Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on June 19, 1943 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
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Saturday, June 19, 1943
Page 4
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HOP! STAft, HOPE, ARKANSAS^ Saturday/ Jutte 19, 1943 .POWIlf^ N • ...... . ' ••' — A — A ':'',"> •*•*"* r T i _ ••• • •% I'-' •'"".•• A _^ • ifm merican Not Likely to Command Allied Push inAsig Chicks Play Role lalysis of News by lackenzie Editorial Comment Written Today ond Moved by Telegraph lor Cable. y MAX HILL tlbritics of our policy in the Pa- ffic— and there are many of them ftoay well be silenced by the half- sotry ot British changes in In, and the official announcement itfaere is to be a serparate East Asia Mmmand. IfflThe Japanese aren't surprised, pfhey either have a first class in- Stelligence service or are able to inake a good guess. From Premier fHidcki Tojo Down they have been talking several weeks on their liSbrt wave radios and in broadcasts designed for home consump- ftibh ; : y about a coming Alleid offen- directed solely against Japan. dia has been spotlighted. Ja- $ahV military masters have been ftalkirig gibly about the subject at iifeyery opportunity, an* assuring the riative population of India that they pveren't really at war with them— IMf'was the hated white man they Krere. after. . i^This is smart propaganda, but it work if Sir Archibald Wavell to his new job as viceroy of a; The appointment alone is a Negro Business Establishment Jittery Dodgers Now Trail Cards by Five Games SPORTS ROUNDUP •By Hugh S, Fnllerton, Jr. Associated Press Sports Columnist NEA Service Tclephoto This photo shows the wreckage of a negro business establishment burned by rioters in Beaumont. Trouble flared after a negro attacked the wife of a war worker and mobs roamed the streets looking for the negro. | . Butter Should Bring Same Price Despite 'Roll-Back' varning to Japan that Britain is determined all of India shall do her p'art in winning the war against the . |Prhe '''former field marshal is a fpsoldier, and try as he may he won't Kite; able to keep his military Irain||Sing out of the complex situation in pSlndia, which ranges from religious pSproblems, Black Market operations ijffln^cotton and other businesses to actual fighting of the Japanese .. p Sir Claude Auchinleck succeeds fsir "Archibald, but Britain is hold- ling back her announcement of who Sit Us that will be in command of lithe East Asia theater. He evidently is;not the man who will direct the •t"f U/ °/ operations against Japan, announcement from No. 10 street in London said: "It _ I proposed to releive the comHiinander: in chief of India of the re- f||,sijpnsibility for the conduct of op- p^ferations against Japan and to set * iip a separate east Asia command '-''lor that purpose." Who that man is to be is far more 'important in the conduct of the war than even the naming of Sir .Archibald as Viceroy. It is likely L ,the man in charge will come from * the British Army, perhaps from i the air wing since much of our oft: tensive against Japan will be in '* that field. '' i, General Douglas MacArthur has the most successful Allied r* Prices received by dairy farmers for butter should not be affected by the "rollback" in retail prices ordered by the Office of Price Administration and farmers should receive at least as high a price for their gutter as they received prior to the 'rollback," Earl N. Martindale, chairman of the Hempstead County USDA War Board, said in discussing the butter situation. The commitment of the Department of Agriculture to support wholesale prices of butter at levels equivalent to 46 cents per pound, he said, will be carried through until at least June 30, 1944. After that time the price will be supported at a level at least 90 percent of parity until two years after the end of the war. The RFC is financing a subsidy to minimize any loss which might occur to trade inventories from the 'roll-back." The subsidy is 5 cents month in which the manufacture took place. Q. What is the meaning of "butter" as used under this order? A. 'Butter' means a food product usually known as butter and which is made exclusively from milk or cream, or both, with or wilhou salt, and with or without additiona coloring matter, and containing no less than 80 percent by weight o milk fat, all tolerance having been allowed. It shall not include adulterated butter or renovated or processed butter. this crew: V. A. DRUMB, ENGINEE V. R Drumb, Jr., fireman; R. L Drumb, conductor, and twins, Leo and Elmo Drumb, brak'emen. The engineer was the father o the fireman, the brother of the con due tor and the uncle of the brake BY SID FEDER Associated Press Sports Writer The panic is on in Brooklyn, chums. If Leo the Lip Durocher and his desperate Dodgers haven't got a good—or bac—case of the hitters, then they ought to see a doctor about the chills and shakes, bo- cunsc the symptons arc the same. At this writing, as the Bums are brungling along on a five- - game losing streak, it begins to appear hat they not only have ceased bc- ng any immediate threat to the t. Louis Cardinals, but arc actual- y well on the way to coming apart I the seams. As a result of the particularly mrd work the daffiness boys die n blowing a'10-8 decision to the 'pliancy Phillcis" yesterday— vith the Phils piling up nine runs n a six inning spree — the Brook yns are now only a game in fron jf the roaring Reds from Cincin lati. who grabbc a 1-0 14-innin thriller from, Pittsburgh. The St Louis swiftics ropped a G-l nigh vcrict to Claue Passcau an th Chicago Cub, but it still left them in the rum major's spot in th National League parade by thro New York, June 19 (if)— Ensign Cornelius Warmcrdam, the pole uilt high flcir, who grounded on c way to the A.A.U. track chain- onships when smoconc with morily came along at Salt Luke n time to reach here yesterday. . . Branch Rickey still is scouting lortstop prospects for the Dod- crs and has inspected Eddie Tuch- n of Buffalo (a Brooklyn College joy) and Bobby Rcpass of Balti lore. . . from 1917 to the end of 942, the time of 1:36 for a mile uis been bettered 60 times on American race tracks but the vorld record still is Euipoisc's :34 2-5. . . . Yesterday's National ..cague standing showed the clos- st race of any June 18 since 1937 vhen the first-place Cubs and last place Reds were only 12 1-2 games ipart. Yesterday 14 1-2 games sup iratcd the Cards and the Cubs. uthwcst Conference colleges but Jaylor will be playing football (but t as usual) nczxt fall. . . The orlncs moved most of the Rice uad to other schools but the vis hope to get some good ma rial when the navy contingent ar vcs. . . Billy Herman, who has >luycd 215 consecutive games ice Sept. 22, 1941, is the new Na- onal League endurance champ ow that Danny Lltwhilcr's string HIS been broken. A Fair Start Jack Lavcile, started for the na tiotial track championships, ha spent considerable time learnin the Swedish words so he can giv the commands to start tomorrow' 5,000 meter race in Guilder Hacgg native language. . . But under h breath Jack probably will be saj ing a few hail Marys for anothc old Notre Dame, Greg Rice. Dog Wa'tch Colorado Springs, Colo. — A shepherd dog has remained beside an cquesrtian statue for two clays and nights. Frequently he walks out into the street, gazes up at the statue of William S. Palmer, founder of Colorado Springs, and whines. No one knows what the dog is waiting for. ^commander to match wits with the «",.<, -Japanese, but it isn't probable he P-, ^wfll get the job. First of all he is 1 an American, and another Ameri•can general is in supreme com- mand in Africa; besides Australia 'must be defended, and the en• trenched Japanese must be driven 'back from their island bases in that South Pacific area. India is part of the British empire. It would not be logical for an American to be assigned to this post. The Japanese have had a great deal more to do with the present unrest in India than is known gen- "' erally. Mitsuru Toyama, the evil old man who runs Japan's secret societies, has subsidized rebellious 1 Indians for years. He works on the . theory that any man who opposes ' 'the government may be valuable ' r to him, and to "Japan. In the past " several of India's trouble - makers ( have found a haven in his secluded , , Tokyo home until it was safe for 'them to return. ' Now that th e first move toward \ strengthening our position has |>een made we should not become s 'impatient for immediate action. "' The groundwork for an attack has , •• been made. The actual offensive II 1 1- , must wait until autumn, after the " Vains in Burma, which undoubtedly is the first objective. We need Burma back, first of per pound to creameries making 1,000 pounds or more per month. Mr. Martindale also stressed the need for keeping the present high milk production as long as possible. The following questions and answers give some information on the butter "roll-back" that is of interest to farmers: Q. Are persons manufacturing farm butter eligible for the rollback subsidy? A. Farm butter production is not eligible .for the roll-back subsidy. However, if a large dairy farmer produces more than 1,000 pounds of butter in any month of the calendar year, that person is eligible all, as a route to China. But JJurma also is an important source ' at food, particularly rice, for India and the loss of these supplies would be a severe blow to the Japanese. for the roll-bacK subsidy for the butter produced during the month in which production exceeded the limit of 1,000 pounds. Q. Why is the roll-back subsidy limited to those manufacturers producing more than 1,000 pounds per month? A. For administrative reasons it was determined impractical to include those butter producers of less than 1,000 pounds per month; also, the limitation of 1,000 pounds per month represents the minimum average of commercial production. Q. How does this subsidy affect assemblers and co-ops? A. The 5 cent roll-back subsidy will be paid to any person svhich manufactures butter without regard to where the milk or cream is obtained. Q. From which agency will creameries be able to obtain copies of applications for butter production payments under Regulation No. 2 of Defense Supplies Corporation? A. These aplications may be obtained from the Defense Supplies Corporation's office.P. O. Box No. 6910-A, Chicago, Illinois. Q. Will farmers receive less from buyers of butterfat under the Roll- Flashes of Life By The Associated Press Death Rattle Bisbee, Ariz. — "Tojo is Dead screams a headline over a news items in this week's issue of the Buffalo, official publication of the 92nd division stationed at Fort Huachuca. Instead of the notorious Japanese, the deceased turns outto a former pet of the 92nd's special services section. It was a rattlesnake. Itchy Sentence San Jose, Calif. — Louis Tirri, 19, convicted of stealing a wallet, asked that he not be sent to the county jail farm' because — He's allergic to poison oak. But he may as well start scratching Judge William F. James en- tenced him to spend the next nine months there. Surprise Meeting Grand Island. Neb. — Jess Blod' gett always addresse the elevator operator at the Yanccy hotel "Governor." The other day he walked into the elevator and gave his usual greeting, "Hollo. Governor." The operator fidgeted and stam mcrcct while another passenger returned the greeting to Blodgett. He was Governor Dwight Griswold o Nebraska. full games. It has been said the only thing the Dodgers need to get back on the track again is for them to jack up the "rest of the team and put in a new shortstop. But the way they tossed away an eight- run lead yesterday, you got the idea that a valve and carbon job at least is indicated. A few days ago, one member of e Dodgers' big. happy family- re they kidding?)—whispered in onfidcncc that in his opinion, the lief pickle in the ice cream was he way the Lip handles his pitch's—using starters for relief on lost occasions and then expecting hem to be sharp for their regulai urns. And, like teacher when she dis overecl the tack Johnny put 01 One Minute Sports Page The National League Grcc Book "introduced" eight ne lilies this spring. None is wi he club now. . . Bill Wallace, Ri rack coach and a former mcrica footballer, figures all t Fights Last Night By The Associated Press Worcester, Mass. — Verne Esco 173, Toronto, slopped Soldier Mon toya 170, Fort Dcvens, Mass. (7 Fort Hancock, N. Y.—Joe Agos ta 152 1-2, Brooklyn, stoppc Drumbing Up Business: McAlester, Okla. — A freight train pulled out Of the yards with Pvt. Milton Kosslef, 152, Danie Field, Ga., (5). Hollywood—Cecil Hudson, 143 A- Los Angeles, knocked out Lig Drew, 143 1-2, New Orleans (9) Portland, Ore. — Jimmy Garr son 149 Kansas City, knocked o Cleo McNeal, 151, Cleveland (3) San Diego — Jerry Moore, 14 Baltimore, outpointed Jorge More la, 136 1-2, Mexico City (10). er chair, you got the point perfect y during "yesterday's thumpin, ii 'hich the" Phillies climbed into ourth place in the loop. The Li vas haldning his elbowcrs like th magician trying to work the cai ip-thc-sleeve gag with the ha rom which he pulls the rabbits Rube Melton started and had one-hitter for five frames. In th sixth, thr roof fell in and Durocl cr called on another of his star crs —Curt Davis. All Curt has w; lis glove, so Leo picked a thir regular starter, to put out the fir Came the seventh, and the Lip pu in a pinch-hitter. But instead putting the finger on one of h relief throwers then — two runs b hind and two frames to go — L called in Bobo Newsom, also regular starter. Yet, his rel pitchers insisted later they we not too busy playing gin rumm Headlines and Headaches Paul Dean plans to quit bascbal o run barrel factory. Anything to lave off defeat. . . Slip Madigai ppointcd Iowa football coach. Wlv aid the Hawkeyes aren't Madiga nybody'.'. . . Tony Galento battle op over a nicklc and gets th vurst of it. Overpaid again. psychological Advantage A current tip to watch Utah's rank Sheffield in . the AAU ump tomorrow recalls the high late Johnny Nicholson's story about low another Utah boy, Alva Rich- ircls, won the 1912 Olympic high ump. . . Richards was making lard work of it as the bar was slowly raised to the ceiling while lis German rival cleared it easily every time. . . When it was placed at 0 feet, 4 inches, two inches higher than Alva's best previous mark, Richards announced "I'm going to clear this the first time and maybe I'll scare that guy out of it.". . . . And that's just what he did; the German peeled off his sweat suit for the first time and then missed three jumps in a row. of Giant Killer, Down Vols Twice* By The Associated Pre 8 s The lowly Memphis Chicks, who lave clung tenaciously all season^ lo the Southern Association cellar! 1 ' stepped into the role of giant killer last night and pounded the mighty Nashville Vols in both ends of n doublcreadcr. Handy - Andy Frank Veverka and Harry Kcllcy were the glory* ' boys as Doc Prolhro's charges won their first twin bill of the year, 5-1 and 8-4. Veverka, chnlkcd up his third victory in i\ row in the second half of the double bill attar veteran Harry Kcllcy set the Vols£ back on their heels in the fitst game. For seventh - place New Orleans, too, it was n night to remember. The Pels won a couple of close ones from Chattanooga, 3-2 nn;^ 8-7, and moved into sixth place" ahead of Knoxville, which dropped 0 i :i-ll decision to Litlle Rock. Brimingham enjoyed the novel HI nor losing, 10-11, to Atlanta but at the same time gaining half a game on Nashville. Little Rock Pitcher Chuck Haw- Icy worked his first full name of the season be besting Knoxville. The Travelers gave up a two-run lead in the third, but came back, in the lust half of the same canWJ to tie it up, then cut loose in the sixth with ;\ seven - run outburst that put the game on ice. The Markei Report Bees arc not exclusively occupied with honey-maknig — their chief job is pollination of corps. ST. LOUIS LIVESTOCK ®National Stockyards, 111., June 19 .(/P,_(U. S. Dept. Agr.) — Hogs, 00; odd lots good and choice 19040 Ibs. steady with close Friday t 13.95-14.00: compared with Fri- ay last week 180 Ibs. up around 0'lower, 170 Ibs. down 40-50 lower, ows 50-60 lower. Cattle, none; calves, none; com- ared with last week steers, mixed oat-lings and heifers 50-75 lower, ows 50-1.00 lower, bulls strong, vealcrs 50 1 o w e r, replacement leers 25-50 lower; lops for week: 119 Ib. steers 16.25, 892 Ib. ycarl- ng steers and 848 Ib. mixed yea rings 16.00, 851 Ib. heifers 15.75, cows 12.00, sausage bulls 14.00, vealcrs 14.75, replacement steers 15.00. Sheep, none; compared with close last week market mostly about steady; choice spring lambs top for week 15.25; good and choice mostly 15.25-15.00; choice No. : skins clipped lambs 14.25; gooc and choice largely 13.75 - 14.25 medium and good 12.50-13.50; med ium and good shorn slaughter ewe largely 6.50-7.50. NEW YORK STOCKS Now York, June 19 — (/P) —Th slightly irregular pattern contiiu ed in today's stock market wit Travs collected 19 safeties, all of them singles. Today's games and probable^ pitchers: Atlanta (Cozurl) at Birmingham (Schucsslcr) Knoxville (unannounced) at Little Rock (Kerksieck) (Only games scheduled). .-, Chicago, June 19 (/P) National ootball League owners or their eprosenlativcs sat clown at the onferencc table today for the last WANT TO SELL YOUR HOUSE? y$c The Classified .. , It's Direct Jf you have property you want to sell or rent, do it the Affective way . . . through the HOPE STAR classified section. Rates are low ... results big! HOPE STAR back Subsidy Program? A. The buyers of butterfat, will, with the subsidy which will be paid to them by the government, be receiving as much for their butter as irior to the inauguration of the roll- jack subsidy program, and therefore, will be expected to continue .o pay the going prices to the larmer. Q. Which federal agency will administer the Butter Roll-back Subsidy Program? A. The Butter Roll-back Subsidy Program will be administered bv the Defense Supplies Corporation of the RFC. Q. Who will be eligible for the payments? A. Any person who manufactures one thousand pounds or more of butter in any one establishment in any calendar month may file an application for payment on account of such butter manufactured during a calendar month after May 1943. Q. Where should applications for the roll-back subsidy payment be filed? A. Applications for payment shall be filed with the Defense Supplies Corp., P. O. Box 6910-A, Chicago, Illinois. Q. When should such application be filed? A. Aplications shall be filed after the last day of the calendar month in %vhich the manufacture took place and on or before the last day of a calendar month following the Battle line June, 1942 /* Bottle line J June, 1943 Farthest German advance LITHUAHiA-- W///////L I A / S aratov SO VIET Russo-Gcrman line, June 1941 TURKEY dealings among the slowest for th past year. Ragged tendencies prevailed a the start but selling never assumec any real importance. There wei scattered recoveries of mino amounts near the close of the brie proceedings although declaines o fractions to a point or more we widespread. Bonds and commodities were r latively narrow Transactions in shares for t\ hours ran to around 300,000. 5 ro Gridders taking Plans for Football Yanks Hang (Continued From Page One) orO fighters escorted the bombers both these raids. Long - range bombers from the Middle East swept over the Aegean in another of their uninterrupted scries of daily attacks, hitting a large schooner and four sailing vessels off Hie west coast of me before the 1943 season opens Q,. CCCC anc i blasting a railway cn- nd a majority of them firly bc- evc there will be professional | nnmHincemcnt said. on the mainland, the Cairo (The Italian communique record- to " cd by the Associated Press from- a Rome broadcast also indicated a wtball in 1943. First items of business on ay's opening meeting of the two- ^ l)Illw „,„.„.,...„„ ...„ ay session were the proposed | lt ,. ivy AHied attack on Syracuse, ncrgcr of the Philadelphia Eagles g^-juan coastal city near the nd Pittsburgh Stcclers, expected sm ,t R easl.crn corner of the island o be voted down; a consideration ant j s j lo 0 -[ an Axis airfield. Rome ot five applications for new fran- sajd u wcrc k\\\cd allc i 20 injured chiscs, and a roll call of the nine r lncrCi Allied sources made no mcn( ) ictivc members lo sec if any tjon o£ _ slu , n an a u a ck. more have determined to drop cnslla ltics, the broadcast out since the Cleveland Rams sc incUlcl cd ten killed and 54 in- the precedent at the AP"1 jurcd at Mcssina and ten injured at Olbia. (Broadcasts from both Romq •; and Berlin report Axis aircraft shot down.) The Strategic Air Force raiders had attacked shipping at Pantel leria and along the Algerian coast. (The Rome communique said backs 1 torpedo planes sank a 0,000 - ton ship off Algeria and seriously damaged another. at the gathering. A couple of the best - heeled — I speaking of players, of course — ] bosses arc Early (Curley) Lambeau of Green Bay and Fred Mandel of Detroit, who have been doing no wailing whatsoever about I the difficulties in signing players, leading to the general belief they must have Iriple - threat three deep with a line in comparably good shape. NEW YORK COTTON New York, June 19 (/I 1 )— Cotton prices steadied after early un- settlcment, responding to weekend covering orders and persistent small scale price fixing in the near months. Futures closed 10 cents a bale higher to 5 cents lower. Jly—opened, 20.25; closed, 20.24 Oct—opened, 19.88; closed, 19.8' Dec—opened, 19.67; closed, 19.6 Mcn _ O p cnc d, 19.45; closed 19.14n May—opened, 19.32; closed 19.30:i Middling spot 21.7Gn; off 5. Sports Mirror By the Associated Press Today a year ago — Lieut. Joe McCluskey of U. S. Navy, won 10,000 meter A. A. U. title for his twenty-second U. S. track crown. Three years ago — National League President Ford Frick began investigation of Joe Mcdwick's bcaning. Dodger outfielder suffered brain concussion day before when hit by ball thrown by Bob Bowman of St. Louis Cards. Five years ago — Earl (Red) Blaik, head football coach at Dart- A I mouth, signed new five-year con- 17 tract to run through 1943 season. This is the geographic record of two y^s of war in Kussia-two years^f JnoctaMJ. cjvgg SSftr ^X^<^™ ?£««£ ^S ss^££^£SSZ clashed in costly conflict. There were German ^^f^^Xr heavy losses. But the pattern in the winter and spring lulls as »ch s£e_ regroupedj^ off a new Nazi drive toward Mos- more of her lost territory. may not be the same in the third with cow orj GRAIN AND PROVISIONS Chicago, June 10 — (/I 1 ) — Wheat prices weakened toward the close today as a little more hedging pressure came into the market. Favorable weather conditions for harvesting in the southwest made trades cautious and they were inclined to stay out o£ the market Oats and rye were firm. At the close wheat was 1-4—3-4 lower, July $1.43, September $1.481.43 1-8, corn, was unchanged, July $1.05, oats were 3-8 lower to 1-8 higher, and rye was unchanged to 1-4 lower. No wheat. Corn sample grade yellow 1.05; sample grade while 1.15. Oats sample grade white 70 1-2-71 1-2. Barley malting 1.0614 nominal; feed 98-1.00 nominal. Europe Quiet (Continued From Page One) in an hour-long assault on Ducsscl- dorf and Meunster. (The German radio, in a broadcast receded by the Associated Press, reported yesterday's only aerial activity. It said Spitfires a Bcaufightcrs wre repelled off the Dutch coast with the destruction of two Spitfires and damage to seve- eral Bcaufighters. (The attacks were directed at J German patrol boats, the broadcast said.) Today in Congress By The Associated Press House Speeds vole on $71,000,000,000 Army supply bill. Senate In recess until Tuesday. (Berlin broadcasts reported attacks by German bombers on ships at anchor in Pantelleria roadstead, yesterday, with direct hits bein£- scored on a 5,000 - ton merchantman. (Rome told of Allied raids on inhabited centers in Sardinia, Sicily, Calabria and Campani. Allied announcements made no imrnedlj nto reference to any raids in the province of Calabria, on the | mainland. (The Italian communique added some of the crews of 27 planes report shot down had been taken, prisoner. *• (Meanwhile, a n o t h e r Rome broadcast indicated Italy was preparing for invasion by announcing nine more Italian provinces had been declared "operational zones" on orders of Mussolini. They ard. Foggia, Bari, Briiulisi, Lcece, Taranto, Coscn/.a, Catanzara, Materia, and part of Rcggio Calaabria.) lory gardens on the British Isles. There are several hundred va- WE WANT BUY 100 AUTOMOBILES! If you are willing to sell your car for Cash bring it to us and make your proposition. Regardless of make or model, if your car is in fair mechanical shape and has good rubbei you cqrt be sure of getting the highest cash price. Hefner Motor Co. BYRON HEFNER, Owner Phone 442 (Old Luck Motor Co. location, South Walnut St.)

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