Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 31, 1954 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
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Wednesday, March 31, 1954
Page 2
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HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS — Nesel week a Smith -will clean a carload of tour the ethet 1 ' 'Awards, «M haiints oh <J tftert efeefck eut of the Ssi-Will* l tittfe. ' tempdrarily t shftw Busi... ,_.., ^eat half of -it rscpth providing belly 1 movie fans via the r SthltrT'iitioHs. For this, he V& s'pediat Aeaderny Thursday night, iawed. wry-voiced Pete is 61. I look .it, "But he says In ill health durjn? and had 'always re'S ,lo< work before* -tecoverittg Slftee 'this MOM retire- iWtii r hos''gone into -effect, -he bv^ttitftttably. As in many • his wife was the one -for It. ~~ I 'fell 'back on the ["'believing l l would did 'he said in hiq (then '1 decided cliche and quit ,'My" Shorts are '"' 'iri the livo- welfare of dairy farmers, Benson's order will drop the government's support price on dairy products from 00 to 76 . per cent 'if parity bfeslhling at midnight. Full or 100 per csnt parity is the gbverhrnent's yardstick of_a "fail 1 " arice for the things a farmer sells n terms of -pricos he pays for things he buys, He hasnls o predicted that an intensive industry-wide dairy promo- Jon campaign due ;to get underway tomorrow Will push retail but- .cr prices as low as 59 cents a pound in some areas. Farm state lawmakers cularly those from dairy producing ireas — -have bitterly • protested Benson's order. They claim it will 'ruin thousands of farmers." an&ther D rov champ. -It 'lo be -tho oiilar ' field. It Spuddle; "but nt , wade 1 - p ' flood w8f "correspondence Sigf; jutj'ihisMast' -two ' shorts. ''S;" 'rin , chatfrp!orfs'''Jri-i,\tH*elr -greatest afjter throe Durham ailment. the Tnrn«r Saj-^h , <M»r- t fMScedoniavpaptist Chur- t»i$JflHn Benson Stands CoatlnUeil froto Pnw^fi* delay in llie.rttfce prop slash. Rep, August If. Ahdresc-n (R-MinnJ paid a peJ-fonal call «n the secietary esirlier this week to make the same plea. But Benson was said to be holding firm td his view that huge dairy surpluses piling up in government freezers maKes the support cut necessary farm low and to comply wlih for the long-range parti- No Forgotten Roads, Areas Says Eldridge tlTTEE HOCK (UP) '— State. Highway Director Herbert Eldridge said today there are "no forgotten rOads and no forgotten areas"in Arkansas ' new ronds program. Eldridge told members of the Arkansas • Public Expenditur t e:i Council that Arkansas' Highway Department is "perhaps the mosi non-polititial highway department in Uhe nation" and 'its purpose is to improve'" traffic -service "on all roads and In all areas state. ( Wilh this of 'the it t 'highway ' commis ARKANSAS Associated Press Sports Writer That the Arkansas Razor-backs would accomplish more in spring botball practice this year than hey did last year was to be ex- jected. Head Coach Bowden Wyatt and all 61 his assistants except George Cole had just co'me in from Wyoming and hardly knew the names of-all the players when-they opened m the off-season work a year ago. They had absolutely no idea which ;oys really wanted to play their cind of .hard-hittintt football. Consequently, much of the 1053 spring work was designed to find out who could —' and would — do Mundt Hints Man Found to Head Hearing WASHINGTON OB — Sett.'MUrtdt (R-St» spoke today of^'bfettdr" prospects for a successful' ehd to his two weeks' search for i} SJseciijl counsel to help investigate; lire McCarthy-Army row. ' ' "' High Army officials haV.e r be- cused Seh. -Mcdarthy (R-Wis), chairman of the Senate investigations subcommittee, arid h is aides of trying to get'favore'd treatment for a drafted associate. McCarthy replied the Army sought 'to- buick- mail him into calling off- a search for subversives in the Army. The subcommittee voted two mcj When he. called' his. boystogether Eo-r head-knqcking early this month, Wy ait was well aware of their abilities and desiras, So the 18 dajs ahead ivere devoted to instruction to "Improve^' the material at hand. Arid, Where the squad that ro- pori'ed last spring had played nothing ,Tout T football with its brush blocking, .this year's crew already •was schooled in the single wing. ' The 20 sophomores due to make the 1?S4 traveling squad lack ex- pelencc, it's'true, Remembet, though, that they were picked for single wing football whereas the material Wyatt inherited las spring definitely wasn't. All, ,this important in fighting thai theHazorbacks will be strong er ne?tt faJl.,The only hitch is tha the, opposition is Jifcely to be strong er too. -sion." Eldridge said, "therei are no' forgotten 'roads 'and no fotgot-- ten -areas ''of -the state. "This" is evidenced 'by *the fact thqt work }s , under, Construction or programmed in 'each- 1 of 'the '75 counties.' ' 1 Eldriage~"h"eaded a list' of state officials- slated^ to addi&s^ - ; , the council at,*it3 annual meeting herd today. The meeting closes 'with a banquet tonight at .which, U. S'.' Sen. ]John4 -li. "Mcfcleljan is. to sipoak' * ' " ' MoClellan was ' expected to arrive at 12 o'clock noon by plane- fro.rn, W^shington.addr liu^at^r p nv.'ano res. s the diately to Washington because of the,; Bvesgure of ness. committee \ busi- Pthe? speakers nt this afternoon's : sossion included State Education .Commissioner Arch -Ford' Welfare Director A. J. Moss, and, Dr. George S. Bepson, president of the-, council* nod of Harding College Stanley. . Preceding Sen. McClcllan's address .tonights Dr. Senson and Miss L, >Dqrothy '.Green of M«na will honored as ;the council's kansans'of the Yeai-.' "Ar- Democrats TrytoSdve Housing Plan WASHINGfTON W> . ocrats found themselves today tee odd .position 'Pf ;tryjng to rep- cue President Eisenhower's public housing prpgrnm.viHuallry scuttled by two comrflittees dominated by members ,ot Eisenhower's own party, The battle was 'to be gained when' the House considered fpr amendments a $5,500,118,763 appropria« tion bill 1o finance, for ^ year the Public Housing Ad- and Mrs. dseji, ftfr. and "Mrs ministration, the Atomic Energy. Commission and more than a dozen other agencies. Overshadowing the money allotments Jn the bill is a housing provision written -in by. the House Ap- .propriations Committee and aj most certain to be knocked out on a technicality. This provision would limit to 30, 000 the number ot lowi-rent public housing units to be, started in the veur teeginnins Jwly J. with Was given aU 1 - 500 *' Tnore tlie tollovrlne year. VJnetta''Bostlc 1 " ni '' oroeranvthen would end- The ~", 'honoringi 35 ' 000 uni ts were alowed only be""" gue$ti CE * us e the government already hae Aj> contracted for them., Thus, the Appropriations Committee flew in the face pf Eisenhower's request of last January for authorization o{ HQ.OOP new units In the next four years, i?ohn H. Marine Held Slaying Girl's Motiier A yaung.inaj.-ine and 'his s. c., xw>- in llje 'fame &ous? with 4)1$ 'l»dy QJt whpm fep bad In Mi Wner, "Great ends are made, no bprn says AVyatt "and they usu nlly.were fullbacks in high school.' The ,porker coach can cite plen ty-of examples, to- back up his ob sccvation, too. He could use him Self .as one. ,He Was an outstanding ball carrier in high school and a gi;eat qnd a,t Tennessee. , <3r Jie couljl, go .back no .faxiher ' last ' fall when he molded 'd' ^aeely, 'who'.Kad been an air-state 'fullback at "Van Burden into ^an' , All-Southwest Conf erenci wingrnan . an d .one. of., the nation: . . receiver's. . > , "Wyatt is busy trying, tp "m — not '" adegua^e ones — for his 195,4 team All pf the wingmen ho has arc raw recruits, but some of them sb,ow promise/ And -there's still a possibility tha he may, move Preston Carpenter — who was a hiRh school fullback and the Porkers' blocking back IDS season —to end, Sagely, by tphe way is consider ing an offer t6 'plav his pro bal in .Canada S o is -Richie Woit MARKETS 6T. LOUIS LIVESTOCK NATIONAL STOCKYA ftt)S, 111. tf) — Hogs 7,500* fairly active uneven 180 Ib upmostl y 15-30 170 Ib dov/n steady to 25 higher sows 25«50 ' higher bulk choice 180- S40 Ib .27.00-23 Several loads mostly cTiBice No. 1 and 2 .200-220 Ib 27.50 240-270 v lb 2&25-27.00 heavier weights scarce • iatfclTO Ib, 26.0027.00 moftly' 2ff.2o!?iip' SdWs ' 400 | showed gains of 1 t o3 points. The •emainder of the market frequent- y posted gains of 1 to 2 points in key areas. /eeks ago to conduct o public elevised investigation. With McCarthy stepping aside, Mundl will reside at the inquiry. Plans for the inquiry have remained stalled, however, until (he ubcommitlee names a special ounsel. Mundt said he will call a hurry- ip subcommittee meeting today if iC gets the hoped for "break" in iis guest. "Three brand new names" have come under consid- ration he told newsmen yestcr- lay, declining to disclose any • of hem. . - '.'.-•.'•"•'•:• Sen Jackson'(D-Wash), helping Vlundt in the search foi counsel assured reporters that "stalling' has played no part in the delay. "Maybe we'have been too -conscientious and meticulous,"" he said. _ ',.. .;' The liver-of a 90tfoot whale may weigh a/ton. lb down 24.2a425-,00i "heavier sov/3 23.25-24.00 ' i' ( hi^ :•:. Cattle 3,500, cnlves 900 ; steer5, hcaifers and cows fully ;'•• steady several loads and lots, good and choice steers 20.00-23.00 few low good 19.00 utility and commercial cows 11.50-13.50 individual head 14.00 and above canners and cutters 9.00-11.50 bulls and vealers unchanged utility and commercinl bulls 13.00-15.OOcutte r bulls 11.00- 12.50goo d and choice vealers 21.00-25.00 few prime to 2700 commercial andlo wgood valers 15.0020,00. Sheep 400 hardly enough wookl lambs to establish a marcet smaU lo'ts good to low prime 5.00-26.00 few cull and utility 18.00-22.00 decic choice and prime clipped lambs No. 1, pelts 25.00 small lots No. 2 and 3 pelts .24.50 slaughter ewes;puot- ablc 7.00 down. NEW YORK STOCKS : NEW -YORK, -March 31 UP) —Air crafts set a fast upward pace to day for an advancing stock market. • . Doublas Aircraft hit a high lower than the previous close. May 34.33, July 34.47 and Oct. 34.10. POULfRV AND PRODUCE CHICAGO, March 31 Wi — Li poultry steady to firm receipts 317 coops P.O.B; paying prices unchanged to 2 cents higher heavy hens 20-28 light hens 18-10 fryers or broiles 22-26 old roosters 16-18 ducklings 26 27. Butter weak receipts 2,368,400 wholesale buying prices % to S(' a cents lower 93 score AA 60 92''a A 60 '90~B 58 89 C 56 cars 90 B 58.5 89 C 56.5. Eggs weak receipts 24.268 wholesale buying prices '/ 2 to H4 cents lower U. S. large 36.5-30 U.- S, mediums 35 U.S standards >45 current receipts 34 checks and dirties 325. GRAIN AND PROVISIONS CHICAGO. March SI tffl —Grains spent another day of backing and filling without geU'ng anywhere on the Board of Trade today. The pattern was similar to yesterday, but dealings were at a little faster pace. The market was unable to keep up a sustained move in either direction for atiy length of time. Wheat closed Wednesday, March 31. Bath Operators Plan Med Center HOT SPRINGS W — A group o bathhouse operators decided last night to attempt to raise $50,000 for operation of a medical center May $2.17'/4-! / n, corn to Vt higher, I'/i-Z'/a lower, Msy $1.53'/-i-'/8, oats .- 3 /4 lower, May 74g, rye unchanged to ','» lower, May $1.03, soybeans 4 cents lower to 1 cent higher, May $3.6U1>- Cash wheat: None. Corn: No. 1 yellow 1.583.4-59 No. 2 1.57Vi-% No. a 1.55 No. 4 1.54— Oats: No 1ft heavy white 81 -!i> Soybeans: None. Barley nominal: Malting 1.20-G2 feed 92-1.14. Field seed per 100 lb nominal: White clover 10-50- H.OO red top 57.00-58.00 alsiko 17.50-ifi.50 timothy 12.50-13.50 red clover 2700-2800 LITTLE ROCK W) — Balesville- Floral are: Market steady to firm. Demand, good. Offerings reported improved but continued short of trade needs. Trading light to moderate. Prices at the farm for . 24 .hours ending 11 a. m. today, ; , broilers or fryers, 2 I /a-3 1 /i> pounds, .'.• 23-25 • -cents, mostly 24 cents/' '. , : NEW YORK COTTON NEW YORK, March 31 l/PI — Cotton, futures turned irregular today, with old crop months under pressure of liquidation and hedging. Late afternoon prices were 15 The group would use a building that once housed the U. S. Health Center here. Ten operators agreed te organize a corporation to operate the center. ' The operators were told that the,., iederal government tentatively has* 1 agreed to convert the center for other uses. The conversion, which would cbst about $150,000 to $200,000, is dependent upon a congressional appropriation. Under the agreement, the government would place patients now receiving free care into the .private bathhouses and underwrite the cost. Aly Has Another Movie Star Agog ROSARITO BEACH. Mex., (UP) — Movie actress Gene Tierney switched a large diamond from her right hand to the thiid finger of her left yesterday and hinted 1 she was thinking of n spring wedding in Paris. The royal boyfriend, Prince Aly Khan, kept quiet on the subject of matrimony.. Miss- Tierney who came here with her mother to visit Aly, art- no answer to questions about whether she would marry the prince. "H and when we are married it will be in Paris,' she said, "and certainly no untily 1 after I finish my current picture in May." She was wearing a large din- mond ring on the third finger of her left hand. The gem, a gilt from the Moslem playboy, had previously been s^en on her right Jfr SIMPLE Gel Fast, Soothing Relief wi/h PERCY MEDICINE Arkansas ,State* College's little All America halfback, reason: Th "''ibjvJJn Ihpro PBY more mon"Y. , The pessimistic note In the Bazor l»ack camp this sprine was; "We don't hflve L,a v mar McHan anymore. 4 " How many .teams do have ,-, h/>" i,>» hi-vi? . , , Wyatt has a brilliant tailback prospect in George Walker r of -Rif on and is after. .a junior college trjple-threater who, may be as stood or better . . . Oklahoma and £ Purdue, as well as Arkansas, ;are reported to be hot aftt'r Jerry Ferguson, Rogers' all- state. fullback, Remember when, a iew weehs Texarkana High School Coach Bobbv Rllen screamed because two of his athletics visited Vander- bJlt ^nd, by their account, received football tryouts which made inellgibl f for • high school basketball and track-? Well, one of those boys looked over the Arkansas campus ISst week. But he was escorted by Elian and received no Grid TV Bia NCAA Problem KANSAS CITV W —• It's a Ipnp time until the football season but had a full-sized gridiron squabble on its hands today— over tha t old bugaboo television. The NCAA TV Committee had no sooner come up with its recommendations for a nationally controlled TV football program next .fail thftn the Big Ten conference balked. The Big ,Te» TV Commute ss },3 its idea of nine regional and three nationwide telecasts games wa.s better. of football March 4 at the woman's New York homo when she sumr*" ed him and Crash's 15 year old daughter, Theresa, in bed. Accosting to the confession , which was obtflincd after 20 min utes Questioning by New York po liw officers Avhp. came Byers first struck Mrs. Gresb with a ham pier, then stabbed her with a knife which Theresa handed him. was found, covered wJJh plaster of Paris, in Mrs~ '' - '* -riday. Bear ant., Lewisville, Arkansas, Teacher Wins 1,200 Lion Oil Scholarship Almost Didn't Enter Contest *' •.'? Other Arkansas Teachers Win Cash Awards in Zone "A" When Miss Marjorie Walker teacher of senior English and Drench in Lewisville (Ark.) High bchool, finished writing an essay tor the recently concluded Lion Uil {scholarship contest for Southern teachers, she hesitated about submitting her entry, then decided she might as well enter it. Her essay has just won the first pme-a $1,200 scholarship, which Miss Walker plans to to complete work toward her M.A J --. er P«»ns to from the University of Redland, MJSS ANNIE LEE MOORE use •ee Mr. D. L. Pilkinton, schools sunerintpnrfpnt of T • •„ cess was kept secret from her until surpnse ceremony dur 1,075 prizes worth more than Tennessee, Mississippi Teachers Are Winners in Zones "B" and "C" Mrs. Fred A, Boettqher, English and Typing teacher tit Millington (Tenn.). Cen- trai High School, is giving students of her sophomore class a party because they encouraged her to enter the i,ion Oil Scholarship contest for Southern teachers. She won a $1,200 scholarship, will use it to complete studies for her M- A. degree, Miss WJilie Ma,e WiUlfprd, teaoher of senior English and Spanish at Greenwood (Miss,) High School/carried off a $J,200 scholarship the first time she entered a Lion Oil Scholarship contest for Southern teachers; A teacher for 33 years, Miss Wiiljfprd will use the scholarship, to complete her work toward an'M. A. degree. Why Lion Oil Scholarship Fund Was Established Lion Is an Integral port of the 5ovth, employing more than 2i709 person?, who receive annually pver $lo,99Q,QOO In wages qnd benefit?. Hoik.SL 1 manufactures more than sixty | fertilisers enrich the spll of Southern fqrms... he.lp Southern farmer?. tHfflS f"'fi' " '>' "*'\ i The sshjBiwshiBf4JSil?'M!w ©« <Swwnx», w «y of to trsmjportgt!«n' end c-grlcultuj* spinning. Uon'j »«W W»'f« pr«w«) Merit Award Winners - Zone "A" TEACHER ' PRINCIPAL Mrs. John A. Holt R. Earl Farnsworth Fort Smith Senior High School Miss Doris Hoofman Van Ellis Walnut Rldg* High School Mrs, Pudley Huckabee ' v F. D. MeNw« Nprphlet Hl«h School MrsrSarah B. Williams J, Q. Clork, Sypt. Deihq County Training School (McGslios) Mrs. Lura Hudson Browne lewis N. Mahoney Hot Sprlngi $«nl»r High Schod Mrs. Charles Darnall John L. Shaddox N<j»hvlll« El(m»nl«ry $cbo«l Mrs, G, 9. Peane C, F, Powns, Supf, I St. Chofl«l High School H, T. Zlegler Mrs. StreJw MorrU Msehen • , Ktan«r School (Uttlo.Roek) Miss Beouloh lee MfManws " Mri, R. S. Kilparrlek . • North Height! El»m«ntaty .School (I»xgrkt)ng) Mrs. Cflrfllyn Meyer* R. H. Cole; S«p». Magnolia Public School* Miss $v?pimf» Wllllomj M. H. RvweH, 5«p». Cr9H«tl Public Schopll ' Judges of the contest were Dr, Henry H. Hill, President; Dr. Susan B. ROey^rofeaspr of and Dr. N»cl»olaa Hobhs, Professor of j faculty memberft of George P#9&o4y College fpr Teachers, JStashyifle, 4>iW. Student essaya on " llow; Mj; Fa,vor»te Sp}j«p4 |«J result* wiU

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