Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 25, 1912 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 25, 1912
Page 5
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THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER. THURSDAY EVENING, JANUARY 25,1912. Index. THE BEGISTEB PUBLIiiUDiG CO. Bntered at tbe loia Fostnffice aa Second- CUai Matter. AdTOtlidiis Rates Made Known on AppU- ^ cation. SUBSCRIPTION RATES. By iCarrier In lola. Gas City, Lanyon- villa, Concrete, LaHarpe and Bassett: One We-'k 10 cents One Month 44 c«-nta One Tear J6.00 BV MAIL: One Tear. tn!>i<li> rvnmiy 12.00 One Tear, outHlde niuiity tiM" TELEPHONES: Budnesn Offlcp IS Boeiety KeiMTtf -r l» Job and BInd'-ry Dept 141 lOLA DAILY ' REGISTER fease^ reamst Federal laws, punlsha-, Th» Iota Daily Reco.^ ••>« loi* Dany ^le with heavy penalties, to sell In- Itoxlcallng liquor to an Indten. But about a year ago there was perfected an organization of officials connected wjth the Indian service tbe sole purpose of which was to fight whiskey on the reservations. Congress made an appropriation of $70-. 000 to provide for the expense of the campaign, and It has beon waged with vigor and success. L «'i "t year the organization operated in twentj'-one i States and niadt> 1,50V arrests, causod to be brought to trial l ,3';i casr?, and secured 1,055 cjjnvlctions, cr a iior- centngc of 77. There wore approximately $70,000 obtained in* fines and 566 Jnil sentences Imposed upon those selling whiskey to the Indians. In the raids of the officers 36,S10 | pints of iinuors^of all classes were seized and destroyed. > Not only is a perslaient flgh; kept up nKiilnsi those who try (o truffle In liquor on llie ri-scriJIMOIIS. b:i nitlvo lemijonince work IM crrld all the tliTK' rnioliR l ;ir ;!;r,;- '!u :i;;;el\i!i. Teetot:il cltilii :ir. rin il \.iicr< vrr p0srlt;%'. .-in-l l;i i.';.;.i-< n.lijc ran/A\ Ihorori;!; It^Jlvldiml t ' •! :.-nlii;iis li.iv • been Ir. a^lit :il>n,i I v (IK- tciiloua cfTorf-; of tills;:n S ••••>ici> ti-m- •lerane" cr;;.inr';ii;[ii. So I'ncle Sain't nuliiiug on tU' \ whiskey side AI.I. ihf t;i:ie. Official Paper City of Bassett. Official Paper of Allen County. THE RIGHT KIM) OF ROOTING. If the particular young man whose dis graceful—or vjt least discourteous and thoughtlf si),—conduct at ih" last basket bull ^-nnie, read ihe^con tribution that apjimred in the local columns of the Register the otlier day he will prol)ably need no further admonition. It will do no barm, however, to make some general remarks upon the subject of the right kind and the wrong kind of •"rooting." There can be no possible sort of objection to that sort of rooting which is spontaneous and good humored and courteous, part of which is intended as encouragement for the home team and part'of which is a More Home Baking, Reiier every vay an ihe ready ade foods Wo would like v. ry iniirli to see n poll of Congress on th:!? <|u"stion of p^-inp ("ongressurn mileage at the rate of 20 cents iier mile to their homes from Washington and return for the holiday vacation, it would not be out of the way for the government to pay thv'-ir e.\|»ri).s(s iiom<' for Raking Powder Apure,Cream of Tariar Powder Madeyran\ Grapes ITOR CAR SHOW TOttieHI From Raw ITatcrial to Finished Product In Pictures. No Alum No , , , , , the holi'Javs if thev go Iiome, hut rn- natural expression of enthusiasm and J,,^^ ^^^^ :u„-.roverl l.y ih. high spirits. , But there are all sorts of objections to that kind of rooting which consists of yelling at the visiting team and shouting jeers or insults at them. A man who from the safe distanc-? of balcony, or from the security of r crowd of his friends, shouts an insult at a man who from the very nature of the case cannot punish it, no matter how much he may resent it, is neither brave nor smart nor gentlemanly. And the offense is all the more inexcusable when it is committed against visitors. When a bail team comes here from a neighboring town they are the guests of the town, and they are entitled to the town's cour'.f- sy as fully as a private guest would be entitled to the courtesy of his individual host. It Is not funny to be rude. It Is not smart to be Insultin;;. We are going to hav»> n lot of basket ball games here in lola betw<-.'>n now and spring. Let us treat the vis- ^itors so that when they go home they will say that lola has not only the best ball team, but Ihe bes't manners, of any town in the State. FNCLE SA-V-S TE.HPER.V.XCE WORK The poor old Government has come In for a lot of abuse first and last on account of its "partnership with the rum traffic,"—a partnership, by the •way, which posts the aforesaid traffic something like two hundred million dollars a year,—and for -its refusal to step in and enforce State and local laws. But there is one field at least which the Government enters as a very active and effective apostle of temperance; and that Is the field of the Indian reservations. For many years It has been an of- otherjday pvecy Kansa."? Cuasrcssmyi would net %\MW on that niileus*' i"-:i<' get it whether lie came ho:ii>- or no'. —Ft. ijcott Tribune. Always wrong. Th n? has bon no proposition to pay Conti-.'ssineii niiii- age at the rate of 20 ctr .is a'mile, or at .•'ny otheif rate, to their homes fro;Washington and return for the ]:o!i- ilay vacation. There has be< n no rulr- approved by Congres.s whereby every Kansas Congressman would net $1,000 or any other sum for a holiday trip home whether he came or not. For nearly a hundred years it has been the law that Congressm-'-n should receive mileage for one round trip from th?ir home to Washington, for each session of Congress. And that was The rule which was rcafilrmed the other da.v. Xo nifinhr of COPTI-.S.^ ever received mileago for a liolidny trip home. Is to bo any further exchange of discourtesies it will take place behind clpsed doors and with the blinds ' dr:i-.vii. i It Is really an astonishingiy gaoi! paper, that "Daily Kansan" v.hich tliu boys are getting out at the rnivcrsi'y. It is full of news that must be read with great avidity by t!ie students and very much of whicli is of interest to anyone who wisfies to keep in touch with the Slate's greatest school; it has a sufficiency of well •-vritten editorials, and a' reasonable display of advertisements. In every way the paper is distinctly creditable to tiie Institution from wliich it comes and the young men and woni-ii who make it. ion that liis campaij-'n would meet wiih warm support iicre. Hasn't hi- hi;:id llic awfi^l news that both of Kansas supiWjriers liavi- Kone back cii him? For Ihe credit of Kansas it is vfj much to be hoped that Ihe correspond once beiwein I lie Governor and thi- .AttoriK'y General h:'s not b'-on pulj- lished outside the Stale. There wa.« no necessity for it in tlie first jilace, for with offices in tlie same buildins whatever differences tli'jrc were bf- tween the two men could have been, should have been and with men properly appreciating the dignity of tiK high offices th'^y hold would Iiave been threshed out face to face in privacy. On both sides the correspondence . has been utterly undignified, much of it bordering closely upon scurrilous indecency, and all of it in the highest degree mortifying to all v.ho like to think of the hish officials cf the State as self-respecting gentlemen who know how to conduct themselves with dignity and propriety. It is sincerely to be hoped that if there .\ot only has Victor Murdock rec- ominendod a "Standpaticr" for postmaster at Wichita, but liis paper, the Kagle, editorially criticises I.«iFolIette for taking off his collar when he makes a speech. The plot thickens! Leeford Drady kicks as hard about tlie attentions that are being paid to the Connauglits in New York as if lie were paying the bills. Dandenne Grows hair and we can prove it Hair Becomes Soft, Fluffy, Lus- trotis and Beautiful Immediatsly After a iDanclerine Hair Cleanse Get a 25 Cent Bottle Now and Forever Stop Faliinij Hair, Itching Scalp and Dandriiff A little Dandctii'.e now iinmrdiati'ly M.IUMC t}ic beauty of your hair - No diiimiire J .iw ilull, fiuled, brittle and soraj;;:y, just inui. an a cl<)l )i willi / Dandcrinc and <-tfifi:liy draw it tliruu;:h ><» - lair talcing one small ttraiij at a time. Tlie ctlcct is < immediate and ainazinj—your luur will be iicht, IBuffy and wavy and lave tii appearance of ahun- dancc; an inruinpataUe liutre, softness 3vA luxu- rance, the beauty and shimmer of true hair health. Try as you will after an application of D.-.r.ii'.Tii?e, you cannot find a i .in.'jic trace of dandruff or a loose or fcUlin? hair and your icalp will isot itc !i, but what will please you most will be after a few tveek's use when you wiii.actually see netv hair, tine and downy at first—yes—butreally new-hair—sprouting ail.ow the scalp. Dandenne is to the luur wlizt fresh showers of nin and sunshine arc to vegetation. It goes rig^it to tlie . loots, iDvigoiates and strengthens them. Its ilfe- produoivr properties cause the hair to grow abun- (iamJy laas, strong and beautiful Get a 25 cent boftic of Kuuwiton's Danderine from tSuf -itim Jitpre or loi'Ict cumiter and prove to yovtstX toa ^^it - Jiw —tint yonr hair is as pretty jndcoftas en)'" fuit it ha; been peglccted or injured br caiBeieM tocatmeat-^thM's ail-rroa suirff can I -awrenre Gazette: The enf -rgy and earnestncRS wiili which President Taft denoniired the recall of judges will not get lilm any votes. Hut It Is ercdiiable alike to his eonraK-:> and jii(!;:ment. There \^ no scheme now | :.iro |'csed by the wild-eye *»<an«tlcs 1 that Is more fraught '.vlth danger to Ihe reihibllc than is tills same recall of the judiciary. To place courts at tho merer of llic fury of defeated 11:-; ipanfs is to de.'jtroy the foundations- uf justice, and to invoke the rul>> of the mob. There are times in the life of a po- lillc-al iiarty. as well as In the life of a man in politics, when worse things might hapiien than defeat. "When till now conld they that talked of Rome say that her wide walls encompassed but one man?" I How i:ngllNh Renulies | ! Peel Their Faro | It turns oat that .Mark Hanna's son, who has sudd'-nly "coffle out" against Taft. didn't 'rome out" until liis friends had failed in nn effort to stop a federal prosecution on an indictment against Hanna for rrbatii >3;. Now, what would Roosevelt have done In such a ca .sr? He would have hit voung .Mr. Ilanna a crack, and inci- wmderfuf- rejuvenating detitally the candidate Mr. Hanna fav- cr.-d, that would have reso'inded frrm the -Antarctic to t!ie Arctic circl/r. Mr. Taft-'say.« nothing.—Topeka Capital. \nw laJHAT the reason the Capl- al is for Teddy and against Taft? Thnodore Roosevelt is really a very Ifcent sort of an American citizen with a full appreciation of the dign: ty that should be observed by an e.\ President of the United States, or b: any man seeking to become a I'resi dent of the United States, and he mus' be as ashamed as the rest of us are of the bullying, broncho-busting, bal- loonaiic methods that were resorted to by his supporters In Oklahoma in their attempt to stomiiede the Fourth district convention Ao him. , ; (From Society World) "While abroad re.-ently I could not help cl!.-:ervin.c V.'nX the average ICrg- ! ]i.-l !W( n's ic^nplexion is far more ; beautiful than chal o-f ti:e average wo- I man of liur country," says Mr.";. Scott, iyi'-ietaiy of the National Health-Cul- riire Society. ".Making inquiries, sev- • era! intimate friends in Ixindon confided to me that they regularly used on their faces what is commercially known a? nu-rcolized v,-ax. I do noi Itnow whether tliQ habit is general there but 1 do know that this wax has properties. I've iricd it iny.= elf. "If you will get an ounce of this nier- colized wax at your drug-.storc and apiily It like cobl cri-ani, you wil soon beliold in yonr glowing cheeks their first resemblance to the remarkable ransparont beauty of the Engli.';!i- onian's coinple:<ion. This wax grad- .ally peels off the lifeless scarf skin a tiny, almost liii|iereei>tible flakes, '•vealiiig the fro.'-li, new skin under- U 'alh, pinky white, wit): Hie bloom of outh and health." Mr. L. S. DeLand, representing' the Stud&baker-Flanders motor car factory arrived In, lola this morning and is spending the day^he guest of M. A. Sqhllck, of the South Street Garage, representative V)f the company In lola. This afternoon at and tonight at 8:15 Mr. DeLand will lecture andex- hlblt pictures explaining the manufacture of motor cars beginning with the raw material and ending when the car is ready for market. Kjtowing that it was impossible for every one to visit the factories and see the work In progre.'-s. Mr. Walter E. Flanders the wizard of the automobile Industry worked out the plans of send Ing the factor/^ to the pcoiile for their ediu-ailon, enliglitcnninit and entertainment. There lias always' been more or lo?.-; my.-?lery aboift the construction of automoblle.s, but Mr. Flanders InsLsted that there should be none on the ground that the confidence of the praple In the Integrity of tiie product Kiiould be tii« highest pini of the manufacturer. With that end in view moving pictures were taken of every step and process In tlie constnietlon of K-M-F "ao" and Flanders "20" cars and the result is the md^t iatynsely interesting ';et of motion picture;-, ever produced. The caption/v''An Automobile Factory in -Action^ is not overdrawn for the films demonstrate where words would fail bow htinian efficiency i:-j iiinltiplied" many times over by tiie use of au'iomatic machinery, whicli seemingly do everything but talk. To bejrin with the raw inateria'.s are nil well tested and tlie pRtures xhow the ci;emi?t at work in ttie laboratory. U'hcn front a.\les and enni =-hafts havf been drcjiped forged they are tesleil again for teii.«i!e and twiitin.s; Ktrenutli the details of both operation.-; being hown. Then conies tiie iiirici foundry where tbe niolien metal is ^icured and the casting.^ made. In the forging department are seen the massive 2.")-ton iianimer.-? at work fashioning the droj) •teel forgings, which are u.sed exclusively, even th«f lamp brackets be Ing forged in order to provide strength and ligl^tness Here a most interesting operation Is the complete forging (if a front axle. The imnienfity of t'lf machinery department makes one stare and the work of these itaachine, is almost uncanny. Multiple spindle drills bore as high as 17 holes at a time while others bore, ream and mill the cylinders and other imrts with absolute accuracy. All the ball cones nuts, screws and bushing.', are made by automatic machTnes ,%vhlch need no other attention than to be few with raw material. Next are seen the big steel stamping presses at work turning out shaping bodies and seats. With all the parts made Interest centers In tlie assembling of the cars which begins to grow -tep liy stejV It is complex ^'ork and every man Is an expert at iferforniln.iT one p.^rI!:-llIar oiieratlon, whbh develops efficiency to the highest dogrre and demonstrates how 200 cars can be turned out every day. —Mrs. A R. Tnlior of Crbler. Mo had been troubled with sick hendarJ:" for about five years, when she began taking ChnmUer.laln's Tablets. She has taken two bottles of them an'! they have cured her. Sick head .Tch* is caused by a disordered stomach for which these tablets are especially intended. .Try them, get well and stay well. Sold bv nil dealers. Galveston fronts tte Gulf of Mexico, "Way down South" in Texas. Where roses and oleanders and palms grow outdoors in January is a good place to winter^ in—that's self-evident. Galveston, too, has Hotel Galvez—u new million- dollar edilice, located near the beach and seawall. You will like Motel (jalvez, once you enter its doors. A cliarming southern hospitality is supplemented by all the luxuries of Fifth Avenue. Go to Galveston this winter on the Santa Fc. The train service is convenient. The excursion fares arc low. For bockk-t and fi;ii information, aslc W. E. RALSTON Af;K.\T Phone 375 lola, Ks. RECORD EMtOLLMEM .VT II. S. jib," Is "Ger! I'wlsh I had a good the sentence which McCutcheon ^uus under a cartoon of four pictures, oui showing a man playing pool, another showing him at a moving picture show, another standing at a saloon mar, and a forth reclining under o tree In the park smoking a cigarrctte. Some men have preached an hour and not madi' a better sermon than that. The Commercial Club of Columbus has adopted a resolution asking their fellow townsman. Senator C. S. Huffman, to permit them to use his name as a candidate for Governor before the Republican primaries. Vliother anything comes of It or not,^ It was 'a very graceful compliment for the I Club to pay to a man who baa brought their town much bonor. JL prasB dispatch declares that Sen- afcr . imrlomrK" liil^h ftcbool >ow Has llie Largest En rullmenl in its Hlstnr}-. Since the beginning of the January term of school last Monday, the number of students attending the school Is just,-309, the largest enrollment in the history-of the school. At •he opening of the September term the enrollmi-nt was very largo, and when, at the opening <if the second term. 1 new students applied for nd- inl.'islon, it w;i8 a dimcnlt matter to lind room for them. The addition of forty new chairs to the number In the assembly hall niade It possible to seat Ihe students without much crowding, but every foot of available floor spaic Is being used for class recitations. "If many more are enrolled next year," said Superintendent Maybcr- ry this morning, "the present trSpacI- ty of tbe building will bo insufllcient- and arrangements for more roonr w|ll be Imperative." 7 Mrs .'RosenlK-rg Kelcnsed. Mrs. I.ou Rospnl'-rs convieted ip ;the municipal court t'.vo months ago for violating the proliTbitoiy law, h:is been released from llie county iai! by order of the board of county commissioners. Mrs. Rosenberg had served the jail sentence imposed upon her but was unable to pay the fine. The commlssiohers did not seo how they could help the case any by keeiiiii.L- .Mrs. Rosenberg prisoner at the e.\- liense of the county when there was no prospect that jibe would be able to pay the fine. "Bot My Sore Foot in It Right!-TIZ" "A TIZ Bath, Ky Boy, a HZ BathI You Can't Beat It for Sore Feet^ ^ Corns anctConions!" Is thl.s man a tendor-foot? No. IIo 11 !>' .<oy-wiill :(-r -one wlivnsc .iTlX iim! uoti from the fuot a liapplnciis ono UUVLT, U:Ici'o. "Sunt I Use TIZ Ercry Timo far AarFoolTronblo.'* KEEN mrm BUTCHER KNIVES These Knives are g'uaranteed and we have them in all sizes and styles from ,. .25c to $1.00 BRIGHAM HARDWARE COMPANY BOBSa BSSl Highest MBvke^l Price For HIDES and FURS -at- L. KRUPP'S JUNK YARD Phone 314 THE NORTHRUP NATIONAL BANK lOL.V, iv.\XSAS OVER FORTY TE.\RS OF CONSEilVATHE BA\KI>G IN lOLA Depository for the CiiHed SJatcs, .stale of Kansas^ and Allen Connty OFKKERS: L. T.. NORTHRUP, P»resident l>. P. NORTHRUP. 2nd V-Pres. P. A. NORTHRUP. Vice-Prcsid.>ni MKIA'i,\ FRONK. Cashier. R. J. C()Fi-l-:v. •.s.sistant Cashier CAPITAL $50,000.00 SURPLUS $20,00^,00 interest. Paid on Time Deposils Safety Deposit Boxes'for Rent lOUK BTSIXE.SS SOLICITED. A Hairs Qrcadth. Measureii :eiit i;y it-.-^s ilinn fl hair's breadth nov. li.-.-: .iftiiiite ineaainein machine fihojK. In all of the large shops there i :re !;!<*rt ;r.-.."uts that will L-wsuiv I,',' t:.i' lia.'H.-* of ii elptrettt^ i-.' i.i-j ii i! trail ^i hair. Aifl Inch i:-.n be ui :ib-d > I'i.n:a( parf.s. aiid :V -Vfn :ci >u t -f t!.;*-!' i:i ;t.-< win make a "hiiTs t:r 'atlili. • Sunie of the nsosi dell, ate n:c.;-*!;i'ecii-!::« an- pj^de at the giivemi-!t'!!t •:uii j'ii;-tt)ry at \Vi:sb- iugt^p. where r: '!v of I f^e gveat rnn"* ariay miJ'ii.iv'y are oiauufac TIIOS. II. BOWLUS, President J. F. 5C0TT, Cashier Alien County State Bank lOLA, KANSAS ESTAIlLISnED A QIAI'TER OF A CE.MURY. Capital $30,000.00 Surplus ^ $40,000.00 Deposits $550,000.00 IMTEKEST PAin 0.\ TLME DEl'O-ITS SAFETY DEPOSIT BOXES FOfr KEXT When your foct are to tIreU they feel like KtumpK, wlien tliey iiche M> tliut they hurt way up to your tmrt, when yoa sliamtile your ti-ot alout; tind it s (cm .s aa Lttiougb all the uil-wry yo-a over hurt has hctUeil In your /et -t, Ifxik at tho happy TIZ oinn in th^pli;ture. vYou can ha liappy-tootcd Just tho same. If yoa Jiavo corns and millions that everybody soenis to step on, Jast tiilnl: of tlUs happy TIZ nuin. He had cornii and bun- DA t mm Ions, too. This man naed TIZ, and now bo lina no more tendpr, raw, chafed, blistered, swollen, tired, smelly feet, corns, callocses or bontonB. As soon OS yoa put your foot In a TIZ Inth, yen feet the happmefs sooUns la. It>i like monntoln ozoue to longs. Nothing else but TIZ can elva you tlUs happy - foot feellns. Dont aeoept aoy sabsutntet. ^ _ TIZ, SS eentB a boac,^sold eTaiywtieie, bar Mot direct, oii;i«qflpt of prun, lor ' W^tv :lAthw I)pdae ^po. obiotwo, lU. lOLA STATE BANK WE Capital Stock ;.. $25,000.00 Surplus $12,500.00 PAY INTEREST ON TLME DEPOSIT*? I- E. IIOBYILLE, Pres. W. S. KAUFMAJT, 2nd yice Pres. J. n. CAMPBEiA, CasUer. \. W. BECK, Vlce-Pres, F,^0. BEXSOX, Asst Ca *'Ver . SAFETY DEPOSIT BOXES FOB REXT. le?Wwt Colomnl

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