Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 30, 1954 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 30, 1954
Page 3
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tuesdoy, March 30/195 • FT S ' ifji *:~..A ..{*, \, M, sr-tj ' • Y P. M, i 1 ] Kc::.)i)i f.;;-_>!' CUihr. in thi.' Hivh School ;if <>i ''it i/ei'.'i 1 !; on it. April 1. or:s of Tluu-F- of ! (he Coll-; meet in'/ in' StrU-hiand ThurifUiy. Tuesday March 30 The Jell P,. Grave" lass of the Firr.t /.. \ will meet i;\ (!. pllis Luck. ;.!;;.3 .:.. et, on TuL-scIuy -. seven o'c.ix;.; i'o er. All member;; ar. end Tuesday April The Chancel C'hoir of aptist Church will :•<•'<»•: aster music on Thi!. pril }, at 7:3!). All m;-n; .irgccl to attend. The Hooi ion will serve. I he G:,bee CM TV; thing iho! to a' \voir, MUSfCA! TRAVEL, HOPt STAR, HOfrE, ARKANSAS Hi-rvey si reel on Friday. April 2nd, I ai 3 o'clock. Co-hostess will bo Mrs. | Ray Allen. Exhibit will be a ; crescent arrangement of iris. i Monday April 5 i Y.'HCS Circle 5 of the First Methc- 'di::t Church will meet Monday, : April 5th. tit 7:30 p. m. in tho home of Mr.«. Olniide Tillfjry for their ' "Seei'el Pal"' party. 'Each member i.< nsks.'d to bring a .contribution for the Rift? they have receive;*:!! .from their pal and if you cannot! : be present pleas;'.; send the name! of the member you think has been' your pal and your contribution by '• j another member who is coining. Workers Gunday School nines Ha» Meeting Sixteen members attended the moo(in« of the Workers Sunday ( School Class- of-the Garrett Me-} rnorial Baptist Church on Mon-1 day. March 20, at 7:15 p. m. in the I home of Mrs. Aubrey Collifr, Jr. i Airs. J. S. McDowell, assisted by j Mrs. Gladys Roberts, was hostess.) Two hymns were sung and prayers were led by Mrs. Calhoun and ! Mrs. Ivory IJr-bcrls. ! Mrs. McDowell gave the devo- lional iiKi.i!< the Olst Psalm. Airs. B. M. Ifaz/ard, president conducie-d a short business session. Air:;. Roberts led in prayer. It was nminuncied that tho next class meeting would be held,.in the home or Mrs. Vera ••GouRh with Mrs. Mag-, t'ic Arnelt as co-hostess. I Games were played with prizes) bring v.-on by Mrs. Cobb and'Mrs. Persona! Mention CANDY LOVER—-Tiie scent of his favorite candy brings Teddy out of temporary hibernation 'as owner Bob Williamson, of Goshcn, 111., stands by. The bear, raised from a cub by William- . son, duelled for cover as soon as snow ancl icy temperatures ,' hit the midwest. DOROTHY DIX Tasks For Lonely Women Is emf^oj-ed, shfe a frw ftou** a others --frsfc who ate bored, I make frfe$rfs, hl6 (hoafest Serf dro that aio ' s -uere<> tul ehfu sty eair- on e »i' "-.! Hut ex* j tf'if n f "Is to be Of mt<t du. e a lot of fun ' W making fully th^ii, even know wbat IF"' of "Bored'' Dear Miss Dix: I always net a 'Jtity Chetf kick out oi letters from midtlU- ami '' ll1 -* aged \\ornen whose familus ate all bin' a groun up and atva> from home, P" 11 - 11 lea\ int mom \\ith nothing to do. and oh' so boied 1 Boy, would I love to have a list ^' " N of those people' You «ee I m ,>l-f tlons eaugh,t in the million dmes cx<<1 that take p'ico cvtiy yeai and 010 ' lirm! ' ! of oui hardest jobs is to fnd wo- Mo;fx Il1 ' ni n ' ° l ° men who can leave their homes fm !lruf lolli ul ° fiu v t<in l ur a feu hours at a time atid who tan wlv> tllo> "' n tbniifht v> ddle-ai;- menti " J '' ' inri, it v si Ansvtrert While 18 JDear Miss OI*: lied about tny and . . . . _— new are permitting tofef „ " a boy who is 18. 'vonien school parents < make phone calls do tleiical v,oik ori u Vl>0 nn! GOP Pushes Program for Economy WASHINGTON W! — Senate .KeJ of t! " - ndeifv 1 () i U,i- end of the day Joidafiftg. it fsrt'l too fc' t 1 MI hu i thai noihiru; could I hns parental hp^r ki ep 300 awnl e ,>nd to rc.iliw thittjlady ditliWg appears 30-1 vo done VCMI bit 1o help wifor* ,riitioned: sht< gbe^ 4 OT | lu uitc people Mime I id ran w.iJV. queiited by-other |some fnoih \ hi .at -^nte <sol(hcr her school; fciuu , \vill In> I, KS [onr Iv ber.we of \vhat soiiabte hoftr&r at homa fit ^ Mrs. Catherine Cumbie is leaving via plane for New ..York City,, whei-e .she will enter a four week' special traininL; course to be held. ^ ;u the Roux Laboratory. From New [York Ciiy silo will go to New Orleans, where-she will be a reprc sciHativo for Uiat company. to ed Cross Red B i rths WHlis William Lawrence. ternal grandparents are All Air;;. Moody Willis pf Hope. Coming and.Going Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Watson arid son, Lloyd, and Mr. and .Mrs. V. K. Norm of Houston, were the quests this week-end of their par- Contributions to the American j Cross: Hope Previously reported $3,243.13, Southwestern Bell Telephone Company $15.00, Mrs. Hopie Ross $1.00 :lnc vJMrs. John'Sampson'$1.00,' Mr. and Mrs. Robt. IViayiield ,'$1.00. Mrs. Oletha SuMivaa $1.00, Rev- G. Tyrus $1.00. -."•';' J. A. Kennedy Hope $1.00. W. 1C. Lemley $5-.00, Mrs. Mary Spates, Saratoga 51.00.'' Bingen .-•'.Clyde Owens $1.00, Rufus D. Wolff loadei s mo\ ed \M h Ft ident CisonNwei's appai nit II.R int, today t) push into the f i giound of the cnngiosvi n'1 |i i i ram measures aimed at bolster-' R (he nation's economy Sen. Ferguson (H-Mich) iiivitcdj coy committee chairmen to a nei'tznt; of the Senate Republican Pol'cv Cotumitt'-o at v IIK h ho said he will uige caily (major econojnic -proposal by --• • i You he,« <.tvn- If i doiu iv ! i btnj u ) who line btcn'ii' 1 >ccu < !- >.utivti\ ih\ n.\, h«vu t iino i ! i>K- It's the Indvvho Wil!l n beau Itt bficd, She I" 1 G. i in<; tho proper way to &i out the truth Us a big Step in 'ft-tflr^ u \ ml a lob nicnt, Don't wo¥y ' "*' " lan i" do U"' 1-11111x^1 t ,, ij»Li,viA> tl\^il t >i I tH \ r U III11C 1 I -•--'•"•^ ..~.»j^ f^jLf^ p * ( 4i «^ Xoi ,oiiu>(i)ii, i PI,- it's; t) u . indvvho'*'- 11 ' 1 n child by my first his de< ided to •? jend )i r middle ! Bo! ^ 0lc *"? second^ and dl(k i \tMis in benuunin^ i^u t th u <-lv 's outTwvn h lu Sb Titd. "Oh it o'llv m-\' v« t . lu .v« t - , .-,—. Wei ' hibic'i nvuin ' who ncvol has ^^> It1Cl Ship's cause. Any Sioup listed tlfso in an mtuvitw as including tho Housc-appioved tax levision b'll and measures, for housing authorization, social sfcui- ity expansion hospital constuie- tion. highway building lohobihta- Mr. and Mrs. R. S. Watson $L j". R. Thompson $1.00, Mrs J R sister, Ruby O.sburn. Thompson $1.00, J. P. Haynos $1.25 Mrs. J. F. Haynes $.1.25, Ernest Tea- and Mrs. Haskell Jones mo-IKnisht $1.00, Biiigen School t(j' Little Rock today to at- chers and pupils $3.53. ' on By JAME> MARLOW WASHINGTON !.•?! — The Republicans have made a political issue or the chai'Ke the Democrats ware "soft", .on communism u charge, they wouldn't want the Democrats to wrap around their .neck? by a turn of events. Some of Secretory .. of State Dulles' fellow Republicans in Congress expressed, misgivings when ho agreed to meet April 26 in eva -with the British, French, Russians'- and Chinese Communists to talk about pence in Korea and Tndtft'hina. . This 'could be 'interpreted '-as fear ;.by members pf his own party outsmarted or that -be v hi( h lie i '" """ *•<•"• " t,oou Laiist', Any action ( , n 'tler'nm,u-i u ,11 toll you that the najor econojnic -proposal-, niadei U " m<n ' s .' ri ' ll| l' IS tho backbone Of >y Eisenhower. • • . • • '" 10 tluucli. nud u«uaHy these ,lad- "Fciguson. wlio heads the poliey '! os '", l< Mllt ' ll ' Jle bo< ' v m 1heu OVvn loun ImtpH Ih^cn t»-i .1^ iMt.,,>.^.., llomes sion of public chilri vaifaie "VVe plan to Awaken Bored Women If theio vvcie only some way to stu up this fe- 'le I if Id of work, to awaken the bm d ladies to tho fart tiuit life is .still (joint, on outside then and that ob- and giv" economic- measures puority as much as possible in our drive to get <ho F)-esi- dent's proijiam enacted" (he Michi«an senator said "Of eoilr'-e, as other measures of general m- tuie come along, they will be sandwiched in " In the latter calcEtorv, he said emphasis will be laid on iids^'iije ot j .faim bill, levision of the Tatt-Haitley Act 1 , appioval of a foieii,n ti ade measure and action oil tjie legular government money bills that Dalles mi«ht LH by ' the Communists wasn't strong enough to stand up to 1,hoiTi. muetiria exceptional Mrs. Moody .Willis are e following a visit with . . ... , Last night a month before the McNab . -. , (.Geneva mectinTTT Dulles ought to E. L. Holmes $1.00, Mrs. Beat- >Way .any fear of what the Eisen- riee Holmes $1.00, Mrs. 'Nancy Tur--bower administration might' ckv'at Bonk Robber .Is Convscfred ner $1.00, Mrs. Bertha Mercer $.30. Mrs. G eneva Austin $1.00, Student son. They also attended th i.'):.'. of Bill's ii<;iv store in . . ., Dill Winis and baby i Body McNab Colored school $2.50, open- Mag (jiv.;:; you flasiiincj acceleration, vvtl.li no lurch or lag! ;:.-F!iie, is ih..i r.owusi, smoothes.! automatic no-clutch transmission '.o lo'.v-jii'lco fiohi. It is coinbinod with tlui now 110-horsopowor i'Row ornjinc, tiu; mo.sl poworful in Plymouth history! lor (.ur.ior s'oppinij! NIT.V Pov.'or Bi'akiny, plus Plymouth's i ous Safo-','iua;'(l hrnkos, c.ivos you quick, always piudictablOj clraiQht-lino siops with half tho usmil podal pressure. "on duly'' ovory mill! you tlrivo to givu you (jreal now easu in steorinfl and imriun..j. rrotec!", you from rond ;;lu:cks, giver, you precise control on bumpy roads and ists you park v/ith only ouu-fitth the normal effort! Be one of th^ in> the novvuyi;,i)o\vt : Vi/ith an oiuiit?.iidir pliono today for your domon&tralion ii^c. : "iipvv.'i'-ptickpd" new 1954 Plymouth! Lot us show you the iow-pr'ice fiold—-a great'new transmission combined and the finest pov/er stnoring and brakiny. Drop in or ffmp**^^^ /il^SBiSISsffiittiwaS;., j ^ fieadquartets for value ppwerFlilo, Power Sfe?f/ng each mailalilv COURTESY YOUR CODt 0! 1 Total S3,201. Court Docket Municipal Court of Hope, Arkansas March 29, 195.1. City Docket Nathan Colt-man. Driving while intoxicated. Plea guilty, fined $50.00. and 1 day in jail. Willie Tate. Scob Pierce, Sevier Stuart. Drunkenness, Plea guilty, lined $10.00.. Julius Stuart. Discharge firearms in City, Plea guilty, fined ' good pistol fined $25.00;' fine suspended durin behavior. Julius Stuart, Carrying a as a weapon, Plea guilty, $50.00. W. H. Gulloy. Disturbing peace, Forfeited $10.00 cash bond. Eoy Holbeil, Thomas C. Claw- ion, O. T. Waldropo, Passing,in restricted • /one, Forfeited cash bond . Kenme Allans, Si 1 ., Speeding, For- •iled 55.00 cash bond. Nathan Colenian, No Driver's license, Plea guiUy, lined $5.00. £. L. Brown, Osby Cole, No Driver's license, Forfeited $5.00 jond. Louis Rowan. illt-gHl :eited $1.00 cash. bond. iGoneVa'; v.'ith a New York speech .in which he said. This country no''t only would not recognize Red China but would not aqree to leUing herinto the United Nation's': This seemed to slam the door on either .possibility. But thu way in whicji'he phrased his speech migHt indicate the door was set slightly n'jar', provided the Chinese took the bnii'he left outside. , What Dulles said was this: The United States .would not renogniv.e a nation that "actively attacks our vital interests" or approve a U.N. 'eat for one that ' 'promotes the of - force in violation of the NEWPORT W — A'idu\v Jack, son Rowe was convictod hero jes- iterd.w of bank robbery nnd sentenced to 28 year's impj isonment b'ftci his partnor in enrnp nnpia- caled him in theholdu p oi, j. bnnch bank at Swifton, /The Jnckson Cucuit Couit j;tr% of 11 white men nnd one Negro fixed Howes punishment after cie- .liberating less than 15 minutes It was the sixth conviction for the 33-year-old gunman. One of the 22 stato witnesses against Rowo was John E. Stanley the bandit who joinoci Rowe in .looting the Swifton bianch of the Bank of Tuckeiman of $8,100 list December. principles of United Nations:' be. pointed out Stafra Agencies to Reduce LITTLE ROCK Ui'i inance Deparlnii'iit •reel slate agencies snditurfcs in a mo •oscvve funds in lh<; Budget Control D '''tJfin- ;;;ac( 3uuau.se of — The Stale lo reduce OK- j 'e to protect! tr-isury. i i-ucco 11 Julian | the cut way .".cn.'essjvy j declininj! ruVL-tiuos. the Red Chinese: still occuwy North Koron and ai-e supplying;', (he Coin- mun'ist-lod. Vieiminh with the means of continuing their war against the 'French in Indochina. Although riulKs didn't, say so, , tin;-.Chinese', cnuld 'lake his words .S5.00 lo.-.riiean they'miyjii: sorne day look forward to recognition and a U.N. seat if they surrendered to the U. S. dom.-.nds: 1 '•• By withdrawing from North Kyjjf.a. agrftoi'.u; on r/ea'f:o settle- mr'nf for North r.nd South Korea. nnd,.p(?rrniUing .r.ll Koreans to' vote for Lheir gYivprijincn.t which undoubtedly would moan a govern- mo.nt midor'tho American' ally Si'ngman Rhee.. 2. .By abandoniniT the Vietminh lo .their fata throurh shutting off their 'supples or telliiu; Iht-ir- Vict- uiinh ,-gents to i-lop the Indochina French nnd. the United States. Most of tho continental aient of the eaith have a layci of granite beneath them, but rock under the sea usually is salt. winch might split the Allies If they can do that they will have won at Geneva. ei, iftfe Insisted thjtt', but will never'^et,,.,^, money. His Bother fnahfif fih&ncial affairs. 1 dtoi'|, how mucll ho wakes*/ he has'in the^bankf pr r t,.^ says he woujd. like ,itf 't>Why'npt' r kfve^ whu, Tiief band, i^ns draWs j you The gteatc.-!! line ftn lonfliness is to gft oui and wprk atnotit; poopio' „-.. — ra . Of course, all this effoit 1 i^ volun- her and \*«v vuu* taiy, but vhethpi 1 or not rt woman'support tathefthfti . 'S v i i Vl,CSM',Sfe*!-"^ ARE YOU AMPLY- !N$$RiJE.$ (Check yowC insurance,with -p>r,esenjt M c|ay^ AGENTS Roy Andefsor? «ri- T TO BE SURE , 21 OS. Mofn > Hope, Ark,, cash For- Hospital Notes was involved, Dullet 1 '- s.Doech would m.jike the Geneva conference a,:i- iH'.-ir doomed before hand to be con versa lion only. 'f-'.'it thf 1 • C'hihest 1 won't be 'his 01 ily problelli. Thei'e. ' a re tl:o Branch Adniitted: 'Mr?. H;;rold Hobo, 'ultorv Mr. A. L. Caudle, Hope Di th^if-d Afis U U r Mohoii Rt. 1, Ernmelt. Adinut( a i\U f \< hn Dod 01, uiir, lUjitlt Cox H>])( Gall Cos. j Iop L Di>(bui^fd MIN O oi M> GilbLtt 1'uitoi) Mr. .E. J. C.'urry, Vivian, Arnericsin nid, t (untinuc ll>c If it wnsn't for t'i T it IK h 'ouldi \ "i in In kiohio.1 Tin Unit, d St. (• in its fisht .. dii 01 Cortin nui i < v , iiT'on hr^s x tdl si 11- <• in inch chin i if tlu- ( unmum t 1 - «tt it t'u^ 1( ptob t)l, f c I all th« n ••( of Southe."t Ilojie G ll ird t 1 1 U<ib> Hauuy I C'.ul Hio.vn, Bi un lit unit, hljil, llo,)( Mi-, \ > bo\, liojH Hid b i|j\ ^ul 11 i 'HI Pulton. Julia Ch*ster Adnutttd Mi io, i All Jjju J lojje Jsch.uj.td Mi >• Mildud Tavloi lope M's J G iiauvfll Sjiatot, Vtlton L,, Hams and dan, h fanxes> V McKanii^, ity 1, Wrs Cheatm May, Patmos, Ray Biown, HO,S!> . T .., Andctson Saiatoga, F«hv McCle)- an, Patmoi., Mi* Cauol Hope branch Adn?uti;cl: MJ if. fii Punch Ir'i ixnt mauv i »d of tlun U.MI livt •? and 'nloil 10 billion doll n in the scv- (M !V i Induihin f t Thf Y I nfli ' the blv ,1 ,'rted i liud ,i way r Joseph I \vouJd he uiade » u Uiuy an.) \ <.nt IH ate ficnch N.itioril rs «oveimrunt to tu end the \vai , Mis vfack and Jb'oM-vn Minis 1 Kiontc't, Innds (o end What said th-' at Geneva, SJr. Womer j^eye?tfa, " at Geneya^ deal \vhvh is unqct eptdblq United States? W^U tlic FiWiciT go .%$ want to tp •rti ^-J /(rt (i, x j x|3|ii^ i ma AS* Miikl« J»v ia : '...r r-^-asR^^:^ .'v.r-rj^r!^ ^^ v l??^^fe *H&^t- These suits ore? SWANSDOWN .on^'^j^jS JR. Magazine stylos one of Q.M^^^^Mw in leading magazines'this Sp^mg^F|j|B^ f | Heroqrefhe's^.JiM 3-9, M3.WO, Aff'V;

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