Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on October 29, 1962 · Page 6
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 6

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 29, 1962
Page 6
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Zeta Upsilons Given Pointers on Reviews Mrs. Norman Moore gave a talk on prose for 13 members of the Zeta Upsilon chapter of Hie Beta Sigma Phi sorority al Hie Moticl'.iy niglil meeting. "There are three major points Mrs. Rogers Chosen by Banner Unit Mrs. Cecil Rogers was elected president oC the Banner Home Demonstration Unit at the Wednesday afternoon meeting conducted in Uw 4-H building. Mns. Kd Whitmcr is the vice- president; Mrs. J.K. Dunavanl. secretary. Mrs. Max Parrish, treasurer and Mrs. Arthur Murphy public relations. Hostesses were Mrs. Dunavant and Mrs. Arthur Murphy who used a Halloween centerpiece. i Mrs. Rogers conducted a quiz I on the lesson and the prizes were j won by Mrs. Whitmcr and Mrs.! Murphy. The hostess gift went i to Mrs Dave McVickers and I Airs. J..J. Wolfe. | A turkey dinner is planned for! Nov. 7 at the home of Mrs. Frank ; Dailey. 914 Evans. j A demonstration will be con- j ducted Nov. 28 at the 4-H build-! ing at 1:30 p.m. Mrs. Chmelka Explains Golf Techniques \ Mrs. G.C. Chmelka discussed i the history of golf, gave a dem-j castration of golf strokes and technique and explained golf terms and equipment for 13 mem-! bers of the Sorosis Hermana Club | Tuesday afternoon. ' Mrs. Truitt Adams assisted | Mrs. Chmelka as hostess. Mcm-j bers discussed outdoor activities: which they most enjoy. Vice-pros-: idcnt Mrs. Jack Daly conducted! the meeting. | Others attending were Mmes. j L.L. Beckett, Bob Benedict, Joe; Benson, Paul Bmrie, Wayne j Newsom, Mike Saritry, Stanley < Simpson, George Voth, Earl; Weiss and Robert Anderson. ; to keep in mind when giving a book review of pros e," Mrs. Moore emphasized. "Explain what 'ihe book is aihout, estimate it in relation to other bootfs and j interpret it so the prospective ! reader may decide whether or not it will be of interest or value to read. If the story is told complete-! ]y it may spoil interest for the i reader." ! Hostess was Mrs. Lawrence j Miller. Holcomb, who was assisted by Mrs. Johnnie Roark. The i presiding officer was Mrs. Charles Rominc. Mrs. Miller received i the Secret Sister gift and Mrs. Jerry Wade, the hostess gift. Plans were completed for a | style show to be Nov. 18 at St. i Mary's Center with clothing also molded for men and boys. Tickets may be purchased from the members. Pat Branson, 215V4 W. Kansas, will be hostess for the Nov. 12 meeting at 8 p.m. Co-hostess will be Mrs, David Gribble. t Missionary Speaks to Marts Stella The Rev. John Kostik, a former missionary to Chili, was guest speaker Wednesday afternoon for 14 members of the Maris Stella Club. Father Kostik is presently in Ingalls but plans to return again to Chili as a missionary. He illustrated his talk with colored slides of missions in Chill and told of the work of the Precious Blood Fathers as well as the recent earthquake in Chili. Mrs. E.R. Hund presided for the business session at the home of Mrs. Henry Weldon, 922 Center. Mrs. Ronald Frick was a guest. The hostess prize was won by Mrs. Don Williams and Mrs. S.J. Wasinger. The) next meeting will be with Mrs. Hund, 502 Chesterfield, Nov. 14 at 2 p.m. Economics Research Learning about the latest home economics research .on fabric whiteness caused by different soaps at the Kansas State University, Manhattan, during the annual Extension conference last week are, left to right, Mrs. Elsie Brandon, 209 St. John, Finney County home economics agent; Mrs. Shirley George, Johnson, Staton County home econom- ,ics agent and Doretta Hoffman, dean of th,e School of Home Economics. ALLISON KAY is the name chosen by Mr. and Mrs. William R. Ackley, 1103 E. Pine, as t'he name for their daughter born Oct. 15. | I HAROLD WILEY was selected I by Mr. and Mrs. George Redd, j 1803 Kello, as th e name for their j son born Oct. 7. Your Problems — by Ann Landers MICHAEL ALAN was the name chosen by Mr. and Mrs. Benny Saiz, Holcomb, for their son born Oct. 10. JANELL SUE was chosen by Mr. and Mrs. Arlin Yost of Suib- lette as the name for their daughter. Her birthday is Oct. 14. BRIAN DOUGLAS, son of Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Bascue, Rt. 1, was born Oct. 20. —Call your party orders in to the Spudnut Shop. —29 Garnand's Grains of Sand Today We ^ proudly present the following by Garden City's own poet. •ryant Gnrnand UNSOLVED MYSTERY by EDW. E. BILL SHEILA JOAN, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lester F. Halm, Rt. 1, was born Oct. 19. WILLIAM PHILLIP is the j name selected for the son of Mr. 1 and Mrs. Duwayne E. Rich, .707 I Inge. The date of his birth is j Oct. 20. 1 VICKI CAROL was selected by, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Deel, 1612 N. i 7th, as the name for their daugh- ] ter who was born Oct. 17. Mrs. Dibbens Entertains Star Club Mrs. Clyde M. Dibbens, 510 N. 4th, was hostess for ten members of the Star Federated Wo-j man's Club Wednesday afternoon. Presiding for the meeting was Mns. Ray Wilcox. Discussion topics included the United States reciprocal trade with non-communist countries, international affairs and the problem of the common market. Members voted a contribution of S10 for Logopedic Speech Center. | Hostess for the next meeting i will be Mrs. Oliver Brecheisen' ! 518 N. 10th, at 2:30 p.m. Nov. 14. ; —Specially decorated Spudnuts i for your Halloween parties, —29 '• —Rat and mouse exterminators. The elves and brownies run ; Warfarin, Cowleys. Finnup Seed i about Store. _29 The streets on Halloween 1 i And ghostlings fat and spe- tres lean, With manya whoop and many a shout, The- noisiest spooks you've ever seen, Romp on the village green. They gaily roam from .street to street, By ones and twos or more; Sometimes as many as a score; Their rally er\- "A trick or treat' 1 As shyly they knock upon my door While flown the street come mere. J wonder what mieht be the trick With which they threaten me. I've never had the heart to be An old curmudgeon who would pick On such little tads and v. <•? To learn of that, vou see. The Chaoel wilh No SI«DS Next Monday Gurnand Funeral Home Will Present More Gruins of Sand JOHN ASHLEY SANDRA KNIGHT //THIS,« / j _ _ EAFflH WEDNESDAY! Starting 11:00 P.M. ALL SEATS $1.00 Telephone BR 6-4602 DEAR ANN LANDERS: I'm writing in response to the young nurse who wrote to you from the delivery room of a hospital. The nurse expressed sorrow for the little unwell mothers who were having such a rough time. For every little unwed mother walking around there 'is an unwed father. But nobody even lifts an eyebrow at tht<m. They are free to wander at will with no stigma, no shame, and no respon- Gibility. They don't have to leave school, walk with a bowed head, or drop out of sight. It is a biological impossibility for a girl to get into trouble alone. For tlu's project she needs help. Who are these punks whose sole concern is pleasure and self- gratification? Who are these unconscionable characters who make a game of sullying some girl's maidenhood? Where does the blame lie? The blame lies squarely on the shoulders of the parents who failed to teaclh their sons that a girl is not a plaything and that self- control is part of being manly and honorable. I hope you will put this letter in your own words and print it for millions to see. — PAST 70 Dear Past 70: Your words are quite good enough, my. friend. Only the Bible has said it better. "Raise up a child in the way he should go and he will not depart from it. 1 ' * * + DEAR ANN LANDERS: We moved to this city five months ago. The move meant an important promotion for my husband. The city we now live in is the company's headquarters. I am 28, attractive, and the mother of three children. My husband and I have never had any serious troubles — until now. The top man in this organization has taken a liking to me. He is in his 40's, go-d-looking, sophisticated and married. This outfit tias more social get-togeth- ers than I have ever heard of. The boss always invites me to sit next to him and makes quite a fuss over me. Whenever there is music he danees my feet off. I try to be nice, tout not too nice, if. you know what I mean. Last night after a social evening with the big shots, my husband blew his top. He told me he didn't need to have his wife play up to the boss to get ahead. He used stronger language than I can use here, but you get the idea. I feel terrible about this and I have no idea how to handle the problem. Can you help? — JUNIOR EXECUTIVE'S WIFE Dear Wife; This story is as .old as the gray flannel suit. Since you realize your husband resents the attention the big boss is paying you, why not cut down the voltage on your responses? Be pleasant — but not too pleasant, if you know what I mean. * * * DEAR ANN LANDERS: I have a close friend who considers herself socially correct in everything. The other day I was at her home and, for the fiftieth time, she asked if I would, like a cup of coffee? This habit of hers has always griped me so I decided to speak up. I told her that a hostess^ isn't supposed to ask a guest if she wanits refreshments. She should go ahead and serve something. This friend informed me some people don't want refreehments and it makes no sense to go ahead without asking first. - Who is right? — WONDERING Dear Wondersing: When a hostess asks a guest if he would like refreshments she puts the burden on the guest, which is impolite. Some guests would enjoy refreshments but they hesitate to say so because they don't wish to put the hostess to the trouble. The gracious hostess has refreshments prepared and she serves them. Are you tmpted to smoke because the crowd does? If so, send for Ann Landers' booklet, "Teenage Smoking," enclosing with your request lOc in coin and a long, self-addressed, stamped envelope. Ann Landers will be glad to help you with your problems. Send Uiem to her in care of this newspaper enclosing a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Sequoyah HDU Studies 'Fallout' Shelters Mrs. Guy Moore gave the lesson on Civil Defense for 14 members of the Sequoyah Home Demonstration Unit last week at the home of Mrs. Dale Corley, 1022 N. 5th. A film was used to show the damage that could result from a bomb and instructions were given on how fallout shelters should be constructed. Mrs. Orval Reece gave a spec- ENDS TONIGHT! Henry Fonda Charles Laughton in "ADVISE AND CONSENT" Color Cartoon—News Evening Shows Start 7:15 For people of all ages . . . A wonderful world of entertainment STARTS TUESDAY! One Performance Wednesday Starting 7:30 p.m. Mental Health Group Hears Lucille Castro The Mental Health Study group of the American Assn. of University Women heard Lucille Castro speak on "Are Mental Diseases Mental?" at the Tuesday night meeting at the home of Mrs. Cecil WrisUm, 608 N. 7th. Miss Georgia Matthews presided for the seven present and Mrs. Mary Karnes was a guest. The next meeting will be at the homo of Mrs. Bessie Grieve, 512 N. llth. Mrs. Frank Crase will present the lesson. —Specially decorated Spudnuts for your Halloween parties. —23 Delightful entertainment for the family . . . A story of a tiny outcast and her animal friends . . . It's ELEPHANTASTIC! SHOWING MATINEES ONLY THURSDAY—FRIDAY Starting 2:00 p.m. All Seats 50c Teacher's away . . . kiddies can play . . . ial report "Fallout in Proper Perspective." Mrs. E.E. Griggs became a new member. Co-hostesses were Mrs. Gay Smithe and Mrs. Ralph Beach. Vice-President Mrs. Don McMillan conducted the election of officers with Mrs. Reece elected as next president; Mrs. McMillan re-elected vice-president; Mrs Dale Edelblute, secretary; Mrs. R.W. Blackford, treasurer and Miss Louise Williams, public relations. Mrs. Bert Vance received the hostess prize. The lesson on frozen foods at the 4-H building will be given by Mrs. Elsie Branden, Finney County home economics agent at 1:30 p.m., Nov. 28. Calendar of Social Events MONDAX EVENING ART CLASS — 7:80 10 p.m. Windsor Hotel. SBNIOU HIGH — 7:30 - 10 p.m. Oivlc Center. TUESDAY IRIS CLUB — 7::iO p.m. Mrs. Leo Warner, 308 E. Spruce. OLD TIMERS — 1-4 p.m. Civic Center. JUCOS — 7:30 - 10:30 p.m. Civic Center. METHODIST WSCS STUDY Courso — 9:30 a.m. At rliurch. Mrs. Leroy Hood, lesson leader. Nursery provided. WKDNESDAY PRE-SCHOOL STORY HOUR — 10 - 10:45 a.m. Garden City Public Library. 702 N. Main. Readers Mns. Milton Roberts and Mrs. Louis Emme. PIERCEVILLE P-TA FUN NIGHT — 5:30 p.m. High school auditorium. Door prizes, cake walk. Everyone welcome. COFFEE TOUR — 12 noon. Legion Home. Sponsored by Auxiliary and Legion. 8th and 9tli GRADE Halloween Paily — S-9:.'iO p.m. Civic Center. Count Orchestra to play. THURSDAY NEWCOMERS PINOCHLE CLUB — 7:30 p.m. Garden Bowl. TEACHERS LOUNGE — 9 a.m. . 10:30 p.m. VLsitinfr teachers recreation and refn'ahmenta. Civic Center. Todays Mothers Honor Husbands At Hobo Party Thirteen members of Todays Mothers Club with their husbands attended a Hobo supper Wednee- day night at the home of Mrs. Robert John, 1107 Bancroft. The Hobo party featured tin cans with candles and weeds as j table decorations and newspapers as table cloths. Assisting hostesses were Mrs. Edward Davis and Mrs. Junior Pierce. Games were played with prize awards given. araarapM Mr. and Mrs. Donald, Weaver and family from Wichita arrived Saturday to spend the weekend with Mr. and Mrs. George Sooby, Rt. 1. They will also Visit his mother, Mrs. Myrtle Weavta-, in the Fellowship Baptist Home. Virgil Weaver, test and flight manager of Edwards Field, Calif., arrived Thursday evening to visit his sister, Mre. George Sooby and Mr. Sooby, Rt. 1, and his mother, Mrs. Myrtle Weaver in the Fellowship Baptist Home. Mr. and Mrt. Melvin Burghart and family, 709 Evans, were in Colorado Springs over .the weekend visiting friends. Dr. and Mrs. J. E. Dale and daughter, Sarah, Warner Terrace, were in Wichita this weekend to attend Parents Day and visit their daughter, Mary Helen, who is a freshman at Wichita University. Hobo Halloween Party Given by Friendship Class Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Graves and Mr. and Mrs. Willis Hamill were hosts to a party for the Friendshdip Class of the Church of the Brethren last week. The "roundtop" at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Chester Ulrich was the scene of the hobo Halloween party. A potluck supper and wiener roast was einjoyed by the 18 attending. Devotions were led by Mr. Graves and President Loyde Jarboe conducted the business, meeting. Mrs. Clyde Sheaks led the group in several hymns. Others attending were Mr. and Mns. Glen Widows, Mr. and Mrs. Troy Moody, Mr. and Mrs. George Sooby, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Ladd, Mrs. Roscoe Courtney and Clyde Sheaks. Michale Johnson Is Six Years Old Michale Lynn Johnson, son of Mrs. Letha Faye Johnson of Hoi- comb was honored on his sixth birthday at the home of Mrs. Elmer Richmeier, Rt. 1. Hostesses were his mother, and Mrs. Richmeier. A trip to the zoo furnished recreation. Guests were the maternal grandparents Mr. and Mrs. Gene Doyle, Dodge City; Yolanda Root and Janelle Robins, Sandy Miller, Timmy Reed, Janice Delibert, Jr. 1 , Timmy and Tommy Joha- son, Holcomb; Sherri, Deaun, Becky, Debbie Terry and Janet Riohmeier, Mrs. Iva Hacker, Carla Sue and Pam. Richmeier of Garden City. Page 6 Garden Titv Tolojjrnm Monday, October 29, 1962 Mrs. Hoisted Re-elected by Gay Niters ..- Mrs. A.C. Hoisted was re-elect* ed president of the Gay NitetS Home Demonstration Unit at tins Wednesday evening meeting with Mrs. Ellis Clift, Eminence Rt. Mrs. Clift is the next vice-president; Bonita Reid, secretary; Mrs. David Lobmeyer, treasuf- er, and Mrs. Clifford Culbertson, public relations chairman. New members accepted were Mrs. David Harm an and Mrs. Jim Arnold. Mrs. Paul Reid was reinstated as an active member. The goal seal award service was conducted by Mrs. Jim Ruesell. Mrs. Clifton Algrim presented the lesson on selection of furniture and emphasized the points to look for in furniture construction when buying. Mrs. Merle Wentworth was the assisting hostess for the 19 members and a guest, Mrs. Kent Erickson. Plans were made for the Christmas party to be Dec. 12. The committee in charge will be Mrs. Clift, Mrs. Richard Herman and Mrs. David Lobmeyer. A scrapbook was made for the Logopedic Speech Center. Next meeting will be Nov. 27 at 7:30 p.m. at the 4-K building. —Serve chocolate spuddies to the j • little Ghosts and Goblins. Spud- j —Call your party orders in to nut Shop. Special prices. —29 I the Spudnut Shop. —29 Mrs. Mary George Gives Report of Rebekah Assembly Mrs. Mary George reported Tuesday evening at Rebekah j Lodge on the sessions of the As- j sembly of Kansas which were j conducted in Colby recently. She explained the program of the Assembly President Mrs. Faye Faust, Moline, who has chosen as the years slogan, "Together we sail, divided we fail." Noble Grand Mrs. Otis Frazier conducted the business session for the 25 members present. A total of 104 sick calls were reported. An invitation to a reception was read from the Dodge City Lodge who will honor the Sovereign Grand Master Oakford A. Shalick of New Jersey. The reception will be at 8 p.m. in Woolwine Hall, Dodge City. Contributing to the Birthday Beehive was Mrs. Frank Gillenwater. Final plans were formulated for a Christmas bazaar to be Nov. 3. The committee, Mrs. Lois Riggs and Mrs. Mary Rundell served refreshments using the Halloween motif. —Serve chocolate sipuddies to the little Ghosts and Goblins. Spud- nut Shop. Special prices. —29 —Fertilize your lawn, now, India n-S u m m e r, poor man's I friend. Finnup Seed Store 29 OFTHE50HK5HEST MOUNTAIN PEAKS IN THE US..WHICH STATE HAS THE GREATEST .NUMBER? eo MURPHY'S has The Highest Quality COIN-OP Dry Cleaning used by The Greatest Number of People ... Dorlt-Yourself and Save 75%! Attendant on Call to Guide You. The state is Colorado. i DRY CLEANING 1211 E. FULTON Corner CHOCOLATE CRISPY COOKIES 1 cup powdered sugar 1 cup snack crackers, crushed . 3 egg whites beaten stiff 1 6-ounce package chocolate bits melted Vi cup chopped nuts Mix powdered sugar, crackers and nuts. Pour melted chocolate in middle of sugar, cracker mixture then toss altogether with egg whites. Drop by teaspoonfuls on ungreased cookie sheet. Bake at 325 degrees. When they begin to show cracks on top after 10 or 12 minutes' they are done. CHRISTINE CAMPBELL FRIEMD (Send your favorite recipe to the Coofc's .Corner. Each recipe which Is punished will earn a $1 prize for the contributor. Recipes will be judged on the basis of reader interest or originality. They may be taken from a cook book or magazine, but the source should be given and should not be a current issue.) ON TONE PUMPS! Risque's perfect color harmony ... as achieved in these smartly tailored pumps'... Choose from a collection of high or mid heels...and for the expensive look you prize ,.. they're leather-lined! AAAA to B Sizes 4 to 10 $12.95 oowh Black Patent with Calf Two-Tone Brown Calf Black and Brown Calf

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