Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 25, 1912 · Page 9
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 9

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 25, 1912
Page 9
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THE lOIADAIIrY REGISTER, TimRSDAYEyENINa JANUARY 25,1912. WITHOUT II OEBl THAT IS REPORT MADE AT THE PRESBTTERIAX MEETING. InforeKlIn? Prorwdbwi of thn Con- grrgatlonal Meeting Held Last Mght. ' The First Presbyterian church, of Ida, held its regular annual cOiigre- ' gational moptln? In (he Sunday school room of the churtih lust evening and '•the pratirying report was made t^at 'the Church would «nter upon the new year without a tloUar of indebtedness, either ui'on the church or the manse, •with every bill paid, and with money In the treasury. As this Is the first lime Jt has been possible to make such a report for a Kood many years rowing to the heavy expense taj 'olved; in building a church which cost closNj to thirty thoHsand dollars and a manso which cost them something over five thousand, It was naturally a matter for rejoicing and called for many congratulations. Whllt ' <Jil8 gratjf.vlng sltration Is due primarily, " of course, to the. self-sacrifice of the membership of the church and the B»nerosity of Us friends, the Board of Driiro'is as the body ofBcially charged with raising and pxpendlture of the Church's rev-nuc. is entitled to special credit, and the appreciation of the congregation was shown in the unanimous adoption of the following resolution: "Resolved: That we most heartily approve the ze.ii of the Deacons In raising the nn eF---;!ry funds for tht^i -use of (he church during" the past year, their proiiiiiin<ss in making col- Uctions and uieciing their obligation, and (heir jinigmetit in (he expenditure of these funds. Wo especially would compliment them upon their success in placing the financial alfdtrs of the Chureh uiwn a strictly cash basis and wc pledge our co-operation toward contin'iing that same business like method." Tlie rejiort of the D •.•>cons showed that they had colleoied ?S.ftSl.SS dur- In -gth" year. ai>.d in:"(le t!ie very re- fnarkable statement that of all/ the mcney iiledued for the snf>port o^ the church during the year not to exceed fiftv dolJnrs remained uncollected. The report of the Session showed a total meraber.ship of 71 J.anuary Jst, '•Bopoly oo the remainder of tbe bnai- tieBS. Now, howeTer, the postoffice baa received a supply of stamps that are different Even, Wasbington baa been taken from -hlBl pedestal to make, room for Poor Richard. Stamps of a denomination from one t6 six cents will hereafter contain a picture of Washington and'all stamps of a dB><. nomination from eight centt to SI wll.l contain a picture of Franklin instead of Washington. A new registry stamp, 'niso, has been placed on sale at the postoldce, Whereas, heretofore, it has been necessary to aflix the registry fee to the package in stamps of numerical do- non^nationa It la now' possibls to exchange your dime for a regulation registry stamp, which when dfliAed to tbe package will insure its delivery. The new registry stamp is of blue, and bears the design of an eagle on its face. —Here Is a remedy that will cure .vour cold." Why waste time and money experimenting when you can get a preparation that has won a worldwide reputation by Its cures of this disease and can always be depended upon? U Is known everywhere as Chamberlain's Cough Remedy,* and Is a medicine of real merit For sale by all dealers. CUPID LOST THE WAY Two Couiiles Present Tbemselres to Sberitf for Ceremony. yefir. a net pain of 17 members. The report of the Woman's Mis- siouary society showed that the mem- hersliip li.nd exactly doiiblptl during tlie ypitr. and that $L'C3 h.nd ^een contributed by It to the suppon of missions. Th'» Woman's Worltlns, society reported a total of as the finan- cjal result!* of Its year's acffvlties. Kf-porls were made also from the ' Sunday seliool. from'the l.lttio Hulld- ers" Chapel and from Uassett Chnpe). a snerlal vole of thanks l>eing tendered the workers at the Little Builders for their zealous and suceessful _ services. William Davis. Frank Riddle and H. T. .Kvans. whose terms as Elders expired, were re-elected. H. G. Gates and C. R. Russell, whose terms as, Deacons expired, were re-elected, and S. R. Burrell and J. A. Spangler were chosen to fill the vacancies caused by th? resignations of C. F. Hildner and A. M. Ewing. who have removed from the city. H. I... Henderson was re-elected a member of the Board of Trustees. At the conclusion of the meeting the foUowjn? resolution was adopted by a rising vote: - ^"Resolved: That we ntrnin express -to our honored and b-:>live(> pastor, the Rev. S. S. Hilscher. P. P. our heartfelt thanks for the zeal, fidelity and ability with which he has per-"^ formed the duties of tbe pastorate, "and assure him that he holds, our complete confidence and that we desire to continue to co-operate with, him in every way possible to the up-' building of the church and to the advancement of the Kingdom of Christ." Dr. Hil.schcr responded feelingly to . tho vote of confidence, and the meeting was closed with the singing of "Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow," followed by the benedic- Uon. y V It is the season of tax collection in the sheriff's oIRce and yesterday af- lernooh when two blus-'.ing couples presented themselves before Under- sheriff Kdward J. Dunfee, it did not occur to him that cupid had lost his way in the maze of stairways in the county court house. "Want to pay your taxes, I suppose," said unfee reaching for a receipt book. "Er-ah not exactly that," responded one of the young men. "We ah- you khow-we wish to get married." "Just one floor too high up then," replied the sheriff. "The office of the probate judge is on the second floor." And he led the way for the visitors In the parlor of the probate court room. Judge Smith performed the ceremony that made these persons happy: Miss Viola Stark. Bronson and Walker A. Gillham, Bayard; and Miss Alma B. Trabert, Kansas City. Kan., and T. H. Bennett, Ottawa. Kas. We have sortedxUp 121 Suits and will put them on / sale at the following plaices: 22 Suits at 36 Suits at 63 Suits at $5.65 $7.35 $9:85 Sizes 34 to 44—all colors These are the biggest suit yalties ever offered in Allen county. ^ The $5.65 suits are regular $10 and $11 suits. The $7.35 $12.50 suits. Suits are regular The $9.85 Suits are regular $15 and $18 sjiits. Sale Starts Friday Morning—Ccme! BARCLAY-SHIELDS CLO. CO. The House of Quality TO .M.\KKY(JOVEK>OK OF XEVAO.U Miss Trabert volunteered the infor- as .ipalnst AM on th"_same date last hnatlon that she is an actress engaged with a company now In Tulsa, Oklahoma. I)0KS>'T >VOKK KIT P,\Y tJOES O.X. Teslfntr n New Labor Law In Wrslcrn Kiinsiis. Salinn .lonrnal: I'nder a Kansas law pas.>-ed in 1911, It is possible to be out of work and havp your pay Yun on. Verne .leffrey has discovered this and iie instituted suit today in jtistlce court to recover. The suit Is uniiiue InE.«i!:ueb its the first time the law .;as been evoked here. ' .lerfrpy snys he was employed by the Mi.^souri Pacific to do work near Bridgeport. He used a team and had agreed on wages; of $4 per day for him self and team. Mr. Jeffrey says he was discharged after working nin^ days. The date of •^ils discharge was Xoveniber'ir-. Mr. Jeffrey alleses he was not paid after ten dajs had gene by and he has 'voked the new law. The new law urovides t'aat where any corporation tilscharges an employe and does not pay him within ten flays after dis- -harje, pay will continue to ran at •he regular rate until settlement Is made provided action is started within sixty days. Mr. Jeffrey began his action within the sixty days and his nay is still exj>ected to be going on. Today he would be entitled to $296 for that nine days' work and tomorrow It would be $300. with $4 added every day unt)I settlement Is made. The new lawyis so bauly constructed that some attorneys believe It is no good. The grammatical construction Is sorhething f'.erce and one has to jump over llne.s and ttuttuces to ?et its meaning. PLAY A Bie DOOBLE-HEADER Kef ore lola M^eefs Lawrence Second 'J'eam will -Meet Snvonburg. How Society Woman ! Wards Off Wrinliles I I I "Wrinkle.-; are not strangers to me, but when I acquire such dlsfigure- . , raents 1 know how to lose them In a :r Tiarry.' A well-known society matron confided this to me. ^liai wondered bow she, witli lier tftrenuous social duties and late hours could so com, _ plefely (ward off tbe usual uiarkn of — care and dls.sipatlon. d»n't we^r wrinkles In public nor those horrid rings beneath the -eyes," siie continued, "since I've t learned what plain, ordinary saxollte s will do. Wlien any of those hateful ' marks appear I send to the drug store lor an ounce of iwwdered saxollte and a half j)int of witch hazel. I mix ?, _ the two bathe my face in the solution and-^thafs the whole secret. I've f >^ jaever tried anything that works so ; inIr«culous!y. My chin Is inclined to tipuWe ;this trouble, too 1 keep In f.'] check In the same way."—Emily Dean ¥:'- in Town Talk. " I. e. • il:.- Jierlcrin beir- .?ss II - • • iLl^''' t'lTit you -.ill ujd lie ti. i : t I'l" •• liiiv. : ly fatJier •nnde hi.-; un'i;'.'.-. On- iiii-iiie^!.; i\in;i in thl^ conutry i.u-.j.Mir* v .LIeb to one of yiiiir pure v...f.;f uolto is •Xol>lesi «e KII .11;.'.'1 l<;il"— "Ccii '-e. liniii;,'. <-,-Me." said the young lord r 'M<s !:;i;:;-!.v. "Teil me no more, lli .wever lie luiide bl.s millions I >Mu for ;;ive for .vour sake. But—er— Las he still ;.'o'. theui all right'/"—I>on- don Ulube. HATE A yEVi REGLSTBY STAMP. be Given I L - Benjamin Franklin Is to I More Attention, f —-In view of the great place which t electricity today fills in the life of ii the people, certainly the man who r= first caught it in a bottle on the tell |5 'Of a kite, proving that lightning is fc- electricity, and doing much otherwise ^ -tofUiiaUiarlze the people with this - strange force cannot be overrated. The goTemm3nt seems to have gained ^.a_jnew appreciation of the worth ot . Fi^^nklin, if anything^is to be Judged 'i~Srom the fact that no more is he to r :be«utranked..even by George Wash- :^gtbn. when It cornea to standing aa a design for postage stamps. Here^ totare Franklin has had s poor place world of stamp*, taring been the meagre honor JOT .being San Francisco, Jan. 23.—Governor Taskcr L. Oddie of Nevada is going lO'be married in a few days in Carson City, and lUs bride will be Mrs. Dale Hartley- Eaker widow of the late Hives Baker, of Oakland, and sister- in-law of Cleveland H. iBaker, attorney general of Nevada. Friends of the I wo families both here and In the -••agebrush capital, are busily whispering the first news of the engagement; w^hich became known officially in the holldiy season. \ Oddie is well known in San Francisco and in his own state he Is the foremost political flgtire with a picturesque history extending over a score of years, alth'otfeh he i *^ot yet 40. Mis. Baker wak =n Oakland belle a few years ago ^nd is .widely known socially. MAY 6E PeiMARr AFTER ALL CHAIRMAN' POLLEY TRYING TO FiqrRE OIT .SOME PLAX. Prevldenllal Preference May be Put S<iu«rely n]> to the People If a Way Can In- Found. FOR SALE! M HEAD UOBSES and MDL£S I have Just shipped in 25 head from Coffey Co.—some weaning mare mule colts, some yearling mare mules. One pair of mules five and six years old, weight 2500 lbs. One pai( of mares alx and seven years old, weight 2500 lbs. Several othsr,, mules in the bunch. They ar*. all well broke. .Several head of hones and mares, all young and good fa^ stock, some sin-! . gle drivers, city broke. / Anyone wanting to buy. s«ll or exchange, see^me at oni^ at- lof« Horse and Mule IjaHtet only for ^MA^PfOj ^jstaiBpa. while h:^., Topeka, Jan. 2.";.—A proposition for voluntary primaries in each county in Kansas for expression on President and tUe selection of delegates to the Republican national convention will be placed before the Republican State Committee by Chairman J. N. Dolley. The committee probably will meet S»fFebr«ary In at the latest, though the date has not been determined. Some week« ago when Senator J. L. Brlstow urged vigorously tha* a state wide volunt.try presidential preference primary be held, and wrote u letter to Chairman Dolley asking lilm to see what'could be done about tbe mat ler Mr. Dolley stated that he favored the primary Idea both In presidential preference and the selection of delegates, but that he knew of no plan by which It coald be worked out satisfactorily. ; Governor Stubbs took the saine sround but both declared they would like to have some Ideas on the subject and would like to cee it done. I RellcTes Plan Feasible. • "I have"he4n giving the matter a great deal or thought " said Mr. Dolley today. "I have gone over the matter very carefully during the past few weeks, and will favor betore the committee the working out /o^ some plan, if it is possible, by which we can hold a volnutary primary on pres Ident and delegates. I always have favoreT'the primary on these matters and have concluded that the way; it cen be worked out Ip.for eaph «oonty to hold a primary of It« own under the jifFactlon of Its^ county central com- if the county committcos all take hold." First and Second Choice. Mr. Dolley's plan is to have the voters express a first and second choice for president. All candidates for delegates to the national convention, both from the various districts and from the state at large will be asked to file their names with the state com mittce. Kach district will vote upon the candidates for delegates from the district and upon the delegates at large. At the same priinary. the delegates to the state convention will be selected. The state convention will then have before it the program of ratifying the selection of delegates who have the highest votes and will have the presidential preference expression of the state to guide It In the matter of Instructing -its delegates. —If your children are subJeC tacks of croup, watch for th symptom, hoarseness . Give Ch Iain's Cough Remedy as soon child becomes hoarse and the may be warded off .'For sale dealers. Ire' to ta/'' T V,'. HFXTEKS TO WEAE KED. ^Mllttee. The state committee must have the covBlete. co-operation of every coun- ^mmiuee if we carry the matter Ibiw^nMceasfnl conclusion. The state •oMimlttee cannot do it alone. So I stall iltvor the working out of a plan thiy'kind by counties and stall check the matter AO the coanty chair MmrodH, for Safely, to Bedeck Them- xnlres In Scarlet Guthrie, Okla., Jan. 2.5.—Because of the number ot deaths caused by hunting accidents In the Ktamlchi mountain section of the state this winter, the Oklahoma game l^w is to be amend ed at the next session of the legisla- *ure Bft as to require the .wearing of red shirts and caps by all hunters of turkey and deer. In all seven men have been killed during the open season for deer and turkey this islnter and many mora wounded, some ot •hem crippled for life. These accidents have all occurred in tbe Kla- mlchi mountain section, that being the big g^me hunting ground of the southwest. • ' Another amendment will prohibit ••he use of long range ^ or high power rifles in hunting deer and other big game. The long rtage gions were in reality the catise of the ^ven hunters being killed thU-winter, and the de^th "oil has been so large as to call atten- -^lon to needed ctanges in the law. An .-ittempt will D«made also to-pr^de funds for theqttnsi^se of having deputy .srame wardens patrol the mountaipous [.district w^ere tbe big game abounds. Since the game between the lola and Lawrence basket ball teams was arranged to occur tomorrow night, local fans have anticipated one of the best games that has been seen In the auditorium this season. The news ! then that" there are to bo two bi(. games tomorrow night will fill the hearts jof the fans with joy unparalleled. A game between the high school second team and the Savonburg team will precede the big game. The truth that a fast team may come from a small town was never better illustrated than \u the case of Savonburg, who have played many games this season without sustaining a defeat except in one game, their first of the season, which they lost to the local second team by the' ciose score of .19 to 3C. The Suvcnburg five has been showing better form lately than it did earlier in the seasor, an-.', the second team will have to play brilliantly to win. It is thought that the firs'. t'?am is in better form than at any time this season the boys having gained n:uch in practice which they jiave heid daily since the Baldv/in game. That Improvement was shown yesterday afternoon when they simply swamped the second team, which has heretofore played them a very clos^ game. Dudley, lola's regular center is convalescing from pneumonia, and as ho cafinot play it has been decided to put Kirk Badgeley in at center. Bad;.? ley Is much r.bove the average at the position, and Is exceptionally strong in team Avork. The other positions will be filled by the regular men. For the best Kansas Lump and Arkansas Semi-Anthracite Coal lola Ice, Cold Storage and Fuel Co. GEORGE YOUXG CAPTURED. Colored Man Who Stole Five Pairs of "trousers Pleaded Guilty. Constable T. S. Ball returned this morning from Olathe with George 'young, the colored man who Saturday night left this city suddenly and without warning, taking with him five pairs of trousers belonging to patrons of the cleaning and pressing establishment which he land another colored man named Sinith conducted in partnership on Sopth Street. Although Justice J. P. Duncan, from whose court the warrant for Young's arrest was issued, is confined to his home with Illness, he was able to fill his ofllclal position, und Young was taken to tbe home of the Judge on South Buckeye, and being tried on the charge, pleaded guilty, and was fined 125 and costs. In default of the payment of which he was committed to Jail. estayr<ptit Allen county people will be glad to know that this widely known restaurant will be continued. Thoroughly cleaned, re-stocked, i^i'charge of competent, experienced hands, 1 confidently hojie to win your iiatronage by good service, good cooking and coiutcons treatment. Kegular meals served and short orders our specialty. W. F. WILLIAMS, Proprietor 106 Sontb M'ashlKgton Ave. lola, Kansas WATCH THE DAILY MARKET REPORT for our prices, but remember the prices quoted in The Register are for the same day the paper is issued and not for the day following. Our prices for following day will be subject to market changes— higher or lower as the case may be. We advise our customers to call us up before selling. Wc will pay you best price possible for your produce at all times—based on market conditions. ~' THE COGHILL COMMISSION CO., Phone 376 West of Santa Fe Tracks lohi, Kansas AEROPLA.VE SAVES ITALIAXS. ireoonty I sben tli« -My w? ,A Poor J09^ Coming Ont to Try Motor ft Puts Fear In Hearts of Turks. Gabes, Tunis. Jan. 25.—Details of the engagement between Turks and Arabs and an' Italian column near Ghtrgarish, a small oasis about ten miles along the coast from Tripoli, on January 19, have reached here, and show that at the time of the fighting the Italian destroyers had temporarily withdrawn. Boats laden with contraband approached the shore and opened a very heavy fire on the Italian forces. At tbe same time 1,000 Turkish regulars at Ainzara prepared to attack the Italians from the rear. The Italians would inevitably have been annihilated if by chance an aer­ oplane, coming out to try its motor, had not been seen by the Turks, who became so alarmed that they- were unable to carry out the turning movement.'. They kept up their firing, however, until nightfall. The Italian? lost fifty killed and thirty wounded. 1.1 • t;i..i ci-.,.<j h.. o! r.opeiess. •.• br."i SJc- cts::sh.:'.ti heycl'vcrcii ^n-aUvork hnlf the Piicrgy dev-oed to CO.TJ- plaJrjn^. OWES MORE TIIAX THE U. S. .\C5> York CHyN I'libllc Debt In Oyer a ltii|!un DdllurH. Aflcil ('onvicted of Fnklu?. (K.V tllP As.sni-iatiil i^'iuioi New York, Jan. 2r>.—Abe Attell. the featherweight champion, was suspended from boxing in .\?w York state for .\'ew York. .Ian. 24.—According to Ot rtcial figures submitted today to May% or Gaynor by the finance departmenb, .\ew York city's total debt at the be-- glnnlng of 1912 was $1 037J511.718, or api)roximately $20,000,000,000 motv than the public debt of the United States. ^ - PurlQg 1DH the funded debt fn^ creased $71,432.48.',, of which $44,200.000 represents bond issues for raptd\ "Cures In Every Case," -^r. Jas. McCaffery, Mgr. of the Schlltz Hotel, Omaha,'Keb.. recommends Foley's Honey and Tar Com- podnd, because It cure«*in everT' case. "J have used it myself j^d I have red^ ommend^ it to many others who have since of its great curative power la diseases of'the throat and laagB.'^ For lOl^ooni^luid eotd* m-1 m six months by the State Athletic Com- | . _ mission this afternoon, which found i transit work and the new water supi ^ him guilty of "fakins" and ".stalling" ; I'b' system. -.. 'n his recent bout with Knockout; Brown. ' Register Want Ads Get Ibe III*. " Baeketch0: Is only on* of many symptoms which tome womea endure through weakness or diaplacement of the womanly orgus. Mn. Lizzie White of Memphis, Tenn., wrote ' Dr. R. V. Pierce, as follows : "At times I yraa hardly able on my feet. I believe 1 hmd every peia mad mcbm m •womn could bare. Had a Very. Ifmi ease. Internal €ir;tans were very muoh ^sMsed and my tack was very weak. I Miffend m frcat 4^*^ ^flth nerroos Keadaebes. in tmSCl iliifered all oirer. . This was my condition wbea I wrote to you for advise. After taking your * Favorite RrMoHp* tioif' for about diree iBoi^.«a»'s«i^-ttat anr health was ncv^ bet^r." : . 1 *1 Dr. Pierced Favorite Prescriplioa* Is a poutive core for weakness and disease ol>thefeauaia «'bftaniBm. It ~ ' miaauaatioa, heals nieenuiou and soothe* pain. IWsailiibiiUdsuptben Do aot penpit a dtshooest dealer to aobstii^ for thU^medieiae which «ooe^:of |0.,^esT *'prtcunsi'

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