Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 25, 1912 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 25, 1912
Page 6
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THE lOLA DAILY RfeCRiTER, THURSDAY EVENING. JAXUAPY 25, 1912., Sensational Kid Glove Sale Pair 59c Pair WflQIT RECEiPIS FIIIL OFF HiOR THAT RE.ISO.V PKICE OF FU- TIKES AUVAM ES SLIWHTLY. ;Lhostnck .Markets^ Kae n Little and Uthi-r guutatfons >bun .Little Cliun^p. New York Store Saturday, One Day Only $1.00 and S1.50 Gloves at CQp pair ...... At tAis price we do not fit gloves. - ^ None on approval; none exchanged. ' ^ SIILL GULLINB BAG NAMES THK (.inKKNOi: INSISTS ATTOU- .\FV M:M;I!VJ. DKIFIVII* JII.M. Ihn ^ooii l.'crinn's Tfiiit Sd.Jilis rr|irc^ciiN lliiii, and So It <.'lM>«. TojM'ka. K;is , —CuiuiTiiinr, AttDriii-y (ii'iicKil iMwM.ns iir<j|i<..-ii- tlon to coiiveiif ti.t; !• iitiirt' to il - teniiine wlwtlier tin- p.,..•••:ii)r or Ui • altorney {jeDHijil "sliDUid dnii>.::in'i' : J','^' ..ui of oiiK,-. - ti,.' >:''vpri.<ir y.-sTo.<uiyi 'j-^. wad- a Btal.-':.:.'iu. ].an of win.-.i >>, ,,.„, .„ ,„ to s.i'.iar.. Ms nut- as follows: , ,.;,j;„o.,.; tondiict in Uij.- very ninttcr. ilr .v.-; ni:iil tin- t'hprokt 'i- .-lorm, thfii ratriiifj. : !»•(.•«• over. Tlif iii'ws- liainT.^ ..i'li' mil ol ii:iiiiir:< lliat i had i .'il.'cd '1,1 a iiiiiiil'i-:' of < nuiiiy and '.own. i.!!";<iTs !o r< S'uii at Jlis-t tlia! tiitK . I ai .^'o iliat mtttw thin sliiliild lie allii-.v.'d .\ir. Taniiiiarry li wU-il -.It lil.i i • ndiiiK cuFi'S. A 111-" ll;iiiii:-ry in ;•, .iiiinl .T la"!? Iiad al- n ;.'!y uc'u smt hi-fun' hliii tor A IIK'1>'' ^. T!;" ';;r,«> aKic-d ln'twffii us for lii- Ta'i«;i;arry ii '.>ii >;nation to bcrosTit I'. n-a.-i .\iiKiist l.'itli. .Mr. Stnlili.s !.i -v •• -iliin^' alior.t this. Hi' siiiiplx •' • ' :n • Hi.s llrs.t Ii'lt.-r. .li;!y :;;). .• t I oust Str. '! r'lriju-ry. • ;." !•. idt:!<'(> on wi'- <o basi- nit, (, !d IcfttT il .ii.-d July Is a rir.uil. it wa:' i''K'. ri >(I to .lniy '.it: mil I am K "riii ;'y iier- -Mr. nawi^on:. l .roi;os .Uou o li:n-.> i .j.,..,, , tricK an oxira se^^^ilm of the IpRislaYir- „r T -,,,. Tan.iuarrv convened is so rvJiculous and fooli .h : ^^.^^ Mraigl.t rs could that It IS 111-; worthy of one si :::-::i' .. moiiiiT.t's ter.ijiis coni^id'-ration. ••\Vli>in tilt uttiirr.i'v ii'-iitfral of t;;'" „ . moiiiiT.t's ter.ijiis coni^id'-ration. ••\Vli >in tilt uttiirr .i 'v fjiueral of tl;'" state Iia.s ion:.- ;nto ii»j .-i ;»>'ssio:i of a:: unconditional r"-:^ipaaiion of j> ju^iil••• of the ii.'Tui". ad (J :(>>!?ed ••i the Rov- ernor. as MV. baw.-on did. and tho :i —Persons troubled with partial paralysis are often very much benefited by nia.'ssaging the affected parts thorou.srhly when applying Chamber- advis.>s t!io Kov..rr.or to wait sovon-i '"l^'^ Uniment. This liniau^ct also te.-n davs to sivo that justice tin,- t" - '"^'/'r'f P^-°^- ^^'e by resign iiis oince. and represents ,,ia-^ '^''•''^'^^ r^si^^u-::^ '^rStu^^;^ "if: H.M .l .I^<;sV^.M ^rl^J;» INS fOMINt;. X :;'^Hnr o,:^":; ,:;;;::!:d- I ^'--^ (-..mpat^^tt n.„ AH ings. then the counsel .-; the attonie;. I , •. "e>^. .Ii >--l >!i Vc( afsn«n-, advance Chicago, Jan. 2.'.—The smallness of farm reserves in the northwest and continued falling off ofreceipts in that district turned wheat up. The opening was to down. May started il.Ol ^ff % to 5^, rose to 2%. Close— .May $1.01 -401.02; July Si^-JfTs; Sept. 94Vi. CORN—Jan. C4v6; May 6T=iS%; July OTHg%: Sept. CT%. OATS— Jan. iO»4; >lay July 46; £e;:t. 41. POKK—Jan. $15.30; May $lC.32ii; July $!<;.."i.i. 1>AK1J— Jan. May J9 .43; July $9.37 rbiru(ru Lheslork. Chica.^o. Jan. 2.'>.—CATTLK. ro- .•"oipi.- market steady to weak. lJffl\us sto'.kers and feeders j:!.Cul( U.Olt; cows and heifers $2.10 ''I''>•''•> • lior.i^—lleooipts aa.OCO; market WL 'ak to five lower. Light.s jr,.C")f; <;.2i': mixed $." (i.:J.".; .'icavy 0.;:7'»; rouga '."."ift; pigs $4.2 .'i '•I ."..••••>. 1 St. Lmsis (.'rain. • St. l-onis. -JT^^W IIKAT, close. .May $l.iii)'ii July '.M. ^ (•|)H.S-.May t,j:s,'.(;>•;; July 07',; <;7.f/ >4. DAT.S—May .".l^.,Ti Ti; July ''•>';'*• St. I.ouN I,l>e«il0fk. SI. I.ou!:.. Jan. !'.'..—('A'!'J'J.!;, receipts i .1 ;!ii; market tleady. Ninive steers J4..'.iiTt .s .'u; cows :in<l heif.-r.': $:!.<ii)';i (;.."ii); stockers and feeders $:;.2.'« Il.'. .'.11. II()IJ>>—Ueoolp!s 1S.'i"ii; marLet steady, i'igs and lights $i2'>'in\:.\:,: liutclurs i(i:2'iUmij; heavy ii;.'.:>ft (1.4.7. Tnese four importniU ou;'l !.!co yen have a right to demand in bread you buy at any bakery for con.^.uni}>t;on at your home tr;b}e. £"1* bread is PURE, bcino- niade from the heat hard, winter wJieat and. the finest grade of hop yc-ist <o be pinciiased on th.e market. Otir bread is FRESH from the oven a 6 o'clock every morning: and on sale hero and a(. ail the leadin.? grocei ie.s in town. Our bi-ead h CI.<EAN. hiiv:g mixod In- an electric dough mixer and bak?d by.natmalj;.,'as in a .lean, .'•:v,-ue!; o>on, carefully inspected. Our bi^oad is ^VHOLESOI^IE, thaiik.^ to pure incjrredients, sanitary mixing, tho'-ough Ijakinci- and clcp.niiirjts from oven to your table. " VP^I^'^ T^I^^IVnV . 108 P. WASHINGTON AVE. Vbi^l^ O .-£:"hiiaL5lM. - TELEPHONE 556 WirFlBSTFIILi;-^- Arvin -.MKNT iiiiLiuMis i(HM )K!» H >u (xronTi \ ATi;S. HnnsiiK rtly (trtiiii. City Jan. 2 .7.— WHEAT, receipts, 01 car.s. Cash wheat unchanged. No. 2 hard, $1.04'fi 1 .0ft; No. .1. $1 .02 '?tl .0 ;'-i; No. 2 red MTi 1,00; Xo. y7*t0;». Ciose—May JMnTsS 1 .02; July fl-fi; £o!!rrs. CPK .V—Half cent hieiier. Xo. 2 mix ed (;7'..:«»;S; .Vo. 67: Xo. 2 white. r/C9: Xo. 3. fi".i..'ri67»i. Close— -May 6S -„ir;=4 sellori; July C7Vi'0% -ellers. OATS— I'nchanged. Xo. 2 white -71 Vj •!\ 72'i; .Xo. 2 nii.xcd 40Uf' 70. / IIYK— l>7lf/.47c jier bu.shel. HAY— Steady: choice timothy $2Itr 22; cf;oice prairie $14ftl4.r.O. nuoo.n COnX— $7u ;ri Ito per ton. (;AS (OMJ'WY iiKMiiMrKKS (>Yi:i{. i:i i.Kii i«Y Ji KH sr. Ili-arinir for I'l-rinnnent of In- jnuctioti AL' Niiinra! t.'a.* Company Is On. cotifes.-pil that i.e h;..i liio resignation in his i<osses--!o:i. and turned i' over to th.^ govprn;'r"s (dpc-. v. here it was atc"i''«-.^-«*»id a i ,v>ss')r appointed w ;u;l:i an hoi:.- i f t !i.> tiun of Mr. I>aw.-o:i".- .-;aie;!t:;r !i-.;!t wi could not src-T the :esiE.;:'.'.;on fur >eve .lteen day.-.-. ••.Mr. Dawson i:= paid by s'-u- to give coihisi 1 a :;i! advic". ;;;id if ar altorney for a i>riva »e rori,orat'or would use methods, he won). 1 ^j,,; ^ ii„),|,i,s. be d.smis .=e,, at o,u -e. . | s,:... n.-r. Wis . Jan. 24.-T»o t l.ous- "Tho ot.i^r char ::e.. -^i^ ^nw^ , ,, , aj..;ro.xia..ate:v sons .Mateniwit are .qaally sil'y anc I • . ^^^.^ J ; Tiie i .t w. 1 aver.- in comment irg on t ':;i- sl-.c'v .^ay that the company ir.irjiij t r.. rni '.ha: tlie plays arc w. li s'tagi-d at.; r.:e of the kind thai a;ii>iai to a'.i . -. Ho ;;;ij -_-;r<;r:a Twin-. Maittl and Tvyrt'.e. :r' \ ^r.- pc pular in the south, :;i\ir.^' ju -t iinisicd a tiiirty wet'ks' ^. .i.-i'-i tlitir cu :i:; any in iloua 'ion. TeM>-. unworthy of edji.-jiieraiion.'^ rawmii Coirte* Hack Stran;;. .ttforney CfjuT.] I )iv..-.))j Is confined to his im;! •' wi'!i :i s.-.cre cold but dictated ovi !• tel.-iiiioiie th< fidlowiug .ili-e .it ih,- r-'s!;: nation, on ar, i ^rt if v.hlv 'i fliutr- tmr Still,h- (•i ;:ii :;.'d th.- i .lto.-i:, .i i.- i-it] with "d. . <'piii.:i "• ••I ask thi' pi; 'ii- >,i '.if.iv le, iiijnil the facts as .'-!:;t..'i l,v ;i,i' in las! Sunday^.- jiaiiers :il.,i .it il: s of the peace "dei i-jii'Mtr M I MIII wlii .li Mr Ktiiblis r.iak -s MI IIMIC U noise. Mr T;ifi ()i !arry never, di.l semi his r.-itv nntioii t'l uie. ft was sent in iv .e hy his frirnd. Senator Charhs i:iCi;'a::. with the iiiidersianditig l<-\v:'.n ih' Senator. .Mr. Tanfiuarry mil myself that nothing sht>uld be said nhfiut it: and that I c':,, -."d hold it for a fi -w (Jord'ii!. ^•»';"^... in thi- Ia.-:.sixiy d,;y.-, aeioriiiiiu' to Htdi')!-; Kriede of t'.iat •Ity. 1J( sp;:e ;!.e l;eavy slausihler the :;.ii::.. is .-aid to bi mo;e pkntilul than ••'.I r '•>< lore. >e« l{i>ri»rd by Kriuclinuiii. K.'Miiiir. .1,111. 2.. —Th. Krenc-a aw;.- iiir I'r, \i,;, driving a monoplane, today broke i':.' ri .'ord for altitude with two ,.:.->ii:; r-. He nached n height of •.'2111 r .iei. •!•.--. a'idii't 7,17" ic.,;. (jnl> a few days a.:o. at(Senlia. Vi rii ii',, with two pa>sen;;irs, i;<' attained an alti- fildi of 1 .077 mrlers. This watt Stop Your Cough in a Hurry Sare hy Maklwr TklN Coasb Srrnp at Home. Tills Tctipo makes a ' pint of better cough syrup tlwn you could buy rea<iy made for fiJjO. 'A few doses'usually conquer. Ibo most obstinate oou;!h— stops ev^n whoopin;; COU;;h auickly. kSim- ide a.s it is, no better r^ieoy cati be bad at any price. Jlix one pint of pranulated BU^rjwith V. pint of warm water, and stjr iW 2 minutes. Put 21-7 ounces of Finer (fifty cents* worth) in a pint bottle; then add the Su;;ar Syrup, It has a pleasant taste and laftti a fawih' a Ion;; time. Take a teaisiioonlul e^oy one, two or three hours. You can,feel this take iiold of a cough in a way that moans business. Has a pyoA ton'io jnffect, braces up tiie anpetite, and is 6li;thtiv laxative, too. which is lielpful, A haady remedy for li'^arse- Jipss, crot:p,'bronchitis, asthma and all throat and lunw troubles. The effect of nioo on' the membranes 1R well knows. rine.x is the mo>t valuable concentrated comr-iund of K'lrwc- pian white piae esfract, r.nd is ricb is f^aincot and all the 'natural lu-altn'! June elements. Other nrcparatioiis will not wod: in this formula. This Piac^ and Sugar Syrup redpclias atta!aed'ffre»t popularity thmURliDUt the Tnited States and CaijaiiR. It luu^fttn been Imitated, tiiotijA ncter>«iece«ful!r. A xuAran^ Af alMolute wUsf act ion, >r naoty pranptly icAtiided, goi* with tbi» Fonr Muiu's Killed !ii nri.e. Wellsvilie. Kas.. .Ian. 27 —I-'oiir wolves wer." kilbd iti a big wolf drive held south t;f V.iU.-.".ir>- yesterday. .More than .•'.i"' persi-i'.- look jiart In the (Irivi- and live woiv.--; were eaiight ia t!:e ro:... • :i. tine e^e :|rlIi through the :;nd ;..!,•.> ^ '.• o fast l7jr the doj;.-. - KiinMis City Lhestock. Kansas City. Jan. 27—CATTLE, re- •^lUts il.eiiii; market steady to weaker. Xative stecr.s $-7.2-7•fiS.nO; cows and h.eifers $3.00f( lj.27: stockers and feeirers i4.(>'>'uG.2:r, bulls $3.775 5.30; calves $4.i '0ri S.OO. HOCS^-Receipts ll.nnO; steady to rivo low>r. Heavy $6.2-7'P fi.:;7; packers and butchers $C.loIiG.35; lights Kansas (ftr rmdiioo. Kansas Cit.v, Jan. 2 .'..~HrTTl-:R— C'reatuery 37c: f:r.-ts 37; seconds 33; -.tcJiing .stiJi'k 2n2. Kfic .-5-~l -:\tras :;.-,c; f :r ,«:ts ".3; scc- rnJs 22'... Leiiil and ZInr. St. l.nuis. J;in. 2.''.— I -*ad, nuiet. $4."•^,4.37'7; .iiielter, firm, $0 .'a77t Loral Miirkct!'. (Produee quotations furnished dail> !y Cnghlll floniniia.elon Company): i :!l*;.S—2-7 cents pe.- dor.en. i;l."T'i"KK—22.- i:«'r iirund. I 'ori.TnV—Hens si^; .-prlngs S; oM ,e k-i 4; yi.uni; cocks tl; ducks .'<V-i L .-e t;; turkey liens and voung gob- h'l -rs lu: olii loms 5, guineas ir.. IIIDKS—> to -.1. ((•.r;',laquotations furnlshc<^ dally \/y S. I) llayc OATS—i7c (ler hu.-hol. H .7V-;-lii per ton. KAi 'Kiri COKX— "lOc per bushel. COltN—00 cents. Oas con-'.i:. rr (7as City wen t'l:- first fall in ;;.' Ir^al v.rcitlp in ti-.c - i-Mlct co;;;t this afternoon. T!ie .Xat- ' ira! Gas Coii'piny wh:.-:i succeeded i tie Tay!o;- I .iL -ht. I-'iir! ami Po-.ver ; Cotupany en':rcd d.-niurrcrsi to the pe- ; ttion-: of .S. K. Flenimin:^ and tiie city ; I : ('•;..=. (•(;nten!:ing that tiity did ::o' .-•ate facts suffic'er;! for caii.-:e of ac- ' fon and liid not entitle the p. titf-'nef^ j to the relief prayed for. Tiie demur- ; r"rs were argued tiy -Vttorncy Oak-.'s . ;r the gai! company, and S. A. Can; .' f 'T the fvnsuniers. .M:-. Oakes dcnle.l ; tiic ri-'h: of the |ieo: le of tias to join ' Ir, a gene;-!: iP '-al i:.:u'n and as=er;e;! ; tiiat the wl:o'.-; aetic.n <;ne in • v. iiich a co:-,r" cf c.-;>:i :v a-ked to ; f iforce tl-e re;"iril of J7 wl;ic-ii Ind : '-)'?n deposit;.' v .ith liie Taylo.- ro!.!- pnny. Ju'ii^e Koiut overruled :!ie c'>- , u-.urrers and the it-v-irinir on the np;<!l- I r-.itjon for a perni.ineni writ of injun-v ' tin rrof''''dc-d . nd is in pro^rr.-s at hour. ' \ • Dii:;>!? rj:.^ d.?y. miny nfrit'-.-wits • wore filed in the car. C. U. Carniain. • :'- Tur,;.'' - o:' fi.e • Ciiy ]''.:'nt5, avi r- , r; d t'lr.t t'lp coir.ianv 'os in operating j •I 0 pi.ii • la.--: ni'in.:' "a;- $:!iS .69 pins i ••;i- Jl'il in bad arv-nur.t=. He de- 1 .'ir^-d ''i:;t the rom;iany would bo un- ; r'.^ :r rtir ;:)s!i ga.= under prf.=^ent con-•• J. i-LT-i" tiirJl CJ'.'ciiv. iSl^j:.^^^ • f^.riL N- w Vi ,:k. Jan. This group cl aparirueat. buildinrs. founded by Mrs. Vanderbilt and just thrown open torM ie'.iic i.tsj.o.'ii.n, ir; ;:!rcii!f» d for persons liaving slight tuj,rciilosis or are ih.dicaie, \v!io can pay a nominal renfci^ .M ::-.!!^!).'.; 'e .-ti :. pr.-\ided for •\<< laiuilie.-- ia flats of fr -.-u iwo to five rooii s. The entire roof area is.utlllzed torS •• ir :'iu! ; •-!' air :rcatii.'nt, ;.nd -V'l.s. Vanderbilt l:as provided flowei ing plants and shrubbery to heightel^ r^e Oilf r."-" fi' t' .Mor^- tha:; li'i of the a;iartnienis are already rented. - . vM - ^ d; 11; if ordCied u. do so by f!;e : .1. C. K'iy in an nfff.!.^-.-t. told ef • ••!•;•. V. tiie r;t !Z .-n- cif l';r :t (^i'y .1; Ti ;;,-.rv ! ;:nd mliiyirg tint t 'le rom- . nv CO I 'd I'c' f.;-.;! Te the Taylor irnrit w-.i .-li !; 1 '..n ir f^-r ST .'.iiO. un- : ti- w f. r -':-ii ;:f v::!ntilie a .".0- nJ I. • ar'' i'- ct -lie.;; rnuld he se•rile! t'--if (he 1. .MKI.T AT "Vol' or THE LAI>l)K«. X. of Must Hie in Cliai.'-. >l:-. ir- .•, •Kit...' Ci. Hostcn Ma.^s.. Jan. 27.—Si:. •• I'heips of .Mcnrc.e. the r>;urjerer Hrputy SiirtifX F. Haskins, hv.-. Ifi.-t in-Cie fi ^ht to e.scape the elec Xrin chair. The executive counsel today re.'^::-'ei :o vcmmuie the death se:;-.-.ace atiu P .ii 'ips probably will be e :<ei uted eaOy iimoirow and certain ly before iui.ri.--. tviturCay. Fine:t To-::' F:r Hones. It is st :.t(-»i .'.K::. I.'- ••. ;.;•.:• —ii -lt c(as.^ of ai;i;i::;l :> c: p-. ' • ;.• .:. i ,-7. de la Froutern. S; a ^i. i:i tv .i. ^.eaeraUous it .•iei |ijire.> :•(•;•::;.••;::I l ')UL :h !!e '--.s and end -iirani ••. '. ;.- •: .1 partly to t !u> c-:i:.;.-':e. l /i.i ( r;:i U.v to its fe.-tii:.:: IV a r. h V.;.-: • lover caUod ••/,u"i •• iiv: .J .,,;..y i ;i '..'.-o ; .-oviu"c of t 'aiii-:. v.!:;- h re;" if t! v:iy is the liucsi food i 1 t!:>' v....d linrsei. The r-^'-.i I; vcr .v iiiii in sustouance and grov.-.-: tli;ei' or four feet In he'gjit at. 1 wUh uio:o luxuriance In chalk .v. ci::,vpy *-o!!. such as Is found here la (he vltu-yanls which nroduce the fuiuous Jeter. vTliie or «hcrry. It Is never sown or i ttltlvntpd. oa it seems to grow best wild. -I,.iiidun Spectator. Intpiratl^n. Adwlrcr-Vou were iuuptred niica you WTole that! r«et--Ve»: with th* hope of «elUu8 )t-:Ll|ipiju'aitt'«.„ FornuT Oswego, Kas., Opcrafor and A»:ent Itecall (Md Tinifs. Tacoma, Wash.. Jan.. 27 — T .vi>nty- three year .s ago in ;;i), iCausas two young men worked side by side in aKrisL -o railroad Etntion. one a.- siation agent, /h-,- other a.s i-i-grajih >>lH .-ra 'o:-. ".">:•'; day they left () -.vego. one to take another p^ace with the oto X< ico for ills health; lompciny, the c ;tl;er to goto Xew Mox- Carl Gray, president of the Xortli Bank railroad, the 0.swe,i,-o tel-jjraph operator, came up from I'ciriiancl last •Monday on a biisines.s trip. He htint- ed uii a teli'piitme thu I'rst tiiin called tlip Seattle Traos .fer Co:!ip; ny's ofTicc -s and asked for H. J. l.nkle, secretary-manager of the coapaiiy and Seattle banker, who was station agf-nt !n Oswego. In a few minutes the two I:I'T . were .=ihak!nj; bands and taiklng lilte scliool boys. It was their first meeting .«incc parting .is slalion agent and operator. At FountaSns & Eisewhero Ask for "HORLIGK'S" Ihf Orlfbial aad S MM I M MALTfED MILK Thi F«od-drlak for iUl Agat. At restaurants, hotds, and fountains. Ddidout, invigorating and lattfaining. Ke^ it oo your ndwoafd at home. Don't tnvJ %nlhout ii K qiick inch fiami b « jwaalc. r4» ao &|BiatiHb Jtat 11 r.!,.,ry '"d not r \-T .tuP any of li.iM'i!!. ef -lie Ti .yior c-ouuiatiy "fd w,''(- no; •lUTefnre, riv ^ponsllM'. ,1 . V iiaiir 'ii 'e 1 Pern asked . '.r I r'^p',, i -'.C] 'iint un'r"!.-: It : '• 1 f e • i ,i p '.vi:' n tint I .• « .\Tr r idy c 'lile -vle < [)•,• cnn- •'iii;er-^ liad I ecn glvcP (t: iii'. Sent notices. I). S. War-V:ee ff. -i ."fCd.'ivlr <n wliieh a^i .it--,' ••.it v,-;is Prr;!- '( nt y I r -.M ;!;'r.ry r.m} Vice I "r.- h] 71' f' '"I n!:T'':iiL' Inve-.;- 'ir^nt Cnrvi -iry bn* ilat '.ho l.ti'.^r • cmpar.y hml -ihooliitr '; i .ntl .irp to do •.i :th I'le •. -i!i:-r. TIiP T'em'n^ Inve ?ri --..>r.t '•inr'rin.v fil.-d a .= !mii:;r af -i.':? ••:t tni? ,.;ske:! 10 '),^ dis -'!:'r7Pd as I '.c-findaft. ia f7,e aeti.uis petif/ffg. .\;>onf fifty ?0T !^::ri'pr? . fi'ed ?n ; Tffivadff in -.v !••:•: f'-^y '(Cnun 'rt! fee i --•ory of tlie c.^ntrnvrr-y with the gas ; "onipanv, how a-new franchise recjiiir- | 'nit additiofia! depo-it atid 30-cpnt raV p.d b'^'-n demanded and how the com- i CMV ilR IKES m OLD Use Wyeth's Sage and Sulphur and Your Gray Hair Will Quickly Vanish. Orny hnir is . T , mark of nge, and nothing that be s.iid ns t<. ii-; hcaiuy will nffsot the disadvantages oC this mark of ago si-t ui >i )n yieir brow. Wyeth's Sii;:" and Siilt)htir ITnir Uem- edy d.irkens the h.iir n:i I restores it to its youthful be.tufy. Our grtindmother.^ and tlieir graadmother.s before them usi -d snso and sulphur for darkening thi'ir hair. Xolhiii? li.".s ever been found more effective fur this purpose than these two ti;u'--!nnercd remedie!^ out Wyetb, a ni <"!ir -n cliPmist, has cem- Miieil the twi> with other ingredients,which make; ;: di-.'irfitful dressing for the h.iir, ail 1 whieh not only removes A PAPER BAG COOKED BRIDGE LUNCHEON. NATIKK'S WARMXG. By Nicholas Soyer, Chef of Brooks' Cfub, London. Broiled Chicken. , Mushrooms., Asparagus. Ollveg. Radishes. Celery. Pudding a la Mnyence. niack Coffee. Crackers.' Cheese. 111!;: IVnpIc .^losi Uecognize and Het^^ It Kidney ill? come my.steriously. line nature ahvays warns you. .Notice the kidney secretions. .See if the color' is unhealthy— if there are; settlings and sedi: 'l'as=agcs frequent scanty, pal lis time to use Doans Kidney To ward oft .serious diseases. , Hoan ^s have done great work In lols^ • "Harry O. Cott 14 X. Fourth St., loIiCi Broiled, Chicken.—Spllb (!bo chicken^ dor.-a the-middle of thoback, spread ^^^^^ kiducvs were l !at. and put a skew<y In each side to ,disordered and 1 often felt so prevent It from curling. Beat up a-^ that I was obliged to lay oft" Tery fresh egg. with a pinch of salt. ,rk. There was sediment Id black pepper to taste, an oliinco of! ; iuey cr; tior.s and 1 was am melted butter, a teaspoonful of hy tl-.Ir frciiuer.ty In pasgage.* Worcestershiro sauce or somctbine U.iik ached terribly and when? similar, and a teaspoonful of madu ••-^:tilgiitcned after stooping, I hi mustard. Mix well. a Lru .sh ' •• li.-.oughout my body. gla^O the chicken with .fo mJ.xture. j;, '••'J ^T,\"''.^L^^ Place^ln a ^ Ja^^lt£broad 5n!i "^te M h ir'S'K'SSS crnmba around and over^i. Be care- ^...^.^ disappeared. Tbt ful that the skewers do^t tear the i^^t recurrenceofi bag; Seal up tight and'^ook thirty- t-ou!>Ie nni ! constilcr my cure a ; five to forty minutes in a very hot anent on;-.' oren. . Mushrooms.—Peal every trace f.f chindcaff but pn-mofes mushrooms, brush them lightly over the grrvwth of the hain It ais... the hair from falling out, and mates it beautiful. All dru.rgist> are author:7:iH! to refun -1 the money if it fails to do exaetiy as rejiresenfcd. l>on't ni.'^Ic-et .vour'hair and donT>e- ; publ .r:n:!i:ig a. lion in c^if- to re-tore . .^^.oaimvndfd and sold by all druggists, ervj'-e pejiding adjin' of the ' •as." in court. S. R. iUirr'-ii, Special Agc-ai. .>:A>V nMi.i:}jF.v Aiii: ILL. Pnnker llijys Klnnr Mills. •V\'inneld, Kansas.. Jan. 24.—The J. ff„R;idtn mills here, ore of the oldest . Ad largest milling j .i .ir.'s in Kansas l.Tany \oatis;sicr. Ill with f.'ciii -JO and was Sold today to J. B. J::rki.^, prej!- denr of the Cowley Coiinty Xaiional B.nnk. Those r.;;'!? ' a capacity of 700 liarrels of flour ner day and a storage capacity of l."'i.00n bushels of wheat, with elevators at Mayfield and -Vison in Sumner county, and at K"l- 'o)fp. Akron and Idall In Cowfey county. ^ Atchison, Kas., Jan. 24.— Fir.» that .^tartccl In the basement of the Remsberg Music Company's stor-j here at 6 o'clock this morning, virtually ron- o'ljni'd the ato'ctobut did not. destroy 'he building. The mialc company's loss Is placed at $8,000. Intiumnce to the amount of $6,000 wag carried. The Btcck of tho Bllsh, Mizn & SilnU^n wholeialo hardware bouae was danil- aged to th» extent'of t^OO. The dam- aot exceed l'ucuiiieii:a Xonadujs. For .-ale by all dealer.^. Price and wash the 1 Fo-ter-.Milburn Co.. Buffalo,?^. soie a<-'ent-- for tiu' United States, •with' melted butter, dust with, salt! i:--:iie;:ih'::- tie name— Doan'i and pepper, and put into a buttered i ^-'^ 'ti'tr bag with a lump of butter, a li. lo! water, and a spoonful of lemon juice, or port or sherry wine. Seal tight and cook in a hot oven twelve to twenty minutes. i-, ( Asparagus.—Trim and scrape as for boiling, wash very clean. Tie ia buddies and put into a buttered bag. with a little salt and half a gill of . water. Seal and cook thirty-five to i a^^^^Kub half a , P ""^^ } ^^PV^^ pint of breadcrumbs through a finei^ 7i| wiro^sieve, add to them ^ tumblerful 11 Q . ^ PataloffStI of wine and water, half-an half, the! rind of a small lemon, washed, driedj and grated, three heaped tablespoon-. fuls of powdered sugar, and an ounce ! INCUBATORS ; BROODERS Poultry Suppli^ Darrint: ciirt.iiic iai:;ss. ab;.;:l rha only sU!-iiio.s.s re :;o!ted nowadavj i-y of butter. Jlix well, pour Into a but-1 tered souffle dish, add the beaten! yolks of two e^s, and the strained I tie pbyiiciunr. i .i among children,'aiid jujce ^f the lemon. Beat the'whites;' 'Ills is t,oi,.ewh:it unusual, as ti.ore of the eggs to a very stlfl froth, add* Illness geiikrally occurs among cbil- powdered sugar to taste, and a pinch Iren during the suniraer niontlis ;hr.:i ot salt. Color •with a few drops; ot at any otlier time. The illness con-, Pr'^en spinach coloring, or pale pink sl-sts ii:oit;y of !iiu umd:!!,-. and grippu ^Itli a little carmine or cochineal, and of I 1: L -.' tii .v-' a,.- many cisea.' P'le on top, place in bag. put in a •mmp of thctii being tu a dangoroui j very moderate oven, and bake till, cnndl '.tou. Ti.u litiio si-'i of .Mr. amd the meringu^ ia firmly set. Mra. Orvir .e JicHntuin has been very, (Copyright. 1911, by Stiirgla & Wat- •iiigeiously ill for the past suvfral; Comnanr.) •l.'.ys. liven or.'> crtse of cholera lu- \ faniutn. generally rte.o.gnlzed ,a« a .^^ summer POr.-;>lalnl, A» reported, that; ^ :— > of the elghtcan isionlha old son of- -Mn and Mrs. Ciai :i?e I.'jirker, ot 520 Get our new catalogs .1 They contain a gi deal of valuable inforaah^? ation. ' TheyVe FREBj for the asking. Our 1912 line is noTsf or. display. See it today;i| Mr. •nil Mrs. ^Robeit Sbarii, 'whoee South Kentucly cut. are ihe tpar- o&tft of-a bortt tUt ii;Qrulng, —Conkt'y's Poultry Book me to any one.; Free If you this aCto 3iorrlB ift -Howard.

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