Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on September 23, 1949 · Page 5
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 5

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, September 23, 1949
Page 5
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Little Change in Hog Prices Chicago, (#•)—Hog prices were little changed Thursday, ranging 25 cents higher to 25 cents lower, cattle and sheep were steady to 50 cents lower. Good and choice butcher hogs sold from $16.50 to $20.85 with a short load taking $21. Sows were mostly $16 to $19.50 and a high of $19.75. (USD A}—Salable hogs 7,000; slow: butchers under 220 Ibs. predominated; these mostly steady but closed weak to 25 cents lower; heavier weights scarce, mostly sold early steady to 25 cents higher; sows about steady; top $21 for short load choice 240 Ibs.; few loads choice 230 to 270 Ibs. $20.75®20.85; around 300 to 310 Ib. weights $20.25(220.35; most good and choice 200 to 220 Ibs. $20® 20.50; 170 to 180 Ibs. $18.50®19.50; few ISO to 170 Ibs. $IG.50@J7.75; good and choice sows under 360 Ibs. $18.50<iJ 19.50; few $19.75; 375 to 450 Ibs. $17.25@18.50; few 275 to 550 Ibs. $L6@17; odd heavier weights as .low as $15. . . Salable cattle 4,000; salable calves 400; steers grading average-good and better and choice heifers mostly steady; lower grades both classes dull, weak to 50 cents lower; bulls weak; vealers 50 cents to $1 lower; good and choice fed steers $26.50©33; top $33 for 4 loads choice 1,200 to 1,275 Ib. weights; medium to low-good steers $2Q.50@2G; many such cattle still unsold; load common southwest grassers $17; short load choice 850 Ib. heifers $29.50; most medium to low- good heifers $19(525; beef cows $18.50 down; bulk common and medium cows $14.25@16; canners and cutters $12® 14.25; medium and good sausage buJls $17.50@20; practical top choice vealers $28. Salable sheep 1,000; slaughter Iambs steady to 50 cents lower; mostly steady to weak on small killer and shipper ac- couVits; early top good to choice native lambs $23; some held higher; bulk early $22@23; yearlings , absent; ewes fully steady at $6.50<S9.50. Midwest Livestock Trend Good Butchers— 140-150 Ibs 150-100 Ibs $13.75 160-170 Ibs $14.75 170-180 Ibs $15.75 180-200 Ibs 180-130 Ibs §17.50 190-200 Ibs $18.50 200-220 Ibs $19.25 220-240 Ibs $13.25 240-270 Ibs $19.00 270-300 Ibs $18.25 300-330 Ibs $18.00 330-3GO Ibs $17.25 Good Packing Sows— 270-300 Ibs $18.00 300-330 Ibs $18.00 330-360 Ibs $17.25 360-40Q Ibs $16.25 400-450 Ibs. $15.25 450-500 Ibs $14.25 500-550 Ibs $1X25 (THURSDAY'S PRICES) Albert Lea. Austin. Minn. 2Sc higher $11.15 $13.15 SM.15 $10.00 Minn. 25c higher $17.50 $18.25 $1'J.50 ?19.50 $19.00 SIC.JO S18.00 $17.25 $18.25 $17.75 $17.00 $16.25 $15.25 S'14.25 $13.00 Waterloo 25c to $1 higher $15.00 $16.50 $18.25 S1B.50 $19.50 $19.25 $1(1.75 $18.25 $17.50 ?10.25 $18.00 $17.50 $16.75 -$16.00 $15.25 $14.25 Cedar Rapids 25c to 50c higher $17.25 $18.25 $19.50 $19.50 $19.25 $18.75 ?18.25 $17.75 $18.25 $18.00 $17.50 $17.00 $16.25 $15.50 $14.50 17. Average cost, weight Wednesday: Barrows, gilts $10.51, 20G Ibs.; sows $17.77, 371 Ibs. Sheep 3,500. Salable around 2,500 head, including 2 loads western lambs, 2'/2 loads western ewes. Market slow, early sale slaughter lambs steady to mostly 50 cents lower. Bulk good-choice native springer lambs $22. few $22.50. Ewes opening steady, good-choice slaughter ewes J8.SO(3'9. ESTIMATED LIVESTOCK KECEIPTS (Thursday's Market) . Chicago, 1.4')—(U. S. D. A.I—Estimated salable livestock receipts for Friday: 5,000 hogs, 1,000 cattle and 1,000 sheep. Rail Stocks Pace Market New York, (/P) — Demand for railways stocks dominated a rising market Thursday. ! Gains in the carrier group ranged to an extreme of 3 points but most advanced around a point or less. Railroad issues replaced utili- BOtfTII ST. PAUL LIVESTOCK (Thursday's Market) South St. P»ut, (U.R>— (U. S. D. A.I— Livestock: Cattle 4,500. Indifferent demand all slaughter cattle. Good-choice steers, yearlings $26@30, weak to 50 cents lower. Buyers generally talking greater downturns on rank and file of common-me- dlum-average good steers, heifers. Few good heifers $25.50@26.50. Cows, bulls weak to 50 cents lower, good cows largely $15.50(316, few ' good westerns $16.50(217, common-medium-good sau- sagers $16@17.50. cutter-common $13® 15.50, lightweight canners $11@12. Sizable showing stocker-feeders. Undertone •weak, little done early. Dairy cows dull. Calves 1,500. Vealers steady, good-choice $25@28. $I4@17. common-medium $19@24, culls Good-choice slaughter calves $19©21, common-medium §14@18, culls $11@13. Hogs 7,000. Moderately active, all steady. Good-choice 200 to 260 Ib. barrows, gilts $19.85, limited number 220 to 240 Ibs. $20; 260 Ibs. up scarce, weights under 200 Ibs. $16.75©19.75. Good-choice sows 330 Ibs. down $18.50@18,75. 330 to 400 Ibs: S17@18.50, 400 to 550 Ibs. $17.50. Feeder pigs steady, good-choice $16.50® Local Livestock HOGS MASON CITY—For Thursday Twenty-five to 50c higher. Good light lights 160-170 $14.25 Good light lights ..'. 170-180516.25 Good light lights 180-200 $18.25 Good med. welgnls 200-220 $10.50 Good med. weights 220-240 $19.50 Good med. weights 240-270 S19.50 Good med. weights 270-300 $18.75 Good med. weights 300-330 $18.25 Good m'ed. weights 330-3GO $17.50 Good sows 270-300 $18.25 Good sows 300-330 $18.25 Good sows 330-360 $17.50 Good sows .., 360-400 $16.75 Good sows 400-450 $16.00 Good sows 450-500 $15.00 No hogs received after 5 p. m.—Jacob E. Decker & Sons. CATTLE MASON CITY—For Thursday Choice steers and heifers .. $25.00-27.00 Good to choice steers and heifers $24.00-25.00 Good steers and heifers .... $23.00-24.00 Medium steers and heifers .. $21.00-23.00 Fair steers and heifers .... $15.50-17.00 Plain steers and heifers $14.00-15.00 Choice cows $15.00-16.50 Good cows $14.00-15.00 Medium cows $13.00-14.00 Fair cows $13.00-14.00 Good liuils $15.00-17.50 Medium bulls $15.50-18.00 bulls $10.00-19.00 ties as trading favorites early in the day and retained their popularity. Plus signs were liberally springled over most other groups. Business expanded when interest in rails picked up, slowed for a while, and later added new momentum following announcement' that steel workers would extend operations to Oct. 1 as requested by the president. Trading was active with turnover at the rate of around 1,300,000 shares for the full session. Wheat Future Prices Gain Chicago, (/P) — Wheat futures prices strengthened in late trading Thursday, largely reflecting fium prices in the Kansas City and Minneapolis futures markets. September contracts of grains and lard moved erratically, since Thursday was the last day for trading in September futures. Any September contracts remaining outstanding after the close of trading Thursday must be settled by delivery of the actual grain. Oats were strong most of the time, but soybeans weakened after being firm at the start. Local traders sold soybeans on the opening upturn. Corn was weak most of the session because of liquidation of the September contract The September corn contract clipped sharply at the finish and was 2J to 3J below the previous close at $1.23-01.22. Other corn contracts were £ higher to ^ lower. Wheat closed f to lij cents higher, September $2.10i - $2.11. Oats were i to Ig- up, September 6?i-6B. Rye was i down to i higher, September $1.40. Soybeans were 1J to 2 cents down, November $2.25 t-i, and lard was 3 to 26 cents a hundred pounds lower, September $11.00. Bologna Canners and cutters S10.00-13.00 URS! AT NO EXTRA COST Heat-proof FIRE KING JADE-ITE BOWLS with purchase 50 pounds GOLD MEDAL $079 EnSed FLOUR ^ Earl's Fruit Market 1607 South Federal CALVES MASON CITY—For Thursday Good to ch. veal, 160-220 Ibs. 526.00-27.00 Medium S20.00-22.00 Common S15.00-17.00 Culls $14.00 GENUINE SPKING LAMBS Good to choice S21.50 EWES Good to choice lights $7.00-8.00 Medium $5.00-6.00 CHICAGO POTATOES (Thursday Market) ' Chicago, (/Fj—(USDA)—Potatoes: Arrivals 157, on track 502; total U. S. shipments 952; supplies liberal; demand very slow; maiket dull with weaker undertone; Idaho Russet Burbanks $4.10(835; Minnesota-North Dakota Hed River Valley Bliss Triumphs $2.40 unwashed, $2.40<S55 washed, Red Warbas $2.65 washed; Washington Russet Burbanks New York Stocks Am. Crystal Sug. 15J. Am. Tel. & Tel. 142*. Anaconda Cop. 26J Armour & Co. Gjj Bendix Avia. 29i Beth. Steel 281 Boeing Airplane 191 Chrysler Corp. 52 Columbia Gas 111 Gen. Elec. 37$ Gen. Motors 61J Illinois Central 28J Int. Harvester 263 Int. Tel. & Tel. 9J Montgom. Ward 514 N. Y. Central R. R. 10A Radio Corp. 12 Sears Roebuck 41 Sinclair Oil 23J Stand. Oil Ind. 42J Stand. Oil N. J. 69 Texas Co. 593 U. S. Steel 23i CHICAGO GKAIN CLOSE (Thursday') Prices) Chicago, (/P)— WHEAT— High Low Sept 2.11 2.00>/4 Dec 2.13','n 2.12 3 i March 2.12*4 2.mi May 2.05" 2 2.04»« July l.BTtt l.BGT* CORN— Sept 1.20'/, 1.22 Dec 1.16*X 1.15% March l.iey, l.lBVi Mny 1.20'A 1.1D 3 ,; July OATS— Sept 68 .R6V* Dec W,', .66 Mhrch 65 .65 May 02 H .62 July 57 .5B?', RYE— Sept 1.41 1.39*4 Dec 1.44V* 1.43','a May 1.49 1.48 V* July SOYBEANS— Nov 2.28 2.25" 4 Dec 2.28'< 2.25Mi March 2.29'/, 2.26** May 2.25?; 2,23'/-i LARD— Sept 11.30 10.95 Oct. .- 11.15 10.95 Nov 10.30 10.15 Dec ..10.25 10.12 Jan 10.37 10.20 $4.15@35; Wisconsin Bliss ?2.GO<375. Chippewas $2. Triumphs CHICAGO POULTRY (Thursday's Market) Chicago, (/P)—Butter steady. 412,244. Prices unchanged. Receipts NEW YORK PRODUCE (Thursday Market) New York, (IP)— Butter 707,518, steady wholesale prices on bulk cartons. Creamery, higher than 92 score (AA) 63 cents; 92 score (A) 62f<IG2'/4; 90 score (B) 59'A; 89 score (C) 55V-.Q56. Cheese 477,019, steady, prices unchanged. Eggs 13.089, easy. New York spot quotations follow: Midwestern: Mixed colors: Fancy heavyweights 65<g6G; extra one large 64; extra one medium 54<g54'/j; extra 2 medium 53; current receipts 51© Close 2.10'A 2.13 2.12'/« 2.05V. 1.87'A 1.23 1.15% .1.18*4 1.20'A 1.20% .67 Va .66% .85 .62V;, .56% 1.40 1.44 1.48V4 1.40 3 /4 2.25Vi 2.26 2.2G : ',i 2.23Vz 11.00 11.02 10.20 10.27 10.25 Say Congress Will Adjourn by November Washington, (/P) — Democratic congressional leaders predicted Thursday that congress-;.-will quit for this year sometime between Oct. 15 and Nov. 1. They announced after a conference with President Truman that they will get together early next week to try for agreement on how to expedite the bills they believe should pass before adjournment. Vice President Barkley told reporters: "There is a longing in the hearts to get back into the hinterland. We ought to quit Oct. 15 or 20, but I am just guessing. It all depends on how much talking is done on come things." House Speaker Rayburn would make no guess, but Senator Lucas of Ilinois said "We ought to get out by Nov. 1. It might be Oct. 15 or a little later." Lucas, senate democratic leader, said the senate plans to take up 5 federal pay bills after the foreign arms aid bill is out of the way. Other bills he listed for consideration before adjournment are: A $100,000,000 authorization for public works advance planning, a farm bill, and a motion to take the displaced persons bill away from the judiciary committee where it is stymied and bring it up on the senate floor. ter of famed Commodore Vanderbilt is to marry a 58-year-old London banker, Vivian Francis Bulkeley-Johnson. In a formal notice of intention to wed, filed at Kensington registry office, her age is given as 43. Newspaper morgues indicate she is 49. Then called America's richest girl—she had inherited $40,000,000 from her father, George W. Vanderbilt of Baltimore — Miss Vanderbilt married John Francis Amherst Cecil, then first secretary of the British embassy in Washington, in 1924. The marriage ended, in divorce 10 years later. Money to Loan 8 SEE the United Home Bank & Trust Co. for real estate mortgage loans. North to 30 LOANS, Federal Discount. l9Vi Federal. Telephone 516. Up months to repay. t Sept. 22, 1949 29, M«ton City Globe-Gtiettt. Maion City, U. Mol« 20 The capitol building in Washington, D. C., is situated on a plateau 88 feet above the Potomac river. Death Notices DeARMOUN. Samuel B., 75, of 107'/i S. Federal, died at a olcal hospital Wednesday, following a lingering Illness. Funeral services will be held at the Major Memorial chapel at 2 p. in. Friday, with the Rev. Paul A. Peterson, pastor of the Wesley Methodist .church, offi- MONEY When You Need It $20 to $300 Apply at Household Finance for a loan on your salary, car or furniture without endorsers. Repay in convenient monthly instalments. HFC's service is prompt . . , there's no delay. Phone or come in today. Household Finance Corporation 117A N. Federal Ave. Over Green Mill Cafe PHONE 541 Route Salesman Position Open City Route. . . . Apply LYONS CLEANERS in person WANTED— Dependable' married man ort farm by year. Running water and elec. in house. S. A. Deam, Chapin, Iowa. WANTED— Scrub man. Apply Park Inn Hotel. ^ _ _ WANTED— Farm hand. Clear Lake vicinity. Reliable, small family. Good house, running water, elec. Steady job, good wages and working conditions. Fe\v chores. Must be experienced In tractor machinery. Write D-21, c/o Globe-Gazette. ciating. Interment cemetery, Dumont. home in charge. will be at , Harlan The Major funeral JENSEN. Mrs. Eleanor W., 59, died suddenly Thursday morning at her, home, 524 10th N. E. Funeral arrangement are incomplete. The Major funeral home in charge. WANTED—Married man for farm year around job. Good house. Call in person or write J. R. Stoner, 2 ml. S., 1 ml. East of Swaledale, la. In Memoriam A2 Mason City Grain Oats, No. 2 At 10 a. m. Thursday 57c Board of Health Member Facing Narcotics Charge Junction City, Kans., (#>).—A Kansas board of health member was accused Thursday of supplying narcotics smuggled into the Colorado state penitentiary. The board of health member is Dr. Hugh. A. Hope. Federal agents arrested him Wednesday at his drug store in Hunter, Kans. The physician has been active in Kansas republican circles for many years. He was a delegate to the GOP national convention last year' and was featured on a radio network as a typical American delegate. Hope was charged I specifically with selling narcotics | to 2 agents posing as underworld men. IN LOVING memory of our loved one, mother, daughter and sister, who passed away 6 years ago today: Yes, she sleeps, but not forever, In & lone and silent grave; Blessed promise she shall waken, Jesus died the lost to save. In the dawning of the morning, When the troubled night is o'er. All the buds in beauty blooming, Will rejoice to see her more. However long our lives may last, Whatever lands we view. Whatever joy or grief be ours. We will always think o£ you. Sad and mournfully missed by: The Mallo families, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Wills, and relatives. Funeral Director COLONIAL Funeral Home. Formerly Meyer's, "The Home of Thoughtful Service." Ambulance service. Ph. 1505. MAJOR FUNERAL Home. Phone 511. "Major Service Meets Your Need." Ambulance. ' McAULEY Si SON Funeral Home. A dis- Quick Service LOANS Furniture Signature AUTO COURTEOUS—CONFIDENTIAL U-N-I-T-E-D Financial Service "Family Finance Counsellors" 15Vi North Federal Phone 57 Over Ford Hopkins Drug Store Insurance 10 AUTO INSURANCE NOW CHEAPER The Hoover Commission says "It Costs Our Government 2Vic to print and deliver a penny post card. But a penny post card Corn, No. 2 yellow, 10 days. $1.04 Corn, Dec. 15 88c Soybeans, Oct $2.12 CHICAGO CASH GRAIN (Thursday's Market! Chicago, (IP)— Wheat: No. 2 hard S2.10'A. Corn: No. 1 yellow $1.29Vifi!1.29 1 /2; No. 2, $1.28Vi<f{1.29',4: No. 3, $1.27='<@1.28; No. 4, $1.221^1.20: No. 5, $1.21>/4; sample grade $1.15'/a. pats: No. 1 heavy mixed GBc; No. 1 mixed BS'/ac; No. 1 heavy white GB® 08'Ac; No. 1 white GB'Ac; No. 2 heavy white BSVtc; sample grade heavy white Eggs unsettled. Receipts 6,708. Prices 52; dirties 484iJ48 1 ,b; checks 42<S44; pullets unchanged. 39@40',i. 300 Count KLEENEX 27c Pkg. 3 Pkgs All Beef Rolled RUMP ROAST, Ib. . ••••»• Tenderized MINUTE STEAK, Ib. ••^ First Cut PORK CHOPS, Ib. WMB^MM Beef Tongue, Veal Hearts, Pork Hocks, Ib. 59 69' 49 29 Holt's Famous POPCORN, 2 Ib. Cello Bag FAB Large Size . 79< 45 25 CUDAHY'S READY TO EAT HAM CUTS Bring us Your Colgate, Palmolive Coupons for Real Savings. Fresh Creamery BUTTER Shank or Butt End, Ib. 53 Pound 59 Folger's Coffee 98 C 2lb. Can Barley nominal: £eed 90c®$L.22. Soybeans: None. Malting S1.20ffil.G2; Cornelia Vanderbilt to Be Bride Again London, (/P) — Cornelia Mary Vanderbilt, once called the world's richest bride, plans to be a bride again. The grand-daugh- Produce CHICAGO PRODUCE (Thursday's Market) ChiciEo, (#)— (U. S. D. A.)—Live poultry: Steady to firm. Receipts 32 trucks. Prices unchanged to 2 cents a pound higher. F. O. B.: Fowl 24<S26c; Leghorn fowl 22c; roasters 20@30c; fryers 29f234c; broilers 26@29c; old roosters 20c. F. O. B. wholesale market: Ducklings 33c. Postmen are limited by law to 50 pounds of mail per trip. (Quotations by E. O. Morse) At 10 a. m. Thursday Eggs, No. 1 50c Eggs, No. 2 40c Eggs, pullet ... r .- 25c Heavy hens 19c Leghorn hens 17c Springs, heavy breeds 23c tinguished, dignified funeral service. Ambulance. 8 South Adams. Call 651. PATTERSON-J AMES Funeral Home. Known for service. Ambulance oxygen equipped. 322 N. Washington. Ph. 1140. Personals 5 IT'S TERRIFIC the way we're selling Fina Foam for cleaning rugs and upholstery. Damon's. Lost, Found 6 T nCT 1 Votr* rtrr -l^nln iirtth F» A V taff your Car or Home. Ask 10 to 15% off. Romey Realty Co. Phone 584 Seeds, Feeds 17 FOR SALE— Master Line all steel corn cribs or bins. See them at 508 S Federal. Iowa Master Breeders. Business Opportunities 1C No. 17-8479. Return to Globe-Gazette. Liberal reward. LOST Opal Stick Pin UPTOWN - REWARD. Valuable as keepsake from deceased brother. PHONE 3576 Money to Loan 8 Springs, Leghorns IBc Old cocks, heavy breeds 12c Leghorn cocks , lOc Eggs, at retail 53-60c Butter, Corn Country 69-7 Ic Butter, Iowa State Brand. 70-72c Fancy BARTLETT PEARS Jumbo PASCAL CELERY, bnch. ^^•MM LA. YAMS, 2 Ibs ••^MHM Calif. Juice ORANGES, 2 Doz 35 C 23 C 25 C 49 C FARM BUILDINGS AUCTION The following: buildings must be sold and moved to make way for new construction: LOCATED IMMEDIATELY NORTH OF RUAN TRANSPORTATION CO., HIWAY 106, CLEAR LAKE Saturday, Sept. 24 - 2 P. M. No. — BUILDINGS FOR SALE AS FOLLOWS: — 1 HOUSE—28 x 32, two story, plumbing 2 years HORMEL'S CHILI, "It's Chili Time," 1 Ib. tin 29 KRAFT'S MIRACLE WHIP Quart ..... Del Monte PEAS, Can 19 Jack Sprat New Pack W.K., Cream 4 Q c Style Corn, can it/ MAYFLOWER PIE CHERRIES 2 No. 2 M Q c Cans Ttt/ Heat-proof FIRE KING JADE-ITE _ _ ,^_ ^^ • Heat-prooi JPIKC, ivmix j^u^-n.^ U R S 5 BOWL, with your purchase of 25 Ib. bag Gold $-1 89 old, 8 rooms, in good condition. Good gas space heater, built in sink, tub, water heater, etc. No. 2 BARN— 26 x 26, lots of good lumber and timber in this building. No. 3 CORN CRIB—8'/z x 10 x 16, fair condition. No. 4 WASH HOUSE—8 x 10 in good condition. Would make a good child's playhouse, farm building or granary. No. 5 OUTHOUSE—2 passenger, like new. 5'/ 2 x^. No. 6—CHICKEN HOUSE—10 x 16, good roof. No. 7 CHICKEN HOUSE 12 x 14, good roof. No. 8 SHACK 8 x 9, miserable shape. No. 9 SHACK 8x8, good shape. No. 10—GARAGE, 10 x 16, good shape. GENERAL INFORMATION Terms of sale are, all cash date of sale, all buildings to be removed from premises on or before Oct. 16, 1949. Outbuildings may be inspected at any time. House may be inspected Sept. 22 and 23 between the hours of 4:30 and 5:30 P. M. This is a wonderful chance for someone to get a good home at fair market value. Kenet Pearce, Agent, Romey Realty Co. CASH LOANS $25 to $300 On Your Own Signature Secured loans also made. Phone, write or come in. Loans also made to people living in towns surrounding Mason City. State Finance Go. A Friendly Loan Service 201 Weir Bldg. Corner Federal and State 5 West State St. Phone 1038 GARAGE 40x48—Cement block, 2 years old, town of 1,000, Has but one car franchise. Any franchise available. Very good farming community. $10.000 for building, stock and tools. $4500 down, balance on long contract. JOE MOSBRUCKER AGENCY Belmond, Iowa GENERAL STORE NEVER BEFORE OFFERED FOR SALE GROCERY, MEATS, DRY GOODS This business owned by one family for over 51 years. A golden opportunity for someone. A-l equipment; located tn North Iowa's best small town. Rent S40. Priced tor quick sale. Phono 812, 2917 or contact KELLY CHAPMAN & CO. "Business Brokers" 310 N. Federal Hotel Hanford Bldg. SERVICE MANAGER to work with our shop foreman Experience necessary. Apply to HAROLD RAIZES Harold Motors, Inc. WANTED—Welder at once. 814 So. Jefferson. Help Wtd., Female 21^ Wanted At Once Young lady capable of sewing and interested in becoming a sewing instructor. Good pay, vacations and insurance benefits. Phone 1122 Apply MR. DEUTSCHER WANTED—Girl to work after school and Saturdays. See Mrs. Blanchard at 19 N. Conn. | WANT pleasant home and good care for elderly lEdy. not" an invalid. Writa H-16, Globe-Gazette. WANTED AT ONCE—Shoe clerk. Good wages. Apply Odd Lot Shoe Store, 121 S. Federal. WANT girl over 16 to work for board, room, small wage, while attending school. Ph. 1811. * WANTED—Waitress. Straight hours. Good pay. Bolero Restaurant. Ph. 682. WANTED—Middle aged hskpr. or married couple to help and care for smalt girl in motherless home. Ph. 3-F31, Nora Springs, la. WANTED—Fry cook. Hrs. 3 p. m. to 8 p. m. Apply Buehler Cafe, 833 S. Penn. WANTED—Girl for light housework and care of girl 3 years old. Phone 4323-J. WANTED—Two waitresses. Black St White Cafe. , WANTED—Waitress. Hours: 1 week 7 a. m. to 3:30 p. m., next week 11 a. m. to 7:30 p. m. No Sun- work. Golden Oak Cafe, 11 S. Del. WANTED Woman to help with housework, 2 school children in family. Private room and bath, §20 per week, WRITE P. O. :BOX 415 Clear Lake WANTED—Girl for general housework. Apply Park Inn Hotel desk. PAYMENTS TOO HEAVY? Consolidate your debts in one easy to pay account. CASH LOANS $20 to $300. Ask Mrs. Simon 25 years friendly service^ Room 321—Third Floor First National Building SECURITY "LOAN CO. SERVICE station for sale by owner, located highway 18. Modern with hoist. Also modern 4-room house. No lease. Product choice of buyer. Write B-21, c/o Globe-Gazette. WANTED—Exp. Waitress. Must know how to make sandwiches. Apply Union Cigar Store, 1343 N. Fed. Ph. 3035, Salesmen 25 FOR SALE Quick Delivery Business and Trucks PRICED FOR QUICK SALE. ; 555 Special Saddle Horse and Pony Sale Saturday Might Sept. 24 — 8 P. M. EAGLE GROVE SALE PAVILION Eagle Gro\e, Icv;a All consignments appreciated LeRoy Umstead, Mgr. TAVERN CAFE ONE OF MASON curs MOST POPULAR SPOTS Seats 68. Fast operation and very profitable. Good lease. Very low rent. Will pay out In 6 months. Not open Sunday. Shown by appointment only. Phone 812, 2917 or contact KELLY CHAPMAN & CO. "Business Brokers" l) N. Federal HoteN Hanford Bldg. SALESMEN WANTED In the town of Mason City there should be 3 men with enough intestinal fortitude to work on a commission for a nationally known concern. Must be free to travel in eastern Iowa. Protected territory: SEE— RAY R. AYERS PARK INN HOTEL Friday or Monday Evenings after 5 P. M. Cafe In Clear Lake Downtown, A-I equipment. $HO a day I volvime. Good lease. Terms arranged. PHILLIPS-GRAY CO. -BUSINESS EXCHANGE" ll'.a S. Federal Phone 2128; eve. 515 AT NO EXTRA COST Medal Flour PHONE 420 FOOD STORE /3£5 N. FEDERAL USE OUR PARKING LOT. FREE DELIVERY DAIRY COW SALE SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 24, 1:3O p.m. We have quite a few consignments of Springers, Heifers and Breeding Bulls. Come out and look them over. We will also have buyers for all classes of dairy cattle. Don't forget we have a sale every Thursday evening. Carpenter Sales Barn Harold Nicholson, Owner, Phone 33F3 Carl Jaspers, Auct., Phone Kensctt G-88 Help Wtd., Mole 20 MEN wanted to sell world's leading line of electrical appliances and refrigerators In and around Mason City. Hundreds of existing prospects. Leads furnished. Excellent compensation. Our employes know of this ad. Write B-ZO c/o Globe-Gazette. WANTED: Good experienced furnace and sheet metal man. Old established business. Steady work, good pay for right man C. E. BURTON PLBG. & HTG. Iowa Falls, Iowa Farms for Sale 39 FOR SALE JACOB E. DECKER ESTATE FARM OF 240 ACRES With modern improvements. Rea investment with a future. Located 1 mile northeast of Mason City on Plymouth road. Sec WALTER KOEHLER, Operate WANTED SALESMAN Age 35 to 55 to sell •Specialty Product Leads furnished. Protected territory. Work with old established concern. local SFE MR. TREES Hanf->rd Hotel, Sept. 22, 23, 24 Wan ted, Salesman to sell top quality line of Home Improvements in protected territory. Exp. not essential. Full training will be given. Must have car. For interview— PHONE 5771 or 1065-J Services Offered 27 WANTED—Washings. 5434-M. Phone TREE TRIMMING moval. Call 682. and re- CURTAINS laundered, 50o panel. 5933-W. Ph. THE ONLY AUTHORIZED MAYTAG Sales and Service In Mason City and Cerro Gordo County. Victory trained mtchinle* Genuine UayUg p»rt». A guiranlee that meant eomethtn^ HOME APPLIANCE CO. Phone 163 201-03 South Federal City, low*

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