The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas on November 16, 1961 · Page 12
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The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas · Page 12

Ottawa, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 16, 1961
Page 12
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12 THE OTTAWA HERALD Thursday, Nov. 16, 1961 Hal Boyle Wants JFK To Start Fashion Wig Trend MIKE CRAMER, son of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Mecks, 714 N. Oak, is serving aboard the U.S.S. Helena. His address: S. A., 1st Division, U.S.S. Helena, CA75, eo FPO, San Francisco, Calif. Lane News Students To Hear Ellsworth By GLENA HETLER Congressman Robert Ellsworth, Lawrence, will address the Lane High School student body at an assembly on Wednesday, Nov. 22, at 2 p.m. Adults are invited. Mrs. George Snow Sr., underwent surgery at St. Luke's Hospital in Kansas City recently. She is reported to be improving satisfactorily. The junior class play, "Mountain Gal," will be presented at 8 p.m. in the Lane High School auditorium on Saturday, Nov. 18. Come early to the senior class soup supper in the school cafeteria. Serving will begin at 6 p.m. Chili and vegetable and oyster soup will be served. Mr. and Mrs. Hershel Ralston spent Sunday with his sister, Mrs. A. L. Creegar, and Mr. Creegar of Kansas City. His mother, Mrs. Robert Cox, of Springfield, Mo., returned with them to spend the week visiting relatives and friends. Mr. and Mrs. L. D. Morlan and family, of Topeka, came by to call on her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Christian, on their way home from a weekend visjt at Nevada, Mo. . ; ' w: ***' Mr. Irv Myers has moved into the Crestview Nursing Home in Ottawa. Mr. and Mrs. Royden White and family, Altona, Iowa, visited his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harry White, and Homer. A group of Pottawatomie Valley 4-H Club members, accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Joe Alexander and Mrs. Donald McDougal, attended the K.U.-K-State football game at Lawrence Saturday. Charles Mitchell, Topeka; John Doman, Osawatomie; Jack Bownlee, and George Snow Jr., spent the weekend in Western Kansas pheasant hunting. Mr. and Mrs. Guy Edwards visited their son, Kyle Edwards, and family, Independence, Mo. Mrs. Hobart Betz, Steve and Lynn, and Mrs. George Snow Jr., and family visited Mrs. George Snow Sr., in St. Luke's Hospital, Kansas City. Mr. and Mrs. Damon Moon, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Mcllvain, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Lombard, Mrs. W. 0. Henderson, Mrs. Charles Bump, Mrs. Gil Chambers, Mrs. Lillian Allen and Mrs. Emma Kavanaugh attended Friendship Night of the O.E.S. of Fontana. NEW YORK (AP)-Max Miller has a simple goal. "I want President Kennedy to wear a fashion wig," he said. "That would start the ball rolling, the same way it did with George IV of England and Louis XHI of France. "The Cabinet officers would follow suit, then the lobbyists. "Soon millions of red-blooded American men would be wearing beautiful high-fashion wigs. Their wives would fall back in love with them. The wholesome loving at- osphere in all those homes would put an end to juvenile delinquency, alcoholism and the television habit." Miller, at 43 the owner of a flourishing mop of hair that makes him his own worst customer, is the dynamic head of one of the oldest and largest wig firms in the world. The hairpiece business is now about a $50 million a year industry in this country, and getting bigger all the time. The bald truth of the matter, according to Miller, is that some three million American women Draws Bead On U. S. Communists By BARRY SCHWEID WASHINGTON (AP)-The Justice Department has drawn a bead on Communist party leaders as deadlines for registering with the government near. The party has until Sunday to register with the department as an arm of the Soviet Union. If the party doesn't register, its officers must by Nov. 30. Both deadlines are apt to be ignored by Communist party leaders, who have fought the issue in the courts since passage of the Subversive Activities Control Act of 1950, which prescribed the registrations. The Communists have vowed to go to jail rather than comply. In the face of the defiance, Justice Department officials have begun mapping plans to prosecute. Atty, Gen. Robert F. Kennedy indicated in Dallas Wednesday the steps his department would take if the deadlines are ignored. If the Communist leaders fail to register "as they have indicated," Kennedy told a meeting of the Associated Press Managing Editors convention, they will then be subject to a $10,000 fine and a five year imprisonment. We will also move in that area.". now wear fashion wigs, and some 400,000 to 600,000 men protect their scalps from sunburn, rain, snow and ill-natured laughter with tou- aees, also known in the trade as 'toppers." It is his opinion—well, anyway, his hope—that the fashion wig again will become a status symbol among men, as it already is among many women. 'George Washington wore a fashion wig," he said. "So did Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson. Would you call them sissies? "Actually this is the second era of American history when the wig has been a status symbol. "In Colonial America wigs were symbols of status—but as worn by husbands not wives. You could gauge a colonist's station in life by the repertoire of wig he owned. "The wealthy landowner might possess a dozen. The shopkeeper would have two—one for every day, one for Sundays. The blacksmith probably owned but one, while the indentured servants and field hands had nothing to hide their hair from the contemptuous regard of their bewigged betters." A modern women's wig today costs from $200 to $700, a man's topper from $165 to $250. They last from two to three years, and can be sent out to be cleaned and dressed for $4.50. Feminine wigs contain from 250,000 to 300,000 hairs, male toupees about 140,,0000. The world hair buying center is Palermo, Sicily, and the greatest source of supply is the Italian woman peasant. The price ranges all the way from $50 a pound for straight black hair to $400 a pound for pure white or red hair, the colors in scant supply. So far, Miller's letters to the White House suggesting that President Kennedy launch a new fashion in male wigs have gone unanswered. He is considering whether Soviet Premier Khrushchev might be a more interested prospect, and would be glad to furnish the premier with a free hairpiece as a starter. "A nice crewcut toupee might help him get rid of his inferiority complex and give him more self- confidence," said Miller. "Anyway, it's worth a try." Crushed Stone Govt. Lime Spread Washed Kaw Sand FOGLE QUARRY CH 2-4864 —CH 2-1782 -i. MEDICINE 1961 CHANNEL IS Tonight: 9:00 p.m. "New Joints For Old" A housewife from California has : a new hip joint installed during this hour long program. The viewer is also taken into the Biome- chanic Laboratory to see some of the studies being carried on in this field of modern medicine. presented by BLUE CROSS-BLUI SHIELD OP KANSAS Camera "Sees" Through Smoke LOS'ANGELES (AP)-An electronic camera that sees through smoke heavy enough to block out visible and infra-red rays was tested for the first time during the recent Bel-Air and Topanga Canyon fires. Dr. Robert M. Stewart, director of applied research for Space- General Corp., disclosed the experiment Tuesday night in a talk to the Institute of Aeronautical Sciences. Stewart said the device, operated from an airplane at an altitude of 10,000 feet, successfully mapped the path of the blaze and showed the intensity of hot spots even though the area was blanketed by smoke. By relaying what the camera sees to the ground, Stewart said, fire department command posts could keep a wide-spread blaze under constant surveillance, dispatching equipment to new flare- ups instantly. Slept Lore? 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