Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on June 19, 1943 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 19, 1943
Page 2
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F IML A*. ', at setend etas* mott«r of fhe ! - - '^ Arkonsos. undw »ht Anoctotaf Pros! nN** ray ; jk» city Mirrlef, MT w* 15c,< gSfNev«*«b, Howard, Mlltir drVO "**• ntiw, $3.50 p* V«or; 4r Th* AMoetat* Pf«M! tr» * Press is exclusively entitled to to republicotlon of all n«w» dl»- crtdited to tt of not otherwise lv «x» in thii paper and also the local < published herein. a | Arfrtrthtlna R*pr«««n»o»lv»— ^CWW*S8^hdBfc New York. City, 292 Madison Mich, 2842 YV. Grand Blvd.; _ City, *' 4 Terminal IBda.; New ,722 Union St.. . tenjei on Tributes, tte.i Charges will be ' for all tnbutes, cords of than(u, reso- 8, or memorials, concemma ( the de£ Commercial newspapers hold to this the news columns to Protect their from a deluge ot space-taking me. The Star disclaims responsibility ffi? laTe-keepina or cetum ot any itteHetr mdnscriptS. ,' Classified .rtiust be \n office day before - publication. tt Wont Ads cosh in advance. ^Nof taken over the Phone. flme—2e word, minimum 30e limes—Sc word, minimum /»c ginee-times— 3V4= word, minimum 50e |>ne month—18e word, mlnmium 52-'0 are tor continuous insertions only MORE YOU TELL THE QUICKER YOU SELL." For Sale DOUGLAS ATTACK, DIVE BOMBER Single engine, two-seater, all met al, low wing monoplane wit rounded wing tips, retractabl landing gear. Designed for div bombing and scouting mission from carriers, especially valuabl for attack against enemy war ships. Hits 260 m.p.h., range ove 1500 miles, ceiling over 25,00 feet. Mounts 30- and 50-calibe machine guns, carries 1000 pound bombs. Used over Solomons. Marshall and Gilbert Island raid in Coral Sea, Midway, and San Cruz battles. Is being replace by faster Baccaneer and Helldive By Roy Crane * ' M inn ht ' The Double-Gross Wash Tubbi FBLLAt YOU SAVE ( drSVC jVW rt i (Wi7Wr\ wt»t.^ i •• j**w.*»i« • 'y"^ -TJJ * 17 aSarswiM OR 40 ACRE FARM: GOOD house and pasture; close In. Call 768. WILL PAY $5.00 FOR USED CAST- irtfi feel. Must be a bargain. Call 531-J. 17-3tpd. /,K4 L&&1 GOLD RIMMED GLASSES. AT hydrant at Wade Warren store corner Sunday evening. Finder return to Barton's Cash Store Reward. C. A. Hipp, Hope, Rt. 3 19-3tpd talc icntc g to rry ':*\A keep 'en- m V>n said hi jor Curtis Rldgw -^^:>. wz*$* COPR.~'l'94Oy NEA SERVICE. INC. .1 information on rcsult-of «••'•- vJ "Popeye Goes Courting!" A-24 Dcrunt/essSBD f^HOW, OLIVE, I HE4'5 A (JJA4 TO ARROTS ? Mfr>KEG HIM FURIOUSJ BRIMtlED •SUMPIM 1 STOP f«M-U THIS *- ftAjw^i^^-*^——- E* SERVICE. INC. T. M. REC. U. S. PAT. OFF "Diul and 1 had a Ions' talk uboul me spending my money on girls, Mom—for a married man, he's a pretty gooil student of women!" FUNNY BUSINESS A-29 Hudson PBO .^RSLOOK: SAND BOXES! „. the children, delivered com- rffite with clean washed sand. Sejnpstead County Lbr. Co.. Phone 89. 3U ' CHOW AND COCKERl 1D niel puppies. Dogs boarded ' day, week or month. Padgitts Sennels. 20-lmpd | -WVNO — COME AND SEE IT. I ^Priced at $125. See Tom Ellis, 1904 West Fourth. 14-2wks pd. L ocKHEED PATROL BOMBER HOUSE, LARGE First American-made bomber to 8to£r ThTc"k~en houses, smoke fcee action in World War II, the 1?b *Se 10 acre! of land with 5% Hudson has won special recogni- iin. cotton, farm implements. Just tion in coastal command and anti- l&ateide city limits. City water submarine patrol work for-the SaSd lights. Phone 38-F-12, Mrs. British. Twin engine all metal |C M. Bunkley. IWKpd. mid-wing monoplane with retract- i ^_ able landing gear and tapered ; OLDING BED WITH SET OF w j ng design, twin rudder. Car- •'-tprings and a full length, mir- r ies crew of five, with gross :o.w. Phone Hope Star. 17-3tpd. we ight .'of 20,000 pounds. Doe — -——~~ 284 m.p.h., 2160-mile range, 26, ORESSED FRIERS. HOME ICE M0 -foot ceiling. Mounts two ma •-" ' 1R - atnd - -chine, guns, two turret guns, on 1 • • •-- Carrie i LAWN MOWERS, WILLl {^Tof^obo'Tounds. Has bee •vur old ones. L. C. Mays, | d as all . roun d combat plane- Water and Light Plant. K. bomber , strafer, raider, fight 19-3tpd.|^ flnd convoy patrol craft . Mos notable achievement was single plane capture of enemy U-ooa and crew Help Wanted „„„ AUTO MECHANIC?. TOP i'iwages. Best working conditions. la'Apply B. R. Hamm Motor Co. |^ , 19-6tc. IsOMEONE TO WASH V AND IRON Deaths Last Night By The Associated Press Mrs. Delphine Dodge Godde New York, June 19 —WP)— M •nurses' uniforms. Privileged to De lphine Dodge Cromwell Baker "wash and iron at hospital. Apply Gol jde 45, thrice - married heir~ ess to the Dodge motor millions. 19-3tch. dau ghter of the late Horace E. Donald Duck The Invisible Man By Wait Disney Blondie Thy Name Is Woman! By Chic Young ^ "I gave our candles lo the grease and fat collection 1'^ THIS CURIOUS WORLD By William Ferguson KEN WILHetnA, OF CALIFORNIA, SHOT AN ARROW A DISTANCE OF HE LAV ON HIS BACK, STRAPPED THE BOW TO HIS FEET, AND PULLED THE BOWSTRING WITH BOTH HANDS. w i at' Julia Chester hospital. Notice I Dodge, died last night. '„ SEWING MACHINES. BOUGHT " 'sold, vented, repaired. Parts and ,H accessories. Adding machine. See • James Allen, 621 South Fulton) j|>« "-Street. Phone 322-J. U-lmpd. [ AM STILL PAYING TOP PRICES I >• for cream plus better net returns. See me before you sell. J. T. "•" Thomason, Barton's Cash Store. ,* 17-3tpd. I Hold Everything For Rent ^"CLOSE IN, REDECORATED I north side, modern, furnished ' ' duplex; two beds. Bills paid. Tom c' Garjel, Phone 104. 16-tf. L.NICE FOUR-ROOM DUPLEX £.%f«rnished apartment, hardwood •;2oovs, two bedrooms. Mrs. P. E.' Cook, 908 West Avenue B. 18-6tpd. I'.TWO FURNISHED HOUSES FOR C'' rent. No meter deposit. All bills I paid. Middlebrooks Grocery, '.Phone 607. ^-3tch. OUT OUR WAY TcooKie,6we MAMA HER FASHIOW MAGAZINE YOU'VE HAD IT ALL PAV Copi IM). Kin* fmurrt S)inSuU. 1« H Wottd tt^n nvr«td . Boots and Her Buddies He Done It By Edgar Martin IH VERMONT, THERE ARE FIFTY FIVE SPECIES OF NATIVE ORCHIDS/ IN HAWAII, THERE ARE ONLY ton. 1MJ BY M» SttVICC. I«C. T. M. »CC- U. 5 PUT. <U> "I think I'd like the tank corps, sir—I came from a tank town!" ByJ, R. Williams COPH. 1943 BY NEA SERVICE. INC. T. M. BEC. U. 8. PAT. OFF. BC^,6tt JWc!t«.9X Red Rider No Savvy By Fred Harmon WHICH RACE HORSES ARE FASTER, ON THE AVERAGE, &A OR 11 n ^ ^ ANSWER: Pacers. Their records have been a fraction of a second faster for a century. NEXT: A bird that flies upside down. sJHV UtJPERTHE 5UKJ DON'T YOU AK1SWER.THAT PHONE? I] /AMP LlSTErsl TO YOU YELL AT ME? "WHV DID YOU SAY THAT?" "YOU DIDN'T HAVE TO EXPLAIN I WAS IN THE TUB 1 / 'CAN'T YOU KEEP YOUR BIG MOUTH SHUT ?' -- IF I TELL THE TRUTH OVER THE PHOWE \ GET BAWLED OUT, AND IF I DON'T TELL THE TRUTH I GET BAWLED OUT-- SO I'M JUST KEEPING M/ BI6 MOUTH SHUT/ T - WHY 'MOTTHEgS 0ET OOTIKNO COME BACK/ 1 THOUGHT WE WLUED VOU, E>UT LUCKt " 'HE.ND HURTS' XftoU'U.RECOLLECT f QW1 REMEMBER-'H VJHEr^ Trt' T3OC VOHA.T SILVER-/ TE.AR.-S IMTO VJHO KRE ) I You ' PILE or^ TOUR HOf\SE/ Alley Oop Boys! Boys! By V. T. Homlin , BUT CAM \> E&fxO, FIELD MIC& &. WE L^ND THE: I1VM16G&/ AFRWD OF ?-*-^t BUS WITHOUT HELICOPTER OIL I IDEA TlM&LES POPCORN \NA6OKi U SEE VAINA CO/WE .._.,-.,_-' BEFORE ONE I'VE FOR A.LL TH' Freckles and His Friends The Quarry By Merrill Blosser THE COPS WERE OUT HERE THE OTHER P/W. LEFTY- I WOMDER WHAT FOR? f\ c>

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