Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 31, 1954 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 31, 1954
Page 6
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& HO PI S t A R , HO P i, A ft It A N Wednesday, March 31, 1984 , ... .. .z.. .^•....i.. ; .- r ... ...->*. j-^,, rin "' rr-V-'-"^ • --•" >WITH An' extortion iji'<fs I* the Jnurdsr ' t&Hlef and one of the to Colorado City, htt- h6t, ;been F' was stabbed behind the Chief So many piles of sheets! How rtiMVy days or hours ol solitary uork did they represent? "One tiling more,' .Richards 'and then we'll leave you 1o n«ta CfLauucu wnen n« ^tb 4hyc6U>flate the case. Una. cniCtiS"" 1 . «">u mim "<-• •• ««.»•>- rf ™ ••- whftn he yoiu work, with art apology for the lf» b& ment.M de. Storte, thfe mayor's ._ .„,-_ beside a confes- i TEW ",the Wtlln {j at a spot !h£'«,*Wrtl«n victims left their . _ tHe son of Acting !' Huahfts seemed to be in- ctf* blit he eanrt&t be found ff^lijudstldHltig since, young "^HUBhes in Denver XVII I of you, Richaids "I wonder if you it/tell us anything about the tenant?' siBh, isn't it? I don't l"tt>o , much about him. Ilo litres a bade entrance to this !}£ . Go through the kitchen pS - a (back,. Stairway and a I?, landing. For garbage di-.- 'aHd 'things .such a& atds>' ihd~a J-happen to, know if Ed- was In the habit of goto;' iut the backway?"Mark •asked. 'tkhow,'' she answered, 'hiy knowledge of boys, was highly probatalj. I the way through the the back door to tne He mounted tho to thq upper landlocked door, carno down •'directed his inlei ruplion. We want to know about the back staiis. There is a V,'n.v out Ui the alley?" Mansfield nodded. "Was Eddie Store in the habit of using that back wfiy?" A^nin the nod. "Could you tell us if he went out that way last evening?" Mansfield had to write again. "I i'uiiUl not tnli you. The boy was in p.nri out n-thousand times a day. I ignore the noise he makes. "Nolhin g about Eddie Stone you _'t > Hughes sat alone injroultl tell us? Nothing that would ! T*ot)m when they rotuin-|lmlp?" ,.inpre, "Mr. Hughes wuiit hom"| Gnjlord Mansfield shook his h WWtie , things for, us. Naturally head'looked pointedly at his work- .K**i.~uiyg ^ 0 stay To hc vvUh; table 1 got up and showed them to he Wakes up. He—he'll [the door. 'Whals the matter with him?" Jim demanded when they were cut in the cool air. 'Won't talk to local people " Richard's said 'Oh he can talk if he wants to, but he docsnt I've heard he had some sort of dis- osix'emont with Colorado City folks.long ago, and won't speak to liny of them." "Why the phone then? It .vpuldnl help much to hold up cards in front of it. "A dial phone," Richards said. "Ik- wouklnt have to talk to the opeialor,' "Wouldn't ho talk when he got his number?' Jim persisted. Marie Richaids yawned. XIX In ihc early morning sunlight, North Hill Road and the abandoned filling station appeared to be relaxing after a busy night. Tim Early looked.haggard, ...was red-eyed. 'Glad to sec you, Lieu tenant. You too, Dunn. It wasa Ion i< night." • "You been inside the station?" "Nope. And no one else. <'Yot,d belter go get some sleep. Take the rest of the boys with you.' 'There is one thing," Early said. M<\y not mean anything. Come daylight one of the boys went down to look around where he found lha ball point pen. You see that tele j phone pole down there on the mair road? Tho one near that clump of, brush?" "I see it." "Well, there was a lot of scrap papgr all along the road there. Jus' tissh. But down by that pole, i looked Siko someone had been walking around n lot, and there were wads of paper. Newspaper Didn't lodfc like the rest of the trashbut like packages had .been uruviiipped." A thorough search of the statipn, and oven of its immediate vicinity, produced absolutely nothing. Jim peered through the hole lett by one of the missing window panes. "Looks as if a phone wire ma up from that pole to the station at one time.' : : Mark was g rumpy. "A filling station does have n phone, Even back in the days when this one was a going concern." On either side of the window s,ash were two small metal pegs, which slipped in and out of holes to keep the windows locked open or rloscd. Dunn tugged gently at tho two pcijs. They pulled out easily. The window frame went down with a crash which shattered f the re- roaming glass. . . "What do you think you're doing?" Richards yelled. Jim had his head and shoulders out through the now open top of the window. He looked up at tho wires which were attached to insulators fastened to the filling-station vi all within easy reach, Hs hung out of the opening so Ion" that Richards became interested. Dunn pulled his head and shoulders back inside. "Take a look." They exchanged positions. Murk look a shorter look, pulled back inside. "Fresh scratches on that lower wire. Looks as if it had been broken or cut and then spliced. Thai What you found?" "Yes. And you police the marks on the wood that holds the upper insulator?" Mark looked again. "Fresh uuuks, all rignt. But what made Ihom?" "Could have been the chain end uf n wire stretcher," Jim suggest«l. ''You know, a loop of chain Riound something solid, and a met«il clamp on the end of a wire cable that can be pulled through ; .ratchet wheel , to stretch tho WllL 1 "1 ut's jiibt leave jt at the wire stH'tcher. But why?" "It th<U nuaier wire were cut,' better go around and ring .Martsfleld before we f,o ', decided "I saw a lii^hl r'opm»when we came ^ He's quite a charnc- / Won't speak to local poo- JircfjL^Hughos stood at thv ^'flie, Inside stairway and ftHenv go. This time .lira »?'$trgp|e movement of tho 'mWJhig feet. lite', 'pushed. Gaylo?d Mans- tNTlje dQOr popped open '" %i - roan, whose face ,, ,. old,5y stood thcve '*-*Hljfte nlacard, so the all on It. t'Wlyxl do you , ,Mr. Mapsfioicl,' as if this tnr- --qgo--vii"«> •"•' u&ual time for j^l^*'! f ''^,°pder jf we could talk *|i 4 'Sor f ^.' short time?' iijsffejd/ hflsitated, pulled an Bpye brocade drossina; go\ r 'n !j£p§irb T un d him. flo turned, led " v T " >ugh tho entrance hal) l( * ti, Imosj; bitro room, 'huge flat-topped desk j F ,-., , 'ppperf!. There was ,t ^''ch'eit.l^hSrc was an incon- ' tplephone resting of," the desk. "ng|jejd'toQk: the single ehair- ||a, ( plean"sbefii pf good qua!''' v '^paper fi'om a freshly open- wrote rapidly. The 5|?lt ,' p fthe ' , old-fashioned ep^Hs thudding trips on a i^l concealed 'inkwell, spoke /WJance. , ^matter the time of day 'yj set ^asjde - f or work, theie ^J'Wpys ;inconsiderate interruiJ- fy Please be brief." I*.*— j, ,m ng ^vas'gtnaj^ neat, legible, ithough slight- like ihc pen he y^t you Jieard of tht death of Stone?' Mark ftsked. Mansfield leaned ovu 1 ^wrotp "Xes Radio." have heurd the ei |- of the extortion ac- Wfote, "Attempts? T « the radio many hud paid I had a ktter—and ;. 'call/I could not be bothered. I'-Jiavy pther UJ.c.s foi inv I 'destroyed the letter. !&• je phoriu coll, I have my He looked up at them 1 ,,tifne. was set for your .." Mark asked. Bhjy^jjrty But I didn't go. — 'did not keep the let- ie)d ppshed the sheet uf V 0fi which ho had vuitteu Mark. Thm a was a sign Irritation in the gcs- Jim Said, 'it would have to be leld firmly. Otherwise it would iurnp all the way downhill, snarling itself up as it went.' 'Even if 1 grant you that, 1 still Want to /know Why?" "Could be a delivery system," Jim stigested. "A system than tecp one man in the clear, even if anyone had been smart or quick enough to arrest the man on this end. Eddie Stone, to be ex'act.' The clump of heavy brush wr.s about 10 feet from the base of the iolc itself, much farther than it lad appeared when the two mm lad looked down from above. Wads of paper were caught in tho brush, and there were still more wad? spread over a wider area by last light's breeze. Mark Richards said, 'The one jundle of pay-off money we found ,vas wrapped in newspaper." Jim walked to the base of tho olo looked up toward the wires 'rom his first position, he mai 1 .- ged to stare directly into the glare of the sun. He moved around lie pole, waiting for his eyes to lear, stared up again. "Look up here, Mark, Right against thai in- ulalor." "Sure. A pulley, isn'l il?' Jim Dunn nodded. "Us a little roof on my guess up at the sta- ion. You sec how it.could bo, Mark. Eddie Stone collects the jackcls of the pay-off money at he station. He has a basket or omelhing like lhat faslcncd lo Ihe jullcy. He puts the money in tha asket, lets it run downhill on the vire to the man waiting in that jrush. "I'm old enough," Richards said, to remember those baskets that used to run -around deparlmenl store. Up to the change and wrap; Comptroller General Resigns Post By STERLIN F. GREEN WASHINGTON' '/!'<-- T.inday C. , ,, , „, Warren, 04, complrnil.-r gtno.al Wednesday, March 31 of tin: United Suites, retired today j • Members of the Presbyterian from his fiismlssal-prnof job ns tin: i Church and their friends will have watchdog of CoiH'ross over fcdcrslia pot luck supper on Wednesday spending i evening at 6:30 in the fellowship Hi- had s»rvcd IS'-i years of a< rooms. Following the supper Jerry controvci-sy-ladcn- l.f-year u.. r m.;Newbold of the Presbyterian CHil- Leavinp; because of physical di.;- 'dren's Home at Monticello will ability hi> will set his full '$17. 500 ; -show slides of the home and make PRESCOTT NEWS salnry for life under an act ed by President Eisenhower last! year. address for the evening; Top Radio Programs Thursday April 1 The W. C. T. U. will meet on Thursday afternoon at 2:30 in the [home of Mrs. J. 6. Coleman. NEW YORK (,'!') — Selected pro- Friday, April 2 Union prayer service for the Crams tonight: NBC -- 7:30 Groat j city-wide revival will be held Wed- Gildcrsleove !', Groueho Ma-. - x! ncsc |;iy morning at 7:30 at the Mc- 8:3(1 Big Story. CBS — (5:30 Tlw'thodist Church. Symphonolte 7 FBI Drama 8 Crime Photo:,'. A.OC — ;: Hollywood Airport 9:3") Lenten Concert. MBS — 7 Squad Hoon: 0:30 Family Theater. Mrs. Madge Burgess Honored cactus, cowboys and cattle. The chocolate birthday cake and individual squares were decorated with various brands, Favors were lariots. Those present included: Alec Gordon, Bill Justiss, Gil Buchanani George Hamilton Christopher, Mike iJaniel, Sammy and Mark Cruse, David Paul Anderson, Glen Willis, Joe Esdarre and Hershell Garrett. his seventh birthday with a theatre party given by his parents, Mr.": and Mrs. Loyce Anderson on Saturday afternoon. Following the show the gUests, Glenn Willis, Wally Pittman, Alec Gordon, Gregg Buchanan and Freddy Mosely, returned to the Anderson home where they played games. Ice cream and the pink and green birthday cake decorated with candy Easter eggs and topped an Easter nest filled with candy chickens and eggs were served from the dining table covered with a lace cloth. Favors were baseball games. and William Ed Davis of East Texas State, Denton, Texas spent the weekend with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Davis. Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Grahtt rfK artd children of Magnolia visited Mrs. C. .A. Grantt and Mr. and Mrs. Dawson Atkinson ovfef the weekend. Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Denirian Jr. have returned from Victoria, Texas where they accompanied Mrs. Clinton Barrett who has been the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Powell, Mr .and Mrs. Alton Reeves of Texarkana spent Saturday in Prescott. Mrs. O. J. Stephenson Complimented Mrs. O. J. Stephenson, who leaves soon for Conway to make her home, was complimented with a surprise handkerchief shower giv- om Littlc Rock where she was the Mrs. O. G. Hirst has returned fr en by the Carrie Scott Class of the First Baptist Church on Friday afternoon in the home of Mrs. Fred white. The rooms were beautifully de- At the close of the lesson on Sun-lcorated with bouquets of spring day morning the ladies class of thejflowers placed at vantage points. ' Presbyterian Church presented | ' Games carrying out the spring ing School on Friday. She was ac- In 1953, the average valuo on U. Mrs. Madge Burgess with a lovely S. bituminous coal as it. came from I "going away gift" after which cold drinks and cookies were enjoyed. Mrs. Burgess and her sons, James, John and Joe left Monday for Berryville to make their home. the mines was S3 a ton. ping counters. "The general idea,' Jim admitted. "And what mado the basket go back wnsn't there but H single trip down? "Thal'd be taking Mr. and Mrs. Dan Pittman Jr. Honor Son time theme were enjoyed. Mrs. Stephenson was presented her handkerchief in a basket tied with ribbons and spring flowers. Dainty refreshments were served from the dining table overlaid iwith a lace cloth over rose. Crystal I antique candle holders holding glo- iwing white tapers tlankcd the cen- guest of Mrs. Matt Hitt. Mrs. Corliss Williams, Field Representative of American Red Cross showed a film and gave a lecture on Red Cross Home Nursing at Oak Grove Nevada County Train- companied by Mrs. T. H.- Logan local chairman of Nevada County. Rolf'e Wylie of Henderson State Teachers College, Arkadelphia spent the weekend with his mother, Mrs. Florence Wylie. needless Mr. and Mrs. Otto Holloway of Mr. and Mrs. Dan Pittman Jr. Iterpiecc of red bud and iris. Mrs.-Rosston were Ihe Salurday guesls of Mr .and Mrs. Oscar Hart. chance of Eddie jU'Uing caught. with too much money. Id say the basket made its trip .up and down with each pay-off. A iony siring, Mark. Eddie StoiK- played out the string until the askt-t was in po- string until pulled it back up when it was empty." (To Be Continued) w ith a western party ! Mettie Robinson, class teacher, at their home on Friday afternoon! presided at the punch bowl. Mrs. for the pleasure of their son Wally on his seventh birthday. After a western television program was enjoyed the guests were served a hamburger supper from the dining table covered with a red checked- cloth centered with a typical corral designed with potted Walter Nutt, class secretary, served white individual cakes topped with rose buds. There were 14 present. David Paul Anderson Celebrates Birthday David Paul Anderson celebrated Mr. and Mrs. Jim Ed Duke of Little Rock were the Weekend guests of their-parents, Mrs. Roy Duke and Mr. and M£S. Henry Stockton. .Mrs. Electa Wells and her J. Di-Cantley have moved from the home of Mrs. Roy Duke to the Jbjf- dan apartments. , - — CUSTOM — SLAUGHTERING Anytime You Want Beef Processed for YoUir Deep Freeze MOORE BROS. 7-4431 Miss Bettye Davis of Henderson State Teachers College, Arkadelphia JOIN NOW GROUP FORMING NEW Non Cancellable Hospital Policy Home Security Life Ins. Co. • Guaranteed Never to Raise . O Rates. • Ages — Birth to 100 Years. • No Medical Examination Required. • Good Any Doctor or Hospital • Demand Non Cancellable Policy. ..'. Call or write your Reliable Agent CECIL WEAVER Phone 7-3143 P. O. Box 104 saw the piles ol pii- ! lesk were all filled aVsajne neat iumdwritin';. LITY 0AHDEN SEEPS fc^\FCRTlLIZERS, SUPPLIES and ' ' WHlhite'Melon Seed Hybrici Corns as well QS The Gasolene Sensation of 1954! IS SERVICE 5-D Gasolene With These Five Features! -CARBON ANTI-RUST HIGH OCTANE ANTI-STALLING UPPER-CYLINDER LUBRICANT For the first time... all the country's top premium features in one great gasolene, plus the exclusive Cities Service anti-carbon feature! READ HOW AND WHY the five important features of Cities Service New 5-D Premium can provide the longest full-powered engine life in automotive history! ... a cleaner engine' than ever before! How AND WHY they give more power, more jnileage, more downright motoring pleasure than ever before! ANTI-CARBON ... the first gasolene to reduce harmful carbon inside your car's engine! New 5-D actually introduces more oxygen into your car's combustion chamber . . . added oxygen that provides more complete burning of every drop of gaso- lene. Less waste matter. Less carbon.! More complete engine power 1 EXTRA-HIGH OCTANE ... an octane so high th»t Cities Service makes this dating challenge: CHALLENGE YOUK CAR TO KNOCK WITH NEW 5-D PREMIUM GASOLENE! With its Extra-High Octane and its exclusive Anti-Carbon feature, NEW 5-D IS ONE OF THE GREATEST ANTI-KNOCK GASO- LENES EVER PRODUCED! ANTI-RUST ... In actual tests, New 5-D Premium was proved to protect the entire fuel system against rust. .. eliminates rust that forms in gas tanks and fouls fuel lines and delicate carburetor mechanisms. You have a better running car, a better protected engine, ANTI-STALLING .. .New 5-D Premium eliminates annoying stalling caused when ice forms on carburetor throttle valve, jamming it shut and cutting off the fuel supply/With New 5-D Premium, THAT ICING CANNOT HAPPEN. UPPER-CYLINDER LUBRICANT ..unlike old-fashioned lubricants, the New 5-D Upper-Cylinder Lubricant contains an anti-oxidant that prevents the lubricant from oxidizing (carbon) on vital engine parts. New 5^D s, it powers ypur carl, f Wf tHMiettGi f* CITIES SERVICE

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