Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 26, 1912 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 26, 1912
Page 2
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THE TOLA DAILY REGISTER. FRIDAY EVENING, JANUARY 26, 1912. Special: For One Day Only—Saturday We shall place on sale our entire stock of FANCY SILKS, FOULA RDS, fancy CHECKS and STRIPES heretofore sold at $1.00 per yard^ Saturday only— SEE NORTH WINDOW DISPLAY. of Miss Carrie Johnson, north of the city iind at tho residence of Miss K B- thor OInsm «n ,^41»3 South Chestnut stret 't. At the former place Mrs. Moo- miiw's class, the Senior Philr.tlions, nnil n class of .vounR mi-n, the Ixiyal Sons, Wore assembled nnd Miss I)in:;man's fuesia were ni'^mbers of Mr. Jamos UlchtirdBon's C I IIS.T In the Sunday 8 <-hool. (Jiinies ;ind irtialc followed liy the S '-Tvlnp of r -fuKlunpnis were diversions at e;ich :.(lss Johnson hnd 30 K "' S' S and Miss HiiiL;- man 21. * .^ The Innuary Issii • of Triple Tie Advocate, a n>apyziiie devoted to the Interesta of 'heVrliTTe Tie I.odKe, con tains a photoRraph of the drill staff of loin council No. I'J. Members of the team are: Dr. H. K. Goshorn, Mes- dameg Lewis, I'ike. Munden. Turner, huccnek, Evans Dairh, Price, M<re-r and Mr. .John Ev.nn.s. • * * —Kin (II.OVK S.\M-: Sntunl.iy at I he .\eiv York f-(ore. :>:n' I'AIU for $1.00 and $1..'>0 t;iovrs. <• • <- • Mrs A. H. r:niii!!)i'n ;in (l .Mrs. Cli .is. P. Scott ent 'Tt .-iimd Uifi iiicht !it Mrs. Camjihi 'li 's resilience fcr ni '.H'.lxTs of the Tliiir.sdiiy afferiioon whisi <-Iub. lo v.liieh ihey b'loni.-. flitir h'lshnii'is :iH(l a few other RU .^SIS. Twelve |;iblcs were ocfurieil for whist i ^wid for ;i .•sunper wlihli rolh^wed !lie :;atr.e. Mi:;.< Wheeler .Miss .Vortlinip. .Miss Cunip- hell and .Miss P<'olt STved. Tlie prices were won hv Miss Clara Fount. Mrs. I,. I,. .Vorihnip, Mr. Turner and Mr, F. \V. lircwsler. Tho .se to whom the host '.'sses e.vlend r'A tlieir hospiialily were: .ludse and .Mrs. Oscar FousI, Mr. and .Mrs. Geo. Fry. .\!r. and Mrs. Ifarnmn llobart, Mr. .ind Mrs. J. 0. Mltllcbach, .Mr. iid Mrs. 1.. I.. .Vorllirup. .Mr. .•'tid ! Mr.s. U. M. Palni'^r. .Mr. and '.Mrs. (". 11. I Shields. Mr. an.l .Mrs. .1. A. Wlieder. pir. ami Mrs. V. C. Ausherman, Mr. and Mrs. II. H. Howard Dr. and Mrs. .1. T. H<id. Mr. and .Mrs. K. \V. Stan- fii Id. Mr ::n<l Mrs. U i Campliell. Mr and .Mrs. .1. ('. l „inK«ford, .Mr. and Vtri W. S., Mr. and Mrs. 1. 1. S. Ti.iiier, .Mr, and Mrs. C. II. Sp. n- |i<r, Mr. and .Mrs. Hex Unwhis. .Mrh. Iiilin l''<)iisi, .Mrs. F. .1. Morion. .Mrs. I D . I'. .Vorilirnp. .Mr.^. T. S. Stover, M:>s Fo'isil. ^llss Xorilirup, Miss 'v.|„.,-ler. .Mr. F. \V. Itrew^iler. Mr. T. ;i. I'.owlns. Dr. K. O. rhrlsilan. Listed below are a few of the big bargains we offer you tomorrow, Saturday, the last day of Our Big January Clearance Sale. THERE ARE MANY MORE JUST AS GOOD. Women's Suits All this season's makes in all the newest cloths and styles, go in thi.-^ big- r--aie at .just half price. S15.00 Suits for.. ...$7.50 •SJv.oO Suits for $8.75 $-2u.U0 Suits for .....$10.00 $22.o0 Suits for $11.25 $25.00 Suits for $12.50 $30.00 Suits for $15.00 A PAPER BAQ DINNER. Rev. and Mrs. F. .lolin.soii ciucr- tained Informally at iiiiii)<r last evi-n- Jng at Trinity parsoiiapi'. Their guests were llev. and .Mrs. .1. U. I'rhe of lola. Kev. and Mrs. K. M. Ciillisoii of Gas City. Kev. a::d Mrs. oi" I.,aHarpe, who were to have ht'en llii ir company were unable to b- iiresciii. • * * The Baptist missionary scciety taikod aboiH immigrants at tluir meeting yesterday afternoon, wlii.-li was held at the home of .Mrs. \V. H. Owen, who was in charge of the day';, program. The subjects wore as follows: ••Immigrants— Mh :>t Th'y See," .Mrs Pred Rowden. "Our First Duty,"—.Mrs. S. A. i::i ':<i. "Separating the Individual frou! the Man,"—Mrs. H. Denning. "Characteristics which Should M.;'K'.Vs Believe Them Worthy of Citizenship,"—Mrs. Mather. Don't forget those fine Chocolates on sale eveiy Saturday. 29c a Lb. Box. STORE § The Kcxall Store I West Side of the Square Some Essentials,"-Mrs. J. O. y.v.- '• c ^Mwea8jjm ;tf^ ^'""^'^ " rlVilWIiAJ-iTi 'tliir' jor. "A Peep into the Bohemian Catechism,"—Miss Ruth Brown. "Our Alissionaries Rcceiviii!: Stranj; ers,"—Mrs. A. I). Williamson. In addition to the above iiieDtioned program the afternoon .included a devotional service conduc!"d by .Mr?. G. W. Shepard, a solo liy .Miss Sliej -ard and the serving of refreshments. * + + Mrs. F. O. Baher, of K.iiisas f'ity, Mrs. L. M. Stillwell .-md Mrs. .1. F. , - .Sparks were Ki;e:-is of Mrs. i I '-'i'"- ferw.ird lo a Delap at dinner yesierd.iy. .Mrs. Maher is visiting her moth. r. .Mrs. Slil!- wcll. c. n re.rpon .'^es n frned to fir .-t day? I!ie lU', rubers s;;* in Kansny. Tlr I ai' r. -.f •itioning al bn.uth the ii:siit!i!i;,:!.-, V..1S read by .Mrs. C. i; II i.~se!V %n-. P. t). lltinsn n-v; we.] "I 'lice of ''ii i'rairi''." .Mrs i '.rowi s ^r .ed after l":e projTaiii con; l:le!ed. (".(iniiiiitei s \\]-o ar?; 'li' aiMiiversary parly ••e )inrif tl pro i-;;>.:^ t |i( V ii;ive ira'i. :ir'd lie I laii i: !iL -!iifii! > \ I. wii.'i ;!! •ir :;ii.'sis. • -> •> j -Av.tii tiie iiig- KJI I tnove SJM J I -Kid Gloves of a!!'kinds and all ' n''' y r.t Jhc Xew yo:k Store. .',;), • Izes. Special Sale .'.'.le pair.—.New York Store; Saturday only. •> •:• The Housekeepers' <'iub whiili de- otes the club nieeiiny.<: lo tliiiiL -s do-: moptir, was entertained y. ^terd ly ;if-•''ir; tcrnoon at the home of .Mrn. IC. \V. > h''"' Huek. The follow iim tti'iii'iers wer- served with tia:^ .Mrs (' S. Dr.ike. Mrs. J. A. Wiupins. .Mrs. K. S. Caii;:!!- fon, .Mrs. Fosi< r Florem-e. .^Irs. William Trine. .;. •:. .Miss .S.-.Ii.ia Oli (if l'i ''.--biir;;. is • •:• • Till r';-ii!:ir mi' li-n- o:' IJie ;;;rls and yoiiiii; in.itrons' card club f.(rur r' d .li the Imme of Mis.-- Flot 'iice Ho yi s'erd.iy iiflerriei.ii Five f;. ,\.re (i"<upl<Ml for (ivi' hiiii 'lied \'i<'; riara Itowliis wmi tli • pri/.' I .'I I 'C I MO I I li.Uowid rr;rls. .M-s II. G IliMni .ind .Miss Mary Woods, ".lio i- si'';;f !ii:i: llie wlul.'r wjili ii.-r broih. i F I.. W.ioil:;. v.. re ::r.'. - <;1 tl: .*. .J. e.iilj !:-s. S, A. KUis v.-i'l c'> lo l.ararii. ?".r .*'j .".L^"*^ Myn'e-Carpcnier for toniubi to /iiiend a banquet S'.ir rhajiti r a few days. •:• •:• • There was a very rJunll .M'l'" at Uie Y. W. C. A. business im "Vm'A last nicht and anoilier ine. liug \>"I bp held to i 'b-'t ii>e:;i!)'i s of tii' 'board of directors. .V iiie-tins: wi'.l be held next .Moiidtiy niulit \-i transact busin<-ss wliieli sl-.oiild ha \e Iweii completed last night. •> •:- -r- Tn reeognitiiui of 'lie arin^^d; of Kansas Day. .Mond.iy tl;. ; nty-nin'ti the Ka:;tern p !a( e. giieii b; of that By M. Soyer, Chef of Brookt' Club, London. Roast Beef, Round, Ribs, or Sirloin.—Grease well with drippings, but do not season. Put In bag, lay on a wire broiler, and cook in a moderate oven. For a three-pound Joint allow forty-nvo minutes; for seven-pound, I one hour and twenty minutes, Lima Beans.—Take a quart of Lima beans, add two ounces of butter, four .xinces of diced ham, a little sugar nnd salt, a good teaspoonful of flour, and a few sweet herbs to taste. Put in a paper bag with hd,lt a pint of water, seal up, and cook for aa hour in a moderate oven. Baked Potatoes.—Thoroughly wash tv.-elve good-sized • potatoes. Make a It w small slits in them, but do not .^ >ol. Place in a paper bag, with one '.".blespoonful of water. Seal and cook I rhirtylive to fifty minutes, according to size. Tomatoes.—Place six- tomatoes Jn :oiling water for twenty-five seconds, ".•ol, butter your paper bag, put in Tn .itoes with salt, pepper, a suction ol sugar, nnd a small piece o •ittjr. Put the bag on the broiler ..-.T scaling, and cook for twelve . intitcs in a hot oven. J Apples a la Duche8Ee.-7Wa8h^and .•>• ten largo apiiles. Core them, put .ck-cmnirinn —only a bit— in the ..u:o of each core, and pour over ;;c:n a tanlespoonful of rum. Put in : Ji'itt -Tcd bac. and bake on the ro:;cr thirty inini:t-s. When quite •I e. liish up, rf :!.'jve the cinnamon, ..•:(! lill the centers with jam—straw- .-r .-y, iaipberry, or apricot. Cover .i:h sti.Tly wiilpp<;d cream, sprinkle y'.iU chopiied nut--., and serve, or so .:i ici! till wanted. I'se sweet apple.s ad let them cool before adding the 'in and cream. Light the ga.s range eight minutes i.'for<' be ;:inning to cook, or open the ;.-a '.ishts so the coal 'range will be I'll. Put the n a .'t on first, upon the lowest shelf, i'ut the apples upon the upper shelf, so as to letivo room fur the tomatoes besido them. As scon as the tomatoes are done, rC' move, set the b.ig in a plate, and stand where It will keep hot Put the Lima beans In the vacant place I Women's Coats This season's best styles, in plush, broadcloth, sei-ges and novelty mixtures. Clearanct; sale at just half price. .S7.50 Coats, clearance price. ..S3.75 ?10.00 Coats on .-;alo $5.00 ,fl2.r)() Coats on sale .S(>.25 $15.(10 Coats on s:ile .$7.50 $17.50 Coats on sale ?8.75 .51S ..5() Coats on .'^ale $9.25 .i;2().0() Coats on ^:\h $10.00 S2.5,()0 Cn;i[s on .<a!e 812.50 $27.50 Coals on sale $13.75 .S:)0.()0 Coats on sale $15.00 Clearance of Dresses Peter Thompson Dresses, colors blue and red, regular price $12.50: clearance price, now $7.98 Misses' Coats Si.-:rs from 10 to M. Prices ranijr' from S2.50. $;}.50, S 1.95, SG.50 ^.D<), no, m.-)0 and $15. Clearance pvicc Yi OFF M :SS .Mary Reinsli rg. .M Alma G.:l ;n and i;. V. Berry v.ill :utend a se.i .i; ;.t (Mrlyle t «ni :!ht v.liieli win cive,, i ,y ,iie Y. M. C. A. and V. W. C. A. clubs. i Mr. I!. A. Bake:-, of l!'>-::ri!i. Tl'.lbet. will .vpiak at the '•!;rislian elnircli Siiiiiiay morning. Ci-rios .-ind maps tho a.<™o: 1,1. , , . '"'Ise tilis ad'lress intereslinc to the Sorosis club ha:i a um-W •.,„•.] in- cl,il,ire:i as well a-: " teresiine procram on Kansas it th- Ir the nie ^t reinoi' meeting yesfrday afiirnoo'i. KoU land when the apples are done, re- niovo them and put on the potatoes. Thus, you will bo able to have the cooking come out even, also to chill and season your apples before sitting down to table. (Copyright, IDII, by Mcolas Soyer.) HAK.MO.NY. How About Your Watch? Do not wait iir-.iil it lie^ins to vary before you liave it looked after. If fifteen niontiis have elapsed since it was cle .-med. you ni§j' be sure the oil is dry —tliat friction is being engendered which wil! inju:e the mechanism past rei>air. Let us look at it. All v.ork guaranteed. adults. Tiiibet it of any i?iisiion field on earth. .\o offering will l,e laken— dimply an addr-ss of instruc'ion Cofjintiniun .service •..!!! l,o ob.s'ri'd if the ev .Miins. .^n invitation is «.x- ter.d-d -o a!I 'vho are in!. re.s(< d in t!r v.oik of world eveni—li^atioii. $1.'^' anr! 1 air —Xiew Wateb Inspertoni. ••• •> V —?; • '^1 r- r S:;'ii;''r;v *:.:.<• Kill ciov!-:.?, I York S;ere. ' Miss Grace B. ,i .l|. v.iio :; visiting .Miss Lena Culbertson will !e :ivi> tomorrow for Plttsburc to enter the State .Manu.ll Training school. I ; Mrs Guy Oarlock. Mrs. Fred Fin- ntll. TIra Cnnatsev. Mrs. Harry SIfers. Mrs. Earl Weekly. Mrs. W. E. Redfearn Mrs. Ward .Johnson and Mrs. Ellis Johnson, of the Thursday Kensington e.lub, were entertained at the home of Mrs. Orville Marsh yesterday afternoon. The party was Uie" regular meeting of the club. * •^ •> , The two socials which young peo- | pic of the Christian church attend- I ed laet night were given at the homo .lanusry 2^i.—.Mr. Matsler finished 'i:?- thrcsiiin.;: .Moaiiny. I .ex Hove and wife, and Mrs. L. .1. •'ne spent Sunday at Cary Clouds. .Mr. and .Mr?, .lohn Evans attend-(.' .Mr. Osborn'p and Balrd's funerals in ("'.lanute Sunday. Virgie Glond spent Tiic-day jiigh! •.v;::! her f-randma lievc. Dan Cornel and wife and Sam and la-per Cornell spfni Sunday ufier- nr>on at the CIouil home. Frank Harrison visited friends here Wednesday and Wednesday. nlghi. Hiidred Hamilton . is In school V ^ 11 mifMi^pii I Don't T^e Easily When jott oat Craps - Nuts Trial U proor '^IIEBE'.S A KEASON." EXXpiA SPECIAL! \V miin'.-. Suits and Coats left fr(;m last .season's .seJliiir. A good Aariciy of ."-tylos and \\oa\es. Suits and Coals that sold up to $v5; now f;n sale at $9.95 Also one Ponv Skin Jacket valued at $60 included, at $9.95 One lot of ladies', misses' and children's Coats and Jackets, values up to $-5.00; on .'^ale •.. .9Sc One lot of children's Bearskin and Caracul Coats, special clearance price SI.49 Anr^her lot at $1.98 Another lot of oxtni fine (luai- •ity regular .<?7.50 and $5.00 Coats; clejii-ance price January Clearance of Dress Goods LOT 1. A large assortment of Wool Dress Goods in Serges, Basket Weaves, Mohair and Novelty Suitings, 36 to 42 inches wide. In this lot you will find most -all colors. Regular pi-ice 1 and 85c yard: clearance price 49c liOT 2. Januyry Clearance of Cotton and Wool Dress Goods, 30 inches wide, in Basket Weaves, Voiles and Novelties in i)lain and mixed colors. Regular r>()c valuer; clearance price, per yard .'{5c Cotton Suiting, Corded Poplin, Merceriz-ed Diagonals jind Mf)hair Suitings; 27 inches wide; regular price 2-5c and 30c; clearance price, a yard 20c Clearance Sale of Furs Two White Fur Scarfs, were $10, now on sale at .$2.75 One Gray Stiuirrel, was $5.00; you can buy it now for $1.50 Our entire line (if FUR SETS and SCARFS goes at... «4 PRICE Clearance of Skirts One lot of Skirts—a good as- .^ortment of colors and styles, in Panamas. Voiles and Serges, worth up to $11.50; now .$2.50 Clearance Sale Slhoes One lot of Ladies' Shoes, broken si;^cs, in h-.v., );atent and kid leath- ci-s, I'utton and lace, .sold regularly .for .$1, .$3.50, $3, $2.-50-.....'. .$1.98 One lot of Boys' Shoes and a few pairs of .Misses' and Ladies' Shoes—sold fi-om ;r;"l.25, $1.50 to $3 a pair; cleanmce price 98c Clearance of Persian Foulards. 36 inches wide; colors, black, navy, light blue, gray, lavender; regidar price 50e a yard; clearance price 35c January Clearance of Outing Flannel Gowns. Priced at 50c, 75c. 85c, $1, $1.25, $1.50, $1.75 and $2; clearance price— 25 PER CENT OFF. January Clearance of Hand Bags In Velvet, Suede, Bead Bags, Tapc'.-^try Bags, Leather Bags; reg- ula;- $l.oO and $1.25 valu.Co, clearance price 98c Cleaiance Sale Rugs Right at the time of year when you want a new Rug, we offer you choice of any Rug in the house at a great saving. A good assortment to f^iect from in Body Brussels, VViiions, Velvets, Axminster, Tap- estrv. Ingrain and Fiber. Prices range from SI.25. .$2.50, $5, $7.50, $10, $12.50, $15, .$17.50, $25 to $50. Clearance price ....25'^, Discount Clearance of Comforts Priced .-tt $1, $1.50, $1.75, .$2, ^'2.z.i to $:;.."!0, (.-icarance price— 20 PER CENT DISCOUNT; ui;aln after a w .rk'.< Hbsnte with a sore foot. .Mary .M-.'Cjibe -inn! .Moudiiy night 11 .Mr. Itidin .s • ne ^ir Cm:;;.'!- (irovt;. Till- Kiinyun .Miun;; l'i\k< >\irni S\in!:'.y evening vut'i •/.•,]:! and Virgie '>ml Ciir.i Cloud tr;if!.fl :i cow and <alf Cicii^i' .InnJan ir.y ;i cow and '•a If. ,lo!in K\;;ns ];iy la. t wet'k. .-l.ipjud a carload flltur.. i:f.; .i:, r' .\o ;i .-.r^ir.- Mr. .-.n'; .Mr-. .Vi.i- M- i;r •. d -y. i y.:. S of' .T •• :> .> I »; i;rii a. .^'r. Chirk Uarri.-; c;iiiie out lo hi f. .M: -1 I lci-:n-law\s .Motlirr llarri.^' Tii..'.-- i d-iy to vl.ijt her for aw!):;i'.- lb- lia-; .ri-l ' • ' i" .• n- •.V .Mr. and .Mrs. Swank .-^pent Sunday wj'ii Frank Hove aand wife. .I.T­ in 1 • iifternc!.: \ir. :in'; '•.v. .•;::.;:!y ::rn. • I. :: r.t .-iin- - : : o Sun• . 'ion.lay. n: .-:;!:ii:;iy at i:u:! Uunyii;; .-i,.-nt Wrdnesdy ' ' '1 rith her airUv. .Mr.-. I.-.v Hooe. | .\ir The far:iicrs tiiat have to burn.i si-cn; \\r.),\ ;ir,-> tiittini: ;!:'-ir ?ui::;i ]i -r wfwid V:. .^, \v;>ilc ti(-y .-..n't il'i rinytiiing (l- e. 'R I -'I .Mr. .\'i>:;.i -.r K:i ,'luru:.;l w; - .allins at C:iry Isf. !• > .•' " 'ioiK:'.^ WVun-.-•(! :y '.o rtlie purpose of y • e f:inii. I day nii; .:. : }:r. {)ev .>-y >v;is linuling* liay to; Mr, .Ur^i: :' .- ;anut!' Thi^ i. ; m" ;!;e week. ! .Mr Oi:^ S: k:: . if thi.-; wariii v.c;iii:'"r continues.; ^Ir. a;'d l ;!iM _a \'<' are afraiil it M;! I forward what j Witcelers .Sunday, ruit ti;ere is I'ft. li::-! it will get ^ .Mr. fJurine! vi-::,-l with .Mr. and frozen yet, Ijefore .sjjring. { Mrs, Wni. IliUb:an; «;;nday. .Mr. and Mr;-. .Io!in Frl.-fheunieyer 1 )f lo'a f,>fcnt Sunday v. Ith Fred Kra- ii:.-r.s'. yr. anr: .Mrs. r'„.s of lola visitf-d 'rom Friday until Monday with •,eii' .son Joe and faiuily. yrf. -May Xostrand and two boys i?i:rd Saturday nnd Sunday with r!,:;|[t again .-oon. !!,ir \iv Towniriil who bus •!• ri"< the 'I'ounscnd.s .since -Monday for Ira Towns<'nil will ;icCf>nii>any biiii to I'lirdy, ,Mo., wlicr.' tlicy will vi-if a cousin tlicre a !'\v liay.s. the .M;. Iiii tl • :i wit.'i hi- sf. l.-r. .Mrs. .S'.-idien I ' •! li-• "^a - It -.-.v .-.s I,, T' |-.yi :nt in iola for Ibc past week. I I""- Indlnna. .Mr. and .Mr-. Prior llc-.tti \isli!-l liv family of .Mr. Will Wilson Snn- i' ly. .Mr. P. .loimson s'.ld two <ows to . il t ::rtri \Vedne.s(!av. anri .Mr. Ira To .vTis -nd f'dd OIK- cow .•ind dilivirs i! Tliur-day at lola. Cows are worth 'r a pound. .Mr. .icdin i;arn !;art helped Siirn Marnaarl tliresh kathir corn Wcd- ntsday. .Mr. r .urfnett reeeiv^d a very pain- iiijitry .\|>uda>' wiiii"- cuTtino' down ; :r(i' by one of the limbs .'iwinging :':o;in(! and striking l;iiii in the sirl^v 'r, "tf.n:'"- wrenched lo..,e , , , ^ ^^^^^ improvement from the backbone. ! , coughed at night l.:;ere was a telepi'one meeting at " *' C ;.as Uusus Me.nduv n;i;ht. and" of- j bronchial trouble has ti :-r .s elected and work will be com-{':i-ni>l-ared and I feel sure that (onaiKji loit iiVK YK .\im. Iiiil :. 1,11 e cMU'!! for five week.s — or i :iMn ;iis'.' Then think iio .v dis':i-s;ng it unit be to have a ':,-in^ ir,i tor fi \e v-ear.s. .M ;s .M. Mann, of .Vow York City .-ays;, • .\ .(iirvnic cou .gh that lasted for liv' y ';i;s «t >iriK! almost i" i '''' -''^^'arious other ^" I rer::''!- s ir.-ve little if any relief, but ,!„'.!•.• ! i:;Ml taken half a bottle of a niuk- tliat .Mi^s .WJiic ar.fl .Myrtle Husis spent y>ln on the S,:nd;\y with i;:e Roush L 'irls ! ?,-hnst( rs .Mr. firorge Jrme.>-, .Mrs. Htepai n i .Mr. George Conrel! h Townsend and the two chlhlren of i the ot!:er.s kicked it. -Mr^ and Mrs. Cha.s. Sln;-k are among I >Ir.«. Ci.aun'-ey Heat'i. Mr-. Prior! lliose who liave been fiek but arc'Ileaih .Mrs. .lane C(i.-:at',r and .Alien sortie better now. j visited .Mother Harri.s Wednesday. Kdlrh IJHarnhart spent Tues-; We are very sorry to hear of .Mr.s. . , , ,i„„ „ . : tiie credit for this is due to Vinol." tn.nced on a new telephone l,i,ea> _ ..„on as t.-..e ground w:ao to ^^^rk ^^^^ do not and ,„ It wi! start at I- i"n- - . i ;,„7 :,i „„ tj.e body anad enrich company .H pole.^ at , ^.^^ ^ , ^.^^ ^^^.^ do to rid of a stui>orn bronchial coiif'! and Vinol will do it for you. \'ino! contains tlie curative, heal- in-.;; ;>ri::c=;;!os of cod liversfwith- .-i.r oil I and tonic iron. We guarantee it to ?!•• driiciouj la taste and to sat- Marnharts. On Tuesday they left day with her uncle. Itobert Travis In j Stejihen Bryant being sick with la-, isfy yn ir Palisades, Colorado, to make their Io!a. j grippe We iiope to iiear of her he- S. li. K 'lu with its medieal ;urre!I. Druggist, lola effects. Kan. muTj, DONT EM, to TAKE ADVANTACX OF On Suits and Overcoats. You. can buy an Overcoat IK)W and save $5 or $6. You had better investigate. BARCLAY-5HIELD3 CLOTHING CO. **The House of QuaUty^

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