Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 26, 1912 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 26, 1912
Page 6
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THE TOLA DAILY REGISTER, FRmAY EVENING. JANUAR? 26/1912. -FRISHMAN'S A 1-2 Of Coats, The lowest possible prices on every wdnter coat, suit skirt and fur. For quick selling we have group- ed them in different lots. Lot 1: Lot 2: Lot 3: lot 4: $8.50 to $10 Suits $5.00 $12.50 to $15 Suits 7.50 $15 to m Suits 10.00 $25 to m Suits $15.00 WINTER COAT Must Go $10 Cloth Coats $5.00 '$15 Cloth Coats $7.50 $20 Cloth Coats $10 Every CLOTH SKIRTS Must Go S3.50 to SJ.OO Values $2.48 $5.00 to $6.00 Values $3.45 In Serges. Panamas and Fancy Mixtures $8.00 to SI0.00 Values $5.00 CiirinrD 'C TDID TO trnDini «*"Se orchards, trees ranging Ih age ufflLLlLLnU inir lU rLUnUM from four to seventy-five years old. B. D. SSIELTZER. loaded down with bushels and bushels of oranges now ready to pick, and nia- AX IXTERESTDiG REPORT BY D. lying on the ground, presents a picture impossible to describe and must be seen to be appreciated. Af- for a stroll through these historic grounds, we again board the steamer and after a delightful trip down the St. Johns and up the Black rivers, we arrived at port about 5 j)'clock p. m. Friday the 19th and found the folks ] on the Artesian l^ind Company's ground awaiting us with a bountiful '••.pper. Including fresh vegetables ga- .i-To, to all of which we did full Justice. On Saturday morning the 20th. we started out with throe big loads Suffici- Good Land and Easy LlTln? In the Sontb, the Jodfre Snys^Pota- tocs.a Staple Crop. I will sell at Pnblic Sale 2'- miles east, and 1 niilo south of lola, 1 mile south and % mile vest of Ua^ t'Hy, on what Is known as the ,1. P. Kcms- licrp farm, on Monday, January 29, 1912 Beginning at 10 o'clock, a. ni^ the follonii!^ property, to-wlt: Judge D. B. D. Smeltzer returned last night from his trip to Florida and presided at the usual morning session of the municipal court today. The Judge is enthusiastic over his trip and writes the Rogister as fol- of pt-ople to view their land. lows: Mr. Editor:— Presuming that a few words from the Sunny Florida climo might bo of Interest to some of your many renders, the writer desiros accoss to the columns of your valualilo journal. We left Tola via the Santa Fo, Tuesday the 16th at 2.22 p. m., arriving at Kansas City on time. Loft Kansas City at 10:40 p. m. with a solid Pullman train over the Hock l.sland nr- ent to say that about all kinds of crops, vegetables, fruits and nuts car. be raised here. The water, wblch is abundant and soft as rainwater, i.s truly ftne. Climate, one old man who has lived here all his life said he never saw snow but once and tliat was in ISflO, another farmer said that people never get sick here. Men weri' working in their shirt sleeves, doors and windows opon, kids runninj; barefooted, and ladles sitting out on tlioir porches, flowers Moominr; in tli' HORSES. 1 match bay team, 6 year?" old. well ')roke and gentle, woigiit 24uu lbs.; 1 sorrel lllley, coming :{ years old; 1 •ipan of mules coiniiis: yt-ars old. c.vni.K. 2 good milk cows, giving milk, will )e frosli the last r.f IVliriu'.ry; 2 hiH- .'ors coming 2 yonrs ohl. will be fn-sh .he first of .May. luol i.MPi,i:.nK>TS, Err. 1 IG-inili riding pli)w, 1 14-incli .valking i>!o\v, 1 t;-ii'.;iivel riding cul- ivator, 1 .Muloy fiilnvator. 1 harrow. I slntl, 1 spring W;I,L;.)II. 1 now >Ic- 'ornn'tlc nio-.vitig .ii:;Kiiinp. . 1 i!;!in .viigon. ni 'arly nnv. 1 to)) buggy, 1 set .igiil v.ork luiriif.-a. 1 set lieavy work riving In St I .ouis e.yly in I lie morn- yards ami parks. sirawborriVs HI bloom, also some i)oaeli blossoms tc bring home. It is almost incredible when tliey tell iis of the enormous production of this soil with so Hltle labor One niiMi planted oiio aero of potatoes c.-irly In January, dut-- 2SS->.i bushels about .May 1st, plariti.'d Iho same acre in <;orn and gatliored I about ""i bushels of corn, all Inside of eight months. Another on loss than three acros raised over two hundred barrels of .\o. 1 potatoes and got lil.fiU I a barrel for them. Hogs, cattle, shoop and goals run out I ho yoar :irotin<l harness, nearly new. 1 saddle and bridle, 1 hand corn shellfr, 1 grindstone. 1 C-ldot cross-cut .saw. 1 12-l"ool log chair.. 1 dinner bell. 1 sausage grinder and iron kettle, 1 scytlio, post mall, crow-bur, pilcb forks, wire- strotciier. and ntl'or things too nuni- i-roii.s to liiontidii. Aborit I 'll) chiokons; some corn in crib; two bull pups, .si.x motillis old. lM)rSEH(>I,D PIR-MTIKE. Consisting of 1 organ. 1 dresser, 4 rocki^rs. some carpet, bods, mattresses and springs; 1 J.:(HH1 extension dining r. taldo, C dininj? cluiirs. sewing inachii:<'. I folding ironing board, 1 o.vira l:i>avy oook stovo. 2ii-inch oven, 1 healing stovo, kitchen tabb's, fruit cans and other things. and wife at lola last Wodne.'5day evening;. Allen Castater also attended t;ie party. All report a good time. A\<'\ Ginsen and .Nick Iloiisb cat '.••it.-'e for Walter Unsh this week. (OC.MY LIXE. Mr. II .i: bison took dinner at the Loi-kiiart Wednc-sday of last week. .Mr. I-<)ck!iart, Mr. Harbison and 11. .1. Hay hauled hay to Geneva Friday afternoon. Mr. Honnotte delivered chickens in ,' fohmy Kriilay afternoon. Wednesday of last week Mrs. Ifar- bison and son spent the day at tli' home of hor parents Mr. and Mrs. 1). C. Hanks. Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Hay called at LIBERTY. _ January Cr..—The beautiful snow I Is nearly all gone. Mr. Cox helped Abe Townsend [butcher hogs last. Tuesday. A good many from Liberty attended Mrs. Barnaarts funeral last Friday. P. J. Southard and family went to I BCB Grandma Roherback last Sunday. .Mr. and .Mrs. Cloud dined at Ed I Osborns' last Sunday, the afternoon after Sunday srhonl at Mr. and Mrs. Burtnett and three lothers of the family took dinner at iWiliiam Hillbranfs last Sunda .v. i lasi at t .'io home of tluir dausihter. Mr. Castater and family visited at ' ^rowd out at Sundav school Sundav. •their daugUicrs, Mrs. C. Heaths', last j T;,,. M(Cal.<- family have boen'hav- [Sanday. I ;nir an atiack of the laprii>pe. Homer Cox had that rarl .unol- that iianks is not ahle to b<- up ami •was on his nc-ck landed iu'.a ;,, nil to his farm dutlos. Bruesda.v. I i|,.;-n and Kloreuit- Lockhart spont There was a tolophono n.oting at .^;,t,:nl :iv at ilio homo of thoir crand- •C. Rushs' rosiilinco hi .sl Momiay ovo-: j,;,,. M,-. .Mrs. U. C. I'.ank>. Ing whioh resulted in esiablishing ! p.nnvniijg spi n; Saturday new liuo lu be callod llic Hivi-r I ni '.;lit with hi-r 6i .-:t -r wiio li\os in ildo lino. I .mar (li.-trl'.U We are Forrv to Ir.nrn tiiat 11. F. ' |,,,„,,. fcik.-. Inrk Is not able to be out to SiimLiv i M ,.. (• w. Ihiv took dinner al the rvlco.--. I MolK.i;,' homo .Mimd .'iv. We woro ul.ioi to cro a ijooi! | yy- ,,n,j Mrs II. J Hay and daupli- ttendanoo al mociin^ I;.:-'- .Siin.iay. ,, ,. ^iss l!rowni:-g spmi .Sunday I HO plail to lc:irn th'm i- smh g'oil\\;,], ;,,;,| .\i;s. Kent. Iterest at the nw^t 'tlm;; at Sa '.om. | HOUKT Cox Ft .'iyc.i niulit wil !i Pbe ihc 'Barmtt boy.s lii.- (irsl of tiio eek. Myron DonU'v and .\bhio nurtmt! ttended a pariy si^on by .Mr. Flake of Piqua with his butchering Tuesday. J Mr. T3.'rt Hayes butchered today. ,\. C. llayos and family attended church at Siileiii Sunday. night. Jlr. P. .1. Sinithard and family dined at Klams of Liberty neighbor;.ood Sunday. Mr. Hcaty is building a cow shod on hi.'' new place northeast of lola this we.'k. The tfara. of the Indian Tea company of lola came to Mr. Daniels' the other day without a driver. We are not informed in ro.siard to the particular.- of wliero they came from. We understand that the owner sent for iheni the same day. I There vill be no school Friday at ; Entorprlse of tliis week. ing and why they held our train thorn until 2:30 p. m. is incomprehensible. Wo then took the Soul horn railway but went east instoad of south and after wo got out a few hours run wo pa.oscd through Foni(> very poor looking country, but sa\c some lino looking orchards. Just at lwill;:ht wo passed over the river into Indiana and anw little or none of the country. At. !):20 wo p.i.ssi'd over llio Ohio and Louisville Into Kentucky whore wo nmde quite a slop. Haylight found us In tho Appalnihin mounlnlns In Kentucky, about the poorest and most j-,.,,,] ^vill plav out as lli< God forsaken country as to looks the y„„„,rv js settling up very fast with wr ter over saw. The timber Is bo- noriheni farmers and eastern people inp rapldlv work.d up lumber and good land will no doubt double in and ties nud coo .ier stiift' etc., and .,rj,.,. j,, a short time. Chickens do vhen this is gone, as a gentleman re- ,vcll hero and one can contract thoir markod, the pi-oplo will cor'-iinly be fnsh og'4s for thirty cents a comt.elled to move away and leave jozen the year around. Early chick- thclr little one ai;d two room houses, (.^s are now ripe and it only costs one | TKB.HS OF S.M,E~AII sums of |li) and under cash in hand. AH sums irer $10 a credit of lo months will i ,e given, jiurchaser giving note with ipliroved seeiirily, hearing li', interest from date if p:iid when due. |f not ,iaid when duo to draw j<i', from date of sale. f. diseount foj- easU on .rodil sales. No properly reiiiovod iiiiiil setihil fiir. llanU;ibIu uote roiiuired. t'OL. r. S. BISHOP, Ancdoncer. f « TlX^ TWT^ "T* [(.'. R. BOWLU.S, Clerk J . ofJl ^X\ V ,xl!^ tx. Lr .NTII ().\ (;R 0 I:.N|).S. PUBLIC SALE I will oiTor nl Pi:!-!ie Sail- al the one.half mile north oi' (-'eiii'ia, oti phire hmiun as tho Be -y farm. most of which never had a drop of paint. That cut over land looks as if it will :ieior raise grass, and would be dear at two b|ts an aero. One thing tliey arc blessed with is fine, clear, sparkling water, j-olling rapidly down the little Kmory River, which finds Its tortuous way through that wide range of mountains. :ind it is a pity that some city cannot Iiavo the benefit of that pure, lifo-giving water. The railroad track (Queen and Ores- half dollar for one-half chicken fried at tho restaurants, or ninety cents for a whole (Uio. and a hungry man could certainly oat two of the little fellows at one sitting. Wages are good and "Very one seems busy. We got back to .Tacksonville in good shaiie although the water was rough and the white caps sprayed over the deck of our craft as she plowed hor way through them. It was a beau'iful and inspiring sight, but. looked a litib Tuesday, January 30, 1912 .Sale to rouimenre at 10 <iV!(ick, a. m~ sharp, the follnnim: described property cei '1 consists of one hich dangerous I scary to one not used to it. Wo are locking bridge. In passing under tho loHii tunnels under the mountains it now (22nd) in St. •Augustine, the old est city in the I'nited States, have no is customary for the porter to close time to,describe it but it is worth a the windows and ventilators, to as trip a long way to see this city, the nea:*ly as possible keep out tho black old Spanish Fort and the sea wall, smoke, but in the thirteonlh tunnel and heai:. iho incessant roar of the the porter probably having srown old Atlantic waves as tho white c:ips rirod of closing windows, failed to rise higli in the air. and to see ihe,| closo the large window ventilators, fine honu-s and beautiful yards, with and a passenger jumped up on a seat treo.s green and flowers and jdants HOBSKS \Sli .IHLES, 1 black mare. It yi'ars old. weigirt lli'O lbs.; 1 liay niaro. 1" .\ears old. .vt. J |iM) U.S.; I I'-yiar-ohi horse; 1 jay liorse. v.l. l !eo lli.<.: I i:iare. ye.irs old. wt. JOIMI !!IS.; 1 .m;!.v horse, .vt. ll'io Ills.: 1 sjiaii coiniiiL: l -vi ar)id mulis. v.t 11':;e and .nviitle. •y, HK.VB !iO(;S. 'i head b :(io(I sow.-,;;giihred; J2 he:id ci winter 31 IIE.VD C.VTTLE. 1 cow. coming •( year.^ old. fresh in tho spring: 1 cow. coming six years <ild. fri-sli in tho sprin.g; 7 coniin.g luo-year-old steers; (> coming l-year-olil le-ii'ers; 1 fat coming 1- year-(dd heifer; :! coining 1-j-oar-old steers; 12 late- calves. In steers and _' heifers. I :{<M».e !:g Incubator. .Sonic Kiiilir Corn in diock. the formers parents Friday mortiing. ^villie ].owe. a cousin of JLrs. Hayes. .Mr. and Mrs. Crocker spent !• riday Uron, Indiana IKSS been visiting A. C. KNTKKPBISE. J.iiniary 24.— The llelmus thresh- i itm Hull !,;ue thrc-hcd al .Mr. Dixes' to- i day, I k. I., narniiart as.sisted .Mr. Wright' THE RICHARDSON LADIES' TAILORING AND DRESSMAKLNG SCHOOL Teaches tie latest easiest, quickest, most scientific and complete system of garuieiu i utiing ever invented and have had in our school al Chaniiie tiver stud>-nls the jmst year. Provides the cheapest and only successful way to learn dressmaking. .Js tho nn '.y educalion;il institution which allows its graduates to return at any time without e.xtra exjiense to review, practice or study n,ew ])oints. Is the only school of this kind which positively guarantees satisfaction and ciM -s an unliuiited number of lessons for a single tuition. Stu\jenis tan enter llie school at any linio as we do not teach In^classes: ^' WHY >0T.' Learn a trade where the d -'Uiaiid tar evee.ds the supply? Be your own dvo -maker. aide to drr-s better and at less expense? Gain an ac con jdishuieal which will he'of everyday, life-long practical valiu' to you? \ Give your dai;>;liUrs a praeticil education? BK.MK.MIIEB You can learn everytlii'i.g about Dressmaking and Ladies' Tailoring. You e ;:n take any special jrart of tho course and can limit your ^•ork to thut one department or can i;o on gradually acquiring the whole cte .irse. After completing the course you are allowed to bring any amount of sewing to the ela-s -rooiii, reeei \ii:g tiie Same attention and lu- 6trucll<ms as before. Y'ou are allowi-d to attend at your own convenienc<«~and to come ontll fully satisfied. You are alliiwid to return at a 'ly lime without extra expense to review, pri'.etice. cut patieriis or ;:be ti:e fashjou journals. You v .ork on vo :!r otj^u «ui^, il.ereliv toon taving the cost of tuiUon. You are laugh.i to cut all f. luv eiTeits such as sleeves, trimmings, , yokes. pl :iil<, lucks, etc to the e\; ci measures of tho form. We liavi- lauf;ht youn;; imlii s thirteen yeais of age with entire isuccess aiid can al.-o teach .^ou. In graduating you have an a<t.i;:l, practical knowledfie of drcss- BiaKIng. f.—/ Dressmaking ba= reached such a jioint of complexity and difllculty .that Uie only place it .<an he harued successfully Is in an organized ;*ch6oI, working under train'<! instnictors. THE RICHARDSON LADIES' TAILORING ANDv r DRESSMAKING SCHOOL .Ifni. L. R, Hmllh and .Hiss C. \. Mjatt, Mmiagers and Teachers. ' (Over Bigus' Fruit Store) S. Jeflferson lola, Kas. Bell Phone 21 isiting J laj es and fstniy. ' Mr. and M:s. A. C. Hayes went to lola Tuesday. Mr. Turner is loading a carload of caltir corn at lola this vvoek. Je-se Turner who has been on n \isit to Tdiisouri rc;urnod home a few days ago. Cite C.irl and bride returned from his tilp 10 .Mi,-sourl last week. His >ii-lt iieing shortened by hearing of the fi. ath of his mule and tlio day he l:<iutiied a horse dieil alsfi. leaving only I ne mtilo with which lo farm a large farm this year. This mitUes tivt hf'if !s and two mules lo.-t by he r.:id M-- HulUvan In tw <i years. Jo'in ("loud \-: halIlln^' Inmlier from the ICIlis mill on Owl Creek to hiilld a barn. Mill the Reu'lster idi'aso print the foliowinu-: 1 would he jjlad to hear from al those who lili'ntil'y thein- sohes with the Prohibition party of .Ml a county in regard to what they think of a country or.uanlzation. I'ba -e write giving address to U. F Clark, lola, Kan., R. F. 1). Xo.J, or (ommunicate by jdione 9!)«l-3. and slanmied the window shut so hard that it became unhinged, fell and struck tho pas.sengors Jaw and came down from tho top of that liish Pullman iusl grazing the writer's knee, not hard to inflict rhuch pain. It was a lucky but narrow escape. Wo crossed the Tonnossoc river Thurs day the ISth at 11:17 a. m. and ran past the National cemetery, 'vhere slumber tho remains of many soldiers of tho Civil War and thousands of little white hoadistones with tin' inserip tlon [blooming. It is truly wonderful. D. n. D. S-MELTZER. BALB BE.\BS >0T W.WTEl). TEK.MS OF SAl.F—All sums of $10 and under, cash in hand. All sums over ?10 a credit of !) monthsi will be given, purchaser giving note with approved security, hearing interest from date if paid when due.' If not paid when duo to draw 10'^ from date of sale. i discount for cash on credit inU-s. \6 property to be removed until settled for. Hankablc note required. .101.. C. S. BISHOP. Aiidioneer. T. W. <;AKI».\K |{, Clerk. Wm. D. Hamilton Baldness is too Generally Considered a Sign of Advanced Ape. LU.VCH WILL HE SERVEIJ. A bald-headed person does not have .in equal chance with one blessed with 1 healthy head of hair, because baldness is too generally accepted as an indication of ago. Many large corpo- I'rknown' doubtless represints J rations have established an ago limit. I SALE 1KI,LS lion TO CCRE A COLB. j Ma-it Severe Cold or the firippe Re- lievcd in Several Boiirs. 1 'ho most severe cold will be broken, and all grii)pe misery ended after taking a dose of Pape's Cold Compound, every iv.o liours until three consecutive doses are taken. You will distinctly feel all the disagreeable symptoms leaving after the very first dose. The mo.=t miserable headache, dullness head and noso stuffed up, feverishness sneezing, running of the nose, sore tiiroat, mucous catarrhal discharges soreness, rheumatism ii:iins and other distress van- i.-he.K. Pape's Cold Compound is the result of three years' research at a cost of more than fifty thousand dollars, and contains no quinine, which we have conclusively demonstrated is not effective in the treatment of colds or grippe. Take this harmless Compound as directed, \\ith the knowledse tbat I'lere Is no other medicine made any- v.Iiere In the Avorld, which will euro your cold or end Grippe misery a.- promptly and without any other as- sisiance or bad after-effects as a 2i'i- c. ni package of Pape's Cold Com- ifiund, which any drug!;ist in the v.orld can supply. Still Harder. "Mpn are so bard to buy for.*" sighed the sweet y.nmg tbliiK, ••'je<." si;4lied Hie spinster of forty- three, "aiid 1 liopL' you 'll never learn how bnid it is t„ get a man to buy for.''—JJetroit I'rec Pre.\8. the sighs and heartaches or tluise .it homo waiting and watchini: for the rotarn of loved ones destined never lo oonii- back. About w.> ran into Chattanooga tiiid had ahout three hours to view .Missionary Kiii;.' nml Lookout inoutUalii where the ramous "llattlo Above tho Clouds" was foiiKhl Tho scoiiory la picturescjne .•md the mounlnlns and hich hills stround Cha* mnot .'pa must have been an Ideal place for a ureat baiile. At l^n w- arrived at Rome, Ca,. another place whern niiich Inird lluhtinc v as done during the Civil \ .md the \\j-lier oimld hardly keep' from iliijtim; that favorite old hymn ".M ircliitig ThrouTh G-<orgl.i," On .•ind on we went .md tir rivrd rt Atl.-mta about p. m„ stopped 40 minutes for supper, ilii'ii oil to Jacksonville. Kla.. where vve arrived Friday niphi at .">:n,". and were switched onto the siding where the sleeper remained until about S o'clock while wo "did" the city. We had left Kansas covered with snow and tho streams covered with ice a foot thick, and the mercury trying to hidj behind tho zero mark. .Vow v.c •md refuse to take men over yenrt- of ago as now emidoyoes. rrohably tir.',' of hald-hoaded people may rouain a .uooil head of healthy ii:iir if they will follow our advice and accept our offer. W 'e have a remedy t!iat wo poslilvely guarantee to grow luilr <iii any head, unless ihe roots of the hair are entirely dead their follicles closed, and the .«calp has lio- eiiMo glazed and shiny. We want poo- iile lo try this reineily at our risk with Mie distinct undersiandlnu that iinle -is it dois exactly what we claim It will, ami >;lve.-; s.itlsfacllon in every re- • ijeel, We shall III. ike no charge f<ir •iie remedy used the trial. We know exactIv what wo ;ire talk- inn about, and with this ofl'er back of iir statements no one should sco/T i"c\ihl our word, or hesilate to put our reii.'-'.v to an actual test. We want every one in lola who is -ufforing from any scalp or hair trou- ;>!c; dandniiT. falling hair, or baldness f) try our Rexall "«:{" Hair Tonic, V. e want them to use it regularly— .ay ar.til three bottles have been used --.'im' if 1 will sell nt Public .Auction. ,', miles south of lola. on Kentucky Street FJoad, 2 miles north and 2 liiih.-s east of Humlioldt, Vi mile south of Cherry J rove School I louse, on '• Wednesda^^ Jan. 31, 1912 ltei;lniiiHg al lo o'clock a. m , ti,i' lolhuving described properly: find the balmy south air floatinc by ruff, cleanse and refresh t!io scan and men driving around 'in shirt ;ii;hton the hair in its roots, and sle.'ves, kids running bare footed, ^row new hair, wo will return every flowers blooming in yards, trees and grr IS green, even the tender lia -md palms suff"ring no ill. Garden stuff Is in evidence everywhere, straw berries In bloom and poaches ocmiln? out And bushels and bushels of oranges ripe on the trees and lyiii!.' around on the ground like apples in our Kansas orchards, and this or^ly tho 19ih day of J.nnunry. le.ids us almost to beliovo that we h :id been transferred while asleep to another world, Jacksonville. Fla., Is truly :i wonderful city, thousands of northern i)eopIo are bore and nifny buildings fire being erected, one di jart- ment store now eoing up oo \eriPL; an entiro block and said to lie the largest department store In th-> T'nited States, and the rush of business ev- er.irwhore with the steam shiiis coming and going leads one to think that ft boom must be on tap. but they sin- it Is only normal. At 12.or, p. m. Six Uy.\U 01' lIOli.^KS Con-isllii;; of Oiii' mare 11 yeiir«*old. weight I 'Hiii pounds. In loal; one uuiie r. v.'ars old. weight I iMiiiiidr.; olio horse 10 veais old; one hoiv t |j viai.-. old: iwo c idis i -oniing yearlings, mure coli.s, TMO lir\l> (II' CViTl.i: (lie- coiiiiiiu :: ye .ir-old heifer; one mllcli ;ow, gi'.leg nitlk, TWFM'V.'I'M (» in :il» or IIO.';^ Coii'-islin;: of lour brood sow^;. two witli pi.i; . i.y Ilii'li' ;:iiie. l»o 'o li.i ',e pi;;.^ :-oou: cl;;hteen head of slio;il;; Wei;-.hiiig t'oiii to III l>io iiDiiiirls. FAIMI 1.1! PI.i:.Mi:\T.S I'll'. <lie- lop huggy. gooi! as new; I cron planter, new; I liiniher wagon. I harrow. 2 ciilliv.iiors. 1 riding. I walking; 2 ll-lnch walking ))low--. 1 VJ-iioh walking plow, I ir,-iticli riding plow. 1 mowing machine. 1 li:iy ra .i k. 2 haled iiav nicks. 20 fe"t- long; 1 set double !nirne»^s, 1 set liu.i;gy harii'ss. ,\liout -1 do/en ciiiekens. FEKD. ETC —loo bu.-h'ds corn, some hay in slack, several bushels cane seed, liM) .shocks corn fodder. HOC.'^EHOLI) GOODS- I'oiir b< d .-.tead.-. 1 folding be<I dining tahle. U'Icheu table, one roeki:ig chair, 2 s;'.l'< s. i;iiiitig chairs ami other articbis too iinmeroiis; to mention. TKR .nS OF SAI.K-All sums of Jieou and under. c:i ii in hand. All sums ;i does not erailicate dand-| ^-^'f?l'-'-'i". a tredii of '.' luontUs will be given, purcha.ser giving note with ::i>provod sociirit.\. learin.!; <; per cent interest from date it paid when (inc. If not paiil v .liPii ilee lo draw lo inr I '-ntfrom date of sale. Five per cent lor (ash on credit s;;!ij, .\"o inoperty to be removed until settled cent paid us for the remedy for the more ttsking. There is no formality expected, and wo exact no obligation from the user whatever. We are established right hero in tola, and make this offer with a full understanding that our business success entirely depends upon the sort of troatniont we accord our customers ami we would not dare make tiio above offer unless wo were po.-itivoly certain that we could substantiate it in ever.v partioiilar. Remember, you can ol>- fain Rexall Romodlos in this community only at our store—Uurrell's Drug' store, west side of square. iliseoiint lor. Rnnkahle note required. Col. C. .S. Mishoji. Auctioneer. W. A. Iiyerlv. Ch-rk. Lr .N 'CH 0.\ QROU.XbS. F. J. Truster —6'c .Money. R. Jl. Cunningham, i The regular anniral Brotherhood of the U. B. church has been set for next Sunday, on which day the Brotherhood will havo charge of the services ^ , ^, ^ , at tho church. In the morning Rev- took Uie steamer Oceola for tho trip prp„d j n. Prathor will deliver a sor- down the broad St. .Tohn's river wnleh j^on on the work of men in religion. looks more like th" ocean than a river, being about five miles wide. We stop;ied al the old historic town of Harriet Boechor Stowe, where she wrote that wonderful book. "Incle Tom's Cabin" which probably did much to precipitate the Civil War. The old hou8e In which she lived and worked was pointed out to us. and st'inds now as then, nlthoiigh the present owners have built a new houie they have seen fit to pros-rvo the old one for the ijonellt of tho iium erouf visitors who stop there. The build!n:;s, the ground and tlie ghriil)- bery, tho large Live Oa'.; trees, some near four feet In diameter, always green and loaded wljh Spanish moss which hangs down from, the long a dnat tho evening service different members of the Brotherhood will give five minute talks. ,\Vit Defined. Tom ~What is wit? ^_ , Jack— luipudonei. v.iib Its dress sdlt I limbs, some of the moss from ten to ou. B ^^^imJi^j ^iJsiTlt.t. |8fteeD feet long, and tho large or- The Florence, Kas., high school bas ket ball team has been outlawed from the Ftiiie organization on charges of securing professional players. The Florence team Is a strong one and a good game is expected when they come here for a game with tho Booster team. Th" Newton team will probably piny here iho week following, and nrrnnnements are under way for games with some of the strongest teams In the state. ' Rolo Ebstein of Yates Center,. Is in the city today on business and for a visit with friendg. ft is part cr my p-t-re-nr-jrc/ service tc ^hoi:: tinmen l,oiu tocorrcc: .'•/ tit-ar tlie-r comet.- Let ni:' select snd it,, in the seclusion of your li<.-.r,lhat cor..'crt- ab'c, cla33y, perfect carra-nt— \ Spirella Corset No other 13 c-j DcxiLIe. yc-l ; .-r- manenlly ."Uspc- retaining B3 SpireUa Boning Licht. coo!, i^izn- tery.ccmfortjb'a. Gu'ir.e^.teoil for c.;c \ -: ,ir iifruii't ri.>'. or Lrt .My pctaonol cervice., are fee.-. -•'ip'^i - IvTct (it'in,:. !..<.; .!i SpireUa Cvrj- t. AT4Pf. .-..-.r ••••rti. rm jf-;j <\ . -rj: . , L. I .i Mrs. Gortrucle Chapin • M n. S\c;ii !\'i Eaton, Crane and Pike .^!ake the finest Writing paper lead-- in .Viierica- We show the choice (it their 'in,-—some real new creations. See the window for these goods. Vou get the best in visiting cards iin it.itions. initial jiaper, as cheap as very ordinary stock. Evans Bros. The Sliitjonery Store. Foley Kidney PIll.s —always give satisfaction because they always do the work. J .T. Shelnut IJrenion, Ga., says: "I have used F(dey .Kidney Pills with great satisfaction and found more relief from their use than from any other kidney medicine and I've tried almost all kinds. I can cheerfully recommend WAMEB— CLEAjr IVDITE BACS. I wm pay 8 cents a ponnd. Befflstcr i them to all sufferers for kidney and {office. j bladder trouble." J. D. Mundls Go.'

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