Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on September 23, 1949 · Page 12
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 12

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, September 23, 1949
Page 12
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22 Sept. 22, 1949 Mason Clly Globe-G»iett«, Mason City, la. (JVeek at Ljour cLibraru By LYDIA MARGARET BARRETTE, Mason City Librarian ,' Education is not neglected by the library staff. An interesting staft meeting last Saturday discussed functions of the library and needs in library growth; particularly the need of working in larger units for economy. There was considerable interest in Dr. Robert Leigh's re• cent statement that a minimum*— budget that would provide a library of a size adequate to its full community task would be $100,000. Dr. Leigh seems to think 'that pooling in even larger units than a county is advisable to keep costs down. The staff left to hold the fort at the library seem to feel that 4 girls off to school in one year is quite a high per cent in a group of 13; but they are glad that Thera Loken is going to continue with her junior : year-at the University of Iowa-and Carol Klath with her sophomore , year at Rockford, while Virginia Vega starts on her professional work at the University of Illinois and Esther Walls, who entered summer school at Columbia, continues with *her work for a master's degree in library science. Theo Clara Hattier, a graduate ; of the Minnesota library school, with'her 5 years experience as a branch librarian in Springfield, 111., has been added to the staff and is rapidly fitting into a place of her own. She will complete the inventory in the children's room begun this summer. When that is finished the main library book- stock will have been inventoried. There are still many books missing, each of which hampers the work of the library. There are shortages in the field of useful arts that keep the' information desk from answering practical questions. Particularly disturbing are volumes .from Ihe .Temple edition of Shakespeare, a gift to the library last year. Miss Ethel Stokes, who took the inventory of the literature sections, says they are large- y plays which are read at school. 3he thinks if every mother would ook over the bookshelves in her lome carefully, she might be surprised to find library books. Call For Lost Books Possibly some child who stopped n with her boy or girl on the way home from school has left them; and then later reported to the li- jrary that they'd been returned. The fine notice was a mistake. He'd look at home • and at school and they certainly had returned the books. Of course, the first checking of an inventory is only the beginning. Every 6 months for a year and a half or 2 years the shelves are searched for shorts. The works missing from the inventory 3 years ago are only now being withdrawn from library records, but the books had been gone for some time and reserves are unfilled and people had been asking for certain titles in vain. So many books are out of print now and can't be obtained when ordered. This is true of titles in the Temple Shakespeare and many other books. On Sept. 16 Robertson's "Longhorns of IJate" and Weekes' "Literature for the Child" were reported unavailable and Sept. 17 McClurg sent word that "King of Ireland's" was out of stock at the publishers with no date set for reserve so the order was cancelled. "Wonder Book" illustrated by Crane was reported out of print. Each day this week some shorts were reported. Toastmaster's Book The Robeson riots make the book, "Police and Minority Groups" by Lohman and Shannahan of special interest. Mr. Lohman is a lecturer of sociology at the University of Chicago and Roger Shannahan is chief of police in Chicago. "Toastmaste.v's Handbook" by Prochnow may tempt members of the Toastmaster's club and the Toastmistress' club to borrow an epigram or a witticism from chapter 7 of the book, but the 7th bit of wit in chapter 7 (Seventh Son of a Seventh Son) may give the borrower pause: "He wasn't exactly a sculptor, just a chiseler." Or the toastmaster may be a diplomat with Issac Goldberg knowing: "Diplomacy is to do and say, he nastiest thing in the nicest vay." Or this toastmaster may have ome into a real understanding f inflation as did the accused vhen the judge asked him why e stole the $50,000 dollars and e answered: "I was hungry." Anyhow, the handbook is a nine of information and clever uggestions. There is another book or toastmasters and toastmistres- es, too. "How to.,Speak" by Dixon s good for speakers here, there, nd on the air. "Pink Magic" by Reinbeck is a lovel that will make an appeal to dolescents as well as regular fic- ion reading public. Older people nay get as much fun from it as hey did from "Penrod" and Seventeen." Ursula, in. .the new story, is 16. She goes to Mexico for the summer and has hard knocks and disappointments, but finds Wally rant and perfect companionship. I There are a dozen other new all novels added this week. Among the dozen biographies cataloged, "The Friends of Joe ilmore and Some Friends of Lyle Saxon" gives quite a good picture of social life and customs in New Drleans. Lyle Saxon died before was able to finish writing this THE POTATO CHIP F DISTINCTION! Triple-sealed package insures freshness and prevents breakage. I book, but most of It he dictated during his illness. "With 3 Feather on my Nose" ay Billie Burke tells how this oeautiCul red headed actress lived and played in a glittering ei-a. A part of the book ciune out in Collier's under the title "Billie Burke, Her Story." "Lead Kindly Light" by Sheean is a biography of Mahutma Gandhi with almost half of the book devoted to a study of India's spiritual culture going back to the time of the Vcdas. "Modern English and Its Heritage" by Bryant and "The Written Word" by Munsgn will be of use to writers. There are 6 new books on religion this week. The most practical is "The Church - School Teacher's Job" by Eakins. "Practical Handbook for School Counselors" by Erickson and "Vocational Educations for a Changing World" by Struck will interest teachers. New plays are "This Happy Breed" by Coward, "Edward, My Son" by Morley and "Death of a Salesman" by Miller. New music books include, "How to Write Songs That Sell" by Korb, "Symphonies of Mozart" by Saint -•'oix and "Violin Concerto" by Swalin. There are 2 books in the field of foreign relations. "Price of Power" by Baldwin, and "American Diplomacy in the International Community" by Graham. "Beauty Culture, its Science and Practice" by Cherioli is written by the instructor of cosmetology at the Wisconsin Schools of Vocational and Adult Education. The defense of the North Atlantic makes timely such new books as "Depth and Aerial Warfare" by Sigaud, "Jet Propulsion Turbojets" by Finch and "Rocket Propulsion Elements" by Button. Settlement 1 Reached in Suit for Damages Hampton—The damage suit for $8,222.90 brought by Douglas Rust of Sheffield against John Miles of Thornton as the result of a 2-truck collision, was settled out of court and Miles was ordered to pay the costs of the action. The petit jury was dismissed for the term. William H. Harrison, with six sons and four daughters, had a larger i'amily than any other American president. 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