Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 31, 1954 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 31, 1954
Page 4
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Hdff-rfAft» Men; At , March 31, 0:00 8.60 10.50 - 4 ' W T*;8 16.00 Oftiw my fiefote fribllcailon . fiOo ^.i, SOU per fac& obov^'ori for ewv n^M, lrt«&u!or,or IklfH •Will HttMh* bn*»<H]y «tft«. ed advertlslno dopy v (iittfl"5 'Mtt. far .j ;re»ttv* th» riflht to lit oil, odvfert »em»m» of» JUblldallon arid fb r*)*ct (ftmbbl* '<id«*rtmha «ub- For Rent 6 ROOM house. Good Ideation. Can be used as duplex. 812 West 4th. Dial 7-31S2. Ifl-TF 4 foom apartment. Electric refrigerator, Garage. No children. Mrs. Anna Judson. 220 North Ehrt. Mar. 27-tf 3 ROOM utrfurillshed house. $10.00 per month. See owner at 1320 West Fourth. 29-3t COURTS; Salesmen, $2.50 each; Weekly, $17, 2 people, $3. All new Innei-springs, foam pillows, refrigerated, "Safer" tile. BOLEY'S "Quieter" COURTS. Discount to trucks. Mar. 17-1 Mo. 61 wt*< <* 'i 'floi/r** «0ch 'at houwi » number* count a* on* ,i •*"• i . . fttar Vrllt'ftot b* rwpon. » ,)n Waht Ad* urt/uji ._.. „(!«»' to our ottdntlort F.IRST ilrtwrtton of 'ad and h*. ONE Income* aftsmooh • by ' v i NICELY furnished 4 room apartment. Private bath and entrance. Phone 7-3497. 29-Ot FURNISHED" 2 room apartment, Private entrance and bath. Electric refrigerator. Newly decorated. 3^1 Bonner, Phone 7-3553 30-31 NICE front bedroom in private home adjoining bath. Private en'- trance. 3lff South Elm. Dial 73593. 31-3t Political Announcements Staf is authorised to aft- ftounde that the following are candidates for public office subject to the action of the Democratic primary elections. FopyTfeasurer HARRY / HAWTHOHNI! CLIFFORD BYERS 23WIGHT KIDGDttJt, Per County Clerk ARNOLD j. MIDDLEBROOKS JOLLY (AMONETTE) BYERS ARTHUR ANDERSON tor Sheriff and Collector W. B, (BUD RUGGLES JIMMY COOK R. D. (SON) PHILLIPS TOM MIDDLEBROOKS CLAUD H. BUTTON Alderman Ward 3 B. L. RETTIG 'For Prosecuting Attorney ROYCE WEISENBERGER NEWLY Decorated apartment, Private bath. 510 East 3rd. Phond 7-3104. 31-31 4 ROOM- unfurnished apartment 207,Shover. Phone 7>4592. 31-3t ONE Unfurnished apartment. Three nJoms and private bath. Avail- 'able April 1st. Call 7-2896 after 5:30. 30-31 For Sole Stjtoltend, elAft' matter 1 ; at SPfflfiB iot&Wap&^Ai jJtanJO*, 'M -- j 5 ,•' Fft*A>feE,. Blinding 12' x 20'. Compb- -ii.iAv, -"---gie'j 00 f, t cpUed- with Wived for electricity. ,'2,dpors, 4 windows. Fine-for i'ish- t iii'g fcabln, Also 48 mercury 4. door * «.•-*.• •"*** W i 2, doo'i^e'aan., 47 \Door -Sedan,- 51, 4 v T ,,,,... r .,. Buiek, 52'Plymouth "cpupe.^Closq-out prices, Contact FT^nk^ Hprton at B. R. Hamm Motor Cor or caU 7-3812. 25-(it BABY ' Chicks. Large assortment Spe ihese chicks before buying Several varieties, Dannie Hamilton. , Mar. 29-1 Mo. MASEY'S Farm. 80 acres and newly; decorated house. One ,; mile ;irom town .$20.000. Will sell house' and 13 acres, $14,000. Trade" for pine timber land, Phone 7-5535. Mar. 10-1 Mo. Hay, J^ojinsoii grass' & lespedeza mixe'cl. Also $ome pure lesped- .. eza) T, S. McDavilt. Phone 7'2116, " ' 3-TF ' me', about your fertilizer re- <jmrements!*'We can'help you with your' analysis 'and price. J, W, 'Strickland*- „ MarJ' 22-1' Mo. OELD'S finest mldseason blcolor daffodils including ..Jtfrs. Back, house; the fdmous pink daffodil. * Arthur Gray, Ozan, 26-6t 01S(E 'Ford tractor disc, mowing machine, blade. One western saddle bridle. Martingale, Good condition. At my faim on highway 29, 15 miles south of Hope. Mrs, JaeJc'Wise. ' ' 29-6t PARAKEETS, cages, ^nd feed. ' Young birds r^ady to' 'teach to talk, Call' after schpol hours, Phpne 7-3622. 20-3t BABY-Chicks. AAAA Grade. All kinds pf feed and Groceries. Open 7 days, Phone 7-9003. Holly Grocery fy^Market. ' 29-8t Wanted EXPERIENCED Waitress. Apply in person only. Mack's Restaurant. 409 East 3rd, formerly,,The Snack Shoo. 18-TF Strayed BROWN. Jersey. Cow with horns, wearing a short yoke. Andrew Jones, 2 miles south of Hope. 30-3t Services Offered SEPTIC Tanks Cleaned. 'Phone 7-9989. March 1-lMo. CALL Payne Brothers, House movers, insured contractors. Public Service Commission Number • M- 1425. 313 Central Avenue, Stamps Arkansas. Phone 3-4481 in Stamps, Arkansas. March 2-lMo. MATTRESS renovation and innerspring .work. Cobb Mattress Co. 316 South Washington. Phone 7-2622. 4-tf LaStarzo Is Decisioned by Britisher Porkers, NTS Golfers Tie DENtON Tex. (/F) — The Pun- versily of Arkansas and North Texas State College split a gob match 3-3 here yeatoirany after Arkansas was dcfeal'ed 42 by Texas hristian Monday. In yesterdays match, Miller Barber of Arkansas fired the low of 3-urider-pa 87 Barber and Phil Rogers beat North Texas' Stan Mosel a** Ray Ferguson 2 and 1 vhile Ray Barnes an Joe Boone were defeated by North Texas' Max Wilkinson and Paul Ransom one-itp. .Ray Barnes shot the day's lo'.v •ound against Texas Christian nl Tort Worth. His score Was a one- jnder-par 70. Baseball BY THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Pittsburgh (N) 3, Boston (A) 0 Chicago (N) 3. Baltimore (A) 1 Cleveland (A) 2, New York (N) 1 Philadelphia (N) 7, New York A) 6. . Washington, n ) 0, ^Cincinnati N) 3. Milwaukee (N) 27, Savannah SAL) O.- San Antonio (TL) 12, Cincinncti N) "B" '3. • New York (A) "B" 10, St. ?etersbtirg(FIL) 4. Fights Last Night By THE ' ASSOCIATED PRESS London- Don Cockell, 211, Lon- lon, outpointed Roland LaStarza , 80',' 2 , New York, 10. . Washington- Floyd Patterson . 67, New York, stopped Sammy Brown, 16a>/ 2 , Newark, N. J. 2. Jacksonville, Fla. - Joe Baksi , 239, Kulpmont, Pa., knocked out Billy Smith, 229, Aiken, S. C., ,. Pirates Riding High Atop the Grapefruit Loop By ED CORRIGAN Associated Press Sports Writer Whats this? The Pittsburgh Pirates atop th* Grapefruit League standings, hitting home runs all over the place and one of their pitchers tossing Olson, Gavrlcm Both Confident CHICAGO \ffh~ Both Bobo Olson snd Kid Gavilan seem satisfied they are as ready as they'll ever be for their big fight-and both are sticking jvlth the technique's 1hat brought them 'each a championship. . Olson, the middleweight titleholder, ended rin ; ? drills for Friday's match witrt a live -round sparring session yesterday. Gavi Ian, the welter champ, will go a couple of final rounds today. It's Olson's 160-pound title thai is at stake in the nationally-televised (9 p.m. CST.) 15-rounder at shutout? |j Chicago. Staduim. The Pirates have been riding Olson has readied a fine edfjo, PORTS ROUNDUP .By OAYLE fALBOt. AMPA W -- There is a great tunity. You can't have looked at the torn p'tRt ion here to pick the, Yanks In training the past few ^ - ?__ ;„ iL_'...nrsl.-c. irtA fnr*1 nlhni- thntl that Chicago While So:: to win in the American League tmHis season but we intend to resist it manfully for the reason that it would not bo a completely .honest .pick. .A m?n has to get honest sometime. We have- a strong feeling thfeti^,; weeks and feel other than Casey Stengel will scramble them to a sixth straight. A couple of years ago it WP.S different. We looked at the Cleveland iridians and arived At a firm conclusion that they couldn't miss. did however, and now along in high gear all spring and (heir sluggers have been hitting-they already have 30 home runs-but not even the most optimistic Buccaneer would have predicted thnt 23-year-old Bob Friend would whitewash the powerful Boston Red Sox. The he did yesterday, with the Pirates taking Ihe decision 3-Oi He also became the first of Frnri Haney's pitchers to nine full, innings. The . Pirate flingers. amassed a tolal of four shutouts all' last season; Friend, who has spent his entire major league career (three yearsl with the Pirates, rjnve up but three hits and walked only orie. He also contributed a' pair of singles. The Chicago Cubs, with Coach jBob Scheffing, at fhe helm, former Manager Phil Cavarrctla in' tlvj stands and new pilot Stan Hack on the way, defeated the Baltimore Orioles 3-1. Johnny Klippstein pitched six shutout innings and Hank Sauer and Ernie Banks hit home runs. Joe Coleman went a!l say camp spokesmen-so fine that Manager Sid Flaherty wants him to take only the lightest of exercises from her on out, to avoid overtraining. Hack Takes Helm of Chicago Cubs SHREVEPORT, La., -Rugged Stan Hack, who became a bi;{ league- manager sooner than he anticipated and is quite happy about it, .especially since it's with his "alma mater" — the Chicago Cubs — gets '-his first real look to break a 6-G tic in the fifth inning. In the only other game between major league teams—most of them are breaking camp in the Southland .— the .Washington Senators turned back the Cincinnati Red- the way for Baltimore, allowing;legs when Roy Sievcrs hit a bases- six hits. The Cleveland 1 Indians beat tho New York Giants 2-1 Old Sal Maglie continued to > impress the West.- loaded, two-out, ninth-inning home run off Jack Crimian. Elsewhere around the circuits: The Brooklyn Dodgers sent Don At the peak o fthe old time sail- ng ship whaling industry, about 70,000 men produced about 15 mil- ion gallons of whale oil a year com pared to today's '13,000 : men whoj produce more than 75 million gal- ons. I ern camp followers by going five Zimmer. the heir-apparent to pea- jnnings and being tapped for- only i \v'e e .Reese's-shortstop, job, to their one hit. The Philadelphia Phillies nipped the world champion New York Vero Beach, Fla., replacement center to await assignment to one of their farms. The Boston Rod Yankees 7-6 with the Yanks' ma'm|Sox sold veteran catcher Gus Ni- slock in trade — a home run. Del arhos to Louisville of the Ameri- Ennis hit it off rookie Bob Grim'can Assn. Pau Richards and his go-go; boys f n (hat they've missed might boa out the Yanks this; tin o |t * a) . c n£)t ing if they Ret a few breaks. There i, T , wh , te a biff difference between that and 5'* vieorous have a betting conviction that the next World Series will be played partly at Comiskoy Park. Anyone who goes out on a limb tor the Sox will bo acclaimed cjuito an expert next fall.if they do come Sox, under an alevi and vigorous administration, have become the challenging outfit. .For the Sox to win several things v.'oul d have to happen, and much as Richards is hoping for Ihem td longed for many years clp.imcd an export at something. But — and with keen regret as hard as he is drlv- ind his players in his burning desire to lick Stengel, '(happen, be ac- still must know that he is asking we're going to pass up the oppor-j* o whole lot from the baseball at what he'll bo expected to win •gods. To begin with, lie must expect to get the same great pitching from and with today l his twin accs - Bil!y pierce T , . ' , , „, ., ,, ., : Virgil Trucks, that he got last sea- Hack succeeded Phil Cavarrcttu . M , t hu as an old tcamrnnle. Monday night while the Cubs Were floundering in the exhibition schedule. Yesterday Chicago boat the Baltimore Orioles at Dallas. 3-1, with Coach Bob Scheffing in charge and cavarret- ta looking on from the stands. arrived last night, made the fearless comment that we'll expect to win every game when we go on the field,' and looked forward to piloting the Cubs for the first time thisat'ternoo n whoM they play the pesky Orioles again. Stan will meet with the players in the clubhouse at noon when they'll talk over plans for the season. It won't be the first time for Hack to see the Cubs this season. He visited the training camp looking for prospects for his Los Angeles club and watched the Cubs in two exhibition games But he wasn't looking as a manager then and he said' he wouldn't be able to pass, judgment 'on the club until lie saw- it in action. well as he did last year, when lie pounded the ball at a .313 clip and was, in fact, the only real hitter the team had. Richards is bankingy* on getting all this, and we'll concede for the sake o£ argument that I ho will get it. •Then , to close that ll'/ 2 -g£ime gap which separated him from the Yanks on closing day, he must count upon finding another big-winning pitcher, preferably a left-hand- er, and he must be assured that several of his hitters, particularly Ferris Fain, will make good comebacks at the plate. Speed and fan«« cy base-running will not be enough.*** There is a groat optimism among the Sox that they have found their added pitcher in Jack Harshman, the. reformed first baseman who was a southpaw sensation in tha Southern. Association last season and in Puerto Rico this winter. Some think Harshman might win J8 or 20 games with the sharp defense he will have behind him. If he should, you will see a race. STEILIN SLAPP^Y 4940, FORD? New tires, ne\y motor. Good buy, only $295. 1105 Foster Avenue, p,hone 7-4440, 30-3t TWO bedroom modern home. Three t ,apr.as land. $100 cash, monthly payments. Call owner T, N. Belew. 7-4308. 30-3t 40 GALLONS one rheen automa- •tlc h6t water tank. Price $40.0Qi ^04 West 3rd Street. Phone 7 8979. 31-6t Notice SUBSCRIBE Texarkana Gazette, ' Complete sports. Other late news, programs. Eearly delivery. Dale HartsJJeld, Phone Mar. J2-1 Mo. WE .give th? best Trades for your old Furniture. Mar. 23-1 Mo. HOUSTON CITY FURNITURE CO. PHONE 7-2261 BEFORE buying fertilizer see me for prices. We deliver anywhere, DANNIE HAMILTON Mar. 23-1 Mo. NEW Traitor Park. Nights, $l; Weekly, $5; Monthly, $18, Two n^jy \\la showers; two new stools, v laboratories. Shadier, Quieter. COLBY'S COURT. Reference ejtteeijs and National Bank, . ' Mar, 17-1 Mo. Real Estate Wonted „._„- buyers for all size farms. x J4st to4ay. United Farm Agency. •"** w --* •"••'-^ Street. Phone Mar. 10.1 Mo. Graduation piftsj 'ef oS - LONDON M— Don Cockell, Britain's faVmer-blacksmith-boxer , a real triple-tlirealer, was the mnn of the' hour hero today and 3,000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean Ocean heavyweight chamipon Rocky Marciano no doubt was do- Jn« some fast calculating. Cockell, who grow too heavy :o plod his way along thq light heavyweight trail, outpointed Roland La- Starzn last night in Earls Court Arena and immediately skyrocketed to a contending role in the heavyweight picture, Except for the first four rounds, the night wasn't even close. Cockell, a 2-1 underdog, took over in tha fifth and piled up points the rest of the way. Some British experts had margin as wide as 3-2 in rounds. For four rounds LaStarza looked as though he intended to do ; a workmanlike job on Cockell. But Ihp Bristisher caught wise in the fifth became the aggressor and Viroke up LaSlarza's counterpunch- Jng. "Rillis never really hurt me." said the dumpy victor. "It was nice to win.' A very close-mouthed lad. His manager, John Simpson, said there have been no definite offers to fight Marciano. "If I get an offer and it's good ought I'll take it," hme said "If nothing £lse cpmes ,' Jong, weJj probably ^flght 1 HSamy ^Tvf althews iri Seattle again." Coekejl was wanred four times 'about low blo\vs, and LaStarza and his manager, Jimmy De Angelo, both said the American would have b'een disqualified if it had been the other way around. ' "To tell the truth," said La - Starta trufully "I was expecting this. I was told before,! came that I d have to win by a knockout. I wa s slow starting and fought a bad fight, But I think I woq." Tr y for a knockdown Rollio diil- nnd desperately in the 10th and fjnal round, It was a real melee with La Star/.a striving desperately to connect. But he had neither the power por the aim. When it ended he was working so hard he didn't even hear the bekll and Referee Gene Henderson had to get him in a headlock and -irag him to his corner- LaStarza weighed 189J& to Coce- ell's 211. The victory was Cockell's 57th against 10 losses while for LaStarza it was his fifth defeat against 54 triumphs. New Lion gasolines from America's most modern-type guarantee your car... ^ units r. Lane-Stenqel Feud Continues ST. PETgJRSBUna Fla. W — The fued bptween Chicago ^Vhite Sox Qeneval Manager Frank Lane New York Yankee Manager t. * j J J J • . j '-.-' './•" • ' ''• . ' •- '", /.' 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New Lion gasolines C9ntain a newly available, high-powered aviation fuel ingredient which assures full anti-knock protection, even at highest speeds. For premium performance at regular price, try new Lion Knix- Knox, For even quicker starting, faster warm-up, smoother acceleration and more miles per gallon with «nx ««iV wse new lion Ithyl -unquestioned best quality! 4 Jfwi (?tf OIL COMRAMY 4 •'''"'•'i^ylfm

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