Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 26, 1912 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 26, 1912
Page 4
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THE TOLA DAILY REGISTER. FRIDAY EVENING, JANUARY 26, 1912. lOLA DAILi Tha lola Dally Record ana *ne lola Dally IndBX. 711!: REtilSTCU PUULISIIING CO. Bntered at the Tola roHtntrice aa Second Claaa Matur. Advertising Rates Hade Known on Application. SUBSCRIPTION RATE& By Carrier in lola, Cat City, Lanyon- vllle. Concreto, L^Ha-'pe and tMiKtt: One \Wk I'J C'-iit- One Month 44 cwitx One year JS.IM: DY MML: One Year, iimii),. :. J? 1 V.'i One Year, ont-iil u.ity J .:."i TELEPHONES: Biislncfl. (II fit-.- Boeii-ty I!.-iHTt.r 1 Job andTJ !ndiT>- I >.-|il HI Official Paper of City of lola. Official Paper City of Bassett. Official Paptr of Allen County. UtC<4i^!TKU <civir.tfoTl 13 mnd« up of (IPIOKUICS , a majority of whom nro not lii8 «ructocl for noosevelt, wc do not t)<>llc-vo It win bn iiosBlblc to atam- podo thorn away from'the traditional Aniprlcan policy a^iy more than It was possible to stampede the 1880 convrntlon. Cut if the convontlon shonld be stanioilcd. or if it sliould be jnnAe up of :i m;ijnriry fns'ructrd In nd'nix'J for f'o ^ vf-It, ai:d th- iio;iiinati^n Kh. !" n)<>(1f .••.Jif! trri'i'Tcil to him. p •-]•) not b^icvo l)f> v.Tiii'd ::<:c'';x it.. I.'i ihp first p!: c;' \ic r-.\-l'residcnf in iin fonder than olher men arc of !;!TBOii :i; vHli.'ic:iii'-:i and nb;i$e and he ci'.nnot help knov, In .i; that as a can- didnte for a ihird t' rm IS THE SITIATIO-V \» TO KOOSEVELT It is univprsaliy understood thai Col. Roosevelt is not and will not become an active and avowed candidate for the Presidential joraination. There are a preat many who think that he will be tendered the noinln:'.- tion, not withstanding his attitude of negation, and there is a very ji^neral foeling that if the tender is made he will accepi It. Without knowinR any more about it than anybody else does, but e.\eri is- ing its good American right to m::ki' a guess along with thi> rest, this paper ventures Iho prediction that tli«' Republican notninatlon will not 1 J. tendered to the ex-I'resldent, and thai if It Is l<'ndered It will not bo accepted. Our reason for believing the nomination will not lie tendered to him is the conviction that,—setting aside the claims of President Taft for. the mo- | meni,—it will be Impossible to a: • i semble a Republican convention tiiat will over ride the third term tradition. That was pretty tliorouglily tried out with General Grant. The political sifuaiion at that time and the p;;rly exigency were not unlike those cen- fronting the Republican party now. Ha.ves had been elected by a scratch bulievc Mr. Rooaovelt will allow hia namo to be presented to the Republican convention, or that be would accept the nomination If tendered to him. I s PL' mm Attorney General WIckersham la down fl> address the Republitiina i i Wisconsin soon. This tim'o he will not read the Insurgents out of the party. In fact, Mr. Wlckcrsliam is getting to be- Eomethlng ef an Insurgent himself. The trusts hale liSm with a-seven times healed hit red for his prosecutions, :iud when his old | tim.e doi sur.mnt.—Tbpck:; Caidtal. , (-i aav°ii;r - ^^o Has it not occurred to tho Capital ; h.ard.'srr..; it »nr.r r^.-Uccs a person \ Harmloss Ticnxdy. Made from Garden Sage .'^RcScOrcs Color to Gray Hair, HE LENDS MONEY ON ANIMALS Dr. Martin ' Potter. Takea Strang* Pledaea—How One of Them Buncoed Him. Gray hair, however o '-^ rr.r^ics a person liat as a can- ^1,^^ possibly this hatred of the trusts ' »oo!: o!.l. V/e aii ::n.-; llie advantages he would be for WIckersham, — and necessarily 1 ?i • .vcuntr. AsM-? from tho good inp iron, or t'.ie rafiier or liie !• = •• seized and u -i'-d v-i >•.(.;.' witl'.nnt vi(y. .'rd t; .. has v ::'i. 'I to ol "'i .rs !• rhadow if .l--.'.ilit v (••'•' to liitr :e:.;n. wi!!' v,',.:;: the wr:;t;? flor-il up :•" 'in. or th< i'!: - IM ' has • -riips i:nd'.ire '•r-i li." in n.' :'V'nsurer •• r aiidiT .ons !'';t the day there is money and organi/aiion back I colu.* and Li-auiy in a fcv/ dzya' time? of the campaign fhat is "ieing tnade 1 , people kr.ov/. that cctr.mcn gcc- to prevent Mr. Taffs nominatio... Isp ^^S^^^^ S^Sl^ it necess<iry to go any further thMi - ... ;he above i)aragraph from •'le Capital to at least give a guess as to the source? u?ed a "oago Tea" /or keeping their hair f\--k, soft; cid lu.x-uriant. four years before,—i.ractically the li^n would bo irreparable, whole Democratic party and thous- ,^5^,, ands of Republicans believ-d lie h:!-! j-iv-.vs ^hown ; not been elected at all. The cirei-u:- ,nJe""for'"kecping" his word. lie has eivm his Word, in ;is solemn and em- of continuous and v< noipous :ii.d this de,1nlte statem-'nl by wire.'—Gov dictlve jiersonal essaiilt. Thr .li- Stubbs to Col. Roosevelt, would be black wit',! ini'id and allv. Considering tho hurry the Covert or with brifks and spears and arrows 's in It is really unkind of the and <-very mh-.slle th • wli of i.ian coub! «J ''':'y I'la ""L -I'ly. Possibly ih fatlilcn. .Nobody knows this so well Govt rnor negfocted to say that th as Itrosevell, and llgliter that he la mswer sent "coliccl," he m:iy w II shrink from It. In the second place Colon* I UOQS'^-| velt lias sliov.'u a r"!narkable fiiculty of quit ling wlvii hi!' credit is good FtT/.'u th:it poitit of \ii'W he wouli! have nothing to gi'in with ;i chance o! everything to lose If he should again be a candidate. 11 ho sliould win it is hardly conceivable that he could add anything to his present rejuiia- tioii. If IK - should lose he woald ;v: dov.n in hl.iiory as the man who allowed his vaul'in;: ambition to over- If.-ip itself, and the blow to lii .5 pres-1 Something of the kind of a Republic they may bo expected to CH !;;bll:iii in China may be judged by th>- .in- nouncrtnent that the new repub'it .Minister of War has made a ('cinand upon th" China .Merclianis Steam Navi?;atlon company for t ti million taels (about $7,000 0001, couiding wPh ilu\ demand the threat that if Ihi money is not forthcoming the ships will be c^jnimandeered and sole". ^.'-.iv-;: .t t. • .y, ar.dnoticj thouillercnco in -y>••..,• h: ;i- .-.ft_i- a f;nv unva' trcat- ni'-t. \\'\ c!'-;nt-,.':eM •.^ u';dcr/ruw- tirtcj f r.nt t'to money v.!)! l>c refunded if tr.c )vm ,.u y i • not e.\i!cl!y ns represunted. S. It. nurrell. Special Agent. stances of his election had been sac!that he was not at any time regarded as an available candidate for re-nom- Evelyn .Xesbit Thaw gets into Mhe Col. Roosevelt headlines again with an award 01 tif- distinct prefer- "^tn thoiisan-l a jcar as b,'r share of iT.e Harry Thaw ii n.^ine. Vi- ue 1.- its j\vn reward. phatic a manner as it could possibly I>e done, that und»>r no circumstance; \patIon. so that there w1.s not the|„.,jy]j, .j ci-.r-lid.-'te for a third strong positive force which a Pr-si- | ,^rni. To allow hi.^ name to be pre- dent who is in power and who is ajg,,,,,^ ii,p convention, even to ac- candidatc for re-nomlnatlon can a'- ,.,>pj nomination if it wr-re fen- ways rally around him to resi?t t!i • ^..^ed, would be an exhibition of bar Grant candidacy. Grant tvent into th. f..j,|, ,.f whi'h we do not b=iieve hir convention with by far the greatest ^ J,P capable ,K,sitlve. strength of any candidate., ^^^^ fin.nlly Theodore Roo.sevelt i Indeed aside from him there was no ^ j,^,,^;^, „ j^,.,,,,,;,,,,,, other one candidate with eiMi-r a | „^ je„„erately do any- large or an aggressive following whc, 1 j^^.,.^.^,.^ The convention open.Mi. Th.; appeal" „,^,j j,,,.^,^^,,, could be made then, as if will 1,. m.uK ! ,.p^,..,^,^.r ,„ ,„p avtriuu-M of the Na- now. that nothing could save ^he,ar-i,i„„ profound student ol <y from defeat except the jicrsona! popularity of the candidate, and th"r" was no other candidate whose prrso- flal popularity approached lv:'t of th • Old Commander. Hack of Granfs candidacy, moreover, was an organlzatlf.ri far more comp:ict and homogen'oiis Uian can possibly b« gallierid ;ilio\'; Roosevelt, and under leadirslilj) inor- powerful and adroit tli:in he can command. .And yet the coiivirition ot IfSO could no? b'- stamiieded or cajoled or persuaded or coerei-d iato voting for Gen. (Jranf. The "•Imtac ri­ al . TM ;" who for him in the Ij' ginning remained with him to tli< end, but Ihey n<'ver could g:iin an.v re «Tults. and so they went do»ii wiili him. • 5:ovi'rnm( nt and history, partlcularl.> • of the history and gov <rnment of tlif I 'liiied Stales and he knows that th( s< i;;iment against the third term I grounded on something far der|." tsnd more fundanrntal tlit 'ii mere sent Inieiit or tiMdltion. H.^ knows thai it i;oeH to the primal prlne'.pli- of free :-'overnTnini which forbids the vcsttni" of iTeril po .wer,—exin the powe.r o' liojiulariiy,- too long In the hands oi one man, howi-ver wise ;iud hones' and noble lli ;it man le.iy be. lb knows that no otiier one thing could h':i\ so he ;ivy ,i blo .v to republic;'.: Ins'itntlons as a b -'liif among tie I'OI.VTED IMIlAfilMlMIS. From the Chicago .News. Are the friends you buy worth the price? And some mcij ar.- sober only wlien money is tight. Anyway the fool is apt to be gen- rous with his folly. Jealousy is but another name for ingrown self-esteem. Probably a rose by any other name would have just as many slugs. Any man can darn socks but it Mkea a clev-.-r woman to mend them. A woman cares not If her clotiiis :ire unbecoming if they are stylish. Tho woman who has occasion to forgive her husband never allows hlin 10 forget it. When a man is In love with a widow it's a sign she knew It long be- I 'or! he nnide the discovery. And there are_ppoj)lc who never arrive at a conclusion until tho iind< i- aker Is rc«dy to lake their measur.. The young man who tells a girl d ir- Ing leap year that he could listen 10 her voice all the rest of his days ta'Kes desperate chajices. a! ;;lj ;;ii<' as Ktirope, should take rvrinirir iiieii conditions there. Kng- ;:.!(! e^•p.•^•ially hus pn! Into pnictice >Miy crazy notion of the present dec- :•(! '. She has Itic.itae taxes, heavily •.T -ded inlnTil:'iiie t :!X<F, free trade, imiiy iieiir'y a'! the .'liodern nostrums, exeeiitiiii; the initiative, refer- endiiiij aiui r^'caM, whicli may be in iirosi:" el. liespiie lirr ready acceptance of all these thill';.-, for whicli the insurgents are {•lamoring in this country, Kng- la.nil has more poverty to the square inch than the Vnited Slate's has to tin- s'piare yard. The army of the un employed in l-ondon is many times as gnat as tlie unemployed in Xew York. .\nd nov we have it that capital In Kiigland is becoming scared ahd i)refers to invest in Canadian securities rather than in the home jiroduct. In the siaiement of Mr. Gardin there is food for the thought of the .\:>:eri(an s'etesman. It Is to be pre- :Minii (1 that even tho insurgents would not conscientiously destroy the pros- iieriry ihat has blessed the I'nited States fwor so many years. It is no' to he believed that they would destroy !h;it prosperity even to gain ;>o-. litica! honors for tlienisilves. S;ine and cnns'Txafive pro'-;r(ss is to be de .'••ired; bi;t is it not time for a cessation of destructive methods and the substitution of a safe and construe- live proprtim? Not even t^e author of the "Club ol Strange Trades" conceived of an odder means of livelihood than that of Dr. Martin Potter, says the New York correspondent o^ the Cincinnati Times-Star. Me runs an animal pawnshop. If yp^ have a lion that you don't need ias badly as you need the money, or want to soak a trained bear for & few jweeks, or put up an elephant untlP'you hear from home, go around to Dr. Potter. • He'll loan you the money against yol^r live stock and be will not charge you any interest. But you'll have to pay the board ol your pledge. "I just drifted into the business," said Dr. Potter. "I started out to furni&b trained animals to ^ shdws. I've rented everything to show, j men , from a troup of thoroughbred horses,to a red eyed Numidian. lion. By and by I found that I had to lend money now and then to my patrons and take their stock in pledge. It was a necessity of the business, but now I like IL" His stables contain elephants and camels—If you're a regular showman you'll say cam-u-el—and monkeys and a dozen sorts of dogs and all varieties of the cat tribe and the deuce knows what. And his proudest boast Is that he was never stuck but once. "Fellow borrowed ?20 from me' on a trick dog," said he. "Finest dog I ever saw. I'd have loaned $100 on him as easy. But I wasn't shown all that dog's tricks by his owner. That night I found that he had been \ralned to unlatclr the door and jret out—and •his owner had not trained him to com'j back." WHAT HORSE-POWER MEANS Dur;!!?; a recent d( bate on woinan'c snffrai-e in ilampton, la., th-? speaker for the negative In making tlie good old "women-do-not-want-it" argument, .'isked eiery woman In the room who would use the vote if she ii.ui it 1.) rise. To his manifest dis- (oni|i,i:re. i.ractieally every wotnan jiresent inslanily sprang to her f.'et. Example of Great Llner'a Turbine En• gines Given to Explain the Common Phrase. In connection with steamship propulsion the average man Is apt to speak very glibly of so many hundred or thousand horse-power. Hut it extremely doubtful If one person in a hundred really has a due appreciation of what the phrase actually means On this point some very interesting remarks were made by John-Heck the Glasgow engineer surveyor. He said that, calculating _ the strength of twelve men to be equal to one horse-power, it would require 840,000 men to produce as much cn ergy as the 70,000 horse-power developed by the turbine machinery of the express Cunarder l,usitania. Then If the men were to work on the eight hour day system those figures would give a fotal of 2,520,000, that being the number of men whose strength would be necessary to drive the vessel across the Atlantic ocean. So it would take all the men In Scotland to supply the energy produced all the day roand by the wonderful turbine machinery of this great ship.—Railway and Locomotive Engineer. • J'aicy navel oranges with a charmingr troe-ripened flavor are now for sale at your draier's. They are pleasingrly economical and. in a -.ldition, the dininp' table can be furnished with beruti;ui •silverware by Favin.i; ti:e wrapper&and send- icg t 'lera to usv .ith a few slampE to pr.rtH-pay charges, packing, etc. /Ihej^enuhie come in tis-sue v.r:ippers niarheu "'Suakiit." -Your dealer will supply you '^l c-";:rcmely reasonable prices. Tree-Ripened—Pickati W\ih Gloves Pnly the very Hnest ora:.t;cs from thu best C.nliforma groves'-ars packed under the came'•Sunkist .'VKai-;: trani ,'e is allowt-a to ripen or. theiree.ihvks producing the wotidorful ".^nr:::-,-^;" flavor. <U maturity they are'carefully piclied and pacbtd by c:ovcd Ssedless and Solid Every "Stmfcist" is pcrtict. E .-ich is Ei>Iid meat—seedlrss and juicy. Most dt-Iicious and he;:lti:''.il of fruit.^. .Mo >-t wholcsoms fruit tor children—better than sv.e--:s. 'i'oaes L!i;<eirion a ::d iati^ lies "sweet tootlj." 3e^ia Saving Valuable Wrappers Today Be sure to say '•.Snnkist"—mt merely "or.-inges." Yea will know "Sunkist" by their handsome appearance iii'.d by t;:e priatt-d wrappers. This Es Your Beautiful Orange Spoon S .1VC 12 "Sunkist" or ;in,:;e or ;<miin v.rappers. or trademarks cut from •^rr.ip- per.s, and send l!:ein to^iii, v.;:h ll'c in .'.t.imps t.i help pay charges. paekinK.etc.. and we will .seed yen tin;; ;;cni :inc- Kn^rers' s-ilvtr oran ^'e spoon. For each iiddi- ti ;nal spotm s; n4 1- v.-r.-ij ^pers or traJen:..rks and 12c in .stamps. Notresponaiblo Ijr cash sent thrm; li tl:-- m:!i!:!. 14 "Sunkist" Prcmmms "Sunk:st" Lemons KiTiri for full .ii~.riMi...,. iiuniiH-r..f Most Economical .tu rrrun* ci.fli i.rtU Table Knife Oyilcr Fork Table Furli ChiW'j ForV Deincrt Spoon Orande Spooa Child'. Knife Frait Ktife Douilton Spoon' Tcunpocn Co!!ee Spoon TDblc*pocn S;il-jd Fork Sutler Spreader T !iir.->^:iiiY il, extra ji'.ley. pn 'l fn-h cfrtnt*-* in ft viilu- rl)le '".Sunkist" wrapper. Insist on ihcm, ns tliey k'O f.irilifr than other Ictnnnii. They rnst no more iinJ tho wTiiprfiii.irevnlunble. Recipe Liuiklot (ri-e on ri-qi;-.-.!. California Fruit Growers' Exchange |i92 North Clark Street. Chicago, III. ( HS) SQSI KKFI.K( TIO.V.S OF .V lt.\CiiFI,()l{. KVom the Now York Press. »A man who appreciates himsi if Iiardly ever can anybody rise. If a man borrows ftom anoiln-r ^vho ;!lt >8 be thinks the debt Is paiil. If there is any way of knowing what a girl means by what she says she ii'-ople that <nie man.—any<m>' man,— wouldn't say It. v.nrenplv e.ssntial in the govern- When a man talks he can h.'ar only ' , • . II, !,„„„-. ti.-i' himself; but a woman can talk and meiit of the country, lie knowo tli.i .1. .1 I.i!il!ii!ii of Kl.-niore, who ha;' I'l-'n Icie v'siiinic (i. \V. I.ciiler. and r:;ii:!!y. retiiined to his home today. And the only reason .h..t ^.r with thethird fern; precedent over- J^J^^^ .rant failed was the feeling fn the ri<l.:.n there would be no appeal a man can be so much prouder of minds and hearts of a majority of ih.' .-ij.'ainst .1 fourth or fifth term. Know- likins; cornixl beef and cabbage than delegates, so deep-seated that it coald . ing all these thin;;s,—and no man of being a good, example. not be uprooted, that an honor which knows th -m better,—aiHl being at ... ^ . .... Georce Wash!nt:ton had de.lir.ed h-.-.n profotmdiy a patriot, it Is In- I * * *•• * > > <• oncht never to \y rrol upon ; ii;" other American citizen. Of course it is possible that t'::- wave of Roosevelt e!'.thu>iasrti >Ahic'i is now SWi'.-piii;; over the count i>, may result in tl.o .s--!'-<-!ion of 1 iio!i'-'i: delegates pl-df;. d to ih'' •.:'ri'.'j' States and distiicts actin,j soparrjt'ly. to compose 1 convention which v..;al ; over-ride tho third t< ria tr;idi;i '\S OTHEK.S SKE TIII.X.'.S. eoneeivable. we repeat, that Theodore Roosevelt sliould bring himself to try <•• .;. • 0 pbfiin that wliich Washington re- <• *> <* •> •> * •> • * • • •> •> • •> <• •:• fused to take, which Grant could no' i;<t. and which for more than a htm- •!r (1 years tho American people ha^e !^ti rnly declan d no man should ever have. FIT all thc'U' reasons, but chiefly Sensible WcmerilCifow Foundation of Health AM health t«I''<" to wtrf -n Sc i-: •- •«-::>cr!or to bfiMs. catliartlc plIlB, watera; more eentral. b..'h In !).• :.i-\v-).,•.,.,•;< v.r.ic entirely too vlolenu and OR the iil.-iltiirn:, the i :a v -.vo- •-• AVc.::.. :i .••'. OMM nee to It that they are l^e^iimini; to lOuU.'...- •.•l-..jt the ..t Uas: -one muveuicnt of tho culH\ateil alway.« kjsn -An. ti. .. : tinv>-Fls r«cli da.', and when showlnx any Bood health cannot l>e fujr .d 111 u iH.wdcr Upnotnc.v to co:i.stli>;itlon .--houlit take box. The extenii.l.H ci i-ouit.i i. a- h- ;,. CUdwt-i!? .Svrup I 'eoMin In the oliialned In tlmt w.iy. .1.1 '.at .-^ •••uiall dOirc i>r-».;rll>cd. A brief use ol bealtli Pe» < .o,t,i. i-i-.d .i J;:.-: .. . ;i w<U m ti.i;:. the atomuch uiid liowel easily obtain, u. :. „:-i -i:f itiat all iornia of meillcinr can The ir.-.'t ir.WJ- •• ; .l n ^ < .1 wMh. ThP-*c oplnioiifl are •»-om(.n. r:.n f-: •..•--> . • v.1 r,--.m- >"" ' .-'V ' o. ..inda of women, after which Fl'e to 1 and b-^t P'tni M ^'litVmrVir V -iil'iK.-Mi'oii . r I ''^ a dtUK.-i.-u al Rftv cents or on« the ht^t ID the estimation o'' most women !• I>r. CaldwHl's t^yrup H-i'^ia. It !• mild, pleasant to, IIM UIBLO ca.1 j^UjT. nutt^a Is J >«r affdf, Xt U tar EiirnpoHii Rnslni'sx Ctindiflons. Washington I'osl: ApiKirearly ;ht- I'nited States is in no ivor.:- i)!i;:'it than Kinope, EO far as the eft- ct ; (;t .i«it;>ticn arc concerned. .lohn i-.". ':-ir d'.-n, vice-president of the .\ali^n;;' City Dank, returning from a study oi for til- last tv.o, this pap<r do-s not ( Ijanking conditions in ICnglaud, cays hat the business Intoresis over ther^ are alarmed by the political factors prevailing throughout Kuropc. .Mr. Gardln's statemrnt is particularly IIlutaimitlne: I.oc.t' conditions in Knglaiid are I;: a bad way. Socialism rules, and ine^h ods cf ta.vation now In foire ; nd !• Ing discussed ar? exlremely det.i- menta". /There Is absohiieiy no t' mand for gilt-edged securiM-s. l.;r(.i jninunts of mcney arc beinii lavrst>-i! in Canadian projects, bu: :In.-e 1: none for first c'ass home in .i3i .iii.''i;t-; Knropian moii«iary tciiuitlon:. ::r< quiet. There will be a li-avy l.irrjv,- ing d'maml durlni: the year, as lu lu- ly every state In Germany, the line ^i la! Govornnnnf. and Il..Iy will :i' neetl funds. whl:'.» the city of I'arU These Gentfemanly Arabs. The Arab vices and virtues (for they Have both) are drawn from the desert. They are tho handsomest men In the world, these Arabs; but they arc not the cleanest. In reverent demeanor and tactful courtesy they surpass the most cultured gentlemen of Europe; but they are notorious thieves. Their hospitality Is proverbial. For three dnys the Arab host will protect one who has eaten bread and salt In hlo tcn(, even to dying in defense of his guest. When the time limit of the salt brotherhood has expired tho host will feel quite free to rob the former guest on his own account. Ordinarily tho Arab lives on Ilread and milk, or bread and cheese. If n guest arrived ho will Insist upon slanghter- Ing the choicest animal in his flock. If there is no food at all, as frequently happens, the Arab starves for awhile.—From "The Real Palestine of Today," by Lewis Gaston Leary. whict, Flu. i ,„ ,;....:;,f,:i .-' .xn.,!^. an-.onr Ih.m Wr. !"''^' ""^ ' to W..10'! n." .—1 • ., . •'-1 .-Ji.'-t.,. wei 'ii St., Chicat-o. III. 1P'lt onl un Issue ot bond.", In :!i< ind iiowc!*. ii s .- Ii,. . '. ^»'i!M.'nK. Tr.iy, Kii3., and Jiaitel* spring amounting to ."inn OOi'(Kit aine tiiii.-." eiit .• t.-,i .. .i, .,f ,-. n- '•••>'•; i.uvim: it in the re».'ular "ere as It I3 now, ;h!-. eoantry -.vll! r..n n aii>to 'i.jitlc (.at to tbe^'honi'e Montictfio., ta -Your name mai iddrw partlcipnic In mnny ot the oltorlngs of Kuropean comttii's The Parit bdud« .{evperlolly should ctiv»<s go^ cxp9rl3 'rrom the IJnIted Stateg." ^ Strong soaps and soap powders injure ihcm. PERSIL and the directions here given insure perfect results. 1 — one hoi:r in c-.'.d'v. .iter «::!; oiie t.-.|ile = i '"i<i ;iful of ri .U:^ll. d^solvid in iL 2 - Wri.g out .-ind ]i !acc in Ixiiler (il > .1! i water, wit'.i t «o table- Bl !.,.:.fid-of I'EkSIL. Uriiig lu .. 3 — 1". :'. 15 luinutes. -l-Riii-- thori.uglily, v.-r 'ii/, slarcli . nd haay out to dry. Style in Mourning. "Spectacular mourning is not so popular as It was some years aso," Bald the manager of a city department store In andwer to an Inquiry on that subject. "There Is still a large business done In all kinds of mourning goods, but either the somber period has grown shorter or many bereaved persons prefer not to be conspicuous because of their sorrows, foMhe salo of mourning goods has fallen off. In the stationery department there seems to be no change—In fact, tho demand for black bordered cards and writing paper has Increased." To Illustrate tho quality of some "show mourning" he said: "At a stationery establishment a short time ago a woman in deepest black asked to see samples of dinner dance cards. She selected one and ordered one hundred to bo done on black bordered cards, compromising with her conscience by suggesting that the border bo not too! heavy." ighest SMlarket Prices For mDES and FURS -at- L. KRUPP'S JUNK YARD Phone 314 THE NORTBRUP NATIONAl BANK lOI.A, iiA .\S.lS OVER FORTY YEA US OF (OXSETJYAI'IVE BANKIXO IX lOXA Depository for the Lnited Stnlvs, Stale «f Kaiisas, and Allen Connty OI'FICE-'IS: L. L i\nui-HUUP, President U. P. NORTHRUP, 2nd V-Pres. P. A. .N'OUTHRUP, Vice-President . JIKLVI.N' FRONK. Cashier. R. J. COFFKV. .\ssistant Cashier CAPITAL $50,000.00 SURPLUS $20,000,00 lulercst Paid on Time P(p<)>^Ils .Safety Deposit Boxts for Kent Yorit nrsi>:;,ss SOLICITED. —OF- lOLA and Fort Scott, KANSAS "DON'T HURT A BIT"—That is what our patrons say. We do the best dental work at the most reasonable prices. Before having your dental work done by others call upon us. We are In our LaHarpe offices EVERY TliURSOAY. Office hours: 8 to 6.^ Suhdays 10 to 32 Evenings-7 to S r :.-M»ncd Cut. Hevi.'ii;. !e- 1 tlK>U;,-!!t of a very fun ny joke la ii .'y .>«l «i -p last ni;:bt, Ur.. when I .«oiuehuV.- It was a flat as -1 I :;:>e. l.lte-vnv,, .\ > wonder. l_sup;'js'. you slept <.:i il. mammy." -.'li yix)b fa;''.: '" . :ii:i-r -Xotiiiti "Cures In Every Ciisc." —Mr. Jas. McCaffery. Mgr. of the -Schlitz Hotel, Omaha Neb., recom- aiends Foley's Honey and Tar Com- ;iodnd, because it cures in every case. I have used it myself and I have rec- iinniended it to many others who lave -since told me of its great cura- ive power in diseases of the throat '.nd lungs." For all coughs and colds t is speedily effective. J. D. Mandls t is speedily effective. J. D. Mundls Co. • OLD Ed'ore a:!y sore can lieal, the cavu-s which produces it must be removed. As long a:; llie bliKnl, from which our sy.slcuis receive thet^ ncces-sary nottr- ishtucnt and .s'.rcn.ijtl:, remains impure and conUimitiated with disease genua, any old sore 01'. the body willreinai'i open, and every effort made to heal it. Tha 3:crvos .ind tissues of the Cesh around the Iplacea are continu- airy fed with tir.iu a'lhy matter niid nature is simply dispo>dng of the poisott . by dnifning it fron*. t!ie .systctn through the .sore. The only cure for an old ! sore is a tliorou},'h c!>:a!tsing of the blotxl, entirely ridding tlie system of tlie lmpo»8lblllty. "DOOR your wife ever attend your lecturi's?" "Of course not, that would never do.'* "Why not?" _ "Could any wife sit and hear. W , cause. HsT S.~S."hcal.s old sp'^e.s by rcuuiv'injj every partide of impurity from husband ta;ik for two hours without i the circtjlation. It gota down to tlie very bottom of the trouble and so completely cleanses tlic circulation tliat tliere i.s no longer-any impurity to drain through the sore, but the place is once more nourished vith rich, healthful blood. S. S. S. heals the .sore from the Iwttoni, the place soon fills in with health}', firm flesh, the tenderness leaves, all discharge, the skin regains its natur:d color and when S. S. S. has thoroughly clcnnsed,and B urified the blood the place is permanently hetded.. Look on. Sores'and 'lcers.and any medical advice free to all who write. V THE §TOT SPlCIfIC CO., ATJIANIA, GA. interrupting hlm?"^ An Inquiry. "Pop, when the rain comes down in •boets—" "Yes, son?" "fipes it' cover, the bed of the V

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