Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 26, 1912 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 26, 1912
Page 8
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THE lOlJl DAILY REGISTER, FRIDAY EVENING, JANUARY 26, 1912. SO,GOO, o! the "Flander 20" for 1912 Touring- Car, five passenger, fore doors, fully e 'Tuippod, iileal f.'in-.ily car $885.00 Roa'lsto;-. f.')ro dooi's, fuliv equipped, a beauty in cvc:-v way ! $825.00 I^)ad?tc;r, c^nplete in eve/y way, open door style, frilly e(!uii)])ed .$750.00 I';::a]nine these styles at our show rooms; dem- oiisiraiions i-:i\en g-ladly at any time. M. A. SCHLICK sonii sTi.KM (.•\i{A(;i: •.'«!> sorni ST., i ()L .v rpr! "ir.rd n: 7:^n instead of at 8:00, as JLIIl. 1 tofore. ]-A)V|{KN(i: IJV-SKiT lai.i, ri .AKKiSS l> Uti.x lOMlillT. ViMiN {'Ii;:i!iii!i»iis Hino Itc s;iff! I'lir kr!;i--''n'limlii:;rj ^slil] S.noiilir.rir. Tin;-!." a:'t!:v .Ti:'.i:iiri;mi ihe Law- rrnie aihi ii :.; hi^li .(•;:.•).)! hatlicl In.ll tpams win !:;, inr li.t lir.-i liint? tl'.i.-- season -.'.i-'. ;: fiiily up to t!;o M r I i ?tani'.ii;i m 'y Uit- panics wliich Iia^^' 111 en ]'ay-i '.hi.-<)n is antii-iiiaTt li ly l';pt!i teaiu.-^ arc stionu'. an.l i: 1 1 i .ain • tliat the oiu> !i:at win- iiavi- r.o walKaway. J „'j>v.(n. \v"ii 1.;.' -Mtf . I'.aMipion- .v!]!]! last yr;.r ;ii:<i t.i.'ir i)ri->ei>t ifaii! i .i i (i2 !;;';i--. :l. U 'V :i:<- i;i't-a!c.r ]•:•:;. (•;' !a>l \";:rs i;:a.-vial. llov;- ev( r I 'r.vy i:,,vc i-nnc ic.'' am li ; •infi- (!.•;'•(•. as is . \ :;lt/ri'!!i t!', ,<.n,' of a 1 ,iT ;:i;ra'ili . )n:-" Ml.'liu i-iui.- in tj'.i' I.av. leniT .;<i;ni::!-\Vr'rM, T'lal say.<: "i; l .r liir ontl pjanic for lai- l.av.r.iie ]•< y~. and I'! in ii;aiii;ain- -:::!.• l.a-l:!'! • Sa'i'.ivdav was •1 '.- 'riii;. d !< ••. ai:! l.a'v- ail i:.. i h :i. :•• l .:.,.,,>v' • .'.;!.!< .'.<• I... I :.;.a- i.v .P:.- l<u-:! i.ra ••!. V U . 1 IKK (AWOX I\ A BIG DEAL. ii U:>:i! liuiL' i.s V\]H > in?: thrir pojition in li;!! [-•(•.•. IVrry in • y \ id;;;;, l .ii ! on a- a iiii>ri' un:. r<'!!ci' «il !ia\ r l" :.m CI .v.f '111 tii|i. ' iti!!;;i1 i!'-f. atrd s • . i-iil la'.-. >'•:.;• \> , < y.u: Iw .a l:,si I ":ii!av tiii;: p'.;iyi V li:ivf •.-.•.••i]'- ,it ; ^irir 111; V( doiililiM! t "ii T; rrrialn i: was la U id' '•••.•.w lu ••.tlr" i;;..' I'aldWii t;a!ii'- :\r.u tln-v r.r' r^. faii .i-r >' ai- •• •- riy ; f ' iT "i .'n : inco ''.n- !'..ild\.in vai: tl;< "nvin- li-ani li;:- Vci < -i' .or iivaci: a:"i •!• : 'r.i:- '•.:•.<• ; • ' •' • !T' ; <.f : • - r . \n il! t".' ! • ; I'l.y i.:.v,. • .^ n ;li|s ir:,-.;- I"'., intir-' V:! V ''A ii'ay. i vi'J! 1"..' . \ I i.ti.,n of i>'i '"''v. T( ' o is I 51'. r .T". • ••. ... • • a, .-..nt.T w'.l II.' • W i;,'ni n l,y Kirk P-adrlfy. 1 ('liatiHti' Theatre and *13fl,mi0 for Hi;; Culonidn Kaiirli. Many lolans reniotnbcr "Ike" Cannon tonietiine mrnibcr of tlio police I'cive l;ere w!io liad a ppectacular career a.s inarsiial of Lallarpe, and will hv interested in this story of a deal he has just concluded as reported by. .a Kansas City paiier of this morning: Two men a?V;ed for the use of a room at the Hotel Baltimore yester- uHv afternoon for just half an hour. One of the men wanted to give the .ther $i:'.O.iii'i> in casli. most of it In il 000 bills. They were I. V,'. Cannon, York. .\rb.. an<! li. S. Karhart, Denver. Co!. Mr. Earhnrt disi)osed of ,?.240 acrrs of land, .''aid to be the finest cattle ranch in Colorado, and received r> turn $l?0 0ii<l and the Hetrick T 'KMire Unildinjr in Chanute Kan. The Uetriik tl'.eatre in Chanute, the fmc-t in Kansas, was built by a man wl'o suddenly was rich when oil and eas were discovered in Kansas, ir n few n:r.nt'.is he v.n income of .»,1.r,(iri a niontli. There was no way r r ''.iiM to sprnd this money7 so he •.I'.du^cd liis property to build a thea- •re. II,. iK'd his name chiseled over ti;c door and emblazoned In electric l!i:!:rs out>!de. K\ery I'erformance at •i:. i!:iatre for two years he and his atir.t''.!, (aciii'ving tlie front. 'i'. n ,''1. r'c iT<;ii d-piission In I.I' \Vi!'; were atiandoiied and liiin •;•(!- of pirsMn« who iiad been at i Irai ti d to Cii.'inute departed. The i town became lifeless. The niort I i:an<'S on Ills proiicrty Vccanie due am ' lie liad no money t<i jiny them. ; littlf ntore than a year he was bank j ;-t;'.t. lie I'.-'d to earn a livins and ; f't' only jnli lie found open was Hint : of iiil'pri.sler for the theatre which ; lio:e !iis name. Ho worked at that : until he acciinmlatpd (.noiigh money to take him into a mininc; district. HEIRS $2,80 MII!IK •? K;:ORT AND XARKET l.r.K KESPO.NDS. Lhcslock I'ricps Loirer Since M'eutfa- er .>Ioderuted—L'gpi aud Butter Thuw Out. (fiy lUv Assjflat<.a I-r.-..-..*. Chicago, Jan. 2tf.—i-carcity of con- .raci at Mvcrpooi tended to auruea the market, 'liie opeuiiig was a shade off to '/^ita V4 "P- i >ia>' staneu to shaud to up. touching $1.01% and rose to si.niJvi. Ciose —May ?l.oi%(&l.«2; July Sept. 93%. COHX—Jan. C^U; May UVViQ f'i;. July GT'/iii Vi; Sept. ti'i-h- 0.\TS—Jan. :,i>;^; .May '.'.Uri ; 15%; Seiit. 40%. m $15 $15 $15 $15 $15 $15 July KiiiisiiN ('!(} (irain. Kansas City, Jiitt<r2(;.—WHKAT. re•L 'l |itK 4!» cars. wlieat steady to aulf cent lower. - Hard $1.04('/ II.OSV.-; No. a 11 .0141 l.O',: So. i' red nji^l.iui; .\o. :t, l»7(5<'jsi.A. Close—May selhss; July u:{>4fi'% sellers. COKN—b'nclmnged. No. 1' mixed 68 «) Va; No. 3, 06'/i; No. white 68',i(r: i9; No. 3, t;7l4. Close—May C8% scl- !ur8; July G7@ bid. OATtj—Uncuangeil. No. 2 white 31-C?.'L",.i; .\o. 3 mi.\ed r,Qhhl. CMeatso Lhcslock. ' Chlcigo, Jan. 2C.—CAl TI.K. receipts 4,000; slow to weak. Heeves 34.70@S.40; stockcrs aud feeders $:;.20 ni>.90; cows and heifers $2.10(§G.Oii. HOGS—Receipts 40.000; steady to n lower. Lights $.">.t)0i5£fi.l."i; mixed J.'i.S.'. gG.25; heavy $.'..l >ri((i 6.40; rough f5.90 96.10; pigs $4.1.'.(g,.5.40. Kansas.-City LIve.stock. City. Jan. 26.—CATTLE, rc- eipts l.'iOO; steady. .Native steers $.">.- 'lOQS.OO; cows and heifers $3.00fiG.- I'.'i; stockers and feeders $4.00ffMi.2."i; ' hulls ?3.7ri({i."i..50; calves ?3.7r)ff7.."i0. HOGS—Keceipts S.OOO; at 10 low- >r. Heavy f6.20(fiC.30; jiackers and butchers JC.OOifi 6.30; lights J.'i.GOg' 56.10. «9 I-* I-* ax 1-^ 12 Hart Schaflner & Marx, MIcliael & Sons the en- Haad Tailored Clothes—150 Suits to select from, one and two of a kind. Suits that have been selling at $20.00 and $27.50. Your choice df lire lot, Saturday qnly —SEE NORTH WINPOW DISPLAY- The Big Shovel Im Oof Sale v\ St. Ldufs Livi'stnrk. St. Louis, Jan. 2«.—t^VTTlJ.:. re- •eipts 300; steady. Native steers $1..'.0 flC'iO; cows and heifers $3.00(36..J0; stockers and feeders.$3.2."i@.i..'«0. HOGS—Receipts 7.000; .steady to 10 ower. Pigs and lh,'hts $4.Uil(ri G..".0; 'Utchers 5(;20&6.3r.; heavy $6.25® ;.3.j. TI.MK TO K\(MV THIS. at Ileni-Kttid >vfn Ho For Woman With Tiles. Any s; n '.^i'l 1]>. I'ay.," ..ip;;!,! | >!a'iy a wonian drass alon? a life of lie ;';::i-c': i i.'i *lie SnvonViirz h'ch I'inseT y with piles bec^us" slie does not sc'ioo! i.Mii niid t;;e Inla second h:;:!i know of 11K .M -R0 <n. tile siignr-coatcd .•-;;:(:(d 1. :i.i ir'etici'' ii..f(>;e Ihe big'i .iKld remedy that cures any kind of can -i". T'.e ! 'la sclro! team has pi'cs by restoring good circulation of i^?ir.i\n !;•(•"" ' •• 1 p'y -'.i?' t'y infe- u> thi. (ir.-T !-.a:ii. ;'r.d tiv^ Savon- bur:;- Mil'.;. :s liavi' ! ;id!y dtl,^a;ed .••o!!ie of tthe fa'-t'-.^t t'-3ni.~ in tVis thf fp-t that li<jth caa'cs will take thr, ri'^ular^ahes b!c(!.i. in the swo'len. < locked parts. tn'M-ROI!) i= sold under a cuaran t.=e of s;:tisf?.( ti/ir. by C. it. Ki'.-rcer & I'd., nn'l .-J! ('rugc:-^;s. for 21 days •••< a«:i!<-nt. T)r. Hfonhardt Co. Sta a free more tinif will bPjtion IJ. HnffalT. .\. Y.. .mails rsquir.ed. and tl;e first g^iie will l>e oooklel describing it. omo Outdoors —the "bluest of bii:e skies—da/zlinj; sunlight and m air like rare old wine—you fofKCt f al! about winter is you pb.y the " E itne tiie health and wealth c.f San Antonio's glorious ciiraate. You can ride or drive, play Rolf,, pel:)-, you can shoulder your Run and into the nearby •.(.iiiitry fur i;i!;!il or tuikey; you tali try joiir l -.iclcin shooting wild c'i;.!:s or in fiiliing aloni; the Gulf {"').:it; or y-u can just loaf and find t'lciharm of )tar8a^•o in thecrumb- l-.'.'ji, u:i .siuns'iind other lundinatkt <i( pii'cst und piont'cr. You'll be jjad you came to .'^ tn Antonio this winter—superb 1 -itc'.s. cafes, tlwatros, fhops, and a'! the comforts )ou v.ioh about you. The way to go is via the Katy '.I.niitpJ fi.-iiijs co'.er t!ic distance in the I>t lime witli tl:c greatest comfort. '•: iinny San.\rttonio''—abcavi;fulillus- tr.i'.ed booklet alnut this city of a thou- f.Ti 'J deliFlitf'.il siirprisei- will give you a r-::r idea i,( S -.'i A.-.tonio'sattracuveness. Slid li;r it '.uiiay. It's f.'ee. 5. St. G«.-fe, Gruarl f»suettr A(at, M. K. u T. b/., Saist Lom't For far.»s, I-frths a;id travii information tee nearest Katy .AgML The I'rodiiro Sltirket. Kansas City. Jan. jr,.—lU'TTBR— reaniery 37c; first.s 3."; sticonds 33; liacklnp stock 2^'>... KGGS—K.xtras 3.".c; firsts 33; seconds T'Vi. HAY—Steadv. Choice timothv $21 ri22; choice prairie $1 I'll U .'O. liROOM COK.V— $7i''' 110 p.-r ton. Chli :Av> .Ian. 26.- PORK--Mav $li;..•:.; July $16.^2' '-i n: ».'.; Jan. $i:..7.'.. LARD—Jan. tli.I.-.; .May J'.i .^o; Jiil\ )^.:>:r. Sept. .'J!i.r,7'... Lead mid Spelter. St. I.oui .H. Jan. 26- -I .KAl). (|uii(. $1- t.'iiii 4.:;7; spi'lter, strong, $6.3 .'>iil ;.-o. Call .Money Slendv. .New York, Jan. 26.—.Moniy on call today, r.teady, ctosinn bid 2. Loonl MiirkeiR. (I'roducc^quotations furnlshi 'd daily ly C.-^irhlll Commission Company): KGG.^—2." cents per dozen. IM'TTKR—22c per pound. FOl'I.TRY—Hens .S'-i: sprlncs S; 'lid cocks ^•, youns cofks 6; diKkR S'^ Teesn 6; turltey hens and youns: gobblers 10; old tonis 5; gtilneas !."<. HIPRS-S to (Grain quotations furnished dally by S. n. Ray): OATS—4.".c iier bushel. HAY—$10 per ton. - KAFFIR CORN— .'..^.c per b!!s!:cl. CORN—GO cents. LOST—P..\IR OF KYK GT..\SSKS 'leas? return to RegTstcr office and ecelve reward. R. Walls. llor>«', Hiiirc* iiiid ll »rnf-<<>i Found , Near liiinilmldt luxl .Mirhl. ; The hors" I iukk V and barni'ss. siol- I en from lolans early yesterday morn- ! iUK Were foiiiid In tin' barnyard of | James Jones, a fanner livlnn i-aat of 1 Humboldt at seven o'clock last nifiht. 1 ^'^f. PPr- ^,. i„ , , i:.... ... ' "lit toe passing of .Vli .\ander Hanill- Mr. Jones found the horse si.indinK In th<' barnyard, soiuevvh:il the wors" for hard driving but olhirwis- uninjured and the buppy and harness were in Kood shape. .Mr. Jonos did not hear Ihe horsf. nor sei- the driver as they p.!!SS'-d iliroiiKh the gatfr into his yard. He telephoned the news of his lind to Undersiieriff Dunfeo who went to lluiiiboldt by train and returned over l.vnd to lola this inoriiinK. Th'' horse was i(!(.iitil;ert anil returned lo 111" t'lii without a moving sense of heacl- fiit rcKret aiiiouK all the hundreds w.'io know him and whose lives were c:;rered by hl.'il. .Mr, Hamilion died ; Wednesday noon at his home in Yate.s i C< ntnr and tfie funeral was held ; from tiie home at in o'clock tliis ; morniiip: Rev. C.-rl .Van, of the lola Ki'is.-opal, otliciatinK- "She Wood.son County .Advocate ."-ays: ".Alex HaniiUon, a pioneer Word has been received here that a team, buppy. and Jiarness were stolon at Chanute last nl|?ht much in the same manner that similar prpii- ••rty was stolen here Wednesday night Th regular quarterly e.xaminations )f all the teachers in the. county, except those of first and second class cities, is being hold here today in the oflice of .Mrs. E. W. Myler, County sujierintendent. About fifteen teachers took liie examination. The Extension clubs of the Y. M. C A. and the Y. W. C. A. at Cariyle will i;ive a "Hardtlme Social" tonight, and to Insure success of the event, a penalty has been llxed for those whose apparel does not Khe stroni; cnouRh evidences rf |i<nerty. .Miss (Jobln secretary of the Y. .M. C. A.. Verne Uorseti. and si verul utliiir'lolans, will atluiul the social. •Mr. WllllHiiiKon an aved Kcntleinnn who resltlt.s with hU daimhter, .Mrs. lIodKi 'S, of lot .North Fouttli Hireet Ih III a danttiioiiK <.ondllloii as the re- Mllll of a fall w'-lcli he slifl 'ere'l iwvi nil days flKo by hlliipln;; on an icy sldi- '.vreni'Iii'd and Uv has s!n:e been con- llnd to hl.t bed. Twocfiuide." were marileil by JudKC n. Smith In the probate court room parlor this nvornlCK. They were Miss Irma A. Hlbbs, of Klaciore and. F. S. \V1klund, of Humboldt, and .Miss I^iira Norrick and Roscoe C. Uist, both of Dayard. Attt ^ney.J. F. Goshorn left yesterday for Kansas City for a short business visit. Mr. and Mrs. L. A. ATanderveer are here for a visit of two weeks with Mr. and Mrs. O. E. Oliver, Clarence Thomas, of. Chllilcotbe afo. a brother of Hrs. Oliver's, is .here for a Wsit . w .1, t„.„..,. I I resident of WoodsoiT county, died at Mr," 'V I ,h • . r„ • F : '"'-^ i"M,ie in this city Wednesday after .1. H i ini'.rso:! and the li;irness to I... r. , _ , .,, _ , Hall. No trace of th..- thief has been """" "'^^f "i"->- f " found. It is supposed that he became '•"JfJ,'"- >'is usual health unti overcome with fear of d-tection and "''""'f '"'^l'' abandoned the outfit rather than ,^V>'';.", '•'i H^l'V,^' have shortcne. chance bc'ins captured. ''f*" "'V' '"•''^'^I'f °« y.*ave. proved serious had he been imWli AT TIIK ACTO SHOW. | >"ur^er man. The primat-y cause Ills death was due to complications in T\u, .M-,je.:t,c tho,.ler was packed; f'-f^^ old age. After his fall h. la-^t „ig!,t w;.en .Mr. Pel.and. rep re-• la-I "i.res.sed a ueslre to see all ol =.i:tr.tive of the t^tudebaker-Flailders ^velve living children, and an of- .Motor Car Coi.u.any. beran his lecture ^"'1 "a^e to comply with hi •^nd inovinK p:en're.=^ showing the pro- , '• V'-.' ^"^'^ ccs.s of manufacturing cars from the, arrived betore his deatli. raw material lo t!ie finished product.! Mr. llamliton resided In lola It was an entertainment greatly ap-' nnmb<>r of ycar.s ana he has a great prfciated by the audience and each many friends here and in Allen am, step In Ihe construction of an automo- AV'oi^iNon counties, who knew aiii bile was eagerly followed. \ loved him. He was a volunteer charter niomher of the Cheer Up club, anr while he had troubles of .his own ht lauglied at them and he sighed witl. you over your woes and reioiced over your joys. And now ti:.; Te has gone on the inevitable way j. l:uman- ity t!ie >miles will change to teai\ ant^ If wis'iing ;".::i!s aught, he awoke it a v.crld wi.ere taere i.s nothing bu: siiiiles. KSCAI'Ki* FHO.M LA>SI.\(J. I<> T hii TrNoiuTs Cllnilicd H ip Walls FrcedtiiH This Afl<Ti.(nin. .'^hiriff lliiover Kerr n c iv-^d a telephone iii<...isa.i;i' from the 'warden'.-; of- rici' In (he state pii.oii ut Lunslnu Ibis afternoon Infnri'ilrig liliii of tin escape of two iirisiincrs and asking Ihnt a shi-.rt lookout tor ttieni be main ifliied In this ;lcliiltv. Th» prisonert' v.'hn e'lT'ined nr" Wni'atii .lones, a no- grn. and K. .M. Jenkin;: -ilhn .McVey. a white man. No particulars of tlii- escape were jjlvun. .A niiiiilier of uien an dh'iys of lb" Y. M. C. A. held a meeting last nirr.'M In the office of Tr .Tv..;! .Morse and dls- ci'sseii the org'iiji/at'on of the A'. .M C. A. liible class which ha.s been hold Combination Range. Riirim r-nnl jtnH o-ac wifhnilf '"J?weekly meetings for the iJliniS coal ana ga .S WlinOUCj ,,j,^£ ^,.vpral years, in connection with change. Four gas bui'ncr oven. Broiling burners. Good heavy coal box. lids and Ipla funiitiire Store the Inlernatlottal IJlble Class organlz.i tlon. The material for offloer.-? and methods of work abso cnme no for illBCUsKion. It was decided to finish the discission of the subject, and to perfect the organization of the class at the recular meeting of the class a week from next Wednesday night at the Y. M. C. A. We still have some clioice values left in Pianos and Organs. We Avill sell tomorrow six beautiful new Pianos ajt prices .$187, $189, $195 to $215. Some good used Pianos from $25, $40, $148 up IcSlSO. Organs $5, $7, $10, .$20 to $35. Exclusive store for Victor Victrolas. Priced at $15, $25, $40, $50, $100 to $200. Headquarters for Edison Phonographs and Records. Columbian Machines and Records at a discount. Store open until 8 o'clock evenings. J. V. Eolierts Miisic Co. lola, Kansas he aiiMWi 'l stiite Y. .M. C. .\. convention, which Is lo b eheld at lluttliia. on fii 'Ui Fihrua'v l.'ii.'i to Isili. iii- Iii' ive. with th.' end 'ii viiw of sen' ing a large number of delegates, pos- luiy t.-a or iv.eue, iioni tlii.s cily '..'iMoii li<.!';eli' was i.iecled chairiual .f a coiiiiiijttee to aid In the work, and le will be as:JiHt".il .y II. il. .Mio'lilkf •'red Ro.vdin, ElliPM' l.aivy.-r aii'! .1. V .Merchant, I'lir.s, insH I'A.ssKS TJfiini .•i|i<'('lii| Train of Mo. I'lic. I'rcsjdi iil Here TliN AncrnoKU. A special train (.ariyim; I'r.slditit 11 F. lJUHh. of the .Missouri IViciflc. ard number of oiber officla!:-. o! tln' road. Is scheduled to conie ti.roiinh Icda .thls afternoon .al'iout flv<. o.-Iock. nroiitp from Wicliita for a torr of In- Iiecllon over tills and other i!. •. isinns. Fiom advices received at the io,-::! sta-j ticn th!!t train will make a stop here i but only for a few- niinuJes. The train started from Wicliit .T. :nd will arr!\e In Yates Center about 3:40. The exact time of its arrival !:ere is not known. The Men and Religion Forward Movement wlU hold a meetln.g in the nature, of a Bible Study In .stitute at. the First >tcthodist church next Sun- j day. afternoon at treee o 'clock, "toj which all men and boys are urged to.' come. The raeetln ^r wil be conducted ' I. . B. Prather ' and I A meetintr wag held last evening .the Y. M. C. A., and an organlxatfon|by Reverend I perfected to stimqlat^ enthusiasm in^ others. ^ j FOR 6^ALE! :.:» IJ.KA!) IIOItSK.S uiid .Ml'LES I li.ave Jtist .iiiippeil In 2.'i b»'ad froi.i Coffey Co --.oino weaning niaio niiiie colts, some y-.irllng niare niiile..^. One pair r.f i!Mi !c.< five and six years old, weight 2."ii)0 lbs. One pair of laart's six and reve;- yf-ar.s old, we:'.;Iit 2o00 lbs. Several other nirics In the buncj They are a.'l well broke. Several bead of horses and mares, all 'young and good farm stock, some sin- gie dri>ers, city broke. .Anyone wanting to buy, sell or exchange, see me at once at lola Horse and Mule Market 1 block west Santa Pe 4. r. Batcher Phone «Mi

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