Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 25, 1912 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 25, 1912
Page 8
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THE iOLA DAILY REGISTER, THURSDAY EVENINq JANUARY 25,1912. FELI^ AND FINK STAGE A BIG BOXING MATCH AND THE POLICE DO NOT INTEPERE, BUT— PROFS'NAL DmECTORY « XONEY TO LOAy. S S WIlMend on household goods, * * pianos, organs, seiving ma- Kr a chines; diamonds and jeweiiy S J. W. COFFKY S * 110 North StroH. =• WANTS—ALL KINDS. WA.VTEI>—GOOD LAND. WELL Improved lying near lola. Will buy half section or more If irorth tb« money asked. Give price and full particulars for reply. Owners only. Meshew & Company, Tnlsa, Okla. WANTEI>—WOOD TO SAW WITH buzz saw. Phone 461. WANTEIVLIBOARDERS AXD ROOM ers; jrood rooms; modem house. Phone 206. "r- WANTED—SALESMEN- FOR THE Gem Oil Burner: burns oil and steam, economical. .«afe, no dirt, smoke or .«oottt. installed any .~tove in twenty minutes wifhout changing stove. Contracting agrect? i:ran ;.id exclusive territory. Retail iiriiV Sl-'-.t 'O. For agents and wholesa".- I'Tice Gem Burnt ?r Co.. Des Moines, Iowa. WANTED—EXPERIENCED SALES lady in dry goods, at Frishman's. WANTS—ALL KINDS. W.VXTEIV-SACKS nitta Feed Yard. AT THE VA- WAXTED—WOOD TO SAW OR any kind of work. Phone 517. WANTErv-KAFFIR CORN IN CAR Icid lots. U. B. Brannum, Piqua. Kas. WANTED—A G E N T IN EVERY state to take the.state apency to sell ui.'fal concrete sidewalk forms; money maker. Metal Sidewalk Form Co., lola, Kas. WANTED—WOMA.V ccok. Krause Cafe. AS SECOND W.\>TED—CLEAN WHITE H.iGS. Will pay 3 cents a poond. Begister office. TO CUBE A COLD IX ONE D.4T —Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets. Druggists refund money if it fails to cure. E. W. Grove's signature is on each box. 25a FOR SALE—FOR SALE. 80 ACRES 10 MILES FROM PAR- sons Labette county: smooth land, good black soil all tillable ;60 acres broke. Price |50 per acre; mortgage 11100 G per cent. W^ant good lola property for equity. lola Land Company, lola, Kans. FOR SALE—30 BARRED ROCK cockerels; lu S. C. Rhode Island Reds. Herbert. Johnson, 1316 N. Jefferson. Phone 9T9-4. FOR SALE—WHITE PLYMOUTH Rock cockerels. Eggs bought last si>ring of U. R. Fishel, Hope, Ind. 305 North Second. FOR SALE—MY COUNTRY- HOMH west of Hospital, 17% acres ground. 6 room house, the finest bam In Allen county, good cistern, good cellar all bricked up good, an ideal place to live. Reason for selling, am located In the West where I have business interests. This place will mak© a nice chicken ranch or dairy farm. Call or write. A. M. Kooken, Colorado Springs Colo. FOR SALE—FOR SALE. FOR SALE—39 ACRES OP NO. 1 bottom UD« within 1 mile of lola at a bargain price; $500 down, balance on term to suit purchaser. Allen County Realty Co., Evans Bldg, lola. FOR SALE-AT A BARGAIN. MY two story modem residence, 219 N. Cottonwood. Reasons for selling, leavln? o'ty. Teims or cash. A. E. BalHet. FOR SALE—FINE BLACK JACK with white points. He Is a fine one and will sell cheap If sold soon. B. B. Brannum, Piqua, Kans. FOR SALE—SEASONED STOVE wood. Earl C MonforL Phone 997-23. FOR SALE—CHEAP IP TAKEN soon; four room house, small bam, large May cherry trees, grape vines, well and city water; 436 N. First 1200 down, balance on time 15.00 per month. FOR SALE—FOR SALE. FOR SAI.E-r8H ACRES LAND ON street car line. Terms. W. E. SUrks. FOR SALE—HOUSEHOLD PURNIture: some new chicken wire. Mrs. R. E. Glassell. 120 S. Stanley, G«i8, Kans. FOR SALE—FIVE WHITB OR- plngton pullets and one cockeril. Or. Neusome. Phone 824. OCR 30 BARGAIN. We hare k fine tract of grazing and timber land In Eastem Oklahoma, to exchange toi a well located modem house in lola; 480 acres at $5.00 per acre, $2400. Land clear and good title. Anything offered must be clear. Here Is a chance to double your money in iwo or three years. WUfaker A Donnell, lola, Eaiaa. • GOOD 8-ROOM MODERN HOUSE in one block of car line, to trade for 4 or 5-room house . Phone 1330. THE ours NEWS AT UiRPEji Fl.VFKAL or .MRS. UAKKU WAS HKLl) THIS-MOKM.NG. MJSH : ^fK -ial Events Reported With Other IVrsonal and Sews >ote<8. l .A IIAKri: Jan. •IT.—Thc funeral of Mr.-^ H ?. Hak-r wu.^ iield this uiom ins ;ii i-i) o'clock at Mi; i;<jiue east of town, with R'.v. J. H.' l:rii ;ht. formerly pa .-tur iK -i 'j l)Ut now of I'M- Fresby- t.-ri;in ci:urch of KmiKiria officiating, int'^rnifnt was in the Moran Cemetery. A lar^e number of friends of th>- family at.ttnd.-d the funeral. .Mrs (.If-orpe Donald Is entertaining the T. T. G. Embroider}- club this afternoon. The club has changed their meetings to Thursday instead of Wed- n-.-day. A number of the hisjh school students jrave Mi.-?s Catherine Crum a M-ry pleasant surprise party last even inu in honor of her birthday. .\ E'.fie Felfer entertained a num ebr of friends la.=t evening paying cnmpliment to Miss Emily Wilson, w'.o '(-aves tii:.- uenk for Pittsburg to take the Science and An Course In t!:e .Norma! School. Hiss Wilson thus far as .-pent the winter with her parents north of town. Mise Ciair Kerr is entertaining the Vouag I.adies Embroidery club this af ternoon at her home nonh of town. —Ten per cent discoiint on Wall Paper until new line arrives, which will be the first of ne.xt month. 20". discount on job lots.—Waters & Dan- forrh. Drugs and Jewelry. Kudolim Felger will leave in a few weeks for Ann Arbor, Michigan,- to take the mechanical engineering course in the State University. Rudolph Intendeir going last September but owing to a severe attarti of typhoid fever which kept hWn in for weeks it was impossible for him to btarl. Franklin Smith of north of Moran war- in town yesterday and tells of his intention of moving to La Harpe. Mr. Smith formerly lived her^ about seven years ago. and has decided he can't stay away from a good'town. A dance will be given Friday evening In the o})era house. Shields' Orchestra will furnish the music. It will be remembered that the Katy Flyer did not arrive Tuesday morning as a result of a disaster Just out of Kansas City. Ah Brennan of this city was on the train when it plunged into a Frisco freig'.ii but fortunately escaped uninjured. Mr. and Mrs. H. 0. Stephenson spent yesterday in lola. Harry Deponter returned yesterday from Hartlesville, where he attended the funeral of his brother, Charrte. .Mrs. J. E. Brennan returned yesterday from Jtedfield. after a pleasant visit with her brother. Frank Mtader who has been on the frick Ifit for the past few day«, was abl« to return to his work In the Smith grocery today. Miss Avis MoUenkopf has returned from an extended visit with her aunt in Moran. , The high school boys and the lola third team are playing basket bail in the Wert jHall.this evening. • E. N. Hamacker of Fort Scott wM ft- „ IRA B. IFRANTZ REGISTERED OPTOMETBIST Humboldt. Kat. .Moran, afternoon of Februarj- 6th and ail the day 7th. I^ Harpe, February Sth and 9th. biis!ne.-!» vi.^itor here yesterday. II. .M. Hates is in Kansas City this w .H -k on busin<;i :S. .Io^•epll Haiiii -ji, who has l)een spend- in.i; ih« »v'nter in Council Bluffs, Iowa, ri turned here yesterday. ^—F. Ualm .M. D.. Jcullst Albert White and family have moved to farney, Oklahoma. Ear! Wllgus Is expected down Sunday from Bangor, Kas., for a short visit with his parents Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Wllgus. John Collins, of Savonburg, was In transacting business yesterday. Mrs. Waited Wilson and Mrs. William Newman spent yesterday with , friends and relatives In Moran. i Miss Abby McGlnnis, of Joplin, Is ! the guest of her cousin, Mrs. J. W. ! Hoi: tiiis week. The Eastern Star will put on initiatory work tomorrow evening. The Salvation Army of lola Is holding meetings this week in the Friends church. .\rthur McGlnnis says he Is to be married Sunday but who the young is he would not say. Steve Quinby of Paola, was a pleas nv .t caller in town yesterday. m CASE IN COURT lOOAY IT IS THE 0>E TOPIC OF ABSORB- IXG I.VTEHEST IN GAS CITY. But the Rpirister Reporter Manages to Pick' up a Good Deal of Other News. You can saTC money on yoor trip Southwest by taking adva.-,_ tage of t!;e lev e.xcursion fares in efPect on the first and Third Tuesday of each month. TEXAS I % C.r. A..!!.! c .r. A- a. t ft-.. It is probable that Gas City will meet h»'r fata today in the district court at lola. As everyone knows Judge Foust granted a mandatory writ Tuesday evening, which In a few minutes resulted In a heavy flow of gas In the mains. This action was onl.v temporary and today the hearing will be held. Two or three repre- ?<^nt3tivos of the Doming Investment company of Oswego, the controlling company are subject to a lien on the arrived this morning and are expected to fight the case hard. But with E«ing, Gard & Gard and Baxter D. McClain of lola representing the citizens they expect a fair judgment Sam Gard and Baxter McCIatu of lola were In town yesterday and met with the citizens In the clerk's office and made clear the situation In the eyes of the law. Citizens who lived here one year ago were compelled to deposit |5 with the Taylor Fuel, Light and Power company to Insure good care of the meter and protect the gas bill. The people now claim the Natural Gas company the successors to the Taylor company are subject to a lein on the property for the $5 deposits. With this argument the attorneys will make plain the city's point of view today before Judge Fonst. A petition was left In the clerk's office yesterday afternoon, in which were set oat the various actions of the Gas Company and the stand the attorneys and the city hare taken, and those agreeing with their view and willing to help "push" the matter were asked to sign. At this writing the petition contains a long list of names of prominent citizens. The gas situation continues to remain the central topic for discussion, and It Is thought and hoped that in a short time an agreeable and satisfactory decision will be reached. Misses Myrtle Eastwood, Dora Robertson, Sophia Shawver and Llllle West will be the guests of Misses Ma' bel and Theata Brewer of lola this airs. Julia Coras returned yesterday from a two week's visit with relatives in Bronson. It is easy to guess the subject of conversation wherever men are talking on the streets. The atmosphere Is full of gas. Mr. and Mrs. Guy Roberts spent yesterday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Ballard of lola. Roy Ballard attended to Mr. Robert's duties In tho shop here. Mrs. A. K. Boyer of Rose Hill who has been dangerously ill for some time, is reported some, better this week. Asa Stark and family are moving from the comer of West First and McRae streets to the property on Main street recently vacated by William Davis. 3. R. Heath after a short riaft with bis family bas returned to bis vork at Humboldt . Buy Tone's Old Golden Coffee -Afc- Carl & Hunter's A number from here will attend the dance given in LaHarpe Friday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Carl left this morning for Lamar, Colo., to enjoy a ten day's visit with Mr. Carl's brother and sister. —Charles Durham. Lovlngton. HI., has succeeded in finding a positive cure for bed wetting- "My little boy wet the bed every night dear thro' on the floor, I trlea several kinds of kidney medicine and I was is the drag store looking for something different to help him when I heard of Foley Kidney Pills. Ater he had taken them two days /we coofd see a change and when he had taken two thirds of a bottle he was cured. That is about six weeks ago and he has not wet Jn bed since." J. D. Mundis Co. LEGALS. (First Published In the lola Dally Register Jan. 3, 1912) NoUce of Final SetUemeat The State of Kansas, Allen County, ss. In the Probate Court In and for said County. In the matter of the Estate of Jesse Rosenberger, deceased. Creditors and all other persons Interested is the aforesaid estate are herebjr notified that I ^all apply to the Prtfbate Court. In imd for said County, sitting at the Coiirt House In lola. County of Allen, State of Kansas on the Sth day of February, A. D. 1912 for a full and final settlement of said estate. JNO. P. GOSHORN. Administrator of the Estate of Jesse Roenberger, Deceased. lola, Kan., Jan. 3. A. D. 191S. (1)-3-19-17-24 —Free ptctnre sliow. Trip to Ante factory. Majectle ttalgbt The Allen County Rul(y|Co. Make a Bpedalty of selllnK Allen County Itong. j i We also writ* Insnruea of all kinds, collect nnta. psy 'tu- for non-reatdeiUa, and do • general real esUta bosineaa. We repreaest tbraa of tba best loan compaolea doing bnat- neia io Kaasaa, aad soHcii a ataare of tha loaa bnalaaaai and foaraatae aa ebaap rataa and quiek aerriot aa eaa be bad any- whara. The Allen County Rca# Co. R.L.TbMa|MM.4ifr. omcEs tsv^h* 8tpa. ipLi STAR DISTWJfT. ifsiL 24.—Misses Hattlo' Emerson and i<ena Payne were shopping m xo- la Thursday. Mrs. Anna Dickerson with Louise and CliSton visited at A. L. Emerson's Wednesday. Airs. Vena Dickerson and Maynard visited-at A. Pearson's one evening last week. A. L. Emerson is hauling baled hay to Colony. S. M. Dickerson took a load of Junk to Tola Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Pearson entertained S. M. Dickerson and family tq dinner Snnday. There was almost a coal famine at Colony last week. However, a car arrlveid Sunday and Monday a number from here mshed for coal. Miss Lena Payne visited Miss Hattie Emerson Monday afternoon. A message aiid a fragrant bunch of orange blossoms came to the writer from California Tuesday. The temperature at South Pasadena last Sunday was 86 degrees Fahrenheit and all who could leave town went to the beach for a swim. Think of a swim in the Neosho in January. Will and Stephen Dickerson are assisting Chas. Dickerson In digging a cistern. Mr. and Mrs. Emerson visited at B. DIckerson's Saturday evening. • Just a word about the county farm er: A very large number of apple trees in this county were killed by a specie of worm last year, some fields of com were damaged by worms and a gray bug of beetle worked havoc In tomato, bean, squash and pumpkin vines and I for one would be very glad indeed, to know of "sure remedies" for these pests. My gooseberry and current bushes do not bear well and I'd like to know why. Farm papers are well enough but they have so many remedies that its difficult to choose the ones best suited to our needs. Miss Hattie Emerson war calling Tuesday. PRAIRIE ROSE. Jan. 24.—Mrs. Judith White of Cre»co Iowa, is visiting at Mr. Knapps. Mrs. Moss and daughter Mrs. Lutie Helms were over from Bronson Sunday visiting at O. T. Nolan's. , Mrs. Moss remained for a longer' visit The young folks had a party at S. E. Sullivan's Friday night Mrs. Minnie Rogers enjoyed a visit from her uncle and aunt John Burris and wife of Lexington, Mo., from Friday nntll Monday. Mrs. Kate Sigler came over from Bronson Thursday for a visit with her mother Mrs. M. J. Mattock and brothers L. D. and J. A. Mattock. 3. P. Rogers and wife were in La­ Harpe Tuesday. A. 1^ Sullivan expects to load his car today and start it for MlasonrL Mis SOB Arthur will accompany the car bnt the families will not leave ua- tll 80D>» time next week. A pleaiaat family gathering occurred at the home of Mr. and Mra. Lam Sunday when the children living near cams borne to celebrate their father^ •eventy-fourtb birthday. Those pret- ent were W. T. Ford and family. T. MUIeir and family and B. E. Wood and famUy. \^ Whea you want a reliable for a coagh or cold taka laia'a OoniEh Remedy. It bkdapandcd npoa and la pleanal aad takau For aala Ify all daar«n. FOR EXCHANGE. FOR 8ALE>-NINE NICE PIGS. 7 weeks old. Tom Wade, Gas Kas. FOR SALE—CHEAP IF TAKEN soon; house and lot Address 8 S. Ohio street FOR SALE—ROSE COMB RHoJjE Island Red Cockerels. Also eggs for setting. Louis Wheeler. Phone 310. FOR SALE OR TRADE—A GOOD rental property in lola Kas. Will trade for any kind of stock except stallions. Sheep preferred. Write A. S. Orf, Collinsvllle, Okla., for particulars. FOR SALE—BAY ll.ARE, WTEIGHS about 900; make good delivery horse or all right «heap buggy hor%e; sound and gentle. Will sell for $50. 1010 East street Phone 256. FOR SALE—NEW STOCK CDTTER riding plow cultivator. Inquire L. W. Higgins, Moran, Route 1. FOR RENT—FOR RENT FOR RENT—MARCH 1ST, O.VE 3- roomed house and 3 acres of ground; plenty of fruit and good water; first house north of cement bridge on east side of Kentucky street road. Address Mrs. Hattie Kerr, lola, Kans., or phone 988-24. - FOR RENT—186 ACRE FARM IN Vernon county Mo.; 120 acres plow land, 15 acres bearing orchard. Inquire G. (X Parlasca, La Harpe, Kas. FOR RENT—SIX ROOM HOUSE two blocks from square; city water. Phonfe 981-14. FOR RENT—A GOOD TEN-ACRE farm. Inquire of J. M. Lamer. FOR RENT—GOOD SEVEN ROOM liouse, small bam, plenty of gas. |6 per month. Phone 1086. LOST AND FOUND. LOST—PAIR OF EYE GLASgES. Please retom to Register office and receive reward. Xb« Banger of La Grippe —Is its fatal tendency to pneumonia. To cure your la grippe coughs take Foley 's Honey and Tar Compound. R. B. Fisher Washington. Kas.. says: "I was troubled with a severe attack of la grippe that threat ened pneumonia. A friend advised Foley's Honey and Tar Compound and I got relief after taking the first few doses. I took three bottles and my la gripi>e was cured." Get the genuine in the yellow package. J. D. Mundis Co. FARM LOANS! CHE.4P MONEY! We represent one of the best Farm Loan Companies doing business in the State of Kansas. We can loan on farms anywhere in Eastem or Central Kansas. Our rates are the lowest and" our terms are the best Call or write ns when in need of a farm loas.^ nione 97. TJOlr PETERSON LAND COMPANY Old Court Honse Bldg. Furm and CHy Umnm « KAS8A8 IHB OKLAHOMA Low Batat ilniaal or Semi-Annaal bjterast—Pifrllege to Pay la Fall ledaeat Bater ea Fire lasaraaea! RiMXunnfngham Old Gaait Haaae Bid*. labu Kas. ;^Ronsd Trip Tickets, lola to Bdt Springs: Ark.^ with retara limit of three moatbs from data M aale, wttb atop-over prtrilegaa folas and retura oa> aala ayaqr -iar la tbs year, for 018.60 , n* oaa way fare ia IIXM. E. E MUNGER. S Beyal Typewriter Agpnfj » 3 GoBtroIs Exclusive Said c: :u. 3 Boyal Standard Tjpenrltn S a In Allen Couaty * $ E. H. Bussing, Ag«nt & * Northrup Bulldln? lo^a. Kan* » $ Typewriter Repairs nua &ui>i >ii «-r •* 9 a « « #« » $ « 5 % nr * •:• -r- T. % a Dr. C. JI. Rui» 9 a • DEMIST » a Boom No. I, >urUiru|. lii.u. 9 a Extraction witlioiit ti .v \:,t • a use of Nitrons Oa.) a Phone—Office 5'.3: lu s a:.: « «»»»««««aaaassa*** ^aeesaaaaaaasiaeaaa a WHY NOT! • 9 Have Tour Piano Tuned by aa • a Experienced Tuner—One Llv- • ins in your home town. * « T. 0. CANATSEY • Plaao Tnner. and Bcpatrer • a Roberts Music Co. Phone 421 * »«»s9a »aaaaaaaaaa» e $ $ $ $ £ $ $ o $ 9 « a « F. I. B. LEATELL, ¥.3 C Bpecialtles— 9 Diseases of the Che*i ft ( Diseases of Chlldrea^ c Phones—Office 147; Res. !•]. € IOLA STATE BANK BLDG aaaeaaaaaaaaa«tfi »«B •» . d •^ Beat Estate and LlTestaeA « * AUCTIONEER • * Satisfaction guaranieed-Wirt c* • * phone at my ex^^nse for dit»» 4 * B. B. CX.ARK, « * lafef Ceater Over Com. Baxk « * 4 4> riDLLIF HETGELl 3. 110^ South St 4* 4. HABHESS AND SADDELRY 4' i|« Geaeral Repairing, All Kinds * • * MONEY TO LOAN • <> on all kinds of. household goods 4 * or Jewelry—anything of value. • * Bigus Pawn Shop, East Side • •> Square. Office in Fruit Store. • y •> All transactions strictly cool- • * * denUal. • , * • •' -"^ »»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»» ,. 1 a Office Res. « ... a Phone I8S. Phone ISi-Y. • a DB. J. G. WALKER. « a Kress Bldg. a a Successor to Dr. S. A. Coffmaa » a Special attention to Obstetrics « '^1 a and Disease of Children. a a a.« s a a a a a a 3 a n: a a « a IOLA R. R. TL\IE TABLES 1. T. * S. F. RAILWAY =, -5 South Bound. ^fo. 201—DaOy Pass<?n«;;r l-OSp-n No. 203—Daily Passenger ::)3a.nx Na 207—Daily (except SunJty) Pesssa:-. ter S:50p. m. No. 215—Dally (except Sa.mlay) Way ' ... Fredght Arrive 12:01 p. m. De- part 1:05 p. m, ;. North Bound. So. 20S—DaOy Passenger 2:23 p. m. No. 204—Dally Pa.a.«enscer ::-2i)a,m. No. 208—Dally (except Sunday) Fasaen- •- ^ ger 5:30 a. m. Na 21s—^Dally (except Sund.-iy) Way;. Freight Arrive 11:15 a~ m. Depart 12:01 p. mu Missoari Pacific R. R. Pr^Ights—West Bound. ''rv 49t—t.ocaI (dally ei. Sun) IT... . .2 :45 p. m. rsJ 451—Colo. Red BaU fd.tilv) W.. .8:38 p. a. ^ Freights—East Bound. • / 458—Red BMl (dally* ar. 493—Local (dally ex. Sun) ar. 8:00 a. m. j Paisengers—West Bound. 407—Kansas City-Vates Center M.<»U and Etpreas (dally) Iv 4:17 p. m. ;r«v 409—fit Louls-Wichlti ita'.i a.-id Exprese . 3 (dally) Iv. s:33 a. m. passengers—East Bound. 41(^—St Louis-Kansaa City Mai! and Br- . press (dally) ar. 7:17 p. m. 408-^St. t-ouls-Karsaa City Mall and Ex- ••4 press (daDy) ar g:S3 a. m._- ' M. H. & T. R-taWAY : N South Bound. ,; •No. 671—Way Freight, (daily e»copt Sunday) 4:;na. m. V .-, .; No. 7»—Mixed *dal!y> 4:45 p. m. ' " 'r-i No. 73—Pa«8enK*-r Maily) 12:19 p.m. ' .j No. 25—Flyer (daily) 5:50 a.m. North Bound. • 9 No. 24—Pn.wn^fT fdallj') l:»Sp. n». No. 78—Mlx=Kl (dnllv) 2:30 p.m. -j •No. 572—Way Frtlpht. ('iaV.y <"tccnt Snndav) 12:l»l>.m. . J •BTI and B72 "will carry Dn.wnevTn -1: • % MOSEY TO 10.VN OX FAKMSl 4 If you are wantinB a Farm Eoan let me tell you about my terms and rates. I handle private tind Eastern money. ij; C. 0. BOLLIXGER > J lola« Kans. ^[hi FOES CURED IN SIX TO 14 DATS. "M* —^Your dmgKlst will refund money rj,*«^« If PAZO OINTMENT falta to cure any ease of Itching. Blind. Pleedln's^,' Protrndinff Plies in 6 to 14 day&

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