Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 25, 1912 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 25, 1912
Page 2
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For One ljay|j|)iily—Saturday We shall place on sa^rerar entire stock of FANCY SILKS, FOUL^Rlferftnwy CHECKS and STRIPES heretofore sold at $1.00 per yard; Saturday only— "SEE NORTH-WINDOW DISPLAY. ' THE TOLA DAILY REGISTER, THURSDAY EVENING, JANUARY 25,, Mfss Grace nptldl who fonnrrly lived here, carac In "ast nifihi from her home In Uodgp City and is a guest of Miss Uona Culbrnsoii. Miss Bedell Is enrouto to Plttsburp (o cuter the manual training school. Tn- nigbt Miss Culbcrtson will cniorinin . a few intimate friends in honor of lur guest. * • Mrs. William Abcrnnthy of Kiuisa.-. City, who is vIsiiinR IKT mother .Mr.-.(|. C. A. Pronk. Mrs. Mii« Thayor iui 'l Mrs. Louis CoBlfia were puisv* Mrs.-J. .M. Thomas at dinne/j .viytcC- day. Mrs. Abernaihy will go to Montana In a short time to reside and ^ Mrs. Thayer is expecting to l<avp soon for Nashville, Tennessee to make her home. * • •:• Two socials for young proplp of th'- Christian church will be held tonieh' The I>oyal Sons and Senior Philathtas win be entertained at the home Miss Carrie Johnson, on North Jefferson strict and the Loyal Daughters — will be entertained at the home of Miss Esther Dingman. * * At the Christian church Sunday morning. Mr. A, K. Halter, a inis.-ion- ary to Thibet, will opcupy the pulpit. Mr. Baker will have^ith him a larg" collection of curios which he will display. Feed DR. HESS' POULTRY PANACEA for Gapes, Cholera, Roup Makes Hens Lay! BDRRELL'S The Kexall Store West Side of the Square + •> •5' W. Rrr.wn; Monday '.lie AVon'an's Relict Corps will ^kive a diniirr at G. A. n. hall and WeAisday January, il\ir- ly-first the .MotWrs" c-Iub will liavc a Kansas program at Muilders' Chapel. <' •> —KID OI.OVK SALE Saturday at the .\"cw York Store, r.3C H.\IR for $IM and $L50 Gloves. —Kid Gloves of all kinds, attd Wl i Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Baker of Don- sizes. Special Sale 59c pafr.^New «rr are visiting her parents. Mr and York Store; Saturday only. .Mrs. H. O. Cotl, 401 South Knntuckv * * •}• ; .'ilreet. Mr. and Mrs. Lorainc Treadway ; ^ .{. 4, (Blargaret Curtis) who were married Amonc the vjsKori; hrm rarlv in U.. ift Pasadena dliring the holidHfay»W>W»erk was Mrs. C. I. Williams, of Chaat bomis at 811 West Toplar. StocJctoUr.^tuio. who was the gu'^si of .Mrs? J Caltfornia. • + • Rev. D. Y. Donaldson, of ^ity, formerly pastor of ih" church of this place. Is her . friends for a few days. + + + Miss Lucy Wilson will eo I ma City Monday for a vi.sit Bister, Mrs. Earl Rosebush. Mrs. Rosebush are now 00 established In their hom<> place, •:• •> • Mrs. Goodrich, of I-alliirp^, the mlnlbter of the Christian was taken from at. John's bo the "home of Mr. and Mrs. P. erton todsy. Mrs. Goodrich 1 111 for some weeks and will at the home of Mr. and Mrs. ton until recover'nl. * + • —Attend the Hig Kid Glo ^urday at the New York Sto pair • * • Thi^ee organizations of »nn« to observe Kansas Day. This noon the Sorosls club had a jirogram of^tansas Jlteraturo nnd oth^r arti )r/>. — priate things at the home of Mrs. 3. ti. Pcppor. + • * 'Miss Nina Ralstfii nf Klsmorr is src for a visit with .Missps Dot and ly Powell. • •> • I—Free nirture nbon. Trip to Aulo liclorj-. Xojertir tonight. * * * ^j-jllovorond O C. Moonmw. of lb'" risiian church was In liidepend- •e ynsterday whTo hi- .•ijislstcd with program at a Mil.>5sionary rally Is comparatively so small"It ^ seems utter neglect for one to delay bringing that old cherished piece of Jewelry to our BejMiIr Deyartiueot M9. H liupeetois, Special for Saluidav $1 W and r .41 KID GI.OVK.S. .V<- pair—.New rk Store. 'ew Y^gjJrrTan. LM Sori'-ty wo'inn New York .'in- r^ilsinc thf ban on opal. Mrj:. Fn -dPiick Vand Tbllt one of tliosn who adniln- opals Illy and wear them in spit"- of the jforiune they are said to bring, "le opal Is the only jewel thatjde- hp imitators. It Is the only stone that hai> a t^mii 'T or tempnra- ment. as you choose. Mrs. Vanderhllt calls it temperam'-lit. and points out that she has several opals that change wlrli the rays of the sun or th<» spirits and bodily health of their Wi 'sr .T. The opal loses rolcr in e,\tr 'mc cold | and iM'conifs dull umi>r 100 much moisture. In dry sunnj^ weather wonderful colors glow in it. It is a stone that lends itself to almost any complexion or costume, and the prospects are that in a few years Its beauty ayd delicacy will connuT all fears on the ground of its unluckiness. , •. + • ,^/-«-Fre«' nirture Kiiaw. Trip to .luto rhfiorj. Mjijectlc tonight. A "registration" tea Is the newest tiling in California, more paitlcularly Sy4'einento. Women of that town are ^ffR^f^nt'y reluctant- to assume po- J |i {i|4ll responsibility and the Woman's Council, of wiiich most of the members are suffragettesi- arranged a tea and'had the guests register to vote by .way of diversion. TTie.tea was £iven at the First Christian church, rlie assembly room of which was filled Vlth Ubles. While refreshments were being served the depuU«s ar- rived and after the women left the tables their names were enrolled on the registration books. There was also a lecture on the political responsibility- bf women. + •> •:• What promises to be the largest party next week is being planned by Mrs. Rex Bowliis for the -afternoon of Wednesday, January thlrty-Ilrst. Invitations weVe'Issqwl yesterday ahfl eighty guests have been asked. Th*? company will be entertained at cards. •J. .^ .> The Guild of St. Timothy's church will have their mRsqueradc party of February twelfth In the Y. W. C. A. rooms. The public Is Invited and the hostesses expect to make the occasion a merry one. Priascs will he awarded for the prettiest costume and the most comical one. Mrs. A. H. Cninp- hoil will heart the receiving line; Mrs. Henry Halllctt will have the refreshments In charge nitd n iirrsraT wi'l be prepared by Dr. nnd Mrs. K. C. Reynolds Miss Bula Relnn-rl nnd .Mr George Waile. • The Guild was entertained yosler- day at the rectory and Mrs. Nan served tea after the business meeting. Mrs. T. F. Zeigler will have the Guild in two weeks. • * Miss Lina Robbins of LaHarpc en- tertelned the girls who belong to tho Y. W. r. A.-club of that place with .1 delightful party 'last night. The guests numbered twenty-six. * + • The W. C. T. V. will mpet af the usual hour tomorrow afternoon, and will have a hanrt-liook drill from the minutes of the.last state convention * • « Miss Hazel Butcher gave a parly last night for a small group of girls members of the H. T. M. club. V + • •i' Mr. and Mrs. Karl Swilzer who came here from Channte five n^nnthr? ago. are moving to Corfeyvilli wtere thcv will make their home. * •:• * ;ind Mrs. George A. Fry gave a iiarty last night for the Wednesday Kiichrr> club. There wero "110 gupsl.< other than the club m'-mbers. * •> •:• - Free pfrhire slioir. trip to .Into f.iclorj-. Mujcrllc tonight. •> •> • Mr. and Mr.s. F'-ed Freeman gave v. vfiy pleasant I'.irly la.^i night for th- .Vnrlh Side cltib. which they enier- l-iin 'i 'd at carils. In addition to cou- 1 Ics who belong to thi- dub. Mr. ani! .\|is. J.ison \\:;tson, Mr. and Mrs. A F. Hallieit .Hid Mrs. Walter Dn-V'i rlayed. A two course supper waF sorved. * • •> .Mcmhrr.x of the Y. W. C. A. arc n- (|uostcd to .itti^nd the annual businc-' • I'tins which is to be held at eight o'clock tonight in the as.«oclation ooms.- Board members will be el<'ci- fl and oflirers will i>rcs<'nt reports for thf year. * + * Tlic Ladies' .\ld Society of the Fir.<l .vi .'tliotij.-;' cliurch have engaged to give o lola a rare and profitable enter- aininent in the church Saturday ever ns, Febinary 3rd. It is an able ex- i )it and levlure on the Pa-sslon Pla.\ Dr. W. .v. .Ma.'^on, president ol iakor rni \ersiiy who witne.s.'ed the ilay in inin. The lecture will be II- i>trated with fifty-two official .slide; n a good stereoptlcon lantern show- ng very clearly the actual production f the Pas.=!on Play. These with Dr. i ;<^•0I^•: a '.ile lecture interwoven i:oiiir'iont wW'. give the interpretation 1.'' thp religious meaning of this \ory n'(d :ind interpsting play. The pri'-c r !hp tickets will he 2.". cents to adult? and 1"> cents to all children under I.'J ^nd to .'iiidentH of high school. . Tb<' !;-fi!e.- who are Felling the tifkct.s r'pr i-avf .Mom a!rn'.-u liy calling on .Mr: r. n. Crick. Listed below are a few of the big bargains we offer you Tomorrow and Saturday. There are many more just as good. ^ omen's Suits All this season's makes in all the newest cloths and styles, go in this big sale at just half price. $15.00 Suits for $7.50 $17.50 Suits for $8.75 $20.00 Suits foij ....$10.00 $22.50 Suits foi $11.25 $25.00 Suits fo| $12.50 $30.00 Suits for ..$15.00 Clearance of Dresses Pcler Thompson Dresses, colors blue, regular price $12.50; clearance price, now .$7.98 Women's Coats This season's best styles, in plush,,broaclcloth, serges and novelty mixtures^ Clearance sale at jiist half p^'ice' $7.50 Coats, ileirance $10'.00 Coats on sale. $12.50 Coats on sale. .$15.00 Coats on sale. $17.50 Coats on sale. .$18.50 Coats on sale. $20.00 Coats on sale.. $25.00 Coats on sale.. .$27.50 Coats on sale.. $30.00 Coats on .sale.. pi'icq. .$3.75 $5.00 .S6.25 $7..50 .$8.75 89.25 $10.00 .S12.50 .... $13.75 $15.00 Misses' Coats .^iv.cs from 10 to 1-1. Prices ivinuo from .<ft3.r,0. $6.50 $7.50, m, $12.50 and $15. Clearance price Vi OFF i Barry's Pup in black and tan button M1.-O lace; was $5.00, reduced to ?4.00 Love in— Work If you put love into your work you get better results. Men who make Photographs and would rather do something else don't turn out finished pictures. We love our work. Our pictures show it. It pays you to h'ave us take them. 110 X. WasUngtei. ¥«ju>r« «f riiot«.» :£Ju| Fleaw. EXTRA SPECIAL! Women'.s Suits and Coats left from ItuU sea.son's selling. A good variety of .'-tylos and weaves. Suits and Coats that sold up to $35: now on sale at $9.95 Also one Ponv Skin Jacket valued at $60 included, at $9.95 One lot of ladies', misses' and children's Coats and Js^ckets, values up to .$5.00; on sale 98c One lot of children's I'c-arskin and Caracul Coats, spec?? I clear- \ ance price $1.49 Another lot at $1.98 Another lot of extra fine quality regular $7.50 and $5.00 Coats; clearance price S3.69 January Clearance of Dress Goods IA)T 1. A large assortment of Wool Dress Goods in Serges, basket Weaves, Mohair and Novelty Suitings, 36 to 42 inches wide. In this lot you will find most all colors. Regular price 1 and 85c yard: clearance price 49c LOT 2. .January Clearance of Cotton and Wool Dress Goods, 36 inches wide, in Basket Weaves. Voiles and Novelties in plain and mixed colors. Regular 50c values: clearance price, per yard 35c Cotton Suiting, Corded Poplin, Mercerized Diagonals and Mohair Suitings; 27 inches wide; regular nrice 25c and 30c; clearance price, I yard 20c Clearance of Persian Foulards. 36 inches wide; colors, black, navy, light blue, gray, lavender; regular price 50e a yard; clearance price 35c January Clearance of Outing Flannel Gowns. Priced at 50c, 7.5c, 85c, $1, $1.25, $1.-50, $1.75 and $2; clearance pi'ice— 25 PER CENT OFF. Clearance Sale of Furs Two White l''ur Scarfs, were $10, now on sale at $2 .75 One Gray Stpiirrel, was $5.00; you can buv it now for $1 .50 Our entire line of FUR SETS and SCARFS goes at... 14 PRICE Clearance of Skirts 0;ic lot of Skirls—a good assortment of colors and styles, in Panamas, Voiles and Serges, worth up to $11.50; now $2 .50 Clearance Sale Shoes One lot of Ladies' Shoes, broken sizes, in tan, patent and kid leathers, button and lace, sold regularly for $4, $3.50, .S3, $2.50; Friday and Saturday, choice $1,98 One lot of Boys'"Shoes and i few pairs of Mi.'^so.s' and Ladies^ Shoes—sold from $1.25, $1..50 to $3 n pair: clcara 'ice price Friday and Saturilay, jiair 98c January Clearance of Hand Bags In Velvet, Suede. Bead Bags, Tapestry Bags, Leather Bags; reg- ul.'ir $1.50 and $1.25 values, clearance price 98c Cleaiance Sale Rugs Right at the time of year when you want a new Rug, we offer you choice of any Rug in the house at a great saving. A good assortment 'c; ..Ic 'ct from in Body Brussels, Wiltons, Velvets, Axminster, Tap- est)-v, Incfrain and Fiber. Prices i-ange from $1.25, .S2.50, $5, $7.50, SIO, $12.50, $15, $17.50, .$25 to $-50. Clearance price 25'; Discount Clearance of Comforts Priced at $1, $1.50, .$1.75! $2, .$2.25 to $3.50, clearance price— 20 PER CENT DISCOUNT. .STOP ITCHI .Mi SCALr OVKIJMIJHT. Y. M. V. \. n>M>H!'!:i- VOKK. (tuuruntred liy C. B. Spencer & Co. to .Stop FuiUnt,' lluir uud Uanliiii Dandruff.' Itching scalp, keeps you scrafchInK and feeling miserable all the time. Wash your hair tonight with pure •oap and water, rub on a goodly quan- •liy of PAUISIAN SAGB and the dls- ressing itchlnc-s will he gAne in the :iiorniug. I'AUl.SI.A.N' SA(.;K IS a i(ur.-. refrcsh- ng and Inviuoniting hair dresring. Ile- -jdes putting an end lo i-v.-alp ilch dandruff and fulling hair It nourishes :iie hair roots and puts u .-••plcndid radiance into faded and uu.ilaa.'th.? hair. It should be hy ee\ ry menihrr jf the fumily to keep tii h .al |i free from dandruff pevnis and prevent ImldneHs. Largo hottin oU cents at 11. Spencer k. C-., and druggists everywhere. j ('umpiii^n !» ••' > •' I'riint'--; • I i S-. •• •.!. The V. f. ,\ •;, ,••.<•:.< : • y:i:^<' funds for rrpalr>; ar'! w v < !i :iii"i.ent for the as-sociation lini 'rliMr. l.ii:; b'''?n carried on wiih fn<-ii;y in,|:i-. :ini| ilf- i re.sulls liaVT been very successful. IThc campaign Is Ix-ing man.igcd by Fred Rowdin and toilay Ui- is being I assisted in IIH " work b^' ;i i-.-iiMiiutiei composeil of I'. C. Iti 'iMsli '-rp :ind Dr. O. I.. Carlingbouse. lie will be assist ed tomorrow by Koy Sle 'per and T. H. Shannon and .S.iturday hy II. II. Muehlke and C. K Uussell. .Next week furihi-r arrangeni. nis for the conduct of the campaign will be nuidc. POST {'.\KD CK.VZE 0.\ W.V>K. .<iililKrs Find Flrklt- Vnblie Has Fired of liie Fud. A tra\e'ing man !iere today Is authority for the statement tlial the pi'- ture iioi^t-card fad which ha.- swept the country and developed Into a tremendous biisine:>, t.s on (h<- wane. Tliis man speaks with authority, having bten a maker of i )OEt -cards, of which he sold six million In three ears. He s-ays tliat the fad has run out and that the public has becom -3 tale on the subject, one of the uo- IcLable results being that jobbers In post-cards all OMT the country are having financial troubles and many nave gone Into bankruptcy. —Do not allow your kidney and bladder trouble to develop beyond the reach of medicine. Tak6 Foley Kidney Pills. They give quick results and stop Irregularities with surprising promptness. J. D. Mundi» & Co. Foley Kidney Pilh —always give satisfaction because they alway.s do the work. .1 .T. Shelnut Bremen, Oa., says: "I have used Foley Kidney Pills with great Fatls- faction and found more relief from their use than from any other kidney medicine and I've tried almost all kinds. I cnn c'lerrfiil'v rprnmmend them to ail sufferers for kidney and bladder trouble." J. D. Mundis Co. Mrs. Elmer Cummings of 501 North Sycamore^ street has accepted a position as nurse in the German, hospital at Kansas City and will leaveTSr that place immediately. Eaton, Crane and Pike Make the finest writing paper_ made in Amenca. We show the choice of their line—some real new creation.^. See the window for these, goods. Vou g'e^ the best in visiting cards invitations, initial paj>er, as cheap as very ordinary stock. EvansBros. The HlaUonery Store. . THE RICHARDSON LADIES' TAILORING AND DRESSMAKINC; SCHOOL Teaches the latest easiest, quickest. iii».<t scientilif! and complete .•iysteni of garment rutting ever Invented and iiavc had in our school at Chamile over Ou students the prist year. Provides the cheapest and only rissti|| way to learn dreas- niuking. Is the only erlneatlonal hiKtlliition wlilrb allDw .s it;; grailiiates to return al :iiiy iliiic williout extra expeiiHC tt) r'\i(;\v, jiractice or study new points. Is tin: "iiiiv s( l .i.iij of Ibii: kind wjiii !i pii;.iliv"ly piijirantees satl.^- faftiiiu atnl c-. .-m unl 'iiiiled iiiiiiitier (if le .-.-ciiis lor a t^iiiglo tuition. .'^liideiil:. ran i nli-r IJ:e hilmol at at y luin- as wi; do not loach in classes. MiiY MH; I.pain a liiule wlieie tin- demand fai' e\reed.; the supply? Hi; ymir own ilr -ssiuaker. able lo dri- ji. iter ami at less expense? (Jain ail jii'iomplisbiiienl wliiih will be ol evervday, life-long practical value to y<Mi? (live your daiigliler.s a practieal ediifalioii? ni ;.MK .Miu ;K You can learn everything alioiil l)r ".-Miiakiiig and l^diea' Tailniing. Yiiii i-.iii take any special pan i)f llir course ami can limit your wmk to that one departmeiii nr can v" " M j;railiially acquiring the wliide cmiriie. After coinpleilng tl-,.-- roiiiae you are iijluv.ed to bring any amount' of sewing to the <dass-rooni, receiving llie sniiie atlentiou and In­ st ruction.s as before. You are allowed to attend at your coiiviMiieiici; and to como until fully satistted. You are allowed to return at afiy linie without extra review, practice, rut patterns or tis*.- the fashion journals. You work on your own seA -inj;, th.ri 1 y soon saving the cost of tuition. You are taught to cut alj fancy effeits such as sleeves, trimmings, yokes, plait.-^, tucks, etc to the exact iiiea:- iires of il:e form. We have taught young ladies thirteen years of age with entire success and can al=o teach you. In graduating you have an actual, practi<.a! knowledge of dressmaking. Dressmaking ha.=! reached such a point of complexity and dlfHculty that the only place it can be Learned su .:ee .«fully is in an organized school, working under trained instructors. THE RICHARDSON LADIES' TAILORING AND DRESSMAKING SCHOOL Mrs. L. K. Smilh and Miss C. Wyatt, .Winairew and Teachers. . (Over Blgus' Frnlt Store) , ' 15»^ S. Jeflferson lola, Kas. Bell Phone 211 Tell your Wants to 20,000 People throngh The Re^is^r V

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