Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 25, 1912 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 25, 1912
Page 3
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HitE lOLA DAILY REGISTER. THURSDAY EVENING. JANUARY 25,1912.: For One Day Only—Satm^day Wejshall place on sale our entire stock of FANCY SILKS, FOULA RDS, fancy CHECKS and STRIPES heretofore sold at $1.00 per yard; Saturday only— New Yor lore SEE NOUTH WINDOW DISPL|Y-. ' if rived and after the women -left the tables .their-names wera enrolled on the registration books. There was also a lecture on the political responsibility of women. •!• <' •> What promises to bo the largest party next week Is being planned by Mrs. Rex Bowlus for the afternoon of jWednesday, January thirty-first. Invitations'were Isstiod yesterday end eighty guests have been asked, yha company will be onti-rtained at cards, i •* •> * • The Guild of St. Timothy's church will have their masquerade party of February twelfth in the Y. C. A. rooms. The public is Invited and the hostesses expect to make the occasion a merry one. Prizes will be awarded for the prettiest costume and the most comical one. Jlirs. A. H. Camp^ lif.ll win head the roceiving line: Mrs. Henry Balllett will have the ments in charge nod a nfuriLT will (be prepared by Dr. and Mrs. K. C. i Reynolds Miss Bula Reimert I'.r.d .Mr.{^ ! George Walte. Tlie Guild was oncrtnined yesterday at tlic rectory :ind Mrs. .Vnu a?rv- cd (ea after tiio business mcotlriK. Mrs. T. F. Zrl^ler will have the Guild in two weeks. c. •:• • Mi.'s l.inii Robbins of Lulfarpe en- terti.liied tlie plrlo v.lin belong to 111- Y. W. r. A. r'lib of tliat plnoe with !i d< IlKhffuI T>:irty hist " nlurht. Tlie guests numbered twenty-six. * * • T||e.\V. C. T. I', will meet at tlie^^us- u:il hour tomorrow afternoon, iinil will h ive ;i Iiiind-liook drUl from Ilii- iplnuii's of tlic !; Hl;ito convention. * •:. * Jflss Tilled Itnlclirr gave a (i.Trty Inst n!plit for ;i sni:ill group of girls', members of the IT. T. M. club. + <• .Mr. ;iiid Mrs. F,:irl Sv,il/...r who erinie here from Clmnuffv five months :n;o, nremoving to Cnffeyvillv' when ;::i-,v will ni:ike ili"ir home, •:• •> •> Mr. :ind .Mrs. r„>or,se A. Frv gnv. :i p.-irty l:ist niirlit for the Wednesday I'ilflire einli. Tiler.; W( r.^ no i;iiisl:; other lli:in (he eliib ni<:iil)"r.s. MiRS" Grare Bedi 1! wlio f-.)rtii( r'y lived here, came in la ?t night fror.i her home in lJod;;(' City and is a guest of Miss Ix'iia Culheri-soii. .Mis.- iledell is enroute to I'ittslmrg to enter the manual training school. Ti,-night Miss Culbertson will eni .Ttiiin. a few intimate friends in honor of h< r guest. •:Mrs. Willi.nm Ab<'rn ;:thy of KIMIF.:.- City, who is visitins h ^r mothe;- MT. C, A. Fronk. Mrs. M .te Thay, r :r' ! Mrs. Ix)uis Collielii Wire gii- -i-; Mrs. J. M. Thomas at dinner' y<sier- da.v. Jlrs. Abernathy will go to .Montana in a short time to rejiid.-^ ai:i; Mrs. Thayer is expecting to leav^' soon for .Nashville, Tenn'.'ssee to make her home. <• • •> Two socials for young people of i'le Christian church will be hejd t jnici-' The Ix)yal Sons and .Senior i'hilallna:-. will be entertained at the home of Miss Carrie Johnson, on .North .T.'ffir- son street and the Loyal Dauuhtcrr. will be entertained at the home of Miss Esther DIngman. •:• •> •>• At the Christian church Sunday morning. .Mr. \. K. li.iker, a missionary to Thibet, will o<< uuy the jmlpit Mr. Bake.r will have with him a l.irg. collection of cnrlps which he will display. * •:• * —Kid Gloves of all kind.-* and all sizes. Special Sale T>'M- pair.—New York Store; Saturday only. •> •> A Mr. and Mrs. Loraine Treadway (Margaret Curtis) who were married in Pasadena during the holidays, are .nt home at Sll XVest Poplar, Stockton, California. * • •!• Re%-. D. Y. Donaldson, of Kaiisas City, formerly pastor of liie rhri.<rian church of this place, is here visitin.7 friends for a few days. •5- •> Miss Lucy Wilson will co to Oklahe ma City Monday for a visit with her sister. Mrs. Earl Rosebush. .Mr and Mrs. Rosebush are now comfortably established, in their home at that lilace. • • • .Mrs Goodrich, of f^TIarp", wife of the n*"nister of the rhristian church, was taken from St. John's hospital to the home of Mr. and Mrs. F. R. Broth *rton today. Mrs. Goodrich has been ill for some weeks and will remain :it the liome of Mr. and Mrs. BrotKer- ton u:>til recovered. • -r * —.Attend ihe Big Kid Glove Sale Saturday at the New York Store. 59c pa'r. • .> .J. Three orgnnlzntions of wot^^'^n ar^ to observe Kansas Da.v. This afternoon the Sorosis club had 2 program of Kansas^literature r<nd other snpr" priate things at the home of Mrs. J. Feed DR. HESS' POULTRY PANACEA for (, Cholera, Roup Makes Hens Lay! PRICE Is comparatively so small It seems utter neglect for one to delaj' bringing that old cherished piece of jewelry to our Bcpair Vepnrtnieut BURREirS I?^KE The Roxnll Store West Side of the Square W I'lM.wn: M'lP'Iay the Woni;in's Rt- li f Cm; :•• n 111 have a dinner at G. .\. It. hall liii'l Wi'dne.sday .lannar.v. ihir- iv-lirst till .Moth'-rs' club will have a Kansar. i):'o;;r.';m at Muildcrs* ( iiapi-l. •:• •:• •:• —K!l» ni.oVK SAI.K Satiinlnyal Cie Ni w York Store, .".HC 1'All.t for ?1.'J0 and 51..50 GJoves. * • * nv. and .Mrs. E. li. iJak'T, of Denver are vi.siting hrr parent.':, .Mr. and Mrs. H. O, Cott, t*'l Sjufb Kentucky iirtct. * • * Amcnc vii-i;iiVf li"-e enr'y in 'he veik was Mrs. C. 1. Williams, of Chain!'", "ho was the guirFt of Mrs. J. 11. Pepper. * Mi<:s Nina RaNion of Elsiiore here for a visit with Misses Dot and Far Powell. •:• • •:• —Free T'ic'iirc show. Trip fo .\ulo factory. 5IuJeclic tonight. •J- • •:• ivfVfr .iid O. C. Mooma-v. of the rhii>fti\n church was in Independ- < nee yes'erday where h ' assisted with •he program at a missionary rally. fl.OO and pair.—New —Sr-c'ial for Saturday Jl.'.U K!D GLOVES, :>0c York Stcre. * • • .Ni'W York. Jan. L'4.—Soeiety women of .New York ar" rait-inc the lian on the opal. Mr.<--. Frederiek Van(l<'rhi"'i is one of thosfl who admire opals ?rea;'v and wear them in sjdte of the i'li fortune they are said to bring. T!ie opal is the only jewel that de- ties the imitators. It is the only stone :!lso. tiiat has a temper or temperament, as you choose. Mrs. Vanderbllt calls it temperament, and points olit that she has v<?ral opals that change with I'le n^vs of the sun or the spirits •ind bodily health of their wearer. The oijal color in exl r^ine cold :'nd !:"Oi:i' s dull umier too mueh iroijttire. In dry sunny weather wonderful colors glow in it. It ^ a stone ilia! bn -js lit^iif to alm<ist Ihy complexion rr COS! utile, and the prospects are th:a in .t U w years its btauty a'/d dellcjiiy V il! t .i -'.iif r :.ll liars on thi^ ground of its unluekiness. H- • —Frw picture sJiow. Trip lo -lulo ftiitorj. Mnjirlie tonight. <• • • A •>( gistratlon" (ea is the nev.est thing in California, more paJilcjJarly Sa<:reniento. Women of that town are itprari'utly reluctant to assume po- lificni responsibility and the Woman's Council, of which most of the members are suffragettes, arranged a tea and had (be guests register to vote by way of diversion. The tea was given at the First Christian church, the assembly room of which wag filled with tables. WhOe refresbtnents were being Bcrred tlie.depti 'Jfts ar* — Free iitctiire SIMMV. Trip to .\n(o (tiry. .Majccfic tonight. *> <• ^Tr. and Mrs. F'vd Fr.enian .:;ave a VIIV pli;isant rarfy last! for th- .\"(,ith Side cl".b, which they enter- iiined at <\^T(\^. in addition to con- i-les who bcloiiL' to the club. Mr. iin'' -s. !la«on W::t!!on. Mr. and Airs. A K Halliett and ^\rs. Walter Deck" ; !avWT. A two cotirsi- supper was- ?-ervi>d. • .Memh^ r.^ of the Y. W. C. \. are requested to .ittend the annual businf- :•• N'liiiq v.h'^r;! is to be held at eisht <>•; lock t'jiii;;ht in th'- assix-iatioii rconis. Ho.-.rd nii'inbers will b--^ elect'-.1 .-'iid ot1;e< rs will present reports for 111"- year. •> + ••> T'e Lad:e..<- Aid Society of the First tliotli.-t church have engaged to give :•! tola a rare and profitable entertainment in the cUurcli Saturday ever inu'. l-'i biliary l!rd. It is an able ex- anil h-'ciure on the Passion Pla.^ 1 -• 1);-. W. N. Mason, jiresident o; !-..'--er I'niver.sity who witnes.=ed thi • ::!y hi l!>lii. The lecture will he 11- •.."-^trated with fift.v-two official slide.'i; a good .stereopticon lantern show- in:.' very ilejirly the at tiiai producilor . tiie Passion I'lay. 1 he.-e with Dr. • in": aMe lecture interwoven . •..iiig'.ioii! v.i;; give the Intertiretalior .' ti'e religious meaning of this ver< tiuti Inieri's'lng play. The pri<( '•' ;l 'p t|<kets will be'2.'cents to ndullt and 1." cents to all children under 1" ;i; I 11 Ktiidtnts of liigl" .'chool. Th' M .iii .s w '.At ari' KelHncr ihe tiekcts cai 'live I '.ein .".t ince bv calling on Mrs C. ii. Crick. Barry's Pup in black and tan button also lace; was S5,00, reduced to Love in.— Work If you put love into your work you get better results. Men who make Photographs and would rather do something else don't turn out finished pictures. We love our work. Our pictures show it. It pays you to have us take them. Gibson's Studio no TTosUae^ Listed below arie a feW of the big bargains we offer you Tomorrow and Saturday. There are many more just as good. Women's Suits All this season's i^iakes in all the newest cloths and styles, go in this big sale at just half price. $15.C0 Suits for $7.50 $17.50 Suits for $8.75 $20.00 Suits for $10.00 $22.50 Suits for .$11,25 $25.00 Suits for $ J 2.50 $30.00 Suits for $15.00 Women's Coats This season's best styles, in plush, broadcloth, serges and novelty mixtures. Clearance sale at just half price. $7.50 Coats, clearance price. .$3.'75 sale. $10.00 Cot4s on $12..50 Coats on sale. $15.00 Coats on sale. .$17.50 'Coats on sale. $18.60 Coats on .'^alo. .$''0.00 Coat.^ Oil Hale.. $25.00 Coa^^^, on sale.. S27.50 Coals on sale.. .00 Coats on sale.. .. .:?5.00 ....^6.25 ...$7.50 '....S8.75 ...S9.25 . ..$10.00 ..S12.5P . .$13.75 . .SI5.00 Clearance of Dresses Peter Thompson Dresses, colors blue and red, regular price $12.50; clearance price, now $7.98 January Clearance of Dress Goods LOT 1. A large assortment of Wool Dress Goods in Serges, PaV ket Weaves, Mohair and Novelty Suitings, 36 to 42 inches wide. In this lot you will find most all colors. Regular price 1 and 85c yard: clearance price 49c LOT 2. Januaiy Clearance of Cotton and Wool Dress Goods, 36 inches wide, in Basket Weaves. Voiles and Novelties in plain and mixed colors. Regular 50c values; clearance price, jier yard .35c Cotton Suiting, Corded Poplin, Mercerized Diagonals and Mohair Suitings; 27 inches wide; regular price 25c and 30c; clearance price, a yard 20c Misses' Coats :\v:-s from 10 1o 1'. Prices v ^r .':0 from $?.^0. $3.50. S-1.9o. $6.50 $7.5'). $10, S12.50 and $J5. Clearance price Vi OFF EXTRA SPECIAL! Women's Suits and Coats left from last sea.-^on's .selling. A good v.-:--!ety of .-tyle.s and we.-ivcs. Suits and Coais that sold up to $:15; now on sale at $9.95 Also one Ponv Skin Jacket valued at $60 included, at $9.95 One lot of ladies',' and children's Coats and Jackets, values up to .$.5.00; on sale 9Sc One lot of children's Uearskin ;ind Caracul Coats, spcvuil clearance price $1.19 . Another lot at .-.$1.98 j Another lot of extra lire duality regular .$7.50 and $5.00 Coats.; clearance price $3.69 Clearance of Persian Foulards. 36 inches wide: colors, black, navy, light blue, gray, lavender; regular price 50c a yard; clearance price 35c January Clearance of Outing Flannel Gowns. Priced at 50c, Yoc, S5c, $1, $1.25, $1.50, $1.75 and .$2; clearance price— • 25 PER CENT OFF. Clearance Sale of Furs Two White Fur Scarfs, were $10, now on sale at . .$2.75 One Gray Squirrel, was $5.00; vou can buvit now for... . .$1.50 Our entire line of FUR SETS and SCARFS goes at... '/z PRICE Clearance of Skirts One lot of Skirts—a good assortment of colors and styles, in Panamas, Voiles and Serges, worth up to $11.50; no\^ $2.50 Clearance Sale Shoes One lot of Ladies' Shoes, broken sizes, in tan, ])atent and kid leathers, button and lace, sold regularly for $4, $3.50, .$3, .$2.50; Fridav and Saturday, choice $1.98 One lot of Boys' Shoes and a few pairs of Misses' and Ladies' Shoes—sold from $1.25, $1.50 to $3 ' a pair; clearance price Friday and Saturday, pair 98c January Clearance of Hand Bags In Velvet, Suede, Bead Bags, Tapestry Bags, Leather Bags; regular .S1.50 and $1.25 values, clearance price .98c Cleaiance Sale Rugs Right at the time of year when you Avant a new Rug, we offer you choice of any Rug in the house at a .q-reat saving. A good assortment elect from in Body Brussels, Wiltons, Velvets, Axminster, Tapestry, Ingrain and Fiber. Prices range from $1.25, $2.50, $5, $7.50, $10, $12.50, $15, $17.50, .$25 to $50. Clearance price 25% Discount Clearance of Comforts Priced at $1, $1.50, $1.75, $2, $2.25 to $3.50, clearance price— 20 PER CENT DISCOUNT. STOr rrClILNG SC.XLP OVEUMUHT. Y. M. C. A. COMHrriKIlS V,;»UK. (•narantced l»y C. B. Spencer & Co. to .Stoii Fallinir Hair and Banisli Dandriuf. Itching scalp, Icceps you scratching ind fueling miserable ail the time. tVa.-:h your hair tonigiit with pure oap and water, rub on a goodly quan- i;y or K\KlSf.\.\ SAGE and the dls- ro!:.s :;i .i? itchiness will be igone in the .•uorning. P.AUISIAX SAGE is a pure, refresh- ag and invigorating hair dressing. Besides putting an end to scalp itch :iandruft and falling hair it nourishes ..le hair roots and puts a splendid ra- .llancc into faded and unattractive •lalr. f • \t should be used by ecvry member it the family to keep th scalp free from dandruff gerni.s and preveni lialdness. large bottle 5a cents at C. ft. Spencer & Co, and drugglst-s everywhere. POST CAUD CKA/.E U.N IV.iNE. iiiblier.x Find Firkic I'ublle Has Tired of the Fad. A f.avelinp man 'lere today i« authority for tha statement that the picture poKt -card fad which has swept the country and developed Into a tremendous busluesii, is on llie wuni'. This niiin speaks with authority, having been a maker of pust-cards, of Ahlch he sold six million in three .ears. He mys that the fail has run out and that the public has become n!c on the subject, one of the noticeable results being that Jobbers In poft-card.s all over the country iiro having financial troubles und manv .Kive gone Ini:) bankruptcy. —Do not allow your kidney and tiladder trouble to develop beyond the reach of medicine.., Take Foley Kidney. Pills. They give quick results and stop irregulariUes with surprising promptness. J. D. Mundls £ Co. Ca.'iivaie'ir }<> Viwi-v Pr.-.j.r..- • ;. T!;c .M. C. .A c- , fimd<« for v :^-:.'ir^ ; :i i • for the assccln'i(;;i bniii'. carried on wi . ••.er,'..v j] results IKU • been vi ,• The campaign is Ixing Fred Rowden and today assisted in the v.orU liv^Si ccmmiitee composed of K. C. Ilcmaberg and Dr. O. L. Garlinghpuse. He will be assist ed tomorrow by Hoy Sleeper and T>B. Shannon and Saturday by H. H. Muehlke and C. K. Russell. >;ext week further arrangements for the conduct of the campaign w-Ul be made. i .:.i::jir v.ASr . ;i:-'nt : ;;:i3 bl'H ly. .-.:r! ih'- S'jecessful. jr.anaged by he is being Foley Kidney Pills —always give satisfaction because fhey always tin ilie work. J .T. Shelnut r.remen, C.a., rays; "I have used I'oley Kirlcey I'ill.s with great satisfaction fcinul more relief from their use than from any other kidney medicine and I'^e tried, almost all kinds. T ein r^»e ^fMl1v reeornmen 'l j them to all -sufferers for kidney and bladder trouble." J. D. Mundia Co. sirs. Elmer Cummings of 60J North Sycamore street has accepted a posl- tlon as nurse in the German hospital J lit'KmnBai Cttjr and Will lenirft fpi^tthiit.:" |.pl»W* l^edlatdrv ,,, , | Eaton, Crane and Pike iMako tlin finest writing paper ni!ide in .America. "We uliow the eUuie.e .of their Ww. —SOIU'J real 7iew creation.!. Sec the window for good.*. You get the best In vl.«ltlng •vcarda Invitations, initial paper, • a>^ieap as very ordinary stock. Evans^Bros. THE RICHARDSON LADIES' TAILORING AND DRESSMAKING SCHOOL Teaches the latest easiest, "quickest, most scientific and complete system of garment cutting ever invented and have had in our school • at Chaiiute over 90 students the past year. _ i'rovides the cheapest and only successful way to learn dressmaking. 1.S the only educational institution which allow.s its graduates to return at any time without extra expense to review, practice or study new points. Is the only school of this kind which positively guarantees satisfaction and gives an unlimited number of le.ssons for a single tuition. • Students can enter the school at ary time as we do not teach in classes. WHY XOTJ Learn a trade where the demand far exceeds the supply? He your ovi-n dressmaker, able to dress better and at less expense? Gain an accomplishment which will be of everyday, life-long practical value to you? ' Give your daughters a practical education? You can learn everything about Dressmaking and Ladies' Tailoring. You can take any special part of the course and can limit your work to that one department or can go on gradually acquiring the whole course. After completing the course you are nllowed to bring any amount of sewing to tlie class-room, receiving tl'c same attention and Instructions as before. You are allowed to attend at your own convenience and to come until fully satisfied. You are allowed to return at any time without extra expense to review, jiraciice, eut jiattenis or use the fashion journals. You work on your own setving, ther •l.y soon saving the cost of tuilion. You are taught to cut all fancy effects such as sleeve*; trimmings, yokes, i)lait», tucks, etc. to the exact measures of the, form. We have taught young lailles thirteen years of age with entire fiucresa and can also leach you. In graduating you have an actual, practical knowledge of dresa- mnklng. Dressmaking has reached such a liolnt of complexity and diSlculty fliht the only place It can be learned successfully U in an organized scliool, working under trained instructors. , THE RICHARDSON LADIES* TAILORING AND DRESSMAKING SCHOOL ) Mr.«. L. R. Smith and Hiss C. XiyaXU Managers aud Tehehen. (Over Blgns' Frnit Store) 15i/i S. Jeffeispn Ida, Kas. Bell Phone 21

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