Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on June 18, 1943 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 18, 1943
Page 4
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HOPS STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Friday, Juno II, 1943 Cl ID Aerial Defeat Indicates Enemy Is On Defensive • * —— jp a u| Dean MOV 12 officers visited five alleged T _..._.. ., _ _ _ _. _. -> • •% • I I ^ "II _. .... . 7 •• i,nnfihnnk pstub shmeiUs In Hot ialysis of ie News by Mackenzie Editorial Comment' Written Today and Moved by Telegraph for Cable. JfeY MAX HILL I;* There is a significance not too noted in the brief commun- jiques and dispatches on the tre- jlriendous air battle over Guadalcanal. which was announced yes- jierday by the United States Navy. Japanese, in my opinion, itoay are on the defense in that area. That was our role for many men t. disptaches from Leil Erickson, the Associated Press correspondent at an advanced South Pacific base, and statements from Tokyo in a broadcast recorded by the Associated Press in London, it can be inferred a rather large Allied convoy was the Japanese objective. Tokyo said eight vessels, one a destroyer, were sunk, but this was not confirmed by any Allied source. The loss of 29 planes also was admitted. On the other hand, Ercikson in his dispatches filed not far from the scene of the engagement said only two small freight ships were damaged. While Guadalcanal is some 3,000 miles from the main Japanese island of Honshu, it is evident the rising sun forces fear the concentration of power there becuase of our proximity to bases and airfields they have elsewhere in that area. One of the main, and still unexplained phases of the battle, is how our forces were able to inflict such tremendous damage with so light a loss in men and equip- •XC«« Anstfc w no IIUA j. w*^, -*\JL jiini*^ . .clng weary months. But this time Sit* was the Japanese who were ("trying to check an American "ad- t-vance. they consider the situation nportant and perhaps critical is isshown by the fact that they used fat least 120 fighters and bombers ..their desperate and futiel as£/The results, as announced in pNavy communiques and in dis- fpatches from the South Pacific, tjjtoss a lie right back into the teeth jLfo Premier Tojo and the Japanese ^propagandists. yifln recent weeks, Tokyo broad- Jcasters have been informing their J> people at homeland also the world fby short wave, that most of the |Ainerican airmen in the Pacific without ade- college boys fquate training. 4Well, 32 Japanese dive-bombers 45 Zero fighters were shot down in the fierce engagement, p as compared with a loss of six f American fighters. That's 13 to on e Ijand heaven help the Japanese we ever get what they would .,caH a properly trained airforce in \ the South Pacific. The reason for the battle was ot disclosed for many hours, but s,by combining information in the 'TAME Givc ll that wel1 groomed \** look. Add lustre. Keep your UNRULY hair lying flat. Always use t«i A IO M° ro l' ne Hair Tonic. Large •IMl If bottle 25c. Sold everywhere. Were the Japanese surprised as they came in high over the area by a stronger force than they expected, or did the planes come, say, for a direction not counted on when the Japanese planned their attack? In the past the Japanese have depended upon the maneuverabil- tiy of the Zeros and their ability to fly almost six miles above the earth to ward off attacks. They have been at least moderately successful, although in most combats their losses have been greater than our own. That stratgy didn't work this time for a reason yet to be explained. But never has 'the ratio been anything like 13 to one. It isn't likely we have any accurate count on the number of first line pilots the Japanese have abailable, but I doubt that they ar e able to train men as rapidly as we are. This is true despite the use of modern American equipment brought a few years before the war. American airmen back from the Pacific, who once admitted the skill of the Japanese pilots they fought, now say the first line men are gone and the enemy pilots they are engaging are second raters. This could be due to any one of a number of things. Perhaps the Japanese are hold- ng some of their best men in reserve to thrawt the inevitable at- ;ack on their homeland. Again, they may have just plain run out, and have had to rush men through training schools. The Japanese haven't our mechanical background. Almost every American boy knows how to drive an atuomobile, possibly has owned one. He has an aptitude and skill for engines. Unless the Japanese pilot lived in a city he probably never saw an automobile, let alone ride in one. That is one of the factors which makes their training of pilots such a long and tedious process. Lanky John Gee Is Coming Back to Pittsburg Pittsburgh, June 18—(/P)—Johnny Gee, all six feet, nine of him, apparently is coming back to thc Pittsburgh Pirates, whose $75,000 investment in him in 1939 did not pay off so much as the price of a postage stamp. "He certainly looks great," commented Manager Frankie Frisch as he watched thc southpaw hurler, probably the tallest man in organized baseball, burn 'em over in batting practice. "It looks very favorable that we will sign him," said Owner William Benswanger. , The Pirates have only 24 players, so "Long John," who is on the voluntary retired list, could own a uniform the minute .his application for reinstatement was approved and go west with the Bucs next week. Deferred in the draft because of his height, the University of Michigan graduate would be "a welcome addition to the hurling slaff," in the words of Benswanger, particularly since the induction of Pitchers Johnny Lanning and Jack Hallett is imminent. Johnny first came to the Pirates after winning 20 games — including five shutouts and a one-hitler —for Syracuse of the International League in 1939. His big league debut late that expected great deed from their season was spoiled by his teammates' eight error, but thc club expected great deeds from their expensive rookie in 1940. Then in spring practice he strained his arm. Sent to Portland in 1941, he pitched only 13 innings before he was returned to Syracuse. Now at the threshhold of second chance: "My arm feels all right, and I hope I can make a go of it," he said. "I've thrown some curves but Rough on Rind Sylvia Chambliss of Winter Haven, Fla., and Sgt. Bob Raccione of Rockville Center, Long Island, outgobble field of 300 servicemen and partners in Cypress Gardens, Fla., watermelon-eating contest. ' SPORTS ROUNDUP -By Hugh S. Fnllerton, Jr.- ASscciated Press Sports Columnist his arm isn't sore." Sports Mirror By The Associated Press Today A Year Ago — Army ordered Joe Louis to Fort Riley, Kas., to complete hih basic training thus ending possibility of summer heavyweight charripionship fight. Three Years Ago — Joe Medwick, Dodges outfielder suffered, brain concussion when struck by pitched ball Washington won varsity ace at Poughkeepsie regattta. Five Yeas Ago — Babe Ruth, signed as coach with Brooklyn after three years retirement, signed as coach with Brooklyn Dodgers; Glenn Cunningham won mile race at Princeton invitation meet in 4:07.2. New York, June 18 (&)— Here it is past the middle of June and there hasn't been a major golf tournament yet — which makes it the first June without one since th c other World War. . .'. . The Hale America Tourney filled' the gap last year when the National Open was abandoned. . . Although the Yankees - Senates ace is about the hottest thing in baseball right now and Washington is about the holiest down (without reference to weather), the Yanks won't return to the capital until Sept. 17. Word from the Midwest is that a lari;e part of Minnesota's 1942 football team will wind up as Maine trainees at Northwestern. Today's Guest Sta Hap Bugess, Sioux • Many of tne insect "enemies" that awarm the battlefronts "plaguing the life" out of our sol- •diera-idie before the lethal blast of FLIT and our other insecticides. ' As for common house oests- ' FLIT slays 'em as it sprays 'em. FLIT las the highest rating es- 'tablished inr household insect!* '(ides by tba National Bureau of ' Standards . . . the AA Rating. Be sure to ask for FLIT -the knock-out filler -today! Market Report ST. LOUIS LIVESTOCK National Stockyards, III.. 13 (fl>>— (U. S. Dept. Agr.l June . Hogs 12,000; generally steady with Thursday's average; good and choice 180-300 Ibs. largely 13.85-90; top 13.90; 310-340 Ibs. 13.75-80; 140160 Ibs. 13.00-50; 100-130 Ibs. 12.0075; sows 13.10-35. Cattle, 300; calves, 200; not enough steers or heifers to make a market; cows and bulls steady; common and medium cows 10.0011.00; medium and good sausage bulls 12.50-14.00; vealers 25 low er; good and choice 14.50; medium and good 12.00 - 13.25; nominal range slaughter steers 11.00-16.25; slaughter heifers 10.25-15.50; stock er and feeder steers 11.00-15.65. Sheep, 400; steady on limited supply; odd lots good and choice spring lambs 14.50-15.00; a few na tive clipped lambs 14.00 down medium and good slaughter ewes 6.50-7.50. FLIT Journal City (la.) To be a Cub fan these days is to be a man with the pa tiencc of Job, the wisdom of Platp the opptimism of the average tax payer and thc foolhardincss of Hit Ic when he decided to lake Uncle Sam for a return bout." Shots And Shells Clark Griffith, who ought t was a far than George now, hays Ty Cobb otter base stealcr Case but Case is a fahter runnel ff says he had timed case at D.t or 100 yards in a baseball uniform . While Billy Talbet and Pancho Segua appears to be starting i ummer-long rivaly for the toi cnnis spot, Sam Hady argue hat Bobby Falkenbug is Ihe bes jrospect who is likely to preform his season. Bobby, he says, is "a latural fighter who reminds me o Silly Johnston.". . . Bill Cummins the Rice Institute hurdle who i favored lo make a clean sweep o the A.A.U. limber lopping tille Sunday, turned out for basketbal for Ihe first time last season anc became one of the best guards i the SSouthwest Conference. Joe Cronin Has Good Record As Pinchhitter BY JUDSON BAILEY A s soc!ated Press Sports Writer Joseph Edward Cronin, the stylish slout manager of the Boston Red Sox, will have a new story lo tell the soldiers and sailors overseas if he makes another journey abroad for the Red Cross next winter. The boys will want to hear again about the time the Philadelphia Athletics came to Boston for a five-game series during which Cronin, 36 years old and round as a barrage balloon, made four appearances as a plnchhittcr and he produced three home runs, every one with two teammates aboard. Cronin will start his story with that doublcheader on June 15, a Tuesday. His Red Sox lost both games but the red checked Irishman, whose batting average was around.200 for his few previous appearances, brightened the first game by parking . one of Lum arris' knuckle - ball pitches in ic stand in thc seventh inning. c couldn't repeat in thc second mac. This will lead up lo the climax n Thursday, when he reached the icat in pinch hilling — a home run n each game of a doublcheader. Thc A's had a 4-1 lead in Ihc cvcnlh inning of thc first game vhcn Babe Barna and Skcctcr [owsomo got on base and Cronin amc up against Russ Christopher. Quickly he rifled a drive inlo Ihc lands to tie the score, and the ox wcnl on to a 5-4 victory. In the second game the A's were vinning 8-4 when Cronin came up Paul Dean May Give Up Baseball Chicago, June 18 — (/P) —Paul Dean, who used to barrel in fast balls for the St. Louis Cardinals when he and his brother, Dizzy were in their pitching prime, is thinking about giving up baseball to run a barrel facto.ry, Dean has pitched only 13 1-3 innings for the St. Louis Browns this year and has gone to SI. Louis to confer with Vice President Bill DC Witt. c Book Review Just received from Clay Cenle Kas. — Wylie's fishing calculat thirty odd pages of chats, grapl and instructions telling you jus what days to fish and what time of day they'll be biting — but not a word on where to find Ihc fish or Governor Says Open Gambling to Be Halted Little Rock, June 18 —(/P)—Governor Adkins, commenting on stale police raids on alleged handbook establishments at Hot Springs yesterday, said loday Ihc resort cily "seems to feel it is privileged on gambling but such is not the case as far as I am concerned." Adding "this thing is not a spot proposition with me," the governor indicated the slalc police would raid anywhere in Ihc slale where Ihcre were repporls of continued wide-open gambling. He said the talc's policy was first to confer vilh local officers and then, if no ction was laken, lo send in slalc olicc. Assistant Supt. Cliff Atkinson -ho headed the raiding parly, aid Ihc operators were reported o have reopened immediately af- er the police left. Thc operators apparently bc- icvc the governor was fooling vhcn they reopened shortly after he raid," he said. "But I think hey will find we arc serious." 12 officers visited five handbook establishments Springs yesterday. ,n "I gave Chief Gray Albright (of '• the slate police) orders to suppress wide open gambling not only in Hot Springs but nny place else in the slalc where it cxisls," Adkins commented. "Wide open gambling Is going to stop and Chief Albright {| Will curry out my orders to close 'cm and keep 'cm closed.''' Atkinson said he would supply Prosecutor Curtis Ridgway of Hot Springs information on 32 individuals us a result of thc visits yes- ( i lerday when he warned operators of the alleged handbooks to cense operations. "They're going to get the surprise of their lives if they don't close up," Atkinson said. He declined lo amplify the statement. The police cxumincd the draft registration cards of employes in thc places visited and will submit (I information on them lo the Slale Si'leclivc Service hiMCIquarlcrs, Alkinson said. He added that only ( -| lour vo IP. c were i>_t'|oil to the draftninder present ..emulations. Navy Oil Deal „ (Continued From Page One) ICRC of developing thc reserve, and thai competitors would be "shut out" of opportunity in Ihe icld. Senator Lunger (U-ND) in Senate speech lasl week declared «J he Navy was "singing away pccial rights to thc oil company i rid thai Ihe interior and justice lepartmcnls were "shocked" by Ihe erms. Thc agreement provided for op- a era lion of the field as a unit owed n part by the Navy and in part jy the company. Knox said terms would have enabled how to get there. what the heck •Mr. Wylio, we can't catch 'cm in Sixth Avenue. ar developments and Washington ecisions regarding further price ontrols and addition anti - infla on measures. Declines of frac- ons were widespread near the lose. Volume was around 700,000 tiares. Flashes of Life By The Associated Press ABOUT IT LET US TELL 'EM Use The Classified . .. It's Direct something you want folks to know about? You can reach the most people for the least money through the HOPE STAR classified section. Call 763 for rates. HOPE STAR POULTRY AND PRODUCE Chicago, June 18 —tfP)— Foul try live 20 trucks; firm; prices un changed at ceiling. Potatoes, arrivals 91; on trac 145; total US shipments 1057; sup plies rather light; demand lighl market slightly weaker; California long whites US no. 1, 4.05-23; commercials 3.85; Louisiana bliss triumphs victory grade 3.60; Arkansas bliss triumphs victory grade 3.61-75; Texas bliss triumphs victory grade 3.60-90. NEW YORK COTTON New York, June 18 — Wi— Confusion over the domestic subsidy question restricted trading in cotton futures today. Late afternoon values were 5 to 20 cents a bale lower, Jly 20.24, Oct. 19.85 and Dec. 19.62. Futures closed unchanged to 10 cents a bale lower. Jly—opened, 20.25; closed, 20.23 i Oct—opened. 19.87; closed 19.35-86 i Dec—opened, 19.66; closed 19.65-66 'Mch—opened. 19.45; closed, 10.45 ! May—opened, 19.31; closed 19.31n i Middling spot 21.81n; off 7. I . N - Nominal. 76 Americans Lost in Jap Air Attack Washington, June 18 —(/P)— The record breaking 130-plane air assault by the Japanese against Guadalcanal Island Wednesday cost American forces 76 casualties, the Navy announced today. It had been previously disclosed the Japs lost 77 of their fighters in the massive air attempt and that only six American planes vrere Sad, Sad Story Atlanta — Judge James C. Davis of the Stone Mountain circuit, who for several years has raised registered Aberdeen - Angus cattle strictly for breeding, finally parted with a heifer for beef purposes, then proudly bought a roast cut rom the same animal. But after Mrs. Davis cooked it nd thc family sat down to thc .able, thc judge couldn't bring limself to touch it. Nor could his vife. "I just couldn't do it," his honor aid. "I just couldn't cat a single mouthful. Why, just last week I was stroking that heifer's back." Thc servants had a fest. Downstairs Drydock Newport, Vt. — Frank Curran lost. Today's communique said the pilot of one of those planes hac been rescued. Other damage, first reported in dispatches from the South Pacific and restated in the official war bulletin here were one Unilec States merchant ship and one landing barge hit. The communique listed person nel casualties at 25 killed, 29 in jured and 22 missing, afloat anc ashore. The total report of damage caused in terms of men, planes and ships, apparently was much less than the claimed by Tokyo. The Japanese had broadcast a boast they had sunk eight ships, including a destroyer, which would have meant a relatively heavy lass of life. A Navy communique said: "1. On June 16th during the night, Army Liberator heavy bombers attacked Japanese positions on Ballare island, Shortland Island area. Restuls were not observed. One United States bomber is missing. "2. Further details of the air built a 14 - foot motorboat in a cellar and couldn't get it out. But he looks at the bright side. He figures that, with thc pleasure driving ban, he couldn't 'get gasoline for it anyhow. Parnassus on Wheels Nutley, N. J. — Thc public library, determined the ban on nonessential driving shall not deprive local residents of literary culture, is going to deliver books by horse and wagon to remote sections of town. And if the venture is successful, thc library announced, the trips will be instituted several times a week. Williams Holds Chattanooga to 3 Softies By The Associated Press Bob Williams, the New Orleans no-hit-no-run artist who hurled a perfect game his first time out for Ihc Pelicans a few days ago, proved last nighl that it was no flash in the pan performance. He worked a three-hitter against Chattanooga for his second hurling masterpiece in as many starts, winning 5-3. Thc Soulhpaw ace walked seven batters and struck out only two, but tight control kept the Lookouts from reaching pay dirt in thc clinches. Williams gol in trouble in the ninth inning and was sent to the showers in favor of Joe Winfield, but received credit foi the win. Nashville's Vols continued thcii pennant parade with a 7-3 win ovci last palace Memphis in a game which saw the Chick's onc-armcc outfielder Pete Gray hit safely throe times out of four. Andy Lapihuska pitched Bir Tgainst rookie Don Black in thc eighth inning with Bobby Doeri and Newsomc on base. It was the same story, except that Bosloi didn't get any more runs and the A's won the second game 8-7. Winning thc nightcap lifted Ihc A's into third place in the Amcri can League Becuase Detroit drop ped a twilight - night couleheade to the Cleveland Indians 3-2 and C-5. The New York Yankees wer given 9-8 decision over the Wasl ington Senators in a ragged gam in which the winning run was fori ed across on a walk by Earl Wynn wilh the bases loaded in the ninth. Lue Appline enabled the Chicago White Sox to nose out thc St. Louis Browns 4-3 in 13 innings. He doubled for two runs to lie Ihe score in the ninth and singled home the winning run four frames later. Cincinnati set clown the St. Louis Cardinals 6-1 and moved closer to second place in thc National League as Elmer Riddle pitched five- hit ball and Gee Walker drove in three of the Reds' runs. The New York Giants completed a sweep of their three - game series with the Brooklyn Dodgers by winning 8-5 on the impetus of a five - run first inning against irtay Higbc. The Chicago Cubs were held to ur hits, but one of them was a ree - run homer by Ival Goodma n id brought them a 3-2 triumph Little Rock, June 1 —(/I 1 )— Stale police were under orders today Tom Governor Adkins to suppress open gambling in Arkansas unrelentingly. TliD governor announced the or dors — a renewal of his pnli gtiiTiM.n^ campaign — af'or Assis lant Police Supt. Cliff Alkinson anc thc the Navy to control production or shut down the output altogether, if necessary. The distress call "S O S" was adopted internationally in 190G. BEAT HEAT Sprinklo your hent rash irritated skin wpll with Moxs.inn, formerly Moxi- cnn limit Powder. Cools burn us it soothes itching. Hotel Barlow ver the Pittsburgh Pirates. Frigid Tourney Philadelphia A refrigerator NEW YORK STOCKS Now York. June 18 —</Pj— Buyers did a little shadow boxing in today's stock market but results were unimpressive and leaders generally slipped to moderately lower levels in another one of the slowest sessions of the year. Lack of any real selling pressure was encouraging but it was apparent from the start that most customers were not in the mood to battle over Guadalcanal Island (previously mentioned in Navy communique No. , 415) revealed that the Japanese air forces engaged were estimated to have been 60 bombers, and 60 fighters. "One United States merchant ship and one landing barge were damaged. United States personnel casualties were: 25 killed, 29 injured and 22 missing, afloat and ashore. The latest report confirms that six United States planes lost car, sealed 13 days with the temperature at 32 degrees, arrived from California containing: Fifty thousand pounds of potatoes, 12,000 pounds of ice and one pound of cat. Th t . SPCA said the kitten thawed promptly when given a saucer of milk. Fights last Night By The Assoiiated Press Richmond, Va. Izzy Jannazzo, 149 1-2, Brooklyn, outpointed Wild Bill McDowell, 159 1-2, Dallas, Tex., (10). Oklahoma Cily — Buddy Ssotl, 180, Tampa, Fla., 1 outpointed Johnny Dcnson, 194, Indianapolis (10). Fall River, Mass. — Fankic Nelson, 160, B o s t on, outpointed Buley Liliiie, 160, Philadelphia, UOj. WORLD'S LARGEST SEUER AT 101 Famous Chicken Dinners Featuring Southern Fried Chicken . . . and all the things you like . . . Prepared in the inimitable Barlow style. Dining Room Open From 12 noon to 2:30 and 6 to 9 p. m. A DINING ROOM FAMOUS 50 YEARS l THE OLD JUDGE SAYS... tafce on fresh commitments pend- but the pilot of one plane was res- expected important European j cued mingham's Catcher Fred Smil was spiked by Atlanta righ Fielder Leon Trcadway in th third inning and was replaced b Manager Johnny Riddle. Cracker President Earl Man meanwhile announced thc pui chase of Ray Viers, second base man, from Newark of thc Into national League, in exchange fo Reserve Infielder Danny Reynold and an undisclosed amount of cas Another player deal Involve Larry Smith, who caught fnr A lanta last year and who had bee on the voluntary retired list. H was sold to Kansas City of ll American Association. Third-place Little Rock dropped a 2-6 decision to Knoxvilte in thc night's only game in which both starting hurlers were on the mound at the finish. Steve Warchol allowed the Travelers nine hits and Al Moran gave up 11. Today's games and probable pitchers: Atlanta at Birmingham (unannounced) Knoxville at Little Rock (unannounced) Nashville (Stewart and Linclscy) at Memphis (Kelley and Vcver ka) (2). Chattanooga (Lunglcy and_Carpenter) at New Orleans (Rogers and Horn) (2). Beryllium - copper is replacing bronze and steel in many war The sinking of the Titanic in 1912 focused public attention upon use of wireless at sea. " Your tires are in good shape, Judge.. .ought to last you at least another 5,000 miles." "I've been very careful of them, Jim. since I learned how much the government needs rubber. Only drive when I have to...keep her under 35 an hour and have the tires switched around every 1,000 miles." I "Me, too, Judge. Pretty tough spot we were put in gettin 1 our supply of rubber cut off just when we needed it most. But, we'll be gettin' plenty of synthetic rubber real soon. Say, is it true, Judge, that the beverage' distilling industry has a part in producing it?' 1 "Yes, a very important part, Jim. That industry's facilities for producing grain alcohol make it possible to include 200,000 tons of rubber from grain in the government's 870,000-ton synthetic rubber program. Pretty important contribution to our war effort, isn't it Jim?" i "It certainly is, Judge. Wonder how many people really realize it?" Conference of Altokolit Suaa(, u. l nc ,

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