Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on September 23, 1949 · Page 14
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 14

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, September 23, 1949
Page 14
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Sept. 22, 1049 Mason CUy Globe-Gazette, Mason City. la. Copyright, 1949, by failh Baldwin Culhrtll Dltliibuled by King Features Syndicate FAITH BALDWIN CHAPTER THIRTY-SEVEN AMENLY had thought about a o t h e r marriage, constantly watching Lilia, in the hotel garden and at the pool. Watching, also, his vife, whom he distrusted and disliked. And then one night, unable to sleep, knowing that his wife slept heavily as sleep came easily in a little box of tablets, he went out on the balcony that ran past his room and Lilia's, found her door unlocked and went in. Jwent back to the others. Terry He didn't think of that often; (looked up, and he nodded slightly, nor of Tom, coming in" from next I and put his hand on her shoulder SMILE K/\/\ Try and Stop Me •By BENNETT CERF- door. He didn't think often of Lilia's face as she switched on the lights; nor of what she said; nor of his senseless frustration before Tom, hearing the raised voice, came in. Unfinished business. If he hadn't forgotten, neither had she; also he could remind her. He wondered how her husband would react. Even the stupidest man — and he judged Alex Gurney to be. quite stupid, would ask questions, but by that time Amenly would be on a plane or ship bound for the mainland. So he listened, smiling, to Jack Russell saying, "Suppose I take you out to the plantation? It's one you mustn't miss, I'd planned it anyway. Gurney's done a fine job and went on into methods, tonnage and statistics generally, while h i s father agreed and Terry looked at Chris, then away. On the day Jack drove Amenly to the plantation, Chris telephoned Lilia. He said merely, "Amenly's coming out with Jack this after- J OHN STRALEY tells of a fellow who tried to get past the sentry of a nudist camp on a dank, freezing day. "Nothing doing, fellow," said the sentry. "This is a nudist camp. You can't get in here wearing that blue suit." "Honest, mister, this ain't no blue suit," groaned the shivering visitor. "I'm just cold." , * * * Herb Shriner. : who^ v is headed Straight for- the "top ten of radio's comic stars, is a producer of Fort Wayne, Indiana. His' humor is very much in the Will Rogers tradition, which will be perfectly all right with about a hundred million Americans. Shriner's reminiscence of an old' Fort Wayne mayor is typical of his material: "This mayor used to start every speech by hollering 'Friends . . .', which was an overstatement right there. Then he'd usually go on to say. 'I'm proud of every block of pavement in our fair city, every citizen, and everything you stand for.' Come to think of it, we stood for plenty." Copyright, 1910. by Bennett Ccrf, Distributed by King Features Syndicate. BOARD AND ROOM ~ By GENE AHERN noon." He had called her while she I'/A PACKED UP, UNK, AND CATCHING THE 6 O'CLOCK. BUS FOR. HOME/ GET TWE£E UNTIL MIDNIGHT, BUT *T LEAST I'LL GET A NIGHT'S REST ON THE PACKING EXCELSIOR, I'M USED TO/'-I CAN'T GO ' ANOTHER. NIGHT ON THAT PROVING GROUND FOP. NIGHTMARES I'VE BEEN SLEEPING IN HERE/ I'LL PACK m AND GO *• WITH "rOU/ ••••THEY'RE SERVING BEAN PASTE, BEETS AND MYSTERY CROQUETTES AGAIN TONIGHT/ BREAKUP FOR. PUFFLE TOW DAILY CROSSWORD ACROSS 1, Projecting end of a church f. Cards, as wool 10. Minute particle 11. Constituent ' of fatty . oils. 12. Flow in a stream 13. Gasped 15. Sprite 16. Put through a sieve 17. Lutecium (sym.) 18. Confute 20. Trouble? 22. Editor (abbr.) 23. Conjunction 24. Malt kiln 25. Stitch 26. Particle of addition 27. A sunk-fence 29. Feminine pronoun. 30. Street (abbr.) 82. Jewish month 33. Having feet 35. Mother 86. Objective case of they 38. Feminine nickname 89. Native Algerian cavalry corps 41. Tie 42. Walk 43. Seep ' 44. Mournfully 45. To snarl DOWN 1. Unit of electric- current strength 2. Put into a common fund 3. Cram full 4. Ever (poet.) 5. A copyist 6. Norway's & Morsel 9. Short gut lines for fishhooks 14. Powdery earth 16. Pack 19. Dug up 21. Youth 25. Wild sheep 26. Exclamation 27. Ineffectual actors 28. Conforms 29. Hasty patron saint 30. Metrical 7. Discussed" division casually of'apoem Yesterday's Answer 31. Delicate 34. Negative ion 37. Cure 40. Constellation 41. Marsh 27 23 25 37 24. 20 24- 45 21 14 was at lunch. She thanked him and returned to the table. She had been an idiot to run away, a worse one to think she need run. She looked at Alex, who had never failed her. Any failure had been in -herself. Recognizing that, she could try again for success, in the important things. She thought, What a fool I was not to tell him at once when I reached home. "Alex," she'said, "could you spare me a little time after lunch. I want to talk to you." When, sometime later, Jack arrived, having telephoned the plantation office, Alex was at the house to meet him and his guest. He made it quick and final, going out to the car and saying, "How are you, Mr. Amenly? Lilia has told me about you." He had no need to say more. Amenly understood, and the rest of the time there was as one of his recurrent dreams, the dreams in which he was going some place but never arriving, in which he tried to pack and couldn't, called a telephone number and received no answer, or in which he tried to run and something held his feet immobile. Lilia said, at the door, "Hello, Roger." She added, "I can't make the rounds with you, Jack, I've a dozen things to do. I'll expect you back here for a drink." She could look at Amenly and not be ashamed. She was free. Alex had freed her. ! The'houses of the workers, the hospital, the recreation center, the clinic, the mill, the cane fields— Roger made the right inquiries, exhibited proper enthusiasm. He wanted a drink badly.' He had been temperate since coming here. He was a man who drank moderately, except at certain periods. This might be one of them, he thought grimly. He took only one cocktail in Lilia's house, looking at her sitting beside her husband, her eyes clear and .grave, and his resentment and frustration grew. He watched Jack. He thought, 'He's in love with her, I suppose. He was wrong. Jack had, in his own phrase, got over Lilia long since; but she had spoiled him lor other women. He knew where and how and Roger Amenly, looking at the drink he held, thought, I'm drinking too rquch; and then, I'm sick of it here, sweetness and light,' and people saying aloha and too many flowers and too much,blue sky. But when he said he must think of making a reservation, he had imposed upon them too long, Cordelia expostulated, "We'd hoped to show you Naniola." She explained Naniola, the little island. They usually spent some time there in the spring. But perhaps they could manage a weekend now, she said brightly. Terry had never been there. So they came to Naniola by air and by cabin cruiser and the island rose from the sea, rocky and high on one side and with long beaches and sheltered waters on the other. It had beauty and peace, and Terry held Chris's hand and wished herself alone with him. The house was long, rambling, and not much to look at, with shabby comfortable furniture and its own lighting system, which sometimes did not work. The plumbing was antiquated, but the gardens were wonderful. The people who had been brought to Nan- iola lorfg ago still lived there, or their sons and grandsons did. They had their own store and a dispensary. If any were ill, they were taken quickly from the island. They farmed, a small, contented group. The younger men had gone to war, and those who had returned were back again. There wasn't much to do, Cordelia explained, for visitors. Fish, ride— they had good horses—explore the island, which wouldn't take long, lie on the beach, swim . . . Amenly hated the place on sight. Too small, too smug, too storybook. It had not even the interest of being forbidden. People came and went, many people. Naniola had been built for pleasure, long, long ago. They'd brought meat with them, for refrigeration. They lived simply there, there was always fish, the vegetable garden and the fruit. Jack apologized, "We picnic on .THIS WILL BE CUTE ill. ICopr. IVly. King I'rtluin * I'M EXHAUSTED-VOL MUST'VE USED UP A .WHOLE ROLL Or FILM BY NOW i HAVEN'T, AMY FILM IN THE CAMERA O4IC WE HAVE NO CHOICE BUT TO FOLLOW THIS TROUGH, BRADFORD.,. I CAN'T BEUEVE MY EVES.' • WITH THAT, THE SKY IGNITES • « CRASH AFTER CRASH OF THUNDEROUS LIGHTNING BOLTS EXPLODE ABOUT W' WHICH CHAPTER IN YOUR BOOK OF MAGIC COVERS THIS ITEM, PRESTO.,. MIRRORS ? V WELCOME TO "SWEETLIGHT HAVEN," MY GOOD WOMAN! I'M 5URE,FROM THE WAY <VOU TURNEDCONFLlCt INTO 'COMEDY, THAT YOU'LL MAKE AN EXCELLENT HOUSE MOTHER'.THE AGENCY THAT SENT YOU SHALL BE COMMENDED BYM'E-- PERSONALLY! BUT I'M NOT HERE. TO TAKE THE POSITION. MR5.6WEE.TLI&HTJ- • I'M MRS. MARY WORTH ••AND I CAME TO DE.UVERTHI5 PAINTING, WHICH YOU PLAN TO U5E,I BELIEVE, £>N A GREETING CARD.' WWATS TUIS? ffl 7V* I AM JU5T A LITTLE ANNOYED, ) MRS. WORTH.'•• PERHAPS YOU HAVE *~" DELIBERATELY MISLED ME--IN ORDER TO SELL ME A MONSTROSITY WHiCH 1 ASSURE YOU- -I HAVE NOT THE SLIGHTEST INTENTION OF BUYING! MY REPORT CARD! to find his own amusements, always discreetly. Not until Terry's arrival had he envied any man, not even Alex. But then, he'd always envied Chris, although what had there been to envy—except Lilia, once? He'd had more reason to envy\. Robert, but Robert was dead, and you didn't envy a dead man, or did you? / Driving back, Amenly, thinking of Chris and Terry, told himself, They've sweat it out all day. And they'll know soon enough. From Lilia. I promise a bomb, I deliver a dud! He made himself, sit through dinner; if he drank more brandy than usual, surely no one noticed. But Chris noticed and told Terry. "It didn't come off." "What makes you think so?" "I know it. We're playing golf tomorrow. I'll get a chance and call Lilia." He did so, from the clubhouse, saying, "It's Chris. Is everything all right?' And her answer came instantly. She said, "I talked to Alex after lunch yesterday. There was no reason why I couldn't have, months ago, except that I was ashamed. It's all right, Chris, it's fine." ' "He knows?" asked Chris. He didn't mean Alex no%v, and she answered, "He knew at once, as soon as he and Alex met." "I'm glad, dear," he said, and Naniola," he said. That's all I lack, thought Amen- ly, awake in a vast hard bed in a big bare room,- a picnic. But there was a good cellar under the house and a storeroom with pre-war liquor. It was offered him, as to any guest, so he drank, watched Terry and Chris, resenting them deeply and with an increasing violence. There was nothing he could do to them, they were secure, they had everything. It did not occur to him that the older Russells wouldn't know Terry's recent circumstances. Her friends might not, but her husband and his people would. He could do no damage, merely strike , to wound. The opportunity came as a source of release when, on the second night after dinner, Hugo spoke of Terry's father. "Pity he couldn't be with us," he said. "He would have liked this place, I. think." He did not know what made him say that, sitting there, looking at his nephew's wife, thinking, What a nice girl, but I should talk with her, she must exercise her influence over Chris; and then remembering her father. Amenly was in that stage of drunkenness which is not immediately obvious to one's companions. He had had several cocktails before dinner, coming in, finding the shaker there and no one in the room, and several highballs after dinner, and he had eaten next to nothing, his resentment a hard knot in his stomach. And now he said: HUM! ....MOT TOO BAD.. ..BUT LAST MONTH YOU GOT L STRAIGHT A's ! HOW COME ALL YOUR GRADES DROPPED _TO B's THIS MONTH? 7sf B (..THIS MOUTH I HAD A L\TTLE FUN 7-3-22 \ I TOLD BETW TttE WISEST WAY WAS TO WAIT TILLTHAT MANl TIED DOMNJIE UP ANJD LEFT. TMEN WE COULD UNTIE HIM, BUT NQ, SHE HAD TO GO CHARS1NG UP THEQE TO TRY TO HELP DONNIE. . SHE'LL ONLY GET INTO WORSE TROUBLE .^ WELL,SOME80DY HAS TO KEEP THEIR WITS ABOUT THEM. IT'S UP TO ME NOW TO FIGURE' OUT A WAY TO RESCUE .THE BOW OF THEM. "He would have liked it very much. Good old Mark Austin." He heard himself giggle, as a woman does, on a high note, saw Terry's shocked, still face, saw Chris rise and go over to stand near her. And added, striking out with that enormous sense of release, "Pity he was a crook, wasn't it—or that they found him out?" "Amenly," said Cln-is, and saw that Hugo and Jack had also risen and that Cordelia, dropping her knitting, was coming over to take Terry's hand and say, "Terry, my dear." "Well, he was a crook," said Amenly irritably, "and if he ruined himself he also ruined a great many other people. They didn't all take the easy way out—as Austin did. Didn't you know? Ask Terry, then, perhaps she knew all along." (To Be Continued) NOAH DAILY CRYPTOQtJOTE—Here's how to work it: AXYDLBAAXB Is LONGFELLOW One letter simply stands for another. In this example A is used tor the three L's, X for the two O's, etc. Single letters, apos- trophies, the length and formation of the words are all hints. Each day the code letters are different. ; A Cryptogram Quotation YMMIBYLNJ KT W I TJ J CYZJ AIS GKC BGI AKSTW YWWJCVWT Y WGKLR — VSIE J STJ. Yesterday's Cryptoquotc: THE FLOWER OP THE YOUNG MEN, OR THE FLOWER OF YOUTH—LIVY. Distributed by King Features Syndicate ©-22 PEAF? AIOAH= I S; IT Bfc I I fcr R TO HAVE: LCA/EC* AKlD> UOST THAN VA/OAJ — AMD> RA.V AL1MC7AJY •? CHAS SACOAJ AjqAH= WOULO A *BOVJL ere" THINK HE <SOOP /Al A BASE BAV.U IF THE UMPIRE YG L L_ I N<S •" DOMAL-DSOAl W. M »» KI"C TM1»t«» New Shoplifting Wrinkle Amarillo, Tex., (U.R)—Police reported that within a 2-week period, a thief stole 4 handbags from women store clerks by distracting their attention while he reached under the counter to snatch the purses. On Page 2 "Etta Kett," the comic missing from this page, will be found on page 2. Cspr, 19-19. King Feiturss Spdiote. int.. WorU ri WE'RE QUITE FAR OUT/ THE WATER IOOKS SO BLACK AND PEEP, ITS ALMOST FRIGHTENING/ ' A FRIEND WHO IS STRONG BUT QUIET...A FRIEND WHO NEVER TALKS AND CAN A SECRET FOREVER.' YOU UXX'SO STRANGE WHEN YOU SAY, THAT, STEFAN ' ONE SHOULD NEVER. BE AFRAID OF THE WATER, MY DEAR/ THINK OF IT AS A FRIEND/ I WAS SILLY TO BE FRIGHTENED....I ACTUALLY LOVE RJDING IN A CANOE/ NOTHING CAN COMPAQ WITH IT, JUDITH / .' I KKIOW YO' DOW'T LIKE ME, DELICIA BUT I BET CLEM DOAKS/ AWD I'LL SMACK YOU WITH IT ACAIW IF YOU OF COURSE I LIKE fe^ M OAKY SIR OAKY/ HE'S M THWKS YO'RE TH HAUDSOME AWD ^PURTIEST GAL HE BRAVE-AKID A / EVER SAW- AW' HE FAMOUS p-vYAiwsTO KNISHT/ k^ S wo ° VO SMACKED ME WITH OOW'T STAY AWAY FROM ME/ YO LIKE M 1 /, COUSIU OAKY/ I GOT RID OP PSTECTWE PHIPPS IN RHODES AND PILOT SMITH IS NOWHERE IN SIGHT.' GOOD.' NOW I CAN PILE THAT INSURANCE CLAIM ON MV OWN DEATH„.. COLlECT.^ANP WE ASE REQUESTING THE AID THE EGYPTIAN POLICE BEGASDINS A MURDER AND INSURANCE FRAUD .' FIRST. WE'P UKE VOue LAS EXPERT TO IT JUST ARRIVED, EFFENDI. HEAPQUARTERS RADIOGRAMS SCORCHY SMITH COMPARE THESE RN&ERPRINT5 SUPER 'IV RICH OOF! WISH SUPER'N RICH WASHERS' WOW! SUPER- MADE THE TACKLE :AU6HT TH' FUMBLE.' tg &6HT/MO ONLY HOLSUMCKEAD is SUPER-ENRICHED! TOUCHDOWNS .PER POUND -6fif THE &I&LOAF'

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