Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 26, 1912 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 26, 1912
Page 1
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/ THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER. VOLUME XV. NO. SO. Succesk.r to the tola Dally Register, the lola Uatt> Record and the lola Daily Index lOLA, KAS., JAN. 26, 1912-FRIDAV EVENING. Weekly Register, Established 1867. EIGHT PAGES B um TO riA n T ir THK WKATHEK. AJu W I A 4 ' i Korr<-i!st I'or Kaiiisas: Cloiiclr tfll LI H ^ 1 i •'•"'•••••diij. IIIIU W f II U lb I oata rccordrd at U. S. Weatlicr Hu- •IB 11 J ^ ' •rc-i |.;/rj ;.H:rr: lii }i'.e=: cMr; I:';.III ' I I I ' "* i'- lowtst liii.^ mo: : IlijJUL.t./ L> ~ U :i. M. -ft: oxci'i.i in UMitiH 'rait:.- ' \('.-;<'i i: '.y ilcarc's; i!i 'fici>'!icy sine .I;'r.i ::':y i>i :;;;<; (ii'pn'es. 'ii'snlion for :;4 liouiv; I'l .linf; :i. toJiy. "; i!ffii'Ip:;cy siiicf .la'ii! ry l-^'. in: •• ; !N>'at'f lii;i !'U :i:y 7 a. tii. tn.;ay !i; '•(•:• icni: l''ai (im('ti r r<>diu"il to son mi MONEY,WHICH iD GOtir 'S;,,;;^'',;*;;'.... .„„„, i '-."S \1. IV.. OPERATOR IVELKS sji.';;!;M>i:!!S AT I'OfNT <M A (M ^. CASH OX IIA \n UArPK >KI> T<> I'.i: IJ<JllT; LOSS SMALL. "iTELEPHOfiE HEHHESE TODSK Aflor SrciirliiB A'aliialdiv. Ki.lilcrs Forced Opi-nitor (" Flair Kii-t Frciirbt and ISCUIMMI. Soon aflor tin- lU'i Mriir..-- of ihc mornfng northbound Santa I-"' ;ia.'..^-ii Rcr train at Humboldl siiiiion larly today, Oporaior W-tls. ;i!(ii>.' In th.' ofllce, was railed to tlii> licki-f window to faco two tm II who li <'<I frills on him whilt' tlioy isavi- the conitnaiiil. "Handa Up!" Tin- oiH -raiar capiiii- Inted Immediate'!v and whilf ono of the bandits covcreu him with a ro- volver the other Bearrlied him. Wells" gold watch was taken and then the robber demanded to know where the operator kei)t his pan. Wells jioinied out the gun and then the. robh .r w .nt. to the cash drawer wliere he secured $25. Warning the oi.eraior not lo attempt to nse tlie lelepiion". bntli bandits withdrew from the (iepot. Out side they heard a train aiiproaehii'.!; and returned to compel Weils to put out.his red light, c:.usinc th" train to slow down. As the train passed the sfation, the robbers leaped aboard Returning; to his key, Wells immediately wired Chanute • telHn.i: of his experience and giving a' deseriptlon of the men. A search of tfce train •showed that the robbers had jirobaidy alighted soon after they iiad boarded It, in order to throw pursuers of!' th ir trail. Trainmen, told of th^ robb ry by tTte operator were I '.iiable to lin.i any persons In or on the cars as th'-y made a search b«ween .Hun.holfJ: and Chanjite. Operator Wflls describes thfe men with hut meagre .ie- tail. One was a tall niin and th" other a short, stockily built f"IIo«- •.•ml both had htfttdkerchlefs tied o^.r their faces so that iheir fentut -s could not be discerned. Sheriff Kerr and I 'nrfT.slirriff Pun- fee were bu?y today investigating th^ case with a Santa Fe ofBc»r b ;it at three o'clock no trace of the bandits had been revealed. It was learned to-'ay th ;i! r. (r;:r., and buggy were .^lolin ftoni a (Vi:i- Tiute man sometime durlr 's last ni>.':it and later found in ih'' country ab:in- doned oast of Thanrte. This cou- "l>»d with tile 'hefi of 111'- horse atid tuggy In this city Wednesday tii };iit and abandoned near Humboldt, l -:ii !s the offlcerH to billeve that possible the persons uho stole the rlu^ V.-.ri> concerned in li" Hu'uboldt holdup. The bandl's may have Rti.-tit W 'hi.s- day In lohi s'lertiiu: their vlcti"is. then drove lo the vlcli 'lty of HH—.- boldt v .in're ih'y riuii .ined tiin!'r cover until ni:;htfall. Aftir the rch- bery. they m .iy hav •, as su ^gesteTl.' boarded the train as a iiretmse .if PBcaplnc by r"il. th «'n walked to Chn- Bute where they stole the team ii- order to make faster tim? oat of town. The robbery at Humholdt this morning is the third to occur on the Southern Kansas division in the past few weeks. Cherryvale has bei -n tiie favorite mark for the robbers in thr> past, that station being robbed twice in about a month. I'LVNT rHIKtS (»K TIMS DISTHiC IHM.HINC SKS.MONS. Conference Will l)Nci:»;s SIT»:CC Ini- pnnenient. Vl-ilor^ Will Kn- JH; l!uni{U('( ri)!iit;ht. A iin"'iti^' of ihi- i)liint ehlefs of this dislriel of the .MIsMoiiri aitd Kansa.--' Telephone t'ouipjiny i.i bi'ing held In Tola today. Chiefs from the dift'ereni idants began arriving last night, tl'.i reni.'iinder coming in this niurning and afternoon. Two sessions will b' held, one this afternoon and one (o- niglit, both at the local tidephone building. The programs at the sessions will consist of addresses by those present, all dealing with telephone work, and looking toward, thi- increase of efDcii-ney in the plants. This is th.' first time a meeting o. this kind lias be<n held in lola, and Inieed no siieh meetings been lieid until about two months ago. when the company was reorganized. At that time the plant chiefs organized for the imrixise of increasing th" eUicirncy of the se. vice. The visitors will be <' at suptier tonight at the I'ortiar.d Hotol by local plant chief. C. W. l.owther. Tollowing is a list of those present: K. P.-irm II. plant superititendent. t'offeyvill. ; W. H. Devote, District wire chief. Coff"yvill.<: W H. Rass District inspector, Coffeyvii;-^: K. Par rish. District foreman. Coffeyville: Wm. K. Li.i-'gett, .District pl.;n: ehi<'f clerk. Coffeyville: .M. .1. Zeigl-r iilnnt chief. IMltsburg; .T. D. Holladay, ;)!:in< chief, Chanute; E. V.. Short, plant chief. Parsons: I.. T. .Mitchell, plant (•hi(f. Ft. Scott: C. W. I-owther, plant e :ii< f, lola: H. Haymnnd, plant ch:-f Crney; C. C. Rough, plan; chi< f, .\'eo- iti sha, II. F. StepiiPTicoii. in!iiiag( r SI dan: C. A. Huffman, manager Kric: .1. Cariy, mana.ner. (!:irncti; .1. K. wire ciiiif, Garii''t(. Tin- followin:: ;;i!i'sts are a.lho atl.'ndiiig the nieet- iiii:: !;. J. Rolia. tiian;m« r. /ol;i: O. A Ki,; itzky, plant eii-jint IT, Kansiiv Ciiy; C. K. '/.aiim, Di .'Jirici ins;.'ecior Kansas City. mm EDiiofts U; (!I.!: .. VS AT h \NS\S ilT\ Ai I. \M:\U <:i MSHOKS. fftGIIOi'iS it FtiSfiFUi .so .\.;;>i;:i{ T\FT .\OI! TKDOV S\ \\ (Jl.l LNhOHSK.MINT. ^owrrnr Stiihli;, '.Jd^- i';: i iur Vfrlcu Le| i.« l/«<n I'. It. Vtlilcli Ls .*iiil"(T Than a Leitcr. lOLANS Siile of hi.n«-a I:K u;vi:iiTisK!;.'^. |. o! Lo)iilt.r. Th<- KiU.a. i !ie Kai;su.-. •.1 hl<-li li 'i|'<'.; lil.tiiliut< 'i ii>( !;.iy cards ;;(,ilen oiit I )c \i 'lopiMeiit ('<ji;.ii;itiy ID liavi- a iiiiliiiin ot il.i-.t. t!.>- World o;i l\an ^'a: IN.irXCTION HKVlUXf; (iOT.'S ovi:i{. .:rgiinn-iits in (Jas CKj Ciise (o He Contiuiicd Tomorrow. -YORE TROIKLE FOtJ WOOJ). Sold :i .VortKiged Wu-^ex in \ IJen County FarnsiT. More trouMe is acciinnilating for Charles Wooii.llie .vouiig iiiaa \!:o at- ten'pted to commit .sui'-ide in ilje lo-.u: ty jail Wedne'-day niglit. .\ M. D^n- lap. a farmer living near Carlyle •-vv.-to lola today to inform the otnc-T.- that he had learned a which he ))urchased from Wood sci-- eral days ago was purchaseii frou: T B .Shannon and that Mr. Shannon stil; holds a mortgage on It •Wood, it seciiis went to Mr^ i-'han- non and told a plausilile story of his agility to make regular pay !!i "nts on a vehicle and after short negotiation.--, v., salesman sob! the b-.i.sgy on - ir.ital'-j jtients, f^rst n eeiving a j.aynieht of $r "Wood then took the buggy to ( ai ly;.- ! enl'or.i- tli,? u-fund of a de;e>.sit of $: and told Mr. Dunlap that hib faih-r' ' " H.iy. ne.M .Mo !iil!iy. ar.- selliMg f:ist in iola. .'\ .siij'piy "f I"" <ardH .xiciireii by W. .). I '.vaiiH Mj 'il o;U in a vei) tliorl tine, i.i.i! tl.i- det la 'id sri-mr to I" Dii t!ic iiiiii'ase as the day ap- |iioaclM~. 'lis- card, whieh lus I n (icsigneii io advertise stale, is very ifliiuopriate and attractive. .\t the hot •oin ot tile desig'i ii; a heai> of fruit ; nd xegetahUs surrounding tiie Kan- f-as sea', this being a luctuie of a carv in wood v.liicii was exhibited iit the j'l,iladclid;i.-'. Centennial m ISTr. Oi: tliis stand.s a female figure, bearitig In one band sunflowers, atiil in tlie otlier .i irirror. On the left side (.'f ihv? ifg- iire are fields of grain. :•!! I on th' rig'it liile <iil derricks :inil facto '-ies. designed to siiow the var;.-ty of Kan- jas jirosperity. .•\djoi;rnnie;it in the hearing of the ('••da City gas injun(!i;on case was taken in tiio distriil court at noon toJa> and tlie case wiJl be coiiliniicd hefo.e .ludge Foust tomorrow. 'deiiinvliiie, the temporary writ of injiini' com- I)elling the gas conip;!ny to furnish ga.- to ti:e consumers ot the (own remains in effect. S. K. Klemni.'ig. on ),eh.i)f of (!)•• of Cas City, is seeking to ( Il .v till- .\'-siM-i:.l. il I'li'MM) ivan.-.'is City. .Mo., .Ian. Jti.— With ilietldai .ie c.realt',- '.iiMI ever before lie .Mi.-nouri Ui'iii:!il!ea:i IMltorlal Ar- ;oeiatlon I .i ^an lis session le-re this .i.orioiig. I'he ii.orniiig was given ov- r to the l.earltig of reimrts and the ilHioiiUiiig of committee'^. • There •nuch di.''cu.s.-lon as to the iirobahb iciion of till! associallon ri'gardlng raft and Uoo.'^eveli. .\n ariued truce\irevailed in the Ue- imhlican state centrtil committee when .1 went into o.vecutive sessicn here )day. There was a general agreo- u.eiit tiiat neither llic Tatt nor iioose- veit foriTs should "start anything," .vhicli w::s taken io mean that botii -ide.; claim ctmtrol. .Many politicians lowever, cxi);essed confidencti th.jit he Taft side was uppermoat. The com liittee i :iarked time at its morning •icssloii. discussing plans to carry on •lection co:ites!s in St. Louis. '("here i -eeM :eii to i .e geuiial fi cl .'iig lesji;;:- tie- true"-, tl.r.t it would lake )n;y a spark to sfart a blaze. .\:-id' "iom national (litestions, an active vnr .Kss wi;s in progr :'ss fo,- 'ii-.' s:a!< ret .ention. Kan.ias City. St. .loseii.:. .loi in ;ind St. I.onis are stnw .g ear^didaies md .iefferson City had a delegation ol ten pulling for her .'^t. .loscph oj .^er .•d one thousand doll.-:;: in ens!: ;;;i<! he e.vjicnses of t .";e ccnienljon. K;:;i- as City m.ide a aimllar offer and wliiie St. Louis iia.s nai .-.ed no !":gure :i:r :!n:e has been g.ven tiiiii the co:'. vention will be" taken care of if i neet^-. t':ere. A number of e.Ii^•>:•s tiiis afternoon nsisled tliat the ^es.^io-; w.iuh! not en- It )rse either Tafi or Hooscvelt. as a ule of the a.-soei .i;;o;i in-.-ihibited ;'i:y •iich e.\i >ressioii of iiolitical jirefer- •W'-. Tlie se:;sioti opened wilh an ad- Iress by .Mayor Urown, wiio spore oi '.le tremendous in'luenee for evil ll'.;il 1 .Newspaper without an; mora! ehai- i-ier might have on a eiKiiiiiuniiy. Among those np)ioin(e<l to the cotu- i;il'te on res(diitions wi-rc W..,.1. S-'e.:ill of C;ii!lmgi' W. V. Ciigler if .Vevmla. The .Ml -.Mii ;r! i:<|.rh!han eonvititio' ••1 seleet delegi '.tes lo the natlolKl! •.iuei ;t !oii win bi- held In St. Louis Thuisd.'iy. April ""i, aecordin:; to n • •elsion of lie- slat" ei :iir;tl coMimlt- •ee today. St. Louis was ihosen on he first ballot, ohtuining IS out of Ihi .'.4 voles. Sliibhs ,lo!iis r. IL Coninilttre. Chicago. .Ian. —Ciovernor Siui'Iis 'f KanvMs. iind iiovernor Il.-idley. of .Mis-ioiiri. today joined Governor O.J- born. of Michigan, and i -x-Govemor i'ort, of .New .lersey. in accepting mem ••i"rship!» in the Roosevelt na'ional committee. Stubbs dropped lU to llie .-oniinittee headnuarter:-; her? today to •TXinounce his willingness to accept a uieTiibership. "•Roosevelt is the logical man for le Rejui'iiici'ii luM'.y to mmiinate."" he ;aid. "He •„-o !:ld cany i<:;nsas \-y at 'ea-t 7". neii and' carry Missouri, loo. I here is a .strong senti.-iient in f:ivor of hir,! in my sect ion of Ih" country."" The governor v.:;:; on Ins way to v.- York and W.'>shii >g *on. Asked if 'lis vis.'r to .Vew Vork had 'iny Klg :iifi- eance in connedion with the F?oofp. veU movement, h" smiled broaill.v ;!nd replied: ''.Not a bit."" Governor llad- 'ey wired the commitlee today that he would accept a lue.nliershlp. DOWN GO IdE liifF SiLSi* STEEL AM) ;;;;v:>:ti\ i'iifST ITEM <»\ I'I;;;-'I{A:VL ilepubi't,;-» Me.':;hr- C(,!:iit!i- t;;'|>e.-i. tiiin to I'igimr par; he t .iriii' f?(>;i;.! Awailvd. . i!e. Wasliinglon .i;i;i. i"').on the stei'l ;i:iil iic>:i hill w.-is fori siu'd.'j-.iiil today wiien Clu.irniau fl:i' Vwiy.'i ami \i Si'i I'dy" :• ii' tile ! ii 'l.-rwooi'. ( •is CoiiMiIiit- aei 'o;; vi •••(,11 Ii (,U.-- (rude Oil In ."i Ir.dil.'iiih lie", K ;.s.. .\n ;,(ii:.!.i--' of iv.o i liriee of Mid-Conii;;i i, ee :i:s :i b.iri'fl w '.is " Cciils. .):i!i. u>;.— !i;.-i in lii • oil. i o -n iofhiy l.y till' Coiunany. I 'iai;i.- :.:;.: Gas LI'MItEK Tiers i' i lUtlSSIULE. Ilcclj'.rt's Wilne-': !:! t Oii-ler Suii. . fi> .our! liv. !;!•• .\- ...-It K:it • ( i;y. .I,.a. iiis t( .-.•l!!:inny ;!t ;iii- ?l;,t"'s o !.s • V .-uit ! r- •_i'. It 'Sreii;' !i(.^i-,-:: o! ill' i;.st :;;i.:l„ i IVVCKEHS MLCII SrUIMMSEO. Tltiir being ill and in nee<! of finaiic a! as sistance, he had decided to sacrifii-e his new buijgy. lie sold the ve!:ie'e to Mr. Dunlap for t'.'". taking an old buggy in eNChnnge. Wood, according to the officers, i".- mediately took tlie old buggy fo tli- WcCarly mr^bln^ sliop.4 and sold It. 1 ,8 ter he relumed and asked to' l,or- 'row It for rn hour. Then he took the buggy to Thrisher. the pa .n'er. anil Kold It. l)ii ':hp has identified th" big- xy in Mr. Tl "asher"« potBession as <!.i one he exchanged in the deal will %Vood. When plr.-.-'d under arre.^t. Wood Jiad no mofey and .Mr. Dunlap wH" M'staln a cai'.: !o.'s of $30 unless the uriconcr noi mrt .e arrangemen's to repay the amount which lu Impossible The tbiril lola high rrhool ti'ir •went to La Harpe last night and defeated the rirs* bleb school team of that city in a one-sfded game of basket ball by the jscore of 35 to 10. The ];ame was never in doubt. The second team will go to Ilitmiioldt tomorrow night for a gtune with the first team of that city, and there will be a preliminary between the second Humboldt ieBm and tiie Uiird lola team. iiiiide to the Taylor Puel. I.'ght I'PU I'ow.^r Co'::pa:iy and ;..-ks i: ^t if ih.^ gas eon:paiiy Wisl :es to c.irry out its 'hreat lo \vn'<-;; p!;iii: th.i; .•! iioi'.ir- of at Ii-ast thir'y daj ! iie Tii» gas was shi;t 'Iiy I.'c coijijiany .sev- el.i! (hiys'iigo le;t v.:'- inri^eil ii ;i in ttte.'it>-l.uir h(;u;s h;. oidi-r of t !.i eou rt TO <H 'i:\ ELLtTLK" I'AHK. fitncrnmcnf Knew Jfore A limit lUwV -i Thiin Thty Ojil, I!: i Chicago. Jan. 2i;.— A ruling in fa'- or of th" governiiK -nt in the paek 'Ms" trial was made today wh ti Feder;ii .ludze C;irpinier allow-d the intro- riuciion of Ihirty -tive original margin sheets of National Packing Company for the firs' eight months of I'.ilO. Tif defi use had di'iiied all knowledge of tli'so original margin slie'-ts u:itil they weri- suddenly produced in cou'-t ly District Attorney Wilkerson. The goveriini"!)! believes the mtirgin sheets to he an important link in ih- chain of clreums'antial evidmc- against the i^ackers. I'LAYEMS FEAR MEMN(aTLS. -Mtiv Slay tailed the imasuri up fir th" opening ill bat". An iigr, ('ii:( nl-for a live t'ours dch .ite todiv T ...S. foiiov,—. liv •! stat"mei:i from .Mr. Cnih r.v<,c..l ih::' he would e ::deuvor lo clo.-e lii" u' n- I ral d 'h .ate totnorro.v. i'liie i,is. ;'g" if the bill toiM-Tov,- nit'.I or '. H'II- •ia.v is expi 'cr .'l by iii" Ii.-inoci niic leaders. The atliiud" of the R 'l.ul.Iie-u-; ro- ward the Diniocr:;tie i '\lriii.:: iic- gramme was indleal 'd ulnii 1." in- si 'iiialive I'ayiie moved t'Ml r.^i-iiu of the iron and sieel si h liul h" ii- u-rr.'d until a rii 'orl had hi . n n- celV'd from the larilt ho:iril. This was lost by a siriel piiriy vote. The l("pi iiliiiii; nil eil'.'rs hiil 'i- illI Miiil ihire vl'l hi no III'MIIIIIIMI! ,-r.|i-i •::iute for Ih" 111 ui'iiiiiiie I ."i t that a long slriii". of ;;:iii 'iii !ii.m. .• eo''i s tO'l.'V. C(i-,il(.-i 1 1. isi'.! said: "'The ;irii!iii :!l (-••is.- w'vy hi r. is no itn.iti- .• cu.'.-iM:.' ainong tli • min-.lii-rs of the V;!lov.- I';:i.- ,• tuf'-'s' AsrM :;i|ic:n ;s l!::ir eu ;;>:-,;i:i ()-i lion iumbi'rn: •! no' ir .i ifbi rs of i:i- .issie'atici! a::(! frori •)'.:• r i):ii!.liii;- iiuu-rials is too !i\"ly to I'Tihe iir- -i'lle. I'or insi.-inee. our .vellov.' pirn • belli diiveii out ot the m:irki:s i.f Coior.ido l).v ih" tiiv.e.oils c! Ciiii- l'oi'ui;i." •'Do voii ilii:;k .'liit i!:.- I '.'i -i i! ;i I'aE.'-IOENT Al'lvJ:',!'^ TO AMERi- lA.NS FOR I'RD.Wi'J AlIL 1 LU MOB UDPIS GALL REFOiS SOl'TII A.HERICAN COl'.NTRY HAS IJOXE US 0>E BETTER. OLO VOXlOPULI WAS BUSY ^VAS I 'OITLAR HERO LAST NO- VE.nitER A.>r) MADE CHIEF. Tried liv Conrt, He Was Seized by .Moh, Riildlcd Kith Kiillets and Body Riirned. .ililMfl"!i*r Cmp of ('hii!c.:e HJarviiiir anil 1 aifnres MAUV the .»iiii;i. lion Critical. I f'.y III" Assiioliited Prons) G:iiiya(|iill Kcuador. ,Ian. 2G.—Gen- eralU'edro .Montero, who recently was "he jiopular hero of Guayaquil, has bi-en shot to death by the angry popu-, dragged into the streets, beheaded Ajid burned. Montero last November wiis proclaimed president by the rebels hut surrendered the leadership lo (Jeneral Alfaro. The rebels recently met a crushing defeat. .Montero. v .ith other leaders, was captured on .fanuary 22, and last even ing the general was brought before a court martial and .sentenced to sixteen .vears' Imprisonment. Crowds surrounding the government palace await ing the result shouted violent protests. A i::<)b lushed into the couil room and riddled .Montero with bullets and seized the body aud dragged it into the <ipen air. There they hacked the head I off. gathered fuel, started a fire and j cast the ~head and trunk into the ! f anies. The excitement lasted through out the night. il:y III,- .\a'.'.-:.a''! iTr-ssI W;i!.' i:;!.:on. .I;r.i. -il.—An app':.l ;-.-ued ihrougli tin- or-iiuary channi's 'saving fail; il lo elieit a resjionse in ..ny w.;y i-or.iniei:surare v.ith the situa :iiin, rnsi'',, lit Taft tcdiiy ijersoniil- "v ami as i'residrni of tl:" Americ.-.n STEEL TRIST ARRAIGNED. rnilalily Toward Workmen is Alleged !u the Senate. !l .r, is .-III.-.', n prei .f i':'!--!i pr-'lii •: J •( llncM:: lion:'.-• Ml) III- I IIUSI'.'" "^I'lii ii.iiliig fann pnviii :ie.l'r •<! ;';ie';'l.L' ii. alioiil 111. II :: I iii: liroiliii IS. aesi • • hi: hl-h •s ih) col si'M live h<iy~ or 'i'lishiil ! haM' no I'll,111! spi eli s, coiu -i I Kiioui. niir; !:M!'i:zy,i KR ro 'i: i iMi:;) \t;A; ''Th!."l' Mo.'TnMUHrVK vi.-u.llv ... ' < •"'Hl'-niian >\ recked I'ank Wllh ^12.- 1h,t the D. uoir.i.s \iiMi,ill.\ li,i;.| CJUCW on Deposil. coinpleleil Ihe wool sr'i diile was ills | ,,, i.,- . , S.i:i i'raneiseo. ("^.lif., Di.. wool si'i dull' was ilis- eloseil. Ui pre •.' nialive I';. villi tgin id that Kchedule K as ilr ;Mvn by-M;-. !'" derwood and his coll •.igir s 1." n- ('rafiril to conform to 'h" r.eor; i I Mie tarifl" ho:'id s 'ht'ii;;'d in I)•'"!.i- h( r. This inoi'iii' v.:.s losi I'lso by a straight party vote. Following (l," 1 •s ;,igo r hill the ways ,Mi'! mean,-; '•••iU iiitri '.diie . I'l • (lieniiei I he sng;ir sciicdiile.s. iloil; ly ri'adv for a D< r'.ocraiic e lied Cross, sent out an appeal f::, funds to r liev" the faiiiine stricK.'; :•• ot'li- of C!iir.:i. Tlie ple.-i sayj; "It le comes m.e i": perative duty to call eii .ir.iin of il- people ro the condition- of aw.'ul d ii;ution which nov e .visr in ceri::': jirovleei's of China. The recurreri; ':r nihiliun l.y th" Kai'.g Ts" K% ir. .I'll oihi-r ri\er.s- hav/. di—tn,;..-d c:;,! •11 (1 pl-evelitid cullivalion ••!' leiirl Millions of hutiMti iiiv:,,:: ar," aeing slarv.-iiion. A:\ a;;'u- <f lir .Ani"ric;in Rid I'los.'*. who );;is !y traveled. thrcUi;lioiit liie lilslrirt reports Ih.i! tin ei.nilition.s rt .• .i:irva:ion ar.- of a mosi |. rrlhle aiel ' , .":illiiig ch ;!r ;.ci "r." irtv til" .\ssii:i.Tted> Washington, .Tan. 26.—^"Hell holes," of the Cnitcd Staffs Steel Corporation camC up for discussion at the hearing today before the senate committee on edu'-ation and labor in thej house bill I •.vhicli wouid an bight hour ! hii'nr restri-jtion cn all Government ' contract work. 1 I "From the rejiori of the Depart- j ••'rut of Commerce and I^abor on tKo • .-.ted industry,'" said Chalrjnan Borali. .•"it is showji th:it the steel ,corporation ;s .\iiic millions in dividends and V 't in s in its •hell holes' men who ' woik twelve hours a day, seven days ' ••• ..I I k. and others who work elghteeii • to tw'iiiy-four hours in one shift, ri e. n:- j No ihaii who has taken the oath of faiuliie I olliee <-an ignore this." TKlSK.'in AOAIN 0.\ TRIAL. Ti:. /Il'> nni.S MLT iM) WIV Lining Ml" .1, if. ,S. >eeley Belag Retold lit Independence. ^ 'ml •'1,. St."' I "ii :ii.;, ' • - :inil ' lien •lieu - •11 !i;' cotton scii'dul"! b" laki ii ;iii n.-.\l. (;A!IY DESLVS IS .>i .'iRHn:o. 'Tivaij ft "rave Min Tic;! Wilh the >otcd One. .\ew •\'ork, ,I ;ii:. I'd.—Tii • lh ::i 'rie ;i: colony: lii'i'" v :.s uroused lodr.y <e,-(r a cablegr^im just reei -ived from l .on- r'on s'giied " fl::! y."' eou 'ainirg the stat "iT ;ent (!;ihy Iieslys li :!d married Merry I'ilear, the Anu'iiean dancer. T!i"y r .Heiii!.\- left h .cr" for .-i llie- ::tric:il tour in Kiirope. I 't'M! ifiuai 'riel Allorii"\ I'iek-rs eoi.i.'iiiphi!.-• . risiniiplioil oi' pro''". ;i'li:"; ::r:iii,v Vi'aller .1. I'LIIIKM. th" l.r.'. ••'--'lenk •'• Mvoi.i -d in i !.i' coll.-ips. o' ?':" ('.•ili-j :ern':i Safe posi; anrl Tiusi Com-i 'i'tiy I 'li 'T '."iili loss i.i' (-."V fV.'. I :.|''i.iiiiii lo the deei,s ;:;i ;s. I '.-.iii.-; : •.is cniM f'ti 1 C!~ Ih" ri .'!>.'7 .-;I' iiielit o. J lie hund! (1 l !;OUS ;;iu! doli .lUi! j ^enieiK ftir nine y(;irs. TIi" s; unnie coi'r' reversed tii" e:i'-..'. '^leaii-' 'i'rotihle I'ur !;|>l.^ C'lndi'i (or. A ,.i"ll:it. il !> R(>VAL RANK IS R0;:!!K0. : ::ii (<.'ner il:.^ r .:nk Vias Touched Two !!o?d Thie\es. ij:" .•\s-""i;il''ii l'r.-.^--i T I!. C. .lanuary 2t;.—The (Ity til" A ^^slll •lat^d Prpiin) fall i .iniienee. Kan. .January 26.— ill tailed le.-timony concerning the ,' iiiiiee and tin e of the shooting of J. (i :.e 111" A. s.iiint. .1 !i .ss> j D. S. N'celey, the wealthy oil promoter, K'ri:'. as r<:\ .\lo ..lanuary 2d.—On'y f to.-Sk up most of the time at today's .il?:.'. :.Mii ;i ;'.y Tur ot'.ier fo;^ | • i s-ion of the second trial of A. A. " li;i;i':::;g if ti." i'-;:'i t 'li y ha;; ; Ti u.'-ke.'t, charged with the murder. ::.iil it: :';..• :>.:;.» i'n y ii .a.ried w; s J .Virs. .Neo'.cy, widow of the oU man, ar- •ir .'fe-i ill ti;e;. ol" iiie f.vo' rivei; here today from Lima, Ohio, t -'.il Vvi'ed in heavy black, appeared for the tirst time at the trial. Fourteen witnesses for the state had been introduc-d up to fTie adjournment at noon, most of their testimony being a repetition of important details l.rouglit cut at the first trial; 'ioy;r l,t;!nl: hr;ine!i le;.*:ill i's ;:!?!! by tvo lanau'. r .\. .\. Stephr;:; ; 'i r- o;' 'I'.'u st :;fr were la •;iuli ami !o:ked tj-ere •ohhers le;-.;rd the linn'\. ;.kel! :.-• .-:iii! to he sevi. .'hilars. • was rohheil iiif-n today. ml the ineiu- .'.\eit into the '.vliile thE! Tt'c amount ral tiiousand .M'..'^ .1. 1!. I'.;..:-. n tliey ap- ;', :i:'. i! ;• i ;ii>!:ce hi •.;i!(i\:arte.'s toiiiiy Ii'.-n'ify i tiytr r.s their husham". Tlity put tiii-ir arm.^ about eacii otiier .:rii! wfpr. B^yer is a railway con• u.[;r.\ lie admitted the c'aarge of higaiiiy. lie was married here ten ea 1 s .;:go. i.-i.s"t .Xoveiiiber he married .Miss <":!rrie H;;e. of Sprin.gtield, .Mo., iini'er ;1'" name of J. 11. Wilson. Learning of t:is (':ipli;-it.v, she followed I.'oyer ir.i.i Fpi>l::>.ne. Wash, and swore to rhi' :-on'i.;.ii.':: caused liis ar:-esi. STOLEN .lEWELS RECOVERED. :?li;i»,(>.'«! Were Taken from a Monasi lery In Poland. -Mrs. Keeiie, of K:in?;is Cily, is vis- iiing iier niece, .Mrs. K. U. Miih'r. .Mrs. Wright of Garii! tt is also .Mra. Miller's guest. ' s'ler fno JcMMiii .s of litlciiess, \ihiiM me.ili* Will Rf (>:")cre:l. I 'm !;iilcl|.hlii fall T< :irti I'lans lor the ^opening ol Klectric Out o( Texai*. I'.ir k ne <;t .sea.'ion arc being considered "!•• ili" .\.'«.i"i:;ic'il I 'l.^^i No detlnite arrangements for iiltrae- Phllad'dphia, Jan. 2ii.—Hecans" of j iion.'i hnve been ttunoiinced. but 11 Is the prevalence of meningitis in Texi .nderstVod that the theater will and the poBsthllity that the I'lill- opencd with iiigJier ci; as aitraCtlonti j adelphia Americans may have to avoid than have evi-r before been bookea | <ln't 8l"«--' for «I>r''i« '"""'""ff. 'Horace for the jiark and it is stated that ef-U^ogel, president of the Philadelphia forts will bo made to bring In many ^'e'ionals, has offered the world'H new concessions so that there will be <".": n.idons the use of the grounds something to entertain and amuse ev-j Ipased by his club at Hot Springs, ery imrk patron. ;Ark. The park has been closed for twoi seasons with the exception of an oc-j Glrnn Curtis left this afternoon far casional siieclal attraction and weekly i Pittsburg, Kan., to take a position, base ball games and It is believed that /' — with proper management and car ser-f'^-Waward Jones w([ !eive tomorrow vice, the park would again bo a sue- morning for Kan's- City, where he cess as was once the case. ^has secured a i>08ltion.y (Ry the A.-ssociated Pres .<t) Czenstochowa, Russian I'oland, Jan. 26.—Precious stones to the value of llfty thousand dollars, which, were stolen two years ago from the statue of the virgin known as the Miraculous Black Virgin, in the famous monastery of St. Paul In this city, have be(?n discovered in the store of a jeweler named -^dler in the city of Lubin Poland. Clews also found led to the recovery from a house near Lain- b;rg, in Austrian Gallicia, of another fifty thousand dollars worth of jewels taken from the same statue. 1 LRYAN'S EFFORTS WASTED. I Thf Clnrk-Folk Feud Continoes In .Hlssonri Drraocracyr- n;v ilip A.s.sociated Press) St. liouis Jan. 2G.—^The efforts of W. J. Itryan to settle the conflict be- twei -n Clark and Folk for endorsement by ."Missouri Democrats had pro' dr .ci d no material results today. Ju;l '--e Virgil Rule today Issued trom^ i ih.e Clark headnuartnrs a statement ' that no presldentJul candidate has any , ,:iUihority to try to divide that which ' he doesn 't own. and the managers of •the Chirk Bureau do not propose to/ (oiiiiiromis •. i DEArU <»F Olt, C. \V. RENMCK. _ _ CONNAUGtn THE OrKL IS A GOOD SORT. Like Anierlraiis Bully. Even it" Thej Ihi tall liim '•Bn.'ii}."' • III- th- ' .-/.i! ••! !•!. . New "^'ork, .J.inn.-.iy 2'l.-r-Thc Dike of Conoaughl returned to New' Yory this mci-ning delighted with his re- (;'piion ai ihe Capital, being espicial- i> pleased witii the democratic simplicity which marked the cerpiuonials at the While House and at the home of British Ambassadbr Bryce. The royal visitor has eocpressed himself ^L'nLtd Scales. as px:retr''y p'(asr«i with Anier;:'a and .'Vmerican.- an.i doi>sn"t o'njeci fo being -Mi: ken to of as "Dukey" by paa-trshy in Ltr .-ets. He gays if hi.? the Britirsh K;nc;" and Queen when t'ley vi.-it fanaUa, will also visit the i Former Well Known das City Fhf- I siciuu nied Lust MgbU Word has been received here that Dr. C. W. Rennlck, formerly of Ga». ;Ciiy, but who for the past f6ur or ' five years has resided near Wellington, Kas., died last night after a Severe illness extending over several weeks with pneumonia fever. The news of Dr. Rennick's death will cause keen regret in Gas Ci^ and vicinity, where he resided for many years and made numberless friends. [An obituary will be publlabed later.

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