Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 26, 1912 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 26, 1912
Page 5
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THE lOLA DAILY, REGISTER. FRtPAY EVENING, JANUARY 26,1912. Mn Sensational CQn UUb Kid Glove Sale lluU Pair Pair New York Store Saturday, One Day Only Sl.OO and $1.50 Gloves at CQp pair At this price w^e do not fit glo;/es. None on approval; none exchanged. IPEBSONAU Mr. and Mr?. Carl Wisner ot the county four miles . north, are the parents of a boy born last night. —DR. 0. U COX. Oculist Mr. and Mrs. Van Stebbins. of Gas City, are the iart-ntsoi" a girl bora this morning. —Fred Kowden, Fcriod Decorator. Phone C. W. I.-ind left this morning for Cahool, Mo. :" r a brief business visit. —The C. Teats Realty Co., Kress Bldg. OiTice rooms 21" to 24. .1 C Ti ;ii :;:as. of Yar. - Center who has bi-en hi: I- I'H lui.-ino.-s. rctuintJ to hi4,ho;ii'> ;:.:s niorrun .i: —R. .M. .Introni. I'uintlne nnd Tup. erinir. I'hone fMM. Pr.-ink IJ F>>rr^.'i reiurn-d yesterday irom Ui-nv .-r \vh«>r.- h<' has been for th I'as; sv \ira! (ia>s. on leca! business. —Dr. I.ary M- Hull, Osteopath. Telephone li« and C<>1. Mrs. C. A rrnnk ani liaimhter, .Mr.=. .VbernaTl-.y. :, ft this ir.orninc for iU^- for a v;.-;: of c .-^t -ra! days w;: : rt-'atives. —Dr. TTlrt. Osteopaih, Tel 487, «SS. H ^::vr r .-r-'m-.-i • • :ii C.Ilini- ville. 'A -her -i he luis bti.i: 'or several weeks on business. -It win be to your Interest to buy your Flour and Feed of H Klaumann. 206 S. JeffersAi. Phone 259. .1. K Quick, who f\>r the past several '!ays has been serious'.v- ill with nneu- ironia. suffered a severe sinklnsr spe!! This :i;orninp. and for a time was in a danzerou? con^iition. He has im- prcved coDsid^'rably today, however. —You can't lose by buying Conk-y s Laying Tonic. If jour hens dont lay. you get your money hack. .Morris &: Howard. Mr anl Mr; Kd Ri=::er of Denver, Col . are in fh-^ ci;y for a visit (if sp^fral days •.\;'h her parents Mr. and Mrs Harry Cot: Mr Cott is the man who was recently seriously in- Ijiired by hfins struck by a Missouri i Pacilic train. ' —Firs- showinc of n«-w sprine 0.\- j fords. See SiiielUs' show window. 1 L. U. Reeser. of Hartford. Kan., for- 1 inerly of this city, who ha.s been in i X< vada. -Mo., for a visit -with his '.ifiiri'.er ilert Keener, stopped off this r.rornin? for a , short visit with fri-n-.'; cnroute to hjs home. , —Dr. MrMIIlen. Phones tS and 3SS. i Chas. F. Srott .went to Kansas i Ci.y thi» afternoon to a:>ea;! a ban- I nurt at whi.h he is to he one of the speakers. Capt. Henry Kin? editor of tiie St. Louis Globe Democrat and Governor Hadley are amonk the oth.ers who wiii address the diners. —.No tronblo to p've Conki-y's Roup Remedy. Just a pinch in drinkins ! water. The fowls take their own medicine. For sale by .Morris & Howard. Fred Steele, who was taken to th<> hospital «t K:rJ<;vii!e. .Mo. Tuesday nipht -u:Terinc «i;h appendicitis, un- .derwent an operation y.stcrday. and ja ^rani to his mother r. i eived last :<•> 'nin^ .-ta 'cu lie itrod :!..> 'afion well nnd is now do'nc as wel! as could le expected. ! —tf von want private lesson.=; In 'GRKUO SHORTH .Wn & TOUCH ; TYPKWRITISC. enroll this month. • M.MiKI. DRKUKR. PHOXE 9.:S. j Mr ard Mrs C Phf!i s. of Yates C.ntf- came In 'ast ni:;;:t for a visi" i over Sunday th.-ir son. Thoma: '. l 'ht -;ps and v.ife. I I —Con!-: y's Pnultry Book mean.= dol- ' ;irs any • ne. Free if you bring : this a-i -.o M:rr;s Howard. Mi>- Fa'-.i.-t •f Denver C.t.camein I'la.-- nii.r. to be a: the bedsid<= of her f .i 'h -r. Matthew Fa "-t. o? South. Stare str-e'. who --iiTered a sever- stroke of apoplexy a week asri ys- terday. and who is now in a datiurr- ous coc -iition. with the il-.arices arrin-: his recovery. Miss Fat'.st ^^ :•. . trained nurse. • —I_id:. =• .ind M-^ns' new sprine 'o\;ordi in Tan. Black and Whltt* in all the new up-to-date styles. See window display at Shields Shoe store. I The painter.^ finished eoine over the .M. K. /i: T depot yesterday, and now the buildinc presents a much huildinc was r^p.iinted ins::!* and out and the furniture revarc:s;>-d. THAT OLD-FASHIONED LADV Sweet Picture That Some of Ua Ar« Privileged to Carry in Our Memories. Everybody loTed that old-fashioned lady. And I And almost everyone past rorty has. at the back of his mind, vivid impressions regarding her and the social life of which she vas the center. One remembers the atmosphere of that day as one remembers the blush roses and spicy pinks of old gardens. Even yet there are gardens where blush roses grow, and I know some women not yet bid. and a few young girls, whose mere presence serves today to reproduce that atmosphere. She was dauntless and sweet, that old-fashioned Lady; witty but tender; as notable a housewife as a hostess; fulV^of gentle concern for others, with a mind ever at iels> ur© for their affairs, and a heart whose sympathy was instantaneoos in their service. She stimulated and she soothed. Fine, complicated and Inter esting as the old lace and finely wrought gold she delighted to wear she was a very precious piece of porcelain. The brilliant, soft daguerreotype that has preserved her early likeness for us did not idealize her beyond her jnst'due. Perhaps the in timate secret of her influence was the impression she gave of one whose heart is fised, one w hom the world can no longer harm.—The Atlantic. THOUGHT HE MEANT • TRIPE Don't ^v^ait for Luck to f alF i!itGrY?)ur; lap^;;§|^^k5^a: firm grijjT on dpp(^ You NoBti Strength, Fotce^ If you are Weak, Nerveless, Bloodless, your arms are bound, your eiiergies paralyzed. Scott's Emulsion is the Vitalizer—and yoar opportmuiy. ALL DRUQQIST3 n -46 Mrs. Mills' Sadly Misled About Husband's Diet by Deaf Old Family Doctor. Mr. Mills was ill, and Mrs. Mills sent post haste for the deaf old family doctor, who. responding promptly to the call, looked Mr. Mills carefully over aaid decided he was not going to die that time. As the physician took hi? leave. Mrs. Mills followed him out Into the hail. "Dr. Grimes," she said, "how about Albeifs diet? You didn't tell me what I should give him to eat!" • , TluJ doctor, who had his deaf side toward his interrogator, mistook her questlpn for en inquiry as to the nature of Jfr. Mills 'disease and replied gruffly ard shortly: '•Oh. stomach, stomach—nothing but stomach." "Dear me!" thought Mrs. Mills, who is not a subtle reasoner. "I suppose, of coij-se. he must mean tripe. It's a singular diet, but perhaps Albert's disease Is singular.". Next day when the doctor called he fftund the patient much worse, and at once Inqulr.ed what he had had to eat. 'I gave him Just.what you fold me to," shouted Mrs. Mills into the doctor's best ear, "nothing in the world but tripe." Prayers for Suicides. On All Souls' Day every good Catholic goes to some cemetery to lay flowers on the graves of loved ones. Owing to the number of suicides by drowning in the Danube there are many dead to whom this rite cannot be paid, and in honor ot these a touching ceremony has been held in Budapest. Several thousand persons walked in solemn procession to tlio bank of the Danube by the Franz Josef bridge, and a wreath malde o: leather was sunk in the water, whilo the attendants uncovered their bead.--and said pra.vers. On one side of. the wre.ith the words were embossed. "For the salvation of those ,who died in the Danube." and on the other side. "Do not take this out. but leave it in the water." A layman then gave an address, in which he extolled the virtues of many of those who had been- driven to suicldft and con demned the church for refusing its blessing to their bodies. Remains of George Whitefield. Rev. Silvester Home, who desires to have the remains of George White- Qeld brought from America and buried In the Chapel in Tottenham Court road which bears his name, may not know that a portion of those remains has already done a double Journey across the Atlantic. Whitefield died of asthma September 30. 1770, while on a prea'-hlng tour in America, and wks burled, by his own desire. In a vault beneath the Presbyterian church «t Newburyport. Fourteen years after his death the coffin was opened, when the body was found perfect. In 1901 It was opened again, whej^ "the flesh was gone, but the gown, cassock and bands remalnen'." Shortly afterward a bone of the risfat arm wa;; stolen by an admirer and sent to England. Protest was made, and the bone was restored to Newburyport In 183".—London Chronicle. Honey Bread. In Europe, where the food value of honey seems to l)e much better understood than in -the rnitetl States, enormous quantities are used. Of late years we seem to be waking to a realization of the <alue of honey as a wholesome and delicious article of food, and also as to Its preservative qualities. Cakes and sweetbiyeads made wRh sugar com become' dry and crumbly, and to get the good or them must be eaten when fresh; but when tbey are made up with honey, they seem to retain their moist freshness indeSnltely. In France honey bread a year or eighteen months old Is preferred {o that Just made. They say: "It has ripened." It is the preservative, or rather tbe unchanging, quality of honey that make^ it ao popalar witii tlie best omf^tlonenL— Tb* Cbristlaa UeraU. SPECIAL PRICES On Ladies' Shoes for , Tomorrow. Saturday r .adies' $.'.00 Velvet Boots 1^3 .95 Ladies' J4 .:.i» Velvet Boots tiM Ijidles $4 .00 Velvet Boots Ladies' $3.50 Vejvet/Boots Ladies $3.00 Velvet Boots ?2..>0 Uidies $4 .r,0 Tan Boots-. *:5.T3 Ladies $4 .00 Tan Boots.. W-V) Ladles $4 Gunmetal Boots . W.75 Ijidles" $4.00 Gunmetal Hoots PUA Ijidies $.1.."(i Gunmetal Root.< I.ii(lli'« $3."o Gunmetal Boots iiJA See our new Spring Styles in Men.s and l-ow Shoes. W. H. Huniphr«y. of Moran, is la the city today on business. J. C' Butcher wmt to Beloit today where he will pur>?ia.-e a carload of horses. He will reitrn to lola Monday. Mr. and .Mrs Frances Voris. of Redfield Kan., came in last cii;hl for a visit with her siste-. Miss Alice \ McGowan w;!I leave in a few <(nys for Wichita to make their home. Mrs. C A. liauerstield and daughter, [ Miss Ruth, of Yates (.'enter spent the day in the city viiiting friends and shopping. Harry Heco.v who has been visiting Ills parent.*. Mr. and Mrs. .\. H. Hecox, left today for Omaha, out of which city he will travel for the Peete Brothers Soap company. j .Mrs. Roy Foster ar.d Mrs. George Kerr left this afternoon for Cianute [ to attend a meeting of the Rtbokahs in that city. Kxaminations for county school: teacliers are in progress today in the oflice of Mrs. K. W. Myler, County •:uperlntendent. .\bout twenty teachers are taking the tests required of prospe<tive j'edacogues. ^ —Next Friday night . Reverend ' Goodrich, of La Harpe. will give an ad(! at the Knipiits of Pyth.ias hal! i •>n •'The Life of .losepti: From the j nim ;;eon to the Palace." .V musical ,* irogram will also be remiered the en- ••'riainment being glvt-n for the bene- J It of ti'.e \V. O. \V No admission will I •>e charged and everybody Is cordially • •nvlted i t Miss I?»»rnice Barker. Miss Eva And- ••rson and .Miss .Nellie .May Shaw of; Lawrence, came in this afternoon for '. visit with -Mias Luciue Sp nc»^r. j Thi'v will be entertained touiaiit with . dinner party at th'^ home of Jerry ' Stover. The other guests will be Miss ' >^pencer, .Miss Lillian Northrup. .\lr. ; Roswell Northrup. Mr. Carl Campbell and Mr. Louis \Vh" eler. ; RJ'••^>.•s Goybc:d.!;ir\"s t.i..::.,-- v. -s estraorUi-; nary woui:;:.. .- h • \>:!n eviingelical j ruri;.in of tl -e sc-!i,i->-t type and held \ -tr.^n; "viev. o-., the si;ifutiio -'s of •'.1 \\\ auuc oi;n- i <ii-ht boy .a i'::..' h a:; 1 .ludy. ! u; LI- initiifr Im- i ui-"ii ii'l.v put tl.eui a-.v:!y. ;':;d l .i-: .i"ver saw them "M.v p :i .rt.;::s." , .tuskln orte said, •'debaned lue from ! ^.11 e.vercl-e-s hut walhiL'::. They would j lot let nte ride ).^t I should V»e thrown: 'Kintiii.: v .as ilMiS'-'r.iiH because I ' ni _!i- ' .< ••-irM. :•".! I'oxinc m- •Jotliol- t'l"". 1 :1 vj:_'r.'.••^••.-•'is.. : rive oiAe Season Great Values te Tomorrow we place on sale our surplus stock of Men's and Young Men's Trousers at greatly reduced prices. Made in regular or peg top styles iii fancy worsted and fine cassimeres, in an immense assortment of the newest patterns. The prices on these trousers will be $1.45, $1.% $2.45, $2.95, $8.45, $4.45 Every pair worth One-third to One-half more. —SEE WINDOW DISPLAY— 'Mallory" Hats For Spring 1912 Are Ready. SPECIAL VALUES Jei'sey Sweaters in na\y and mai'oon color Qg| . __ • — if—• ——• • — rii\.MPio\ rnuLisTS i> TW^K IMM;. f • •t THE CRITIC'S WWW. I Berlin Tageblatt. .April 1!>1". I —Dorotha North hs'i si.-c- i cess with her coi;rert in the .' Klindworih-Scharwi-rka Hi-. II. • whWi was increased by th- cooperation of .-Mexatidi-r H» :n<- niann. Together tliey sang thv ^o duets, which were r-'wardi'd wiiji the ii:ost liv.-ly aiiplausf. i -spt <' ially the Scotch Ballad of Tsihal- ko«>ky. which had to bi- r»ii>ate('. I This soprano jiossesso- u •,ir> agrft-abln voice, a .4 w.-il as Uiti. h temperament. | o'- <• of th- c'lSin! ioa bo:. w !io urn flllitig the eye of the sporting world i!.':--- i::!>s. Are You a Judge of Shoe Values: ^;^k vou to trv our shoes. We know the result will be the same. Look at these prices and then conre'and look at our shoes. Men-s Shoes in Tan. Patent and Gunmetal, b... -.u at.d lace; the very latest styles; regular |4 ^o \a!u»>:i .- - - - M.ns Shoe< if, i'it.-r.t. Gunir.e--:i;. bi:lion .-ind 1:^; : r.-i:ular $3.W val;:is . ?1 .'.N .Men's Jlea^y \'.*ork Shoes. Idai k itnd tan. b -lions tori^u"; regi :!Hr $3.uo values *LU> .Men's light weight Work Shoes, "•') vai'ie> = I't.'V'' .-^hoes '.n patents g snn.etal. vici kid. button and la."; r.a;i:h!r and values .. #Li>s I'oy " Shoes in patent . guaiuetal and bov cr>!.'; r itilar $2 :.<• vara-s : lioyn' good So'id 'A '.ar Shoes in gunmetiil .tnd cHlf; r"-.: .iar J -'w \al;ies ?l.i.') I.adles' White Hu-k h'itti};i IJoot.s. high r,ob toe; reputar $.:.(><» and $•; "o values . $3.0«» I-adies' Velvet Button Coots; rei;i!lar $4.i;''> values. at • *i,4S i.adie8 Button Boots in tan, patents, sufde and gunmetal, regular 14.00 values _i ^silS L.;ii!!e.i' Shoes in i.ateiits. giiniiietal and vici kid bur.or. and lace. ri .-i ;ii !ar-$;;.'.u values . ^l.9S I.adiei' Sho--s In patents, vici kid. bti^tori and lace, ri -gular \a!.:fs 1 I ^L50 ..M..-se.-- ii!s;h Top .iock^-y Hoots in patent.s vici kid end giin:;;eta!. bmton and lac^ regular %-.'>». $2.50 '• vvA ?Ce" \a!ue = . s; :e.-- !:.' to K sizes S'.i to 11'- ••^L7">: sizf. to ^ .^sl.;*'', .Misses ^;!;oe- in patents, gunmetal and vici kid, \ •.ilDJX a!:ii iar-- ;• ^.!.:r \ai':t:s 9lwO « ; ^':;•^e: - ci s. ;':;tfo;i ;.nd lare. regular ^ i'-' > 1. '.-.•k .. SSc . Chlldr-f.s Suo-.-. r. u -ilar %\.>>'> \al!:es oOc \ '.., Sample Shoe Store White Buck^$d.OO fi. IV. Kictes. .TIsfr. a.u.';>.i';-4'JM

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