Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 27, 1912 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
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Saturday, January 27, 1912
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THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER. VOLUME XV. NO. 81. Succ »ik ;r to tha tola Daily Reglatsr, the lola Uaii> Record and thejj^a Dally Index lOLA, KAS., JAN. 27, 1912—SATURDAY EVENING. Oallv Reriltter. ei >*«bM«h#rt 189T Weekly Reglater, EaUbllthed 1887. SIX PAGES IS WAS A ill OFAGC FITE lOLAXS SUKKKK I'.UMl L IX- JURII-S IX DIVEJtS >!AXXEK. NEEOtE DBIVEN INTO KNEE BOY THE VICTIM OF l'E( ILIAK .Vt"CIl»EXT. Bicjrrle Elder SufiVnd a DMor3«(*<Uf 'Shoulder tViieu »lic<-I<.SI]|iited on tbe Ice—Olhir Accidents. Damai:^ Siilf ExcM-ntlun Ainilnst I.iiin- y' Iterman-s I'ortland. The twenty-four hour- pnst have been filled wiih ill fate I'nr many luiuns. Five very iiain'til, Ihoiif^li net serious cases of accidt n!.s retiuired the ^rvices of siirf,'e(-ns wliik- a number of minor cases wtri- rciiiiru-d and in wiicb the victims w.-re alilf to render themselves first aid. While C. L. Cowdry. the idiarniaclst at the H. A. Brown dnit; siort', was relurninK to his work thfs ufternoon Ihe wheels of his blrycle hlljipj'd in the mud, and he was thrown hiuvlly to the paveiiu-nt, sustulnlnK a dislocation of a shoulder. h<'.-i<l<-s a niiiii- er of painful brulst-s OMM- his body. This morning about nu o«loik. while Oiuer Osborne, of T"! S(,utii THE WEATHEK. Forernxt for KanKas: Hnin or snow lonlicht or Sunday. ata recorded at U. S. Weather Bureau office: Temperature: Hishest ve.sterday at ]). m. BO; lowest this niorninji at C a. n. 2!*: excess in temperature yesterday '..'i degrees; excess since .lanu- r.rvlst. 221 degrees. I'recip'tation for 24 hours endinc; 7 a. m. today. 0; deficiency in prcciiiila- tion s!nr-e .lanuary 1st. .49 inch. T?elat!vo humidity 7 a. ni. today O 'l ' ; r ct =ni': barometer reduced to sea It-ve'. 20.84 inches. i'linrisp today 7:31 a. m.; sunset .".:29 ji. m. LAST m SI.XGEK OF -'5ATTLE CKY OF FKKEDOM" IX POVEBTY. STARVIX6 CASE OX TBIAL. SOLI) CK.HEXT I'LAXT IMIOI'ERTY Sheriff Korr this morning sold at public sale block one in the town of Carlyle, the property belonpiiiK to the Lumberman's I'ortland Cement coir.- iiany. B. W. Jones bid in the block for $2,190. • The 8aJ«e was held on an cx-ciirion issued from the district court to satisfy a judgment for damages obtained by U. W. Jones, father of .Myron Jones, a minor who was Injured In an accident while at work on the company's jilant at Carlyle about two yi'iirs ago. Vounj; Jones fell from a scaffold, as the case is recalled, and his body struck !i contrete lloor. He was badly batteriil up. He brouKhl suit for (lamngeH by his falh^-r as next friend and was iiwarded $1,970. The case was apc :;!i 'd to the supreme court but tin; company failed to put up'a bond as- KurlUK iiayment of the awan! In cas'- I lie suiireme court alllrmt^d the verdict of I lie lower court and tlie statutes |ir ;)vlde ilial iiti (.veeiitloti may CHIXESE MATTERS COME CRISIS TlltX. TO A MUST ABDiClllE IH80NE THEN REBELS SERVE FIXAL XOTICE OX TJIE MAXCHCS. Uonili Tlirouini; Campaign KasHfKiin Ut (icl Uid ui Ulijiciiob- tible Leader:*. 8yc «rtiore, was abrut h\< remilar du-i issu,. from the district court in tli. ties at the lola Portland, a larse splin I ,.v, Tit of such failure. The caso Is ter flew from the col.l elilsel wliii Ui ill pendiUK in the supreme court and which he was working, strikins him in should tlie case be re\ersed .md re- the right eye. pas.KinK throusb the eye! tried the cement company might re- lid and jienetratinB tlie e>eball to a considerable depth. A fellow-workman cov^r its iiroperty. Block 1, bid in today by Mr. Jom s by taking hold of the proirudiUK endjcontains iw "lve small f.-oIl.ig:'s which of the splinter, wa.^; able to remove it. j were assessed at JCOO each. The.Injury although very painful, will not necessarily-Mdanger the sight of the eye. unless the wound is infected. James R. Farrell, of Bassett. a foreman at the lola Portland Cement idant, sustained a badly broken and maehed thumb this morning when a heavy pice of ste$] with which ho was working accidentally fell on his lefi hand. No permanently serious results are anticipated, but .Mr .Farrell will be "unable to attend to his regular duties for sey^al days. Last evjntng the twelye-ycar-old son (I'.y the AS!..H .-Uitea Tre.s.s) San Francisco, J&n. 'i'l. —President Sen Yat ijuu has issued an ultimatui.n declaring that ti.e Mantbu throne must be abdicated by elglit o'clock on the morning of January 21>, the da>e set for eiiUiug tiie armistice between the government and the Uepublicans, or an attack will be nmde on the capital, according to a cablegram to tjj*^ I'luiu'se IJally Free Press. An army of 1110,0110 is headed toward Peking, accoidlng to the cuble- griiiii. which furiiier dcK -lures that v.itiiln thirty diiys .' revolullon- aiy Hoops will bo inarching against thai city. Till; lio |>ei 'lal general. Tun i \et; Mil, has loinuKi'it the .Manchii t 'uu .ue says the ui.spaicli. with his iti- iny of lo.OOlt and Joilied the levoli;- .limary army. TO LKII IHATE CEMEXT COMPAXY Ufairs of the Hamlmldt Portland to He Closed at Once. /At the recfni annual meetinc of the Humboldt Portland Cenunt company, the stot'khclders. by unanimous vote, decided to liquidate t]:e company. The I»hysical properties of the company are for sale, Mr. K. H. Leltzbacii be- Injr in cjarge of them. The Humboldt Portland wa.^ organ- of Mr. and Mrs. Klncatd, of the Soo 1 j^g,} ,„ XiMi a plant at IMmboUIi hu; block on North street, was the victim | Monarch Portland wa.s successful - .of an accident which was as painful j ^mtin^' its-buildihg operations Unas it was unu.=ual. The boy had been : ,5^^ way first. ^ doing EOiiie work with a needle and i " : thread and when he arose having finished the work, the needle hung to his trousers at his knee, unob.^prved. When, a moment later, he stru'.k his kuee against a chair, the needle was driven with great force Into the knee joint, penetrating, fully one inch and a half. ; Owing to the fact that the needle wafe driven directly into the joint, there is a pos.'ibility. although not a probability, of serious results. At be?;t the boy will be crii)pled for several days. J. A. Powell, of Bassett. fell about fifteen feet from a ladder yesterday afternoon while about his regular employment at the lola Portland and sustained severe brtii.-es aliout the body CASE rXDER AHYISE.MEXT. An:HmcHl> in Uus City Cciulnnersy Finished Today. Arguments in tlie injunction ca.=e of Gas City against the Natural Ca.i com- jiany were finished In the ili?trict court this morning. Judge 0.=e:ir Koust took the case under advi.seiiun; announcin.g <hat he would render an opinion February 1. Meanwhile, the temporary writ of injunction ohlij^ine the gas company to maintain gas service is in effect. The details of this action are familiar to readers. S. K. Klemming. on behalf of himself and the gas consumers particularly to his left kn^e and el- j, |- (j ^g -uing the gas company bow. He w!l! be unable to work fir j t„ enforce the refund of deposited several days. m >'0R THE COXSCIEXt E FlXl).' Or In Form of a Uraft to Trea^tirer In rnynienl of Taxes. with the Taylor. Fuel, Mght and Pow< r ('ompaJt>- and asking tliat In the 1 vent the company wishes to discon- ! liniie furnishing gas. It give reasonable notice. The gas company wants a new fr:inchlse disclaiming any re- iponsiblliiy for any arrangements mude by tile Taylor company. It de- I 'ares that it cannot opeiaie its )dani i:nless allowed 10 charge a higher rati' .•;nd leiiuire deposits i)f from each lonr iimer. Four wi>ekR ago County Trejirur 'T Auuherman received a draft for $lo drawn on the First National Bank of iJartleBvllle. Oklahotna. The 1. tn r eontalninft it was accompanied v .ith no Blalement telling the money was for and there was no v.:iy In which to JdelUlfy the ilr:'''t litll lhe( sencl.' wrote j.,.,,^,,,,, j< ^^ o the n .|irtlesville bank for mfora .M- 1 shnmnX Ills Interest, tion but has received no replv. .1- is ,,.,,0 j „,.„ „„. ,„^,.,, at a loss to know how to carry th- „f p^.^ident Bush of the .Mis- money m ae. ount so .1 re,„.-,i.i.s ». ^o^ri I'acifii- would .stop iasi IMSII HAVER A (JREETlXti. the treasurers ofiice awaning . .x- ,.v..„i„« w.-re ilisappoinied. The train lilanation. which lonsisled of four coach-'S and a No doubt 11 Is from sotne one who baggage car. went through this city Wishes to pay his taxes, satd Mr. .„ f^,, „„. ,„r„f,K. not even Ausherman this afternoon and we ,,^1^^ ,ir ,.si,p.nt wi 1 hear from h.m soon-r or litter , ,,owe%er. stood on the rear pla; "May be from some one who left you in the hole that much when you were in the i ^rocery business." sug- j geeted fndi r.^heriff l)unf<-e. "And i now wishes to ease his conscience by sending the money though ashani.d Apparenllv Convalescent He Sudden- to revea h,s identity on accou... of " ,,. „eromes III. .the length of time he has ov.od the I Apparentiv convalescent. Charles form and waved h^s hand as the train I passed the dejiot. ~ HOOirsCFFERS A RELAPSE. bill. Admitting the i)oss:bility of this Mr. Ausherman said he could not accept the money unl-<ss the sender should make himself known and state positively 'be purpose for which the payment w !i= intended. "I'm satisfied It's tax money," said the treasurer, "but I wish the jierson who sent him." it .vould let us* hear from DATES FIXED FOR THE FAIR. This Tear i' Mill be Held September i, Z, i and Secretary Franlt E. Smith, of the Wooii. t!ie young man who took poison in the county jail Wednesday, suffered a relapse at three o'clock this afternoon an;l his condition though not believed to be serious is such as to again make constant attention necessary. During the past two nights, the city employed, a nurse to sit up with the patient and see tli .Tt no turn for the ie. d. worse should develop unnot- JIRY CASES A«AIX FEB. li Many Civil Actions W»l he Ready for TrlHL Members of the jury drawn for the Allen Cour-y Fair Association, je- January term of the district court turned fh's morning from Anihohy, I will report again February 12 wh?n Kansas where he has b?en attending ' the civil docket will be taken up for a meeting of representatives of dif- trial. There are a number of civil ferent cities in the Kansas-Oklahoma ! actions to be heard by the jury and circuit, for the purpose of arranging Jt is believed that the greater number dates for tho fairs, and for the auc- will be ready for hearing by the time tioDing off of the futurities. Th- the purors report, dates foi^the Allen County Fair were fixed at the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5tl' of September, next, instead of 3 4, 5, Miss |Alma Martin, who has been employed In the Santa Fe hospital at and 6 as last year. Four futurities Ottawa, has taken seriously III and ^ere auctioned off, three going to j been brought to the home of her Hutchinson and one to Oklahoma j brother Dr. F, H. Martin, of this city. City. 1 for treatment Peking, Jan. 27.—General Liang I'i, a liigii .Manchu otlicial, former coiii- iJianuant of ibe Ja.jierial guards, was perhaps laially. loUay uy a iiomb thrown by an unidentified Chi- nuiiian. Tiie assailatit tiimseil v.a.s msiaiitly Kiited by the e.xplosion. Gea- er:;l Liang PI was a strong reaction- aiy and had been suspected of niipli- tation in the recent assassination 01 '.General Mu Lu Chang. Agents of the revolutionary party here recently in- tiiaaied that a dynamite campaign was not improbable in the near fu- iiiie. Yesterday's and today's affairs may be the beginning of a series 01 •:luiilar crimes -'^jMrs. HazEard Denies KBIing Bleh EngUsh Woman. (Ry the .Xs.xo'-i.Ttcil Pris.«l Seattle, Wash. Jan. 27.—The presentation of the case of the defense began today in the trial of Mrs.'Lln- du Burfield Hazzard, accused of having starved to death Miss Claire Williamson, a wealthy English woman, at the Hazzard Sanitarium. Men were put on the stand to controvert the State's 'experts who testified that the treatment given Miss Williamson was responsible for , her death. Counsel for the defense said ho would attempt to show that Miss Williamson suffered from serious ailments all her life; that Mrs. Hazzard instructed nurses to give the patients all tbe food they desired to eat or could assimilate and that death was due, not to starvation, but to severe organic weakness. EDIIORS OUI OF POSTOFEICE liissoiiri Mriltrs Told Thev Sliunldu*! Seek Them. (Ry the Ass «.>ciated Pres.oj Kansas City. Jan. 27.—The Taft and .ladley administrations were strongly .-.jor.vcd by tl;;; .Missouri Editorial • sj.iociation at its liniU session today, i i-.e resolutions state that Taft has eiieeiried the jdatlorm pledges and hat Missouri, under Hadley. had doni .onor to the Uepublican party. tharles .Morris, Republican State Chairman, startled tbe editors with the announcement that an editor "had •10 liusiness being postmaster," and •Iiat while in the past he had "iiuUed lor' editor friends desiring postof- llces the tinie\.liad come to stop It. .'-'everal editors applauded Morris 's :>ostiiiaMer talk heartily. Others Jiiade wry fares. It was evident that If the proposition had been put to a vote it wouldn't have been unanimous. The editors adjourned at noon today witho'it endorsiiig either Itoosevell or Tuft for the pre.^ideiitli'.l nomination. The resolutions are non-committal on 'hat s.ibjeit. ('ai>taiii llinry King was re-elected ire ^id'i't anil lieiretary Mitchell, of pr ngliebl. was re-el««ted. Secieliiry F.. V. l'crr \„iif liie Y. .M '. A . Is getting u |i a list of naiaes if l .i ;ys will, he invlied to allelid the iiinujj Junior bamitiel of the Y. S\ ('. A., wlildi is to occur in the Asso- •iatioli Imiidiiig next Friday niglit. Ii .s expected t.'iat over JOO boys will iK' present. The boy.', will furnish the Vaiiiini;t till iiisehes. eaeli bringing a upply i,f ovsleis. chicken, etc. The aretifs of (he boys an' to be invited •o occupy seats in the gallery and i.-,ten t.) tlie pr.>..'ram. which has not is >et been arranged, but which will -on .-ist of talks on subjects of intcr- •st to boys made by men who are experienced talkers. lola people will be Interested in '.nowin^ that Arlie Cannon, Of this tity. a son of 1. W. Cannon, assisted ;i ::tetiniiy (n the deal In whl'-h $J :',II. OIII I and the lletrlck Theater build ^ng in Caanute were traded Thursday for a big ranch in Colorado. The deal was first arranged by I. W. Cannon, hut his son assisted materially In i.ringing it to a consummation. The deal was made with R. S. Earhart of l>enver. .Mr. and Mrs. Arlie Cannon left this afternoon for York Xeb.. for 1 visit with ills father, who resides in tUa. city. Ida defeated l.awrence, it seems, not because i.awrence was so poor, but because lola was so good, itus- ye!I. one of the forwards on the Lawrence team, and Hosklns. one of tlie guards, who were members of l,aw- rence's champion team of last year ->i-o exceiuionally fast players, having U'l-n chosen last year, for their positions as members of the .All-State team. ( liie:iS.>. -'.an. .hile.> Liim- uani, ••|..e I huigL'i- of Mie- Civil War," the iiiuii ivlio L.ade tliLs song ueiier iiiiowu 10 .viaerlLuas. perhaps, nan any other i:ieio.;y e..cei)t the do.-c- j;ogy. IS li\"ing in i.i.Kaso in poverty, me sole support at ilie age of SO ol iiie wiuow 01 his ori .ilier Frank. Fitly years ago. in tiie bittiiosl 0/ the dvii struggle, wboii the i;,nks 01 i;.^ union army hud to lie rc -cn'iiied .jy tl.e urait. .laies !,i :i ;!baru aau his urotiier loi;red tne coiimry witii the ..r:ineton minstrels and ueinoustrated • hat one b;ait uron the Lugie was worth a thousanil men." 'Ihey tiiade tin; "Kaltle Cry of Kroe- ilo:;:" to great aii iii.struii.eiit lor tiie .ii.'piratioii oi' j;,ir :;ii :sii; that ..\bra- :iam Lincoln oi .ce .••aid at a iniblic baniiuet: "Let me tell you thf.l two i.ii n— .tnd they were i.ot military men—by ilieir s-'nging have IMI n.ort- men to .iiii.<-i in i.'te L'nited States army tiiaii iifiy times l.'iO 01 our best recruiting otlicers ever addressed." Jules Lu:;;i!ard accompanied Prcsi- leat Lincoln in lus I 'aiuous Illinois .ampaign and sang Iiis s^ong.-; whet. Lincoln was nominated for president in tlie Chicago Wigwam, and when he president was laid to lest Jules Lumbard sang his re;iuieiii. After the r'.isli of tl'.e war fever had dii-d down, but when more :iien were sorely in;ei'ieil nl_ the front. Lumbard went out to insriire new patriotic fervor with his voice. Crowd- id Into the old t'oiir 'hoiiM' sipiare in Chicago one siiminer afiernoon were ;ive ihoiisand leen, !'>|e|ii :ig to speeches' full of li;e iiiiii |iatriolisni. I.unibard was to sing llieier umi as he pushed bis way thioiiKli liie erowd and mounted to the steps of the plat- lorni George F. Boot slipped a p.ece of paper Into liis hands: I "Sing it." he cried eagerly, "it's just , written." The ink was not yei dry. The ciowd knew Lumbard and as he advanced to the front of the plat- I loi 111 it cheered wildly. Lumbard glanced at the simple words and music on the sheet and waved for silence. Then in resonant tones he injured forth "The Ilattle Cry of Freedom." Yes, we'll rally around the flag, boys well rally once again. Shouting the battle cry of freedom We'll rally fron' the hiJ!>--lde. we'= gather from the plain. Shouting the Liattle cry of freedoi.i Chorus— The I'iion forever, hurrah! boys hurrah: Down with the traitor and up wit! the star. Wliile we rally round the flag boys rally once again. Shouting the battle cry of freedom The cheers roared- above the crowi' 'ike lir.iiider. Lumbard waved agair ;'or silence and sang the second verse When he came to the chorus x\\i c! (>wd joined in and roared out it.' deflance to the south. That night thi recruiting olTice.'; were filled wit! men: eager 'o go to the front. At the battle of \'ieksburg. .hilc. and Frank .sang "The Battle Cry o' Freeiloii." and the Southern soldier; Invited tliem to cross their lines ant' sing fi'ir them. Jules told Genera »!rant of the reiiiiesi and was Inform I'd he must remain with the Southerr. era If he accepted the hultatlon. Il< did not go. E RAISE Loix.E lowEXTiox iM;cim;s Tt RAISE TIIE RATE. Menus Twrl»e Assessiiicnis and inena 'C «l' .V) l« Per Cent. a Vent t;:o iR.v til.- .\ss,,.-i;,t «^.l rr.s-l Cliic.iiiu. Jan. 27.—The jiroposii ior. for a rexisicn tipwiird of ilie iiis'.ir- ance r:m's on t;.e Modern Woodmei; of America waj :idopted at the convention by a vote of 4i>0 for higbei rates af,aiiisi :hi7 oppusin.u. ; 'I'he plan incre-.ists the rate from ;">u to l"o pet cent and provides for twelve assess ments e:xli year, while members o the order h'-retofore have contributed trom nine to elev.-n assessments yearly. STIIfllS MISSED ROOSEVELT. Rev. Goodrich, of I..aHarpe. gave a very interesting talk at a special meet-[ Ime of 'he W. O. W. last night In the Knirhts of Pythias hall, on "The Story of Joseph" ' A crowd was present at the meeting. The Colonel Out of 'r ».MM When the (iiivernor Arrived. (My Itie AHsiiclHied freM) New York, Jan. 27.—Governor W U. Stubbs, of Kansas, reached .New York today. Col. Roosevelt spent the day at Oyster Bay. Stubbs could noi say whetner he would see the former prcsidiiit before leaving New York Governor Stubbs will address tht Kansas society at Its annual banquet Monday night. Governor Glasscock, of West Virginia who has come out for Roosevelt will address t !ie West Virginia society tonight President Taft also will make a speech before the soci'.'ty. <f • Boy Scout«. Boycotted. Indlanaiiolis. InU., Jan. 27—The : Boy Scout movement came under I the ban of the l'nited Mine Work- ! ers today. The convention adopt- I ed an amendment providing that I no one connected with, the Boy '•• Scouts will be allowed In the i Miner's Cnion. | nUIINS ANGER THE FRENGf •iEIZI'RE (tF TRAXSPORTS MADE THEM 'UPPIXti MAIL laly Sn^pc'cled that Boat wat Carry- iiii; (iMitrubrand t^oods to the Turks. Uom--. Jan. 27.—The French pass- •nger stiamer Tai\ii:tiano which wa: ipized by the' Italian torpedo boat las light off Uibun, Tunis, has been ri' leased. A semi-qlTicial note w;-s issued to- lay explaining that the I^ench steal: •r Taivignano was seized by the lia;- in toriiedo boat destroyer Pulmiut iiii.-> miles east of Zary and outside he French waters. As it was rum •red that the Tai\igm:no was engaget' n carrying, contraband goods, th' 'talian olficers searched her. No con raband being revealed the vessel wa;- released. Paris. Jan. 27.—The Italian vc.-<Sf' vh4ch seized the Tiavigm-no alsc helled several barges. This incidi-n: Dcmirred in French waters and ihi nclignation here is great. OTHERS SHOl LD. DROP OCT. Idea SuRpested bv Roosevelt Followers to Injure I'eare. (By the As-srv-iat.-d t'r..3!i> Chicago, .ian. 27.—"If Roosevelt if nominated he should carry .Atichig .-Jr by one hundr.d thousand votes," salt? Governor Osborne at the Roosevelt .N'atlonal Head.iuarters today. Thi Governor said he beliei'ed Roosevcl- would be a candidate if the people demand it. Asked if be thought ei:h er Taft or LaFollette would accept a suggestion that they retire In favor of Roosevelt, the Governor said: "If Roosevelt Is a candidate, yes; but they probably will not retire voluntar lly. With Roosevelt In the field they probably would retire during the con ventlon, for he would be nominated." STEEL BILL IX THE HOISE. WILSOMEY COLOXEL WATTER.SOX AXD BEX TIILMAX MIX CP. COLONEL RAPS WILSON HIUID Lowering of Tariff Is Being Attended to Qoiekly. (By the As .«ociatf<l Pre.<!.<i) Washington. Jan. 27.^—The House today took up the steel bIJJ for amendment Democratic leadfers predicted that it would be passed before adjournment although the first ainend- rrent offered started a filibuster which threatened to delay its pa:^sage. The bill should reach the finance committee of the Senate Monday, and the hearings will be held. LIMBER COXDITIOXS DIFFER. I'rif'es Varj Are«»-(Mne to Local Con- dlllonx. (By 'he As-ii>eiiiii..l Pr<-?<s') Kansas City, Jan. 27.- C. C. Braden- baiK'h. a travellni: lumb'-r salesman of tills city, testlfii-d at the lumber ouster hearing- pine w;is c;ontroIled entirely by petition and local conditions. He said conditions were not the same in an;.- wo state? or In different parts of tin- same state and that prices v:iri"-d a' - cordingly. COLLEtJE ATHLETIC CHAXtJE. SAY.S^ JIE .SHOULD DEFEND HARVEY AGAIXST LIES. — . li: And Out of It All, Candidate Ifilaoo mil Probably I.ssue a Decided Lo^er. H L-Row to Date. I WaWts6B—Wilson Is ungrateful to Editor Harvey in askiiig bhh to withdraw support. Tillman—Watterson is blaroatile for concealing material facts about the Wilson-Harvey break. Watterson—Demands Tillman's Right to accuse him. 'I'illman—Says everybody knows facts and presumes Watterson knows them. ' Watfersi^n—Says he heard that Wilson broke with Harvey, because the latter wanted to bring Thomas K. Ryan to his aid. The story Is branded a "He" and Wilson dei -lnreil to know- It and to owe It to Harvey to so brand It. Watterson says he himself raised funds for to I-.; til t he yellow ! ^^'"""•^ ^""^ ^y^"^'' "elp I ,It ;^' b/com: received approval of Wilson's | Students May Play with Professional"* for Fun. (i:..- i.h-- .\ssi,ciine(] rnai^t Chicago. Jan. 27—Students attenii- •ng the "Big Eight" Colleges will be iMowed to play baseball with teams .now under the National Agreement. iiro \iued they do not receive money, lireitly cr indirectly, for playin.g. according to a modified ruling adopted ".y delepates to- the college conference today. DETECTIVE CARRIED A filX. nns Timid Almnt VLsitimr the Iron Workers' Hall. fBy the As.soclatcd Pressi Indianapolis, Ind.. Jan. 27. —.\ffe- 'tobert Foster, a detective for the Na- 'ional Erectors' Association had beer •jected from the headquarters here )f the Structural Iron Workers to- lay. President Ryan, of the Iron Workers, declared that Foster ha'" struck him with the butt of a reyolv •r. Foster admitted he wa;; armed MISSOCR! OFFICE SIK'ABBLE. ~ th; ^nIlre^:e Court Rules Agaimst Oflire Holders. (r:.v the AssiH-int'il Press* .rc <Terson City. Mo., .fan., 27.—The lUpremB Court today ovi ^rruled a mo :on of Republicans whose oflices are )eing contested by nemocraiic candl- 'ates to give them the .same .time a. he Democrats took in o'jtaining tes liiiony. MtLMAX IS MADE SHERIFF. VIII Fill Out Term of Deceased Bus. band in .MIsKourL ll!y the AssiM-llitclI Press) Lebanon. Mo., Jan. 27.—.Mrs. Nancy |aye Williams was today appointed herlff <-f iJicIede County to serve iin- II a sjiedal election on February 17 vhen a successor to her husband, the ate Sheriff J. W. Williams will )- -lecti -d. She is ' believed to be the inlv woman sheriff in .Missouri. managers -Aithotit the knowledge j of Harvey. j (By the Assoclat*;!) Press) Wa.'^thington, Jan. 27.—Senator Till •nan has declined to reply to Colonel Wattersons challenge of last night In ronnection with the Watterson -Tlll- man-Harvey-Wilson controversy. "If Watterson has the proofs that he was authorized to raise money for Wilson's campaign he ought to publish them. I have nothing more to say." Tillman later dictated the following: "Senator Tillman declined to~J}9 interviewed further in regar4 tOjtfee incident, saying there was no-jpoggr. any issue between Watterso^i ->^d himself. The issue is now.^betwa^- \>'llson and Watterson and they Bt^fft <rft:le it for themselves. So far f» 'le was concerned he considered tlve ti;.-;tter settled and ended." ' Washington. Jan. 27.—The TlllmM- W.itterson-Harvey-Wilson episode A 'ashlngton's attention today. ' TIH- niaas reply to Watterson 's challenge was anxiously awaited. Watteirson <Ied fuel to the fire with a stat ^mcfnt saying: "I have proof that I Iiaive not only authorization to raise moitey for Wilson's campaign but that I actn- a'ly raised a considerable sum. "' hold myself ready to furnish this ] roof to Ben Tillman. If his single- averment, after inspecting this proof,, ije either equivocal or insufficient I i)ropose that Wilson name two confidential friends, I naming two, four • o no-me fifth and thus a court of geiJ- tlemen be established to determine I'he Issue between us." .New' York. Jan. 27—Colonel George Harvey said today he would say notli ing about tbe latest development^ In the TIUman-Watterson-Harvey -WUson ease. Asked If he might later he exclaimed: "God bless me! ,1 doif't know. I think I'll keep out of It for-^ ever from now on." DIL MA.SOX TO SPEAK HEBE. MORSE IS FREE AT LAST. ".ul Ills Days Are Xnmliered and tiitards Are Xot Xecded.. (l :v th.- .\s -.-i .eiiite.I r»res.s> ' Atlanta. Ga.. Jan. 27.— Charles W Morse, the New A'ork banker. left the •rmy hos.oital at Fort McPherson to- lay for a local hotel where no wil' lay until he is able to be moved •robably to some Florida resort. I' vas 'he first time in over two yearf hat Morse has been outside 'the con- lol of government officials. TRISKE'I-T CASE TO THE JCRY.; "anions Oil I.eas;- Story R: hashed in Coiirt Today. Indeoeiidencp. Kas.. Jan. 27.—The -'•ading of deiiositions. mo.=;t)y bearin>' •jion the oil lease controversv saii' 0 have 'ed to the shooting of J; D •. Neeley occupied the greater par' f today's --ess'on of Truskeff'-! tr'a' ' wos believed 'he case Will go .tc 'le jury late toda\. l/^ktier the lola basket ball team sus- .•r .o,« !•<. fir;» deteaf at the hands of '^qlf 'w'n. J. F Powel' presputed R L' T »-nn-n ?on. w•^o i= an !>r''ept ha.'kef^ ball fan. with a bottle of wbft pur- "rtpfi »o ho r"p^i ,.!Tio for the restors- ''\ry of •• broken dnwn ner-oii^ fy— •epi. on the fheorv that Mr. Tbomn=oT» -•qd }>ooh cpfio'i -lv affeetpd hv lola'a "ret defest After Tols'p decisive vie tory over I^awrenep. Mr. Thomn^-oTi -otiirTio 't the ho**'e *o Mr. Powel' with the following label affixed: "Pow"U's Invlporator and Soothing I.,otlon. Will Address. Teacher* at Their Meet- Ing February 8. The next teachers meeting promil- i >8 to be one of the best. At the last meeting the teachers were fortunate in having Dr. Stowe, of the Xormal School, whose advice on "How to Study" wiis execellent. At the coming meeting they will be favored with an aditjireH by Dr. Mason, President ot Baker tJniverslty. The program for Teachers' meeting. February 3, 1912 is as follows: Forenoon Session, 9:30 a .m.— How -to Study Mrs. E. W. Mylar Good Discipline Alva Smith Calisthenics in Rural Schools Mrs. Olive Sawyer History Problems Round Table — J. M. Johnsoia 'election of IJbrary Books ^ Elsie .NewlancT Meeting ot teachers by townships to iis.;uss spelling contests. Afternoon Session. 1:15 p.m.— Address by Dr. Mason, president ot Ibker University. The Teaching of Georgraphy by C •.I. Hilleary. CM. Wilm.ot, of Independence, today traded some land to J. D. Comack, of Chantite, for a stock of hardware at S14 South Washington this city. A. M. Keene and Dr. Van Zelzer of Ft. Scott, came over last night to con fer with the local members of the Scottish Rite Masons in regard to the reimion of the members of that order in Ft. Scott, February 12. L/ <^ Miss Bertha Doggett who for tber past si-x months has had charge ot\ the Vogue hat shop at Independence \ will return to this city Monday to 4 take chaixe of the Doggett Millinery. Mrs. H. Tholen jr., will retire from . the bu3ines8y<^ i The Allen County Medical Society;, last night sent a beautiful floral of-' fcring to Cherryvale as a token of ea- Good for Cold Feet, Sour Countenanceteem and respect for Dr. C. W. Hen- f,ooEP Lin. low .Onlr'*" ind a'' r.i^r^era] j „i,.j£, whose funeral will occur In that Down and Out Conditions. Manufac- city tomorrow. Dr. Rennick was toirr tured and Adi"lnlsterei' by Dr. J. R., five years a resident of Gas City and Powell." Dr. Powell, like all doctors, was at one time President ot the Al- rrtfused to partake ot his own medi- len County Medical society. cine. / *

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