Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 24, 1912 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 24, 1912
Page 6
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6. THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, WEDNESDAY EVENING, JANUARY 24, 1912. MSTOffS WIFE HAD SERIOUS CASE ^ OF GRIP-RELIEVED BY PE-Rir-NA Pastor Himself Relieved of Bad Case of Catarrh. Ail Other Efforts Failed. PORELYII RELIGIOUS CENSUS Catarrh ana La Crippe. Rev. G€o. A. E. Troutman, 2318 East Sth St., Kansas City. Jlo.. \7rite8: "ily -wife and I are strong tellevers In Peruna. T- ASSOriATIOX COR ;.ri.SAPl'KEHE>SIOX. Ji£V. (i£QRQEA.EJkoumm :• 1;; •;;!:ar •;!!!!; <l:i''. i. It v.-..,i!.l s.-!/.< •A. L-,,T.i\iy ii. 1 l-'ir'; v.'io;! !:•:;:'. int.' CIK '•:'<l ;i!)y cfli ( My •.. \.<- f-i-; thj.l 111" I. 1- 1 ris-f of llMi I ir .ifd (if i 'lMUIlP. ,'My «:fr' ji 'iri'-- tv" in ;,.-.( \v:s!ii s fur your sii'-ri-:;." Throat TriM-lili-. V. II. Av. Till.'. I;L'S \V.-.-I iiiiii St inili;iii:i|iiilis llnl . wrili's-. Knr j^iviTiiI y.::r.-- 1 li:.-,f . n .:. ' .<;• :i «il i:..' • a, • >:•!• !••> ^,.,.>l,l r .'•:.! i.iV , !ii ii .f.-i.'d .-. ;-h. to t;i.-i; fi.;- i ••| f';inl'y ( .;.( ?'•!.;<' (•;;'.;i 1 h .s". .. I.JMV . vcili-l fi »r.-(l \\\\ V ;ilt;.iki!;:', ••<•: .is Iiir. •l \v.-.\ ,n.- :nl -i : as; ;i i :'.t:> r. ;i 1 1::!' p;!i ;i '(l '() ;:y it. I i.M ! .-iirc t; :.l 1' r .iJurrli of Jlov.i'N. P i: Su---.-tr <5 !ii. Sw.'ilisb T'.:ii) : i >„-!or. Ii. i: 1. (;ian!;-b<.:rz. Wis. ' vvrii' : • I fi'. 1 f at !» i.- w.y duty as wfil as iilfiv .:r'' In yon Ur.nw that i-.i:' !• "-i'^''"')' wi '.l. "Titii -ply cured o cli: (]i ;iir'i(,i'a v-atarr!i. "I iUnt-k M I f(ir yt^ur dirpctionf how t<i !: (• INTin;:i :.n <l for your kind • I': iJ t.i I ),:••,(• Pcnina ao •I'livu to yu'ir III r .-;nnal dir'-<-lIon.'^ i I .Ml M -iy ;;I:i(i I foinid ; \' • -jiltv -.vlilrli v.oiild •i:ro iiif aftc! '^ili-i- y. :-.iiff.-rillK. •I 'i>:it It wn i-!i..n whiili )iri> • • ' pi'siii. It itiicr •••;'tW)i; as a lH"''a(!u'r .i.-^iaii .iU .v in I!ii sml i;i !i aiiiiui Pci'im; • !y tl;al I di-lpr .\f;i'r takinj; twi l:;:s (iisii|))ic:irrd Tiina lir..-: Kr '-atl.N y ^sk Ycur Druff{,n*.st fcr a Frco Peruna Almanrr for 1912>i(.OT F;<(>\(»>IV. ! vi^;iT •.! IOM(M;II.K FAcronY. l;. in-unifir ('i ;inniil(( (• d:! I'm of Wasliincioii. .I :i:'. 'Z'-- if i!:'- I ii-:ii.;( ralic i -oiv.i, •. •• i '•• ' ' oiiomizi'-Ijy o'i'.iiu; t '.ic V'fi*'*' t^i" ''>^I>( ri siinosraidiic Mork in coirni - i'i.< fidiii l'r> to 1." itw< a f 'i 'io ]iHV ri .-^liltii! in ronpii'-naiioii in thtlr own r; III--.-;, for a c'oiiiri' in nforts .nnd a L! r.iral c-opdiiion of cliaos li.i\c result! d tlx nfrom. T',1' sitiiatiim lia.'s bicomp such that III • I'l 'tiiocratic cbairnKn of s»}vpral <-o!r.niiiir< s aro much asilattd. In- fxiM-ri-'ncpd slcnosraphcrs v.ho took ilif iihici;; of ihi/ n-nular mm wlio re- fiis'ii to vnrk at tlv rt duccd rates :'ri> v.i'.!:.-; b.diind in th .'.transiriptB of ti-s'itr.ony. In soino inst:;nfps th<' Bi <'noi;raphprs havo had trouble 'wlfli thrir nott's. and rtK-ords sc-nt to the obairtiK ii hav»' had to be revised tl'.orouphiy. prpatly dilaying the jjro- gr .'ss of povcrnmeiit. The sii'i.-'iion is CTOwins .srrir^'P and unliss it improves somo of (he T^mo 'T-r -iif mi-mbers say th .ey ".vlll demantl of the committee on accounts \.1.11.11 inMiii-d lii.' (ui ilial sotnetliin.v I'l' doiii' lo rriaidy niattcrs. I'.c p;<l:irc Muiu al the .Miijrsflc 1 <iiiinrr;.'.\ —Two Sh«w^. .•^I. .\. -iili'-k lu-r aih lii,^ niKiroi' •\;';:or ;;.r!(ir.>; a .-mU'r licart am' •: of poon'ic-* Iherpof he \VAi V'.?rxi>\ .'• I r.icr.:;')! loin wiih :i fic • V.I ~'..'y's •-Ml. rrnw aficTno .'in am" ...rlrtr HP ha.^; ri nicd tl-e Maji'.-tii Tl'ialM- rin Siiiitli s;r('ft an;l a travel- ii:;; ri 1 n-i :i'::iivp r.f llrt» .Studrbake' iit ."ii'i;M'.i- (•'•:,^i-any wi'I ronte h?r< vitii f-'Tir |-;(!uri' reels of tlip Stude- :;'Vpr ;;i K.:\. Ti'.e reels arp ."..."eii t< ,,M.P f. ..[ :,;•>•-', wliicil n:pan.= a bnjitli: •tllr-;p.i-.i::. r; T'!;;- pictiire wiil .-bov ".'.e f" ii ;v , a!! thi> intricate anr" .'nil ris :i :i i;.-' i.f t;i<- '.onver.sion o iion Di 'l tljii'ir in'o t !:p .= li,i\vy fin- ishid •••wx. .*.''.ii:l,-.-ion vi!l be abro- 'ntc-ly fifp i il:e ri-iilt i^• f^pwter •o be a ;;rr"r:'! \inder.<tr.nditVi of th' reliKbl'ity and merit of the car advertised. .MJ;TAJ. SJKKIVU.K i-<'l;>IS. lola -Moil I'atenf (lever Device WilicI I- Uiiilt Here. A Sir-pie nemeciy Brings Back • liie N ~!iii -al Coloi-—Dandruff rr-,.., • I.--- till- ex!• ::: M:,:J t., I-..I; .;\ li.;:r ii-'i;:!;v . :i • . u :i, .. .i 1 . : , ! !•-'.!'.'- .^ •" 1 . ;• till- i:. \ • ::rTi .r i- ••-.•). >.-.i 1 I I.....; ' fi .r I'-r-It 19 juti r-- Im'< V .11 < :u ."l r. lain a ."•I.11 :•: i i- \.\ • ': !. ..I- . I r-,>-.iiin. Ip> •••••I'll Ti:" All Pdtv .alk Fortti Companj ;s- a n- w lola cvncvrn uri;anizpd abou; a pati .Ki di \i :e wbii h iir(>nii?es tc ! rove a rrea. aid to tontraclor.s whc iii;!id ('(iniiite walks. Tl ;e ]iatent i.- vii 'd ly Mr.-ris I,. t' and W i;aii;<y. of lol .i. and tliey have en- j::ii.i(! Mr. .1 N. Kin .-ald to a.-t as nen- • ral aiaua ;;ir of tiir copipj -.ijy. Thf pa .tnird l :'riii nay be km; -ked down and niox.!! la-'iy ai ;d ti^:et! over ani" ovi r as -'ain. \v!u-r<as tin- u.siial form it biiill nitv fur ea <-li !-t;tlon of walk The owni-r .-i are preparing to adver- lis-p till ir iluvici- and ^iri-s tlie .'•ale of It over a wide territory. Tl;< y have ;lie fmiii.'^ built by tlie rnlliii Iron Works iiiani here anil the suceesB of tiiiir tndiavor.'^ will plfa>e tlicli fib lujs and In neflt lola. Thoy lliivc \o Thoiiirlit of Hnnting Out Criminal!* or Vrj^ng Into Prirate Mutters. T!io article which appeared In the Resihter Monday evenln?, relative to prr.;:csed canvas of the city as out- iined by the .Ministerial AES &cIatlon In connection with a committee of the Men and llellglon Forward Movement was somewhat mislcadinK In the first jiart which cor .sl .ntod entirely of re I>ortorlal commcn;. In the plan as arranged, no thouK ;it v .as Riven, either !n diseu.-^sion or In planninK to a can \as lis to liirral MK 'inland industrial e ()ndUi (.n ---a e .-.i .vas as lo "iiiiesii.-m able hou .-es jmd re -orts. If any. men and won 1 n oi' ill ianie." The plan war- in ply to i '.r .i:( a n !i^'loii> .anvas 01 lli«- i-;i\ ,0 a- eriain i .Iiiirfli relation sliili an-I .iri 'fei en./es. Ti'<' .MIi'l.Meiial .Asso'-iatlon ihir.k thi.^ correction neees.^nry to avoid certain enil'a! rii'-sni .'ni in a eanva.-;. Tiie form of the blank to lie u.-ed is .niven belov.: ltii!i;i:iii>i Cciisiis of Iiiia. .Xante Street . - . _ .No. Meiabers o," what CliurL -li. llustiand -Wife Other ipembers of family o-.i r 12 years of a CO. Males Members of ('aurcdi? Females.- .Mi aibiTs of (;iiiirc !i?__ riiUdn n under 12 years oi at^e .Xttetid what Sunday S'-iio.:;?* What is i!ie Cluirca prffereneeV lloiiefal-. S!ck__ .\eedy._ t'olored- {einark.-: . . nsi'KCT i;A»\*.s i'i.(»v. .Hanufaclurini; ('oniiMi(l4 e io l'.-jss on lis HiTiis 'loniornr.w The re;.rular monthly im.-tin,:; of the Uoosler clitb will oeciir tomorrow iii;lit at I i.ubt oViock at the city hall but f.boul a lialf hour before the meet in.s; of the club t!i > iiiaiiufacturinj" ommittee will hold a lueetini; for th« ;iurpojrt of insiiectin.i: ^<e model of he plow receitly invented by W. .\ Dawson, and favorably passed upon yesterday alternoon :it a special mcet- ns of the agricultuitil committee of ho IJoosters. The asricultural committee r.!:r"ed that If the -plow can lo the work for which it is desiglted ts success Is certain, and it now remains for the inanufacturinK committee to decide as to whether or not he invention is pntctical. If their decision is favorable, Mr. Dawson will ake immediate steps to organize a comiiany for the nianufiictur' invention. ol' thi lUlSTAlKANT HKOI'llXilJI T(U>AY 'lx|ieripnccil'.Maii Tiike> ('liari:e of 111: Oiil (Jiir-Waj. .Mr. W. F. Williams has boiiijht thi to(k !ind fixtures of the old (Iiir-Wa> restairrimt south of the lieKisler (d ice. and took iharKe of the plac. esterday. Tl'.is is the re-aaurant re ently conducted by .Mr. .MontKonrcry Ir. is an e.xp.'rier.cpd res aurar.t man. l-.avinf; conducied a ver; iicci's.-f;;l eatinp hoaje at, liarlfon or li'.e y .T .rf. I.aler he was in th. i -oce.y .ir.d l.'eat busliies;: in Coffej ille. and moved io lola last .Xoveu: er. lie bepan^his nev.- cbarfie witi nap and a r.crab bra^h. and toda; vas re.".dy I 'or business, lie will serv. olh re.i;i!hr 11 eal:; and short orders Kil-.MMSil I'AIX OK I'IM:.S. line Away With ity a ri <'a<>anf Internal .Vcdiciac. 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Your Cfioice for 3 Days Only- 6 More Days of tiic Grea WE ARE QUOTING .YOU A FEW PRICES BELOvV TO REMIND YOU OF THE GREAT SAVINGS! $1.00 and $1.25 Shirts for .. 85i: Sl.OO and $1.25 Sweater Coats . .0**'' - 50c Fleece Lined Underv .eai- ... 35c Sl.OO Wool Underwear .... . 85c Sl.oO Shirts for .$1.15 ONE-FIFTH OFF ON ALL BETTER COATS 50c Ribbed Underw'.-ar ... • S1.50 Wool Un- dci-wear $1.15 West Side Square JOLA, KANSAS MyESft'SWORK y. M. CJ. Miu .(T(ii !s lUKSirj; vvvs f'A .n. I'AH..\ FOK HKI'AIi: F( -M). )i'iiccr< aiiii Coniiiiilfei-s Chosen at f:iicc{»r«.' .'iictin^. Wmital l{e|iort lifad ai:d Cuni-iaiiru ISeciiIrd on. When you want a reliable medlclnf or a couBh or cold take Chamber- aln's CoiiRh Ilemedy. It can always •je depended upon and Is pleasant ane afe to take. For sale by all dealers. • • M. ••• 1' ir f-;f 111 ;-' .v I- ir 1.. v,.-.r !i .-r I; .-c 1.. :• Wy..f!:-.< S:::i. '... a !•:• 'Tl > of a •'" v • :r-;.T:ir'. ; i;.'.i • tl. • tie i:. I • 1 Clflil.irOit.s MIIKT FKIim 'AKY 0. Itifene (ory f1ill> .Vwtlntr in tin- Ilirl><> X Son ('ii<>i'. C. M. Cory ri'erie In bankruptcy. >'as SI lit oiii iioiii I 's that a meetinK of I'.e eipdilors of tile llriu of 1). W. ilhks Son, of lola. will be held at It o'lloi-k on the morniiiK of the ilth of i "i briiary at the Hotel Kelley in 'his city, wlieri' a; tiim will be taken i". (•••riictii-n with the arranBeiiie.nt : i I' : of lie !;r ;ii 's alfa'rs, Tlie court has ••• !y ' iia:'".<-;i \V.;'laee Anderson temporary • 1..;:! i ri (Piver. wlii< h is subject to the ap- f.01 i i-.r.ival of tin- irediiurs. The assets of >'i:': '.Hi- 1 j\iw are list.d at J'.t.fiii'J and the '• " j .i;;;:;i!it :e-; at $n.Mi9.r.n. (O.ST .MI.VKH.S ^iiUMMMI TO YOTE. 1: ;^ f .iv r 1 I.; - •.!-'>i.r'"ir. i.-lep I 'ny. ll;e <j;;i<i; ;'.::-iV.r: ^\ ' :.r ! W.vfiL'.- fc-..-.'.- 6V.: vmiy will bv- r:.-;!t-. This 7-t;'.:iat:'--i J . f.'- ii^; lo tl: • public ti'l ri a !.':.•. i -i rce""iin- iidc] .Tr.'l s .nl bv all ''ri;.T ;;i.- J> S. K. Burrell, Special Agent ' \o>v (lie riiriMi Will Hold I(.« Eiec ' 1 tious Only K»ery Tuo AearK. j Indianapolis, ind.. LM.—Alarmed by the increasing expense of conducting the affairs of the I'nited Mine Workers of America, lecders in the convention today obtained a consti- (utloTial amendment that officers shall he eieded eveiy two years, instead of e\piy year aft--.- 1!»12. pjlections have ro'=l, the miners $200,OiO each in recent years. The conventions are lield at an txpense of $7,000 a day and seldom are of less than three weeks' ..daratioo. II FOR AALE! 50 HEAD HORSE.S anil MTLV.S I have just Ehlpped In 25 head from Coii'jy Co.—some weaning ninre mule colta, some yearllt>g mare mules. One pair of mules live and six years old, weight 2.100 lbs. One pair of mares six and seven years old, weight 2."00 lbs. Several other mules in the bunch. They are all well broke. Several head of horses and mares, all young and good farm stock, som« single drivers, city broke. Anyone wanting to buy, sell or exchange, see me at once at tola Hors« and Mute Market I block west Santa Fe 3. C Butcher . Phone m The Hoard <-f lilreetors of the Y. M. A. bold an important ineetin.i; last ight in the' parlor.-; of the Associa- ion hiiUdint;. .Not only the regular )uslness of ticciing oliicers and ap- ointing committee:-; for the coniin;; ear was acted upon oy tiie Hoard, Jilt the annual report of the Asso- iation by Secretary Berry was heard nd a decision was ii.ade to begin im- ledlately a camiiaign to raise funds make necessary repairs to the tuilding, and to secure new equip- uent. The directors were served lunch at ix o 'clock, after v .-liiijh liiey went in- busine.-^s session, and f!;e follow- ng oliicers for the coining year were lected: President. Ii. II. .Muehlke; ice-i'resident, Koy Sleeper; Secre- ary. C. K. Itiissen'; Treasurer, T. IJ. •Shannon. The following coiiitnrtli es were a |ipoiiiti-d: Finance llullding. 'ocial. Kducatioml, IJeli^ious Work •nd I'hyiiical Woik. After the election of olUcprs and ho aiipcinti'ient of cominittees the ju'stlon of needed repairs and eqiilp- iient for the biilhllnt; <^4iiie uji for llsciisslon. and a ilecisi'ui was iniide ly the Itoard to InKtitute a ciinipaigii 0 begin Iiiimedia :!y for the purpose if lalulng money to secure repairs Hid equHmient. .Miny minor repairr •re needed i:t IJie Y. .M. C. A., and 111! b.-.tli plant and iipaiing plant are 1 nei ^d of extensive lepairK, The lormliocleH however, were never In letter condition. liaNing recnlly beer. •efiirnlsliPil and cleaned througiioui Villiln live lelnules afi-r the cani- lalgn had been <loclded on, those iresent had raised <iver $2011 and In ifcordancp v .'ith the decision to he- Tin at once, the work of the campaign 's beina; earned on diligently today ''he campnign worker;^* ^have decided •ipon no di'Iinite sum, and no time limit has b"en derided oit. "Wo need $.'> DJ'I," s.tid Secretary Herry this morninjr, "that would be none too much. We could make ev- pry penny of It coant. I think we now have &?. good dormitories as here are in the state, and we want to bring the rest of the building up to tbeir str.ndard." I Although the report of the Association for the past year is not excep- Itionally good, it compares very well with any report made since the local Association was established six years ago. The total attendance in the buiidihg for the year. C.'> 700, breaks all record-s, and shows the nubstan- tlal popularity enjoyed by the Y. M. C. A. Following l8 the annual report Bok bat,k over the work of !ar, remVmbering that tin-re as made by Secretary Merry: Si.xtli AnnnnI Krport, lola Yoaiip .Mi'u's Cliristian AsMocfailoii. As wo look the past year was a feeling of uncertainty in our minds a year ago, 1 think we htiv' some reason to be thankful for what has been accomplished, rememberin.c also that for sevim and o;ie-lialf months we have been without rr;-'i- lar Physical Director, which has lessened the efiicioncy of the force at work in th.o .Assocration. The work of the -Association may be said to be fourfold in its natui-p namely: I'.eli:;- ious. Social, Kduea'ional and Fi^ysi- cal. The following statistics wiil .i;iM^ an idea of the work acromplished am: the number of men and boys to;;clie.; bv the A.-rsociatioii. KI-;L:UIOJ-S. The Religious work of the .\s ;-otia- tlon has been condm ted in the w.-iy of wl.cre a (•ia:'S of Mvern.-'n IH.VS inei;t <i;u <j a '..eek lo: i;iiy;-iiial I I'iiiiiii:?;. 'I 'ii .s eia.-s is v(;i!!:i\-'l l>y a \i)l\iii-j I'hin Ipi r li'::u.-.' l:i lli'j .\sKoei;.i;o;i. FiX.\.\CI.\!.. Reccii.;.^ for ilie ymr a:" as fol- 'o-.vs: Sii 'is '.r!iii:.'i;!s. ii-^.^i'; Senior M''!i ller^l'.i!l'^. 1^1 17-..:i!; .lunior Member.-;;!i):s. 5i2l.2.'.; I'.ent. $ir,S'.>.21; iialbs, ?2:'.9.:{r.; Tov.el.-, S.-,.s.-.,; i,,,.;. • le:.. a'.- i:.';7-i.;: iio^.v.ii!;.,', 5:;>.:'^; an.! I.ockors, $lfi.7 .'i. 'i':ital :-tic::iI:.iico in building iof the ><ar i;."..7'ai. Daily r.ver:i^'e IS'i. Ive^pvi;f'.;ilV Miiii'iilfed. K. V. ItHRRY. Ceil. Sec'y IN.SnU.'ENT.S I\ M. W. A. KANK.S. to Increase Insnranre Meet."* With (Ijiposition. HEFLN.Si: Fl >i; KOU •!$!>!> JiA.STON' Frirnds of the Writer ."-riid Him Moa- cy for His Court Fishf. Bible Classes, both for ii'en and beys • Topekn, .Ian. HI!.— ^\ defpn<-p fund is and Sunday afti rnooa itieeti^' forii.fin- ga:;;rted by ilie friends of .1. K. I llou-e. tiip n,-wii.:i] er writer under I I'l-nd for failur.- io .c;\e t(.= ini.ony rel- nien. During the year loar yo;iii;; men and twenty-five boys decided .for the Christian life. Number of men's Bible e!a;;.^cs b.elii IJiI; attendance 117:'.. .Xiimber of boys' Bible e;as.-:es lie';! ."il; attendance 22 ."il. .Xiimber of Sunday iinclin^.^ i".; attendance GlKl. ^ Total number of meeliiii;:^ lii ^ld Ifi2; attcndalice 4417. SOCIAT. AND SI'KCIAI, M111ITIXCS. ; friends hope to rai.-e several thousand Chicago, .Ian. 24.—Insurgency arose in the adjourned meeting of the head camp of the Modern Woodmen of America here yesterday when the fight !o prevent the adoption of the head olfiteis' plan of increasing insurance .-.ssessments began. The head camp v .i!! be in session all this week. It ! I '-iiig the intention of the officers to withhold a vote on the proposition •inlil a thorough canvass of the attitude of the delegates has been made. The plan of increase is based on the recommendation of state insurance commissioners who met In Mobile. Ala., a year ago and prepared a sam- ide and uniform law for governing fraternal insurance companies. Sixteen frsternals have adopted the plan. By extensive growth, the Woodmen olficials say, the low rate of insurance lieretofore in effect has been sufTicient. alive to ali .'.itPil \ioiat'on;; of the Pro- !iii;ltory law. House ya'ul today that . ( vt ral frleni'-' had ^ent in contribii- lliins bin i;e i lola baseball fans of fifteen years .standin.i,' well remember Kd Reulbach, , who pitched for the Sedalla team in not beard of any • ih,. Missouri Yallcy league while still ,'.-ri ral pl.m to ! ummy for iiim. He i a stiident at colle.^e. For six years and •.> ill" fi .L 'hi until it i Rpiilitach has been pitching for the u;=i 'I i;!i I 'ml t'neii will ip.iit. but bis Chicago Nationals, but a dispatch says tliat he is to be lit out and t-nt back to the brush league. The life of a pitcher in fast company is brief. •liars to iirlp liiei mi to the ."-I'.aies Siiprtiiie Court. I 'nited The Social Kvenis diiriim I lie jiu have been very gratifying and bavr resulted in brinf.'i:.g :i' >> ii'or. friendly feeling In th • ; ' l mauy of our bualiicss men tli.ui;! In the past. .Number of eveiil • during Hi" y-ar. Including Bible cla.-s supper-; and Church affairs. 7i'. Th" loi:il : ii. iid- aiiee was ."'<4 .'i. Special and rommlHi' iiiu-.,'.-; Attpiidniu'e .lux. IJrand |oial ill' KDIICATIDN'.' I,. .No regular eiliiea!io!:al v.ork has been carried on in tin; way of edu- .atlonal c;.-.ji;e.;. Ki'.e eiiiii .iiio;i:il lectures were given \,i:h an iitteiid- ance of "iM. .\ .Men's Clionia w;'.>. foiiiied'and conduciel uniil the leader fS. S. S. goes down lo the very bottom of the trouble and gently but surely, eft the city, and wis ve:y s !:cies ;,fui., drives out every LHice of the disease, cleanscs and purifies the circulation, and .Number of reliear^als given was -^i. by its fine vegetal)le tonic effects, as-sists tlie system to rapidly overcome the attcndai;co '3011. . Vavages of the disease, and regain its natural healthful condition. S. S. S. . . ,, does not cover up or hide the sj-mptoms for awhile, to break out later, but n ..r^nf..? ^^o- acco I, lirue/r -r 'l' 1 «> thoroughly does it remove the cause no signs of the trouble ever re- h«t t shoul ha- e do- J U h i-"^ • "•'"n. S. S. S.. Nature's cure, is the surest and safest remedy for Contagiona that It should ha.e do ..t. .\iih .i,.. T-T— ^-r^.t,,.^^* •Rr.r.v J.,-™„i° r„ classes have been held quite reguhir-, MTURFS CUfiE e FOR BLOOD POISON S. vS. S. known as Nature's Cure for Contagious Illood Toison because it is i>rLij;irc(l entirely from the blood purifying and healing extracts of roots, herbs :md barks taken directly from the natural forests of the land. It does not conliiin the least jjarticle of strong mineral ingredients, and is so prepared as to aid in tlie upbuilding of every portion of the sj-stem, while ariv- ing Cotitagious Ulfxxl l'oi:;on from the blood. No unpleasant effects ever follow the use of S. S. S., such as ctomach troubles, djspepsia, mercurial rheumatism, etc., as is so often thi where otlicr medicines are tised. .V. o O 1 . .1- _ t.-i. _ f ..1 . 1. • ly no particular time lias been st 'e:,: ; in working up interest and enihusi-j asm. i Total number, of gymiKisium clas-.e.-;: held 2S ."i, attendance 4ui 'iS. I Total number men and boy.s using' gymnasium ll .OCH. ! Total numbor men and boys using swimming pool Sfin.s. Estimated number of baths taken. 19,678. j Total nuiiiber using ail physical i privileges 44,(513. i Total number enrolled in gyinnasi-! um during year 2a0. ; Extension woik has a'so tcon car-1 rled on In Carlyle since Xoveaiber lat I Blood Poison. Home Treatment Book with valuable suggestions and information, and any medical advice free to all who write. THE SWIFT SPECIFIC CO., ATLANTA, GA. WATCH THE DAILY MARKET REPORT for our prices, but remember the prices quoted in The Register are for the same d?y the pajter is issued and not for the day following. Our prices for following day will be subject to market changes— higher or lower as the case may be. We advise our customers to call u.-; up before selling. We will pay you best price possible for your produce at EU times—ba.s^d on market conditions. THE COGHILL COMiVlISSION CO.. Phone 3;G. West of Saniu Fe Tracks. . loia, Kansas

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