Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on June 18, 1943 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 18, 1943
Page 2
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i^i;S|ar «««», Hot* Atfc. 04 s*c6rxJ tKSSS WOtWr at th* dt Hop*. Arkansas, under th» Associated Newspaper Enterprise ;rtpt!<m Rat* (Always Payable (n 5ft By city cottier, per week ISe kt Htvotfa. Howard, Miller cuw counties, J3.50 per year; else- ttd Pt*B i» KtehJslvely' entitled . Pus* for repubHcatlon o» all news ds ehS credited to n or not otherwise Sited in this paper and also tr* tota t published herein. i National Advertjstoa "•""•** nlo t 1 ]?:' * T>alll«», >'«•: MempMs. Term lEte Bulldind' ChlcaOO, 400 Norm Mien lharTAvenuc New York City, 292 Madiso §£?• Drf£ft', Mich, 2842 W. Grand Blvd 6y? ' 4 City, 414 Terminal IBda.; Ne 722 Union St.. Washington By JACK StINNEtT Washington — The Capital in wo-- Imc: Anytime your neighbors tell you that Congress is a slow, unwieldy body that gets nothing done without days of harangue, '.eil them this little story: The Naval Appropriations bill or 1943-44 was called up before the Senate. The amount was for more hail $27,600,000,000 — the largest one - year appropriation. ev«v voted the Navy and mbre than 24 billion of it in cash. Sen. John H. Ovefnto (D-La.) subcommittee chairman, arose and said almost apologetically that he would like the Senate's indulgence "for 15 or 20 minutes" while he explained the bill. It didn't take that long. Fourteen minutes after he started talking the Senate had placed its stamp of approval on the 27 billion expenditure, sent it back to the House for minor concurrences, and had recessed f the day with as little flurry as if it hadn't spent a nickel. S; Si-Stpmo or letum of ony hso1iclted monscripts. . .Classified ''Ads must be In office day before '<- publication. ' AH Want Ads cosh in advance. * Not token over the Phone. One time—2c word, minimum 30e -Six times—5< word, minimum 75c » Three times—3'/je word, minimum 50e ,* one month—I 8« word, mmmium $2.70 * Rates ore for continuous insertions only - 1 "THE MORE YOU TELL THE QUICKER YOU.SaL." The stories about the officiousness of guards on public buildings here are numerous but the prize of all is that one about Vice President Wallace, who is also chairmen of the Board of Economic Warfare. After Senate adjournment the other day, the V-P hurried over to the BEW offices at 12th and Constitution for a conference. The guard on the door wouldn't let him by until he had obtained a "Visitor's Pass." Mr. Wallace is ordinarily a most even - tempered man but that reportedly was one occasion when he wasn't. The biggest subject around Washington today among Uncle Sam's nephews and nieces is how For Sale U° B et a half-day off a week for rwl ** shopping, visits to doctors and den- SAND BOXES lists, etc., without disrupting the SMOTHERS LOOK: _ jlpfor the children, delivered com!? I plete with clean washed sand. ' Hempstead County Lbr. Co. , Phone 89." ' " 3tf ju^ CHOW AND C O C K E R '$ Spaniel puppies. Dogs boarded S1 by day, week or month. Padgitts ".Kennels. 20-lmpd '-iPJANO — COME 'AND SEE IT I. Priced at $125. See Torn Ellis 904 West Fourth. 14-2wks pd mi. FIVE-ROOM HOUSE, LARGE r barn, 'chicken houses, smoke Vhouse, 10 acres of land with 5V J in cotton, farm implements; Jus f ;> outside city limits. City wate ,, ;,\and lights. Phone -38-F-12; Mrs ®" * * R. M. Bunkley. ' 16-6tpd i-T.HREE JERSEY COWS, FRESH - * two heifers, with white, fac '- heifer calves; one older cow with --wbite face calf, heavy milke iSee R. N. Mouser, Phone 22-F-l- *' '.FOLDING BED WITH '. SET ; OF springs Also a full length mir- JTOW. Phone Hope Star. 17-3tpd. 8-hour week. If it sounds like such a little hing, note that the President has oncerned himself with it consid- rably. He slapped down the idea f federal employes working nine tours a day five days a week, and losing after a three-hour session on Saturdays. Apparently the President as well as many other officials feel that the wheels of government should be kept turning^ full six days a week to avoid the long delays that often result from the 5 1-2 - schect- ule. However, the President did signify his approval of the half day a week off. It probably wii be worked out on a stagger sched ule so that one-twelfth of the gov ernment's 300,000 workers here wil be having their half-days at a time Employment experts estimate that this system would cut absen teeism so that efficient operatic would be improved rather than im paired. 1 ^DRESSED FRIERS. HOME ICE CO. 18-3tpd. Wonted to Buy M OR 40 ACRE FARM; GOOD house and. pasture; close in. Call Today in Congress By The Associated Press Senate Takes up Inetrior Departme appropriations- bill. House Seeks vote on $3,000,000,000 w _ agencies appropriation bill. 15-"tf 1 Appropriations committi ! I puth finishing touches on $71,00 - WILL PAY $5.00 FOR USED CAST- 000,000 Army supply measure. 'j. 768. . jng reel. Must be a bargain. Call 'r. 531-J. 17-3tpd. Notice , Tulagi, strategic Jap base in t South Pacific, was the capital of the Solomon islands before the war. ^^,, il ,- MACHINES. BOUGHT, ...._. ... " sold, rented, repaired. Parts and Hold Everything ' accessories. Adding machine. See . J James Allen, §21 South Fulton Street. Phone 322-J. U-lmpd.' I AM STILL PAYING TOP PRICES, for cream plus better net returns. See me before you sell. J. T. | * Thomason, Barton's Cash Store. - , 17-3tpd. For Rent CLOSE IN, REDECORATED north side, modern, furnished duplex; two beds. Bills paid. Tom Carrel, Phone 164. 16-tf- i^ICE FOUR^ROOM DUPLEX furnished apartment, hardwood ."floors, two bedrooms. Mrs. P. E. Cook, 908 West Avenue B. 18-6tpd. 1 'About two - thirds of the 250,000 reindeer in Alaska are owned by 4.600 natives. It 'fAmerica produces 40 per cent of fh£ t^n million ton annual world ~, production of phosphates. "You forgot the bread this time —I'll bet you make a mess out of the baby-delivering ness!' OUT OUR WAY By J. R, Williams \WE'RE TR.YIKJ' TO C>ET TH 1 BLJWCH TO A0REET05E.MDA P3MMITTEE UP AN' ASK FER AMOTHER SHIFT TP BE PUT ON).' THESE TEN AW' TWELVE HOUR SHIFTS ARE. TOO HARD OW A „ NAAN! ~~u o O YAH--OW YOU OLD FOSSILS THAT HAVE GOT "lOUR K»DS RAISED AW 1 YOUR HOMES PAJD OFF ^N' MOW WAMT TO PRACTICALLY RETIRE. 1 ME, I GOT ID WORK.--1 NEED MOKJEY-I SOT UTTLE KIDS AN' A MORT- GAG&/ COME AROUND WHEN I'M SIXTY.' — WELL, THEY > COUWP LET JHEOLP BOY WORK TH 1 MIDDLE SHIFT AN' . PUT HIM ON THE OTHEJ2. TWO/ -A* " BCRN) THIRTY YEAI2$ TOO SOON M6M StAfc, MOM, ' ' ° ...... «y aalbtal»h The Quisling SIDE GLANCES BLAZES'. THAT WAS SORRY, .SLlA.BUt 1 RECKON IT'S TISAH t(5 RETREAT CLOSE! HOPS BNEP OFF THAT (40RWE6IAM I fv\EET Thimble Theotcr "Three Is a Crowd!" OH, CiOODV, HERE HE COMES UUH&T THE HECK ARE Vfc-COIN 1 IN COPR. 1943 BY NEA SERVICE. INC. T. M. REC. U. S. P*T. OFF. By Walt Disney "You'd belter speak to .Junior—he's writing a novel in which tlic hero kills a doxen guards and escapes Ironi live prisons, including Alcatraz!" Undivided Attention! Donald Duck A- UHG o*js^ FUNNY BUSINESS By Chic Young A.W.O.L. on the Home-Front! "illlP- I WDMPER THIS IS OME OF THE MOST PIFFICULT MAMEUVERS A WU5BAMP HAS TO LEARM GEE. IT'S LATE.'J >. I SURE HOPE t CAM TIP-TOE UPSTAIRS AMP •-6ETIMBEC7, V/ITMOUTWAKIM6 UP BUDMPIE ANV MUSBAMP •( EVERACTUAU-V ^''^3^ltt,^&*»''4Aii*'-'HX a "tfK< :j 'V •'• ' iii.»Mi///ii'»<",\«"v ,M/I.- ^^^KiAKft^f^^ '«""<*'""- <•-<* afWMg-• ^i^^^,'iw^^ T. M. «tc. u. s »T. 0 ,,. -gig^'? In cler"future, men, you will 'Heil Hitler' with dor palms turned up—we are running short of i»nUs! THIS CURIOUS WORLD By.William Ferguson By Edgar Martin Boots and Her Buddies GROWS TO HEI6HrSOF BUT AT THE A6E OF TEN YEARS IT'S SELDOM MORE. THAN , - T. M. REO. U. S - . PAT. OFF COPR. 1W3 BY NEA SERVICE. INC By Fred Harmon Just for Convenience BUT \MHAT YOU DO OUT PISTOL ? ^PLL,SHETJW R.EFIUUED TH' SILVER. SACKS VOVTrt ROCKS, LITTLE BEWER, BUT HERE. TAKE (AY PISTOL,' >\E&BE TELL BURIED AND THEY COME &A.CX.RE.D RYDER.' •A SHORTCAKE MAV BE BAKED IN A UON& PAN," MRS. B. O. SMITH, M> THEY VOERE TRlCKEt), TMEY'U RETURN).' By V. T. Homlin Something's Gonna Give AXNCIGHT, -THEN, BV IF you WON'T, I WILL; THOMAS MEEK, OF ALBANY, &EOB&IA, is " THE UNITED STATES TO HECK WITH YOU/ YOU NEEDN'T THINK I'M AROUND IN /S TIN 6UIT HALF FROZEN; I'M NOT 'EM OFF FOB YOU OE ANYBODY EL6E.' IF YOU HADN'T WOEN TH' GOLOANG THINGS WE WOULDN'T A-HADT'HIDE IN THKT CRN1Y HAS CKR.T.' MOW OFF THEM P*.NT6,' MEAN, IT'S MY FAULTS WHAT'S PANTS SOT TO DO VMITH GUMMING UP YOUB HAT? OUR BOARDING HOUSE with Mojor Hoople X'LU. &O, BUT 6CURRM It^TO .^k IT'S LIKE HOLES; FLN VSJ1THVOU.' I'M, NOT IN6 MS TORSO A 19 GETTING 6HOES Or^lHB / OPSgJ*£ R A R.ED CROSS CASH,' UP FOR. BREEZY By Merrill Blosser Setting the Trap Freckles and His Friends AND IF HE SHOWS UP i IT'LL. PROVE H6S THE GUILTV GUY / , MERE COMES THE PROOF/ CRIMlMAUS ALWAYS RETURN! TO THE- SCENE OF THE CRIME— HE MAY NOT BE . THE "VEFTY" WE'RE LOOKUPS- FOR/ lAJe'LL TAKE TME SHORT- CUT AND SO OUT TO THAT OLD BUILDING BEFORE HE GETS OME WHO DID THE SHOOTlN© OI>J \AJIUCOW ROA.D? 6-J&

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