Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 26, 1912 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 26, 1912
Page 3
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THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, FRIDAY EVENING. JANUARY 26, 1912. We Announce to the People of Thi • • • OUR GREAT SEMI-ANNUAL NlH CENT SALE 9 Days-Beginning Saturday, Jan. 27, and Ending Tuesday Night, Feb. 6 Next Saturday morning at 9 o'clock our doors will open upon the grandest and most novel sale of merchandise ever held in this town, and we want every person in this county to visit us next week to this sale NOTIONS. .I list a few. \V("vc iiiMiiy inon- I'ljiuilly as j;r)i>i| Lock lor Hull (I III |>ii<i- 1 aid. ir .i- Shawl Strap-! Oc l.'.c TuKth r .ni.^hi'S . Or l.'.c {'oinli.s '. - -- !><• S Itoxos Mourning; I'ins J)c 1 lair I'in Caliim-ls. 'J Inr _ ".v^ !"•<• KnliliiM- Hair I'ins, a nn a ] card . !t«-2 2 Canls lust Ilixiks and Eyos !K- Wire I lair I'ins. in doz. Jlr i Halls Daniini; Colioii !>«• - Papers r.i'st Pins !H' Canls r.c 1','arl Millions tic 4 Cards I!«sl Safety I'ins !»r •J. M'c Hair .\.ts_ _ Oc ir,r and l!ic liarrolls !lc l.-.i- Heads . !>C Ii'c Kid Curlers, - Imiulifs ftc Itiini' Ciillar I'.iittoiis. 2 ilo/. ".(c 1 lot Wash Hi'Hs. values up lo -:,e _. !»c Ijr.c l;riiiielies . . _ - . ftc 2 Cards Cu'd Headed I'ins !lc L' Halls Silkaiten - . !tc »]r.c l.adhs" l-iiieii Collars ...Itc :;:.e Wash I!;!;;s . Jlc 2.".i' and .'.lie Hair Rolls !tc Uirse .\sst r .ox Hair Tins.._!»(• Fancy Tiirn-Oveis. values up to I'.'.c - ' . . !»C Kaiuy I 'ollars. s!l;;hily">. d. \.il;.es !o !lc WASH GOODS. l.'.c Himilie.'^. Checks and Siripis 9c :2'ic Indian I.Inon 5)c 1 liiiiuh Splendid I«nwns, values up to 20c 1 onj; Clolh Oc •".c imtlcd Swis.s Sir .•• ;;iin Kiaperies. values up io 2'ic !lc ::;n!iri»iileries, values up to •S,,- nr TOWELS. Ill Do:-. •rurUish T.iwel.s. l.'.c \.ilu|s - '.Ic lo Doz. l.ineii finish Towels, l.'ic values . . ._!»c :.'."ic Heavy Ti)rkish 'lOwels. every lourtli towel .l(c linz llarlier Towils. pair He ToWrN. ell IV nil Towel itc DRAPERIES. White Sheer Curlain Swisses. '.',C, iiuhes _ wide, worlli 12'.;: and Kie yaVd !)c Curtain Draperies worth up to 2i'e yard . _ Sc :tVincli Fancy Kern Curtain Scriui 7':;c values at 2 yards ft.r Jtc Ten I'aiterns Famy Cretoncs Or i:est Quality Silkolincs, values lip to l-'ic Oc MUSLINS. rieaceil .Mi:slin. 2 yards Op fnldeatlied Muslin, 2 ytirds ,.0c rriiit of 111 (.|.o"ui .Muslin Oc !.ol,:;ila!e .Mil; lit! Oc .'2'_-c Caiiihriir ... - Oc • ' .1 Heavy ipi.ilily I.. I.. .Muslin, • 1 4 yanl:. lor Oc .Ml of our liesi i|iiallly Muslin Oc \AI ry lilt yard of Ihe he;<l Mtciiiini; Oc l.'verv 4lli x:ii<! of the hcst Tiih- i.iK / - - Or .\ I '.iK .Money Savliii; Opjior- t 'liii 'y. HOSE SUPPORTERS. Chi'dien's Hos" Sui'iiorter.-. Ma< l: and white . Iridic-;' 2.'.e Hos eSujii orteis. iv/y fourth pair Of Oc Finest Irish Table Linen for Only 9c per yd. Ouj- Tal )Ic' LJnen.s arc in a large variety, rangint? from the 2oe domestic goods up to the Imported Irish Linens at $2.00 ))<'r yard. Tlie yntire stock will he inclu'led in this sale. Buy all you want. liegardk'ss of priee. every fourth yard will be, only Nine Cent Tqwel Bargains A (Jrand Ctdlection of Ttnvels, fi-inged and hennned ends, plain white and colored borders; Without i-e.serve, your choice rc'i^ular values at lOe, 12', loc, and 20e; Now is the Time to Buy a Dress All of our Fine Dress Goods and Silks that we sell at $L50, .$L00, 50c and 25c per yard will be put on the Nine-Cent altar of sacrifice. Pick any Dress Pattern you like; the price of Ap the fourth yard will be, only iMlLLINERY. This iph-ndid line of Millinery that wr li:i\e heen selliii:; at h.ilf tie- mark ed luii e. Cliih with lliiee I'lf your fri-aad liuy a !>;\l haiinK this s:!l.' .\eiy fourth will he. only Oc O-ie 1,,! of. Ciiildr. nV: While Wii:di Hals . . . Oc One lot of ChihlfM'.i Caps. 2.'> and r .ii • •..'111.-, Oc RHMJONS, (ihe lot oi iniihon.-. valiu-i up lo UL- y:iid 111 lids sale J \:irds lor . Oc line lot of Kihhons, values up to 2r.c: yard Oc .\noilier lot of .\ew Satin liihhonH, in all color.", values up lo l .")C ..Oc HANDKERCHIEFS. Meifs White Canihrie Handkerchiefs, ii.irrov.- and wide hemslitched, two for . Oc .Mrii-s l.'.c fine White Handkerchief Oc I'linled Pillow Top nils, lloral ih- siKiis In color.; . . - Oc -Men -K !:.<• Pure I.lmn Hkfs. Oc Ladles' I'lire Linen do;:l)l- lieiuslileh- ed and enihnddery corner desiKiis, worth I .'ic: al leant . Oc Ladles' l.'ic fine Knihioidercd Ilkfa Oc I.-iille..' fine While llaielkercdilefs, dou hie lieiu:,tltclied, 2 lor .Oc CHILDREN'S CAPS. One lot of Cliildrens Uicp and L'ln- broldcrnd Cap.s to be do.sed at Oc KNIT UNDERWEAR. .".'1 Ho'en Ladies' White Swiss ribbed \'csts. taped nock and armlets and I 'lines ill larne sl/.os 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, l .'ic valu.'S . . 9c I'll- Children's Vests with and without ; li IMS, splendid values Oc 2"i Heavy Winter Underwear, every fourth Kartiieiit Oc .'.He Heavy Kleerifd I'nderwoar, every foiii'ili Karni(>nt Oo 11 .1111 hcM l.'nion Suits, every fourth Kurineni Oc PILLOW CASES. l.ic value..,, splendid values Oc 2ie values, every Itli I'illow Case..8c 2.'.c values, every 4th Pillow Case.-flc .'.lie i-heeis, every 41 h Sheet 9e T'.c .^hei Is. every 4th sheet. 9e •jiK- Sheets hemstitched, best quality, every fourth Sheet Oc DOMESTIC DEPARTMENT. Choice of our best grade Prints la this 9c sale at 2 yds for 9c All colors Chanibray TJonnet and Dress Ginghams at a yd 9c Yard wide Percale, splendid quality 9c 12lie Fancy Striped Tlcking_.9c l.'ic best quality Cheviots, fasrt. colors 9c 1 lot of Ginghams, values up, to loc 9c I'Jc Dress Suitings, splendid values 9c T '/'C Apron Ginghams, 2 yards for 9c Cc Outin.i^, light and dark, two yards 9c VlV^c Outing, splendid heavy quality L 9c I^idies 2.';c Hosiery, every 4th pair I 9c I^ndles' .".Oc Hosiery, every 4th pair - Oc Ladies' tan. blue and wliitc Hos- leo'. every 4th pair Oc Children's Hosiery In black and tan and all colors, every 4th pair 9e Men's Hosiery, all go In this sale every 4th pair 9c MEN'S FURNISHINGS. Handkerchifs, values up to 15 cents 9c Heavy Rockford Sox —9c Heavy Canton Flannel Gloves 9c Heavy Canton Flannel Mitts 9c Sleeve Holders, 2 pair 9c Doys' Windsor Ties 9c Boys' Linen Collars 9c Men's Bandana Hkfs, 2 for _-9c Men's Blue Hkfs.-2 for ——9c STAND COVERS. 100 Fine All-Linen Center Pieces every 4th one 9c One lot Handsome Lithographed Pillow Tops, different ^ . scenes 9c .Small Dollies, values up to 25 cents 9c JEWELRY ASSORTMENT 2."«c Brooches, Stick Pins, Collar SettsCuff Buttons; llaiidsoine Gold Plated Lotkets and (Chains _-- . IJeauty Pin« up to 2r>c, choice 9c Belt Pins, values up to .".Oc, choice 9c 9c 9c "Royal Worcester" Corset Who wants this Splendid Corset for. .9c . We have 50c Corsets, 75c Corsets, $1.00 Corsets, $1.50 Corsets, $2.00 Corsets and $3.00 Corsets; all the leading makes with which you are familiar. Club with three of your friends and buy a Corset. During this sale every QA fourth Corset will be, only •'^ Fine White Goods for Only 9c We arc going to close out this entire stock of White Goo'ds to make room for a brand new spring line. The regular selling prices range from 25c to $1.00 per yard. Buy as you will A A every fourth yard will be «^ Ladies' Tailormade SUITS, COATS, SKIRTS AND JACKETS Only 9c We are going to close out every Ladies' Tailormade Suit, every Ladies' Coat, every Ladies' Skirt, every Ladies' Jacket in stock during this sale. Get your neighbor to club with you and come, for every fourth garment will be QA only Blankets Greatly _ Reduced 42c. 85c. $1.00 $1.25. S1.50, and $2.00 Blankets, every fourth blanket will be Sale Commences Saturday, January 27,9 a. m., and Will Continue until Tuesday Night, February 6. Apprentice Girls Wanted in the Millinery Dept. We Pay Gar Fare 113 East Madison ,1

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