinimnin ejcpenditure of power. 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Feed, Bran, Shorts, Oil Meal and Alfalfa P'eeds. 100 pound.s per sa^k—guaranteed weights. ' \ S^ewlo ^a illnz & Elevator Co- 1 PIiONE157 Willis Pereau, Agent T5ie ^iir Way Restaurant .\Meii county people will be g!::d to know that. Ibis widely known resiimrant will be c.^n •;^uleJ. ^ Ti.oniii;;hly (Jraicd. re-stock:.:, in cliai:j;e of competent, experienced ben<ls. 1 c:".iiili j.ily liope to win yv .w piuronage by good service, go 'i .l cookii^' and c'oiirteoiis treatment. Regular meals served and short order .i <i;ir hpi -rialty. W. F. WILLIAMS, Proprietor II'IJ Soii «b Wa^hI3!:lon . V TC. Ibia, Kan>us Highest market Prices For H30ES and FURS -at- L. KRUPP'S JUNK YARD Piiono NOTICE! The prrsent .sliiiiip in local poultry prices is due mainly to the fact thai (luriuR the recent bad weiithf-r, the ra'.lroail coini-.anirs found it ditlii-iilt to i .'Dvi- :i:iMr cars. Tl'.ey moved tf:e poultry <M »t, Iml did not return emply car-^—consii|iiently all av.i.lable powitry cars are still In the Kr .st. V. e I.(;,.,- K , rc" the situali(m cli >:ir ii|i Jn a few days, when wo wll! iiroiiublv be able to pay voii ir.ore money for poultry. TH E COGHILL COM.MISSION CO.. Phone 37ti West of Sanla Fe Tracks lola, Kansa.<i THE TWINS HERE .\EXT WEEK. Grand Will Offer a Week of ('omed» Drama. amd Fn* DemoMsinUtm ROYAL TYPEWRITER COMPANY E. H. Bussingr, Agent Northmp BIdff. The Hoilingswarth Twin.? I>r;'in: tic- company will be at tho Grand all next week. The opening bill "For Her Sister's Honor" is a beautiful five- act comedy drama of a pleasing nature, and gives the "Twins" an opportunity to show the public what tlicy can really do. Another feature ^il! be a specialty by the Twins iff a catchy song and dance. Uesides this there will be vaudeville by other artists who will try their best to pleasa von between the acts. Also good music as well as dancing and singing. The ilolllngswonh Twins will give you a complete change of program nightly with a special matinee for the ladies and children Saturday afternoon, on which occasion Miss Myrtle will introduce her small troupe qf maltese poodles, besides the regular performanca Remember, Monday night. "For Her Sister's Honor." The Twins as well i as the 12 metropolitan artists sup- ' _ porting them will use every effort |o lels, KanMM Plc ^se and entertain. Prices 10 arid io cents; matinee. 10 cents to all. I have just shipped in a car if>ad of hirses. maros aiid mules f.-om HMoit. Kansas. They will w/ilgh from lOftO to i.jOO lbs.— fine gootl farm stock. Two teams of mares, will weigh 2500' a pair. Some other mares will weigh, from 1400 to lofiO. Several are heavy with foal. I have thr«e black mare mules, com­ ing'one year old, and one new disc for sale; Anyone wishing to buy. sell or exchange, can see me at once at the lola Horse & Mule Market, 1 blook west of the Sinta Fe depot.' . J, C. BUTCHER Pbone 880. tbfnMer Want hin Ret the Ula.

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