Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 25, 1912 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 25, 1912
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VOLUME XV. NO. 79. SucccMcr to th« lola Dally Register, the tola Dall> Record and the lola Dally Index lOLA/KAS., JAN. 25, 1912-THURSDAY EVENING. Dally Realster. E»*»WI«h»/« Weekly Refllster, Established t887. EIGHT PAGES TRIED TO DIE IN UPRISOH CELL CR^VZED WITH DKM'OXOEX Y, CHAS, WOOD TOOK STKlCllMMi. UNOEB AHREST FOB THEFl PHISOXKR WAS TO »E THILl) 1> cm COUKTFKIHAW Condition is Yet Yi-rv Scrtnus liut FiiyKlcians Bellrvr Wood Milt licT corer—Left a Fjin-niM Li-tlv^r. Wortd's Fiirr^frl! l.i'tt »T. Well Sallie, you iii;iy nr.t tiianU nie for writlni; this. Wlii -n yoii si ^l tblB, I win be pa.-^scd inio iliw other world. I li:,\;> nrthine to live for. One time. I iiail irienils. One time I had rciiii'one to rra.-li out a hand of klmlin-> Hut I have nnf any more Wd' nund- bye forevpr. I niuTiot milly CH.Mtl.lCY. Despondency togittier wl;h thi- disgrace of his arrest i .n n rharRe of theft drove CharlcH Wood OKcd about 28. to atteuuil 8ulcld<> In the couniy iall late yesterday artcrnnnn. Wood walking around in the corridor of the lower tier of cells talklnp (o the other prisoners. He Rave no hint of hisr state of mind thrnch he appeared depressed. As he sat down on a narrow ben^h. fellow j)ri?niiors noticed that Wood s.waIlowod a white iiowder. ; A few moments later hp plunged forward and fell upon the floor unconscious. It happened that .Jaslor .Morrisrin had gene to the cotift lnjiis-e on an errand and 'be prisoners ai,iac;ed ;ne attention of John Free, who conduct:^ a restaurant" just north of the jail, by fihcutin? through (he pinf'nn. Ki;e has an eine-.gency key to ihe jaU ?o that If anything happens during the necessary al;=ence r>f the jailor, he can eriier the prison. \Vben Free heard the s-iioutini; he hastened to the Jail and was told of Wood's action. He hasiily called .laii- or Mnrr'^on by telephone end ph.vs- iolans were ruramoned Woud was tjk en to a ceil upstairs where tncr? cctn- fortable bedding could he and where emergency ticafmeni wns ad ministered and grew so violent ;'.:a! \i was necessary to plRce hi!!i in .straps in order to prevent his harming liim- Keif. Tiid .ij i:e appeared .o be iniprnv- ing and t'le dnc;r .rs e .Kpre .-Jtd t!ie opinion tliat he wuii'd lecover. \V;;!rI. hcwever, savi -hnt lie will not. He will not talk of Iji;- trouliie nor di,'s he ask for rela;lvef. The fan well Inter, given above, was tlie only indication found of his Interest In any one. Wood was jrre.-ted yi-slerday ! n a charge of tlnlt It h- rllcned i!-a; '.le THE WKATHEB. FoiecuKt for Kan <«HK: Gi'uenilljr fair tonight and Friday; nnrnipr toni^tal. Uata recorded at U. S. Weather Bureau office. Temperature: Hi'.;hc6t yesterday at y )). m. 4S: this morning at 7:30 a. m., 27; excess m temperature yesterday 10 degrees; deficiency since .Januaiy 1st 2H degrees. Prccipi.ntion fcr 24 hours ending at 7 a. III. .Kay 0; deficiency In preelpl- uition sirre .lar.nary Ut .43 inch. !ie 'nti\o liumidiiy 7 a. in. today 94 •.'r rent; barometer reduced to sea •fpl 2!i.a4 inches. Sunrise today 7:32 a. in.; sunset • :.'".7 V. lu. WILL START TfiE ROCK ROADS SIX .MII.KS OF MAt ADAM ARE TO 1!E Hlll-T AT 0.\t"E. Surveyor ('<im]ilett's I'ians nnd Com- ntis *<{(infrM Advcitise for lllds This Aftcrnnu:!. A special session of the boaril of enmity coinmiBsionera was hold this afternoon to conaider tiu^ plans nnd rsijmuim lor the eotiKiruction of «ix milcB of rock roud in Allen county. County Surveyor Hiirileit has completed 111,' estlniiites and Biteclflca- iloHH and niter i xiiminiitlBn this afternoon they were apjiroved by the board and Ihe county clerk was ordered to advertise for bldH. The ad- vrrilsement ai>rears In this Issue of the Register, 13iddcr8 must offer pro- lo-'ials for Ihe construction of at least two miles of the road nnd bids will clos!> at noon Friday, February G The action of the commissioners tills afternoon is in line with the recent decision of the board to put the good roads fund into operation ut nnce while the most" nood may be done. The sum of S^O.ono is now avail .Tble for ro;!d building jiurposes and the comiiiissioiiers believe that by doing some cf the preliminary work LOW. many idle men in Allen county i-;av be ufTordrd einploynn nt. An added advantage will be that the work having started early, may be jiusiicd to completion during Ihe summer and fall. t>uarr >iiig [or rock will be the first work done. ADDIGIHIS STILL EXPECTE THE EDHT WILL I'KOBABLY BE LSSULD WITHIN A FEW DAY& KUAN IS STILL IN ^FAVOE (KAFTY ttLI» SOLDIER MOKE THA> MATCH FOK HIS ENEMIES. itfiAo f'ri'iinnit'niis for Wnr Ate Mc- ia:? . MJIIJI ' in ."<;)ifp of Talii of POIICP. (By the A.ssocl.-itcrt T'rr.w) Shanghai, China, .Ian. 2.">.—It is ex- lected In nepubll.-an circles that the .'mpcrial edict announcing the abdica- lon of the Throne will be Issued before theMrnilslico hf.ween tlie Im- lerinlUt and Hepubllcans expire .I:»n- •lary twenty-nine. Shoit'y afier tha. Jnio ll Is believed a meeting will be Birnnged between President Sun Vtn Sen and Yuan Hiil Kal nt which details will be diafied for the p.stabllsh- mcnt of a eonlttion j;overnnient con trolling ihe .Vortii nrd tlie South. I'ri'imrlng for War. Peking. China, .Ian. 2:..—The lin perial government de-.-Ided. apparently no. to take '':e Initiative of seeking battle with the revolutionary forces The Imperial generals have been ordered to await tha advanr-e cf the Rc- •-(nb'ican trooiis but ralliiary prcpara- ions are iirrtetding n.-iiveiy tiir .M 'sii- Mr^P'.irthern China. I'rourer Yuan "lii Kai contlni.c- in 'A\nc wi'.li tlie .•nurt. NEW TARIFF BILL REPORTED It THIS THIEF WAS CONSIDERATE To (Jet :!U Outlif. This Fellow Stole from Tluee. The most eon.'iiderate thief who ha: ojieiaied in tlii.s .secticm in years was busy in lola last night. Itatlier than l"vy a liea\y toll on jiL -^t one victim. I<e Mole fioiii liiree in (;rder to distribute ilio loss. A liorH;-. liarness and biigsy were the llenus in this tlilel '.s "((..'i'' I si l.i.-^t I'iKhi and to obtain tlie li .;.t i:.- c-.Ued at llie i'iirn of T. W. I'a ,-e1i M'J .Nii.lli .li-p.vrsiin. and l>'d away n liaiiilsiiii'e (liiv.r. Ilnriies.s next jieeessary and I,. K. Hall, lllo .North \V:i.-liinnloi' I iiaii ilniled liividiiiiiarijy bcricwed a biigity from liwluhi .Mc-i,„j^ arliel... iM .r the biiggv. the thief Cany, of the .'.IcCarty machine ^hop.>^. . ,„|,, ,,.„.,, j n Hetid. i Hf .ii/ South street and Ilroadway, oser a, -i; <• l <l ^^.•.•s WM " reported to the •week ago bui failed In re;urii li. 'r>''' . hearing was (or Friday afii rnonti i i iii 'lfs nll're i;,r'y lllis lliornillg HII'i ;ii»-i>l;eiifl l 'ii :'H 'e has ln -eii ( MIHV al! In iKiIlce cm:I. When ihe prl.-oii.r ,„ „,., ,, ..j,,^^ ,„ ,1,,, fi|„i,,„ was relumed 'o Jail In drfdull : f l!:iti ! . ,,,,„,,,v. lie bus been iim-ue- he was Fearchod as IK Ihe cuMom at oinrvr-; In nil bUi-rouudlnc luti- I'Oil (:'riiii;i along riiiiil teb the prlt^on, but t!ie package of pot -f ;n was overlooked v.?. Wood iiiu>. !:.:•.•• had It with litm wlien be entered tlie Jail. Wood's fall^t-r. David Woot|, lixcy In Ilcnlon. Kfn. He \',-A.< forncrly a r< i- dent of tlii .5 city and at ime time ran the "Ironclad" holel on South ylri 'i -1 I^ater he wi rked around town as a cobbl«i. The son remained liere wl;eii the father nmvtd aw^ay ;ind for sev;'r;il months pa^; he has been staying at the home of K W. Ki!io:t 41" Soii.ii street. It was to .Mr. Kllioiis duu,:.- ter Sallie tlia^ Wocd wr.ite hi> fare- we'l letter. The young man had been involved in a number .'•hady iran.-n:-;ion.>; in lola and had narrowly p.- aix li the Comes From the Coiuniittee on Mavs and .Mra'is bj- Strict rarlj- Vote. (t!.v lln' .\s-"<i:it. >l I'n-.vsi Wa'iiicgton. .I.-;n. 2.>.—Tiie Pem.'ii .Tt).- iron and stec! tariif re\:3icn •."! v.,Ts fivo .ab 'y reported 'o !':u •;!,ii :e'today by Cl }ai;'r ;3n I'ni.'ervc.-.t' .f iiM \\;t}.~ : n;' .\!r:ii '5 c^niiu'; ; '•>e Repuld 'inn uirml 'Ci'-- d tiie .-nm- •i>;!;fe wr.e g:\cn tt -c r '^lit .o .'Ic ar !;:vir >e reiTv:. T '".e e::if.ii!'(.ee hat? •'.'(li-.'ed 'hp bill by a siiiet party vote. l.a;er in the day tl'e so\en Hcitub- •'••nn iiiemliers of Ihy commitiDP filed •'.:(ir repor.. It (fn-Uited thai the .•ej >•;•'?( (!ii !c .•••|;o;i'd not br rpv \-3 'i -.: !ir; n report from Hie ;ai'.fl Lari' •ind tiiji. .be hi''! wv.-i framed wiih -ni ' rir'rgf anti was ,'n no way jii.-ilfi."^' "i -y il ;e lull lir;ir!ng three yriirs n ".;e .('(lie the commlitpp." ThP minority assailed tlie idpj he K -hrdirlp reiaip.'! nlmo.-t ev.-lii-'\r- y lo «()(;.l.-.- iiianuiacl.ured by llie I'n 'id K'aies vieel eorporiltlon. . \ Vxvi b.'ive l)eeii nolllli'd liow- .•ver :.lid Ij.e Ijilif wilj llnd ll dllli- lo make his way out of tlie slate V. i!li Ills i.'o'i'ii oiitlit. TAI;(.I:T IM{\(TICK SOItN. interest (.'iici» Imiietus liv i'r »>>|>iH <t.s of a Trill to Ft. Russell. S<rgi;inl Coniey of Company .M. went oui lo ilie coinpany'.s shootlnt; raiige nor;b of Hi" city yesterday af- i-riiooii lo make an insprciion pre- lar.-itory to the beginning of the an­ nua! larcri practice in the very mar future. Tiie inspection disclosed that TAIT (UH AT K. Knt)lll^•illstll• .Miflintr Fnrnii'd nn Or- gnulzullon Lns| MKIII. the t< 1''ihone lines from the target to courts on se\prai pteviosi.- occasions. . ihe sliooting range, and other articles It is ciiarged jat he !iad passed sr-v-,of eijuinment. have been wantonly eral worthless check.~ but always damaged presumably by hunters, and made them good before jirost; ii:ion ihat ronsiderable repairs will havjforr, be it Kansas City, .Ian. 25.--At a galher- iiig of repretieninil\ • repiibllc -Hn.'i al <\\i' CoJite .M hoUii- la .st iiiuhl a cllil •as organizi .1 lo as .sisi in Hie re-nom Miailoii .-iiid r«-e |rcilon <.r President T;<li. Tile c lubV membersliip starts ri! eislMv. ;i>iil i) is aiiiieipai '-d thai in •i f .'W w .i 'ks it will prow lo uOO. when ward organisations will b- undertaken. K. I.. Winn Wii.s eieeK I iir'-sident of liie club, and .losei h .MeCoy hecre- lary. The following preamble and resolution wps adopted: "Whereas. Wo, the members of lh< Taft Ropubliean Club believing tluit having done his whole duty bv carrying out the iirinciplea of the Repubii- c.Tn iiarfy, fearlessly and courageously. President Taft is th' support of -.very Republican: there- IE MENACE THEV THREATEN THE VERY E.\. ISTENCE OF COUNTRY MERCHANT MINE WORKERS ADOPT REC.VLL. Former Attorney (.'eucrnl Thinks the Only Hope Li(>s in Cuiiiplcfo-' (Organization. (ti.v the .•\s -:.i .'i;it<'d lYi >ss1 Kansas C/fy, Jio., .Jan. 2.">.—If the coiuiiry morch .Tnts are to save theni- s lives from being swept out of rxisl- nce b:' the big mail order hoilsi s (hoy must c-sanlze for their own );ro- lectlon. I.. C. Boyle, former attorney general of Kansas said today address • ug the cfuurntioii of tlir-> Souih western I.iimbermi n".S Association. "If the farni<=r understood the situation aright, the mail order business would be Short iiied," he said. "Elin: iiiate the eoui!**y merchant and the business of distributing the ncccssi- ies of life will center in great corporations. The only solution then will br State and National Socialism." 'The insistent clamor to destroy the country merchant was first heard tiimulianrously with Ihe birth of the mail order house. The demand to eliminate the middle mi.ii applies only to the cauniry .merchants b<"cause the mall order houses confine their operations to the country districts." "The solution of the problem lies n a mflftant, .icgrosslvo orgahizatioii If the courts will not apply the same Rule of Reason' when the little fellow Is concerned, let all tlie little f(|^- owg (ret together and inako one tremendous big fellow, and then he IMH ;ipply 'The Rule of Reason.'" .STCItENT HAN ON CHEATINtJ. TliP UrncrnI Conventions Will be Held Evrr> Two Years. tin- .\s>tii*i:if! ft i 'C'-.'^.*/ Indianapolis, Ind., Jan. 2S.—The re call of ih"? offlcials of the .\tino Workers is provided in a constitutional amendment adopted today by the convention. Ten per cent of the membership may initiate the recall and on the signatures of ihirty percent an election shall be held. \, Fly another amendmrnt to the constitution the general conventions will be lirld every two years instead of annually hereafter. iRPINR ON AN OLD STRING KAINEY REVAMI'S HIS CHAHOES AtJAINST HOOSEVELT. BRYAN AGAINST THIRO TERM TALKED TO FOLK CNTIL HE .MIS. SED HIS TRAIN. The Afpidi>nt (»ave Him an tlpiior- luuity to Triinsact Some I';- I'ressing Husiuess, .>cclnres the Cnitcd States Fomented j term." (Bv th" .\s>;(ioiatp <l Tr'-ssl St. I^uis, Mo., Jan. 2."..—Willi;.-, Jt nhings Hryan Became so absorb- in his talk with former Governor Kolk thai he missed his train Tini- today. He would not talk for publics tion and Oomocratic politirs but rr;: istered a protest against the Roosevelt boom. "The third term objection is ••! vi 't. one." said Sir. Bryan, "it applies regardless of party. I do not believ any president should have a thin; K. r. .Men's Couiirll Issues .Mandai:* After Sophomore Is (aught. the Revotntion Whicli (.'avc Is I'uuiiniii. (Hy Ih.- Ass.icialeil I'r <s.s) Wa.-ihingtoii. Jan. 2.'-.—.\inerican interests with tlie co-opeiation of ;::<• folate Departiiieiit, "lomeiited" the revolution of 11*03 in Colombia, whic;. lisuiietl 10 flit' indepeiidcHce of Panama, according to K. iir< st niaiiv.' Rainey before I 'l? House Fur ••K:I .\. I'.iiiS cuiiiliiiiiee loduy. Tl:e cihoiiht- le.' bef(W Hie bearing on Hainey's lesaliilion fur an Imiiiiry into the-iie- (inisltion of the Hanniua Canal .-nip "I propose to show In this hearing that HK ' dedaraiioij, i;f independence of Panama wuc prepared in New York in the (illlee of William .N'elson Cioiii- weil, nnd tlll.t .S'oveiiitir-r .'ti'd. lilOJ, was Hie date ngierd on for ibe lie- •^iitnlug of llie revolutioh in Coloiii- ijiti '• snM Kalni<-. "Our eonienijor thai (he part t!ie lidted «iat»,'.' •l-"vcd tor iiioiitlis prior to Hits revolution Is a stain on the history of this goveniiuent and that we slioiiid make some linniK-ial reparat.on to Co •ojiibla f.-r liie dan-age done her." mm RESPECTS ^ TD THE PRESIDENT THE DIKE OF CONNACRHT IS IX YVASHINC/rON THIS AFTEBNOO' TO PAY VERY FORMAL VISIT YESTERDAY THE ROYAL FAMILY LOOKED AT BULLS AND BEARS. .Niplit There Was a Brilliant Dinner Witit Music antl Dancing Afterv^ards. When Mr. Brjjn found out he hail missed his itain lie went to a tailoriiM :i;op and removed his trousers for ressing. He sat frouserless while a .illar worked. Ti-ose wiio saug!;t ai; nlerview were told Mr. Bry::n pressing business. EVIDENCE FAVORS THE TRl> I'. K\«»X SHOWS TIIE BILLS. Ijtwreiice. Kas.. Jan. 2.'>.—There will le no clieaiing in oxaminall <inK al the tlnlversity of Kan.'-a .H in the fuliire. Thi.s wa:i the mandate lssu»-d by Ihe lien's student council of Hie oiiiver- Recently a member of the sophomore class In the college was caught j K.vpi-nse Arronnt of the Lake (ham- <i it*^ ,illit \\.'.-> M.?j.« ..:» (.ti;.. .... - iniverslty for tlnee week'--. .\s this vas the firsl ease ot clipnlini! the iin- >r-rsliy (otri.-il ba.«. e> «•,• h.-ndled, lii"- '•.•j "'i)"-i)l v.-.Ts not :o :;ri :ij as will be the case i'l future violations. ?.inulHT Men Coniiniie (•> iJcclaf There is no Agniancnf- was started. Apparentl .v. Wood bi en .>-'o si::'- cssful in escaping punishment that he i to be made before practice can b'- j cin. Tbf ran ,'.4e and ils apiiurtenances are in charge of the government, and thought his first arrest uieani life iiii-, Hi<re is a seve.-e penalty for damag- prisonment. nrrodinu over it. he be- lug th ni. From <'Very indication, came desponi^ent and derided to rake much more interest than usual is to his own life , tie taken in the targi't practice Hiis The officers have been iinalile ;o ; year, a.s Hie company nuL -ii show a learn where Wi .od secured the i»o;son. - j;ood degree of effieiency in marksman L'ndersher:";f Hunfee will notify ; s|ii|), us .well as in fvery oiherctlepart Wood 's fatlur at Benton of t!;e young jmeiit, m Mie much coveted trip man's condition. .to Fort Russell. Wyo, "next suniMier. 'The prospects of the trill have put MORSE TOO ILL Tt) BE MOVED. I "ow life into the company, and re' crults arc being taken in almost daily. Banker SUM U ut Fort McIMirrsan ^ Cost Haspital. , Atlanta. Ca.. Jan. 25.—Charles W.' Morse still Is at the iiost hospital a; Fort McPherson. nio ill to he inovfd. OIKiAMZE RILLARD CLCR HERE. Resubmissionlsts Will he Active in This Citj Soon. .\rr;ing<-m(mts have h-en made to Ever since President Taft commi:ted fats sentence week the --x-l'ankerl^ „ 3,,,,,^^ Governor club has pleaded with his physician to j„ T.„ mayor's friends have him removed to a private hos- j^.,, ^.jj, ^^3,, j^^p^, Hodgoa l; 1 . . ,, 1 for the nomination on the Democratic "While Mr. Morse has been mentally ! uplifted by the president's action In j ..„-,g „ resubmission campaign," his case, said Dr. A. 1.. 1 -owler today. ,1,^ Blllaid supporters this 'his physical condition is such j afternoon, "and we believe in our pn- It would be dangerous to attempt to gj,)„„ \ve believe the people should move him now. Dr. Fowler said there was no hope for Morse's ultimate recovery. &lorse has been so ill that Dr. Fowler would not permit his iiersonal attorney. T. B. Fielder, to see him. John Nynian. of Savonbur«. 'ajifut the day in lola visiting friends and OB biisiacM. IM> given a chance to vote on the question of whether the state should go wet or dry. We're going to try lo send men to the legislature who *'lll give the people a chance." Andrew We.stlne wa» here from fc^ls- n.ore this afternoon. He is in /the in the firm of Westio^ %. SetterstcbjOi. Resolved: That we pledge ourselves to do all in our power to bring about his re-noniination and re-election: and we ask all Republicans who desire to aflliiatc with this club to .s'>nd their names and addresses to the s-ccretary Joseph -McCoy, 1*14 Commerce building." Mr. Winn classed President Taft as "one of the cleanest, most conserva- tiv( and most courageous presidents that ever occupied the chair, and it does not seem possible that a man who has served his country so faithfully and so well should be denied a second term." Numerous other eulogistic speech s .vere made which were received with great rnthiisiasni MARYLAND I'LEDOED TO TAFT. Sixteen Deleiwtes Will Support PresL dent. Leaden* Inform lllm. Daltlm'ore. Md.. Jan. 25.— Former Congresi-man William P. Jackson, a Republican national committeeman of Maryland, Republican State Chairman .1' 1 B. ilanna and Congreasman Thomas Barran went to Washington yesterday and pledged to President Taft the aupport of Mury'and'a sixteen delegates to the Republican national tonventlon. ^ ' In rn authorized Interview here last right Mr. Jnckson sa<d: '.».fter gotnp over the Gltudtion. i om convinced the real estate business, being a puriaerI h«ipubiicaus of IMaryland favor the re- noniinatloo the preaideat." VAtiRAXT WORTH «S0,000. Youth rnder Arrest Is Son of California Millionaire. Ventura, Calif.. .Ian. 2."..—When Frank Haddock, a 17-year-old youth •..lip,.) n.; :i vj^rant ai reared «iday before Judge Clarke of the superior M. n>i iiir charge of having broken Into a box car. it develoiied tha; h!- father H. Haddock, of this city, wa.'; rated as a millionaire, and that, although the hoy had been wandsrin" about the country for a number of years, he was iiossessed of $2U .tJUU. SNEAD OCT ON «.1.-.,(MHI BOND. "Cnuritlen Law" Iniohed at Hearing br Inference. Fort Worth, Tex., Jan. 24.— After proceedings in which the "unwritten "aw" was involved by frequent Inference, J. n Snend, slayer of Capt. A. G. -o. ..TV released on $;1'> COO bond today. Snead 's lawyers attempted to ^'vtm that the elder Boyce had eon- spired to help his son during the time the latter and Snead 's wife were away together. In Air Over Two Honrs, ^^erlin, Jan. 23.— The world's rec- 'Jntl for the duration of a flight in fn aeroplane, carrying the airman and two jiassengers. was beaten today al Johahnlsthai by Knglneer O. L. ITllch, who In his Harlan monoplane stayed In the air twp hours^ two minutes and forty-flve seconds. i «y r^or The pievlous r^ord was one hour. plain Celebration .Made I'ublir. 'Rr the AH.«'iclaled Press) Washington. Jan. 2.'..—Secretary '\nox by authority of the President ;ii(:ay presented to tlie House Conimlt- «^i> nn Kiiiendituies in the State De- |::u-tment tiie vcneher accounts for tv.enty ihoitsani! I 'ollars expended at the I-ake Chaniplain celebration in liirii. The vouchers were for the most part cost of wine, travel and entertaln- :iient 6f guests at tLat celebration. MIST CCRE OR BE KILLED. TlMtt is the Tradition Which (lave a Y'onng Indian Ills Liberty. iliv ttio .\.«sociiittd T*res«) Wa.-hington. Jan. 25.—President today commuted to expire at once the life sentence of Toy Toy. a Cmatilla Indian who, in accordance with the iraditions of his tribe, murdered Anna Kdna, a Wampum Doctor who failed to cure his father. In the eyes of his tribe this stamped her as a witch jrstifying her death. NO FRANCO-ITALIAN WAR. Kans :iK f'iiv .Mo.. Jan. 2.>.—Char'- • Keith, of K:it!s ;i3 City, resuming ili' -land in t!i • Umiber ouster suit t «da< •'aid ili"re was no concerted aciioe by members of the Y'ellow Pine Asao• latloii 10 curtail production. He sal!' that while Ihe protluctlon of ino.T wn . i.o million feet leHH than in l!Mi4 iri' -lump was due entinly to uniir -t - ''iiitei! rainfall in Uie pine fori sis !• l!»l'''i. "ll was an ai -l of t!od tli ;.f '|i;irle it iliMKKiSilile for ll ;i to gel 0111 Hmber lo the mills," h" said. PROIIll'ITIONLSrS WIPE AWAKE Thev are Starting on a Canipaiini for Three Million Votes this Year. (|:.v tie- i..-i;tl<<l l "j.s.<) Chicago. Jan. ?5.-i"Tbr ^e mi"!'^" 'Otes in 1912" is the shibboleth of the Prohibition party, whose campaian i- (•eing directed from the national hend- (luarters here. To this end the pro^ hibitionists in ench state are piedgins Miems-'lvps to <^^ten ^pt to gain a certain number of votes. One of the fea- •ures of tlie campaign this year will be "Pairing Agreement." Temper- T.cp tforkeey-believe that manv metr- bers of each party would vote for prohibition if they felt that an equal nun- ber from other parties would do the same. AS WASHINtiTON V.IEWED IT. Only a (Jaestion of Hon Turkish I'ris oners can he Delivered. (Bv the AssoelHted Press) . Rome, Jan. 25.—The Franco-Italian Incident brought about by the seizure of Turkiah doctors anti nurses from the French steamer .Mjt'.iouba by Italian warships % practically closed. The only question now being disciia- sed is that of finding a m 'thod by which 'he Turkish prisoners can be released or. delivered to the French authorities. Trnsfcett Jury Srlected. 1^...,* f 11,}.» >ftM )»v' .till •*.!> Independence, Kas., Jan. 25.— A Jury for the second trial of A. A. Truskett, charged with the murder of J, D. S. fifty-four minutes and forty-two and .N'eeley, having been obtained the Action of Oklahoma District .Makes Roosevelt .Men Butt of 4ol ;.>s. Washington. Jan. 2 ."i. —The outcome of the Republican convention in the Fourth congressional district of Oklahoma, which Instructed two delegates to the Chicago convention for dent Taft. despite strenuous efforts by the Roosevelt supporters for the former president, has sent the stock of the president soaring among the political leaders in Washington. The methods used by the Koosevel' men. Including a balloon ascension, a boy "Rough Rider" on horseback in the convention hall and other sensational adjuncts, although believed by Oklahomans in congress to be exaggerated in the press di.'^patciies. have nevertheless had a sobering effect •iion sc'i e f:f it-e n^emiicr;^ of congress who iiave been loudest in (heir •^obsevelt talk m recent weeks. They were made the 'uutt of much joking '.ly the colUaguea The Taft leaders are jubilant that the first teat of th» political strei.^th of tb* president t:irned out so favor-^ ."bly and they iiredict great moral effect on succeeding conventions. ( The declaration of Governor Hadley; of Missouri for the renomlnu'lon of] .Mr. Poorevelt I" not eous dered' im portnnt by friends of the President on the ground that Mr. lladlej has ppvor bce'i Included In the eatliuate Illy the As .soclatcd Press) * New York, Jan. 25.—Departing for Washington today to visit the President, the Duke of Connaugbt abandoned Ms private car for the Cab of i the.'picctrftr., locomotive just before the train smarted and rode beside tho engineer under tho Hudson -aod abroHs the .New Jersey meadoWK to Manhattan "Pransfer, eleven miles out. There the stonm locomotive replaced ^ the electric ^engine and the Duke re- i 'ntercd^ his private car. He waa ac- oomjianleA'only by his secretAtry. During the ride on the locomotive the Uuke intrr \jlrw (d the engineer at length and seemed greatly interested in the mechanism ot the big engine. The'Dnkc is due to arrive at Washington at 4:2fl this afternoon, where he will be mh. by Major A. W. BUtt, personal aide to President Taft. White House automobiles will con\<-.\ iiie nui:a from the station to the •I 'aibassy. At u o 'clocK the Duke' is • xpectcd to reach the White Hot ^se. As lie enters the White House he will ';p met by the military and naval jides of the I'resident and escorted to the green room, then taken to the blue room with the British embassa­ dor and Third Assistant Secretary of S!r .te. Cl:ancf.lIor Hale. He will be presented formally to President Taft. by the British Ambassador. .Mrs. Tdft Will Serve Tea. this Mrs. Taft will serve ica for the duke and the ambassador ::i the red room. The duke will leave .l:c White House this reception is over and the band outside will play "The Star Spangled Bannar." .A sqi-adron of cavalry will escort him back to the British Embassy and shortly after he has stepped on Bnt- ttiritory again the President ac- comi;anicd ty Major Butt will return til" duke's call, which will coifcluis the. official program. Unofliclally it is known that afterward th^ duke wHl be the guest at dinner ot th^ British. . .'imbJjsador, r.iid it is understood be ' \ will hold a reception for diplomats land government officials^'- Yeslei d».» Afternooiro'I'ragram. Sho'.ily Inline noon the Duke and Hu2h :ss of Connr.ught and Princess Patricia visited liie slpck exchange, ivhere thry were ncelved by President Thomas, Sicr.^iary ISly and a tomniltiee of m -inb'r.*. Mrs. Cor- n«liu8 Vanderbilt gave a luncheon to Ihe r'lyel party loday, and tonight .Mr and Mrs. flgdi n MIIU gave a diinii r lollowi d by mtisic. Tomorrow night the vlyiiors. "xcrpt tho duke will go to till! OlMTII. R'.'itI Dinner IJrillintit Affuir., •Sixty .guests jttendtd the dinner I 'iv.n by till Whitelaw Relds for the ducal party last night and for the musicale and dance which followed 2r.o addirional guests were asked. Tho dinmr 'was a brilli ;int affair. Tiie. h :!!ls drawing room and dining room' of th- Keid home were decorated rt 'tli .-c^es :ind orchids. The two Mbirs in Ihe dining room were deco- raied with flowers, also, many of wliich ctme from th? ambassador's ' country pl.nce, Onhir Farm. Tho guests gathered in the drawing room <»nd awaited the royal party. The ambassador took the arm of the duchess and escorted her to one of the tables, while the duke led Mrs. Reld to the other. After dinner there was a ahort mua- - Icale to fill in the tim» Until the guests arrived for the dance. Mme. Johanna Gadski sang Bnj^iab and German songs and Oimitri Smimaft^a '\ number of Russian folk song*. Botk \ artists am from the lUetEopolttaB op> era. Arthur Rosenatein was *at thd idano. A. Morris Bagby directed the music last night, as he did the night before. • RE(;CLATE PRICES BY LAW. That is the Plan Propo!>ed in a BUI h/ ^ Mor^n of Oklahoma. (By itiB Aiisoclatea Press) Washington, Jan. 25.— An interstate corporation commlsaion is proposed in a bill introduced by Representative .Morgan, of Oklahoma. The bill would give the commission authority 'o fix prices and regulate methods'of corporations In Interstate trade. SALE.SMAN IN BANKRUPTCY. !>Iiv T S. Morse Hies a P^tHton In Fort Scott. Fort Scott Tribune: Voluntary proceedings in bankruptcy were Bled with Referee Cory yesterday by Attorney ^ Wii;iai>! W. Shelley on.behalf of Oliver s. .Morse of lola, Kas., a traveling salesmau. Mr. Morse's liabilities are placed at ;ST6.50; assets. $130. ihree-flfths seconds, held by Ueulen-!opening statement for the prosecution | of the Pii-slilen!^'s atrengt.'i aiacng the aiit T. D«Witt Milliog, U. S. A. I was be^ua loday. I .Niissouri leaders. Trainer of Flghtera Dead. (By tho Asooclated Preiis) * . Oakland Calif., Jan. 25.— "Billy" De/^>.i.. wiio trained many of the most^ - vrcr.ilnent flgbtera of the lait twebi^ ' %X v-f:\ . y-ais. iTitiud'n-' Johnsoa Jef4' lilr--. Corbett. Phoynskl anij Kaufman^ *V3 is dead here, ^ :

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