Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 30, 1954 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 30, 1954
Page 6
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HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Tuesday, March 30, 1954 SCOTT NEWS "Gn Fi-e. ? ]Tu:-h r -r'.. nrrUire'i. ji .Jim aw! Moik t :-:ch:\i^;rc! rjarifx? j j during the few iiunuley' wait. ]l ' Mar** 31 bnicd.* if T-u:.,... B1 1 Service for the city In the judging of the m.iss arran.;™, '"..'. -"., '"' wlft be held Wedws- Eomintl, MtP IK"i'-li« v as award-i ;n , ( '?' '.' .' , Si 7:30'at the Mefho- ct 1st plan <v,i h-j 'mil ula.*;, howl: -'* .V 1 " .''•'' pi filled with whitf n... ,,n 1 .vollo-.V|'".'.'y'j''",''-.. H , 5 4 - jasmine. Mis .lack H.mell second- ,,'•' ? '\. r ^ J: ' ... S&.'.li} H. MeKenzie will be lir.s- pLaco fur h'r p,u> > tvi pink liori-: , , J ,' !< ''.'' f ^' : , .)'. JjiHHe* Wednesday Biidsje Club zonal coutiiimi hnlidnc laniaras; 130 ; 1 ; 1 ' 1 ] ' 1?t ''"' l: ,, it h<5me oh Wednesday aftci- and Mi s Miiionl ixtmel third; >Un - "" : '" 2;30. r>l«co -wth a white bowl h'.J.iin--,' i " Kc ll1 '"- ' l(1 , US Of the Pi c<b> to) ifln A dHrc table c.iKiiI ' ourse was \ t '""'.'"' and their friends will lla^o a .setvcd to 1'! ij.crnhi'- aid visitors '^;'''_'' ''''"' k'^ujipfer on Wednesday cv- Mrs, W, L. Unit mul MLS Jordan, i - 1 ' 0 '«i 6:30 in the fellov,s)iip ( *FoJ!owiflg the supper .Irliy Mrs. J. B. Hostc-nty lid of the Presbytcnan t'hil- Hostess To n<6 at Jvlonticollo will Carasta Club of the home and nuK" Th" himie of Mi" ,f T! Hester-i teas for the evening. ]y K as festive ,uth i olm lul arr; —"-—- 1 —- 'rmnti of i<ladio »•• n if/odiis and ', April 1 £(.) jniiuns on Thin d,iv afternoon '. C. T, V. Will meet on Thu- tt j,rn <h- iv.i' ho,less to Hie 1950 ?:vk !r,:,ii':d at Jim Dunn cjuia- ! roum prorhirort no si^n of any or"' 1 " 11 ^' ^>:^'- ^ iiviportanl. h';fii::hi ri c-(.rci :;>. ilhc mon..ry. Neither Mark nor '.lim '» : '' !lV '' f 1n;:ln . Mark. Thc<'.: ; v-.,iunU -s. Gon.-l jiiibi." Jim. said. If you'acltially expected would go tho f;i -" lv; '- ••'.•... >.;'d fil i a \vorld, ;'-.ii Tho iilnne lan,.tc(.i .;ci- : t -.1 .,.; i- i:.-liev ( ; G'jorsi.-." search v.-as somifllung which h.irl. '.'•-••. ; "-^ i .'- "-'- vs v -'" ri;! wlfh nw c :'^y. I' 1 " ; ' 11 '!' ;v ' ! ''?''-' 1 '° 'n,' nn ••••,;:!•, Dkl-.riivis ?.-.id, "If voiMo be done. ip'.lioits an<! sl-'i.in;:; princes J n-> flyj-.-ir; il^- >.-::.:'••" iiU: .up v,-iin uu -v, c:,.,,.-^..- • : There was a hufic chest of ln ,-:''"i' -" jp:,-,,v. ,-,-s.! I ,^ ; l Jv.' «W.• -.-.,rri,-i-..u if !. vvii:- inia«inin:r ch;inical Vovs. Thert was a yinr^i To Be C'intinued) | v.-as six liein-s aii'.l i n.in .,;•/• ]bu-ci a white drcssr-r small boo!:"-| -— — ....... ------ -— by _ K astern Ahliws in lebruai, .,\o. Th.'if. \Ve.=1ric'!; hoy was cov-i'-.-'st: filled \vith pielur;; editions v ot' ; North Cnrelina osliinalc >'-'• f:\r- j 19 1 !!'• ':'-:•> ':.;• Tony. ,1; . Somc-titinf-'r . fairy .stories. A Email radio sliJl rnt:r.s !o.-'l, :-.'"i t:iillion clollru-. 1 ' \.i fh'M , . •• • (.-:i. -:il r)!'hi/' , huninicfl wiUi ..owei- althui'.jth Uto bell weevil in 1!U3. one (if the worsl ! Tnt: li^nn! -.lie an of .ndocnina .•> : st-iUon to which it. was tv-ued wu:J years !<--i- coUo:\ in the history of.al : foiirtii as largo as Rouge Soloist fAppear 11 Irt Concert jMethodiat Chuich ay aftfrfthon at 2:30 in tne hon^e can i i.i C'lub. . J.'Oi Coleman, High trim- honoi s wi'ie held by Mrs. L. D. Kinney. A daintv '..il.id couise was served at the conclusion of the OUn i imntbtis pi i sent jMf- W K ]Jcnm,ui Mi-. J. A. i Yineev. Mis lied Powell.' Mrs.! Methodist Chuich j v.Fo.e, Mis K M Sh.irp, Mr. William B. |Hj j Wil-on .ind Mis Imon Cue. v* M^i^rtrt tltiiiat* T.,i in n } bus Btor r i>f, Baton ftouge, L.i , in a . Ui'ftUliSiial conceit Tuesday! H ay Ride And Werner llsg, March 30, at 7:30 p. m. I Roast Held •/Mann is at pie&cnt the Di-i Mtmbei of thr Oidej of UeMolay | ir''of'Youth Activities at tlK>' an(J n.unbow Cnls cnioyed a hay,Methodist Chuich m Baton (IK i e fo guekles L.il.e on'Kiiday ev- s, ,He' is- very fine in Youth (fnmn v/llol( , d w <-inei ic.a.sl was arid has about 400 young |] lc id. iin Ute evening youth sor-j M ,. and MI? A M Uottij' Dr. iv tlie church. Ho is also one ianc ) Mrs N R. Nelson and Missj be ;;nyt]tint(.' cff the air. S' frheso law,, low prices plur. u reen Stamps, rdccnr.fibb in r" torfoy, o two w«y:",- v/5?'h S Sf H Yowl! religious singers Beitha Grav accompanied the gioup of uppiovjmnU'ly GO. tinlerbig the field of bs gSad you did. Mr and Mrs Harold PHI ker we , , ; with; 1 Fred jWaflrig's or- l-'ari'd 'with Ted Wecm's or- ThUtsday visitors in, Aikadelphia. he entered the Mis, Violet COP and Mis. J. L. ALL DAY WEDNESDAY-MARCH ,SSr^ fU '..:' ' 6 : v-, v, •• ?•';- [< if l"< ': n : .> - .'; V d » 'i i-' t,V/ V2= Sii- .,. fc « during Woi'ld War Coe spent Thursday aftcinoon in assigned to USO Work as vocalist with the Mrs Archie Johnson and Mrs. ifld jbo^tello show, He worked WiUiain Buchanan motored to .Tex- 'lhe r 'Hortier Rodehaove oilcana Thuisday for the day. _ 0 ( , {?ai)d >also In Evangelistic sins- \'*t&L PETER PAN PEANU T 1" 1 Mrs Eai] Kpplei has, returned LIGHT CRUST chaige for the pio fiom Memphis where she was the ifveryone is invited and guest of her bi other, Gus Woodul Jj , and family, , S. Jordan Garden Club ' Mrs. Bemis Mar&hut/. of St. Louis who has been the Fuest of Mr. and Mrs. J. R Bernis, left Saturday fo afternoon the Sou DEL MONTE a visit with Mi. and Mis. Bob Car-. Gardn Club met in the COCK O WALK YELLOW rnichael m Houston Kathy remain- H. MtJCcnzie with ed for a longer visit in the Btfmis 14 Os. Boiiic ^ B. L. McRae Mrs. Ira Waul i eturnecl 'to he home in Little Hock on Thursday ot the Lord's after a vi&H with her daughter, unison, A". 1 \Yarrea read the mi- ta rtill call was nnswor- Mrs. Karl King Jr and family. iv^ACARO^i or SPAGH5-TT3 KKAFT CHEESE and Mrs. Wajne. Loomi ' 6\> [1 a '^ d '••! ;;.:.= 7 Oz. have rettuned to Langley Field, af- arden, A' financial re- tor a visit with Mr. and Mrs. A. H. ,by Mrs, Hairslpn ersented thii plans sltow to he held,A)>- Mvi I5url?e Shellon has been the recent guest of her daughter, Mrs. i ALUMINUM WRAP J. H. Palmer, in Little Rock. iriafl,mntroduced Mrs. D. S. gave an interesting Fred Wliite was a Thuisday bus- talk on "Cut Flo- iness visitor m Lij,tlc Rock. Btiv'anH To Giow and JEP ." Ht-lpful panted Mrs. Charlie Scott spent Thurs- ls on the subject were distri^- day in Texaihana. SV/IFT'S AS-L5V/EET COLORED son was always lund to •••••Eddie Some of two . Bui then, my son is funda- 'jnVolved In murder and mentally kind His gr of- thmg.s gives him a clear and Eddie Stone, kindly viewpoint But what I'm son, may actually the murder be- at it. tint theie was -abso "t body, Was found. Young lutely nothing in c ommon between Cental defective, had nale befor* ,'WHed, But two peopla I've heaid your son won a sci- piue in hlph school, and that BAGS ' | § O T" .^ H | / f i«a /a a vs;- I 's til ptto Proven, and the ho wioto thf senioi clas^ play. Wrote and produced it,' ony Huohes, son of act police, for tlie M.nk Richards . was been seen nea a phone toward his ling Station. Tony Hughes This .talk isn't ,'ietting Denver, where he has us .ni.v where. Call up your sou and THE PURE BLuACH ri .ike sure he's in Denver; 1 Make feint- ho took that afternoon bus " Chid'' H.ughcs' face was colored wit h anger, but the blinking and on the afternoon Pt nit watch yesterday My son i ! in Dem he's xakmj? a " put in hnie o) , , mo , ni ,,, lo pno , K . ( . } Mlimbu . di ' ,. Mllld jf wc ]isli;n iav .. Ma! . k PASCO FROZEN ORANGE 1 insist on it." A vi.'uiw-soundjng voice on il ' perhaps Kddie Ston DEL MONTE EARLY GARDEN 'Said pityingly, dun't know itiuch abou; This is George. George is nothing in- mtntal "Oh, yes, George. This is Mr. tell you that?" f H,u;!hos father. Could ITufhes. Tony WITH BEANS , Statement was a little* 'I'll i;o see if he's .in .yet Mr. undt'rbtand. MvjHu.,hes. i dont think he is. azn one! GARPiN SEEPS • , SUPPUES and CASHMERE BOUCHJE' DiN'TY MOORE , in Willhjte Melon Seed .' Hybrid Corns a$ well as items.

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