Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 24, 1912 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 24, 1912
Page 4
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J,m'nM..ui, THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, WEDNESDAY EVENING^ JANUARY^24,1912. POWDER Abspiu-iciy Pure . / The only Baking: Powder made from Royal Crape Cream ofTartar NO ALUM, NO LIME PK08PHATC A HEAL PEACE COMMISSIOX. V !• — lOLA DAILY REGISTER Th« lola Dally Record and ^he Iota Dally Index. THE BEGISTEK runilSIIIAG CO. Entered at the lola PosK'jrice aa Second- Cla-is Mattre. Advertising Rates .Mn .l- Known on Ai-iiU ciitlon. ^» SUBSCRIPTION RATES. By Carrier in lc!a. C»i City. 'Lanyon- vUle, Coocralo. LaHarpc and BaMett: 8SSS^I ^::::::::::::::::::::::-cg:^ One Tear, InsM.. .-.. UMIV • On*- YeHr. imlsl.l.- i"uiiiy f" I>il)loni;ic.v" whicJi i)rfccU"(l it, it lias ooine to stay. The conversion of tho llc |i :irt!i-!('i:t of State from a rotrrai for ritii-ril niiliicr.air< s to a I KMI I workint;. offinnivp or;;:ni;ziitiijn for the pronioiion of .\nie:ii;-.!, < iir.mcrcc. is one ol' lip' ^ri-at j:ci.i> vr -tji'iits of this (li.siIiKily liii3ii ;i A 'l!r.;:iisira- tion. TELEPHONES: Bii«in«« Otfl.-.- Siiolety n.lxMlt -r Joli and ninUiTv lx-;it l.v 1» HI > Official Paper of City of lola. Official Paper City of Bitsrtt. Official Pager of Allen County.' _^ . u. _ DOLLAR DirLOMACY. Did you notice in ilio diHpaiches tliB oliiff day iliose figun-a uliov .iiif.' that the balance of trade in favor of the United States last year was nearly double what it had been the year before? That is to say. this country sold to other countries during those twelve months, nearly five hundred million dollars worth more things than other countries sold us. One big reason for that most gratifying showing, doubtless is the fact that business has been qvfiet in the United States. Our people have been retrenching, so that tlM -y^f'npt only have demanded fewer JmiSorled goods, but they have not supplied the normal market for our own products, there by forcing the manufacturers of those products to search for a market away from home. But this search for A^/oreign market would have b<fen fi^l ^ss successful than it has been but for the i»ow- crfttl aid given it by the Diplomatic arm of the Government. It used to" be, and that was ?not so very long ago, that praCllcally the only function of the diplomutic represcn tatives of this country was to make themselves sociably agreeable in the courts to which they were accredited to give and receive dinners, to mak'.' pretty complimentary speeches on occasion,—and to say or do nothin;; whatever about business. ' But under the present Administration—and it is only fair to fiaj- that the reform began with this Administration,—all that has been'tftangcd. Our diplomats are still supi^osed, of course, to conduct themselves in an agreeable fashion at aucb social func- ^ tioDs as It ia their duty to atteiid. But they have been given distji^tly to understand that this Government expects them to be useful as' >vell as ornamental, that they are e.xpected to look'after commercial wheat whil'' dallying with social chaff,—ih"a word it is very well understood that no diplomat can hold his Job unless he drums up trade for the United Statis. And they are all doing it,—spurred on and aided and abetted by the Department of State at Washington. It was directly through diplomatic agency that American contractors recently landed a contract for Argentine naval equipment that will amount to $23,000,000. It was due wholly to the adroit activity of the Department that American bankers were able to participate to the extent of $30,000,000 in the Hukuang loan recently made for the construction of Chinese railroads, and to have a large hand In another Chinese loan the purpos" of which is to reform the currency system of the Empire. In Asia Minor, also, dIpIom«cy found a place for the investment of something like hundred and fifty million American dollars, most of whic5j will be paid to American workingmen for steel rails, locomotives care and other equipment for the railroad which th<v money is to build. Indeed ^^lereve^ American money goes, even If it be on Its face merely as a cash loan to a foreign government, it pulls American-made goods or American-grown jiroducts after it. The claim of the Department of Stale, therefore, that It has developed an earninj^ capacity, that the money apprtrprlaied for its maintenance is rapidly coining to be regarded as an Inrestment and not «ii -axpense, is well borne out by tho ;efcrds. There has been a ?;ccd ("ral of talk, hot always onmlxed wiih sn'r^rs.'ahot!t the •TJollar Wplomacy" ijf.the rnited gtdtes; but like the l^kirt JSlc»<>-e8 (iLiirriMXi; (;::-.:"it" vviv.s. Tlie ::i ..••a .• '<:^i'. I.Ind:;-;•• ... • :.,.i!ii;'y . • ' .! • M : ,!"aiiM • .: :• .-l-<: .' •• . 'I h li-^: '(, ;,; .11 ly.i , ::,L.-. Wi' i;ni.-il Irlki' i -i i::n.i- . .11; •. i cdiirt.^ are ;^l)'.e >:'.i> •iiiiln 11 liu '.u .in. T!;ey •riiiiKit s;i!i !!!(« ir .tile^- ii.ic- slon oi" 111 w (•a.'^e.s iiniil imiii'-irial eijii.e is' III iitiKhci!. I'yivuU' jiriviU '^c!; lini-. I liinitiir: I li:. .•••!e:.- t;) (iiunl (ip- ,i .r!i;ri;y h" hiwerei!." , At till' risk ff li- lins .'iT 'ie w >vi.ii !il .-ii ^iin ask for a liill of parlic- I 'lars. Iiidouht' (l !y ev<':-y sound he-irt'd in.'. I' wouid like lo sio povi r- ty and sin r.hoMshed. If .Tud(;e I.ind- :-ey know:? Mow ihai ran be done, let him tiH us li doi's^n't do any uooil to merely s<o!d b<'c:!u .';i> it isn't dom lusi wlial does he nuan by "indus- irial crime" v.liicli lie isays ouplit tii he al).ili.=Iie;l? If he v.ill point out '.h. crime r.iid Ul-n tell us how it eali he abolished ho can li.ive all kinds of help in the Kood work. Also, what ar<: the "private jirivi- leges" that must go? What are they and who enjoys them and what change in what law is necessary in order to abolish them? And finally what are the "unnatural barriers to equal oppoii unity" tU-i'- must bo lowered? A man was mad:' president of a railroad the other d;iy wl'.o hes,'an as a track walker, Tliesi "unnatural barriers to opiiortunity," which worry the good .Judge so much, did not seem to be in his way. Another man was Jiilled on Monday who !iad been president of the Illinois Central railroad, and he began as a v.aler boy. And there are ten million .similar examples of men who had r.e'ther wealth nor position nor friends when 'hey beijiiii the batrl' 1 (11* who won tiieir way strai);iit up to the top. There didn 't seem to be any "unnatural barriers to equal oppor- tuniiy" in their way. The trouble with. Judge LIndsey, ::iid a lot of other very honest and ^ery lender hearted and very good i::in. is that he follows his emolioi':: instead of his reason. His heart llceds because of the distress he sees ;ihQUt him. and he immediately jumps to the conclusion that the law is v.rong or these things would not be. lie leaves out of the account alto- • (i ij .•.roinid (he table are: Chiiiniian .Ia ;iies A. Ta .ney tjeii. V. S. Stricter, II. A. Powell, (". A. Mf(!r:ilh, Cior^'e Turner and T. ('. Cai.Ki'ain. \Vatih ;i :;;l"'i. !>• C, .Ian. 2-.—Tiie Interiiaiiiiiinl .loint li itiiiiiary foniiiiis.sioii wliidi has been iirKanlzed. is eMIng liail/ .•ie:;.>lims. Three of Ihi.' iiieniliers are froiii th • ITr.i .e;! V.lalei and threi- I'loni Ciiiiada. .liiiin-; .A. Tawtiey. 'le roriue.- I'oM ^Tessiiian from .MIniie.'-'iii ;i . Is i lit .iniiaii. 'Hie Cm. :iiissj !i)i:. in aililiHiin l<> its regular diiiies. is more •r le"s (if a "peace euiuuitsslon." AM hD .iiid.u'y di -^put; s li iv .Hii iD '.mtry and Ci'.iii'da v.ill be heard l>y this body sriiher the fundaiuenlal dllT rences in •a: n. There iiev. r v.'.-is a I:;w ni;;de Stoffs Lameness Sloan's Liniment is a ic'.n-- ble remedy for ahy kirn.- of horse lameness. Will kill the growth of .spavin, curb or splint, absorb enlargements, and is excellent for sweeny, fistula and liirush. Here's Proof. ** I U5cb 5tloaii> Lisiment on a mule for *Iui;Ii Umcness, ix-d cured licr. I rm never v.iiiiuut a .ottle ol yoiir liniment; luve Loc^li: more oi it ttxaii any other leuiidy (or jains." 1! AII.Y K IREV, Lai.>:?d!r. Ky. "'s Liriment zz the bett made. 1 h.ive removed very Ut^e »Iioe boil* otf a horse with it. i' la\e ktiled a quailer crack on a mare tliat *ai aniully bad. 1 have also healed raw. sore oedci on three luirses. 1 have hc ^'f .d grease bad oa a mare that could lurdiy walk." A .sTHuNV U. IlivBii. Oakland, Pi., Route No. I. SLOAN S LINIMENT is good for all farm stock. ".Mv hop lud I .n (5 cholera three dayt before we Rot yiur liniment. »lu<h I advised to try 1 l..ive usid It n 'lw lor thtet dayi ai il try luics are almcit »ell." One line died l<(cre 1 cut the Uaiinenl, but 1 have ii.t l.^t inv riiice." A. J.. SKC AK-^IIV, lilaxille, lad. Bold by all Dealers, Pries 60e.&fl.i Biota's BooV on EozMt, Calt;e, Sofi sad Pooltiy centfraih Addicts Dr. EariS.Slosn! there never could be une mad'', I •li:.t v.oiild Iiave kepi J..hii IJ. Uork— ; II Her I'oor in a free eoiinlry, .-iml .' here never was a law made uiid'T . which Hen I.indsey woiih! have hi'- eoiae rich. There ar-.; no "unnaiural" ri:Li:i 'H <iNK At IMJSS OCKA.N. (M TIII'III ('l'iim>; »irelcss ('(MIUCCIIOM With lU'Hiu uud Canudt:. IIONOKAHLK .MK>'riO.> l.l.ST. roMowing is the list of pupils who l\a\>' vi •,•-iveil l.oiiora'ili-- mention f": _ e.^ei'Ileiiee ol wtirk in il:e piililir I (.;;doii, .T '.ti. L':5, - Ti lephoni." com- j :;clicjoli;: ir .iinli'atiDii between tleriiiany and .Ii'lUTstilu ; ('aii;.!!.-! by im :;ns of a r .ev.- ays!e!'i off .SA, I'dLert Dimliani; >^n, ICdna .Sas- I wireless telephony is claimed to have j uei; K.trl .Means; (iA. I'aiil .Smith; j been establishetKliy a Cernian post- j (;i> Fnmees Volrath; r,.\, Irene Seals; liarriiTS lo ee.ual opportunity in this oITe.e .:nf;iii("er, F. Kiebilz, who hai; | .".H. iCnna Uenner; 4A Lillian Co!- wod eoniiirv of our.s; everv i,:irrier |e" .'•^•l 'Vl >""'"'n>-' «i"> <|ir-etive sysieiii ()rii;;iially worked out by I'rof. il'.ere is, is a natural harrier, a barrier iiriiwiiife out of the varyinp; iia- iities of men or out of tlu- iiiviron- j aliichi lii'iit in which nature placed them. Pn siilent Waters of the State Agri- •uliuial ColleKe comc.=; forward with 1 propo.'^ition to have a couniy farmer. That is. a man who will devote lis entire time to helping the farm- ?rs Imifrove their crops. The suggestion is a good one. We are just .•ealizing that we must do better farming. These institutions are doing •.vonderful work and the farmers are hoginning to see that their methods :'an be improved with profit. A coun-i to half y farmer is something that deserves j ted. A -:areful attention.—Lawrence .Tournal. Not that it makes any special dif- Zenuir. Ilerr Kiebilz deacrihetl hi« e.xrerimeiils al lli" l)enl;;el!e I'hysik- G:'SeI!sehafl. and his proeesu ippears likely to prove of considerable success. The disliiictivt feature of the system is that thi- electric impulses tire transmitted throu^'h the earth, so that no aerial wire or antenna is employed; a special type of generator is used, which gives alternating current of a frequency of about 100,000 cycles per second; the transmitting instrument is connected by two wires of a certain length to two plates placed in the earth, the distance separating these two plates depending upon the apparatus, and being equal in Iciigtli that of the waves transniit- similar arrangement is used fercnce, but merely to keep tho record straight, it was the lola Daily Register that first came forward with a proposition to have a county farmer. The editor of the Regis'ter submitted the proposition lo President Waters in a letter written about the first of last September. After taking plenty of time to think tl'.e matter over Mr. Waters replied to that letter givinr. the proposal his unqualified tipproval. And now we are glad to know it h ^iH he approbation of the esteemed, if not always accurate, .Tournsil. e!:e:i.'-:ky; -11!. Cerfrude Chatfii-Iil; :'.A Margaret Ciilli.-iiii; ;'.l!. Kennelh Main; 2A. Kloise Mefiain; 2H Arneta Washburn; l.\, ClilTord Cauipbell. i.iiic'otn- sn. Fred Little; 7A. Rlioda Sharp; 71!, Mildred Oliver; i'.A. Dimald Wil lianison; Cecil Kincaid; .'i,\, Lu ci'.e Anderson; ."15, Ciordon Park; 4.\ Krancis Woinaek; 4H, Kdna .loyco; (Jenevieve (Iroen; 311. Kliiier Denton L*A. Genevieve Hallcr; 2B. Sarah Co pening; lA, Inar Johnson, Goldie Stout. Bassott. 3B. .lohn Cerna; Vernon Sto vall; lA, Bonnie Morton. IVa.xbintrtoii. 7A, Dewey Donovan; TB, Helen .Miiidoek; Giadj-s Lacry; CU Kv erctt Dennis; 7>\. Herse'icl Willis r.» Leota Mann; 4.\, Bertha Kwing 4B. Virginia .lami.son; :!.\. Glenn Mo halt; 3B. Lee Moliart; 2A, Ca.s.sit Triplett; 2ii, Flossie Gainer; lA r.i.-ieo Kwin!4; IB, .lessie Teal, (^arlield. CA. Mark Wright. Opal Brunell; C'.-. Lillie Hes.s; .-iA Vera Godsey; :,\' Mice OakM .n; IA. Ruth Wright; 41: Hernice .Milbern; .I.X. .\Iontie Tiioinii- ;on; 3B. Hiiby PhiIIi|)s; 2A. Kather- !np Riley; 21t. Kdilh Slot^nm; lA I I '^ltiyton Vopng. Hessic Delaplain; II! , l.e-ster Brady. Kveryhody knows that the be.<t fed llrK'iiIev people stand the best.chance In the; M.,ns- 4\ Vert Ttee^- world, if they are careful to keep their ' ' 'f.rantr IjA Ma,i ^ar ! stomachs in good trim. i •,,.,1,.... ...i .Maggie Kugen Herman Wash Your Slankels m\h ihe Oxygen Washing Compound When tilt: iiiaiiket;; art- are beaten sli;j;iiily tiieir toiuiition v.i!! I 10 cents at All Grocers 1 —Place blankct.s in a tub nf hiko- warm water after adiiing a >nrj.ll amount of Persil ami ailuw 4.0 soak for 30 minute.-;. 2 —Kin^e in lukev.arm water. , 3j— in another tub ot lulce- warm water with a siiiaW amount of Persil anti work <;e'nH\»tiiri >ugh the hands for a few minutes. 4— Rinse aixniii. adding two talilespi lontulb of common F .l!t. 5 —Wring and hang out to ilry. on tlie line aiui nearly liry, if ihcy ;;rtatly i:ii [iroVe (i. I }• j to pick u]! the waves, and either tele- '-! I 'raphy or telephony can be carried I Hiiipiij or on. This system is similar in Its main |)rinci])les to the I '.-irth-wave sy.sien; of Preeee, which has been somewhat, improved recently. Slli- l.S DKLIfiHTKD. Ftir Mnp Years' Sloimirli Trouble (•one. Is ing that will flo roii .so much good when y.iu l-.ave stiiinneli trouble and Grade .lones. <; O'Connor, Concordia Blade: The M:inh;itiaii N'iitlonalist reviews the political situation in the Fifth district and demands that Kx-Congressman W. Calderhead be drafted for th? Repuh- Mcan nominee. This fieling that it i'l either Calderhead or a Democrat is growing all over the district. We say positively that there is noth- 1 i''o\var!l'-'''""B ' un-l.-^h;' I A,' i ari- lu.i'mvi. «orr. out and wak, as' j \ ir .ol i; • <i, rieldir cod liver and iron 1 I'.ira'.'.in v h'.-i.i \ u\l. I l.<'tha Chewnlng. L-.i.-know S. C. j says "Indlgo.'tion loi;s of appetite ami ' ge.'ipral weakness have been troubling !ii,° for nine y.^ar.^. When I li?gnn tak- ii'.g Vin a lew wetks ago I nc- nAiv.s(».\'s vi.m\ VIK«KD. ! I'avoralile ireporf oii Mncafion io Aid In Formiiiir a Company. th'od an improvi i.ient in a very 9.hnri x'.mp and now i feei than 1 have in ycir.<. n'lich stroi Vino' has bui' The of tiie agricultural com ^ :iilttee of t!: • Boivter Cluli. w.hieh,wa.= I ;n have hr ^'n held some time ago to vit w and report upon i!!e model of a plow, the invention of W..A. Dawson, The Garnett Kvening changed hands, the new Thos. M. Triplett, one known .ind successful business of Garnett, who wili pbice Mr. A. E. j roll Druggist, lola Kans. Gates in active charge of the plant. I The. Xews has been an excellent pa- I Cherryvale Rep'.ililiean: per uniler the management of .Mr. 1 '""'•'^ '•'^ ''««"*-' ft'<>"i '"''i Gates in the past and will no doubt be ^ held up to its high standard. jiai ked today and will be shipped toil iirrow. .Mrs. Walters has lived al — - - : .;el South Liberty. The odicial returns show that Nee- j — ley carried Ihe Seventh district by; . 1271 votes. It may mitigate his ju- i MDC I APAMfiPF bilation somewhat, however, to ob- I'BIiJs Lllllill»IVi\L» .=!erTe that his total vote this year was } less by 7,4.S7 than it was last j-ear J whtn he wp.s beaten by .ludge Madi­ son'by aniluralily of 4 7!»2. Only r,:i per'cent of last year's vote was polled this year. TELLS TROUBLES I Wliut Itfakcs the WheiU KO liunmU JIany readers of the Capital are writing to thi.i paper asking what the "Something" is thtit produces no liejit but makes the little wheels go 'round on the gas meter. The general Ideii is that it is air. 'Wlien the pipes are crowded with gas, the den'.and ln-ing Mchi, and tiie vent is opened, the g.ia units or molecules crowd one nii- I Lady In Goodwater Describes Her j Distressing Experiencg and • I Tells How She Was I Hnally Rel.'eved. Goodwater, Mo.—'Ever since I was ' a little girl," says A'rs. Kilcy Larair.orc, peef(>(! by the committee, and the (M'iniim was e.\\ireRsed unanimously liiat if tlie plow can do the work which .1. II. V.'al-jits Inventor claini.^ it can it will be a move hif i valutible aid to the farmer, and its ' i:':;niifa^t ;ire and sale cannot fall to 111: siU'ce ^.-'fiil. The practical fide e.f l!ie inacriine. wlietlier or not it can di; t!ie work for which it been de- .^':;:r.ed, await.'' inve.^tigation by the nianiifai turing committee of tho BDOsfers to which the machine har, nowNhecn turned over for in.-;pection. .Mr. Dawson has submitted h:s model »o the Booster Club, feeling confident that tiiey would e.vpress a favorable i njiinion wlpi-h would assist him in tDMiiin? a ;-;)nipany soon for the manu- fucliire nnd .sale of the machine. If t!ie P .C)n.= ters give their recommendation to his invention .Mr. Dawson ^ny^ •e will take immediate step.^ for thfl .ir .!;anizaiion of tl:e comiKiny. 01? Galveston fronts the Gulf of Mexico, "Way down South" in Texas. Where roses and oleanders and palms grow outdoors inx January is a good place to winter in—that's self-evident. Galveston, too, lias Motel Galvez^—a new million- dollar edifice, located near the beach and seawall. You will like Hotel Galvez, once you enter its doors. A charming southern hospitality is supplemented by all the lu.xuries of Fifth Avenue. Go to Galveston this winter on the The train service is convenient. The fares are low. For booklet and full information, ask VV. E. RALSTON AGKNT Phone 375 lola, Ks. Santa Fe. excursion 611 iho^''^' KEEN KUme BUTCHER KNIVES These Knives are guaranteed and we have them in all sizes and styles from. 25c to $1.00 BRIGHAM HARDWARE COMPANY (inNcii III (!s sruviVE coi.n. Found \Vt\i' on (*«»rii EMmsod to 12 lieliiw Zero Mi'athcr. Arkansas City, .Tan. S'l.— The cold "I wa -sarrcat sufferer from dyspepsia, ;^yeather did not kill chinch hues in . , • /. -.•_-\.!..« ''liis Meetion of the state, even tUouy.h I suUcrcd misery alter eating, and had 'j^^^ thermometer went to Iti to i:J de- m-res hi low zero. W. B. Syfer, of terrible heartburn. I thought I had to .suffer this way as longas 1 lived, but when 1 began to take i >od IV a s-nall box. which contained Thcdford's Ubck-Draught, in sin.-:!!jff"" -m ear of corn other to pet out and there iB a Rnat doses, every n:^ht, l!i2 heartburn was cil power of expansion. A .i the demand gone in a few days, and 1 could cat ir.creapes Ihe K:IR units come out, nol v/ilhout distress, crowdliis or puBlili.t; nBalii^ii one .in- j i took two Small packages In all, arci other, but single file and rclucliinily. • ,,m„„„i, <t„, , ' In short there are inlshty few uiilla i f hough that was so.-ne lime ago. U K there* and that Is aU there is to it. ; dyspepsia las not rc'.iirned. Itntion township broiiRht lo th" citv ihi .t has laid .ill wlnfr in the i'lld. The ilusi ei>iiti.ine!! i^alf a do::eii liv • chiiKli buf ;3. Highest Market Prices For HIDES and FURS -al- L. KRUPE'S JUNK YARD Phone uU VIn.'inlV i.!»niiary 22d) ha- They have no power to expand be- I causfi they are nlroady so expanded^ that they are lonesome. What l3 ' there between the gas units? Some- ' thine be.<;ldes gas somethinR besides ' ras but just 8S expansive as sag when ; forced throui-h tho pines? When pco- ' pie are runn;n.5 up big gas bills i;nd ' KettiuR no heat, what they are bum- ' ing is air. If't were hot air It would i be . somethinK but it is }ast ordinary cold air.—Topeka Capital. 1 ^ptak a focd word fcr Thedford'f Biack-Crai:;,!.! \v:::ncvcr I have Ih porlanlty." If eati::.-: cau;;cs c; v/e ar::e yc-. to try llLC^rd'ii Licck-C.-z -j-.':!. I clec.nsco tlic ry ;t:m, helps IV f.'.o"r.cU '• di;4C £t i:.; food, rc;!.L;tL3 the bov.vls. ar. sti.-ub :.stlic live.-. U acl3'.ly is •.•."•.he; L.:d z'.'.'^t effects. Try it. IV.^CIJ '•:f s ii;.> (He hojies niiK 'h rye and V. ire." Thi? saying, culleil from the Mo'ik on fr.;klore coinpilrd hy the Weather iv.ireaii. would ffein to hold- CP-j 'I 'l* hsd iir(iF|refs for a prohibition! state In view of the fact that Monday I, was •.HiCetly r'.niv. It Is generally ••elleved, linwevtr that If St. Vincent's 1 .5 clear, 2^!H^ weather is In store. THE NORTHRUP NATIONAL BANK. 10L.\, K.ANSAS OYER FOnXY YE.VK.S OF CONSKHV.VTIVE n.\NKI.\(} IN lOLA Depository for thr United Sinlcs Sliitc uf Kunsius, uud illen Coontjr OFtlCi;K.S: 1.. I.. .VOItTIIKUP, President U. P. NOnTIIHUP. 2nd V-Pres. . r. A. .VOUTllltCl". Vlre-l're-Idont MKI.VIN FUO.NK. Cashier, n. J. COFI-'KY, AP.-iistant Cashier CAPITAL $50,000.00 Interest I'aid on Time Deposlf.s Safety Deposit Boxes for B «Bt YOLU BUSINESS SOLICITED. SURPLUS $20,000,00 V. Meednir of Roosfer flub. The rcnilar iiinnthly meetlni? cf the '^nn T-r ..•„;. -11 be held Thiirsdav nit,ht m eitrl.t o'clock at the city hall. AU Boosters are urged to be present. Captain Co/, and his band of lola liicnibcr.-i of the .American Salvation .\rn:y. began Monday holding protrac- fc:'. meetings in I.a llarpe at th* Fritnc's' c:u !rch. The lueetings will probably be held every night for two w^ks. "or longer, if it is necessary to erure a good Cox today. effect," said Captain !'-^rtIe3V !!le Ecteriirise: Mrs. J. L. Vilson returned to her home in lola Kas., this morning after a visit here with Mrs. G. W. Couzins.

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