Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on June 21, 1943 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 21, 1943
Page 2
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; '•'"/"', . • ond Al»x. H. Wcnhburfi) —ai4 s te Buy it* OR 40 ACRE FARM; GOOD house and pasture; close in. Call ?68. 15-tf. ca second tta« matter at th* .... at-Hope, Arkansas, umter tft« 'March 3. 1897. «„,„ Associated Press i Newspapw Enterprise Ass*n- itan Wrte (Ah»ay* PayoBle to By' city 1 coiftaf, per we*k 15c; d, NevtKto, Howard. MWer and . count**, &.50 per yeat; els»- 5.50. • <•» Ttie t Press is sxclusively entitled to for fepubHcatton of all news dls- » credited to ft or not otherwise fted lr» this paper ohd also the local |-,pdb^sfied herein BHOWN BEfiR BOTTLES. WILL hot buy on Saturdays. Bully's Bar. 21-6lpd. MAR6, 5 YEAR OLD, WEIGHT 1,056. Work good or ritle. A. G. Zimmerly, Phone 26-J-3.. 21-3tpil. Help Wanted SOMEONE TO WASH AND IRON nurses' uniforms. Privileged to wash and iron at hospital. Apply at Julia Chester hospital. 19-3tch. f ^avvrivainw •»»!*» »«••• — »• • — n» dailies. Ine.; Memphis, Tenn, i Building; Chicago, 400 North Mtcrv- je, New York City, 292 Madison j«, Mich., 2842 W. Grand Blvd.; ._ Gity, 4t4 TdrminaMBda; Now 722 Uriion St.. nji on Tribute!, Fte.t Charges will be e for dll tflbCrtes, cards of thortks, reso- ftjortB, or memorials, concerningthe de- ComrtKrtial newspapers hold to th s tr* news columns to protect thelf I from a deluge- of jpacehtak.ngme- *ajL The Star disclaims responsibility -the safe-fceeprna; or leturn ot any felted mansertpts. Hollywood fclassifieJ In office day bafora ^ publication. i«'AII Wanf Ads cosh in advance. 5* Not taken over the Phone. forte time —2c word, minimum 30e StStx times—Sc word, minimum 7Se K.Three times—3'ie word, minimum 50e monlh—18c word, mlnmlum $2.70 are for continuous insertions only HE MORE YOU TELL THE QUICKER YOU SELL." For Sale OTHERS LOOK:i SAND BOXES r the children, delivered com- ete \vith clean washed sand. By BOBBIN COONS Hollywood — It's one of those things you can lie awake nights pondering. Is it harder to make a great scientific discovery or to make a movie about making a great scientific discovery. Right now, I'm inclined to believe it's harder to make the movie I admit I'm prejudiced, for I've just been on the set of "Madame Curie." That's the movie about the scientific pair who isolated readium, — Pierre and Marie Curie, who immortalized themselves so thoroughly by their labors that now : Hollywood is getting around to making them famous. Hollywood has about finished making the Curies' place in history secure by Metro-Goldwyn - Mayer standards. It took the Curies several years to solve the mystery of radium, working as they did in a cold barn of a lab, worrying about their teaching jobs and their family and how they'd rake up enough money to keep on. i The Curies, of course, weren't [worrying about production values j or art. That's where they had the j advantage of this new Hollywood that takes its science seriously. lempstead .-Phone 89. County Lbr. Co.. 3tf CHOW AND COCKER niel puppies. Dogs boarded iby day, week or month. Padgitts |% Kennels. . 20-lmpd PIANO — COME AND SEE IT. j£ Priced at $125. See Tom Ellis, m 904,' West Fourth. 14-2wks pd. '"FIVE-ROOM HOUSE, 'LARGE 'barn, chick en houses, smoke house, 10 acres of - land with 5^ 'In cotton, farm implements. Just V outside city limits. Gity water s;?snd lights. Phone 38-F-12, Mrs. . M. Bunkley. 16-Gtpd. ^DRESSED FRIERS, HOME- ICE -CO. 18-3tpd. LA\VN MOWERS. WILL your old ones. L. C. Mays, Hope Water and Light Plant.'. > atlGTITLY USED HAYNES nd ceiling fan, No. 437 G. Guaranteed in gooc McRae's Hardware o 921-J. , 21-6tpd I found my old friend Mervyn — LeRoy, the director, weighted down, not only with science but with art. He was worn out, and looked it, — and heasfidgety. Mervyn said it was a tough picture to make. The thing was, the scientific parts — the laboratory sequences — had to be as exciting as the human story. Dr. Rudolph Ji. Langer, California Institute of 'emchnology scientist, had been on land constantly to make sure that ie Curies, and science yere done ight by. They had built the old arn - lab from photographs of the ictual Curie workshop in pains- aking detail. And by heck, they had extracted romance and drama from the test tubes — he hoped. Miss Greer Garson's dressing room smelled sweet, from eau de cologne, and Miss G. G. looked sweet ah well as tired from play- ng Mme. Curie. She chattered with animation. She talked about iha. Curies,; and , the scene they'd just done, and her excitement over seeing Richard Ney (he's her For Rent §CtOSE IN, R E D E C O-R A T E D 'north side, modern, furnished duplex; two beds. Bills paid. Tom si, Cftrrel, Phone 164. • 16-tf, FO T JP.-?.OOM DUPLEX furnished apartment, hardwood floors, tw"o bedrooms. Mrs. P. E. Cook. 908 West Avenue B. -"• 11 18-6tpd. heart interest) in a newsreel — in action on a battlefront. Even after discovering radium for movies. Miss G. G. could still charming. Big Walter Pidgeon, who plays the- other half of the Curies, probably was tired too, but you could not tell it. He was behind a beard, s own, grown in deference urie realism. But the "still man," he was mut- ering in his figurative beard. "I lope I never get another picture ke it!" he moaned. "What a job!" tfaybe there was the whole prob- em. If only a test tube had shape- y legs and wore sweaters! FURNISHED HOUSES FOR rent. No meter deposit. All bills paid. Middlebrooks Grocery Phone 607. 19-3tch TWO FURNISHED ROOMS FOR rent. Apply 804 South Grady. 21-3tpd Lost £" QOLD RIMMED GLASSES. AT hydrant at Wade Warren stor . ' corner Sunday evening. Finde = i return to Barton's Cash Store if Reward. C. A. Hipp, Hope, Rt. 3 "'"-- ' 19-3tpd S.UNTJAY — TWO-MONTH OL English setter puppy—V Markin on head. Call No. 9. Reward, r - 21-3tc Hold Everything Notice w _ MACHINES. BOUGHT, rs-sojd, rented, repaired. Parts and , , ,„ . ,..__.,,„ |C accessories. Adding machine. See ' 'James Allen, 621 South Fulton | "This is the worst railroad I Street. Phone 322-J. 11-lmpd. ever rode the rods on! 1 OUT OUR WAY By J. R, Williams VCXJ'VE GOT SMARTER. SIWCE THAI PAV A BUT7ER BOWL, BOUNCEP OFF OF YOUR HEAD "BUT YOU'RE SIVIKKo VOURSEL.F AWAY/ EVERY TIME I SEE YOU NEA2 TH EW IKJ THAT GET-UP I'LL KWOW WHAT YOU'VE COT IN SIDE GLANCES SHOULDN'T BE HAftO 10 PASS THE SENTRIES INT<3 l8wM M THIS-^ itvidu<9HT you WfiftE OM OUtt STAND flUIEtLV. <5ft t WILL BE08U6BO ' SHOOT Thimble Theater Cupid's Little Arrow!" 40U RE ALLS' (VW DEAR MISS ^OU CAM U3RITE \ WU -REALLV THIMVC I'M BEAUTIFUL?) THE MOWBW IS LOVE ME, <OVLI ASSURE MAMS, MI-5S miG $15,000 IM THE -8AMK, MISS OVL? WIMPY? ««U ARE MOT /OF MONE4 NSVCR dUSf V. ENTERS MV AFTER MV if MWO MONEY * , ITS TRUE/ ' you ARE EVQUISITE ARE BEAUTIFUL! By Wall- Disney "We have to bo pnlicnt, son—our (lay is coining when the war ends and we can give tins kilt-hen back to Mom and the girls!" Donald Duck NOT) -. VOU *> ROBBER! THERE'RE OTHEF? ' VEGETABLE " STANDS. TOWN! AMATEUR DAY TOUSAV TRY VOUR TALENT ON OUR STAGS FUNNY BUSINESS By Chic Young Just Like a Man! DOWNJ IN TUH LAUMPRV AKIDTUECLOTMES- WRINGER "The girl friend thought a big bow would be more herominc!" THIS CURIOUS WORLD By William Ferguson By Edgar Martin The Big Moment Boots and Her Buddies Of COCA'S. .VNV WOOD. IBIS SOMETIMES FLIES THIS LARGE BIRD, THE ONLY STORK FOUND IN THE U.S., WILL TURN ON ITS BACK AND SAIL FOR, SEVERAL HUNDRED YARDS. By Fred Harmon According to Plan •IF IbU . RENttt&ER. UHERE J1LVER.1S, x YOUR _ \HURTVJORSE-- TO WHERE "WE WORD SUNDAV OCCURS NOWHERE IN THE ,- BlBL-e. \.niLE FOILOVO LIKE RED RYDER By V. T. Homlin Strip Tease, 215B._C. '.v SHAME ON 5 FOLKS ARE FED UP WITH THE FOOD SHORTAGE, " JIM ELSON, BECAUSE OSCAR BOOM INSISTED ON WEABING HIS "CONVICT" PANTS, HE AND OOP WERE FORCED TO HIDE IN) A HAY CART... WHEN THAT VEHICLE <"° WAS WRECKED,SO WAS \L ,> ' OOP'S SILK TOPPER.... tfJYXy^H I ANJC? THAT'S ff /«&\\\- /" \r\jt ''••/ HOW COME ^/r^'^f^ VN / OUR HERO <^- / ISj^j •> ^WL r ' LOST Hi9 W<C ^~&&a/ mar-r~^ ( TEMPER %a,.' FATTY, SfH ^^ AUGHTV NEXT: How old is rayon? OUR BOARDING HOUSE with Major Hoople VJE DOM'T HrWE TO VJA\T FOR A . BRlDSEeWAB ^< THIS, IS "WE TO BE A DUMtvW/ ) Fl^TU SUPERB •DEI^'Z.E.r^ OF TrtB PEEP ACT THE: Y DEEP TO SUCCUMB ms J TO ivw SKlLC/ H^USiS V/ll J \NED\O^T UP / ,JI \Y A GOLDF\6h\ HOUR?, OF/XWME: CLOVJMIMG, AND ALL, 6 A H/\T NOU COOLD R.S By Merrill Blosser A Clean Capture Freckles and His Friends HELLO,POLICE STATJPN?THS LARD SMITH/ WHAT/ KIDS HAVE TRAILED * LEFTY" TO THE OLD vVILLOW ROAD", IF . ^ GOIN& TO SOLVE THE MURDER MVSTERy, TH6V HAVE A GOLDEN OPPORTUNlT/... ABOUT THIS

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