Titonka Topic from Titonka, Iowa on July 3, 1975 · Page 1
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Titonka Topic from Titonka, Iowa · Page 1

Titonka, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 3, 1975
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NOTICE OF INCORPORATION OF LYNN ADRIAN CONSTRUCTION, INC. Notice is hereby given that a corporation named LYNN ADRIAN CONSTRUCTION , INC. has been incorporated under Chapter 496A, Code of Iowa. The corporate existence of said corporation began June 2, 1975, and the period of its duration is perpetual. Said corporation shall have unlimited power to engage in, nnd to do any lawful act concerning, any or all lawful businesses for which corporations may be organized under said Chapter. Said corporation has authority to issue 100,000 shares of Common Stock, par value $100.00 per share. The address of its registered office is R. F.D. 1, Titonka, Kossuth County, Iowa 50480. The name of its registered agent at such address is Roger Wubben. The names ,ind addresses of its Directors as designated in its Articles of Incorporation arc: Roger Wubben R.F.D. 1, Titonka, Iowa 50480 Claude Bilsborcmgh R.F.D., Titonka, Iowa 50480 LYNN ADRIAN CONSTRUCTION, INC. By /s/ Roger Wubben President Portland News fcy Mrs. Viator ftteb Written Thursday, June 26.. . Mrs. Karl Mullarkey of Moline, 111, , Mr. Fred Hagcn ami Mrs. Ila/cl Vcra of Algona were Wednesday afternoon visitors in tlie Ralph Carlson home. Mr. ;unl Mrs. He? Hutchliisin of Minneapolis and Mr. Dewey Hutchinsin of Clear Lake were recent visitors In the Ralph Carlson home. Mr. and Mrs. Mound Trunk hill returned home Tuesday after spending a week in Minnesota and Wisconsin. They took clothing to a mission at C rand on, Wis., and visited Rev. and Mrs. W'ctng. On the way they called on the Floyd Sills at Kellogg, Minn, and visited Mrs. Catherine I lougli and family and her father, Mr. Art Miller, at Elk Mound, Wis . The/ visited her cousin, Mr. and Mrs. Chris Smith, and uncle, Mr. and Mrs. Forest Smith, at Hinklcy, Minn., leaving there for Brootin, Minn, to visit Mr. and Mrs. Tom Wagner and family. Mrs. Hazel Willis and her daughter-in-law, Mrs. Wilbur Willis, Tatni, Rhonda and Sissy of Frosuo, Cal. visited in the Johnny Spear home Monday evening. Kirk and Denise Shipler, children of Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Shipler, spent a few days in the Vcrn Shipler home while their mother \v a; in the Humbol-it Hospital. She had broken a cord in her ankle while playing tennis. She came home from the hospital last Saturday, but her leg will be in a cast for some time. Mrs. Linda Meister and boys, Mrs. P.VV. Marlow and Lisa, Mrs. Bill Meister and Mrs. Eugene MeiStcr and family were guests in the Bernard Meister home for ice cream and birthday cake on Tuesday in honor of Linda's birthday which was June 24th. Mr. and Mrs. Gary Hubcr and family along with many Portland families attended the Titonka Indian Day Parade. Mr. and Mrs. Harris Harms and family were Sunday dinner guests in the Robert Thompson home, Algona. Mrs. Robert Thompson of Algona and Mrs. Duanc Mogler and Dawn of \Vliittemore were Wednesday afternoon visitors in the Harris Harms home. Misty and Michelle returned home with their grandma Thompson to spend a few days. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Tienan were Sunday evening guests in the home of Mrs. Ernst Fischer in Fcnton. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Boies and family of Saute Fe, Mexico came last Tuesday and Mr. and Mrs. Duanc Smith and family of Saginaw, Mich, came Satur- day to visit in the parental Harold Lampc home. Friday evening Mr. and Mrs. Joe Boies and family, Mr. and Mrs. Smith and family, Mrs. Bernard Brandenberg and family of Bancroft, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Lampc, and Mr. Ben Lampc were guests at the Tom Lampes for a picnic and barbecue. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Lampe and family, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Boies and family, Mr. and Mrs. Duane Smith and family, and Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Brandenberg and family drove to Spirit Lake Sunday for a picnic. Janice Larson drove to Hurley, S.D. Friday and returned home Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Locbach and family attended the Lone Rock-Burt 4-H Achievers Picnic at the Burt Park. Joseph Loebacli i.s a member. There was a tour of farms and projects the boys will be taking to the fair. Mrs. Duane Mawdslcy drove to Livcrmorc Saturday to bring her mother, Mrs. Lawrence Hauck, home with her to spend a fow days. Mrs. Lawrence Hauck and Mrs. Duane Mawdslcy visited in the home of Mrs. Lllrn Holgren of Lone Rock. Mrs. Ma\\d- slcy, M'.'ladec and Vcrdean also attended the 4-H picnic at Burt. Rev. and Mrs. E. L. Wtttkopp of Lakevicw were recent visitors in the Eugene Meyer home. Mr. and Mrs. Terry Ineraliam of C.olfax came Wednesday afternoon to spend a IV \v days in the S. R. Pars oaf home. Mrs. Roscoe Mawdslcy and many other Portland ladies attended the Lutheran Church guests day. Ladies from Burt, Lone Rock, and Kenton also attended. Mrs. Wendell Feister of Algona showed her flowers and gave a. talk and there were special services, devotions -iivl Clarence Wcstling and son and Mrs. Stella Johnson and family of Fort Dodge, Walter Hanson of Humboldt, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Miller and daughter and Mr., and Mrs. Tom Hoffmeyer of Emmetsburg, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Westling and Mr. and Mrs, Donald Westling and Dawn of Burt, Mr. and Mrs. George Westling and son and Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Gangstad of Badger, Lawrence Westling, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Westling and Doris Holtapp, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Holm and daughters of Fort Dodge, and Dennis Shipler and Dcnisc of Burt. Mr. and Mrs. Everett Shipler of Fairchild, Wis. were Thursday overnight and Friday visitors a week ago in the Vcrn Shipler home. MT. and Mrs. Jim Mayer, Gary, Shelly and Marilyn of Milwaukee, Wis. were Saturday visitors and overnight guests in the Vcrn Shipler home. Mrs. Mayer is a daughter of the Everett Shiplcrs. They all attended the Schipull family reunion on Sunday. Mrs. Victor Fitch accompanied Mrs. Earl Zwicfcl to Fairmont Tuesday evening where they attended a musical. Mr, and Mrs. Jerry Duscher and Mr. and Mrs. Joe Cunningham of Burt attended a bench show last Saturday afternoon in Webster City and made their dog a bench champion. She won a trophy for "Best of Show Female. Mr. and Mrs. Denny Jergcns of Ledyard were Sunday supper guests in the Jerry Dischcr home. Mr. Arie Dittmer was a Saturday supper guest in the EuClairc Meyer home. Mrs. Ella Meyer Mr. and Mrs. Mark Mawdsley came for the weekend to visit in the parental Roscoe Mawdsley home and Waldo Krusc home. There comes a time when a nation as well as its people must choose between tightening the belt or losing the pants. Written Monday, June 30... Mrs. Carol Smith and family of Alccstcr, S.D. came a week ago Sunday to visit a few days in the Vern Shipler home. A family get-together and picnic was held Sunday at the Vern Shipler home in honor of Mrs. Carol Smith and family of Alccstcr, S.D., Mr. and Mrs. Dale Nelson and family of California, and Mrs. Alice Davis and family of Tennessee. Attending were Mr. and Mrs. Myron Gilliland and family of Barnum, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Volk and son and Mrs. Elsie Nelson of Hu.'iboldt, Mr. and Mrs. of Burt was a Sunday dinner guest. Mr. and Mrs. Vern Shipler and Doris Holtapp attended a Westlong family reunion at Cherokee a week ago last Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Doyle Trenary attended the tenth anniversary of her class at Clear Lake on Saturday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Merle Hagedom and Roger of Bancroft and Mr. and Mrs. Bill Trenary were Sunday afternoon visitors in the Doyle Trenary home. Roger had spent a few days in the Bill Trenary home. Mrs. Jay Miller, Dalene Marrs and Peg Conway of Dow City spent Wednesday and Thursday in the Jack Thompson home. The Thompsons and their company attended the Titonka Indian Day parade and were supper guests in the Edmund Larson home in Algona on Wednesday. Mrs. Phil Elsbecker and family of Bancroft spent Friday afternoon in the Robert Weber home in honor of Carri Weber's 2nd birthday. Supper guests were Mr. and Mrs, Dave Weber of Lone Rock, Mr, and Mrs. Frank Meyer of Fcnton, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Weber and Lynn of Burt, and Mrs. Jim Antoine and family of Bancroft. Mrs. Phil Meyer and family of Fenton were after supper guests. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Woods of Sheffield came Saturday af- ' ternoon to visit in the Wally Woods home. They brought Jennifer Woods home after she had spent the week visiting with them. Mrs. Galena Zwiefel and Orlo Zwiefel were Friday evening , DIGNITY You will appreciate the dignity and understanding that keynotes our service. It will remain a cherished memory. 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Mr. and Mrs. Howard McCullen of Burt, Mr. and Mrs. Dave Weber of Lone Rock and Rose Ringsdorf of Laytton, Cal. were Sunday evening visitors. Mrs. Larry Strayer and Carla and Mrs. Edwin Wichtcnclahl of Fort Dodge were Wednesday visitors in the Henry Smith home. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Sarchct and family and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sarchet attended a Sarchct family get-together and picnic at the Richard Sarchet home in Algona in honor of Richard Sarchet's sistefj Mr. and Mrs. Al Southern and family of Seattle, Wash. Others attending were Mr. and Mrs. O. K. Romstad of Des Moines, Mr. and Mrs. Walter McCormick and Richard Van Horn of West Bend. Mr. and Mrs. Boyd Shipler and family of Burt, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Coco and family of Des Moines, Roger Shipler of Burt, and Mr. and Mrs. Donald Manklc and Kelly of Curlew were Sunday dinner guests in the home of Mrs. Eva Shipler in Burt. Mrs. Victor Fitch and Randy Grosser visited in the Hazel Ruse and Stanley Ruse homes Sunday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Klein of Irvington and Mr. and Mrs. Joe Locbach, Sr. of Whittemore came Sunday afternoon to accompany the Joe Loebach, Jr. family to the Bancroft St. John's Catholic Church supper. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Loebach, Sr. and grandchildren Eddie, Gene and Pat called at the Ernst Nauman home on Sunday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Donald Nauman and family of Houston, Tex. and David Klaucr of Denton, Tex. came last Friday evening to spend a two-week vacation in the Ernst Nauman home. Mr. and Mrs. Willis Etherington of Algona were Sunday evening visitors in the Ernst Nauman home. Mrs. Jay Ellis of Emmets burg was a Wednesday overnight guest in the Ernst Nauman home. « Thursday morning her mother, Mrs. Ernst Nauman, accompanied Mrs. Ellis to Fort Dodge where Mrs. Ellis consulted Dr. Tripp, an ear specialist. Leona Haase, Bernice Haasc and Mrs. Emil Haack attended a shower in the Fenton Lutheran Church for Diane Laabs. Pastor and Mrs. William Scheer and Elaine of Freemont, Mich, ware Thursday overnight guests in the Eugene Meyer home. THE TITONKA TOPIC July 3, 1975 — Page 2 — Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Meister and Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Meister and Bradley attended the Bancroft St. John's Catholic Church supper Sunday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Meister were dining room hosts. Stacy and Susan Trunkhill, daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Trunkhill of Burt, were Friday overnight guests in the home of their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Mennet Trunkhill. Mr, and Mrs. Mennet Trunk- hill were Saturday supper guests in the Jerry Peterson home at Whittemore. They took Lisa Peterson home after she had spent a few days with them. Mr. and Mrs. Mennet Trunk- hill were Sunday dinner guests in the Charles Trunkhill home in Algona. When you can't sleep, don't count sheep. Talk to the shepherd, z- US I TOPIC WANT ADS NOTICE The shop at- Ley Motor Co. will be closed Friday, July 4th AND Saturday, July 5th. 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