Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 27, 1912 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 27, 1912
Page 5
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r 6 FELIX AND FINK—Felix Had the Key to the Door; Not the Situation. PROFS'NAL DIRECTORY •£ •£ s 5 « « « « * s » « a s « JI05EX101.01X. » * win lend oi^ household eooda, » w pianos, organs, isewins ma- S •5 chines diamonds and Jewelry. S •2 J. W. COFFEY *. S- 110 North Street- « •ir $ $ $ $ $ $ $ » rl'.H' « 9 a Boyal Typewriter • a C!oatrolB Bzdaalve.Saie 01 Lu« *9 B0711I SttaBdard Tjpenrltn • •S In-AIIen. Gonnt^ • • E. JI. BatslBg, X^tax. : * Northrup,Bii!I<Hn» lois. KHUB. a Tjrpc'wrlter AejMlrd and Buii^iiM # a e •:• -i- • VTELL ! WAXTKP—KAKKIR CORN. IN CAR ; (iiiirod. (IOCKI IncoDit? WANTED—GOOD LAND. Improved lying near lola. Will buy ; loa.i lots! 1^ aVlranmim.PiVuVa/Kas^ Co-Operaiive Rea half «ijctlon or more if worth the' | Co , V 1423 Marden Building, Wash! nipn^^«Bked. Give price and full apt-ured. Ad- Realty ng- WANTEl):-TWO GOOD WORK : ton 1). C. P^'^aS^rs for reply. Owners only. | horses 1250 to 1350 pounds weight. MeaMg^lk Company. Tnlsa, Okla. i ^ola Brick Company. rED— WOOD TO SAW \\aTH | Phone 461. ! WANTEn— MEN TO LEARN THE —t}.'. : — I h.-.rber tradp. Here is an offer that w \Ja &D—BOARDERS AND ROOM ' 'Hi Iiuie.^ tool? with tuition. A method AVANTED—EXPERIENCED SALES lady in dry goods, at Frishman's. ers ; pood Phono- 2«6. rooms; modern house. WOMEN — SELL GUARANTEED . ho-e: 7i> per cent profit; make $10 th:it .-aves years of apprenticosiiip. i dnilv; full or part time; beginners in- I l\T-itions waiting in city or country j ve: t'igate. S'FRO.XG KNIT, Box 4029, ' A-.' Write Mohler Barber College 1 \v.'.>-t Philadelphia. Pa. 1 Ka!i?:>s City, Mo. W.VNfED—SALESMEN FOR THE; Gem Oll-Burncr; burns oil and steam,! .MIHNT:?—EITHER SEX, TO DIS- econoi^ical, safe, no dirt, smoke or!tr!'-;ite free package.'; I'l-rfiiuied Soap; OUK 30 D.VI BARGAIX. We have a fine tract of grazing and so'ottL^i Installed any i-tove in twenty i I'.wder. Good Pay. All or spare | timber land in Eastarn Oklahoma, to D)inin«" without changing stove. Con-|tii;e. No money needed. P. 0. Lin-; e.xcbange for a well located modern FOB SALE—30 BARRED ROCK cockerels; 10 S. C. Rhode Island Reds. Herbert Johnson, ISlti N. .lefferson. Phone 97U-4. FOR SALE-WHITE PLYMOUTH Rock cockerels. Eggs bought last iSiring of U. R. Fishel, Hope, Ind. 305 North Second. tracting agent.= granted exclusive territory. Retail prii-e SI.", en. For a.eents and wholesale price Address Gem Burner Co.. Des Moines, Iowa. ei>!n. :;!22 Lincoln Ave., Chicago. 111. house in lola; 480 acres at $5.00 per acre,'$2400. Land clear and good title. Anything offered must be clear. Here is a chance to double your money i LOCAL RF:PRESENTATIVE WAN: teii. No canvassing or soliciting re, Wi I in two or three years. W .\.XTEn—TO REPAIR BICYCLES: V.ANTEO — EXPERIENCED DIN-I Whifakcr & Donnell, lola, Kans. bnd'shoes. Some bicycles for sale in- roi>m girl. Penn.-ylvania Hotel, cheap. .Toss Howard. leS S. Ken- WA.XTED—SITI'.VTIOX IX COCV- j tncky street. Phone 1145. |try to do housev.ork. Address Box i • I ;;3. Io!a. ! WANTED—A GENT IN EA'ERY — i ftatp .^q lake the state agency to .^c'i WANTirn- OXK OR TWO DK.-^Ili- inetal concrete sidewalk form.';: mon',;. 'e re for liirlit hou.-;! kerirln^ l)y nvak«»r,.-Metal Sidewalk Form Co.. -^-.n an'l 'Aife In'inire Mr.--. Young, lola, Kas. ;.,:iai It, IVnn.-yhania Hotel. —SO A. 10 mis. from Parsons. Labette countv, Kans.Ts. Smooth land, sood black soil, all tillable. 00 A. ;>r.'ke. Price $50 per acre, ii.liio. C per cent. Want good lola pro!)erfy for equity, lola Lund Com- p.uiy lola, Kansas. FOR SAI£—MY COUNTRY HOME west of Hospital, 17% acres ground, p room house, the finest bam in Allen county, good cl.stern, good cellar all bricked up good,-an ideal place to live. Reason for selling, am located in the West where 1 have business Interests. This place will piake a nice chicken ranch or dairy farm. Call or write, A. M. Kooken, Colorado Springs Colo. FOR SALE—SVJ ACRES LAND ON street car line. Terms. W. E. Starks. FOR SALE—HOUSEHOLD FURNI- ture; some new chicken wire. Mrs. R. E, Glassell 120 S. Stanley, Gas, Kans. FOR SALE—FIVE WHITE OR- plngton pullets and one cockerll. Dr. Neusbme. Phone 824. FO.H SALE—39 ACRES OF NO. 1 bottom land within 1 mile of lola at a bargain price; $500 down, balance on term to suit purchaser. Allen County Realty Co., Evans BIdg, lola. FOR SALE—t^HEAP IF T.VKEN soon; four room house, small bam, large May cherry trees, grape vines, well and city water; 430 N. First." $200 down, balance on time $5.00 per month. FOR SALE—AT A BARGAIN, MY two story modern residence, 219 N. Cottonwood. Reasons for selling, Jeavinr c-ty. Teims or cash. A. E. Balliet. FOR SALE—SEASONED STOVE wood. Earl C. Monfort. Phone 997-23. FOR SALE—FINE BLACK JACK with white points. He is a fine one and will sell cheap if sold soon. B. B. Erannum, Piqua, Kans. FOR SALE—CHEAP soon; house and lot. Ohlo'street. / ^ \ IF T..VKEN Address 8 S. RUHAY IN UflJiRPE STREET B.VBKIXG IM)(i FIlKiHTENKD lllAM OF HOH.SKS. Robert Penlniid Was Thrown to tin- <>r»ir .id and Kudly Hurt—I .u ifarpe .\cHs. LA L'ARPE, .laii 27—Robert IVn- I4nd. an aged gentleman of north of town. baiily injured Thursday evening a.s a rtsiill of a run-ii-way. Mr. Peniahu witii hi- son T K. I'enland and wife were in a \vag<m on South Main street when thu team !<.:,-aiiie frightened at a b.irking dog. Mr. Penland atteuii)tefl to jiiiiiii and in so doing was tlirown to the ground. His side was injured, tace lacerated. His condition is uni.'iirtroveii to'Jay and it Is thought jjrohable l:e received internal injuries. Mr. T. F. I'enland succeeded in stopping the ai;i.'nais, but not before they had broken the wagon tongue. , -Ten i«?r cent di.-eonnt on Wall ' I'rank MilJ-r wil visit his broliicr. Paper until new line arrives, wiu'ii ' in Qiiiiiey. K,-is. for a ff^w days, will be the first of next month; 2" ))er) .Mrs. K, !I Unrlock. of I'ort .'^entt. i.^ cent discount on job lots—Waters &ivi;ting i:er p.-i.nt-. .Mr. and .Mrs. R. 'Danforth, Drugs and .Jewelry. 1 \V.;rd. snutli of town, W N. Martin, of Ottawa, was a bubi Bess caller here vestordav. —F. S. Ualm M. D., Jculist A number of friends and neighbors IRA B. FRANTZj KKtJISTKKED OPTOMETHIM Uuniboldt, Kas. ..;or:iii. aft" -IK, >n ef I'lbniarj t,;h tiiiil all l!.e day 'tli. I.a Il.uiie. Kebniary Sth iind yth. 6AS TALKS OF THE GAS CASE iMrxTioN IS niiKF Torit; OF tOWKItSATION. >"i,rc of Wl to 11. Tiie boys .MIV "no ji: ;ii-tii-c" was tlie cail-e. Ktep in Siiiitli's gr'.eiry and li.ive Ne-inr S.'ie;iii'r tell of a irrrilil" a'ci- dent b,fi-Il hiiu \v;iil>i cutting eh-ese yt-.-tiTday. Jir. C. U'. li'-nnirk v.iio iir.i'fieeii lei'lifiiM- ill <;;:s fiiv ami i- well known by old timers her'-, cli'-fi Tliurs ilay evt nin;; at !> o'ehuk at iiis country home n. ar Wellinginn. liiteinicnt will be ;:l C;i"rryvali- loiiiorr'uv. Mr and .Mrs K .1 Honily eniertain- fd ye'terilay at six o'clock dinner for ; Mrs. Bowius. .Misses Ha/.el and Clara, I and Mr. Tom Bowius of lola. .Iiihn I.owiinit IHcs ut Ki<-li Hill, .Mo. - Dr. Hcniilrk'* FUIHTBI .—Slon- Arelilent. Vircinia lloi-ker left yesterday tibinb of Kansas City, to accept -.Kisition as teacher. _ President FJush of the Missouri Pa- Mi fo: a a of Mr.-5. William Newman gave her ai,>ifio railroad came through l^Harpc •pleasant party last evening nn l>is siteei.-.l train yesterday. He is in honor of her birthday anniversary. I !iiakii;c an in-^pection tour over the en Various amusement? were provided,! tire syiteni. after which dainty refreshments were! Tbe" Kastern Star heM tlieir annual served. Those who enjoyed the even- ;„ctallation last evening in the liall ing were: Mr. and Mrs. D. R. Peters, I,,, Mr. and Mrs. J. N .Clark, .Mr. and Mrs. j ' C M. Morgan Mr. and Mrs. Thoma.<-- Iveighty. .Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Hines, .Mr and Mrs. S. A. Petlit, Mr. and Mrs. Wil liam Sellraan, .Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Sellman and -Mr. and Mrs. William Newman and family. Rev. S. L. Chase returned today from Opolis, Kas., where lie has been assisting Rev. John Aslib-y in conducting revival meetings. He says the meetings are growing with Interest and that Rev. .\shley. the former Harpc young man is accomplishing great tilings. UPV. Chase will occupy the pulpit In the Methodist church 'here tomorrow. Russell Smith, son of Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Smith of north of town, who Is attending the State Normal at Em- l)oria, returned home yesterday with c broken arm. Russell was doing "stunts" in the gymn :>sium when he met with the accident. Rev. J. H. Bright who officiated at the Baker funeral and has been calling on old friends for the past few days returned today to Emporia. Misses Gertrude Martin and Alice Barker will spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. I.*roy Strimple of Yate« Center. A. H. Hines made a business trip to lola yesterday. The high school basket ball team was defeated Thursday evening by the lolB Ugh school third team by tiie .National bank. Gorn-I! and faisniy are niovin.g to •h<' Mii'hell iilaee nortii of town. Hen Bigi;-; has inirehased the Red >ight restaurant of Willi.ini Mills. .Mrs Be.^sie Courel and daughter, of nleiiencl.-ine. are spending the day v!;h -Mr and .Mrs IC P. Craen. They n!! go to Ri'-h Hill this morning. Miss Vermia fJrassfield after an ex- .en.led visit with her grandparents la" returned to northern MiK.<:<)url. Christian Ciiurch: Sunday School at 10 a. m. Preaching 11 a. m. Subject: The World's Greatest Memorial." Christian Endeavor 6:30 p. m. Preach i:g 7:3" p. m. Subject: •'Tho Wandering .lew or the Miracle of the Cetitur.v." Everyone invited.—V. L. Goodrich. Pastor. .Methodist Ei^scopal chtireli: Sun- -iiv School ;t :4lTa. m. Epworth I..eague •jt:"'! p. m. Preaehing at 11 n. m. and 7:;!" p. m.—S. L. Chase. Pastor. Presbyterian Church: Sunday Eebool nt P:?.0 a. m. Preaehing at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. Christian Endeavor 6:3ft p. m Text for the morn Ing discourse: "Thou Anolntest My Head With Oil."—George II. Clymer, Pastor. —Persons trdubled with partial paralysis are often very mncb Leifefited by massaging the affected parts thorotfKbly vhea applying Chamber- laia'.s Liniment This liniment also nUevee liieamatic paiQ^ Vat sale CAS CITY, .IAN. 27 -The injuiic- liou hearing of IIH- city versus the .Natural Gas Company will probably lie concluded in the district coiirl at lola today. During the discussiouH. Hie writ of injunction compelling the company to furnish gas remains in elT'-ct. Tiie (luestjon is the general tojiii: of ••onver.sation. Anyone coming from lola i.s halted before he gets on the car and asked the result of the case. •..ester .-ind .Nellie l.,ewman receivr^d the sad uew.s yesterday afternoon of the deatli of their uncle. John Lewman of Ricli Hill. lister L^-wman left last night lo attend the funeral which will be held there tomorrow. Iniermmt will bo in Rich Hill cemetery. j .lohn Lewis of .Mildred fromerly of {this city came "hobbling" into town . on a cano yesterday. Mr. Lewis is ; just recovering from a severo injury received at the MildrM cement idant the first of December. Mrs .T. Demitt is reported quite ill. Mrs. Tom Wado went to Colony yes terday for a short visit with her disughter, Mrs. Guy Roberts. .Mrs. Susie Brady arrived yesterday from Oswego called here on account of the serious Illness of her sister. Mr.=. W. H. Brown. President Bush of the. Missouri Pacific passed through iJi" city in his car yesterday. He is making an inspection trip over the entire system .Mr.s. J. L. Kauffman visited Mr. and Mrs J. H. Parkhurst in I .,J!Harpo yes- terda.v. The remains of Dr. C. W. Rennick wlio died Thursday at his countr>' horpe ne;!r Wellington have been removed to Cherryvale. where interment will be. The funeral services will be held tomorrow under the auspices of the Masons. Miss Sophl.t Shawver vent to Kln- caid last nl.g)it to visit her parents over Sunday. .1. W. Ixiwcr was a pleasant caller In Lallarpe yesterday. Grnndmotber Hutlon of north of the cltv is reported quite ill. The Infant child of Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Bethaxd, formerly of here but now of lola Is reported dangerously ni. Mrs. Hutchinson and children cnme up from Chanute yesterday to visit a few weeks with old neighbors at Con- creto. Mrs. J. W. RIchey is reported on the sick list. Snnday school in the Christian cb'trch will lie held tomorrow at 2 o'clock. Elder Uoomaw of lola will preach at 3 o'clock. Kethoilst Cknck. Buy Tone's Old Golden Coffee -k\r Carl & Hunter's Sunday school at 10 a. m. The pastor will jireach at Piqua tomorrow mornin.g. Services ' in the evening at 7-.'iO. Til" evening s'-rvice be for all but mon- iaily fcr the yniing men. Th<! choir will meet at 7:1.0 and render a number of musical selections The choir of the Methodist cliurcli met^ last night and arranged some spi'cial music for the Sunday evening sorvice. The shelves in tlic south side of the Carl ft Htinter grocery tumbled over yesterdav, Kortunati-ly no one A-a<5 near at. the time or a serious ac- iltdent prot-ably would have resulted. Carjieniers rre busy today repairing the slielving. Wlien you want a reliable medicine 'or a cough or cold take Chambcr- ain's Cough Remedy. It can always >e depended upon and Is pleasant and >afe to take. For sale by all dealers. FOR SALE—FIRST CLASS CAFE. The best location in the city, doing a good business, good reason for selling Inqtiire at Register. FAKM LOANS! CHEAP MOXKY! We represent one of the best "Farm i-oan Companies doing business in the State of Kansas. We can loan on farms anywhere In Eastern or.Cen­ tral Kansas. Our rates are tite low••Kt and our terms are the best. Call or wrlto us when In ueud of n farn. loan.- Phono 97. TIIE W:TEKS 0> LAND tO .ni 'AXY Old Court lIouKe Itldir. FOR SALE—ROSE COMB RHODE Island Red Cockerels. Also eggs lor setting. Louis Wheeler. Phone 310. FOR SALE—NEW STOCK CUTTER riding plow cultivator. Inquire L. \V. Higgins, Moran, Route J.- FOR S-A.LE—SIX HOLE RANGE with reservoir for coal or wood. Phone 569. FOR SALE—400 BUSHEL GOOD seed oats; also some good white seed corn. Huss Bros., I^'llarpe, Kas., R. F. D. No. 1. FOR SALE—S ACRES IMPROVED faini. by owner. J. Stevens, Humboldt, kans. FOR SALE—ONE COW; :Ui; N. Fourth street. FRESH. STRAW—12 ViC PER BALE AT farm. One mile southwest-of lola. R. A. Ewing. Dr. C yi. RuKS 1 • - DENTIST • B^ora No. J, Xortfarup tflas. * Extraction without pain by «•» •. nse of Nitrutis Oxide Gat ^. Phone—Office 653; Rea. 86a WHY NOT I . • Hava Tonr Piano Tuned by aa J Experienced Tuner—Ona lit- • ing In your boms town. • , T. a CAKATSET • .Piano Inner an4 Bepafrer Roberts Mnstc Co. Phone 431. .V. 5 ' F. L. B. LEATELL. X. B. Specialties— I Dlseasea at tbe CbMi ' Diseases bl Cbildrea. Pkones—Office 147; BM. 117, lOLA STATE BANK^BUKL FOR RENT—FOR RENT • r {- Beal Estate «Bd LtmtMk ft > ' AUCnOlfEEB • BatUEactlon guaranteed. Wfre w B If pbone at my expense tor datae> # * ' B. B. CLABK, K Ittet Center Over Coou Baak •*••••••••« FOR RENT—SIX ROOM HOUSE two blocks from square; city water. Phone 981-14. Farm and CHy Loans KANSAS AND OELAIIO.M.V Low Jtatej Annual or Seml-Annuu. Interest—Frhliege to Pay In Full Reduced Bates on Fire Insurance.' R.M.Cunning ^ham Old Court Sense Bldg. • lob^ Kas f . Card of Thanks. We desire to express our gratitude o our neighbors aiid friends lor theii* sympathetic words, their kind asbist- ince and their floral offerings during he sickness and death of <»ur beloved iiother.—Dr. S B. Chilcote, Mr. and WxA. C. E. Woodward, Mr .and Mrs. W. r... Paynne, Mr. and .Mrs. T. H. Chilcote, Mr. and Mr.'^ A. C. C'urtlss. WANTED—CLE.V.V WHITE BACS. t^'l] pay 3 cent!) a 'pui:ud. Register office. The Allen County (tealty Co. Make a specialty of selling Allen County Farms. We also write Insurance of all kinds, collect rents, pay taxes for non-residents, and do a general real esUte business. We represent three of tbe best loan Rompaales do^iK business ' in Kansas, and solicit a share of tbe loan business, and guarantee as cheap rates and n^yr* serrlce as can be bad anywhere. TheAtlcn.County Realty Co. B. L. Tkonpsea^ Hgr. ' OETIGES BVAN8 BLDO. lOLA Hoi iSprlngs, Ark, Round Trip Tickets, lola to Hot Springs, Ark., with return limit of three mouths from date of sale, with stop-over p'rivllegea going and return on sale every day In the year, for .«18.60 The one way fare Is |12.6I. E. E. MUNGER. Fftone'KM. Mo. Fae. Igeat FOR RENT—A GOOD TEN-ACRE farm. Inquire of J. M. I^mcr. FOR KENT— GOOD SEVEN ROOM house, small barn, plenty of gas. 56 lier month. Phone 10S6. FOR RENT—1S6 ACRE FARM IN Vernon county. Mo.; 120 acres plow land, 1.'. acres bearInK orchard. Inquire (i. C. Parlar-ca, Iji Harpe, Kas. FOR RENT— KO ACRES; ABOUT 711 acres cultI\atlon, Imlance pasture mil nie;idow. II. Hobart. Phone 782. LOST AND FOUND. l.fKST--l'AIR OF EVE GLASSES I'lwit" reliirn to Re'^lsler office and ..( eive reward. R. Walls. TO LOAN—FROM $1,000 TO 15,000 privat-' money on good real estate at per cent. Apply to Ewing, Gard & Card. FOR EXCHANGE. obOD 8-ROOM MODERN HOUSE :n ore block of car line, to trade for 4 ir 5-room house . Phone 1330. Sarreniento Tallcy, Calif., Laud;). A;, an investment and a pleasant, homv, iK» place on earth equals the 5acrauutit(» Valley Linds at reason- ible pric.-s fend easy u rius. E.xcuc- ion; lo .:.;i;;iinciito February l.ith ;oir .i ii.'ji fr.fc to liuycrs. For liter- itiir- aii(i fiirtSi'T information call on Ch)irle.s & Potter. CKE.SCKXT VALLEY. .lanuary 2h.-^Tlio following persons enjoyed a pleasant evening at the hoiuft of .Ifjhn Willenburg Sunday: Misses Ethel, Gladys and Irene Wright Dora Endlcott Helen Maggie, and Katie Willenburg, Minnie WlUhlte, Stella Simmons, M<.-3srs. l.x>uls Slra- iiions, Fred Tweedy, John Hopkins, Earl -Wright, Ray Lobaugh. Clifford Wright, Franci.s an<l Jerome Willenburg. Games and music were indulged in and supper was served at Gr^O. All present report a fine time. Mrs. Endlcott and Dora spent Sunday at Mr. Fosters. Several of the farmers have been butchring in the last week. .Mrs. Chatnlters and Mrs. Willenburg called on Mrs. Rhodes Wednesday. The M. B. S. will hold their next meeting with Mrs. Dornhergh next Thursday evening, February 2. W. Wllhite and family visited at James Wllhite In town Sunday. Jutan Wllhite went to Chanute Sunday and returned Wednesday. Mrs. Wilson and Mrs. Endlcott visited Mrs. Adams Thursday. Mrs. John Wllhite called at Charley Wright's Wednesday afternoon. —Do not allow your kidney and , bladder trouble to develop beyond the reach of medicine. Take Foley- Kidney Bllb. -They, give qnidc^ resal^ -and stop 'irr^golaritl.aa with siurprls- jfng promptiMA. f. D. Mundls Jfc Go. pn;r^. .fan. 2.">.—Miss Denner. our teacher was out of school .Monday on account ,)f sickness. The marriage of Mr Robert Loft and .Miss Katheriue Dieliolt has been an- noiimed. Mr. and Mrs E. P. Slack, of lola. were guests of .Mr. and Mrs. Logan Wright Friday evening. .Mr.s. Cora Flal^e, of lola, spent Friday at the home of Mrs. R. H. Addleman. .Miss Korte, of Emporia, has been a guest of Clara and Frances Ul rich the past week. Mr. iind .Mrs. Jim Blakley, of neat lola, spent Sunday with rolativti here. Miss Josephine Keel, of lola, spent the week end at the home of hei uncle, Mr. Denner and family. Miss.Mary and Anna Rercamp, of Western Kansas are here for a visit with thojr aunt, Mrs. Ben Westennan Members of the Woodman lodge are to give an oyster supper here Friday evening for the members and their famlllea.. " tweati..jei MISSOURI VALLEY SANITARIUM, ATCmSON, KAKSAS _ . PHUXIF HEIGELl 110% South St. KABNES8 AND SADDELBT Cenenl Bepalrlng, AU Klads > • > , WNEY TO LOAN -r > OB all ^Inds of household good* > or Jewelry—anything of vflutt > Jijgua Pawn Shop, Eaat Bide ^ Sauare. Offlce in Fruit Stor*. '> All transactions strictly oooA* • deatial. » Office Bcs. m » Phone Ffcone 1W.T. « rt , DB. J. G. WALKBB^ • « ; - <-Xi^sk'Bidg.\ ••. -.'• « S Sbcceasof tb Dr. S. A; OotftMa^ Special atuntlon to Obstetrta S and Disease of Children. tOLA R. R .TrME TABLES 1. T. * 8.;F.JU]I.WAT ..' South-Bound.' >Io. 2 (tt—Dally Passenger •...1:05 p. la Vo. 2«e—Dally Passenger S:IS a. m 207— Dally (except Sunday) PnMM*- .Vo. f»—Daily'' (except' Sunday) ' "Wvl^ Freight. Arrive 12:01 p. m. Depart l :NgLi% ' North Bound. - ' Vo. 202 —^Daily Passenger...' 2A| .N'u. 204—DaHy Passenger 3 :aes So. 2oe—Dally (except Sunday) Faann- fctr (:90a.iiL No. 218— Dally (except Sunday) Freight. Arrive 11:16 a. in._ Depart 12:01 p. ML Xlssonrl Pacific B. B. •Fr«Idht»-We»t Bound.' , :91— Local (daOr ex. Bun) Iv S:« p. m. •Sl -Colo. RedlBaU (daUy)^ •Frefghte—East Bound. iSS-HedBaU (dafly) ar. l^cm. t92 —lMcal'(dally ex. Sun) ar. S:Wa.)iu ; P«««ei»fler«—Wert Boun^ ^ 107—Kanus aty-Tates Center lun .aad Bxpress (dally) Iv., 4:n.p. m «0»— St. IloolS-WIehiU UaU and S&cprew (dally) jv,....:........ -. ...8:M,«,^ i PanencMra—Eart Bound. ' . ._>3' tlO— at touts ^fiinsas City Uaat^ WiT (danx, ar....^,,..,,..^:H^|.^ 8:n a. m. t0&— Txi"ii*r%nBai City MaU press (dally) ar. K. K. * T. BAILWAI - •• '-It^f- • Sooth Bound. " Ko. B7»--Wa» rreli^t. (dally ^o. 7 &-*lta*d7da "riy; Mnrth- Bound. < ^ - ' North- Bound. ^JJI: Is—S^Tto^i.. - =. „ •No. B72-Wtty Freight, (dally ^ Sunday) •571 and 672 wfll carry naasanaera^ i •,. MONETHEO lOAjr ON FlUSl.^ , If you are wanting a Fam'LAitf- iet ma tell you about my terma and rates. I handle private and Bastem C 0. BiHJiOrGEB lola. Bans. -rTakft €Oia> w^fss i1 $re Brooe^ Tablets .IKiQigistfl! refaad mbi It »1& tociflw:- WrOroTei"* tnre Is 00. eftch box. l5o. 8lgiM<

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