Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 25, 1912 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 25, 1912
Page 4
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THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, THURSDAY EVENING, J ANUARY 25,1912. T 7— TTT"! r We Annouiiee to V e of Thi •J 9 Days-Beginning Saturday, Jan. 27, and Ending Friday Nigiit Feb. 9 Next Saturday morning at 9 o'clock our dc^rs will open upon the grandest and most novel sale of merchandise ever held in this towii, and we want every person in this county lo visit us next week to see what real bargain giving is. Red price cards tJw-oughout the store tell a tale of price destruction that vou can scarcely believe until you see it with your own eyes. Every price for thi^sale IS 9c, and the goods that sold formerly for 12c, 15c, 20c, 25c, and even 35c, have been made up in bargain lots and the prices marked down to 9c. NINE CENTS in flaming red is the mystic price that rules the hour. A dollar spent at the NINE CENT SALE will pay yon the biggest interest a dollar ever brought. C^me and see how much goods you can carry away for it. The sale will last for NINE DAYS—NO LONGER. We want to urge you to come early, for many of the bargain kU will go in a hurry. Read the prices in tomorrow's paper and COME I 113 East Madison 113 East Madison FREE SOUVENIR Satoday, Jan. 27tli China Plates, Iridescd-:^ Tumblers, Green Bowls and Cups and Saucers KV AUDITIOX TO USfAI, <'liKCKS WITH COFFKE TKA ClIOCOLATK STARCH n >A( OAM'T BIKI» .SKKI) KXTKACTS <JE1,ATI>K HAHCAINS TIMS \\ KKK. 1.*. IIK. III '<< Caiio Sntnir . %\M Hot .liipiin KIrf. 1 Hi. «'uH<»ii tiait _ - .5c Hi'sl S«-«ded HuisiiiN, [ IIT |iurkact> . _. He Tlin-f llts. I'jtrolhiii IM«c . . Sir Milk, IVcrliss Bniinl. llor«I.ii's tall tan - '••<• Milk, I'cfrlfNs Brand, Biird'-n's small rau "»<• KaitU' Braud Milk, B<ird«'ii's larto can l«c 7 North Jefferson Phone 336 ONAIS E4 BOFsing visited fiinnis in llrnn- boldl last evening. ; -^-iDK. O. I.. (OX, Oculist. y,. C. Xicliolion rtlinnid \:\»\ night from Toiic-k:i. wlieiu iii- lias lircn on business /or tiie l,"nion Urick Coiii- pafay. , 4--Fre4 Ronden, Period Decorator, bone 786. Glenn Cunis who hns boon in Ft. JW'orth, Texas. vi.>;iUng for some time, P has returned to lola. —^The W. C. Teats Realty Co., Kreas BIdg; Offioe rooma 22 to 24. J. E. Quick, who is confined to his borne witii an atiaclc of i>ii' iiiiionia, is j reported to l/c ton.-idt r;.bly belter today. ~—K. M. Aiitrom, Painlinc and Tap- eriag; rbone 661. .'Clyde Settle re(iirn »a r'!;iy Pfotn <,'lia'iiit(>. WIKO-,' Jj;is l..-in IKI a visit with friends. \'\ K. Hush, of SoKtli \V;i:-.Iiint;H.ii. •VOt> lias h#»eii {laim<-roii.sly ill for tli«- pa&t sevcnil tin.vs, is Jiiiorteil tn mucli iiiiiiroved. ©r. tiiry .M. Hn», OsJi^op/itll. Telephone ISU and fid. MiWi V .i:i ()lii>sl. of .M.-ir ;iii. will arrive llifs <vciilii)' fm- ;i vl-it o \.r Sunday with .Miss .MiKinmy. —Dr. MrMIIIen. I'iioneN 12 and •iXi. V. S. .Morris is confined to his home \>-'W.y with illni'5 -s. - Or. TVlrt, 0^ileopulb, Tel 487, ISS. ():! ::(rouilt of I lie faet that ooiisid- • i',:'. li liiiie will be talii^n Up by the li.isket ball names at the auili- K .riuiii tomorrow tUKlit the first Baiiie ••iii \<- rail. (] jii 7::iO instead of S:pO or Inter as is usual. — \V' -Money. K. .M. Cunningham. 1). !'. .\"ortl \ri !i> if? in Kansas City atie 'ulins the Lumberman's convention. '11. 1; al I 'l .e are nr. HI i:.Ti.-!ra;-ti!rinK c 'nii i.-:ll ho;,; its rr-^w- ;. ciiui; tonigiil at eight city hall, and all mem- li ;o be i)ie.-ent. Tht co!nniittee will meet a nesa. \Villi;i!i!s. i .f ll:i\ in llie < ity loiiay on tisiill^. biu:i- Dr. S. .\. ('.iffiiian retiiriieil last night fmm Fort .Senit. wh. r.- be has been for a .sliort business visit. ^erle Miinypr. wlio has been ii. "Wichita for a short \isil. returned home la »t ni^ht. R{>bert <'ain will le :!Ve tonmirov. morillns f'"* Kansas '"ity. wiiere be .•wilt join the navy. 7 J. J. Ludluni <-ain" in this i.iornin>; frbtit Savotiburg for a lirief visit with - Ck.W. Leff/er and family. |V^rs of Suffering and Blood Disease— Doctors Failed to Cure. 'Miss Jtabel R Dauklns, 11'14 I>.Tfay- tte- St., Fort Wayne, Jnd.. ^vriles: '^FOr three years J was troubled with catarrh.and blood dl .»e.ise. I tried sev- 'eral doctors and a dozen dilTorent remedies, but none of them did rne any 'good. A friend told me of H<x)d's Sar- eaparlll.^u I took two. bottles of this jnedicine and w;is as well and strong as ev 'er. If eel like a difTerent person and rec'onriiiend Hood's lo any one HUf- ferlns' from catarrh." Get It today in usual liquid form or C]UScolated tablets called SanatatHb iuiM' l;our earli .T to inspect the \V. A. D.iv.-.-on jilough. —It will be to your interest to buy your Flour and Feed of H. Ivlaumann. 206 S. Jefferson. Phone 259. \ jvcting of men been called fir Dnisrht at 7:30 at the office of Tr;.vis .Morse lo orRanize a V. M. C. A. I'ible class, which is to meet weekly b. ie:<fter at the Y. M. C. A. TheS' il'l.i. clas.i.s of the association have II.;; Very siucesslul in the jiast and .•^ .;' i.-'.ry I '.erry jirediels that tlie2mem b' 1 .•! i r .'i ill |i ot 111".' Inw tvo inoiilhs. class will reach V! i'Viilay night Reverend '•ii. <if l.a lia 'pe. will pve an :it tlie Kni^i.Js of I'ytliias Iiall .•if U::\: T'l. • ••••n : t i.' d. I.It, of .loseuh: From tin u, I 'alaci'." A musical '..'I ,il (I lie remlered tl.e en ::t I,.ins ^ivin for the bene- \, () \V. .\,» ailmlHsJon win 'I and everybody is cordially Til.' s< bool lials whiel) th<' seiiiari: I,! !!)•• 1 ;!;li scbdiil order«il soini' time I arriv. i! y.:;iiril;iy and they are "!n.-sy ' li;i.iiri'i;; jirecedi-nt Hie ifw le .- KI fi'-iti- is really a hat instead o( a <-ai<, beinu ol ibe small, soft fell v:.ri. ly. brown in eolor. with a bright I;<JIII band— (be (•l ;:ss colors. The hats ;;r real noisy and will };iv(f the class a dislineiion which tliey covet and ile.M rv e. — If yon want i )rivate lessons In CUKOn SIIOUTHANU & TOUCH TVl'KWRiTI.NO enroll this month. M,\i:i:i- UKKWER. PHO.VE 958. \V. V. Hell, who has been in Geneva fur the iiast several day.s: at the bedside of bis wife's iiiotlier. who is very ill. relumed last nijjbl, but was called away aKuin this inorniug by a iiies --aKe Stating that she had suffered si liking sjiell, and is now very low. A ;iam and wapon. belonging- to the lola Wlio'esali: Grocery Comi)any, and driven by I). I.. Ivy, fipiired in a runaway wlifch oceiired today about noon. The horses had been left standing with a wel.ciit to hold thcni. in the alley adjoinius the Brownfield & SIfers Canrly Factory, and becoming fright- Hned in some manner, started to run. turning to the east on Madison and thence south on Sycamore and running for several blocks before they were stopped. Kxcept for tW breairing of one wheel from the wagon, no dan>- |age was done. -Mrs. C. M. CumniinRs and son. Walter left today for a short visit In i'ittsburg. -Mrs. Tliomas L,asater, of the conn try north of ltda, who has bevn seriously ill for the three weeks, is reported to be unimproved. I Fred .Apt returned last night from a business visit in Kansas City. He will leikvi' in the morning for Muskogee, on business. J. C. Hutclier sold a car load of horses and mules today lo K. T. Knott. Tliey will be sh!\iped Over the Kafy to .\lii-k<i>;ee. Okla. Mr. Knott came up I his iiiorninK and bought thetii from the .1. C, llutcher barn. Mr. Uulcher will have a car loj»d of mares and iuiiles in for next week. ^ .Many of the friends of the couplt ar.i Just becoming awarr? of the fad thtit Mrs. Ilatiie i^'ry, who for the post ^< veral years has assisted In con- il'icilntc the ..MoFarland (^afe on South .lei ;ir .i)n .sired, and Cojeiimn Grady, who recently returiieil lo this city Irnii; .Vevada. were marrieil tiboiil iwo ••vei ks .-iti), i.m! have only recently returned froiii a honeymoon visit to points in Oklahoma. \V. H. SIrunk. of ITnionville, la., is in Hie city today on business. 'r;ie B(,yal A rob .Masons will hold a III'-tinff toiiiglif. at Ma.sonic hall for the iiiL -j/js-* of conferring the Mark .Mr. ter dt.vno on \V S. Kaufmann. A committee of Scottish Rite Masons f.-em v. S. oti will be here tomorrow nr.;iit to confer wlih a committee from t'ne I'lca! lod^e on the big Scottish Rite reunion which is to be held at l"t. Scott in FsLiuary. Folofls Iloncj and Tar Compound. —is a reliable family medicine. Jive it to your children, and take U yourself when you feel a cold coming m. It checks and cures qoughs and ::olds and croup and prevents bron- •hiiis and pneumonia. J. D. Mundls Co. George V. Mafhias has been elected .secretary of the Monarcii I>ortland Cement Company with plant at Humboldt. A jiumb.^r of high school bo.vs have made definite plans for tlie oiganiza- .ion soon of a club of liiiiited mein- )er.s!iip, the purposet of which is to !'i everything iwssible for the ini- iroveiaent of social, religious, and iioral conditions among tiie students f the high school. The organization •f the club is to be jierfected very soon, and it is expected Uiat it will have a strong and elevating influence. The prospect.s are that Ibe Freshman basket ball team at .Manhattan of which Frank Hoot, of liiis city, has been elected caplain. and In which Kddeil Jone.s and Alta Tanm r, loin .i:y.-. are star players, will gain a itiite-wide reputation before tin; season Is over. Several <liiy« !i!,'o they play.'d their lirst game of ilie .season, nieeiinti the Clay Center fcljili school, which defeated them l)y tlio closi score of :{« lo .'{O. When they get into trim they will be very formidable, and local fiuis are expecting them to make tlie big Aggie team light bard for victoiT- BKATII .MASK OF KKAU ADMIRAL EV.V .\S. Others. Glllile—.N"o one b ::s ever been able to find oiii what the S;i'j;nx stands for— «vhou; it [el le.scnts. .\m'rie:i.,; I'.niris; - That 's nothing. We 've pit ii'ts 11.' ee;i;;T ».ssUie !l bi.'me •he saL'K- V,-. y ;':-<•'.. Sprmg HoasecieaniHg Means New Wall Paper Best selection, price and quality—at G.B.Speneer&(:o. Wall Paper. Drugs • Toilet Articles, etc. ' Saturday, tii€ Last Day Annual Qearatiee Sale Washington, I). V.. .Ian. 25.—U. S.'.I. Dunbar, the sculptor, holding in his 'latid the dealli mask of the late Hear Adrairal lOvaiis. As -soon as he has ihis •.-..iiipleted. it will be placed in the .N'ali.iiial .Mi:seum with the collection jf others of the nation's famous Head. .T. R. Hobby, of .\cv.' York, spent yesterday in the city Ini.kiiig after the estate of lii.s brother, .1. K. lloli- by. of Moran, deceased. Salurday II Wo aJway.s lock to Saturdio ns heinjf our best t^ay ot the '.veck and we >jiai. lo wake this conii !'-tuiday one of the best of the year! ROTHSCHILDS OF THE EAST.! Mitsui Family of Japan Is Famous for; Unsullied Honor of Their Name. PRICES HELP DO IT! 10 lioxes fine Sunkist Oraiii 'M.^, reiTul .ir 25-80- 35-40c sizes mixed in a lot, per dozen 2;}c 25 bunches fine yellow Bananas, dozen ... .l-'ic Two dozen for 25c, 50d full ]011). Kat .'ks of Corn Meal @.22c 100 pail.q fancy Table Syrup, pail 38c 100 large pkgs. Rolled Oats, i)er pkg^ 20c 2000 cans fine Sugar Corn, any brand, two cans for 15c 500 sacks Wolfs Premium Flour — nothing better at any i)rfie—per sack $1..35 Fine Northern Potatoes, per bu $1.25 ^ Our big list in Tuesday's Register good for Friday and Saturday! LUOTrs Tho Jntsiil family of Japan have b^en called the Rothschilds of the Enst; but while the famo of the latter has gone abroad over the world. .•:ays the Atlantic Monthly, the Mlt- Eiiis have remained practically un- knov.n eic<'pt to a few western merchants who h.nve hr.d e.xtcasive dealings with the Orient. The K;;ropean fagiily owes its great retio'wn to tlie fact that for a centtiry there has been no slightest stain upon its commercial honor. But Its ca^ rcer, it should be remembered, has been passed in a world where busl- m -^rS itself has b€en held In honor; while the Mitsuis,' engaged In a pursuit utterly condemned by public sentiment, for three centuries, in'spite of the demoralizing Influence of the social ban, have been trusted by government and people alike and have kept tho honor of their name unstained. Now, thanks to the new spirit animating tlie nation, they no longer stand so conspicuously atone. Other great commercial families are bring ranged with this one, their mem- bira not only enrolled among th» peers of the realm, but ranking •with the merchant princes of tho west as c\pon<<nt8 of all that is honorable In tho conduct of mercantile affairs. To tbeir number are yearly being added many of the SamlrnI, or nightly ohiv airy of old. who once scorned all contact with trade, but who are now returning to bring to the rep-iue of tfielr country the fine sense of honor In which they were educated under tho ancient regfme. That they will eventually succeed In tbeir task, backed as they are by the Instinct of common honesty pervading the rank and file, there can be no manner of doubt We still have some choice values left in Pianos and Organs. We will sell tomorrow six beautiful new Pianos at prices $187, $189, $195 to $215. • Some good used Pianos from .$25, $40, .S148 up to$180. Organs $5, $7, $10, $20 to $35. Exclusive store for Victor Victrolas. Priced at $15, $25, $40, $50, $100 to $200. Headquarters for Edison Phonographs and Records. Colurnbian Machines and Records at a discount. Store open until 8 o'clock evenings. J. V. Roberts Music Co. • lola, Kansas Apparatus for, Finding Water. The hazel twig as a water finder has been supplanted by a remarkable in- rention, consisting of a simplo apparatus. The principle on which tho instrument works is the measnrlng of tho strength of electric currents between the 'earth and the atmosphere. These are always strongest In the Ticinlty of subterranean water courses, the flowing waters of which are charged with electricity to a certain degree. The apparatus takes the form of a box-shaped Instmment fixed on a tripod, with a dial on which a needle is used to indicate the presence of water. If Che needle remains stationary it naay be taken for granted that no subterranean spring -^az- iats; the spot wliere the gi^atest morenient of tho jnieedle is obtained Is .that whore Veil boitnff operatlfios •bonid be made. CAISES Sit'KSK.SS. (."«<»d Ilctiltb Ini]>o.s<«il)lc wllb a Dl.sor- dered Stomaciu There is nothing that will create sickness or cause more trouble than a disordered .•'.Lomacti, and many t"'oiile dully contract serious maladies sluivly tlirougii disregard or of the stomach. Wo tirgc cevry one suffering from any stomach derangement, indigestion or dysiiepsia, whether acute or chronic to try Kexail Dyspepsia Tablets, with the distinct undi^rstandJng that we will refund their money without question or formality, if after reasonable use of this medicine they are not sa'i.-^fied w.'th the results. We recommend ihehi io our customers every day, and have yet to hear of any one who has not been benefited by them. Three sizes 2.>2 5(ic and $1.0U a box. Sold In lo'a only at our store—The Rexall .Store. Burrell's Drug Store, West Side Kqtrare. NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS. lola, Kans., Jan. 25 1912. We the Board of County Commis- sioC 'Crs of Allen County, Kans'a.<i, bav­ in.? decided upon the construction of si - iDlles of macadam road, four n\i)e» of which will commence at the north coriiorate line of lola on the Stale Street road thence running north four miles on said State Street road. Also two miles of macadam road commencing at .the east corporate line of the City ot Humboldt on the Ft. Scott road, thence running east 35T0 feet, and also commencing at the northwest corner of the southwest quarter 1-26- IS thence east 6890 feet on said Fort Scott road. Sealed hid?, accompanied by certified check of $50, ,wUl be received up to February 6, 1312. M., on not less than two miles or on all of said road, to build according to plans and specifications on file in the office of 0e County Clerk: Right reserved to reject any and all bids. G. M. REYNOLDS, ChU R. CgLBBRTSON. County Clerk. Combination Range. Burns coal and gas without change. Four gas burner lids and oven. Broiling burners. / Good heavy coal box. , lola Furniture Store SOME MORE FOR SALE—TWO GOOD COWS. Inquire at 312 N. Jefferson St. WANTED .'—TWO horses 1250 to 1350 lola Briclt Company. GOOD WORK"» pounds weight

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