Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 30, 1954 · Page 1
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Tuesday, March 30, 1954
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Our Doily read Sliced Thin by The Editor — •. _Alex. H. Washburn On the Business of Azoieas, ShteHcnd Ponies, and Spring Several items on this ;ifle.vnoon's [agenda — and they all point to the Pipresonco of spring. Bui I am writing this cautiously as of Monday night. If it isn't spring-like by the time the paper hits Iho street Tuesday afternoon blanio the Weather Man, not me — it was spring when f wrote it. ' I wad aware of the changing season, of course, but, I didn't consider spring to iiave officially arrived until 13. W. Kclwards unexpectedly said there WVG a lot .< i:d the in oil. Other Bounties ri .y azaleas we were talking about and tie gave me a dirty look. "Flowers," said the man. He doesn't know any more about j bnorne were: azaleas than I do, arid 1 know so!Miller i?l o!!'i little that if I didn't have Webster's Unabridged here at my eibow I'd. have to shutUha column down at, 1 this period. That one. The payoff was when I went home and saw some pink' stuff.' in bloom in my own yard. Don't tell me . . . azaleas. I began to feel like a sailor lost j in -an uncharted sea, and when the ...irritation got bad enough 1 settled "'down to some exhaustive research — all of five minutes. The flower gets its name from the Greek word Azaleos, meaning "dry.". If they were talking about no rain, .those old Greeks set up something of a WEATHEft F<5f*e6Aslf -11 1 * Arkansas — Mostly ft tVfc aHortto-m lohighi. fate, Not Experiment Station 21-h0jr-j)f Had ending at 8 Tui fdaj. High 81, Low 50 Member; Tl:i Associated Preis P< Andlt Burrdu of Av. Ncf Fold .Clftl. 6, M*». Ending Sept. 30, 1953^ 3,246 Star of Hopo 1899. Pte»j 1S27 Consolido*cd Jort, 18, 192J HOPS, ARKANSAS, TUESDAYJ^MARCH 30, 19S4 . j •. ,~ 55TH YEAR: VOL. 55 Secretary of: Chailos E. Wilson said In 'day that results' of the recent II I bomb tests are "unbelievable. 1 ' But tho defense chief in his conference 'slep|>i."J Vscther Decline Mt!k Prices Anticipated i \ i to t ku i,rv nn!k ~-u !< <.it in (inotnei diticasf ui it 1 * t>i I . i i u e-. Iv 1 1 — U^t. st concl i iiniut a month. ± t jf L <jf si,^ 't ,7iillt J lopped 1 id • f.(iTi V) tu '.3 cinta a illoa aiul lion, no to 22 fai Dean iii,.ii in piic s cut may nu> K- in Aniil Arkansas income Varies Widefy LITTLE HOCK (/H —C:',l.i per capital income in Arkansas l.;\.st wr.ekly new? Ipf azaleas blooming around thc'.vear ra.'ijjod from u lev/ oi £37! In-nund a barrage of. -Hope Public Library and they in Lincoln. County to a high of; about the results "of the U<-t:. Kc: would make a swell color picture $1.739 in Pulaski County. Uvuukl not say precisely why ho and 1 had better step on it if I The figures were re'ori.^od today ."thought them tinbelievenb. | expected to get there before the j by the University of Aiiiansarr llu- ITe frequent! y .•eferrcTl the r;u-,:s blooms fell off. rcau o£ Business and Eeunimic itions to Rear Acirn.LVcwi s 1.,. Well, of course, when a contractor j Research. . ' Strauss atomic Energy v t.V'i.;>i;i;:- gcts to talking out loud about! Highest per capital income was j don chairman v.'ho has hold no azaleas it must be spring . . . iCojnd in counties with, the iar.y,s;si-;nc",vs conference wince he too'., that .1 asked Basii what variety of j cities nad im'.ustral eiouiiU.ril,. j.'ffM last year. | Last nights announcc'irvju', that. in-/, ;T:':iv';th'j United Stale:, has set .. than 1,800 in annual pr-r ca:;ik.d; second hydro;,".>n. bl.uslin lusa Sebastian Sl,j,W:'a inonth served to turn, i-pec-ia; Union i|il Stiy; and, emphasis on atomic and ihcnno Garland .•>l,3. r >;;. nuclciir weapons in the secretary's rrieotin { ; witli newsmen. The , news conference and the brio! announcement. of thn new test bias', came \ Hie cho< " fun epic March 1 hy 1 j t cn r\pl \vcro still lolhne hioujh con and foreign capitals. Wilson was pics ed c peciall his views on the nydiocjtn \ i ijui as a deterrent .to stop' Russia from risking war t! , i n. ui LONDON Mi - 1 mr- Mmislu Cliiirchilt tod ij thic«v nis r upp u ( WASHINGTON ' W) •— The House) "'nntiniiprl on Two , . , , (today ovcrwhelrninylv passed a casting/" )0ng ' ranB ° Weathel ' Iort -1 compromise bill cutting more than That was the first minute of my five-minute research. In the other four minutes I learned that' azaleas : are of the heath family, native to l-^JjNorth America and Asia, -and. arc-if cousins of the rhododendron, .And :> I'll be their uncle if the proof-reader gets all these names spelled . correctly. Let's see — that's two. and . half minutes gone. The rest of the 20 excise taxes an estimated 8i)9j million dollars a year effective i Thursday. • That .'sent the proposal to the! Senate where i'inal congressional i Just before the House vote Speaker Martin CRMass.V ' told re porters he is confident President Eisenhower will sign the bill lol DEMONSTRATORS — Strikinci meitn'bers of the Independent Interr.^tional Lonrj-.to 1 emen's Ar.rn., picket Wiiiti House in protest dumonetratioy) tigsinst Natloisi t ibor f,olTi utis So<-i(d is-fua ti to recognize ILA as bargaining agent for the Port of New York's * ,000 ct-vcdutes. — NEA Te'-photo P morrow. With the Hod Cirss farnpai^n »i its final VM. K J icK Lo\" e DA T Si (P—T\olt 11 im men eic pn "iurrcd t) hive dio\\n<?d m Is mo\v L 1 c ri BJ 1 "•!( 1 i c t light Thej ULIP idtntibed is TarJ V'\nn il ou 4U o MI i i' i lex jiKnii motci md , Lcland R Du -r-s if) i*ti cd hu pi^t chairman, .todny calli d ioi i Men The 111 n v\ i L \ 1 en thti ibout 7 50 p m m f o the oo t rap'-i'Cd ind t \ o othoi .five minutes rny information 'really \vhor. was before the House. cr to reach oal oi sianin Besides that"I'll : protiably have to i ° that ndult us, o a Sing A at Arkadelphia eo rossin in Prescott Appolb Boys Clioir of Florida is now on a tour of Sout.hein States and will' sing in four Arkan'a 1 ; Cities, Mrs. Roland Pearson has been notified by her son, David Pearson. a member of the choir. Younfi : Pearson eailj tills yc^l fiom lital folks made it posriblo j cific Tipiri No 2 hit his auto on af FT. BRAGC, Air t'orco Uyinsj ing an engine • barracks, bu: smashed into 8' crowded At loa<# "pighf'i evei.1 kttleo 1 , ~ ' recuvo-wfd f $h'd By DOUGLAS B., CORNELL' John D Hunter, 23, emplo>,> of tae O^an Lumber Comjnny and] VVAsnjrrC}TO ^ " icsident of Pit-bcolt \\.is KilledTucfhoNvci asked Congios-- '•"'•" Tri'Ti" •! • a!most ln ''tuhtly sliortly b^Coie mid [ftn- bioadet powof to cut when d<mafwns! ni « bt !;ist rll « ht whon Musouu P^-^ the heart ol a "bold 1 ' p to p i> |nlf his scholarship. Ho won. i hilf out 1 - tn Plorida lai ship in national try- scott. " '"•"""»» . lnvo',ti-?atmK State OHICIH Guy lhe ifeiu \\hi h ends on ADI il 23,, Downing said that Hunters wife, fad v. ould bblstor ' the ., . . _ cui itr and economic growth the eafal section of Pie-i ^ ro(rica . mrt nf>1 aib(JBi " Tn a special message jtlc politically explosive 'Vil insis, Texas, Mis>iis&- L^msnm Virginia, -West Vir- ginn, *> T oith Caiolina and Geoigla, The civil will sing at Benton on Apul 10 Ail adelphia Apul 11, c on Apul 12 and Bunkluy I looked around for Edwards. — but he wasn't waiting for any more, questions. There being no further business the azalea meeting adjourned; arid I picked up Eldcin Coffinan and. the two of us stalked the midway of the carnival that's just opened in Fair Park -— United Exposition! Kep. Ebcrhai-tjr '.(DPn) snicljlied Cross mtn be, rnaj be attain IP n .Secretory of the 'Treasurer Hum led. ;1 ; at \ \\ho u i > be \a 1 'om ^, \\ith 11 th- S.Shows, meaning that carnival folks ulus to business." '' like fancy 'names as well as your azalea grower. Well, the first carnival of the year is also a harbinger of spring'. phrcy has been claiming the tax' To make it more convenient for cuts would "ruin the country" but]the citizens of Hope and Hemp- he- arlded that Secretary of Com j stead County to join the Red Cross, mercci Weeks said over the week (emergency quarters are now cs- ond "the excise tax cuts would j tablished at HG 1 ;. South Main where help Ijail out the Eisenhower ad | the obliging ladies of the Hope "Gar- ministration by providing a sti'.riiden Clubs are receivins' your dol- By CHARLES F. BARRET WASHINGTON Congress wa s likely to send President lars and dispensing . membership .j cards; furthermore, they 1 -will dis- | patch .a messenger to your home or place of business to pick up your Red Cross contribution if for any for seeing and hearing things at night. It was getting on past 10 p. m. and the kids were all gone»and the Shetland ponies tied up in the rid°;^v'-.'PS ring looked lonesome, 'so Kfbought a box of popcorn and tried it on the first pint-sized galloper. He went for popcorn, and then the Azaleas are all right in the daytime Kenhowcr late today a compromise reason our winkers missed you on but there's nothing like a carnival bill to cut more than 20 excise J'their first call. Don't delay-Call.to- taxes an estimated 099 million dol- a year, effective Thursday. day Prospect 7-ltiia and start your money roJJinK tosvard our 1054 goal. n ritis. The four men started to swim to (he north shore, McGraw related, with Wyrm and Burgess about 15 yards ahead. McGraw said darkness hampered them but they kept up a steady conversation. The Isit thing" \Vynn said was "f don't think I'm Roin^ to make it", McGraw reported. "After that we kept calling to Wynn and Bmvaess. but they didn't answer." McGraw said, indicating it was a long' time before they reached shore. The men had been fishinfi in Narrows since about 4 p. m. Mon- my popcorn was all gone, and went home. But it was dark, and I didn't have to look at the azaleas. But I knew they were there just the same. Because, you see, it's spring. ate House confederate committee , When they readied shore the two notified ofncc-rs County authorities began dragging the lake and channel immedialtrlv. la to yesterday. While Eisenlv.nvvir opposed Shetland behind him nickered. ! cuts, he could not veto the l Pretty soon I had made the round, j without risking the loss of greakr By EDWIN B.', HAAKIN80N WASHINGTO excise revenue also provided in it., LITTLE ROCK (A 1 ) — .W. N; Mc- Conj;ressio!ial GOP leaders forclKinney managor -jf radio station faw a shot in llic arm for the naJKELD at EJ Dorado today was l.ional economy cnr.venlly under.j elected 'president of the Arkansns Koing a dip, from tax cuts en I Broadcasters Association. stoves refrigerators' and other McKinney was elovated from household 'api'liances movie airji the vice presidc'nf.-y of the orga«;i other admissions furs, jeweJiy. nation which ends a three day lir.ndbas.s and luggage cosmetics! snooting lH->'e today, fcliorting goods 'passenger fares i Other ofneeri; include ' L. B,. bills, . telegraph charge. 5 j Tooley K, v .;V:v' IIopn vice • pres'i mechanical pens and pencils caxn eras and film Hahtors and electric light bulbs. Economists ex p e c t consumer dent and Melvin Spann JKYVA.K Stuttgart secretary treasurer. New directors are: W. M. Bi ley KVMA Maf>n<>lia C. J. (Gus) — A new gov- prico support system for dairy products — apparently aimed at softening the reduction, ordered by Secretary of Agriculture Benson — was unveiled'today by Senators Aiken (H-Vu and'An-1 derson (D-NM). Aiken is chairman of the Senate • Agriculture Committee and. Anderson is a former secretary of agriculture. In an interview,-'•. Aiken said they had not cleared their ".'atproposals with Benson or the ad^ministration, but would introduce them today in the Senate, Aiken conceded ' that the proposals it adopted should counter much, of the criticism that has an&en in dairy area? and Congress, because Benson lowered • government d<i)iy price supviurts from CO to 75 per cent ol'.-psrjt'y. effective at midnight tomorrow. "This would assure dairy pro- ;ccrs about UO per cent of pari- 4 .,.,,„/' Aiken said. "It ' shuufd pro<; t vjlde a long-range stability for all |, '. p^rls pf tho •industry, especially s and producers." Aiken and Anderson have been supporting administration proposals foi ending ligict 90 pin PC nt farm (.uppoits on majo* fi'lcl' in favoi of a flexible .system f,ipjn 75 to 90 pej cent is 9 s,tandjud for buying to Vic stimulated when Dk'kson KWFC Hot Springs C K. price outs show up on many ,of | Home KU'RJi RusFellville Sparm these items in stores Thursday ae j and Tooley. • companying the tax reductions or! Kavlier 'today delegates head shortly thereafter, One fairly ge.'i;Dr. Dcoiph Camp picad for their eral exception to the probable lowjhelp in obiaiuiuy; more slate mon ered prices may be movie tickets, ley Cor higher education. Tli oil 1 would also extend for I Dr. Camp prosid'eiit of Southern one year to April '1, 1955 present'State Collegi at Magnolia, said excise rates on cigarettes, auto-1 the first need is adequate sup- Continued on Page Two port for liio puolii; scliools. Pike .L Devotional Ser/es By United Press A spring storm that pulled a blanket of snow up to 10 inches deep over "a wide band -of teiu- Chi Ktine managed to escape of import dutlss and laying down th« foieigrt econorriip policy ot The auto earned about 1,2CO feet fiilrmniiftdtiop Kisonhuww ajsot and pinned beneath lhx> mil .#! " " " ' " '" " J< '" engine and reiulied about two hou>& to clear, Besides vived by a son. wife, HuntCi is sur- ion on JEUS A.LEM Joidan pies.ed fo; U N action today oa the Id1et,t bloody Arnb-JcsvisJi in- ador.t m which it clvi-j,es Isuteli tory from Wyoming to Maine left j foi ces killed tune pel sons at least 21 persons dead toddy, ] wounded 16 u. tho Joidaman bo>- The storm, which bcgain in "n.- ( ' cl vl!la sc of Nntiltn the attack as a Plains States Sunday and idled eastward, yesterday, was ci'rwush- imf. Early today the hcav-y .nov had stopped and the cold I'l on was spewing freezing rain slccl awi showers over much of the east In many areas of the light powder 'snow dusted the wet blanket left by the bi, -,ti>i m The snovvstorm left Hi inihes of new snow and four porswi, drad at Rochester N. Y, Si\- pcxs-ons died at Buffalo, N. Y., when that fity was buried under V,', inche, of snow. Most of the death-, \\cuo caused by', over-exertion' in figM- ing the storm. At Detroit. in the lienvt of the fitorni area, one man slii i i_d rn an icy walk and died of a frac- | tuved ;skull. Ari'.itlK-r man dird oL ,; Siime 20 retail ini'rcliants attend-(heart attack after ' sv/ccpint the eel a meet culled by the C of C H«. |wet' snov/. tail Merchants Committee yester-i Three persons wore- kjlkd u- day and made; final plans' for the [auto'accidents on ylasn-iih'<: low a Union,Lay-service sponsored johvU highways, and on-.- wonian died in Iy by the group and the Ministerial a similar acckHnl. in 'local utifn" to a pievio'i boi dor killni" by Ai abs The Joid in ; oy uinit nt domund- pd an emci ^i.iU'V iiifitui^ tod,iy of the II N-"-pon'ioiii 1 Mixeil Aimi- tire Comiiii r ) ii'Ui to piobf the Q"c LIU laid S'liuKiy MKlmtrbl on thf nlagp o f >00 t\so milfs f i" ol tV oid.u 1 -! uch «l inatc.it'on hno In IP Judf.ip Tfjlis no'j TV ihlcbei) (J N stui'ci il'l the ,ijmi4lo^ Called for cutting down to othr-i ootmtiies, ancl an en Qtitnght grpnts of ofOnomic'. au soon as/possible, , ?» Ravi/ ijsdur^ntjes ttjat, jo j?f-aceful good.' 5 ! 3' A^K'd that jCon&i 033 easp ' up en "buy American" jaws ,, whtcli i JVP ijrefpi'rnce to cloflie&t-Ic " ~ ovei foreum competitors on government or ^ o v o i n m i npnc.ed piucha-fos. ( ! ' Impo-taftt suctions o£ the mny be heading into' quicksand, For thi! 5,000 woid messsge ctty much down the line of roe ommertdations of a spcpial com mission on Jtoreign economic a commission whose icpOrt 'o loaded with dls>ents as to rajso 'i,no doubts as to how far would t;ot in Cortgre^ irni- Juubig still ajjplj mitt th,»l nitcnhowcr has accepter] itt cor^niif-jiou ir< KJent, invt. 4i dc jHI4,htC'* ! the tlv HI owing n nsioi) bilvciii the Jc\ r . hbui s— «}ider a ••till tcchfiKitJjy t i,, tl'tllC.S 1'IKL S.IH ' J'/l , Ii still \, i, r )t 1 n M>I \ 'ivthi i t i u I oui ' v n tlii 1 c< nimis ID') IK ( t n ' ov lifv i \i.r, up foi died thorn tot'etlKH- into a CongiesB to do 3orne tht'in, Many m<?ml of the, PiPSidente own purty in the Senate and House adhere to the hisUric (?OP position" that lae- iffs >hould be kept lejatlvcjly to y A o t c c Contlnijpri 'on P'BJTO Two, Cold Drives Out Worm Weather &y The Arsoslated Press' V-'inteiy likp weathci begun mov- Alliance Highway injuries The group votori to close bus:- throughout the Midwest, nesses; each Wednesday in April to i Five persons died of , allow employe;.; io attend the de- iion at Toledo, 'O., \vhilc t jii hi> ,' votional at' First 'Baptist Church stalled American Univcrsi'tv Is Still . • . n the U. S« Postman's Pouch ey HA BOYE NEW YO11K (H\~ A wi: > cnco saist the bi>-;t waj to (to iiaic tlu.i ( ij-o — <,in)utd at m nhut ikn iinn. ii i i' id unceiv - ^nvinjou 'y into i a u ba Lit aiil T'uy |h<ivo 'faikd to d>U\tt t'itu iue-i trouble is n vei to ans'\ei n KL- thin \o>ai,(, is i fijnui phpne-or own your maul. jh.ivo'faiUd to d-lutt t'n Bu t the »ir((.i, t .\nii_j ic^n uni «. i to Gau i i 01 bmiln, Bunui ver.sity is still thi. U & po&tmani I Join 4 pi Me Gilluiirt<)\ pouch. Fiw ol us can iesi->t at 'Iho imnoi Jeast opi ' the he foinjc lion brings the stan p maikcd Mondei 'niiiuv paper bhclls full of odd bits «i rut to yearing ,,nU K\uain/, thi cats to now and then l' salvage fj?~om sue. political bitachings past du ,own moimnf mail bucli tidbits ol bills i-iuu ity appeaUgua t buM -'(.lu lime, s,u< i ness oppoituttiUc's and bai^ni feii that unCoitun.itcly can itemb by pe foil io siiiidc 01 a limited time til inteiistuig 3oio js> muy nlj tho dd?ec3 people tired oi blood In this \Mfet postal sea futh le ( ter s»tt^ s,ail biavejj, beauns; a plea oi rnesagQ fjijirt one human another.Tbc ate o "ft 1 "' -'•••--• in, i A t,i bus horn • on tha long rule aie a now &uth ot iaiowlcdgc to chai§o youi Ufu -•" L - -'-—— y^i j| 0i '4*144 Match SOAprll 4: — Tt-rnpetatures, wj'l ui'igo Hoin '^bout 10 degrees bu 3ov\ noimul in exne?xie north pot tion i ma 44-52. Cukter Tutsdny t^ht. late m possibility ot lain. u, up Id t Juidmi Ihold thou c. i H) n low of 30 degrees? fit t nipeuitm-, s, mid SO' 01 slight!* ii i nf did riot 111 Illl 111 was tbt only cits to re pent i,<in, A th< Th- UUf with afternoon u»( v.'al!:ir,u, in the f dl] 5 slonn un'o-v l«.u! c Umean wly cJ idture^ Moshu tic ryintj i i h.iv<- c,u attack ' I > tho Kis-. ID wuli ruin, t'v.i 1or*hD\ycrs l,p Ground the Tne Stpiir Staff aj ounrl Hazel S' not \' iy point m< < t"tt'» c'oinitm i n the l)uti Bu>n Phu si I lorl«n Uu fm tn - , diH-mkn, 1 id i um d th 'all tbrm i "'J, tool " oi the In t china VMI ted tluit oi,Ij -I) Ficnch Union it n, is h,irl hi . n Jtc in H ufbrtod around town do have to, huvc a i !i (11 inn its 1 ic'-ulted ill . . . wai' unit t thi TJ <.' l,i>« for t(>pl» in the bold ait ul m ivitn • p, i t >, Us kind.) i .if U f tot am ol to t-liu i)d i/o to the aprwtojUlyj unaotpdst from 12:35 to 1 p. in. Other'busi-1 snow nti.su houses were asked to follow .'/.bout eight inehoi of wniivt the lead o£ the owners of these present H was stressed that everyone is ins'ited to attend the noon-day worship services an-'.i to coine dressed "as they are. Appreciation was expressed to Garden and Hoi'ie Demonstration C lub iiiLinbcis i( i ilien loopnation in ii. jl-m tlu in t! i \n in-, pin; i ) ), j .MI > AK . i ."•-,'.il /IuV oioiiiol p lonuiiiHii iti- (. Hulis, Len On u, cnail man, A C K. 11 il ibeit i n lib. Hi m > lliij- n , an 1 Ue\ve> Hani i 'I'u fast dfv itiouai Wui'nf day' \ ill UK tii ie, ujtin^ I)' d u i .ituui I. d by i B. ik>y uith Luthn HoUoman at tin- 01, a i F'ajer by a tajiu, n, devotion ii 1 , nn-vuc by Gold m Bayhss, d * and benediction. [<> Communist aiUIK'iy em tact mont an assault that 1,100 Heds, Foictgu Legion nd MinocqaBajMflaiiyii"n.''n ;t buy, Wfa. MHO"""""" were pounded' tq ti > «ij"huib by Many of the CynU?mnJs{« dead, $ie torn tp bits by th<> viole of the rywn.d<3ttien Kfi& parts

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