Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on April 1, 1954 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 1, 1954
Page 3
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Thursday, April 1, 1954 MOM Sf Aft, HOMY Aft SANSAS ri SOCIETY MI B«tw..n I A. M, and 4 P. M. Calendar f hucsday April 1 The spriilg feeital of the J.unlor find Senior High School Glee Clubi will be presented ih the High Schoo auditorium at eight o'clock on Thursday night, April 1. «flfHope Chapter 328 of the OES of the Eastern Star wiilmeet Thursday night, April 1, at 7:30. Mrs. Thomas Compton will be hostess to the Nandina Garden Club members in her. home at 603 North Hervey street on Thursday, April 1, fit 7:30. Co-hostess will be Mrs. Grady Browning. The program will be on "Birds"., ,& Friday April 2 «'Mrs. E. P. O'Neal will be, hostess to the Rose Garden Club members in her home at 307 S. Hervey street on Friday, April 2nd, at 3 o'clock. Co-hostess will be Mrs. Ray Allen. .Exhibit will • be a crescent arrangement of iris. ..Mo.ncfay;Apr.ljf'5 l .. v '..v. : «V . : '^SCsklii&e; feat the' Firs t : Methodist' Ch(ij-chr;,;wjili;;?:meet Monday, * ril , 5fh. #'$, 7/3q?p.yri. • in the!. home : IVlrsV ,. Ciajide v TiUery for " "their ' 'Secret- Pal' 1 ! ^p&ty.. ;Each~ member • isjf'asked ttoV^Drirj'ig-'a ; contribution fdr':the gifts/me^'have ''received f ronr. th^lr. pai>. andi'.if i.'.'ybu\'.canhot be present ''pl^ajse.tsend the -.iriame of; the '^imber /youjvthipk'has'vbeen your pal Jarid ; your? co'ntributipn uby another 'meniber^ who.' is •coming. Circle^-. Thrpe'5'pfJ thevFirsf .Methodist ; Church ~\V. : S V :C; -S. Will- meet ft the' home pr Mrs: ; Stith. Davenport, '-202 ; , South v Hervey, at:.'. three o'clock 'on Monday afternoon, April. 5. :Cp-hoste;ss • will be .Mrs. ;.W. LOOK! SPECIAL! FRIDAY 9NLY Deluxe " . •' HAMBURGER (Bottle Drink Free) , fa? Watch-for different special- P ": " each^day. IDAIRY.OUEEN .S^ACK-BAR . East 3rd Street A. Franks. Mrs. Ernest Graham will present the program at the meeting of Circle Two of the First Christian Church on Monday afternoon at three o'clock in the home of Mrs. Malcolm Porterfield. There will toe a meeting of the executive board of the Women of the Presbyterian Church -on Monday morning at ten o'clock. The Lou Demie Jr. G. A- will have a program on "Mission Work In South America" on Monday afternoon, April 5. at four o'clock. The Willing Workers Auxiliary of the Unity Baptist Church will have a meeting at seven o'clock on Monday night, April. 5. on "Stoking ; the Fires." At four o'clock on Wednesday afternoon choir rehearsal will be held by the members of the Carol Choir of the First Baptist Church. Thursday April 8 On Thursday, April 8, the ladies of the Hope Gospel Tabernacle will hold prayer services at 2:15. The Concord Choir of the First Baptist Church will have choir rehearsal at four o'clock on Thursday afternoon. Friday April 9 The First Baptist Church Cherub Choir will have rehearsal at four o'clocki The following organizations of the First Baptist Church will have meetings on Monday afternoon, Ap 1-11 5, at four o'clock:. The Beginner and Primary Sunbeams, the Junior G. A. and the Junior R. A. -.'The, First Presbyterian Church Sh'p'ir - w.lill practice at. 7'p. m. on Mon'day, April. 5. Tuesday April 6 •The Intermediate G. A. of the First .BajAist Church wlill meet at four o'clock Tuesday afternoon, April 6. . Choir Rehearsal will be held «* ;he; Hope Gospel Tabernacle on Tuesday at 7:30 p. m. ATI installation of officers will be held by the VFW Auxiliary on Tuesday night, April 6. Members will meet .at White's Cafe for. a banquet at 8 p. m. Following the banquet the group will adjourn to the hut where the 'installation service ill take place. All .'members 'are .isked to call •2212 by noon on Monday, April 5, or reservations. Wednesday. April 7 Family night will be held at the First Presbyterian Church on Wednesday night. There will be a pot uck supper at 6:30. The devotiona Births Major and Mrs. Chester C. Holloman announce the birth of a son on March 29th at the Tripler General Hospital. Honolulu, T. H. Mrs. Holloman will be remembered as the former Patricia Dut'fie daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Duffle. Hospital Notes Julia Chester Admitted: Mrs. Jones Washington. Thomas G. Discharged: Mrs. L. R. Ferguson Hope. Branch Admitted: Mrs. ^Garland Smith, Rt. 4, Hope, Mrs. Jack Hervey Hope. Discharged:. Mrs. Harold Bobo Fulton, Mr. A.; L. Caudle, Hope: Miss Nelda Ellis, Hope. Continued from Page One ence is steadily finding out things the ordinary man knew all alohg. Everything depends on how you look at it. A robin sees no reason why it shouldn't sing or build its nest in a cemetery. But the average growup would be outraged 'i he caught a small boy squat- ing by a grave and practicing on a saxophone. Why are birds and children so much less than big live people? pompous xouth Fellowship and the Reveren , a beauty..* In miraculous ORLON-PIMA... This is you.,, as pretty as a picture with a chic, scooped neckline,.. dramatic with its white edging. In J. P. Stevens Silky PIMA joined with ORION that laughs at wrinkles. And such wonderful colors, ... In sizes 7 (915. Why is it when you ask your 'riends if they have read any good books lately, none ever an- still a best seller. The best way for a dumb man to get ahead in a hurry marry a smart woman. is to Money won't buy everything in life, but isn't it amazing how things j'ou can rent with Highway Bids Received on Road Work LITTLE ROCK (/P) — The Arkan sas Highway Commission yester day advertised for bids for 15 con struc'tion projects and two brids; painting jobs which will cost a estimated 2 million dollars. Bids will be opened April 15. Reconstruction of about 12 mile of the Little Rock-Memphis route Highway 70, in Prairie County, ar included in the projects. Jobs by counties, include: Phillips — 7.fl6 miles gravel stir facing on sections of Elaine-Lam brook road, Highway 49. Cleburne and Independence — 8.75 miles of grading, crushft' stone base and bituminous surtax treatment on the Concord-Locus Grove road, Highway 25. Yell — 3G;5 feet of reflooring o the Arkansas River Bridge on tht Dardanelle-Russellville road, Higl way 17. Benton and Washington — 7.0, miles of grading, crushed stone base and bituminous surface treat merit on the Siloam Springs-Fay elteville road, Highway 1C. Boone — Widening of a bridge and one overpass at West Sugai Loaf Creek near Bergman on High way 43. Pulaski — 6.42 miles of widening and resurfacing Rose City-Scot road, Highway 70. Randolph and Greene—7.35 miles of grading, gravel base and bituminous surface treatment arid one concrete bridge on the O'Kean- Dclaplaine road, Highway 90. Washington — 2.18 miles of biti- minous surface treatment on the Prairie Grove-South road, a county road. Washington — 5.82 miles of bituminous surface treatment on the Springdale-Elm Springs road, a county road. Independence —Painting White River bridge on Highway 11 at Batesville. .. Jackson — Painting White River Bridge on Highway 67 at Newport. A hermit we know has just heard about the hydrogen comb, and HURRY! LAST DAY! FEATURE TI'MES 3:39 - 5:18 - 7:17 - 9:16 VAN JOANNE JOHNSON • DRU Memphis Officers Fined for Brawling MEMPHIS UP)— Two Memphis policemen, fined for their part in an Arkansas nightclub brawl, .were suspended yesterday for 30 Idays without pay. The suspensions were made effective March 22,. against Lt. J. .A: Stoots and patrolman Jack L., Am r mons:l^he. pair, wer. charged witlj public •drunkenri'ess'and disorderly conduct after being arrested near West Memphis while off duty. They pleaded no contest to the charges. Stoots forfeited a bond of $100 and Ammons §200. we rather treasure his shocked comment on it: "Anybody who would build a thing like that must be crazj'. Don't they know they're playing with dynamite? -. Cartoon "Mysterious Cowboy" Novelty, "Serve 'Em Right" FRL & SAT, SPECIAL PROGRAMS Special spring classes in progress. Ages 3 to 15. Hours 9 to 7. Phone 7-3327 KATHARINE WINDSOR TAP & ACROBATIC SCHOOL OF DANCE East 14th Street Matt, 91, Promises fo Quit Bootlegging LONDON, Ky. W) — After listening to father-like lectures on the evils of bootlegging whisky, Jim Bowman promised the judge and ie.vied- Hi. hi .11 ~,\ iiis confiscated five ph.fs of shine. "I preached" hltti a sermon tod," said the sheriff, "and the only reft* son I didn't bring him to jail instead of giving him a summons to appear in court was because of sheriff he would be good in thsjhis age." future. Bowman is 91. the sheriff said Sheriff Harve Steele said he ar-'Tho case was filed away. _. Is Called Off z. W. 090, said* a Wilf b% Sf EVENING DRESSES They ore here, they're beau* tiful, ba'llaiMna length, Prom Evening Dresses. A specfal purchase, regular $29,95 values, see them today at Owen's. $16.95 and $19.95 Use our easy lay-ay/ay plan. , V ' Ladies Cotton Dresses Just arrived for Easter one big rack ladies Easter Dresses., value to $8.95. $5.00 EASTER BLOUSES See the new Easter Blouses, Big selection , $1.981 to $7.95,.. , : -^-,- MITZI DRESSES They're here. Mitzi Dresses for the little The biggest ahd most complete selection we have ever shown. Get her Easter-pUtfit today and save. $1.95 fo $5.95 i> -v _ - 1 LADIES SUITS Just what you've been looking for-in regular and Yz sizes. Use our Lay-Away. , $15.95 to $29.95 •5 , ,>,.;. *iV , Special purchase 'of' Easter'- ^V|Ppi<, Toppers. ,See them. Use our ,' ^ dL^ _diil^' \ i£!^_l ]&&i$, jLst arrived toda r y f l 00/s 4 ptfN|m qhd Dress-Up ps - i —'•'—' ' 2 ™ ti USE " \ A UNIVE'BSAI-INTERNATIONAL PICTURE PLUS — fWASHVMAN I ORMONSTIB 'Kf&^' v i- ffi, •" • SUN, - MQN, • IPest Actress of the Year gj ^ HEFBUKN •"41^ ROM AN V«l|lH(">TJf>AY '. iJ - v/ - Lj - 1 -*- > *' 1 America's Fqvorite; Children's Shoes Brown and white Saddle Oxford White, Red, Blue and Black Patent. Tan with N Me§h Trim. pl^ck Patent, Black mesh trim, BJue leathop with glue mfgh trim, „ White l??ithB^ with Whits roe$h, Jr^ * % "* -f s F ^ 4J MOTHER . ,. IT'S TIME TO EASTER SHOES BIT BUST Buster Browns are so smart for Easter, proper fit are so important to yopr during these active y£a£$yQur »^ checks childreri's feel sc^ntifeeflly 1 for gentle support snd room jo flex aj$ gro^J lo^l^ and lettt^fit xpur yowngsterf In % They're the fi&st ^^ ^ ^ &#} ^ St.* ?*•* t* , ' &*• J r,' H ' • '(<<- ii',, » , , >,<, ', ' width* i n A., iWttft

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