Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 26, 1912 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 26, 1912
Page 7
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THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, FRIDAY EVENING^ JANUARY ^6, 1912. THE TRAP WAS SET FOR FINK, BUT FELIX GOT INTO IT. WANTS—ALL KINDS. . WANTS—ALL KINDS. , FOR SALE—FOR SALE. WANTED—GOOD LAXD. WELL . Improved lying near lola. Will buy • lialf section or more if •worth the ' money asked. Give price and full partitulars for reply. Owners only. Me-shew & Company, Tulsa, Okla. WANTED—WOOL' TO SAW WITH buzz saw. Phone 4C1. WANTED— nOARDKK.S AND ROOM eri; frond room.-;; modern house. Pi.'fine 2vf). V.'ANTED—SALESMEN VOR TJIE Qoui Oil DMIII'T: burns oil nud sti'juu, rr(mi)inic;il, -aff, no dirt, Mimko or ?iii>tti. lii.-iiill.d Mtiy «iov(? In lui-niy liiiiuili's witliout rluiiiiriii'.; >!ovc. Ccintiiittlui: :i>;iiit< n-iiriil I'xclusiv.' ti-r- riloiy. Kt'tall ]•!'<•' .'l.'iiiii, I'nr au'''nl.>< ai!(I \vli"i< !•• i'.i'' .\<i(!!<'-s Omu IbiiniT Co.. II..- MoiiiPH-, Iowa. WANTED—E.VPEIIiE.VfED SALES lady in <iry ponds, at Frishman's. W.,VNTED:—TWO (U)OD WOHK Imist-s \2T,u 1 (1 K1.">0 pounds Wid^iit. lola Hrick Company. I i WANTED—KAEFlII CORN IN CAR j !(.id lots. 11. I!. Hrannuui, Puiua, Kas. i \\-.\NTED—.\ G E NT IN EVICRY .-•'itt' to take tiic Ptato ascnry in si-ll II • la! i-oii.-iilf sidiwalk form.-; niotii y iii'k"!-. .Ml lal Sidowalk Eoriii Co., In!a. Ka?. SO Af-RES 10 MILES KRO.M I'AR- sons Laiiciic couniy: siiipoth land, Kood black ^foil all ullable ;«0 aci-o.< liiidif. i^ricf $'><> p'-r atTe; luortKaKe $UiMj 0 ii.T I'cut. \V:nt Kood lola property lor oti'.uiy. iu'a Uiud Coui- ji.iuy, lola, Kans. FOR SALE—FOR SALE. , FOR SALE—FOR SALE. U-.\NTKD—WOMAN AS SECOND (( I'k. Kiausi' Cafi\ UA.\TI:D SITCAT^V IN COIN- irv to do liousi'work. ^Addn ss l!<ix lola. W.WTEIi TO REl'.MR lilCVCI.KS ;ii;d .slues. Soiili' liiivclr'.s lor .^ali- ( I •ap. .I'ss Howard, lo .'p S. K'u- ti:-kv sinci. I'liouc IM.'i. - Si'f till' iii'W tyi'..- Ovford.s anil I''::iips al Slii'.-Id.'; Slin.' Store. FOR SALE-:;ii HARRED ROCK r.nkcrrL-: In S. C. Rhode Island Reds. l!-:-lirn .lohii.(::i, L'.li; N. .lofft-r.-dU. Flmii,. ;.7:i-t. FOR SALE-WIIITR I'LY.MOFTM Km',- c cii;;rrils. Ei;;;s lioii^lit last .-IMi'!-.; .if F. R. I'j-iicI, Hope, Ind. ;;(!.' .Niirth Second. FOR SALE-.MV COUNTRY HOME we.I (!)• ihj.spital. IT;-; acres ground, I) room !ioii;;i', tlie fliK.'.st barn In Allen ciiiiiily, Kood cistern. Rood cellar all 1 rieked up «(ioil, an ideal place to live. K'Mi-on f'W si-llir^, am located In the West where I have bti.-^lntss interests. Till- place will make a nice chicken r.iMcl' or d.iiry farm. Call or write,! -A. M. Kookcn, Colorado Springs Colo. FOR SALE—.13 ACRES OF NO. 1 boitom land within 1 mile of lola at a bargain price; $.")00 down, balance on t(.-m to suit purchaser. Allen County Realty Co., Evans l!;dg, lola. I FOR SALE—SV2 ACRES LAND ON i street car line. Terms. W. E. Starks. FOR SALE - AT A BAROAIN, MY tv.o siory nioi'.ern re.=ideuee, 219 N. ("ut'i'iiwood. Reasons for selling, •eaviii,' -.'ly. Teims or cash. A. E. ii-.llief. j FOR SALE—HOUSEHOLD JTJUNI- ture; .some new chicken wire. Mrs. R. E. Glassell 12U S. Stanley, Gas, Kaas. FOR SALE- FINE RLACK JACK Willi white jioints. He is a fine one and will sell cheap if sold soon, H. IJ. Drannuiii. Fiipia. Kans. FOR SALi:-SEASONED STOVE wood. Earl C. .Mrmfort. I'lione liliT-:;;;. FOR EXCHANGE.. FOR SALE—TWO GOOD COWS. Imiuije at 312 N. Jefferson St. FOR SALF:—CHEAP IF TAKEN suon; house and lot. Adilres.s S S. Ohio street. FOR SALE—FIVE WHITE OR- plngton pulletij and one cockerll. Dr. Neusome. Phone 824. FOR SALE-CHEAP IF TAKEN soon: fcur ideii! house, small barn, lar^;.- .May cin rry trees, gr.ijie vines, w 'll and city water; •):'.•; N. First. }'J'>i> down, balance on time l.'i.OO per month. OIK :tO DAY IMKOAI.V. We have a fine tract of grazing and timber land in Eastern Oklahoma, to e.\change for u well located modern In lola; 4S0 acres at f.'i.OO per acre, $2400. i«inil clear and good title. Anything offered must be clear. Here la a chance to double your money in two or tliroe years. Whitakcr & Uoniicll, lola, Kunii. FOR SALE—ROSE CO-MR RHODE j Lsland Red Cockerels. Also e.!;,i;.s for setting. Louis Wheeler. Piione CHJ. FOR SALE OR TRADE—A GOOD rental property in lola Kas. Will trade for any kind of stock r xrejji stallions. Sheep jirrf. rred. Wriie .\. S. Orr, Culliusville, Okl.i., lor p;i;t.tu- llars. i GOOD S-ROOM MODERN HOUSE In one block of car line, to trade for 4 or ."i-room liouse . Phone 1330. FOR SALE—RAY MARE. M'lMGHS alnut '.Hill; make good lielii.'ry l.Hrse <i." all right cheap bii;^gy horse; scund and gi ntle. V,j!l s.-ll'for ?.'.'». UiWi East street. Phone ;:."it;. NABROW ESGUPE FBOM DEATH ^ IRA B. LAUAIM'F. rrniM.K !\.H KKI) IX A FAII.M WA(.(»\ UIH ;< h. I FRANTZ Social PiirilT SnciifT fo be Onnini/cd in This (itv—LaHnrpe PerMin- ::I .\c>v> >(ites. Mrs. Groicre Sioii' ]S-moutbs- old child came ui:iv ei. 1 liiig d.:ith Wodnef<!;'v mornMi- almm U o".!(.. k. Mrs. Stout and child fer- in a wau-oii uCeo;i;;,...'i:. iiig .\'r. S-oiii a<ros:i a li. Id c:i a lii'ie rrraiKl V.IIMI fronl vvhfls of ihe wa^mTi pluiig.d into a de. p putvr. Mr. Sioul sijc.eess- lu! ir, caidiing hiiiisi if bui .Mrs. Siou' .':nd child p!ui):;i tl liiadl'or-most over the dashboard and urid< r lb" hcrscs iioofs. .Mrs. Stout was kicked on l!i< ri-"h: si^ie „i tie- brail, r. ceiv- ing a b.-.d -.r;:I;) v,(ji!iid l,i ,-;t.;. <ith>T bruises. S!" is I'jiort'd to lie stjIl'T- Ing intensely. In falling .Mrs. Siout In some manner ihr'V.- the child 10 one side wl!:ch i.roljalily prev<iued its b" ing killed. The manner in \s;,ieli i;ic child escaped with only a few scratch cs must hav<' bi'-n a mir.nle. - F. S H:;;in .M. D., Jculi.-;'. I'rof Slieanr and a few oii:er men will meet riiis e-.inin;: la the h;-h school building for li.e inrpo.e ot iioiniiiatinu' olliei rs for the ,^OM,II Pur jly organization, wliii li has .-iroiiS'd coiisirli r.'ible iiiti n SI anioiie'arp' peopb'. The convinciii;^ taTrs by Mr Tbei)dore Hanson the first of •h- wi el. mado Lallarpo seo the nef tl of such .-.11 organi/iiiKill. A iieeii;,',' inr tie fdi-cii<in of ollieers will be call, d <.iie evening Tiext weik. .1. .1. Ixjvi' of flceola. .Mo., h .is pur- rhas.-d the Holt i,i<i|i.Tiy on Sn'iili Harrison street and is nioviit^ Jiis family here. Glad to welcomi> the f:imlly lere. --Ti 'ii per cetii ili.-coiint rm Wall I'aper until r.ew line .-irrivi s. whiih will he thr first '<( next p.ontli. L'"' di-ennnt on j"h h • - W.tters A; Dan- fo'ii|. Drugs am! .ie'^eliy .Mrs V. L Goodrich who ba.s been jU .-11 the .sanii.i>iuni was removed to the F. R. Rrothertou home in lola yes lerd.ny to undergo a series of Itlue Jjght treatments. Mr. .lotiu (Jiilfest is reported on ti;e sick list. Mrs. Georco Streige! and daughter of .\saria, Kas.. are ypeiiding ih.e we- k with .Mr.<:. L. Cheney. A niinibor of out-of-town peojib' are rxpMted to attend the dance in the Op' fa house this t veiling. Mrs. George Hart of near .^^ornn is the piiest of Mr. atid Mrs. Harry Kos- singer. Mrs. C. I^WilliaTiis of north nf \hf- oily spent yesterday'\vith .Mr. and .Mrs W. H. Sellman. Miss Sibyl Jones of Elsniore after a short visit wiih h'r sisrer. .Mrs. J. AV. Holt left today for I.indsborg, Kans., to t.ake a musical <'ourse in Bethany College. Her many friends hfie wish her unbounded success. V.'ill Ward went to Ft. Scott yesterday for a short visit with Dick Hurlock. Mrs. E. H. Toliey has returned home after a ple.-isaut visit with Mrs. D. Horville of lola. Mrs. C. B. Aldridge lias gone to HarrlsonviUe, Mo., for an extended visit with relatives. RE(;iSTKKEI> Ol'fOMETHlST Humboldt, Kas., a'torno.'-n of February Cth and all the day Ttii. !.a Harpe, February Sth and 9th. I'NLinOMA FAIAL TO FOHMLll! (.'AS (MY l'IIVSf(H.\. Miss Frances Ward returne' .MM: Ft. Scott today accompanied by .Mrs. R. H. liiiilock who will visit here r.;:- lil ;ifi-r ."^unday. .Mrs D. Kiser. who has b"en visiflr;^: her brother Perry Zent:; since the tiol ji'.-.ys. rtiiiiiMl yeeterday to Cow in. K;.:isas. .^Irs S M. M: rshall will enjoy a w. eU's visit -.vitli her sister Mrs. i:. T. Fevler of Paola. J. ('. f'nrrey ;ii(l family are jeo. itr.' fnei| I'll .Voriii 11:: irisoii sTi-: to tin . ]):.viB pror riy 0:1 South Wa-liington I v. Cr-A'^n is still quite ill I Ti. E. Rurtch is report- d on tie sick li^ . .Mrs George Kord h": i- (iu-rer! from ' ,1 short lisii i'l K.i;is:is Ci'y. Mis." .\'iri:' .lones of i:isiiiore is vis ill •.; h'-r si-i- r. Mrs. .1. W Koli. .Mr. :ifd .Mrs. Weld, of .^loini spent yi .;'er(!ay wi'h l.aliarpe frieijihj^'' 'Ir, 'lilio .\I 'ioi":!v.' "ill pr'><-l' j I.;ill;;rpe toni;-'it in order ih't Vieior Goodrich who is condneiin!' ;i ri -\ival leere nny h.i\i ha.e to |. e- liiie il.ire W. 'I. lodue in lol.i '. revi'.al i: [irimi' , sie- tfie ly .-It tie L.^Iierpe Cliii:ti;in (liiireh and wi'l c'l.'iiitnie ,.Siiiid;iy moriiltig .siih- i. - : • -Th. \Vorl.|"s Gre.itest .Mentor ial" fveiilnu', "Till' V.'tinderiii!; Jew or 111.- Mif.n h of the Cenliity " lii- spiiiti'-T Miiii: sevviei' iiiidi r the dire(- liuti of F R. I'.rothirtoii. VICTOR GOODRICH, Pastor. Buy Tone's Old Golden Coffee .Vjihirnl Gas Tn.inr.rfion fasp Will Probiililj be .ScKled Tndaj IVr- .vonals and News >otes. -At- FIM.KS P\sr FIFTY .>1I>.T iSV. ( AS! AIM-TS. Ulat •_'lav^««i arc to «cak c.«c«i. Cii-ca li-I^ an- to Hctik bowels -!i 1'!- cciil ho.v HIII IfIIIJ- iiiiia/r j<»u- .ibist old niiist giv<' to tii'.' ieiueis some regular help, el-'c- they sii!;..r from eon-iipation. Tlie condition is ;ieif, cily n-i-.iiral. It is just a-' n.'iiiira! it is for the tilfl jienjilif to w ;i'k Fur ;ige is nrver so a.tive a^ joii".!!. The muscles are nin--k'S. So till old people need Casearels. One ni;'-''tt as well refuse 'o aid wok ves w!\h c'asses as to neirlect this -•1 r. le ael to Weak bowels. Tlie ho^vtls must be kept active. This is i]r,orlant at all ages, but never so II.-. li as at tifiy. .•\geds not a time for harsh physics. Yii:ih may occasionally whip the ho'.- els into acliviiy. Rut a lash can't he isfd every day. What the bowels of the old need Is a gentle and natural icnfc. One tiiat can be constantly used without barm. The only such tonic is Cascarets and they cost only 10 cents ])er-box at any drug store. They work while you sleep. A Monster Clam. The largest chini of record weighed 527 pounds, (he :d!elis weighing COT pounds ani the me.ii iv.ciity. _ Last iiiirhl at il^o'e'oek the news ficlu'd here of the ihaih of Dr. G. W. Reisuick, at his eoiintry home pear Wellington, rneninoaia. fever v.tts the cause of his death. The iiev.r. of bi^ de.iih coiii'.'s as a great shock to lii.; tiiaiiy frieii?!:; here. Or. Reiitiick v..:.s- of a jovial disposition and al- \v:^ys willing to exffiid a hand to the i;ei(ly. The bereaveil relatives litive the sincerest sympathy of a hosr of friends in this city. .Nothing is kno'.' n of the ;irranii< 111'Ills for the fiinei:.i. Showing bis udniiration for .a grass iiojiper that would get out in this kind of W( ather. Perry Aiibot of South fltis iiitide the boppi-r a lilth' home in a s-'lus.-- Jar .and fei ds him reLoil.ij'ly. Till' supper riven last nii.'h.t by the fir' men was- a grand siicciss. The city rdl'eials at'd their famities smd th'> tireniin':: f; iiiHies were the Invit' 111 gllesls. '1 lie ;,'UeSlS Ije-;']) arrlv- at ;;e'. ell o'clock and as tley ar- riwd ihec e, re .e ali i| .if a (aide ;ind served. Oysi(rs and a geiier;!l siii,(M-r was served, .\fier the snpii^r singing anil inleresline. coiMersalion oecu- pi-d (he lime. Those who injoyi'd till- evi ning were: M.jvor and Mrs. 1). W. Shiiffnrd. Mr. and Mrs. T, f. ib-n- ry. F. W. Frevert and family. Mrs. Pe.irl Miinre .and sons, John IliM-kovr and family. Mr. and Mrs. 1. Mooinev. .fohn Foster and faniilv, W. A Livingston and family. George Toiaian .ind family, Stafford Agee and family. Frank Liipardus and f;inilly.' l-Mwin JIunler and family. .Mr. attd Mr;. A. Jlatt. rion. .L M. Ploiieh and family. ;i. .M<-Dowi|| .and family Mr. and .Mrs n. L. Pills. .L J. Weaver, Miss Ida Kinmaii. S.ini Ziemkowski, Mi'ti .Myers. H. Starks. Mrs. Midlie Kin- rnan, Frank Howard. David Naehl.s- chtiit ami Marion Patlerion. Mr. A. 15. Shepard is visiting in Ells, worth today. The ease of the City of G;is versus the Natural <\af C'ontinny. wliiet] was brotighf bi fore the disirli-t court yesterday will Ito conehidi d today. The case is familitir to everyone, but the main object of the city now is to get the court to exrend ilie pre.-reni injunction until a F;itisfaei(,ry agr.e- tne'it can be ritohed. Tie- C's-- fif Mr. Fleming aitalnst the company in wliitdi he is testing the legality of the company's moves, is also being considered by Judge Foust today. The outcome Is being awaited with great interest. Jlr. 1 .1. Moomev has returned from .'•II enjo.vabk visit to his old bone in Springfield, Illinois.' This was hii first visit to that section of the country for thirty-four years. Bert Hatten of Collinsville was here Wednesd.iy between trains for a visit with Mr. and Mrs. Stafford Agee. .Mr. Hatten had been in Nevada where he •was called by the death of a sister. The sewing club will meet Monday evening with Mrs. R. H. Stewart of North Wall street. 'Dr. G. W. Moore and son Jay, •will go to CoIIlnsville this afteroooa for a Carl & Hunter's visit with .Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Kin; m:in. ! .Mr. and .Mrs. Tsaac Carl accotnpa- iiied Mr. and. Mrs. Rufus Holenian, who visiting in tills county tc Lamar, Colo., y<'sterday. Mrs. W. H. Rrcwii of Travis adli- lion is re|ior(ed very ill. Grtiiit Lieurance of .Mildred is vis- ilitiL- his brotlH r E. T. Lieurance. thi.s week. ( f the 1 lerald was a in lliiiiiboldt W'ediKS- —.SO A. 10 mis. from Parsons. Labette coiiiil.v, Kansas. Smooth land, .good black soil, all tillable, fio A. iircke. Prico ?.')0 iier acre, mortgage .]!l,Piii. (J jier cent. Want good lola proiieriy for ei|uiiy. lola Land Company lola,. Kansas. FOR SALE-NEW STOt.'K Ci;TTER riilin.g plow cultivtitor. In>iulro h. \V. lliggins, .Moran, Route 1. FOR SALE—SLK HOLE RANG1-: with reservoir for coal or wood Phono SKD. l.enhar; .;s (a Her I .lav ; bit-;:;;. 1 day. .\Ir. :ind Mr-. John Matis" ar'^' mov- lin--; from .North .Main sln-i-t to pro|)- j erty in West Gas. I Mr.-^ 10. Ml Riide who litis been vis- •Itiitg her daii,i:hlei in Htirtbsvillo for 'some time, is expected home this af- •'einoon. 0|il;ii|om;i iia.s benelitfed Mrs. .McRrlde's h. allh. Mr. Farmer Do you realize that you can buy a fine hand made IL'JT.CSS al ii'^r^u!, ihe itrice you would have to pay for the inferior machine made article? Look at our stock todav. The Allen County Really Co. Make a specialty of BBIIIDK Allen County Karma. We also write Insurance of all klnd.«. collect rents, pay taxes for non-residents, and do a genera) real estate budinesa. We represent three ot the best loan companiea doing bual- neS3 in Kansas, and solicll a Ehrire of the loan business, and guarantee as cheap rates and quick service as can be bad anywhere. The Allen County Realty Co. B. L. Tkonipaoii, Mrr- OFFICES ISVAIIfl BLDO. lOLA (First Published in the lola Daily Recisler, Januarv 2tl, lftl2.) NOTICK 1\ BAMilUI'TlY. In the District Court of the Fnited Stales for tho District of Kansas, Third Division. In the matter of Oliver S.. Morse of lola in llie County of Allen tind district aforesaid, a bankrupt. Notice is hereby Biv< ri th.-it on the 2r >ih day of January, A. D., 1912, ilie said Oliver S. .Morse was duly .id- judged .1 bankrupt and that t'le lirL-t meeting of his creditor.s will be held tit the Jfotel Kelley in |he (dly of lola. .Mien ("ounty, Kansas, 011 the ;tti| i] -y of February A. D., i;;!:;, at o. b- k in the forenoon tit which lime ih said creditors mtiy tiltend, prov • li.eir cdaims, appoint a trustee examiiie'the b;;i;krupt and tr:msai-t sucdi other i'lisiness as ma.v properly come before siKdi mectin.g. Assets scheduled at .'LIO.O'i; lia- l.ililie.-: srdieduled JRTiI.r.:'. Fori Scott, Kansas, Janmirv 23, 1912. c. i;. CORY. Referee in I'.f.nkruptcy. WM. W. SHELLEY, of HIT Commerce Illdg. Kansas City, Missouri, Allorney for Raiikrupt. FOR SALE— FmST CLASS CAFE The best loeaticn in the city. doitiL' a good business, good reason for selling liiquiro at Regiiter. JV0iRRENT-£ORRE^ FOR RENT—.-MARCH 1ST, ONE 3- roomed house and 3 acres of ground; idanty of fruit and good water; first house north of cement bridge on east side of Kentucky slrcer road, .\ddross Mrs. IL-ittie Keir, Jc;a Kans., or piono fiS-24. FOR RENT—ACRE F.VRM IN i Vernon county JIo.; 120 acres plow- lard, ir. acres l.u-arintr orchard. Inquire G. C. Parlasca. I..a Harpe, Kas. MtriCK T«» CONTKVddKS. lola, Kans.. .)an. 2.". 1912. We Ihe Itoard of Couniy Commissioners of Allen County. Ktiusas. having decided upon the constrtietioti of six miles of nincailam roiid, four mibs of wlileli' will comnii'nee ;it the north corportite line of lola on the Stsite .Striet ro.'id tlience running north four tiiile.s on said s:ate Street road. Also two miles of macadam rond comnienc- ing at the east eovporaie line of the :'ily of Hiinilinldt on H'.e Ft. Scott • lai!. ilienee running c;ist ;p;70 feet, and also commencing at the northwest corner of the southwest rpiarter ]-2(;D(. thence etujt tlS'.io fvct on said Fort Scott road. * Sealed Idds, aecotnii.'tnied by certified check of %:,\<, will he received up to, February «, 1912, M., on not less t:;;in two inile.<; or on all of said road, to build according to jilans and speci- ficutlons on fib; in the office of the I'ounty Clerk. Rigl.a reserved to reject any and all bids. G. M. REYNOLDS. Ch'n. R. E. CULRERTSON, County Clerk. FOR RE.NT—SIN ROO.M HOFSE two blocivs from; city water. Phone 9S1-14. FOR RENT—A GOOD TEN-ACRE farm. Intjuire of J. .M. !«inicr. FOR RENT—GOOD Si;VEN ROOM house, small barn, pjeuty of gas. |i' pi I- month. Phone lUMi. LOST—PAIR OF EVE GLASSES I' r.'urn to R(gi ter olfice and receive rcw :ird. How to Clean Tapestry. Skake tne tapestry gently but veil to remove loose dirt and then Immerse it in a cleansing fluid composed as follows. Take four ounces of soap to a quart of water and boll It until it becomes a jelly; then divide this equally in two tubs of hot water, adding a cup of bran to each tub to prevent the colors from running. It la best to sew the bran in cheese cloth bags, so that It will not stock to the fabric. After washing the tapestne alternately In the two tubs, rInse In water strongly flavored with vinegar (to prevent colors fading) and dry. After the heavier, weight of the water is out, Btltien with a thhi boiled •tarob and iron quickly on the wrong gUe wltb « rather hot iroa. •. TO LOAN - FROM .'Jl.diiO TO .•?.'^.<iliii jSrlv.-il.! money on i;r'id r'-al e«iali> at per cent. Apidy lo l,.vinv C.aid «';• G.:rd. FARM I.O.l.\.S! CIIKAP .VO.VJ.'V! Wc rejiresent one of the best Farm Loan Coiupanie.s doing busiiit.'ss in the State, of Kansas. Wi- (tin loan on ftirms anywhere in I^.Mern or Central Kansas. Our itiies sue the lowest and our term;: :.:e ihe- best. Call or write us wh.-n in i:eed ol a farm loan. I'hone 97. THE I'KTEHSON LAND CO.WAXY Old Court lildg. Farm anti Ci^y Loans KANSAS AXD OKLAUOaiA bow Kiite; Annna] or Seml-Annua> Interest—Prhllttre to Pay fu Full Reduced Bates on Fire Insuraucel R.M.Cunningham Old Cenrt Honge ItldK. loU, Kas. PROF'S'NAL DIRECTORY y MOMJY TO LOAN. rS |S Will lend on hou.-.e;:(,:.I good-, •:• Y pianos, organs, si-.i' ; li.i- r.'r * chines diaiiicn::- ,> ' .1. Vl. ((>! is. r-T * 110 Nor.'h M .. !. ' r.: V ^ ^ re T,i V r.i -J- -V- -V- -'.i * Ifdjal Typeivr. ••r .!.•; •; i * Controls Excl.i.;.- . * liojiil .Sland.tnj it>.ii!:i - , rr i In AlitU Ci,,. tj •'. F. TL (tM-irru-. A fen. O No-thrui) \'^\\:.\.\.^ .. . I %r Typewriter Kt ';i,iirs r:-^ •^ejt.-nicb * s -K ^ * ^ ^ r;- ::• V r. .• •:• : ^i- •' <^ -Or. r. .V. ri i'.y.M; ; Room So. I. Hi,:. +- F.\-tracrioii .^.-M^J. , i;, ••. i.,t Hi •S use of Niti.,,.'^ i>\;ri..' I...a •< Phone—Officij ,r.'.3; ue^ ^hi 3 5 -5 •£ * S- -Ir Sr * V r> r:^ i -r V ^ 5 a- » S * ^ * =5r -li 5- 'iT: s- » * 3 ! ^ W II Y .V (j T 1 « * Have Tour Piano Tua»d bj «.>• 6 '<r. Experienced Tuner—On^ L]» ^ ^ Ing In your town *> •S T. 0. CAWTSEY « r3 Piano Tuner and R;'pnlr*r 9 •S Roberts .Music Co Phone 4ri 9 rS # * -Jj * S ifc a * * * rr ^ Ct i; S* » « ft rS ¥. L. U. LKAVLLL , d « * Specialties— ^ V Disease!) of the Ctie'-' •ir Dihtases of Cliildrtr. i- PVonc!.—<»iiice M7; Ki-v KJ. -! lOLA STATE UANK ULL<<J • + • •j!**** rj ttr di « » • V •i' + •fr + 'i' 'J* •> •> V •^ + + V • > Jtcal ENtiite and,>«l«ct < • ALCTJO.NKh:: * V gatlBfactiou gi;uraiileid.Wlr»oi * •'• phone ui my expon.-^,- lor di.ts» < •:• K. II. CLARK, * 5- Yates Center Ou-r Com. ti:^^^ * + 4 •:• -i- + + + + '^ ••:• + * + + * * U PHILLIP IILIGEL* llOVi South St r-V HA8XESS XSl) MODELSV ^ L GeneraJ Kepalrlni:, All JfeJad. •:• •:• •> •:• •:• • •:• • •:• <.•<••••< MONEY TO LOAN • on all Aiuda of boiiseiioid goods 4 or jewelry—anything of value * Bigus FawQ Shop, East Sids * Square. Office in I'ruii Store •* All transactions strictly coiH- ^ dential. ' • Hot Sprfngs, Ark. Round Trip Tickets, lola- to Hot Springs, Ark., with return limit ot three months from data of sale, with stop-over privilegea going and return on sale everj day In the year, for $18.60 The one way fare la flS.Ct. ^ E. E MUNGER, W none Fse. Iceit •S w S- Sr T5 S S S 5 S iir r-S -5 » S a V Office Kcs.- « V rhonc isr,. Piione IS»-Y. S hii. J. G. WALKEiJ. iE •S Kress Hidu;. 9 Succe.^.'^or to Dr. S. A. Coffman S Special attention to Obstetric* 9 V and Di.^easfi of Ciiildrea' * iOLA R, R. TIME TABLES A. T. &"srK.~iaiLWAY Soutti Bound. S'li. ?OI--I>:,lly i';i-<«.; K r 1 ;l)5 p. «, :;.;.•••:>-! ,!ly K..;.:.,-r ::IJa.itt 'JiiT— Ii.-.ij (ejiv.-iii .S.:;.(|M) Cli if -r.- r S;;.ii I., in, .^'u Jl.i-I'aily t. Ne..|.[ .S.IIMI.IV) Way l'tei(;lii. Arr;'.e i:;el jr. ni lic- part i.Oii p. nt. North DiiiM.i. V... Jce,'—Ti.olv . •! :.• r 'i/ll p. m. \'e •.'•il- tMily I'.i, -rivr.. •-• i') a. m, I'.uiy (• .M e|,t Siii'l-.y) faw-n- K>r ,r,;;iiim. .N'li. -."tl', t'lllv (• vr. ;.i SiiMchlV) Woy .;ht. .\ri...- 11:1.'. ii. le. IXi • p,irt l.'iOJ p. m. Missouri I'uciiic II. U. Freights—W»st Bound. I't—Local 'lioii .e£, .'icii ;,• S:4r. i>. m. tot—Colo.-lieii I'.ll ot!i!vi lv...g:JS p. r«. Frr'ghts—East' BounJ. I5*t—rt.-il ttril! (li.illyi er 1:10a.m. in:—LJC.II (ilnlly e .w SI;.. I ar Ij:u0 a. m. P.isssngers—West Bound. 107—Ka-i^.ia C'ity-Viilej Center Matt and Fxijr---^ (iliilvi Iv 4:47 p. ra. 109—St. I..iiii>-\Vichit.i Mali .Tail H.xi>res« (daily) Iv '!:33 a. ZD. Passenrjers—East Bound. tlO—Pt. I..iiiis-Kaiis;js City il.iil and Er- l.r><js (dailyl :(r 7:17 p. m. lOS—Si. I.r,iiis-lv:iri-->.s '-ity Mutl nnd Express (<l.ii!y> ar S:.^S a. m. M. K. 'jrfrirTii .w \T South Bound. .\'n. .'i71—Wr.y Krei'^ht, (daily e«wpt Fite.d.ivi 4:::o a, m. V.>. 7.-.—>!ix">'l fil:ii!y1 , 4:«,'>p. m. \-n. 7X—F-n-j^.m.r Ml.Tily* 12:19p.m. ,\'o. 25—Five.- rd.-iilv) 5:50 a.m. North Bound. Vo. 21—Pp?-Piii-'.r (diliyi .l:?5p. m Vo 7i^--MiXfl fditlv. 2:.'!np. m. •.Vo. "ii—V.'.iv Fr••i^llt. fdiliy except Sund:iv1 12:19 p. m. •S7] and 572 TI'II <-arrv r "«-nc<T«. aiO.VEY TO 10A^• 0\ FAR3I.S: If you are wanting a Farm Loan let me tell you aboat my terms and rate.s. I handle private and Eastern money. . C 0. iJOLLrvOEB lolu, Kiins. PILES CCEED IX SIX TO 14 DATS. —Your druggist will refund money If PAZO OINTMENT fail3 to cure any case of Itching, Blind, f leedlng or Frotrudlng PUea la 9 to 14 dajsL SQQ,

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