Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 27, 1912 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 27, 1912
Page 2
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SmER. SAIUBOAatJiVEmNG, JANUARY 27,1912. T£l)^ BElflB TO StilBBr^"^ " AJiSWERS QFERT AS TO HIS PBES 1DE5TIAL BEE. A Carlyle', subBorlbor to th^ Regl«ter contributes the followInK pnclnl Itnm: One of those dellKhtfnl •"•surprlso" ocutHlons occurred at the home of Mr. •nd Mrs.' O. P. Bates near Carlyle In faonor of Mr. Bat?*' birthday. A number of friends and neighbors went to the home with well Oiled baskets and apent.lhe -aiiy very enJo >Tibly. Thoso present wero:. Rev. and'Mrs. Tichnor Vessrs and Mcsdnmes Wilson, Bulplpr Keefe, Shores, Dlckerson, I.«onard - Sutherland, Ed Suth-rlnnd, Gnnlt, Sawyer, Vezle, Percy, Chester Greon, Iieighty; Stinson, Wiggins. Troufwine. Dunlap, L. W. Batesand F. G. Bntrs. Mrs. AmoIi9, Mrs. Corlne. Mrs Har- •ey. Mr. Bert Punston. Mr. Al Arnold, Mr. Ralph Cozine, Mr. Tom Hurley, Misses Adeline and Dorothy l«igbty. oradys Harvey. Christine Troutwine, Hazel Trouiwine. Mary Bates, Masters Chester Green and Forrest Wilson.. • * • The local Woman's Relief Corps and V officers of the G. A. R. Post have re- Letter ArrlTcs D DI1I^$£ $«Tenior'8 Abnence and IfkyiittaJT'la Sneat;-^' ' Topeka, Jan. 26.—Governor Stubbs last night r^efved p. letter from Thep dore RooscVelt, presumably, of course In reply to the Governor's telegram the other day to Oystar Bay urginK that the Colonel express himself on the matter of the presidency. Dut a carload of dynamite couldn't get from Private Secretary Dave Loa* liy the contents of that letter. The Governor is out of town, having loft for Now York to mako a 8i)epoli at • '" Kun3i!8 Day club there next Iffon- INITIAL TABLETS ||Mme. DOROTHEA NORTH ^{^^X^fl^^VtS^ZS"^ "Is It encouraging?" ho was askod. "Pino weather sir, fine weather," re- sixmdod the Irishman. "What did Teddy say?" "That it's raining to beat the band III .New Vork right now," rciilied lx>a- hy. "That it's raining so hard that— A nice letter paper witli your initial on each sheet. 10c each. Envelopes to Match. Will sing at the Methodist Church,; Monday, Feb. 5th, under auspices of the Music Club. KE.\LLy CIRKJS «.\n STO.HACHS. ~, Dyspepsia, !!J«urjie.-.«, Oas and Indlfjcs- tion Win Go ill Five jfluntcs. J STOKE The Bexall Store 1^ West Side of the Sqnare cetod communications'from the Yates r"^'^' «P.'' business events of the Center Corps to the effect that a large Panels McCall was elected delegation of visitors will accept the Invitation for the celebration to be held here Monday. The basket dinner will be followed by a program which will begin at two o'clock and close before four so that guests may return home on the Missouri Pacific. "Reverend CuIllSon. Reverend J. H. Price and some of the hosts and hostesses will talk, the latter prinrlnally about the Corps and what has occurred during the twenty-fiv<> years it has been in existence. The dii.ner will be for.members of the Corps •'.nd . tbelr husbands and soldiers of the Poet and tta«ir wives but the public is invited to hear the program. > Today is really the anniversary of the organisation of the local branch of the Corps but the hostesses de- dded to combine the party It hnd planned for the occasion with an observance of Kansas Day. Particular honors wil^ be bestowed upon four chaHer members of the Corps, Mrs Margaret M. Miller. Mrs. M. J. Cho-• leltte Mrs. Anna Ihrig and Mrs. Suf K Deleplain. The Violet club's reporter in mentioning the "club's pitrty at the .home of Mrs. Fred fioJHeM rp«t»»rday s'- tcmoon. said the attendancv was larger than at any previous ROCIPI »f fair th« club has had. A delightful program iras provided to entertain the company. Humorous readings were riven by Mrs. S. E. Vaughn and Mrs. C. E. Btebblns and excellent mn- •ic was furnished by the club's guest Miss Margaret Davenport of Humboldt, alio Miss Hazel Ray and MIS' Beryl Morrison. In serving the rr^ freahments Mrs. Coffield Jiad the heir - of Mrs. C. W. ,Bowmari. Mrs. E. D Curtis and Mrs. Mary" Bonewell. Tbr complete attendance list Is: Mesdames W. H : Morrison. E. J. Wrirfit J. H. Crawford. Ada I>. Moore, John Childress. M.' Gant. P. W. Day. Clark Coffleld. Tom Moore. C. E Stebblnp Frank Garrett. J. M. Thomas, J. F Humes.Hobert Davis. M. Pult2. J. C. Kelm, A.T.'Craig. G.'W. Adams. H. H Stoclrton. «. E. Smith. F. A. Curtis. W. A. HoOlier. Felix Casey. O. R- Kllngensmith, W. A. Woodr-ift. J. B. Brassfield. C. J. Hawley. S. E. Vanehr J. A. Malohei J. R. Davis. Prajjlc Mellon. R. C. I^cey. C./W. Bowman E. D Curtis. M. H. Bonewell. P. A. AVaener and Miss Margaret Davenport of Hum boldt • • * "The January party for the ex-Teach ers' club was given at the home of Mrs. George Da \is yesterday afternoon, with" ;Mrs. F. E. Sallce, Mrs William knapp and Mrs -Davis a*hostesses. A large number of ihf club womeiv" were present, also thne guests., Mrs; W. B. Cain. Mrfc Jones and Mrs. S, A. Card. A two-coufse lunch was served. * * * I, 'Now thatr^the holidar season an«' promotion time are past, the • btgh school pupils are beginning to consider events of the - «ommencemeBt season. Yesterday afternoon the Juniors had a meeting. ^lecU>4-(lMi<>«o (a- cers and otherwise prepared ^^r the •J"J M iJ ' What Are You Doing to Stot»This? The symptoms of eyestrain are numerous. It , may elTect you In the form of headache, or in the twitching of the eyelids, or in the'watering of the eyes, or in burning sensations. CorrecUy fitted glasses will give you the desired relief. Tou need a tUm-ough' testing'of "your vision finft. will do this tor you and |;i]arantee results. Graduate Optician to attend to your wants.'- president, Howard Lawyer vice-president. Hazel Watson secretary, and Loraine Cantrell, treasurer. The colors will be selected by a committee, Martha Marker, Horace Primmer, Howard I-awyer and Anna Smith. The class will have a social meeting next week. + * * Mrs. F. A. Wagner and Miss Agnes Wagner went to Yates Center this morning to spend Sunday with hec parents. Mr. and Mrs. N. Parrlsh. + * • The P. E. O. Chapter's annua! charity sewing party will be an event of the approaching Tuesday. Mrs. P. E. Waugh will be hostess of the chapter. + * + Mrs. E. W. North, of Independence. Missouri, is visiting Miss Louise Hyde. 4* « « Miss Carrie Braden of Elsmore came in yesterday to spend a few (Ir.ys with Mrs. J. E. .^oweli. • + + The Board of Associated Charities ^ill have a meeting Monday afternoon at throe o'clock, at the W. C. T. r. rest rooms, 116 East Jackson avenue. • •> * Mrs. Lillian P. Rice and Miss Grace Fisher of San Francisco. California, ure guests of Mrs. T. S. Bailie, of South Buckej-e street. • * + Washington. Jan. 26.—Mrs. Nicholas 7x>nBworth. responsible for many in- 'uovations in dress and fashion. Is istonishinp her friends by weaWng cut glass heels on her slippers. Mrs. I-ongworth created this Cin- 'erella effect in connection with a wwn with tulle shoulder wings, another Longworth fashion. The train was divided in two parts and as she stepped it parted long enough to give ine a glimpse of the sparkling heels. When Mrs. LOngworth dances the effect is even more st;>rtling. • • * The W. C. T. U Is particularly interested In the legislation to prevent Interstate liquor traffic and has petition blanks which will be circulated among the citizens at once. Tho I'n- .*on has appointed a committee to attend a meeting of the Ministerial Association to be held Monday morning -{(nd cooperate with .activities of that organization. '•Instead of the annual program in /hemory of Prances Wlllard, the Un[Ton will arrange a medal contest to occur sometime in February. •/. Another event of February will be 3C debate and op"n meeting which will ISe a suffrage rally, preparatory to the Hsit of Mrs. Adda Zchncr to lola. 'I + * * Shield's orchestra will have a dance Monday night In the Clinker club rooms in the Masonic building. • */• The I.oyal Brlthers' club of Builders' Chi'pel will give a masnucrade party Monday night to which they have Invited a group of their friends. • • • 1 The V. W C. A ha<» sent d 'lt written invitations for their meeting Mon day nipht. which thny hojie will be attended by all the members of the association. • * + Mlsc Grace Bedell left today for Pilisburi: where she will enter the State Manual Training school. She has been visiting Miss Lena Culbertson since Wednesday. Miss Nellie Jlay Shaw. Miss Eva .Anderson and Miss Berniece Barker, of Lawrence, who came down yesterday to attend the high school basket ball game will be guests of Miss Lucene Spencer until Monday. if your meals ilon't fit comfortably. :)r you feel bloatcil after eating, and you believe it is the food which fills yon; if what little yoii eat lies like a lump of lead on your stomach; if here i.s dilliculty in breathing after eating eructations of sour, undigested food and acid, heartburn, brash or a belching of gas. you can make up your mind that you need something to stop food fermentation and cure indigestion. To make ex -ery bite of food you eat Tid In the nooriphment and strength of your body, you iniisf rid your stomach of poisons, excessive acid and stomach gas. which sour.s your entire ureal —interferes with digestion and •anses s-o many piifffrers of dyspepsia, sick headaelM- biliousness, constipation, grlpipf,-. ftc. Your cnse' Is no dlffereTif —yon are a stomach sufferer. t'iouKh you may call It by rou'c other name; your real and only 'rouble is that whieli you eat does not iif ^est. but quickly ferments and sours, producing almost any un- 'K '.-iIthy condition. A of Pape's Iiiapepsin will cost "ifty cents ,-.t any pharmacy here, and vi!i convince any stomach sufferer ivi> n <inute.<s .'•fter taking a single Id-"." that Fermentation and sour toniach is causing the misery of in- dipi 'stiou. .\o matter if you call your trouble •••jtarrh of tlie stnuiaeh. nervousness )r Kasitrilis. or by any other nam ilwars renieiiib'T that a certain cure ,'8 waiting al any drug Ftore the mo- neiit you dviide to liegin its use. Paiies Diapepsin will regnlate any >ut -of-ordor stomach wit '.itn five mln- ites. and digest prompily. without Miy fusB or <llscouifort. all of any kind )f food you eat. Stow the clatter and be reasona- blr," was suggested. "Now then " he replied, "were 1 to give out that 'letter I would be the most famous man in America in the morning." "Is that all?" someone asked. "Or the most infamous," replied the Irish secretary. And then he took a double bitch on his determination to not let leak one little idea of what the Roosevelt communication contained. Leahy said this afternoon that Governor Stubbs had received an(Sl.her communication from Colonel Roosevelt, and declared be sixteen jiag; es long. Hat not a word about it would Leahy give out. WJII the Kansas friends of Roosevelt attempt to get an expression for iheir favorite at the Kansas Day club meeting? Right there may be an Interesting little contest or a Xf.f, one. Thus far there is no Indication thai Mie antl-Taft crowd will test flie Roos ovi 'It and Taft strength ofi'ih-J club. It is well known that one of Mie plans of the Rooseveltian Kansans is tc iir'>seni a resolution to the Republi- '•at! sliit-'' comuiitt;>e meeting endorsing the Oyster n.iy man. but will they •nakc a slniil::r ti'sl at the Kansas Day meeting? If this should conic to pass. It also, more than likely would mean that (he ""Insurgen!" crowd would attempt 0 control th^ dub next year. The club nieetlng is rhe fi'-st real opportunity for a pnssiige atanns. but thus far no war paint has made its ap- penrancc. lUit tbr- fjimous fuss of l!ios c:ime without warning. Great Semi-Aiinual 9 Cent Sale Commenced This Morning This 9-Day Bargain Giving is Truly PHenomenal Read Prices in Friday s Register >U»OI> CONTIM'ES TO IMPROVE. Prisoner Who .\ltcmntrd to rommll Suicide Is Convalescent. Winfleid .tones, who has been re- •?overing stnwiy but steadily during he past several weeks from burns with electricity sufitained some time igr. at CherryvalJ .will undergo an iiipration tomorrow morning, which .vill be necessary for hi.s ultimate -oiiipletr recovery. The attending physician is confident tliat he will stand •ho operation well. —Mrs. A. R. Tabor of Crider. Mo. 'lad been troubled with sick headache 'or about five years, when she began 'aking Chamberlain's Tablets. Slie 'ia .'5 taken two bottles of them and they have cured her. Sick headache is caused by a disordered stomach for •A'hich these tablet.- are especially In- 'ended. Try them, get well and stay neli. Sold bv all dealers. The straps were ninoved from the ( limbs of Charles Wood, the younp miTn who attempted to commit suicide In the county juil -Wednesday night, .vesterday morning and his con ditlon Is reported to be very much improved. This afternoon it was reported from the jail that Wood was nrnetlcally convalescent, suffering on ly from the weakness resulting from the reaction of the strychnine which he swallowed. Wood will not be arraigned for sev eral days as It Is the purpose of th otTicers to allow him to regain his normal strength before continuing prosecution. f.'erman Lntheran Chnrch. There will be German preaching Sunday 2Sth at 3 o'clock In the afternoon at G. A. R. hall. H. F. VOGEL. Pastor. Just received ment of New Wool a ship- Dre^goods For Spring. Specially priced at. yard SOc, $1.00, $1.2S and $1.50 .Mrs. L. R. Uarlin.rhouse. of Topeka is exiHcled In toon for a vi.sit with her son Dr. O. L. Garlinghouse and family. She will be accompanied by •ler brother. riiiistoi)hcr liana wait, ot Coiumbus, Ohio. T mm mm REMEDIES FOTEB-il IN CHERBYTALE. Dr. Bennlek HHI be Buried ia OM Hone Town. His The remains of Dr. C. W. Rennlck. wbo dfM at his country home ref<<- WellingtOD Thursday night were F>< oed to Cherryvale for bdrial. The body arHved there last night aiiit funeral services will be held late this aftemooa. Dr. Renoick spent the earlier years'! of Ms life in Cherryvale apff began the practice Iff medlcltke tfiere.' The fonerar service will l>e ~ couducted at the home of hla lister Mrs. H. J: Pow, eU. . . • .] 9x12 Axminster Rug, new.$i.'0 9x12 Velvets, new*. $18,50 9x12 Brussels, new lIOiM ^ Some Linoleum, yard Me ED West SbdlToi,. M For Eczema. Patient's Wristand Shin itched Like Poison. Scratched Until They Bled. Says: "Cuticura Soap and Ointment "Cured Me." "Kmtr ypiirt nfo I had plsrro hTWk out on .Tiy -xr^rl iitjd eii my »ldn whirh would Itrh ^.•id burn tiy srvlln, «n <I iir '«trhlnr tlicm wnuld not prrtii li> Kivc any rp!;. f. Wliitt ilie truiitile llmt IIOK:I;I , nij wrbl aad »liln Itchfd pol«im. I would f'-ratrh tliox- plari-.i unlit tlioj- \\ ould lili 'Ml lirforc I could p-t rny rellet. Afterwanl.s the place* woulil (icalf over, and t .ie fleifh undprncatii would look ml and fc ^-i -rhh. Sometimes It wonid Ix^ln to Jt<h until it would waken me from mj slcrp, and I «,-ould have to go tiuoueh th" sCTatchlnc ordeal airain. " I. consulted our pliy.iician In regard to U. .-.nd he pronou .iced it "dry taema." I urd an okitracnt wliidi the doctor gave me. btit ft did no mod. Then he adviaed mc to tfy the Cutlciira Kemedk-s. As this trouble has been In our family for yMtra, and is considered lieroditary, I felt anxious to try to heaif' it' oS. I cot the Cuticura B"-^-^. (Natment and POb, and they seemed to be Just what I needed. "•njc disease was making great headHray on my system Wntn I got the CntkniraBcme^ dk-s which have cleared mr skin of the great pelt. From the time the eczema healed four years a^. until now. I have never felt any cf (U.pest. and I am tliankful to the Cuticuift Soap and Ointment which certainly cured me. I always use the Cihieura 8aap fbt toBet. and 1 hope other sulTerers ftom slcln iHMKa wiU ase the Cutknra 8oap sod Ointment." (Slrnbl) Inren HotefaiHO. Three Biven, Mich., liar. 16.1SI|. AUiiouch Cuticura Soapr sa^ Ointnt^it are •oil (taioiitboat tiie <irori|l.-s-19>eratis^pia '^rtacli. «itb'B2-p.-book'on -the aUn and •estp-wlll be Mat free, oa sniUeatiaB totPM^ W Pjraf * CIM3. Oaiip^ J2cpu HJi, Bottsn... ruHi 'd Brethren Church. Annual Brotherhood Day. Sunday School 9:4.1 a. m. .Morning sermon 11 a. m. Subject: Tlie .\e\i Step in the Men and Re- iglon Forward Movement." Christian Kndeavor, Senior and .lun ior, 6:30 p. in. Kigiit .v-ininute addre.'fses by men at 7:30 p. ra.: "The tMiurch Ministering to Its Own Community. Rev. T. N. Funston. ".Men and Religion," G. W. Adams. "Personal Evangelism," B. M. An- .erron. •Factors in Church Life WTiIch At- ract Men " Rev. Reuben Donovan. "The Boy Problem and the Man So- ution " R. H. Bennett. "Reciprocity Between Pastor and .H -iynion." Roy Fry. "The Meaning of Membership in the "uireh."' C. L. Card. "Our Own Brotherhood Work,"' Eli iharp. The 11 o'clock and 7:30 services will 50 entirely in the hands of men. .lohn )!iver and E. I'. Swope, ushers; Eli 51iarp, music director, and l.«o Coff- nan, organist. A clforus of men's voices will lead the singing. You are •ordially Invited to these services. All ,neij should attend the Bible Study |*nstltute at the First Methodist church rt three o'clock. We will begin our revival meeting m Monday evening, the 29th to con- inue two weeks except Saturday even ngs. • The meetings will begin at 7 > clock and close early so everybody -an attend. Everybody invited. I. B. PRATHER, Pastor. Trinity Methodist Church. .Sunday School at 9:45 a. m. .Morning worship at It. Preaching >y the pastor on "A Constructive Re- igicn."' Class meeting after the morning service. Ejiwortli League incr.tin,:; at 6:30. At. 7 :30 .--on:; service led by the •horn-, yhorl adiiress by HK; pastor. Baptism and rcceidion of menilier.'. Tue-sday niplit will be the third num ber of the Trinity Lyceum Cv-;urKc. As a substitute for the quartet the engagement of wliich had to be cattv-cUed tjie pastor of the church will give his lecture on The Passion Play of Ober- Xmmergau. The lecture will be il'us- irated with sixty ^-teroopticon flides. Mr. W. S. 15u:d:ok will .'^ing a solo, •"^lie Holy I'i.y" -.vh'"'; \v::i lie Illustrated by twelve slide-. This v.ill he very profitable :inil pita:ins tainmcnt. The. idctiires arc from .diutograplis tr.ken ;-r Ober-Ammer;au. Vv'ilh !»iL'l.t i!!u.strat;o:is of ilie lyii'.n ••.lesu.s i.'-vei- of my Soul"' and uther song.-: il'u tiate.i. mere will be in ail elglity-tliree ;Ili;e.= jirojeeied on the (fcrcen. T!'r. i 'U 'ture I.tulf l!< nout faseiuatin-.; :;i :r.v. In order to ?ive ndmlKsinn to as many people a.s possible <o thin v< ry in-.;n! vlv;- entertainment, it lia .-f liin dc^idd! !o ^•ell -iingle arinil.''s!rn ticket-: lo .-hili 'Ten iiniler twelve yerr-! fo:- ten cen;.-. All .ibove thpl a^e fo:* fifteen cent.-. ('. F. .lOM.NSO.N". Pastor. lowed by choir practice at % o'clock. We earnestly invite all with no church home and strangers to come and join us in the worship of Almigthy God. CARL W. NAU lieclor. Frod First Baptist Church- Sunday School 9:45 a. m. •iowden Supt. Sermon 11 a. m. Tlicnie: "The Holy Spirit in Church Administration. B. V. P. U. C:30 p. m. Leader, -Miss Clara Wiljiam.son. Sermon 7:30 p. m. - Theme: "Tlie Conservation of Our Youth." Brotherhood meeting Tuesday 7:30 p. m. al parsonage. All men that '.vait upon the ministry of tlie church, wiicther members or not .are cordially invited. The social committee will -erve refre.--hnients. Prayer .service Wednesday 7:30 p. ui. Ymi are weiconie. C. K. Meeting at 6:30 p. m. Litllc Builders' ChapeL Mr;<. E. N. .lones, Supt. Hoys School at 2 p. m. RegMlar School at 3 p. nf. YouuK People's Meeting at 6:30 p.m. Bassett Chapel. W. H. .Means, Superintendent. Sabbath School at 2:30 p. m. First .\. M. K. Cliunli. i'rcaching at 11 a. m. by Dr. Bass. Clats meeting at 12:'iu j». m. Sunday Scliool al 2:45 p. m. .•\ilen Endeavor Ix^ague at 7:30 p. ra. Preaching at S:20 l>y pa.stor. Subject: "What .^re Flowers Good for.' Singing or music by senior junior and juvenile clinirs. Come, oh come, and worship God with us. l.,ift up your voice lo the hill of Zion from whence comelh all our iielp. All arc weiccme. C. A. WOODS. Pastor. Christian Chnrcli. -Morning sermon by H. K. Baker of Botang, Thibet. No special offerinc will he taken. Conimunion service will" he held in the evening this week to convenience tho?e whose work der' prives theui of tlic privilege of morn-.^ ing .service. Evening sermon by the pastor Otho .Vioomaw: "Tlie Challenge of the King dom to the Young Man." ' Bible School and Y. P. S. C. E. at ti:3ii a. ni. and 6:30 p. ra. respectively. .\ welcome to all. Uefornied Church. Sunday School at 9:45 a. m. Preaching at II a. ni. Theme, "Work ers and Shirkers." Christian Endeavor at 6:30 p. m. livening worship and sermon 7:30. A cordial welcome to all. W.M. H. SHCLT;-. Pajtor. .STE .VDF .VST CO.\Fini-;.\CK. The Followinir Stutrnient .Should Form ConrlnslTC Proof of .Herit to . Kvery lola lieadcr. Could stronger proof of tlie merit of my remedy he desired tlian the statements of grateful endorsers who say iheir confidence has been undiminished by lapse of time? Thesa are the kind of statements that are appearing constantly In your local pa!)ors for IToan's Kidney Pills. They are twice-told and confirmed with new enthusiasm. Can any reader doubt' the following? It's from a resident of lola. .Mrs. Frank B. Smith. .507 North St. lola, Kans.. says: "Five years ago I publicly endorsed Doan.'s Kidney PlUa and at this time I gladly confirm that -tatement. A member of my family suffered severely from backache and headaches. There were puffy spots beneath her eyes and dizzy spells caused much annoyance. The kidney the First .M. K. Clnirch. .Sunday Scliool at 9:4."« a. m. Sermon al 11 a. m. on "Paul Hero.' Epworth League at 6:30 p. m. Sermon at 7:30 on "The Law of Love and Its Effects." J. H. PRICE. Pastor. First Church of Christ .ScIenUst Sunday School at 10 a. m. rhurch services at 11 a. ra. Subject: •Truth." Testimonial meeting Wed. 8 p. m. Services are held in the church building, corner of East and Sycamore treels. The reading room adjoining! the church is open from 2 to 4 p. m. | secretions were also unnatural. No- each week day. A cordial invitation is | thing brought the least benefit until xtended the public lo attend the ser-;Doan's Kidney Pills were procured at vices and visit the reading room. \V. B. Spencer & Co.'s drug store. This reniedy effeetpd a complete and per- •iiancnl (-ure. I also know of another ijistanee where Donn's Kidney Piil.s were ttikpu with the most salisfac- tor.v results." For snle by all dealers. Price .'.nc. Foster-.Milbiirn Co.. fbiffalo. N. Y., sole agents for the t'nited States. Renienilier the name—Doan's—and take no other. Presbyterian Church. First Church: Rev. S. S. Hii.scher, ^•:11 prei'ch at .11 a. m. and Rev. Chas. Wilson of rhanute al the evening ser- vir-p a' 7 :3fi. Mr. Wil.-on recently came to the Chanute church from Detroit, .Micliipan, and is an ai)le preacher. Sabbath School at 9:45 a. m. I St. Timothy's Episcopal Churrh. The Fourth Sunday after the Ephl- phany. Cpllect for the day. "O God, who knowest us to he set-in the midst of so many and great dangers, that by reason of the failty of oirr nature we cannot always stand upright; Grant to use such strength and protection. a» may support us in all dangers, and carry us through all temptations: through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen." Services tomorrow will be: Holy Communion at 7:30 a. m. Yonng Men's Bible Class (at Rectory) 9 :30 a. m. Sunday School 9:45 a. m. Morning prayer and sermon at 11 'clock. Events during the week: Friday, dangbters of the King. 2:30- IMMXJ and Kddre«i at 7:90 p. m. fol- THE RICHARDSON LADIES' TAILORING AND DRESSMAKING SCHOOL Teaches the lalest easiest, quickest, most scientific and complete system of garment cutting ever invented and have hail in our school at (.'hanute over 90 students tlie past year. ' • Provides the cheapcsl and only succc.-isful way to learn dressmaking. Is the only educational institution which allows its gnidiiates to return at any time without extra e.\peiise to- revii;w, priictice or study new points. Is the only school of this kind which positively ;;ii :irnnices satisfaction and gives an unlimited number of le-^sons for ii siugli; tuition. Students can enter the school at any time as wo do not teach In classes. WHY >0T? Learn n trade where the demand far > xcceds the supply^. Be your own dresHhiaker. able to dress heiier and at less expense? Gain an nccomplishmcnl which will be of everyday, life-long practical value to you? Give your ddugbtors a practical eiMicatlon? RF.MK.tint;K You can learn everything about Dressmaking and Ladles' Tailoring. You can take any speeial part of the course and can limit your work to that one department or can go on gradually acaulring the whole course. After completing the course you are allowed to bring any amount of sewing to the class-room^ receiving tlie same attention and instructions as before. You are allowed to attend at your own convenience and to come until fully satisfied. You are allowed to return at any time without extra expense to review, practfce, cut patterns or use the fashion journals. You work on your own sewing, thereby soon saving the cost of tuition. You are taught to cut all fancy effects such as sleeves, trimmings, yokes, plaits, tucks, etc. to the exact measures of the form. We have taught young ladies thirleen years of age with entire success and can also teach you. . In graduating you have an actual, practical knowledge of dress- m^ing. ;i > Dressmaking has reached such a point of complexity and difficulty that the only place It can be learned successfully is in an organized school, working under trained instructors. . THE RICHARDSON LADIES' TAILORING AND DRESSMAKING SCHOOL Mrs. L. B. Smltli and 30»8 C. Wyatf, Managers and Teaeliers. Y« ;(OTer Blgnsi'FnvU Store) BellFhdne21

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